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dysphoricxx · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
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erosia-rhodes · 9 months ago
Fighting informs character
One of things I loved about the WandaVision finale is that each character’s personality was revealed through the way they fought.
Tumblr media
Vision talks his way into victory over White Vision because he’s intellectual and analytical.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wanda uses Agatha’s vanishing technique and the woman’s runes to defeat her because Wanda’s a fast learner and clever.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agatha uses Wanda’s kids against her and hits her in the back because she fights dirty and is villainous.
Tumblr media
Monica would literally take a bullet for someone because she’s selfless and heroic.
Fighting should always reveal character and this episode did it so well!
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odinsblog · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Waffle House: open 24/7/365, friendly service, aight food, where the customer is not always right, and employees are encouraged to defend themselves
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bonglife420 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Khalil Rountree’s brutal oblique kick
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allsuperherostuff · 24 days ago
I love the fact that Danny's primary go to strategy in defeating his most powerful enemies is containment. Think about it the most powerful ghosts he's ever faces i.e. Fright Knight, Pariah Dark, Dark Dan and Reality Freakshow, he never beats them head on. With fright knight he had to be smart and trap him in a pumpkin, with Pariah it was sarcophagus and with Dan sure he beat him with the ghostly wail but without the thermos Dan would probably still get back up to kick his ass. Freakshow also suffered the same fate.
I just love it because most superheroes tend to defeat their rogues head on in a one on one battle to see which one either dies or becomes unconscious but no with Danny it's the equivalent to putting a toddler in a time out. And it's just so perfect because it makes it so that he never has to kill his enemies. He was never put in a position where he had to kill to end the fight. Which makes sense because he's literally 14.
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yunho-1999 · 3 months ago
use me like a drug | choi yeonjun
Tumblr media
use me like a drug - yeonjun × fem¡reader
summary: yeonjun suffers severe depression and anger issues, anxiety and panic attacks are almost constant in his life. You're the only person who cares about him, the only one that can make him happy. What will happen when Yeonjun starts catching feelings but doesn't know how to deal with them.
warning: fights, blood, mentions of mental disorders, depression, mentions of self harm, really angsty, kinda based on lovesong and loser=lover(?), nicknames such as 'big boy' 'junnie' 'soobs' and more, sad(?), fluff, bullies, weed, beomgyu is stoned half of the time, drug addiction, underage smoking and drinking, bad parenting, unstable yeonjun, cursing, the reader is shorter and younger than all the boys, they are all underage tho, obsessive and compulsive behavior, lots of lies, and probably more things
status: ongoing
❥ taglist: @just-howaboutyou @jjun4thitboy @beomiesclub @hwallswrld @junluvr @fanfic24 @moonlwiet @wisecheesecakecloud @yizhoutv
if you want to be added to the taglist just tell me
→ Chapter one - Little Angel
→ Chapter two - Fucked up
→ Chapter three - Life sucks
→ Chapter four - Hueningkai
→ Chapter five - I wish I was normal
→ Chapter six - Traumatized
→ Chapter seven - Kiss
→ Chapter eight - Wait
→ Chapter nine - Go.
→ Chapter ten - Like it was nothing
→ Chapter eleven - I'm sorry
→ Chapter twelve - Please come back
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bloody-bee-tea · a month ago
Beetober 2021 Day 21 - Red
Jiang Cheng knows that something happened the moment he comes home, because Nie Mingjue is waiting for him in the hallway.
There’s a split second where Jiang Cheng fears that something bad happened—someone got hurt or something similar—but Nie Mingjue is excited-agitated and not worried-agitated, so Jiang Cheng relaxes again.
“What’s going on, my soul?” Jiang Cheng asks and smiles into the kiss Nie Mingjue pulls him into.
“Hi,” Nie Mingjue whispers when they part, and he seems a little bit more relaxed already.
So he didn’t speak with anyone about what has him so excited yet, Jiang Cheng thinks.
“Wanna tell me what has you this agitated?” Jiang Cheng asks as he toes off his shoes and Nie Mingjue huffs.
“Why do you always know?”
“Maybe because you’re like an eager puppy, waiting for me to come home, so you can share the news?” Jiang Cheng shoots back, and he grins at Nie Mingjue. “It’s very cute.”
“You’re cute,” Nie Mingjue grumbles and if he thinks it’s a good comeback, then he’s wrong.
It’s adorable and nothing more.
But still, Nie Mingjue is not talking so Jiang Cheng raises an expectant eyebrow at him.
“Xichen wrote me,” Nie Mingjue finally reveals and now the other eyebrow joins the first.
“Did he now?” Jiang Cheng asks, and he’s cautious.
Nie Mingjue might be happy about that, but he’s always a little bit blinded when it comes to Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng already had to witness one fall out between them. He’s not keen to do it a second time.
“Yes. I know you’re—well, whatever it is you are, but look,” Nie Mingjue says and almost shoves his phone in Jiang Cheng’s face.
He grumbles as he takes it out of Nie Mingjue’s hand, but it’s cute how excited he is about this and Jiang Cheng prays to all the gods that Lan Xichen is not going to fuck this up again.
The phone is unlocked already and showing Lan Xichen’s most recent message and Jiang Cheng wonders just how often Nie Mingjue already read it.
Hello, Mingjue, it says. I’m sorry how our last meeting went. I wish to talk, and I would love to see the new apartment you moved into, if you would be open for that. Just let me know.
It’s—something, alright, Jiang Cheng thinks, and he’s especially unhappy with how Lan Xichen is not even explicitly apologizing for their last fight. And no mention of the fact that he blocked Nie Mingjue for almost two months, either.
