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#how to fight
eatsbopa day ago
Hello Bop-the funniest person I've found in this fandom! Can you write some parody scenes for HtF? Thank you!
-Raven aka Dalgo aka anon child
Let me ruin that for both of us so you can keep looking, Dalgo lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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angrybabygoat2 days ago
Tumblr media
POV: you are being rejected by the only man who made you feel smth
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amaichoua month ago
How they would react to you falling asleep on their shoulder
Lookism and How to Fight Characters
The ones that lets you sleep while they do something else:
Jake Kim, Crystal Choi, Zoe Park, DG, Seongjun, Sally Park, Ji Yeonwoo
The ones that doesnt move an inch, like a statue they're just there trying not to wake you:
Snapper, Jace Park, Zack Lee, Ga Eul, Mangi, Bomi Choi, Jerry Kwon, Brad Lee
The ones that would slowly lay you on the couch/their lap to get you more comfortable:
Yoo Hobin, Rumi, Yujin, Joy Hong, Gun, Eli Jang, Jason Yoon, Lee Dowoon, Mira Kim
They didn't know you were asleep so they stood up and u fell on the ground:
Vasco, Taehoon, Samuel Seo, Mandeok, Jiho, Warren Chae, Logan Lee, Johan Seong, Sophia
[Push] WAKE THE FUCK UP SLEEPYHEAD (affectionate):
Kim Jungoo, Olly Wang, 244, Gyeoul, Hyeonsu Lee, OMG I FORGOT VINJIN AND MARY
Carried you to the bedroom:
Munseong, Daniel Park, Jay Hong, Wangguk, Chicken Man Logan, Sinu Han鈾
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kayden-break2 months ago
the absolutely not cute side of dating taehoon / viral hit
Tumblr media
鈥 Uses baby voice to ridicule you, every time you try to ask for his help, without fail. 鈥淎w, you want my help? Do you really want my help? Why don't you say please?鈥 Grins like a bastard when you walk away all miffed and helps you anyway because what is consistency.
鈥 Then, if you want to reverse-uno and use the same tactic on him, you need to pick the timing. Because you can't be pulling that out when he wants to kiss you. It might be very effective and hilarious to see him flustered by your teasing, but you're either going to get pinned down for ridiculing him or he is going to be a child about it for at least a week.
鈥 鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine, I can do whatever I want with you,鈥 then proceeds to rest his elbow on your head. Same line, uses your thighs as a makeshift pillow. Same line again, uses you as his cuddle toy before going to sleep.
鈥 Honestly, at one point before you got together, Taehoon will be comfortable with you enough that he will parade in front of you without his top on. He won't really care unless you get flustered, then he will get in your space to see how far your embarrassment can get before you flee. If you keep a straight face and even manages to touch him without care, he is the one who will be blushing, it's faint but it's adorable.
鈥 Steals your food all the time. He cannot be sated with his own food. His argument is that he is the professional athlete and you don't need any more fries. Assert dominance by headbutting him, grab him by the collar then go for it.
鈥 Sometimes, he bites you for the fun of it, mostly light ones, barely a scrape of his teeth. Just being in his arms put you into a position of danger. Bored of the movie he's watching with you? Bite. Kissing you on the cheek before you leave? Bite. You putting a hand over his face in your slee? Bite.
鈥 He's a thug but he's your thug, okay. You can know every types of martial arts in the world but if you get into troubles while he's there, then he is the one who will deal with it. Unless you have a ranged weapon, then go on ahead he will step aside to admire your amazing aim.
鈥 What girlfriend's privilege? He bullies you, too. Usually in the form of headlock, when he wants to kiss your hair. Locks you by the waist in his arms, when he wants to hug you. Taps your backside with his foot, when he wants to surprise you. Drags you down to the mattress, when he wants to cuddle and you're moving around too much.
鈥 He drinks beers but absolutely does not allow you to consume any alcohol until you are of age. You can still try to steal his beer, he will be grumpy about it and there will be repercussions. But hey, he is not the dad of you, he can't tell you what to do.
鈥 Call his father as 鈥渄ad鈥 to knock out both men in one punch, c鈥檓on, Taehoon's girlfriend, you can do it. Better if you're sweet and cute around his dad but an absolute nuisance around him. He can't stand it and he can't stop you because he actually likes it.
鈥 Encourages him to call your parents as his parents to knock him down the second time.
