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#i love halloween
jackaloup · 6 hours ago
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Frickin’ bats…
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sargasmicgoddess · 7 days ago
I think I found my spirit animal.....
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Party animal spidey 🤣🕷🕸
(Cyclops spidey is giving him the sideeye 🤣🕷)
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It's beginning to look a lot like 🎃👻💀🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!!!
What better way to start a Tuesday than standing on your formal dining table 🤣 it's going to be a glorious day 🎉
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possums-are-sexy · 2 months ago
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the possums and i wish it were halloween already:(
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sp00kywitchbabe · 21 days ago
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how we feeling out there this morning? yaaaa.. I am not feeling good 😖😫
this is what I get for not being able to sleep last night & having to wake up relatively early 😴
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leaves-and-inks · a month ago
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🍂🍁Autumn Falls🍁🍂
I’ve been following some autumn and halloween blogs lately, and it’s gotten me excited for my favorite time of year. Nothing like hot tea, colorful trees, late night campfire talks, and crisp air. Oh, and vampires and werewolves and things that go bump in the night. Hey, Halloween is right around the corner; only 85 days away!! :). I’m going on a trip for the next few days! I think I’ll get some sketches out for y’all in that time but I don’t have any guarantees, but I’ll do my best to stay active!
[ID: Illustration of a black cat smiling over a large full teacup surrounded by bats and pumpkins. Its eyes are shut with ears lopsided as two paws rest on the rim of the cup, steam in front of its face. Its tail curls in front of the cup. and several gourds surround them on either side. The cat has a white right paw, white left eyepatch, and white tipped ears. It wears a red scarf, and an orange circle sits behind it on a cream, textured background./end ID]
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madiesunny · 10 months ago
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historywh0re · 21 days ago
Speirton Halloween Headcanons 🍁🎃
Dedicated to @this-dog-just-aint-gonna-hunt
Carwood has so many sweaters he gets out from the closet
They’re all fall themed and colors
Of course Ron understands how much Lip loves sweaters and buys him one with leaves on it and another with little pumpkins
Carwood gives Ron a few tan or brown sweaters and he wears them all the time
They’re big and comfortable on him
Carwood goes out and buys little baby pumpkins and puts them around the house
He has a whole assortment of cute pumpkins and gourds on the dining room table
He also finds little garlands with fake leaves on them and hangs it on the fireplace
Ron calls them a fire hazard and it makes Carwood laugh
One day Lip gets home from work and Ron is carving a massive pumpkin on their dining room table
He was absolutely covered in pumpkin guts and seeds
So when Carwood comes in and starts laughing at him, Ron throws a handful of the gunk from inside the pumpkin
Lip dodges it and goes to change his shirt so he can help Ron clean up and carve the rest of the pumpkin
They carve a screaming Eagle into it
After they clean up all the pumpkin guts and seeds, Carwood somehow manages to successfully remember his mother’s pumpkin pie recipe
Of course Ron helps out by sitting on the counter tasting the batter
Once the pie is in the oven, they sit on the couch and cuddle until the timer dings
When the pie is out of the oven and the pumpkin smell resonates around the house, Ron leads Lip over to the doorway of the kitchen and shows him a few leaves he taped up
“Halloween mistletoe,” he explains
Carwood laughs and obliges to his lovers silly prank
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sargasmicgoddess · 8 days ago
Now that I don't have any current pressing deadlines, I kind of just want to masturbate and shoot smut all day.
This is why the universe gives me crazy work deadlines, isn't it? 🤣
Cause lord knows where I would be without some structure... 🤣
Well...apparently being naked and putting Halloween spiders on my chandelier....🤣🕷🕸🎃👻
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sweetlikeacherry · a month ago
it's the end of august so you know what that means...........start planning your halloween costumes :)
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vampireinbusiness · 16 days ago
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ash did this so 🤷🏻‍♀️
that time of the year to break out the flannels and pretend I stole them from our beloved Peter Parker
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scullymurphy · 10 days ago
YOU KNOW IT!!! Stay tuned for later today... 😈😈😈
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