“You didn’t answer yet,” Jiang Cheng says with a frown, because he expected Nie Mingjue to enthusiastically agree the moment he reached the last word.
“You have to agree, too,” Nie Mingjue gives back and plucks the phone out of his hands. “It’s your home, too. If you don’t want him here then I won’t invite him.”
“Oh, you idiot,” Jiang Cheng sighs and leans up for a kiss. “Of course he can come. As long as he behaves.”
Jiang Cheng hates how Lan Xichen took Jin Guangyao’s side the last time he spoke with Nie Mingjue, how he always implied that Nie Mingjue understands everything Jin Guangyao says wrong, how he should try to see it from his perspective as well.
Lan Xichen never cared to see it from Nie Mingjue’s perspective and Jiang Cheng is still very angry with him for that, especially since he saw first hand how it almost broke Nie Mingjue.
But he’ll not stand between them if Lan Xichen is really trying to do better.
“Thank you,” Nie Mingjue breathes out and immediately types out a reply.
It doesn’t take long for Lan Xichen to answer and when Nie Mingjue looks at him with a huge smile on his face, he knows that he accepted whatever date Nie Mingjue proposed.
Jiang Cheng just hopes that it will go as well as Nie Mingjue clearly wants it to.
Jiang Cheng is a little bit stand-offish when Lan Xichen arrives for afternoon tea a few days later, he can’t deny that, but Lan Xichen behaves as if nothing at all is wrong, as if he didn’t block Nie Mingjue for two months, as if they didn’t part with a fight last time.
He’s not sure if he likes it, but he will not comment on it right now. He will get to rant to Nie Huaisang later, depending on how this goes; for now, he’s the perfect host.
Jiang Cheng keeps himself in the background, wanting to give Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen time to overcome whatever awkwardness they are dealing with right now. It doesn’t seem like Lan Xichen feels much of that on his side, but Nie Mingjue moves his hand in a nervous gesture, a tick he developed when he’s truly nervous and unsure and Jiang Cheng wants to do nothing more than to hold his hand.
Instead he pours all of them tea and then pretends to not notice the awkward silence that settles over the table.
“It’s white tea, that’s still your favourite, right?” Jiang Cheng asks as he puts the tea pot down and Lan Xichen jerks with the question.
“Yeah, sure,” he gives back, reaching for the cup and almost burning his tongue when he immediately takes a sip.
“It’s good to see you, Xichen,” Nie Mingjue whispers, closing his hand around his own cup and Lan Xichen drags up a smile.
“It’s good to see you, too, Mingjue. Your new apartment is beautiful.”
“Thank you,” Nie Mingjue gives back and Jiang Cheng wants to scream, it’s all so painfully polite.
They are best friends—or at least used to be—and it shouldn’t be like this.
They continue with the meaningless small-talk over their tea and Jiang Cheng has to force himself not to simply address the elephant in the room. This is Nie Mingjue’s and Lan Xichen’s thing and he doesn’t have the right to interfere with it.
If they want to go back to being friends like before, they have to figure it out for themselves.
“Listen, Mingjue,” Lan Xichen finally says as he puts his now empty cup down, “about that last meeting.”
Jiang Cheng sees Nie Mingjue tense but he’s glad that someone finally brought it up.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” Nie Mingjue rushes out and he means it, too, Jiang Cheng knows that.
Nie Mingjue is quick to anger, his temper always flaring because of the most inconsequential things, and his fight with Lan Xichen was by now means inconsequential, but he always feels bad about it afterwards.
He’s been working on it with a therapist, but it’s not going that well, Jiang Cheng knows, which just frustrates Nie Mingjue more.
“That’s—okay,” Lan Xichen says with a wince, and even Jiang Cheng can tell that it’s clearly not okay for him and he has to watch as Nie Mingjue’s face falls.
“I really am sorry,” he reiterates and Lan Xichen looks to the side.
“But are you sorry about how you treated A-Yao as well?” Lan Xichen whispers and Jiang Cheng’s eyes snap to Nie Mingjue to gauge his reaction.
“I’m—no,” Nie Mingjue honestly gives back, squaring his shoulders. “He betrayed me; I trusted him and he misused that trust. I’m not sorry I yelled at him, or broke off contact with him. There’s nothing I have to feel sorry for. He hurt me first.”
Jiang Cheng is insanely proud of Nie Mingjue for stating it that clearly, but Lan Xichen only frowns at his words.
“Mingjue, you have to see it from his perspective as well,” he starts and where Nie Mingjue before held himself upright he now slumps over.
His hand is opening and closing around nothing and Jiang Cheng can see how distressed he is that his best friend is yet again not on his side and Jiang Cheng simply sees red.
“That’s enough,” he snaps out, slamming his hand onto the table, making Lan Xichen flinch.
“Wanyin,” Nie Mingjue starts but Jiang Cheng cuts him off with a gesture.
“No. No!” He fixes Lan Xichen with a glare. “You’re so goddamn eager to make everyone understand Jin Guangyao’s perspective and yet you don’t even care about Mingjue’s! He doesn’t need to see it from his perspective; you have to see it from both their perspectives at least. But you don’t even stop to acknowledge that Mingjue got hurt, and I don’t just mean emotionally. He got physically hurt and yet here you are, preaching to him how he has to understand the one who hurt him. Why can’t you understand Mingjue for a change?” Jiang Cheng demands to know.
“It’s not that easy,” Lan Xichen whispers. “A-Yao got hurt as well.”
Jiang Cheng snorts at that, because from what he remembers, Jin Guangyao got to walk away unscathed while Nie Mingjue had to stay in the hospital for a few days.
