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#Seriously try it

some of you have never tried fried garlic rice with soy sauce and sesame oil with a side of beef and soup and it shows

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A little trick from my childhood:

When you make your bed sprinkle a little baby powder in your pillow cases and between your sheets! Its honestly the most cozy relaxing thing in my grown up life. 😴

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What do you find when you fumble around in the dark
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Idk about you but in my experience listening to Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol right as I walk out the door and start the day is the key to happiness

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do you guys ever just

get into a nice jumpsuit and heels to make yourself feel better

or is that just me

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at night i’ve been propping my table fan on a stool, on my bed, so the cool air from my window comes in and blows into my room and it was super nice! but after adding my tower fan blowing out my bedroom door, it’s felt like fucking air conditioning 🥰

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okay but to be fair the few times i’ve been on discord the few british people there are HILARIOUS to hear when they’re angry if you’re all playing something together

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was just recently watching a show where the characters were all eating pineapple pizza, and i remember thinking, like “why. how can that possibly taste good, it’s fruit on cheesy bread”


we got pizza yesterday and i decided to try it, and. it’s really good?? like really good???? i don’t know why but it’s absolutely works??????

try pineapple pizza. 🍕 🍍

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Y'all ever just fight Tamamo, Nero and Altera to “I Need a Hero” in Extella Link, because that’s a godlike experience

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Captain Peanut Butter Crunch is best with Half-and-Half, don’t even try and deny it

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I don’t really get all the hype about the picture of the black hole. I mean yeah from a scientific point of view it’s amazing but the picture itself…that’s just basically what we all see when we fall asleep so what’s the big deal?

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For the record… I just want to say that making a breakfast soft taco out of a pancake, scrambled eggs and bacon and some avocado is freaking awesome-tasty!

That is all!

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coming to the conclusion that Titans is absolutely, unequivocally meant to be binged. But of course I already figured that.

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TIL: There is an… undercover “Haikyuu!!” sequel airing this season.

Soooo, apparently a few years have passed and guys have already graduated high school and Kageyama


and Asahi


(and maybe more? only 1 ep is out) had quit volleyball.

But this guy comes in


aaand things will start happening, not much so far since it’s only 1ep… well just go and watch it (Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru). Oh this is a sports anime but no, not about volleyball

Now look at this guy’s face. If someone showed me this and asked me to guess which anime is this I would immediately say it’s HQ!! without even thinking. I mean… look at him. The eyes. The eyebrows. The shape of face and chin. This is some Sugawara-Sawamura-Oiikawa hybrid right here. Artstyle is sometimes so similar (at least in my perception) I wonder if people from Hq!!team (either manga or anime) helped in production of this one.

Another reason to watch it? It’s rare to see an anime with a main cast comprised of young adults in a genre that’s usually reserved for 15-18yo characters.

Maybe it wil go downhill, who knows, but I think first ep is looking goooooood.

I wonder what will the anime have to offer in the long run (haha). After all, running in itself is not interesting, you just… well, move your legs to run?? tbh idk what to expect

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You know the belt snapping thing? That. That shit is the most entertaining thing I’ve ever experienced. I KNOW my future will include me just casually sitting somewhere, repeatedly snapping a belt becAUSE IT IS SO FUN. I wish a situation would come where I could snap a belt and look really cool. I mean, probably won’t but I can always wish

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removed the twitter and instagram app from my phone and it was the best decision ever!

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take a shot every time u watch a vine compilation and u see a vine u already kno

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Wisdom teeth

So I got all four of my wisdom teeth out today and I’m taking medication for the inflammation and pain. They help some but I still feel some discomfort.

Let me tell you. Masturbating has helped a ton with the discomfort. It’s great and all natural. So I guess masturbate if you not feeling great. In my case, masturbate when you’ve had your teeth pulled.

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Man, I tell you guys (and gals and that beautiful technicolor rainbow in between), one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done is start re-voicing my intrusive thoughts in the voice of Donald Trump.

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