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this is how i cope alright
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mini rant
people had no problem with jonathan, steve, and hopper being in love with girls who were in relationships. so it pisses me off that the SECOND they confirm that will is in love with a boy who is in a (very rocky btw) relationship, people are treating him like a predator and saying he needs to "back off". like the hypocrisy and homophobia blows my mind.
will isn't a predator or a homewrecker. he isn't even acting on his feelings for mike. he hasn't been flirting with him or "shooting his shot." he is not doing anything to actively "steal" mike from el. if anything, he is giving mike advice on how to fix his relationship with el and he just wants mike to be his best friend again. so it just really makes me mad that people are treating him like a predator and a homewrecker but they didn't do the same with jonathan, steve, and hopper.
they are acting like will can control his feelings. that he chose to fall in love with mike. and that he is somehow dirty and gross and a predator for loving mike because mike isn't single. like?? first off, mike and him have been best friends for 10 years and mike was one of the few people who was kind to will and didn't treat him like a freak. he was one of the few people who REALLY cared about him. you cannot blame him for developing feelings for mike. and i can assure you he probably doesn't WANT to be in love with a boy at all let alone his best friend who is dating his adoptive sister. but he COULD NOT HELP IT. he just...fell in love. he shouldn't be called a predator for that
it just irks me that none of yall blamed jonathan for having feelings for nancy while she was with steve, none of yall blamed hopper for having feelings for joyce while she was with bob, none of yall blamed steve for having feelings for nancy while she was with jonathan, but you're blaming will for having feelings for mike while mike is with el. like that is some of the most hypocritical and homophobic shit i have ever seen. STOP BLAMING WILL FOR FALLING IN LOVE. STOP CALLING HIM A PREDATOR. YOU'RE HYPOCRISY AND HOMOPHOBIA IS SHOWING.
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3.05 | 4.04
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Drug deal gone wrong
Tumblr media
Eddie x Reader Smut Oneshot
Warnings: Heavy Smut, Mentions of Drug Usage, Slight Humiliation Kink
Word Count: 2.3k
(indicator where smut starts)
Nearly pure smut, brace yourself
Perhaps it was only a routine drug deal gone wrong. However, in hindsight, you can’t help wondering if maybe it was or could be something more.
Since the law caught up with your last dealer, you’d been doing business with the town psycho, Eddie Munson. The local D&D cult leader who turned drug dealer.
You met him out in a heavily wooded area a little ways off from the school. It’s here where the trees grow so high that the branches twist and overlap. It’s nice how they form a canopy over the forest and the outside world. You had been warned against meeting Eddie in such a secluded location. But the people of Hawkins Indiana were known to be quite unfairly judgmental of anything they deemed “different,” so you toss any concern aside.
Upon arriving, you see him leaning against a large oak wood tree, arms crossed. He’s expectedly wearing his club’s custom “hellfire” shirt and some, worn jeans with a black jacket. The same style he’d rocked since he created the hellfire club during the start of freshman year. You hadn’t paid much attention to him throughout your high school years spent together. But seeing him now, you observed how much he changed. He’d grown his curly hair down to his shoulders and had a few new tattoos on his arm where he wore three large rings. He’d also accessorized by adding a silver chain on his pants, a guitar pick necklace, and a bracelet. As you approach him can’t help but notice how attractive Eddie has become. He was certainly no longer that scrawny boy you recall sitting in the back of freshman biology class. Who knows, could people be wrong about him after all?
“Y/N,” was beginning to think you wouldn’t show. He uncrossed his arms and moved away from the oak tree. Not before picking up a metal lunch box lying on the ground- hopefully filled with weed. You look up.
“That’s me,” snapping out of your trance. He moved towards a picnic bench and rested the lunch box on the wood planks.
“I haven’t talked to you in a while; I didn’t even know you smoked. Not surprised though, you look like the type,” he said, not bothering to look up. The way he was so nonchalant about your presence shamefully only made you more attracted to him.
“Hm, That so? Might I ask what is the type?” You responded as he focused on the metal lunchbox, unhinging it and rummaging through its contents. He took a breath and answered.
“I dunno, usually kinda shaggy, I like that.” He likes that? You latch onto those two words, worried if you let them go, you’ll forget, and your heart flutters. Did you have a crush on Eddie “Psycho” Munson?
You did.