“Well, he brought it unto himself if he’s emotionally hurt. Mingjue on the other hand did nothing wrong!”
“That’s not true,” Lan Xichen gives back, making Nie Mingjue flinch and Jiang Cheng fixes him with an icy glare.
“Tell me, Lan Xichen, are you thinking with your brain or your dick?” he wants to know. “Because I think it might be purely your dick speaking right now. Did the lithe, nimble body get to you that much that you’re disregarding years of friendship for that?”
“It’s not—I love him,” Lan Xichen tells them and Nie Mingjue moves away from the table.
“I need you to leave,” he presses out before he rushes out of the room.
Lan Xichen stares after him, but Jiang Cheng gets up as well.
“I’ll accompany you to the door,” he says and it’s not an offer.
Lan Xichen seems to notice that, because he gets up as well and makes his way over to the front door.
“Will you—will you tell him—”
“I will tell him shit,” Jiang Cheng gives back. “If you can’t even attempt to understand him, if you can’t even value your childhood friend enough to give him the benefit of the doubt, then I will do absolute shit for you. Do not contact him again until you’re at least ready to listen to his side of the story without being biased.”
Lan Xichen gives a short nod at that, before Jiang Cheng basically forces him outside of their apartment and it’s a special kind of satisfaction to close the door right into his face.
Jiang Cheng takes a deep breath once he locked the door and then he hurries into the bedroom.
Nie Mingjue is sitting on the bed, staring into nothing and Jiang Cheng immediately goes over to hug him.
“I’m so sorry it went like that,” Jiang Cheng whispers, pressing Nie Mingjue’s head to his stomach and Nie Mingjue slings his arms around him in return.
“I thought—why can’t he at least try?” Nie Mingjue asks, his voice thick with tears and Jiang Cheng has to swallow against his own tears.
“I don’t know,” he honestly says. “I really don’t know.”
“You don’t—you don’t think he’s right, do you?” Nie Mingjue asks and Jiang Cheng snorts at that question.
“Excuse me, was my outburst not enough proof that I am absolutely, completely on your side?”
“No, it was, you’re right, I’m sorry, I’m being stupid,” Nie Mingjue mutters and Jiang Cheng bends down to kiss his head.
“You’re being hurt by someone you trusted, who you know since you were a little kid. It’s normal to feel like this,” Jiang Cheng reassures him. “But I will always be on your side.”
“I love you,” Nie Mingjue mutters into his stomach and Jiang Cheng scratches his scalp.
“I love you, too,” he gives back and then topples them over onto the bed. “And now it’s cuddle time,” he decides and it’s not like Nie Mingjue is complaining, with how he’s arranging Jiang Cheng to his liking.
“Best time of the day,” Nie Mingjue decides and then falls silent.
Jiang Cheng knows that it will probably be a setback for Nie Mingjue and his healing, but he’s certain that Nie Mingjue will work through this as well.
Jiang Cheng’s soul is strong and he will always have Jiang Cheng as a support.
And Jiang Cheng hopes that it will be enough.
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vampire-kats · a month ago
Could I beat slashers in a fight?
This is a big joke btw. i cant fight to save myself.
Also based on a conversation i had with a friend
I could
I would have to punt him from behind or some shit
if he grabbed my leg im over 🙁
so like
5/10 can fight. just gotta be smart 😈
Stu Macher
hes tall but its fine
but i would never fight him bc i like him too much
def not bc im afraid of tall ppl
6/10. i can get his ass 😈
Billy Loomis
i can fight Billy Loompiss
No no no
dont bring up how hes a fuckin murderer or some shit
i just gotta fuckin
*does the move that made Lebron cry*
I’ll fuck his shit up
7/10 Yea i can lol. he wont even see it coming
fuck no
He would throw me
not that id be against that 🤤
jk jk
unless 😳😳
1/10 the best i can do is avoid him
i wouldnt want to
but i could
Greta can get his ass
so can I
big brain
6 bc i wouldnt wanna fight him
If you genuinely think anyone can take him then leave the room.
Homie cant die
and always fuckin watching (lol always watching marble hornets sucks shit)
-10/10 would not recommend
Billy Lenz
I would never hurt him
0/10 never hurt him
fuck no
i can avoid him tho
it aint that hard
Im like a small rodent
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fairy-gore · 4 months ago
Why do you want them so badly?
People always ask me, "why do you go back to people that always hurt you? Don't you remember all the trauma they put you through? All those nights you spent crying rivers into your pillow while they sat in the other room, not giving a f--k about you?" And I never really had an answer, until it hit me.. I go back because pain is comfortable to me. The instability they cause, the constant fight or flight adrenaline, the high highs, the tremendous rollarcoasteresque crashing lows.. its addicting. Its a dangerous drug that you ache for even though its killing you.
Thats why I keep going back.
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jabbawocky4eva · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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dysphoricxx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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moregaythanyourealized · a month ago
Two fights broke out today, one kid hospitalized and another one arrested. But ya know, public school.
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true-blue-megamind · 8 months ago
FAN THEORY THURSDAY: How Strong is Megamind?
Tumblr media
As usual, this may contain spoilers, so if, ten years later, you still haven’t watched Megamind, hurry up and do that!  You’re missing out!
If Megamind can be said to have a superpower, it would, of course, be his amazing intellect.  After all, he understood more about mechanics and engineering as a toddler than many human adults.  However, that may not be all that our favorite blue hero has going for him.
