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Dating GTA!Ryan would include


Originally posted by roasterteeth

-He keeps you far away from his work - you have minimal contact with anyone with the crew. If no one knows about you no one can hurt you and god knows someone would try just to get to him.

-You move around a lot - Ryan can’t stay in one place for too long so you both move home a lot. He’s got plenty of safe houses for you.

-You have to stay up with him some nights - He just can’t sleep some nights. He swears that you don’t need to stay up with him but you know that if you leave him alone his mind will spiral.

-He likes to watch movies with you - Not action movies, he has enough of that. He has a soft spot for Disney movies, his favourites right now are Moana and Coco.

-Jack is the one that delivers bad news to you - you’ve gotten used to seeing her sympathetic eyes as she tells you about Ryan being shot again or an explosion that he hasn’t woken up from yet.

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HCs for FAHC Geoff? Love you xx

-He’s less involved with the crew now. Age is catching up to him and he wants to slow down. He’s got plenty of money to live on.

-He occasionally helps plan a big heist. He can’t leave his boys completely after all. He always gets a feeling of pride seeing them on the news

-He wanders around parks and sits down for hours in them reading. Sometimes small time criminals recognise him but everyone knows not to fuck with him.

-He adopted a cat he found on the street. She’s called Callie. Lindsay visits once a week to see her. Geoff sometimes reads aloud to her.

-He’s not a pushover though. He can hold his own against some cocky punk who thinks they can make a name for themselves off of him. They limped away with a broken nose and bruised ribs.

Olive you random anon x. Hope you enjoyed!

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42 and 31 from the quotes thing with ryan please?

Word Count: 367

Ever since you started to do some contract work for the Fake Achievement Hunter Crew you kind of made it a point to avoid working jobs alone with the Vagabond. You weren’t afraid to be around him, it was just that you found his on-the-job personality to be extraordinarily tiresome. He was always on whenever the makeup went on his face and it just made working with him difficult.

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Pairing: GTA Ryan x Reader

Words: 1700

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: Street Racing, Sore loser Ryan

You pulled up to another set of red lights, your foot gently pressing the peddle to make your engine growl. The temptation to race off once the lights began changing colour tempted you but you couldn’t risk getting pulled over. A day off from running from the cops would be nice.

Though your music played loudly and motor groaned you couldn’t ignore the sirens blaring behind you, the sound instantly igniting a fire within you though you knew they weren’t for you. LS traffic was always shit, especially when there were people on the run.

You were used to being the person running, the cops on your tail an avoiding all the public. However, now the tables had turned. You waited, hoping to catch a glimpse of who it was. You heard a screech of wheels behind you and through your mirror you could see a huge armoured truck heading your way. But instead of crashing past like you were expecting, and what you would’ve done, they slowly pulled up beside you in the next lane. The cops were slow as they weren’t even around the corner yet, the sound traveling much faster than they were.

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Could you do “Honey, I don't know how he let you go, he’s crazy. Diamond girl, he let me steal you like a thief in the night.” For Trevor Collins?

Pairing: Trevor x Reader (FAHC)


The smell of burning rubber filled your senses, heat of explosions warmed your skin and the somewhat satisfactory sound of screaming made your smile grow. Ah, it was so good to be bad. 

You and Trevor sat on a hill, watching the factory in front of you burn down, thanks to the FAHC. It was only meant to be a get in, get the loot, get out - kinda job, but you and Jeremy had found gas tanks and one thing lead to another and.. well here you and Trevor were watching the building burn to the ground.

“Last time I did this was with Adam, he told me I was crazy when I started pouring gasoline over all the flammable things” you chuckled, the memory slightly blurry but you still remember that being the start of your love for fire.

“you are crazy” Trevor muttered, earning a harsh stab of your finger to his thigh, making him yelp, “in the best of ways”

“Ha, tell that to him” you muttered back, curling your arm around Trevor’s waist to get closer.

“Honey, I don’t know how he let you go, he’s crazy. He let me steal you like a thief in the night.” Trevor said, a grin on his lips as he leant down a place a kiss to your temple.

”Well..You didn’t exactly steal me, I left him for you” you stated with a chuckle, turning to look at Trevor who’s smile had fallen slightly.

“y/n, shut up we were having a nice moment” he said simply making you chuckle and hold your hands up in slight surrender.

“Alright, sorry, carry on” you muttered, placing your head back onto his shoulder and moving impossibly closer to him.

“He’s an idiot, losing someone like you, something I could never and would never want to think about.”

“You’re such a sap, Trev” you laughed, making him roll his eyes.

“Just for you, y/n, just for you”          


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FAHC X Reader (little bit of Michael X Reader)

Words: 1150

Warnings: Kinda sad (i did tear up a bit), mentions of death, swearing.