“So, what’s your type? You like shaggy, but what else do you like?” He stopped rummaging through the box at this and finally glanced up at you.
“What?” He chuckled, “I mean, I’ve kinda liked y-“
“Sorry, what?”
“You didn’t know? I liked you all through high school up until junior year; I thought it was obvious,” he continued. You stare somewhat blankly at him. “Well, that’s awkward,” he nervously chuckled.
“No, no it’s not because I like you, uh, right now.” You pause. How stupid could you be, he said you liked up until the junior year, and it’s senior now. How could you let yourself get carried away, you’ve only liked him since this meeting? You start to ramble desperately, trying to find a way to undo that impulsive confession. “I don’t know if that makes this less awkward. I like being straightforward with people. And I don’t want you going home thinking you fucked up by confessing you liked me because I-“
His lips touch yours as he cuts you off with a kiss.
“Can I,” he murmurs into your ear.
You manage a nod “please.”
His fingers trace your collar bone as he kisses your cheek and neck, unbuttoning your shirt as he moves down. You grab his white tee, wrapping it in your hands and in one motion pulling it swiftly off.
He brushes your hair away from your eyes, tucking it behind your ear.
“There that’s better,” he whispers.
You take off your pants and underwear, pushing them down to your ankles as he unlatches the hooks of your bra, kissing your breasts- in slow rhythmic motions.
He thrusts you onto the top of a pinewood picnic table, removing and tossing your remaining garments aside. Leaving you completely naked beneath him. And him left in nothing but his jeans. He moves over you, his palms intertwine with your wrists and hands. You smirk, looking up as his long dark brown curls drape over your face. You feel every part of him. You want every part of him. You like the coldness of his metal rings as they brush up against your thigh. You feel his body become part of you and relax, finding a sense of comfort in his presence.
You felt his mouth move onto your breasts. You like the warmth that comes when he sucks and rubs at your nipples.
He smirks. “You like that, don’t you.”
You let out a moan, “Mhm.”
You bit at your bottom lip, preventing any sounds from escaping your throat. He notices this immediately, pausing his work momentarily to speak.
He smirked, “don’t hold back Y/N, I wanna hear you make those pretty sounds.” His hand travel up your inner thigh getting closer to where you needed him. You move your hips up trying and get some friction against his rough and calloused hands, again attempting to remain silent. He stopped and grabbed your chin and pulling your face so harshly upwards that your eyes met his in seconds…
“Are you gonna do what I say?” He looked at your lips still sealed shut, in leaned in closer; whispering softly in your ear. “Or am I gonna have to make you?” He kissed your lips, letting all the pent up passion and affection he had towards you. And you loved it; relishing in every pre-calculated twist and turn as his tongue moved in your mouth. You crumble beneath his dominant grasp, letting yourself become a part of him, at his mercy.
He moved away from your lips and began sucking softly on your neck, and you finally let out a quiet moan. Obviously proud of his work, he spoke again.
“You like that don’t you, dirty girl?” He said with a mischievous grin stretching across his face.
“Yes, god, please touch me” your eyebrows contorting into a pained expression awaiting his pleasurable touch.
“Touch you where, Y/N?” He murmured, making your core hot. Exasperated, you moved your hips upward and into his hand. But he quickly pushed you back down onto the table boards, his strong grasp rendering you motionless. A slave to him… only for him.
“Please…” you moaned.
He leaned in moving towards your chest, slowly kissing your breasts and stomach drifting closer and closer to your core. “Please what? What do you want me to do to you Y/N?”
His chestnut eyes pierced your soul as he glanced, awaiting a response. His face ever approaching upon your core.
“Tell me what you want.” he repeated. Although it was more of an order now rather than a question.
“I want… I want your tongue” you muttered, humiliated. Humiliation, it was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to mortify you, and you were enjoying every second.
He obliged without question, just as eager as you were; not adept at hiding it. He pushed his toned body to the end of the bench, resting his knees on the leaf-covered forest floor. Then shortly after pulling your body, in the same direction, so that it was level with his nose.
He licked up your slit, causing you to let out an high pitched moan. The empty forest echoing and bouncing the sounds around you. You blush in slight embarrassment; only encouraging him further. He moved his mouth further inward, pleasuring the sensitive bud, speeding up. Wrapping his lips and swirling his tongue, occasionally moving his head around as he relished in it.