Of course, when we think about strong characters from the movie, the first one who comes to mind is Metro Man, followed closely by Titan, but, while Megamind may not be able to match their super-strength, I would contend that he is not a puny weakling either.  Here’s what I mean:
Megamind, admittedly, looks skinny and small, but it’s important to keep in mind that he is an extraterrestrial with a very different physiological makeup than the typical human.  This may, possibly, include musculature.  For all we know, by the standards of his race, Megamind may be a muscle-bound hulk.  In fact there is some evidence to support the idea that he is actually a lot stronger than he appears, and several fan theories have drawn from them to argue, quite convincingly, that the Blue Defender is, in fact, much more physically powerful than one might assume.
The first of these is simple.  Megamind was raised in prison.  Starting from a young age, he would have had to defend himself to avoid beatings, bullying, and worse.  Of course, as a young child, he presumably had the protection of the older inmates who, we see near the beginning of the film, took him under their proverbial wings.  Once he’d reached adulthood and become the feared supervillain of Metro City, his reputation would likely have been enough to keep him safe.  But what about between those two periods?  Minion, of course, might have been given such a large mechanical body in order to act sort of like a golem body guard, but the Criminal Genius and Master of All Villainy would have been too smart to have relied on that alone.  After all, what if Minion wasn’t jailed with him, as we see at the beginning of the film?  Adolescent Megamind would almost certainly have had to fight during his tenures in prison.
The second basis for the Megamind-Is-Stronger-Than-He-Looks fan theory is fairly obvious: he does things during the movie that require strength.  During the course of the narrative he picks Roxanne up three times: twice around the waist and once princess-style.  While Roxanne isn’t corpulent, she’s also not a skinny little waif, and likely weighs around 130 or 150 pounds, so we know Megamind can lift that much without straining.
Tumblr media
Next, there is the simple fact that Megamind builds things.  While it’s true that he has the brainbots and even Minion to lift heavy objects for him, anyone who has ever worked on their own car (or any other machine) will tell you that turning wrenches all day long takes some physical power.  For Megamind to spend at least part of his days welding, hammering, and riveting, he would have to have a certain amount of strength.  Then there’s the fact that all of those metal body panels have to be produced.  While it’s likely that he’s built himself some sort of advanced 3D printer, metal presses, and similar devices, I think it has to be considered that at least part of the work would require more hands-on modifications.  Besides, this leads to a sort of “chicken or egg” argument.  He still would have had to build the metal fabrication equipment as, presumably, a supervillain can hardly call up a supplier and place an order.
Then, of course, there are Megamind’s battles with Metro Man and Titan.  While we never actually see he and Metro Man fight, as the latter fakes his death near the beginning of the film, and we can speculate that the former hero of Metro City likely tried to avoid doing any serious harm, Megamind still would have needed the strength and endurance to take quite a beating.  Then, of course, there were his two battles with Titan, who certainly did not hold back.  It’s likely that Megamind has protective gear and energy shields-- I may write a post about fan theories concerning some of his creations next week-- he still would have had to be tough and physically fit to endure being thrown against a concrete wall by someone with super-human strength.  Then, of course, there is the brief scene when Megamind punches Titan.  Two things happen which indicate that the blue alien has some serious power behind his strikes: first, he moves Titan’s head with one punch-- no small feat when dealing with someone who is basically Superman gone wrong-- and, when he punches his enemy with the saw attached to one arm, the saw breaks.  Anyone’s first thought would be to give one-hundred percent of the credit for that to Titan’s super-strong, bullet-proof capabilities, but think about it in terms of force.  If the saw broke before Megamind’s hand could, that means that the force of his blow would have to be greater than the tinsile strength of the metal.  That’s some serious pounds-per-square-inch pressure!
Tumblr media
Finally, and briefly, Megamind’s attention to physical fitness is pseudo-canon.  In the comics, most of which are not considered canon but are (sort of) supported by DreamWorks, Megamind actually informs Roxanne that he works out.  He even indicates that, by the standard of his people, his physique is impressive, saying that he has to work to keep himself in such good shape.
So, there you have it.  The fan theory that Megamind is stronger than he appears has quite a lot of support from the movie and other sources.  Megamind’s intelligence is still certainly his greatest asset, but the blue hero isn’t all brain and no brawn.  In fact, it seems that he balances an incredible intellect with the ability to kick butt when necessary.  Clearly, with its new Defender protecting it, Metro City is in good hands!
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arrownewsmedia · 3 months ago
VIDEO: Buffalo herd fights off a pride of lions on South African game reserve
VIDEO: Buffalo herd fights off a pride of lions on South African game reserve
Buffalo soldiers! Moment herd charges in to rescue bull from a pride of lions and hurls one big cat in the air on their horns Tour guide Jonty Bozas spotted the pride of lions stalking a herd of buffalo  He filmed the encounter in the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa  The lions targeted what they thought was the weakest buffalo in the herd   By Darren Boyle for MailOnline Published: 10:41,…
Tumblr media
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robinrequiems · 4 months ago
what Damian and jon fight about:
• injuries: Damian has the habit of hiding injuries. Jon gets mad over it because he worries so much about Damian.
• anxiety: jon suffers with anxiety, okay? and he has the habit of letting that all pile up until he explodes.
• feelings: Damian hides his emotions, Jon gets mad by it.
• doormat: sometimes, jons a big people pleaser, he wants everyone to like him. he’s even given his lunch and money to people just so they like him. damian gets annoyed at that. “You can’t please everyone.”
• missions/patrol: Damian is.. risky. he is constantly trailing the bridge of life and death. he taunts death so much. jon hates it. he worries so much about him, and it’s like it doesn’t matter to damian. Damian gets mad when he’s overbearing and obsessive, he doesn’t quite understand why he gets so angry over something so minuscule.