Sirens sounded like music to your ears, the adrenalin in your veins pumping and your finger so tantalisingly close to pulling the trigger every time you saw someone move. Almost all the crew were in on this job, Jack couldn’t make this one but swore that if he didn’t get a cut he’d kill all of you. You were at the Maze bank, Gavin and Michael were out back grabbing all the money they could while you, Jeremy and Ryan did crowd control. Geoff was helping at the start but left to go get the getaway vehicle.

“Don’t you dare!” You heard Vagabond yell, you kept your gun pointed towards the group of people in front of you as you turned to look at him. He had his gun ready and aimed towards one of the workers who had attempted to get their phone out. Even behind his mask you could see the eagerness to pull the trigger, but you all wanted the least amount of bodies you could.

The sirens got louder as the cars swung around the corner, Jeremy and Ryan ran outside to thin the herd of cops leaving you to watch over the crowd. Though no one dared to move you still kept shoving your gun towards them as a threat. You hope they couldn’t see past your mask and at your flinching eyes, you kept looking to see whether Gav and Michael were coming.

As soon as you looked away they came sprinting towards you and the exit. Michael gave you a swift nod as to say ‘all done’. You smiled beneath your mask, pointed your gun at the roof and let bullets fly before rushing out the door behind Michael. Geoff skidded around the corner in the largest armoured vehicle he could find. Gavin swiftly jumped in the front seat, Jeremy and Michael hopped into the back while you and Ryan shot homing missiles towards oncoming police cars and helicopters. Ryan shot his last one before getting in the back. You were aiming your final rocket towards a helicopter when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and you were dragged into the back seat – onto Michael’s lap.

The door slam shut, Geoff pushed the pedal to the floor and within a few seconds you were gone from the site. The helicopter you were going to shoot down caught up to you. You pulled off your mask to get rid of some of the heat,

“Why’d you pull me in!” you said angrily at Michael as you turned to look at him on his lap, his arm still lazily around your waist.

“Because otherwise you’d have died you fuck.” He said in the same accusing tone as he gestured to the large amount of cop cars behind you.

You just scoffed as a response. You could feel a blush creeping up on your cheeks as you realised quite how you were sat, and how your whole crew could see you perched on a member’s lap.

You had been driving around for the past 10 minutes and the cops were still on you, no one in the car could shoot though as the windows were all bulletproof and the door locked automatically. You just had to sit there while sirens screamed and cops trailed behind.

“What kind of car locks all its doors Geoff” Ryan scoffed irritated,

“the kind that can go fast with all your fat asses in it” He muttered back,

You were by the docks now, weaving in and out of containers to lose the police, and it was working. You sat within an open container for a minute before the sirens started to fade and Geoff drove out. You were about to head to the exit when an explosion went off in front of the car, causing it to roll over. It tumbled over completely twice before it fell into the water.

The weight of the car made it sink at some rate. It stayed silent as everyone came back to reality after having their heads thrown about.

“Geoff?!” Gavin Squeaked, pulling at the handle of the door out of fear, trying to escape the situation.

“Gavin no!” Jeremy yelled towards the Lad, “That’ll make us drown quicker!”

“The doors are locked anyway, idiot!” Geoff argued,

“I’m the idiot? You drove us into a fucking lake!”

“I didn’t drive us into anything!”

“Also it’s not a lake you twat, its the bloody ocean!” Jeremy shouted at Gavin,

“I’ll make it a bloody ocean if i get back there and get at your throat, short ass!”

“Shut up!”

Gavin and Jeremy looked towards you as you shouted,hunching their shoulders like scared children,

“This isn’t going to help anything. We need a plan to get out”

“How?” Michael laughed, rubbing his forehead with the back of his hand, “We’re fucked. We’re locked in a fucking 1000 tonne car, with bullet proof glass, sinking further into the ocean”

Ryan placed his hand against the window before bringing it back and clenching it, “These windows won’t hold much longer.” He said sadly, before looking around at the crew, “this is it boys… mam”

“So, this is how it ends?” Gavin cried scaredly, his eyes wide and heart racing, “After one of our greatest robberies of our lives?”

“What about jack.. how’s he gonna find out?”

Geoff reached over to his phone, dialling a number. “Hello?” Jacks voice crackled through, “How’d the heist go?”

Geoff laughed, “good actually” he looked down, bringing his hand to his face and squeezing his eyes, “well, actually… we, ur, we wanted to say goodbye.”

“wait what? What are you on about Geoff”

“We’re gonna die” Gav whispered, looking out of the window to the dirty water rushing past

“How?! I’m on my way, tell me the address, I’ll get you guys out!” You heard rustling over the phone,

“Jack, stop.” You said. The rustling stopped, “We’re in the docks, half way to the bottom of the ocean”

“Oh shit” He said sorrowfully, pausing before saying “No escape then?”