鈥 How to fight against a grumpy boyfriend when he's being annoying for no reason: Peppers his face with a bunch of kisses, he will act annoyed and try to dodge you but his attempts are halfhearted. He will try to bite you back for approaching him, but if you use this opportunity to kiss him on the lips, he will hold you tight and take a while until he lets you go.
鈥 Honestly, by being around you, he relaxes immensely. Bad thoughts of the day? Nonexistent. Sometimes, he's even quieter than normal. Not a single snarky remark to be made. It's these moments that he's stuck in his own mind, waddling through his murky thoughts. Having you around helps him feel anchored even when his own mind left him unmoored.
鈥 This includes nights when he wakes up drenched in cold sweats, this time, you were lost to him instead of someone else close to him. You were awaken by his sudden movement and ragged breathing, the next thing you knew was how tight he held you. After he told you about what happened, you rubbed soothing circles on his back until he fell back to sleep.
鈥 He will act like nothing happened the next day and he won't talk about it but... If he hovered around you, you know why. Might be a little more sulky and affectionate, too. Yes, take those crumbs.
鈥 He knows he looks ridiculous wearing his backpack at the front while giving you piggyback ride home. But, but, complain enough times or have a valid reason, he will do about anything for you. Although, he probably prefers to bridal carry you back home... but that'd be embarrassing for you.
鈥 On multiple occasions, kicks a guy in the face for hitting on you in the arcade after you wandered away from Taehoon, this is also the reason why he doesn't really want you walk around alone while he's playing. He's a bit more relaxed with it as long as you're within his sight.
鈥 Honestly, the streets in the city is dangerous. Taehoon is a little bit more than protective, he doesn't trust the streets at night for you to walk home alone. If you have to be somewhere and go home late, he wants you to tell him beforehand and let him know so he can walk you home.
鈥 If you can handle yourself, he knows, but he worries anyway because he knows the types of bastards who lurk in the dark alleys. He met more than a few himself, thinking his pretty face made him a good prey for robbing. Big mistakes, of course.
鈥 However, with a girl, they often have more insidious intentions than money and that worry him more than anything. If you only lost your money, he doesn't worry as much, because you'd be safe. However, if anyone ought to damage your dignity, he'd raise hell to make them pay.
鈥 Taehoon is very vengeful when it comes to those he cares about. They won't be the ones going to jail, he will. Wherever they will be, he will find them, and he will make them regret the day they laid a single hand on you.
鈥 Be prepared for disappointment, because this bastard won't use vocal affirmation when it comes to his feelings. He won't say he likes you or he loves you even if it's obvious that he does. You can ask if you want, but he won't confirm anything, only telling you to stop asking stupid questions.
鈥 But of course, if he has to introduce you to someone, then you're his. His what? Who knows, he doesn't say it. Prod him until he does put a label on it. Will he be embarrassed? Yes. Which makes this ten times more satisfying than it should.
鈥 At first, he finds Hobin's behaviour with Yeonwoo hilarious because the other boy is the total polar opposite of Hobin... Until it happens to him. See, it never even occurred to Taehoon that a good-looking, well-mannered, kind-hearted boy would be your type.
鈥 Yet, there you are, chatting and laughing at his jokes like you are best of friends. Taehoon suddenly decides he's very territorial and plops down next to you, not saying anything, not even including himself in the conversation. He's simply there, a looming, intimidating presence of the boyfriend.
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kaasjee2 months ago
Episode 94
Lee Jinho proved that he is the worst ex-boyfriend of the year, with his break-up package including an unfulfilled promise of a coffee talk and so many dead bodies.
Now I don鈥檛 even know who to root for. The possibility of cellmate AU is almost 0 now.
Anyway, recap some similarities between Taehoon and Seongjoon鈥檚 fights, not because I read ep 60 over and over again.
1. Go 鈥渉ome run鈥 like a pro
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. Jump high with their long legs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. Break arms
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. Get sneak attack
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. Go crazy all over again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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redmamaa month ago
Why you should read How to Fight (part 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for your attention
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sammytea20 days ago
Virgin Daniel: gets bullied, can't fight back to his bullies, is an ass to his mom
Chad Hobin: gets bullied, fights back to his bullies, did 12+ part time jobs just to pay his mom's hospital fees
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lufydd2 months ago
Tumblr media
they probably switch spots from time to time
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eatsbopa day ago
He's just nice to older ladies me thinks he misses his mom?