• jealously: okay. look. damians.. a bit insecure of their relationship. maybe it’s the fact he has self confidence issues and when Jon is talking with someone else.. it is like jon will realize he can get someone better. Sometimes it’s like talking to a brick wall when Damian gets into rhat head space, it’s so hard to get to him, he hates when Damian thinks like that. It makes him upset.
• secret relationship: in some world, Damian wanted to hide their relationship, he was too worried of his family and others judging jon, he didn’t want to know what others thought about that. Jon did not like that. He wanted to tell everuone, he loved damian, he believed they could take on the world. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought, they loved each other. He hated lying to his parents and the way damian pushed jon off each time someone walked in made him sad.
• forgetful: jon has the habit of forgetting things, his minds always busy, so sometimes he forgets some dates, Damian can’t stand it. He just gets upset, he always plans out their dates and when it doesn’t go his way, he stresses out.
• stress: they both get so worried over each other. they stress over each other. so fucking much. and the other is sometimes so tone death to it. they have arguments over each other. over their safety. but the other doesn’t realize anything. sometimes they get into arguments because of stress over school, daily life, and etc, and then they lash out at each other. oops.
should i make one on how they make up?
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diavolosthots · 11 months ago
Could you make a fic about mc becoming an angel and (her boyfriend) Lucifer is uncomfortable with it? But that mc will (literally) fall for him
Bro dude I ... Hope this is what you wanted
Warning: mild angst-> happy ending, mention of a fight, mentions of death
Tumblr media
He couldn’t believe it. For all these years, he had hoped, prayed even, that he left his past behind him. Rarely ever did he speak of things far beyond that fateful day where he swore loyalty to his Lord. Never ever did he dare to speak of things that happened up in the clouds. He was grounded, standing on two feet, no longer seeking the softness of a feather or the peace of a sunny morning. Lucifer was happy this way; he was happy drowning out his past and forgetting about it. When you came along, he almost dared utter the words to find the perfect way to describe you, but he never did. No matter how wonderful you were, how sweet and kind and bright your soul was, you weren’t one of them. When he found out you had a part of them inside you, every fiber of his being screamed to rip it out, piece by piece, atom by atom. He felt betrayed, played by his own father for putting someone like you into his life only for there to be a catch.
Your death already grieved him, no matter how much he tried to prepare. Humans aren’t meant to live that long, and suddenly his endless life seemed a little too long as well, “Goodbye, my sweet Darling… Until we meet again…” It was comforting in the moment, a last kiss to your forehead before you truly parted and he tried to move on. But it never played out like that, did it? No. You returned. Not as a ghost, as someone, something he hated with a burning passion. Something he swore to never willingly look at or think about it again, yet here you were standing in front of him, proud in white as he once was, “(Y/N)...” Your name left his lips in both shock and disgust at what you had become. Of course, part of him knew you would end up there. You were just too… good not to, but he didn’t think you would become one of them; that doesn’t happen. Unless, of course, you were one of them all along, and that’s when he silently began to curse his sister. 
He tried, really. He tried to pull you back into his arms as if nothing was wrong, but the way your white feathers brushed against his cheek made him cringe and tense up, quickly pulling away to leave you. It wasn’t your fault, he tried to tell himself. You can’t choose your bloodline… it was mere coincidence… but the longer he stared, the more he noticed you, the brighter you seemed to get and he almost flinched when you entered the room. It brought back memories, too many, of himself that he couldn’t deal with; too much pain he thought he had shoved down. Of course, you were in pain, too. You love Lucifer, he is your everything. You felt like soulmates when you were with him, as silly as that sounds. “Lucifer…” But every time you called out, he shied away, too distraught and caught up in his own feelings to notice yours. 
He was hurting, you could tell. Of course you could tell, and it hurt your heart just as much as it hurt his, “Talk to me, Lucifer.” But he couldn’t, even when you forced him to stop, when you grabbed his arm and stopped him and he pulled it back with a hiss, as if you had just burnt him. “Lucifer!” “No! Please, (Y/N), I cannot bear the sight of you like this.” He thought, he hoped that that would be all the explanation you’d need, but you were always so stubborn, “then I’ll change! Lucifer, please… I love you…” The demon scoffed, barely able to hold eye contact, “change? You’re an angel now, (Y/N). You became everything I vowed to hate. You are everything I hate. Looking at you… crushes me. It makes me sick, and you’ll never understand why. Leave.” Even with emotions as raw and open as they were, you still didn’t understand, you still tried to reach out for him and pull him back, but he couldn’t. Not this time. 
You cried. For days, you cried, begging him to let you in again, but he always said the same thing, “you don’t understand.” But he was just as much against you falling as he was against you being an angel. He looked at you with a stern face, as he looked at anyone with a stern face, but his eyes held hurt, and agony. His gloved hands curled into fists and you notice his jaw clench and lock every time he sees you. You know he didn’t truly hate you, but he was killing you. Lucifer was your other half and you needed him, and that’s why you went against his wishes. 
He hadn’t heard from you. No begging, no crying, no pleading. For a while, he thought that this was it and it felt to him like he was experiencing your death all over again, until the screams started, the turmoil. The demon jumped from his chair, looking outside his window to see what was happening, right as a glowing light flew from the sky, “no…” Of course he knew it was you and he rushed to reach the sight where you fell. He ran, pushing people out of his way as he called out for you, “(Y/N)!” But of course it was too late. You crashed hard into the ground, much like he did eons before you. Your wings were burned, turned charcoal black and barely a fraction of what they used to me. Carefully, he unwrapped them from your body, a motion of defense and protection, natural for any angel. The wings might be the most sensitive part, but they’re strong and help shield. 
