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#dogs are cool
Breathing techniques please

Originally posted by theremyreport

Hey there. One way to get breathing under control: take a breath for two of the dog’s head tilts, release the breath for two of the dog’s head tilts. You can also close your eyes and imagine a balloon that is inflating when you take a breath and deflating when you release the breath. You can also focus on your heartbeat and let your automatic system kick back in.
-Mod Christa

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also does anyone remeber that fucking

you called me a bitch, a bitch is a female dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are a part of nature, nature is beautiful, so thanks!


cause i remember that shit word for word

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My dog helps me stay hydrated by pressuring me to finish water bottles quickly so she can chew them up. She watches them attentively until I’m done, I love her

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A march

Of men


A box.

It is



Their arms.

They all

Wear black

And all

Look sad.

A dirge

Plays on

It does

Not stop

They march

And march

Can’t stop

Wont stop

They reach

The spot

Where they

Must stop

They place

The box


A hole


The hole

There are


They cry

And cry

They just

Cant stop

A loved

One lost

A life


They mourn

His death

They all

Wear black

The box

Is down


The hole

The crowd


To leave

The hole

The hole

Is filled

The man


A few


He was

Not forgot

That time

Has passed

And now

He fades

Gone now,




To rise

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Thank youuuu @dankcranks for tagging meeee!!

Tag 10 followers or blogs you want to know better

My name/nicknames: my name is Taylor but some people call me Brooke (my middle name) or sometimes Tater tot or Tay Tay ((and I FUCKING HATE IT))

My gender: I’m a whamen

My ⭐️ sign: Pisces and it REALLYYYY fits me. Sensitive, over dramatic, and too caring even if it hurts me.

My height: uhhhh I don’t actually know

Hogwarts 🏠: I’m Hufflepuff AND PROUD

Dream trip: ahhhh that’s tough. Mainly because traveling reallyyy stresses me out. But probably Alaska, Ireland, or Italy. They’re all such different types of places.

Average hours of 💤: anywhere from 0-17 there’s no in between.

When I made my blog: it was…. ahhhhhh last June I think. I’d had Tumblr for a few days and was SUPERRR confused about everything. I’ve had Tumblr for literally half a year so I’m still trying? And also it didn’t help that 3 days after I started my blog, Ethan uploaded that Googling Myself video and I was freaking out with no one to talk to and shit and I still didn’t know how to use Tumblr sooo XD

🐶 or 🐈 person: I’m not a big fan of cats except for my own cat. But he’s super different from any other cat I’ve ever seen? So?? But I absolutely loveeee dogs!!! The bigger the better. They’re all such cuddle bugs but tiny dogs will fite youTM for no reason.

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Today started off awfully and all I really wanted to do was lay in bed all day.. So on the train ride home I felt miserable, but then this woman came in with her dog en I got to pet it and she brought snacks, so I also got to feed him and my day instantly lit up. Dogs are so cool!

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I’m so hurt. And I feel petty about it. But I’m still hurt. My friend told me that the only reason he started talking to me is because he knew I liked him and he wanted to be nice. (Let me clear this up now: likED. past tense) but he’s glad he did because now I’m one of his only friends. I’m apparently his only friend.
He’s been manipulating me. After this he told me that I’m the only reason he had t killed himself. I just…
Idk man. People are complicated.

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