He continues his performance. A magician performing his favorite act. Eating you from the inside out, a starved man on his last meal. Then you come to the realization you too have been starved, starved of this feeling, starved of this pleasure… starved of Eddie. How could you have ignored him all those years?
Working his tongue over your clit repeatedly; like the rough rhythm to one of the heavy metal songs he’s always humming to. He slips one of his fingers into you, then two, then three, before he pushes a fourth one in, stretching you out so deliciously that you impulsively thrust your head backwards. His mouth never leaves your clit as he continues to furiously fuck you with his fingers.
“Yes! F-fuck don’t stop” you screamed, bucking your hips up into his face. Your hands shot out to gripping his head, hair wrapped in your fingers, pushing him further into your sopping cunt.
You feel yourself getting close he fucks you harder and faster with his fingers and swirls his tongue over your clit.
“F-fuck, Eddie, Eddie! I’m close, so fucking close, so close— wanna cum—! Yes!”
Your pussy tightened around his fingers as cum gushed from your cunt. He fucks you through your high, rhythmically pumping his fingers in and out until he pulls them out entirely.
You watch as Eddie steps backwards unbuckling his belt, licking your lips as his fingers moves down to teasingly unzip his jeans. As soon as his pants and belt slip onto the floor, with a loud clank he snaps the waistband of his blue striped boxers. Relishing the attention he received under your hungry gaze as he slowly pushes the boxers down to his thighs, and in time those to dropped to the cold ground.
He climbs over you you and teases your entrance. No longer interested in upholding your dignity you give into him, giving him what he truly desires; you widen your doe like eyes begging for him to fuck you.
“S-shit Eddie, please, please just fuck the shit out of me. I want it. I need it, I need you so bad.” He chuckled and obliged.
He thrusted his cock into you pumping harder and harder, grabbing one of your legs and positioning it over his right shoulder. Spreading out your legs wider and wider. As he reached down, quickly rubbing circles on your puffy clit, nearly pushing you over the edge with how good he could make you feel.
“Like that? How I stretch out that tight pussy, how I make you scream?” You have no response, your mind clouded with the incessant pleasure that came at the hands, and dick, of Eddie Munson.
“Huh?” He continued his questioning. Your eyes rolled back into your head.
“Ngh— S-shit” his brows angled up contorting into a pained expression and he moaned loudly, throwing his head back as he pounded into you ruthlessly.
“F-fuck Y/N you’re so tight, love your tight cunt.” His hips meet yours as he picks up his pace, throwing the other leg over his left shoulder, so now both were in the air, still spread out nicely for him, as he fucked into you even deeper. Soon enough, you were a collapsed moaning mess under his weight. You reach up to rake your fingers across his bare chest digging your nails into his toned stomach. He lets out a groan.
“Yeah that’s it, fucking take it.” His eyes shot down to glance at you, at how his cock completely disappeared in your cunt. He loved it.
“Eddie! Yes, god please yes!” The atmosphere became a cloud of skin slapping on skin, pleasurable screams, and Eddie’s name leaving your mouth.
“So close, Eds, so fucking close, a-ah! Please, please, make me cum, Eddie! Yes! Wanna cum for you so bad, Eddie. Please please please—“ You felt your self release and cum all over this thick hard and throbbing cock. But he didn’t slow. He hadn’t cum yet.
You could barley catch your breath as he continued to fuck into you at an even faster rate, still not yet cumming. Your back arched. You grasped at his arm and dug your nails into him in delight.
He groaned again before responding “That’s right, keep marking me I’m yours Y/N” he went harder into you, gripping down on your hips so hard it was sure to leave a nasty bruise the following morning. You liked how he was using you.
“A-ahh, Ed-dieee” you could hardly formulate full words only sounds. Still moaning mindlessly, you felt a knot in your stomach reform, was he gonna make you cum twice without even going off himself?
“Nghhh— C-cumming” was all you could muster out before you squirted all over him again. Eddie’s thrusts became less rhythmic but still came in hard, you felt him throb inside you. He was cumming, he groaned as he did with that same pained expression on his face. He released your hips and put his hands on the table one to either side of your head. Letting his own head rest on your sweaty chest. Remaining between your limp legs for a moment. He pulled himself out of you slowly, wincing and groaning as he did also causing you to shiver before he’d finally taken out, his full length; you moaned again.