“Darling…” His voice was soft, a hand reaching out to hold your bruised and burnt body, slowly cradling you up in his arms, “(Y/N)...” he called out once more, slowly brushing over your cheek. So many emotions ran through him; anger, sadness, hope, love. He was so angry with you for not just letting it be; for being a foolish human turned angel. Tears blurred his vision as he screamed out in frustration, for once not caring if anyone saw. His own wings sprung from his back, slowly curling inward around you. Horns… they poked out through your head, slowly manifesting as the reality of it all slowly set in. He pushed you against his chest, holding you tightly as his own head dropped against yours. People were talking, they were watching him, mocking him; pitying him. None of that mattered, though. A soft gasp escaped your lips and he immediately pulled you up, his wings still shielding the two of you. 
“L-Lucifer…” You coughed softly, leaning against him and resting your head on his shoulder, “I did it.. For you…” Your voice cracked, tears slowly forming and spilling over as you sobbed in his embrace. His heart ached as he brought you even closer, resting his own head against your shoulder, your new horns colliding with his. “You’re okay…. Don’t ever do that again…” You chuckled softly, sniffling, “I can’t… I’m damned for eternity.” He pulled back with a frown, cradling your face in his gloved hands, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry you thought you had to go this far for me to continue to love you…” You nodded slowly, smiling sadly as you leaned into his touch, “it’s okay… I’d do it again.. Just to be with you.”  
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15, 17 and 10 for the Surprise emotion prompts !
10) "Christ! What happened to your eye?"
Jiang Cheng is looking forward to seeing Nie Mingjue this evening. They haven’t seen each other in a few days, and Jiang Cheng is man enough to admit that he misses him.
His good mood holds until his phone lights up with Nie Mingjue’s picture on it, twenty minutes before he is supposed to come over.
“Mingjue,” Jiang Cheng greets him, but he’s already expecting the worst. Why would Nie Mingjue call him at this time if they are supposed to see each other soon? Surely he’s going to cancel.
“Wanyin,” Nie Mingjue gives back and his voice is just as warm and comforting as always, but Jiang Cheng can’t help but to be on edge already.
“What’s up?” he wants to know, his hand tightening around his phone.
“Listen, Wanyin, I don’t think I’ll come over today,” Nie Mingjue says, very predictably and Jiang Cheng’s stomach plummets.
“Oh,” he breathes out. “Why is that?”
He knows it’s stupid to ask, because Nie Mingjue can very well decide not to tell him anything, but he still has to try. He still wants to understand why Nie Mingjue doesn’t want to see him anymore.
“I—” Nie Mingjue hesitates and Jiang Cheng closes his eyes in anticipation of what Nie Mingjue will say next. It’s very likely it will break Jiang Cheng’s heart after all. “I don’t want you to be upset,” Nie Mingjue finally says and Jiang Cheng’s eyes snap open.
“What?” he asks, because that makes no sense at all. “What the hell, Mingjue. Guess what, I amalready upset anyway,” he snaps out, since he can’t help it and there’s a long silence on the other side.
“You are?” Nie Mingjue carefully asks and Jiang Cheng clicks his tongue.
“Of course I am, Mingjue! I didn’t see you in almost a week and now you call me to cancel without a real reason? I’m more than upset. So either you come up with a better excuse or you’ll show up here!”
“I’ll see you in a few days, alright? Just—not now,” Nie Mingjue tries and Jiang Cheng’s eyes sting with tears.
“Or never, right?” he chokes out, because it’s clear to him what Nie Mingjue is doing.
He’s trying to ease himself out of this relationship, and no matter how badly it hurts, Jiang Cheng won’t let him. Either he mans up and breaks up with Jiang Cheng outright, or he doesn’t get to do it at all.
“What? No! Wanyin, I’ll come over in a few days, I promise, it’s just—it’s not good right now.”
“I don’t believe you,” Jiang Cheng whispers, even though Nie Mingjue is one of the most trustworthy people he knows. If he says he’ll come over he will do it, Jiang Cheng knows it, but there’s still that niggling doubt that this will be the one time Nie Mingjue lies to him.
And like always, Jiang Cheng gives in to the doubt.
“You know, maybe it’s better you don’t come here again,” Jiang Cheng forces himself to say it and he knows it’s mean what he’s doing, but he just wants Nie Mingjue to tell him what’s really going on.
“I’m not leaving you,” Nie Mingjue says immediately, because clearly he knows Jiang Cheng way too well already. “Listen, if I do come over, you’re going to be upset—even more than you already are, probably—and I don’t want that. That’s all, okay? It’ll take a few days, but then I can see you again and it will be fine.”
“What are you hiding?” Jiang Cheng demands to know, but of course Nie Mingjue doesn’t answer him.
“I’m going to call you every day, alright?”
“No! You can tell me if something happened!” Jiang Cheng tries and there’s a low sigh on the other line.
“You’re going to be so upset over this,” Nie Mingjue mumbles and Jiang Cheng is pretty sure he wasn’t meant to hear that, but he did.
“I am already pretty upset, so what difference does it make?” he tries again, hoping that Nie Mingjue will just give in.
“Fine,” Nie Mingjue says after a lengthy pause but he doesn’t sound too happy about it. “I just—I love you, okay? I’ll be over in ten.”
“I love you, too,” Jiang Cheng gives back without hesitation, even though he is so very confused.
