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My 1yo has learned how to say what we say all the time and what situations apply to them because of observing us using them.

My husband has been sick as of late, and whenever I’m taking care of him during the day he stays on the couch.

His head was laying in my lap and this hoy comes padding over with a piece of the vacuum in his mouth. He takes it out, lookes between my husband and me, and then puts his hand on his shoulder and asks me

“ ’s he okay?”

I tell him he’s just feeling a little blue



Then his face contorts in qorry and he looks down at my hisband and he goes

“you blue, da?”

and my husband, in his adorable little sore throat laryngitis scottish accent says

“aye babey, jus a wee bit, ye”

and my kid makes the most pained whine, one he hasn’t even made when he was hurt, gives my husband a kiss on the temple, lays his head on his back and says

“dad feel betta?”

and my husband nods, coughs, and says

“much better, thank you”

and then he smiles and waddles away, the vacuum piece back in his mouth.

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I love this scene because to me it shows how delicate and breakable Arthur’s body is, is one of my favorite.

The sunlight catches him in a way that shows how translucent and brittle his body is, it looks like the sunlight is entering his bones and shining bright from within. It highlights his curls by falling on his hair, sculpts his body and outlines his protruding bones. It draws the edges of his spine and of his dislocated scapula showing how breakable he is, and blends the colors of his bruise with the fleshy colors of his skin as if he were a work of art.

His body is grabbed by the sunlight in such a vivid way that his skin looks transparent. He’s so crumbly and vulnerable that he looks like one of those dry leaves that break in thousands pieces as soon as someone touches them, his body so fragile and thin that it looks like one of those slides that reflect a colored image when they are illuminated by light, it reminds me of the wings of a butterfly. I love the way the sunlight dances on his body because it shows the heavenly and haunted beauty of Arthur, yet looking at him I see only his strength and I’ve never seen a body more beautiful than his.

Every time I see this scene my heart is filled with warmth and an urgent desire to protect him when I think that such a vulnerable and breakable body gets beaten so many times, it breaks my heart. I just want to gently stroke him with my fingertips, tracing his bones and kiss him on the bruise and put love on every part of his body.

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Just a note to the fact that the moment Bright was reacting to the concert scene he looked so emotional. Idk if it was because the episode was ending, because of the song, a little bit of both…What I know is that he looked really emotional and I wasn’t prepared to see an emotional Bright so I might have cried.

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You couldn’t help but stare at Mammon as he fidgeted within his room.  It was different seeing him like this – ears twitching and long tail flicking restlessly from side to side – though you weren’t put off by his animal countenance.  On the contrary, you thought it was cute.  When he changed into a predator, you weren’t scared, even as you watched him curse as he fought back the overwhelming urge to tear into you.  As the second oldest, he was held tremendous power that you’d never even seen unleashed, and you knew that had to take a vast amount of control.  

You felt safe around him, no matter what form he possessed.  He would always still be Mammon.

His cheeks flush as you smirk, reaching out to touch the tip of his striped tail.  He flinches, his tail jolting away as if it’d caught fire, and stammers, “H-hey, cut that out!  Stop teasin’ me or I’ll eat ya up!”

The words are muttered defensively; he can’t meet your gaze, but that only makes your smile turn even more teasing.  “Well, Mammon…” Taking a step closer, you reach up, this time trying to touch the edges of a tiger-like ear.  “I don’t mind if it’s you…”

Your tone is a mix between flirtation and naivety in an attempt to let the words be taken as they will.  Mammon doesn’t pull away from your hand this time, his ear flicking rapidly under the feather-light touch of your fingertips.     

“Wh- what’re ya sayin’?!  I wouldn’t really eat you,” he claims, as the latter of your inflections win.  

You scoff.  “I know you wouldn’t really.”

Finally, he meets your gaze, his cheeks still stained bright pink.  “Still… I’m kinda glad you said that…”

The two of you maintain eye contact for a moment, and you realize that your usual teasing has you feeling suddenly nervous.  Mammon is acting different than usual, and the jovial banter you usually share feels different – charged with an undercurrent that usually gets dismissed or interrupted.  

“Argh…” Mammon swallows hard, and then abruptly grasps your wrist, tugging it away from his ear.  Your smile fades, replaced by surprise.  “I can’t control myself any longer.”

Your heart is pounding so rapidly that you feel light-headed.  Mammon’s tail swishes back and forth, the tip of it brushing against the side of your leg.  His name hitches in your throat, and all you can utter in surprised response is a weak, quizzical.

He gently tugs you closer by the wrist, holding your palm against his chest.  “I won’t eat you… I just…”  He swallows again, sucking in a deep breath.  By now, he’s close, so close, and he tilts his head down until his forehead touches yours, still holding your gaze.

“I just… wanna kiss you.” 

Never in a million years did you think Mammon would admit to that.  You had always assumed that the tsundere would make you make the first move, and yet, here he is, telling you exactly what he wants instead of dancing around the bush like he always does.  

There’s a question in his eyes, an uncertainty – but also something much, much more lurking in those baby blues. 

Did the animal potion make him more apt to want to act on his urges, even if it’s something like a kiss?  Or does he want to kiss you now to mark his territory after seeing Lucifer alone with you in his room?  You don’t know – but you do know that Mammon really wants to kiss you, that he’s wanted to for some time, even if he’s always played it off.

Your voice comes out soft, but steady, “What’s stopping you?”

A second passes where Mammon doesn’t seem to think he heard you right, before he wraps his free arm around your waist and closes the last few inches between the two of you.  His lips press against yours, soft and certain, molding perfectly to yours.  He’s warm, his face radiating heat, and when he breaths a relieved sigh, you take the initiative into your own hands and slip your tongue past his lips.  

He makes a sound in the back of his throat, one that has more growl to it than usual, and his tail whacks against the side of your leg.  Abandoning his grip on your hand, he wraps both arms tightly around you, drawing you flush against his body, and you entwine both arms around his neck.  The kiss is both heavenly and sinful as his tongue wrestles with yours, and you tilt your head, trying to deepen the kiss, to get as close as possible.

You can feel his heart pounding against your chest – or is your heart just beating that hard?  You can’t tell at this point, and you don’t care; all of your focus is on the way Mammon’s mouth is moving against yours.  One of his hands strays to your head, touching the nape of your neck, then sliding around to cup the side of your chest with a tenderness that makes your knees weak.  

Mammon pulls back ever-so-slightly, half-lidded eyes fluttering open.  He searches your gaze, both of you breathless.  “Wow.”

“Yeah, wow,” you parrot.

Mammon flashes you a smirk, and his thumb grazes the edge of your jaw.  “Let’s do that again.  I want more.”

You grin, giving his ear a gentle pet.  “You’re not the only one that’s feeling greedy.”

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