He began to gather the both of your clothes off the forest floor and put his own on. Then asked you:
“You still want that weed, Y/N,” not even expecting an answer; He extended a hand to help you off the picnic table and began to help you dress yourself. Leading you out of the woods; maybe not the wisest decision doing this in the woods but, you didn’t regret a thing.
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thepunintended · 11 hours ago
I see your "Jim isn't homophobic he just hates Mike dating Will" and I raise you "Mike isn't homophobic he just hates Steve dating Eddie"
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zaireths-nonsense · a day ago
Guys I’m just looking for some fuff and angst fanfic and that bitch is fill with smut. Like damn, yeah i like smut, who doesn’t . Hell i just read one so fucken DIRTY. i kinda wanna bathe in holy water, but damn i JUST WANT TO READ SOME CUTE SHIT THAT MAKES MY LEGS KICK IN THE AIR
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Steve Harrington NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Steve definitely struggled with it at first, he would ask you if you were okay of course; but, it took him a minute to go get you a wet wash cloth/make you something to eat/get you a drink
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Obviously we know Steve’s favorite feature, his hair. He loves to let you pull on it and run your fingers through it whenever you want (only you can though).
Steve’s favorite feature of yours is definitely your hands, it doesn’t matter what size they are, he’ll interlock your fingers and pin them above your head or just hold your hand.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Steve definitely loves having ownership over you so he prefers to cum inside you; but, if you don’t want him to for whatever reason, he’ll cum on your stomach or ass.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Boy, oh, boy…when Steve worked at Scoops, he 1000% fantasized about dripping ice cream on your body and licking it off. He always thought it sounded so weird; but, the thought just got him going anytime he’d think about it.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
Come on, we know Steve has some experience (which isn’t bad!) so he’ll definitely know what he’s doing when it comes to anatomy and he’s eager to learn about his partner’s desires.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Missionary or you on top, he loves to look at your face.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Steve is definitely gonna do something like slip while yanking his pants off or accidentally bump heads with you, he’s definitely gonna make you laugh. Unless it’s been a rough night or you two are pissed at each other then he’s pretty serious.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Trims the lower regions, leaves the chest hair alone.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
He’s very romantic, you can get lost in the moment with him no matter what the case is.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
You would think that he wouldn’t do it as much cause he has you but Steve gets horny a lot so I feel like he would jerk off more.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Praise- God, tell this boy how good he’s making you feel and he won’t be able to handle himself. He’s gonna keep sounds what he’s doing and even got the extra mile.
Marking- He loves giving and receiving hickies, loves when you scratch his back, anything to show that he’s taken by you.
Public teasing- Steve has been through the ringer with all this Upside stuff; so, why not live a little? Run your hand up his thigh, grope him under the table, whisper in his ear what you want him to do, wear something revealing. He loves it all.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
At home or in the car, especially the car. He liked how the windows get foggy
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
You, literally if you throw any kind of hints his way that that’s what you want, he’s ready to go
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Anything that would severely injury you, absolutely not
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Giver, 100% but wouldn’t turn down a blow job. He’s had some practice so this boy can make you cum in minutes with his tongue.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
He’s a mix of everything, usually fast and rough though. He’s sweaty after almost everytime.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
They’re okay, especially during breaks when he’s at family video
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Definitely, like stated, Steve has been through a lot in the past few years so what’s the harm?
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Easily 3-4 going at about 15 minutes each, if you don’t count foreplay
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
I don’t think he himself owns them or keeps them but if you have any, and want him to use them on you, he’s definitely not gonna turn down the idea.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Steve had a charm to hin and knows that he can work you up with words or a look alone. He’s definitely gonna use that to your advantage AND if he knows you two won’t be alone for a while? He’s teasing you for hours.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Pretty noisy unless he knows he can’t be (put your hand over his mouth, trust me) and he’s definitely a groaner and whiner
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
He’s definitely asked Robin for advice on things girls like and has definitely let her be a part of a threesome, if you’re game of course
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
Solid 7.5 when he’s hard, pretty vein on the side, and curved slightly upwards
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
You could breathe a certain way and the boy is horny for you, it’s pretty high
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
It honestly depends, if it’s in the car then he won’t fall asleep but if you’re by yourselves, he can fall asleep immediately. Play with his hair and he’s knocked out.