The ten minutes until Nie Mingjue arrive feel like hours with how nervous Jiang Cheng is and when Nie Mingjue finally knocks on his door, he’s not even relieved, because a ball of dread has formed in his gut.
Jiang Cheng spent the last ten minutes imagining every godawful scenario he could think of and so when he reaches out for the door handle now, his hand shakes but he pulls it open anyway.
He manages to take one good look at Nie Mingjue before he blurts out “Christ! What happened to your eye?”
Nie Mingjue gives him a sheepish smile as he pushes Jiang Cheng out of the way to come inside.
“Let’s not talk in the hallway, okay?” Nie Mingjue says as he closes the door behind him. “Hi,” he then greets Jiang Cheng and he leans in for a kiss, which Jiang Cheng is unable to refuse.
“Hi,” he mumbles when they part and his heart beats a little bit faster when Nie Mingjue smiles at him.
“It’s good to see you,” Nie Mingjue says as he cups Jiang Cheng’s cheek in his hand and while Jiang Cheng would love to do nothing more than snuggle into him, he forces himself to frown at Nie Mingjue.
“What the hell happened?” Jiang Cheng demands to know and he pushes Nie Mingjue further inside the apartment. “Did you even properly cool it?” he wants to know, but he doesn’t wait for an answer, instead marching off immediately to get Nie Mingjue a cool pack while he parks him on the couch.
“Do we really have to?” Nie Mingjue asks with a grimace when Jiang Cheng comes back and slaps it onto his eye.
“Talk about it or cool it? Because the answer to both is yes,” Jiang Cheng bites out and waits just long enough for Nie Mingjue to secure the pack himself so that Jiang Cheng has his hands free to cross them in front of his chest.
“Can’t we just accept that it happened and move on?” Nie Mingjue tries, a hopeful look on his face, but Jiang Cheng shakes his head.
“Did you get into a fight?” he wants to know, even as he frowns, because he doesn’t know Nie Mingjue to pick fights at random.
“No?” Nie Mingjue says, but he sounds like he doesn’t even believe himself and Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes at him.
“Tell me what happened,” Jiang Cheng demands, sitting down on the table in front of Nie Mingjue and Nie Mingjue sighs.
“It’s not that important.”
“You’re hurt,” Jiang Cheng says with vehemence. “That’s pretty damn important to me.”
“You’re important to me, too,” Nie Mingjue gives back with a small smile and suddenly Jiang Cheng knows what happened.
“You got a black eye because of me,” he whispers in horror. “You got into a fight because of me!”
“No! I mean—that’s not—Wanyin, it’s not your fault!”
“But it is true, right?” Jiang Cheng asks and Nie Mingjue was right.
He is so very upset over this.
“I didn’t pick a fight,” Nie Mingjue tries to explain. “I didn’t even hit anyone.”
“You mean you just took a beating and didn’t fight back?”
“Beating is quite a strong word. It was one good punch and nothing more.”
“That’s bad enough,” Jiang Cheng grumbles, but he moves onto the couch next to Nie Mingjue. “Now tell me why.”
“No. Like I said I don’t want you to be upset,” Nie Mingjue says and reaches over with his free hand to take Jiang Cheng’s in his.
“You mean, your black eye is not the thing I’m going to be upset about? Because let me tell you, I’m already pretty upset about that.”
“And I’m not going to make it worse,” Nie Mingjue says decisively and Jiang Cheng stills.
If he is this adamant that Jiang Cheng will be even more upset if he tells him how he got the shiner, then Nie Mingjue can only have gotten into a fight with one person.
“You got into a fight with Wei Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng whispers and Nie Mingjue’s hand jerks in his.
“I didn’t get into a fight with him, okay? Fuck, come here,” Nie Mingjue says, clearly seeing how little Jiang Cheng believes him and he pulls him right into his side, his arm safe and secure around Jiang Cheng.
“What happened then?” Jiang Cheng wants to know, and he can feel how all the tension goes out of Nie Mingjue.
“I ran into him today, him and Wangji and Xichen,” Nie Mingjue starts. “Well, running into them is generous. I happened to walk past them and I overheard Wei Wuxian talking.”
Jiang Cheng huffs out a little laugh because no matter how upset he already is, that must be the understatement of the year. Wei Wuxian is hard to ignore even when he does nothing. If he was talking, he probably wanted to be heard by those around him; especially those that weren’t even listening in the first place.
“What did he say?” Jiang Cheng asks and he tries to not let it show how desperate he is about news of his brother but of course Nie Mingjue knows him better than that.
“I’m not sure about the context,” Nie Mingjue admits, “but he was saying rather loudly how you’re probably happy to have him out of your hair, because like this you get to keep dogs at home again,” Nie Mingjue tells him and Jiang Cheng was not prepared for how much that hurts.
“Oh, I see,” Jiang Cheng mutters. “So this is what he really thinks of me.”
Jiang Cheng never really told Nie Mingjue what happened in that fight with Wei Wuxian and his parents but at least Nie Mingjue knows him well enough to know that Jiang Cheng was never on his parents’ side in this.
“Does he even know you’re no longer living with them? That you left your home right that evening as well?” Nie Mingjue asks, jolting Jiang Cheng out of his thoughts, and he shakes his head.
“I didn’t—Wei Wuxian blocked me and I haven’t talked to him since,” Jiang Cheng admits, because he can take a hint.
Clearly Wei Wuxian wants nothing to do with their family anymore and that includes Jiang Cheng, even though the same doesn’t go for Jiang Yanli.
“Maybe a-jie told him but—I didn’t,” he whispers and Nie Mingjue presses a kiss to his head.
“I’m sorry,” Nie Mingjue says but Jiang Cheng shakes his head.
