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karnivil · 9 days ago
Love how this website sees a feral, pathetic man who desperately needs sleep and a therapist and just goes "sexy man, little loser sexy man, little baby sexy loser man, love him"
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I have made a handy-dandy chart.
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doctoranddarktor · 2 months ago
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Dracula character doodle
Tumblr media
Since the gothlit character design are all complete, i think it's time to let them assemble!
(left to right: Dracula, Griffin, Jekyll, Victor, Dorian)
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nachuisblog · a month ago
laboratory: / on fire /
Frankenstein: God! just not that! where is the responsible adult?
Griffin: don't worry, give me a bucket of water and I'll figure it out
Griffin: / pours a bucket of water over sleeping Jekyll / wake up fucking lab is on fire
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yaoiprofessoryuki · 3 months ago
Yes I realize he is 20+ years older than me.
Yes, I realize he may or may not have children of his own.
Yes I realize that his parents are possibly still alive and involved in his life.
Yes I realize adopting him is entirely impossible.
And yes I realize that he is fictional.
Protective Mama Bear Voice:
But he is my baby and I will fight anyone of you assholes who even looks at him wrong!!!!
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religious-objects · 11 months ago
Anyone have any spec-fic type book recs with wizards/witches/magic?
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systlin · 2 years ago
It was some six weeks after her last sight of her Johnathan in the well when Arabella met the Lady in Blue.
She had returned to their home in the country, and had taken up her place as the lady of the house as if nothing had happened. Of course, there was much gossip around the recent happenings and the apparent return of magic, but the few times her maid boldly broached the subject of Mr. Strange, Arabella quite firmly told her that Mr. Strange was away for some time, but was well, and would return when he was able.
She tried to immerse herself back into the world of the gentle lady; she truely did. But after pillars of darkness and women who’d returned from death with a curse laid on them, after dances in faerie and gentlemen with hair like thistledown, it was...trying.
She found herself lingering in Johnathan’s library, looking over his bookshelves. There was little left in the way of magical tomes on them, but there were a few dense, dry books on the history of magic left, and she found herself sitting down to puzzle over them. It was difficult going; the writing was dreadfully dense and obscure, and she found little of interest in them.
But she persisted, even as tales of children working magic they read in twigs and people working spells that came as natural as breathing were told breathlessly by the servants. She remembered, though, Johnathan speaking excitedly of this ritual or that, and when she at last found a mention of a spell...one to light a candle, a trifle, really...in one of the books, she eyed the candles waiting on the reading table thoughtfully.
At last, hesitantly, she spoke the words. Nothing happened.
“That’s all nonsense, you know.” The voice was cordial, friendly. And utterly unfamiliar.
Arabella spun, snapping the book closed. At Johnathan’s desk, where he’d spent long hours writing, was a woman. A very queer woman.
She was tall, long of leg and arm, with a great tumble of auburn hair caught back in a simple braid. She was wearing a blue dress, a plain blue woolen dress with slits up either side to the hip. Arabella could see this, because the woman was leaning back in the chair with her feet up on Johnathan’s desk, ankles crossed. Under the dress were leather trousers, and plain leather boots, the sort a laborer might wear. They looked well worn.
She was looking at Arabella, rather bemusedly. Her skin was fair and freckled, and there was a long staff leaning against the desk next to her. Strange things that might be letters were carved into it, and stained red. Her eyes were very blue.
“Excuse me!” Arabella fumbled for the bell to summon the servants. “Excuse me, but how did you get in here?”
A wide smile, amused. “I go where I like. All ways open for me if I wish them to. And don’t be afraid. I’m not here to harm you. I am here to help you.”
“Who are you?” Arabella stood, moving towards the fireplace. There was a poker there, good and sturdy.
“Well now. Names are a powerful thing, and I don’t think you’ve earned mine just yet, Arabella.” The woman did not seem concerned as Arabella grabbed the poker. “But if you do not wish your Johnathan back, I will go, and not trouble you again.”