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yankee-am10 days ago
Tumblr media
If I may present for your consideration
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shim--simpsona month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Step 1 for being PTJ verse MC is having to fit into this template look
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amaichoua month ago
Your work is so amazing, I've been stalking you shamelessly for Lookism stuff. Makes me happy reading fanfics 馃槃.
I wondered if I could get a hc on the Lookism boi's reaction on their s/o being cranky, moody and sour because she's on her period and basically saying and doing stuff she wouldn't normally do.
It'd be fun to know! 馃ぃ
Johan, Gun, Jake. (and if you can, Taehoon)
Lookism & V-Hit boys taking care of their moody s/o who is on their period
Sorry this took a while! Thank you for the ask though and for stalking me ;) hahahaha鈾
Johan Seong
Oh lord
This poor soul.
He noticed how you were less productive these days
Usually you feed the dogs early and start up breakfast while he is in charge of washing the dishes and clothes
But this time, he woke up before you
"Babe" he tries to wake you up
No response
"Oi lazy" he gets a little annoyed and tries to shake you awake only for him to get a strong smack on the arm
He was shocked. You're never violent.
I mean you never get angry at him
You're the angel in this relationship
You woke up irritated. Glaring at Johan
He was now wondering if he did anything wrong
"Whats got you so pissed early in the morning?" He asked, a little gentler (though idk if he knows what gentle is lmao)
"Feel like shit. Cramps hurts. You made it worse." You huffed, laying back on the bed and covering yourself with blankets
Ding ding ding. He realized you were on your period.
But Johan isnt a girl, he had no sisters and his mom never had cramps(lucky woman)
So he didnt know what to do.
He even messaged Zack on what to do but that man is as clueless
"Why are you asking me that?! Im not a girl!!" - Zack Lee
Mira was helpful though, telling Johan what to do.
So Johan did what Mira said, making a warm cup of tea and breakfast
He researches (more like google) which tea is good for cramp relieve and which breakfast food helps you not bloat
He doesnt even let you get up. He c a r r i e s you everywhere
You go to the kitchen? No darling, your cramps might get worse! Let me carry you to the kitchen
He dotes on you alot, something very rare from him.
He was basically a human heater anyways, very comfy, i rate 10/10
Lets just say your attitude quickly subsided as the two of you spent the whole day at home together watching movies and cuddling
Gun had his fair share of ladies
So he knew why you were pissy today
He noticed how your emotions were all over the place
You are usually calm and collected, stoic, mysterious. Really cool
But now..
You and Gun were on a coffee date and you almost yelled at the waitress that was flirting at Gun, even tripping her (though no one noticed it was you)
Lets just say Gun found this really interesting
How you were angry just 10 minutes ago and now you're crying at the car because Goo sent you a sad anime edit
"Im cancelling our plans for the day, including work" Gun said as he drove back to your shared condo.
You were confused but didn't ask
When you were both back, he told you to get some rest as he redies the bathtub for you
Filling the tub with warm water and mixing in all your favourite scents, he wakes you up afterwards
The two of you (yeah two of you 馃憖) just laid in the spacious tub, him asking if your body aches while he massages them, even giving, not so discreet kisses (which ended in a very stress relieving route馃憖)
After that he lets you do what you want, if you just want to cuddle and sleep then he'll cuddle and sleep. You wanna watch a movie? Sure lets go, you suddenly want to bake? Yes lets make cookies鈾
Jake Kim
Despite popular belief, Jake isnt stupid
But he is sometimes oblivious
You were pissy the whole day
Since you got your period while at uni and it went through your pants/skirt which was really embarassing
After that you had cramps so bad that it was hard to walk around (which was torture when your next class was in a different building)
So when you got home, all you were thinking about was resting and drinking the boba you ordered the night before
But when you got home, it wasnt in the fridge.
Jake drank it not thinking anything of it
"Hey welcome home" Jake hums, wrapping his arms around your waist while his face buries at the crook of your neck
"Jake..." you sniffled which alarmed Jake
Quickly turning you around to see that yoy were indeed crying
"Hey hey what happened?" He asked
Your face scrunched, eyebrows furrowed as you sniffed and glared at him "you drank my boba"
Jake tilted his head, usually you were fine with him eating your food, since he usually replaces it the next day
"You're crying like that just because I drank your boba?" He asked, wanting to laugh at how ridiculous this was
"You drank my boba!! What the hell Jake! I was looking forward to drinking that!!"