“You still didn’t tell me how you got that black eye,” Jiang Cheng says, because it’s easier than to imagine what else Wei Wuxian must think of him.
“I—his words made me so angry because I’ve seen how devastated you are over his leaving and so I walked over and I just—I grabbed his shirt and I shook him a few times, asking him what the hell he thinks he’s doing,” Nie Mingjue says and Jiang Cheng frowns.
“So you didn’t hit him?”
“Of course I didn’t,” Nie Mingjue gives back.
“But then what—oh,” Jiang Cheng breathes out, because of course. “Lan Wangji.”
“Wangji,” Nie Mingjue agrees with a nod. “Still as overprotective as ever. He just rushed right in, hitting me square in the face. Xichen had to hold him back afterwards, even when Wei Wuxian said it was fine.”
“He shouldn’t have hit you,” Jiang Cheng still says but Nie Mingjue shrugs.
“I would have hit him if he dared to say anything else about you, so I guess fair’s fair.”
“Don’t say that! You shouldn’t get into fights over me anyway,” Jiang Cheng hotly tells him but Nie Mingjue doesn’t seem to take his words to heart.
“Agree to disagree,” Nie Mingjue easily says and Jiang Cheng slings his arm around his middle to hug him.
“What happened then?” he whispers, even though he’s not sure he wants to know anymore.
“Xichen told me that if I sympathise with you, then I should probably stay away from them for now. Sympathise. As if you’re a fucking criminal or murderer or something. It really makes you wonder what Wei Wuxian told them,” Nie Mingjue huffs out, clearly upset about this himself and Jiang Cheng closes his eyes.
So not only did Nie Mingjue get into a fight because of him, he also lost one of his best friends because of that.
“I’m so sorry,” Jiang Cheng whispers.
“About what? They don’t know the whole story. They don’t even know we’re together, do they?”
“I wanted to tell him that evening,” Jiang Cheng replies.
He didn’t get to that part of course, what with the fight with his parents and all, but he did have every intention of doing so.
“Wei Wuxian probably didn’t tell them anything,” Jiang Cheng gets out, because he knows his brother well enough. “They most likely drew their own conclusions when he would refuse to talk about it. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t come for him,” Jiang Cheng weakly finishes, because he still feels bad about that.
He should have stood up for Wei Wuxian immediately and not after he left. He wonders how badly he hurt his brother with that, but it’s not like he can clear it up now. Wei Wuxian doesn’t want to see him and Jiang Cheng failed him so monumentally on that evening that he’s going to respect that wish, no matter how much it hurts him.
Jiang Cheng tries very hard not to think about how Wei Wuxian had lashed into him as well during that fight, how he had talked to Jiang Cheng as if everything was his fault too because it doesn’t matter how much Wei Wuxian had hurt Jiang Cheng.
He still should have gone after him.
“You didn’t fail him,” Nie Mingjue says, either reading Jiang Cheng’s mind or knowing him too well. “And you tried to reach out afterwards. It’s neither of your fault how that evening went.”
“Mingjue,” Jiang Cheng says as he pushes away from him, because he already failed Wei Wuxian. He can’t fail Nie Mingjue as well and keeping him from his best friend clearly counts as such.
“No,” Nie Mingjue says before Jiang Cheng can even get a word out. “Whatever it is you want to say: no.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t be with me,” Jiang Cheng says, not minding what Nie Mingjue said. “It’s just—you shouldn’t do this. Lan Xichen is your best friend and you should be able to talk to him. The Lan’s are like family to you and Huaisang and it’s not fair—” Jiang Cheng trails off.
“Maybe I shouldn’tbe with you,” Nie Mingjue agrees and Jiang Cheng hates how his heart stops in his chest even though it is exactly what he himself just said. “But I want to be. Huaisang is a grown adult, he can make up his own mind, and Xichen loves Wangji too much to employ any critical thinking here for now, just like Wangji loves Wei Wuxian too much. They’ll figure out that something is strange sooner or later and then they’ll realise that you’re not the bad guy or whatever they made you out to be, I promise you that.”
“But maybe I am,” Jiang Cheng whispers, because that fear has always been with him, ever since the words left Wei Wuxian’s mouth and the door closed behind his brother. “Maybe they are exactly right about me.”
“Are you saying Wangji and Xichen know you better than I do? That you told them more than you told me, no matter how little it is?”
“Of course not,” Jiang Cheng immediately says and Nie Mingjue kisses his forehead.
“Then they are not right about you, it’s as easy as that,” he then says and there is so much conviction in his voice that it brings tears to Jiang Cheng’s eyes.
“I love you,” Jiang Cheng whispers as he buries his face in Nie Mingjue’s chest.
“I love you, too,” he gives back without hesitation and brings both his arms up around Jiang Cheng.
Jiang Cheng wants to scold him, because that eye of his still needs cooling, but he can’t bring himself to say it for the moment.
That fight with his parents and with Wei Wuxian has been eating away at him ever since it happened and to know that Nie Mingjue is so very firmly on his side and there for him doesn’t quite make it better, but it helps nonetheless.
And for the moment that’s all Jiang Cheng can ask for.
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How healthy is to fight with your SO?
norelationshipadvice: I'm not the one to say that a relationship should never have fights. You're two (or more if you're poly) different humans and friction WILL happen. Yeah, the perfect match doesn't exist so don't worry if you have to sleep once on the couch. Or twice. However... if fighting starts to define your relationship, it's definitely time to ask some difficult questions, to understand from where are those fights coming and to make a plan how to cut on all the bad feelings.
Tumblr media
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