I’m going through a phase where I can’t decide which characters lane I’m in BUT I’m working on a Billy fic, some more Eddie content, an Enzo fic, and a Hopper thing BUT y’all can suggest any characters!
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lostaurorax · a day ago
happy screams
pairing | jim hopper x fem!reader
warnings | sex,mentions of sex & moaning
summary | after eleven overhears you and hopper having some spicy time she preaches her concerns to her friends convinced you’re being hurt which is far from the truth..
a/n | hi my loves! this is my first time writing for hopper or anyone from stranger things :) so i hope this is good and y’all enjoy it!! honestly i’m not very found of this after rereading it multiple times i’ve started to hate it and decided to just post it to get it out of my drafts! please let me know what you think!! my requests for stranger things are currently open 😁😁 i love you!!!
Tumblr media
stranger things masterlist | main masterlist
Tumblr media
“fuck hop right there omg” you screamed in pleasure as hopper smirked between your legs
“hop i-i’m close..” you moaned your hand flying to his hair
“hold it for me, baby,” he said taking a minute to come up for air
“I don’t think I can f-fuck” you breathlessly said as he went back to eating you out
“Just for a second..” he said muffled by your thighs
“god hop I'm gonna cum please!” you begged back arching off of the sheets
“Okay honey you can let go..” he said as you screamed out in pleasure
“fuck that was amazing…woah,” you said as you looked down and realized the bed sheets beneath you and hoppers beard was soaking wet
“that was fucking hot..” he said connecting your lips with his
“is that why you wanted me to hold it?” you said smirking up at him
“yup!” he said as he started kissing you again eventually getting up to shower and change the sheets before you went to bed
the next morning you woke up feeling for a hopper and soon realized the bed was empty. as soon as you smelt coffee brewing on bacon you knew why his spot was vacant.
“morning!” you said walking into the kitchen in one of hoppers old t-shirts and a pair of loose-fitting plaid shorts
“morning sunshine! how’d you sleep?” he said back still turned towards the stove
“mm so good thanks to you..” you said hugging him from behind as he turned around to kiss you but it didn’t last long before a loud yawn was heard behind you.
“mornin..” el said groggily stepping into the kitchen
“morning honey! i thought you were sleeping over at maxs last night?” you said as you kissed the top of her head brushing her curls out of her face
“yes but her mom forgot about a party they had so she dropped me off last night,” she explained
“huh we must’ve not heard you come in..” hopper said walking over with a plate of ego’s, eggs, and bacon hoping el hasn’t overheard the both of you last night
“yeah i was tired and just went to bed,” she said as she placed the food on her plate and started to eat
“oh okay hun! so any plans for today?” you said across from her as you dipped your coffee
“um i think everyone’s hanging out at mikes if that’s okay?” el said looking between you and hop for approval
“of course! we’ll pick you up at 5 then head to dinner.” hopper said taking a bite of his eggs
“okay.” el said as she bit into one of her egos
“hey guys..” eleven said as everyone was sat around in mikes basement talking
“yeah el?” mike said
“i think hopper might’ve hurt y/n..” el said concern on her face
“wait what? what do you mean?” steve said sitting on the edge of his seat by dustin
“well i got dropped off early last night and I heard y/n making noises..” el explained
“what kindve noises?” max said
“um they were like ‘yesss’ and ‘i’m so close hop’ and i think she said ‘fuck dadd-”
“OH MY GOD?!?!” they all exclaimed
“what was he hurting her??” eleven said
“no no he’s not hurting her at all! he’s um shit i don’t know how to explain this uh..” steve said looking to max for help
“it’s like happy screams el he’s making her feel good that’s all..” max said trying her best to define what moaning was
“oh okay..happy screams,” she said registering the new phrase
“jesus i wish i was you el..” steve said immediately earring a slap from dustin and lucas on his sides and glades from everyone but el
“dude shut up!” mike said disgustedly
“what?! y/n’s hot…shes like my age I dont know why she's with him and not me!” he said laying back in his seat with his arms behind his head
later that night at dinner you had asked el how her day was
“it was good!” she said taking a sip from her drink
“learn anything new or exciting?” hopper said always trying to get her to learn new words and phrases
“i learned happy screams!” she said with a smile on her face
“happy screams? what in the world are those..” you said curiously wondering where she had learned that from
“it’s what you were doing yesterday! after i got home.” el said causing you to choke on your drink and hopper to spit his out
“what?!” hopper said in shock
“honey i thought you said you went to bed right away?” you said trying to his your slight embarrassment knowing your daughter had heard you moaning last night
“yes but you were loud it kept me up.” el said acting completely normal whereas you and jim were freaking out
“oh my god okay who told you what happy screams were thought?” hopper asked trying to calm down
“max and steve did. steve said that dad was very lucky because mom is hot or something…” el said nonchalantly
“omg.” you said rolling your eyes
“ i swear i’m gonna kill that kid.” hopper said taking a sip from his glass
“we’ll next time you come home early come find us okay?” you said trying to make sure this didn’t happen again
“yes but knock before you come in okay honey?” hopper added
“okay!” el said as she smiled
you and jim just turned to look at each other and laughed.
