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#but like.
maleboss · 4 months ago
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humanity yada yada yada
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herbgerblin · 2 months ago
taz artists sat down to draw the ethersea trio. paused. then asked, “but ARE they fish people?” and then proceeded to do draw them like that any way
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twicelit-a · 9 months ago
hey psa but when people post headcanons, or metas, or even random little posts with a fun fact about their muse, like the post. if you don’t want to clutter your likes, comment with a ( ❤️️ ) emoji. interact with the people you follow. everyone has posted something about their muse before that they were excited about that no one acknowledged, and everyone knows how disheartening it is. it doesn’t take long or cost you anything, and it could literally make someone’s day. i think we as a community need to try harder to appreciate and encourage everyone’s effort in developing their characters, especially if they’re your mutuals. if you follow someone, show them why.
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allenwalkerbitch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Innocence that hasn’t been properly forged into a weapon yet causes strange phenomena (and from Miranda’s case, we know this is true even when it’s found its accomodator). Cross points out how odd it is for Allen to have unharnessed Innocence, yet have nothing strange happen around him.
He also points out, as we all know, that the timeline of Past!Allen’s deal with Neah and the age of our Allen don’t line up.
Allen’s age is the strange phenomenon Crown Clown is causing.
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lapithae · a month ago
"Hold up, hold up, Medb's looking awesome~! Ma~an, so this is what you look like when you live for love, girl~! I'm liking this one better. She's living life much more freely."
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kanbayashis · 2 months ago
do u think atsushi can summon rashomon like a cat like he just goes pspsps and one black strand just pokes out shakes its head and then rubs against his arm like that would be so cute
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nickelodeonhottub · 3 months ago
Idk why it’s shocking me George is the two of cups, like I’ve always felt he was more detached and Dream was the fool for lack of a better word, but jeez mans is deep in it
errmm detached? george is literally obsessed with dream like he wants to marry him and has had this idea since summer 2020 and hes so down bad that Wilbur Soot thought he and dream were dating..
idk how to say this...... but take every preconceived notion you had about dream being the down bad fool and then reverse uno it all on george and also go back about 2 years and maybe u will have a more accurate picture... it goes both ways, Very much
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thenegoteator · a month ago
will my forgiveness ever extend to movie adaptations for not picking up on every single theme I thought was important
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cgnf · 5 months ago
every single day i think about how there is nothing stopping dream from posting a mirror selfie
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creekfiend · 10 months ago
I am losing my mind with glee about how Brian Kemp stole the election from Stacy Abrams 2 yrs ago and she proceeded to go "oh ok I see how it is. Brb" and completely fuck the republicans I love her so much
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safetycarz · 7 months ago
yuki is just out here driving cars and making jokes about being small for a living. i see no more desirable lifestyle good for him
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qlala · 9 days ago
the combo potential of a coldwestallen notting hill au are so promising. like, do romcom darlings westallen stumble into len's dive bar? do coldwest with the infamous will-they-won't-they, scorching ust TV partnership find themselves in barry's bookstore? does len the extremely private actor end up in westallen's cafe/bookshop? the possibilities are endless
all of these make me insane in different ways, and another one just occurred to me:
westallen but they're not together yet, they're roommates like in the movie, notoriously private movie star len stumbles into their bookstore/cafe and life & it takes him exactly ten seconds to understand they're deeply in love with each other, he tries to get them together for his own amusement and accidentally falls for both of them in the process
when they finally figure it out he’s a little bitter and is like “my work here is done” & leaves over their objections, until they finally track him down on set like a month later & when he lets them into his trailer they just jointly pounce on him
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wistful-monstrr · 6 months ago
said it once i'll say it again hozier makes me cry. the man opens his mouth and my heart weeps
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diabolicalworldwriter · 4 months ago
On a rainy rooftop in the way of kings, during a bad day, Tien gave Kaladin a small wooden horse.
On a stormy rooftop in rhythm of war, broken and hopeless, at the end of a long ongoing downward spiral, Kaladin threw himself off. And Tien gave him the memory of that wooden horse.
excuse me while I go cry.
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ranboo5 · 5 months ago
I have always imagined November 16th as like. Cloudless. Idk why it just gives me the vibes of like... the sky that day is ironically, brutally clear. Just a smooth ceiling of unrelenting blue 
​Sharp contrast to the steel gray clouds on and before Doomsday... the kind that hang heavy with rain and that make that storm inevitable 
And the vibes of the scene where Ranboo loses his memory book. Overcast. The kind of cloud cover that somehow still looks wispy and immaterial and so high up even as it filters and bleaches the sunlight that gets through, scatters it so much that you can’t even tell where the sun is 
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