"Whoah whats got your panties in a twist? Are you on your period or something?" He jokes even more as you just glared at him, wiping your tears and running to your shared bedroom, locking the door.
Thats when he connected the dots
You WERE on ur period
Lets just say he had a hard time bribing you with promises of buying ur boba again since mf doesnt seem to want to spend money that much smh, well to be fair his savings were for Sinu
In the end he got Jerry to buy and deliver the drink at his house (yeah using Jerry's money, Jerry said "anything for big bro Jake")
Taehoon Seong
This asshole is the type that would fight you even on your period
Call it an exercise to relieve your cramps (his words not mine)
I mean he is sweet and all and i feel like at first when you get bitchy with him, he'll be fine with it
He'll endure it
But theres only so much this beef boi could endure
So he too would match your energy pretty quickly
If u know martial arts the two of u are sparring it out "fight to the death" with Hobin as the referee
If not- well- (cough)thingsturnsprettysteamy(cough)
Yeah korean barbeque and soju is what im talking about! Totally not the other type of steam- heh- hehe
I would say that Taehoon knows how to take care of his s/o who is on their period but that would be a lie
All this man knows is how to play arcade games and how to beat the shit out of people
But if you ask him to buy you supplies and food, he'll gladly oblige, after ya'll "spar" tho (just be specific though, he doesnt know the difference between wings, no wings, day and night, tampons or pads)
Yoo Hobin
This man is the most ideal man to take care of you
He has a mom that he loves
So he often takes care of her even on her period
The type that knows each type and brand of pads and tampons
Knows what kind of tea is best for cramps
Has a heat pack stored incase you do get cramps
And he knows your favourite snacks and would buy them for you the moment he finds out about your period
But what he doesnt know
And has never experienced
Was your mood swings
His mom rarely got angry at him so
When you did
He thought it was the end of the world for him
"Fuck this is where she breaks up with me huh??" He thinks
Very anxious
But you didnt say anything, and 30 mins later you called for him "Hobiiinn"
"Yes...?" He asks, looking through the door
"Come cuddle?" You pout giving him puppy eyes
And he was so fucking confused
"Shits more confusing that a physics test!"
Ofcourse he cuddled with you though, but he was too scared to ask why you were mad earlier so he never got to ask, he just enjoyed the moment
It waa Gaeul and Rumi that had to explain to him what moodswings are lol
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kayden-breaka month ago
I had an idea and I want to hear what you think about it! Teahoon and streamer! reader get shipped for various reasons (idk really) so hobin's followers sometimes pay him (the only way he would put his neck at risk) to do typical fanfic things making one trip so they kiss, one got hurt and the other patch them up, etc. Yes, hobin almost broke something trying to hurt taehoon enough to ask reader to patch taehoon up
I really, really like this so how about a fic-
Tumblr media
When the boys called you to the office with the request for aids, you had barged in, thinking someone was on the verge of death. However, what you came to face is three of the boys sprawling on the ground, pieces of unidentified household objects surrounded them.
Seriously, on the weekends, too. Did they really think you do nothing on your break days?
"What are you losers doing?" You glowered the moment you walked into their view, eyes ablaze with fuming anger.
馃挅: It's her!
馃挄: our queen 馃ズ we are glad to see you
馃挀: 馃槏 馃槏 馃槏
Hobin was the first to respond, looking nervous under your scrutiny, "Ha... you arrived earlier than expected!"
"I said, what are you losers doing?" You repeated your previous questions, feeling your patience thinning.
This time around, it was Jiksae who helpfully added to the conversation, diverting your ire from Hobin. "This is on camera, you know, we are streaming," he raised up his phone, showing the camera in action.
You glanced at the camera, putting you into the frontal seat of the action, "I can see that, I'm asking what are you losers doing?"
馃挀: ma'am step on me please 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍
馃挳: she's so pretty even when she's mad 馃ズ馃挄
馃懁: her fans are even worse than taehoons lol
馃槶: they're so rabid
"We were trying to injure Taehoon so you can patch him up," Hobin explained, "it was one of the followers' demands, they will pay him 鈧100000 if he agreed."
It was only now that you noticed Taehoon sitting at the side. He only shrugged, which gave you zero insight into what was happening.
"To injure himself?" You frowned. "That's stupid."
"No... to let you patch him up," Hobin explained nervously.
You stared at the three of them, one by one, contemplating what was happening. Once the information was processed, you inhaled deeply before shrugging. "Damn... guess he ain't getting that money then," you turned on your heels, already walking away.