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hopfield1 · a day ago
guys i don’t think steve is safe at all… they might be pulling reverse psychology here, because it’s so easy to assume he’ll be killed off so everyone thinks he’s safe - when it’s the exact opposite. idk man that dimmed out bike light rly scares me
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dragon-pasta · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I made something before the end of pride month, two more days till we see these mfs again
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cosmicbrowniefan · 22 hours ago
mike/will: we’re crazy together
hop upon finding out that he still has to deal with mike fucking wheeler:
Tumblr media
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moonlane · a day ago
thinking about modern!joyce n modern!hopper n how embarrassing they would be trying to keep up with social media n stuff like that..
please oh my gosh, they would literally have every social media app downloaded on their phones because they’re so hellbent on ‘keeping up with the kids in today’s time.’
modern!hopper would have an instagram obsession…found will, el, and jonathan’s accounts using the ‘sync contacts/find my contacts’ option. it was an accident, but a happy one in his eyes. and he would leave the most embarrassing comments underneath their pictures and everything.
jimhopper1: nice shirt kiddo 😀
jimhopper1: where’s your sister?
jimhopper1: why aren’t you answering my calls? your mom said you need to be home around 6:30 it’s family game night
jimhopper1: smile jonathan! haha 😆
i feel like modern!joyce would take on facebook–she’s a facebook mom! the kids wouldn’t nt be very active on facebook since the majority of gen z considers it ‘prehistoric’ but for the sake of their mom…they would download it and post occasionally. and just like hopper, she too would leave the most embarrassing comments on the planet.
joyce byers: my handsome boys!
joyce byers: hi jonathan your room smells 🤢🤮 when you get home please clean it. and the clothes on your floor. very rancid
joyce byers: what’s that on your neck? is that a bruise?
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lumaxramblings · a day ago
what if they pull an infinity war on us where everyone ends up in the upside down and idk will’s the only one left alive & season 5 would be endgame where he tries to bring everyone back
that would well and truly suck. but it'd be really cool to see everyone surviving in the upside down.
whatever you do, don't imagine steve trying to go on supply runs in the dead of night so nobody else has to, only for dustin and max to grab him and convince him to stay until joyce and hopper decide who goes
don't imagine el always trying to use her powers to get back to the right-side up, only for it never to work. don't imagine hopper and joyce putting a comforting arm around her after she tries and fails and cries.
don't imagine robin and nancy fighting demobats, nancy filling with affection as she sees how much robin's improved and seeing her take down a demobat singlehandedly, with no assistance.
don't imagine eddie and erica still making d&d figurines for everyone so they can play just for a little bit of hope.
don't imagine lucas holding max, her fitting perfectly in his arms, humming under his breath to calm her down after a nightmare, rocking back and forth to stabilize them both.
definitely don't imagine dustin making every calculation he can to figure out a way out of her because he's the smartest. don't imagine that it takes the combined forces of mike, max, lucas, steve and eddie to pull him away and get him to rest. don't imagine him getting back up once he's sure they're asleep to keep going.
don't imagine joyce and hopper keeping guard late at night, their gazes sad. they're finally back with their family, but at what cost?
don't imagine jonathan not sleeping, trying to blink away the tears from his eyes, torn between hoping will moves on and hoping he saves them. don't imagine steve and nancy both dragging him back inside to sleep.
don't imagine joyce reciting to herself, late at night, how she could've done better, how she should've done better, because then she'd be with her boys, at least.