Arabella did not set down the poker. “I’ll make no bargains with you.”
“A wise course of action, were I a fairies. But I am not.” She produced a knife, seemingly from nowhere, and pressed it against the ball of her thumb until blood welled. “See? I bleed red, as do you. I am as human as you.”
Arabella did not move. “Why are you here?”
“I told you. To help you to get your fool of a husband back.”
Arabella did move at that. She straightened in indignation, spine ramrod straight, and lifted her chin. “My husband is a magician, good lady, and has served this nation in war...”
“Yes, he has, and he’s also a fool.” The lady in blue dropped her feet to the floor and stood. She was taller than Arabella by a good margin, and she slid the knife away into a sheath at her belt with the ease of long practice. “But he is a lucky fool. My lord has decided that he should be aided, and so here I am.”
Arabella’s eyes dropped. The sheath of the knife was decorated with black feathers, and more of those strange, sharp maybe-letters. There was another black feather tucked into the end of the woman’s braid.
Black feathers. Raven feathers.
She lowered the poker a bit. “Your lord? You serve the Raven King?”
She was taken aback by the response. The woman in blue threw back her head and laughed, laughed as if Arabella had just told the most delightful joke in the world. Laughed until she gasped, and wiped a tear from her eye.
“The Raven King? Oh, no. I don’t serve Uskglass. I serve the one that Uskglass learned from, same as he does. Uskglass is working some part of the great plan, same as me. We would be more...how would you put it these days...a colleague of Uskglass, you could call me. An acquaintance.”
“You know the Raven King?”
“Of course.”
“My Johnathan would love to meet you, he was always fascinated by the old stories.”
“Oh, he has. And they refused my aid, the silly twits, because they did not trust a sorceress. Had thoughts about a woman’s place, even your dear Johnathan. Thought me a faerie out to trick them. I knew they would, but I had to attempt it anyway. Anyway.” A nod at the book Arabella still held. “Those are useless, unless you want to use the pacts made by another, and even if you do wish to settle for a lesser power, you don’t need all that nonsense. A true magician makes their own pacts, and weaves their own spells.”
“Pacts?” Arabella finally set the poker aside, fascinated despite herself. It occurred dimly to her that the servants ought to be here by now, but it did not surprise her that they were not.
“The bond with the spirits that lets magic work. Magicians for centuries in this land have been using those made by Uskglass. None of them bothered to make their own.”
So easily said, it was. Knowledge that two centuries worth of magicians would have killed and died for, tossed out with the casual sort of air one would use to dismiss a servant.
“Lazy, it is.” The woman in blue shook her head. “But then, I suspect it suited Uskglass to have the magicians of his kingdom bound to him so, and having to rely on fae servants rather than their own power. It’s a clever move. Our lord would approve.” She looked at Arabella, in the eye, direct as an arrow. “So then. Do you wish to learn?”
“Excuse me?” Arabella said faintly. “Learn what?”
“Sorcery, of course. True sorcery, such as your fool of a husband has only dreamed.”
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slow-burn-sally · a year ago
Things I’ve noticed in the JSAMN book that were not in the show that surprised me (part 2)
I love all of Stephen’s hallucinations. Would have loved to see that coach turn into trees in the middle of the street. That was metal. Also, I feel worse for him in the book because it describes his torments more succinctly.
It was Henry in Ms. Absalom’s house instead of Arabella when Honeyfoot and Segundus show up? I like the Arabella choice better because Henry isn’t exactly exciting lol.
I love Strange and Norrell falling in friend-love. It’s very sweet. I don’t ship them sexually, but I totally hc a queerplantonic ace/romance going on there. I love the way Clark writes awkward conversations and pauses. 
I also love love love the way she describes the dark and beautiful surroundings of the world of the book. Super breathtaking, and that of course can’t come through as well in the show in the same way.