You all suddenly heard a cracking sound come from each window, making all your hearts crumble with fear. Water started to drip from the tops of each of them. The pressure was becoming too much on the windows as you got deeper into the sea. Michael grabbed onto your hand, you looked at him and smiled sadly before pressing your forehead to his.

“Well, Fake AH Crew.” Geoff stated, a shakiness to his voice, “It’s been an honour to lead you all, you’re all the family I never knew I could want, or have. Thank you all”

“The honours all ours Geoff” Jeremy responded, tears in his eyes as he looked and Geoff and said with an affirming nod.

“Keep our name known yeah Jack” Ryan laughed as his own voice cracked.

“It’ll be my pleasure to”

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This is a repost. Mostly the same blurb, just a name change

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Here’s my masterlist

FAHC!Michael growing his hair out mostly out of laziness, partly because the longer it gets the more Fiona, while in meetings or chilling at the penthouse, will come up and start to braid or plait it for him. At first they’re stubby and she does it because Michael always gripes about it. But the longer and longer the curls get, the more the braids fall right and it’s nice. Because while she does it, Michael gives her tips or tricks, or they shoot the shit, or she tells him he’s most definitely not putting that .45 that he just cleaned back together properly. Michael won’t admit it’s because for three seconds he got a little sleepy and wasn’t paying full attention.

And in meetings, Fiona giggles and mutters snide comments. “That’s some white people shit, what I’m not finna do is that.” It makes Michael snicker too as he mostly pays attention, his hat in his lap, while she stands behind his chair, fingers deftly tucking strands underneath each other. This then sparks Michael to comment about anything, about nothing. More than once Jack has to snap them back to reality because they’ll take one joke and run it into the ground only to turn around and ask, “Wait, what were we talking about? What’s my job?”

And when Michael and Fiona bump heads, never seriously, but just a tiny bit, she’ll always through out, “I won’t braid your hair.”

That usually shuts Michael up or it fuels him to dig his heels even deeper. “You wouldn’t dare. You come to me to braid it anyways. So good luck punishing yourself.” His voice is high and he’s huffy and all Fiona can do is laugh as she screams back. And it eventually dissolves just as quickly as it sparked.

Once after a playful spat that turned more heated than usual, Michael kept one of the braids she had done a couple days earlier, tucked it under the baseball cap but as he was readjusting it, she noticed the braid was still there. Albeit it was a mess and mostly unravelled but still there.

“Didn’t take you as the likes to care,” she says softly just as the meeting starts.

“I was just lazy,” he returns. But he looks over to her with a tiny smile. “And maybe it’s kind of cool looking. Maybe.”

Fiona shoulder bumps him but her smile is big. She digs out of her pocket a piece of candy. “Want some?”

Michael takes the lollipop. “It ain’t no chocolate bar, but it works.”

“Chocolate melts too easily. But how about the corner store after this? I need to re-up.”

Lollipop tucked into his cheek, Michael nods. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

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1) Was I about to lay down and go to sleep before I got this message? Maybe. At this point, irrelevant. 2) Hi again, and thank you!

Ryan, used to solo work or work where he’s partnered with Jeremy, being completely out of his element when it comes to working with a crew. He honestly probably thinks it’s some form of “crew bonding” thing, til Jeremy points out that Ryan and Gavin are the only two exchanging the messages and gifts for each other.

I love the idea of Vagabond and Rimmy Tim/Battle Buddies being spotted with and around FAHC members so often that it causes rumors to start in the city. Gavin uses the bonding time he spends with Jeremy to enlist Jeremy in helping him choose gifts for Ryan. Ryan seeking out Michael, and possibly Fiona, to get gift ideas and ways to sneak them inside the penthouse (before he has a room there). (Because why be straightforward when you can sneak increasingly odd yet meaningful gifts for the person you’re crushing on into their homes).

Gavin just finding graffiti while looking for a new gift that includes the Battle Buddies in the depiction of the FAHC, sending it to Jack or Geoff, (mostly) unintentionally getting the pair hired. (Mostly because you know that Gavin would be consistently hinting at their skills being a good match for the crew). 

Geoff coming back after a long day of meetings to a cow just In the hallway and just “Alright, c’mon Gav, what the fuck?!” Everyone is bursting out into giggles for the next hour, mocking Geoff’s, “C’mon Gav”.

Oh my G o d. Ryan getting the first meme sent by like Lindsay or Geoff, being super confused and going to Jeremy to ask about it. Jeremy is laughing so hard he’s wheezing and Ryan is just a confused flustered mess. Jeremy manages to get out “Gav. He is and has been flirting with you, dude.” Ryan does Not respond to the memes before they start dating, not believing Gavin could actually like him like that. After they start dating he just sends middle finger or knife emojis whenever he’s sent one of the memes.

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