don't imagine mike waiting every day and night, knowing that will won't stop until he saves them, knowing that once he comes back, he'll tell him how he really feels. don't imagine him being the one to keep up everyone's hopes that will will come back to save them.
and, worst of all, don't imagine will on the right-side up, sobbing his heart out, thinking all of his family, all of his closest friends, all of the people who knew even a shred of what he'd gone through, are dead.
don't imagine him sitting by their gravestones, leaving things on their graves he hopes they'd like.
don't imagine him placing el's grave next to joyce and jonathan's, which proudly announces jane hopper-byers, because she always had a family with them.
don't imagine him fixing max's skateboard, lucas's slingshot, dustin's hat, and leaving them each at their respective graves.
don't imagine him leaving the painting on mike's grave.
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bebx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
♡ Jim + Joyce ♡ + Murray in Stranger Things 4 vol 2
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thesebeansaredrippy · a day ago
my hopes for vol2 (that probably won’t happen):
-eddie graduates
-nancy and jonathan sort out their relationship
-hopper and el reunion
-robin gets a gf
-el and mike break up permanently
-byler hug
-we see the letters max wrote
-joyce getting a new job
-jonathan going to college (a nice one hopefully)
-el and will making friends + more sibling moments
-hopper becoming police chief again
-eddie and will meeting
-mike becoming president of the hellfire club
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sickbromeo · a day ago
guys i love will byers so much :)
ANYWAYS head canon that after everything with the upside down is over and joyce and hopper get together and the byer-hopper family moves in together, hopper comes home from job one day really annoyed so he has a beer because that’s what he does when he’s annoyed and stressed from work but will sees this and knows hop’s in a bad mood so he goes upstairs and goes into el’s room just to talk and hang with her but when he closes the door he makes sure it’s locked because even though he tells himself hopper is nothing like lonnie better safe then sorry right? :)
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jjvvii0 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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annikin-annotates · 12 hours ago
Oh hello 🌸
HeAr me oUt!! Steve is readers best friend. You know, he is kind of best friend you can take to the girls' night. Both of them put on a pink silk robe, apply a moisturizing mask of a suspiciously green color and drink wine (I don't like alcohol, so I'll have cherry juice in a glass). We listen to a glam rock band like Kiss and talk about how much I like Billy or something.
Me: sis why he is so hot. Did u see his neck?? Chest? I will kill anyone and betray the country for him. He is underestimated, misunderstood by society and-
Steve - lmao I know I see your behavior around him and this is disgusting. But i support you. U go girl 💅💅💅
Self-Care night HC’s with Billy and Steve
Set in an AU where Billy didn’t die
Tumblr media
Steve is super big on self-care he loves making sure his skin is clear and perfect.
Would be the one giving you tips.
“No, no. You do serum THEN moisturiser. Otherwise the serum isn’t gonna be able to do what it needs to and your skin is gonna get greasy”
He would talk boys with you, King Steve in a fluffy pink robe absolutely laying shit on you about your choice in men.
“Hargrove?? You’re shitting me, right? I mean I can’t stand the guy, but I see your behaviour around him; Disgusting by the way”
Would swirl is shitty $7 wine in his plastic wine glass like it was the finest wine on the market.
Laughs at the both of you when you have those sheet masks with the characters on them.
“Am I a Gorilla or Michael Myers?? Nobody can tell the difference”
Will change the music on you, its Duran Duran or nothing with this man.
“I’m not having two metal heads in the party, one is enough”
Loves hanging out with one of his three besties, the other two being Robin and Dustin.
Tumblr media
Does self-care but in a peacocking way
Deffs uses blue shampoo on his hair to keep it blonde
Won’t wear the fluffy robe but will sit only in his boxers and have you sit on him to apply moisturiser to his face.
“I can’t do it myself doll, my hand’s are broken” (His hands are totally fine he just want you to touch him).
Max joins a self-care night once, it ends with moisturiser being slung from the tub in fistfuls because Billy called her a pizza face.
Will subtly restock the little box you have at his house, so nothing is ever out when you come over.
This is a weekly occurrence. The three of you gather in the lounge room of the Hargrove-Mayfeild house and talk about everything.
You notice the Billy and Max’s relationship is changing along side Billy’s relationship with Max’s friends.
It’s all thanks to you and your little caboodle full of face products.
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