馃懁: lol
馃拋: lol
馃挅: lol
"Wait! Wait! Taehoon, say something!" Hobin scrambled to get up and chase after you but thought better to make Taehoon join the conversation.
Taehoon clicked his tongue but relented at Hobin's request. "I will give you twenty if you helped," he offered.
You paused, leaning back to look at him. "Make it fifty then we'll talk,鈥 you countered, 鈥淚'm half of this, after all,鈥 you grinned, oblivious to his annoyance.
It only took him a moment in a staring match with you before he caved. 鈥淔ine, greedy hag,鈥 he conceded, not even bother to fight.
馃挄: taehoon is such a tsundere 馃ズ
馃懁: they don't even like each other
馃挒: okie stay in denial 馃槝
鈥淪top flinching away,鈥 you grumbled when he retracted his arm out of reflex once more, you tugged back, keeping his arm firmly strapped to your side.
He didn't hesitate to counter back. 鈥淪top putting that much pressure on the burn,鈥 he hissed when you pressed the ice on the spot again. "Don't even consider going into nursing, all you're going to do is hurting people."
Without any argument to that, you only threw him a listless glance. 鈥淗ow did you manage to hurt yourself anyway?鈥
Instead of answering you, Taehoon only huffed and turned away. Fortunately, Hobin was more eager to answer the question. 鈥淚t was accidental, actually,鈥 he explained, 鈥淚 think he burned himself earlier in the kitchen.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what he got for being an idiot,鈥 you muttered, but somehow, it was Hobin who got the brunt of Taehoon's ire.
"Stop telling her shit she doesn't need to know," he conked the top of Hobin's head, irritated from getting his mistake exposed.
馃槶: yall delulu taehoon would never like her
馃挄: ok taehoon fangirl
馃挒: ok taehoon fangirl
Eventually, the ten-minute wait for Taehoon's burn to subside got to you. Sitting around trying to press cold compact to someone bored the mind out of you. Which meant when the other two boys were trying to clean up, you couldn't help but jump at the chance to distract yourself.
"What did you try to hit him with?" You glanced at one of the broken pieces, the wooden pieces reminded you of something...
"We used a broom in the beginning but... it broke, as you can see," Jiksae raised the other end of the broom, the one where the brush was attached.
"Poor broom," you commented halfheartedly.
Somehow, you didn't expect that to get Taehoon's attention. He must have been as bored as you were. "Hey,鈥 he flicked at your forehead, 鈥渇ocus on the task.鈥
You stuck your tongue out but flinched back when Taehoon lunged out to bite at you. Apparently, that got chat going wild.
馃挄: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
馃挒: omgomgomg
馃挀: they're so real 馃ズ
馃拋: yea they are real people ya freaks
馃挅: I don't care about them being together, I'm only here for her.
Finally, the full wait was over. After putting a non-stick bandage over his burnt, you pushed yourself up, eager to return to your day.
鈥淎ll right, I鈥檓 done,鈥 you stretched, tired of sitting for so long in an awkward position, 鈥測ou know where to wire the payment.鈥
鈥淲ait, can you do one more thing?鈥 Hobin had you stopping in your track, staring back at him with suspicion in your eyes.
馃挳 donated 鈧200000: thank you so much for indulging my request 馃グ
馃挀 donated 鈧5000: can y'all kiss 馃ズ
馃挒: i'm donating 鈧100000 if you do 鉁
鈥淲hat鈥斺 Taehoon glared at the entire audacity of the request, taken aback by their sheer boldness. However, when he turned to gauge your reaction, you only reacted with an apathetic sigh.
鈥淎ll right, Taehoon, pucker up,鈥 you ordered monotonously, which only exasperated him more.
He frowned, still unsure about what was going on. 鈥淲ait, you'd do it?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 鈧100000 for one kiss,鈥 you deadpanned, 鈥渄on鈥檛 be weird about it.鈥
鈥淚'd kiss you for less,鈥 suddenly, he grinned.
馃挳 : omgomgomg 馃ズ
馃挀 : 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ鉁
馃懁 : for fuck's sake won't someone moderate this chat?
"Hobin, are we third wheels now?"
"It appears so..."
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ave-lala28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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drinkforindigestion3 months ago
Tumblr media
hobinssi, please do not play fortnite during our meeting.
Tumblr media
...huh? what's this?
Tumblr media
(w-what...that' as a cardboard and...)
Tumblr media
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