I’ve actually gotten to know these characters further between last watching the show and starting the book by reading some fantastic fanfiction by @thebeautifulsoup and @ohveda and Johns_Farthings. Jaw dropping good fics!
Reading the book has made me more impressed with the show too, because I think they did a wonderful job of carrying over the feel of the book and staying true to a lot of the content. 
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one-guy-long-time-ago · a year ago
Tumblr media
so uhm... I drew Segundus...I think I'm getting obsessed
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comicrabbitart · 2 years ago
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iridescent-frog · a year ago
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yeah it’s him again
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karnivil · 2 months ago
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And on that morning, all of Venice awoke to see the tower of everlasting night make its way swiftly across the ocean. Within the tower, they all knew, was the English Magician: Johnathan Strange.
Here we go fellas, I bring you another fandom I'm fixated upon! :D Love me a scruffy academic slowly losing their mind in pursuit of knowledge.
From the book Johnathan Strange And Mr. Norrell by Susana Clarke
Credit if you repost. Reblogs are appreciated!
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bywandandsword · a year ago
I’m starting my exam in a few minutes. It’s mostly multiple choice and fill in the blank, with a single essay question, so it’ll be easy, but, you know, anxiety. I technically have until tomorrow night to do it, but I’m not going to know the material more in the next twelve hours, so might as well get it done. Then after I can finish the White Vault and finally get around to casting on Roz’s sweater. It’s a darker purple and it’s being made to be able go with her Kiki’s Delivery Service Halloween costume. It’s her favorite Ghibli movie so far and Jiji is her favorite character. Also, Twin, the pastry chef no I will not stop bragging, is going to be Osono, which we’re both stoked for
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jonathan-strangerous · 2 years ago
Okay people
Susanna Clarke has more books coming!! The article I read was unclear whether they were directly in the JS&MN universe, but she's cool either way so I plan to check them out.
That said, I hope at least one of these books is connected to JS&MN!!
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fuckyeahfightlock · 2 years ago
In Susannah Clarke’s brilliant novel Johnathan Strange & Mr Norrell, poor souls are kidnapped by the Gentleman With The Thistle-Down Hair to attend balls in his house every night, and so spend half their lives dancing with fairies in a house called Lost-hope. Back here on the mirror’s proper side, they move slowly through their days, pale and listless, weighed down with fatigue, sometimes forgetful, oftentimes weeping. . .
In case you wondered where depression comes from.
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mrgabel · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
HAPPY HOLIDAYS, @profdrlachfinger
I have been participating in the @jsamnfanart exchange this year and had the luck to be matched with @profdrlachfinger!! :D The prompt I’ve chosen was Jonathan Strange and Childermass sitting in front of a cozy living room fire and talking magic. 
I hope you like it, it was so nice working on this. I love this book <3
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gallifreyevermore · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
>watch two episodes of this adaptation >adapts every character and the storyline perfectly >except the best character because apparently there’s someone in the BBC who is a NO FUN ALLOWED shmuck that believes it would be a great idea to make the Gentleman with Thistledown Hair a boring-er who makes boring deals rather than an amusingly whimsical well intentioned fairy narcissist for whom many ordinary situations invariably inspire ordinary commentary that then devolves into a discussion about brutal murder, genocide or what hilariously disproportionate form of justice should be meted out
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majorxchillyxboy · 3 years ago
i’m admittedly slow to process the information presented in this show and so don’t know exactly what happened in it or why but can Childermass and Segundus please be friends based on the fact that they each fainted at one point due to magic being performed nearby?
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delaneystudies · 2 years ago
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Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I really, really adore this book! The world is so perfectly crafted and the characters are wonderfully bland and yet so alive and realistic. 
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a-mutual-killing · 3 years ago
Arabella and Jonathan Strange are a couple up there with Morticia and Gomez Addams and I dont care what anyone says. They are in love and I love them.
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