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cyareclones · 19 days ago
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soggy moment
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circadianx · 23 days ago
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hello!! hi ceph!!! thank you mutuals discord server for this lovely conversation and new oc i love them more than i know how to articulate
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kamino-coruscant · 2 months ago
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The Clone Wars 6.02 & 6.03
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kkrazy256 · 19 days ago
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The Leviathans sing her name
more Tohorā, this time with armоr!
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jaigeye · a month ago
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jedi general bernardeau "bernie" namya.
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sxkurasakura · 3 months ago
I asked this before, but just in case it got eaten, what do you think the yandere! Clones would be like with a cyare that works on Kamino? Like a completely unremarkable job. I think that power dynamic would be really interesting!
(If you didn't want to answer this or werent comfortable with it, I totally understand! :)
honestly, clones on the front lines don’t really go back to Kamino regularly, as far as I know. So i’m assuming you mean the Kamino Guard. As for the power dynamic, i’m not too sure? I can’t think of a particular power dynamic here.
We barely get any content for them so I like to think they're like the Coruscant Guard. Hardened on the outside, but a few kind gestures can get those walls crumbling down. They fall fast and hard. The difference between those two would be that the Corries are easier to befriend while the Kamino Guard would take a much longer time and require much more effort to befriend.
Unlike the troopers on the front lines, the Guard never leave Kamino, and by proxy, the influence of the Kaminoans. We all know they have a you-clones-were-bred-to-be-soldiers and any-defects-will-get-you-killed attitude, so they remain in denial of their obsession with their cyare out of fear of the Kaminoans knowing. They're battling the mindsets of countless Kaminoans and the presence of your kindness, but kindness always prevails, right?
It likely starts with multiple troopers. You don't interact much from the start, but when you do, you treat them respectfully and as equals. It's consistent with whichever trooper you're talking to (it's not like you know). They grow intrigued; why are you treating them so nicely? What do you have to gain from this? They feel suspicious, and unanimously decide to distance themselves from you.
But the lack of your presence starts to open up some longing for something, they don't know what it is but what they know is, being near you makes them feel happy. It gives them an urge to look away when there’s a burning sensation on their cheeks, thank the maker for their helmet.
The more outgoing members of the Guard try to strike up some conversation with you; you find their lack of outside knowledge astonishing and take it upon yourself to tell them (which just makes you closer to them). Which in turn, plays in their favor since they've befriended you. They're pretty awkward and in your point of view, kinda obsessive but you think it's because of their lack of a social life.
Wait- wouldn't it be cool if you and the Guards all had cuddle piles??? Just imagine you and a few troopers going in a room no one uses and y'all just pile up together. They all argue on who gets to be closest to you. And if you eat together you all sit in the same lunch table and everybody's subtly shoving each other over to sit next to you. They try not to make it noticeable since they don't want to scare you away.
Trooper 1: "It's my turn to sit with them!" Trooper 2: " Don't lie, you sat with them three rotations ago! It's my turn, you know? The system says so!" Trooper 1: "what system? The one in your head?" [Troopers 1 and 2 throw hands] You in the other room: "Y'all hear summ?" Troopers 3 and 4, nestled on your shoulder: "No"
Let's hope no one dares to hurt your feelings. A trainer made some comment about you? They're resigning the next day. Another natborn on Kamino upset you? They're dead in what looks like an accident.
I doubt the Guard can do anything to hold you captive. They’ve got the Kaminoans and Shaak Ti to worry about. Sure, they could find a way to bypass the sheer number of Kaminoans but a Jedi is going to be too much. One thing they know is, that you can't ever leave Kamino. They'll be damned if they let you leave.
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sulevinen · 17 days ago
@cyareclones i hope you don’t mind but i gave soggy a blanket and a cup of tea because them being miserable in the rain is unacceptable
Tumblr media
(click for better quality)
i was debating whether or not i should post this (like literally staring at my phone and sweating) but then i was like f it i spent time on this and i love soggy so let’s go
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ollovae3 · 9 months ago
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ANYWAYS. Ignoring the previous anon-
Graduated Commanders in their new Phase 2 kits!! Alpha-17 is a very proud big brother (no matter how small the smile). 🥺💕💖
Had a lot of fun with this one, especially since I'd drawn them all before but younger?? Thorn is all grins, Fox is Tired™ but still happy to have made it this far. And Alpha-17 is secretly happy they came and bothered him to say hi.
Close-ups and previous art below!:
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one-real-imonkey · 3 months ago
More Fox biting his lip…
He used to nibble at his lower lip as a cadet, but it was only once he was stationed on Coruscant he started unconsciously biting right through it, to Fix’s annoyance. His batch don’t know, but thanks to Palpatine, there’s a lot they don’t know…
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alien-soop · a year ago
Imagine being a cadet and ur really excited to find out what planet ur getting deployed on, like this is what you’ve wanted for such a long time. Then they tell u that ur gonna be part of the Kamino guard and u will never be leaving glorified Seattle. Like RIP dude that must really hurt
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curly-funk · a month ago
Humming, prepping to record a holo for @leavefoxalone.
“Evening Commander! Hope this message finds you well, sir.
(Beaming) I wanted to let you know that Bongo and I are due to ship back to Coruscant at 2300 hours. Kamino rains delayed our departure a bit, but we should be getting along shortly.
(Rubs back of neck shyly) Wanted to thank you for visiting us on Kamino- it was great having you for those few days (even if your trip did get cut short thanks to senate turmoil).
See you soon, sir! Curly out.”
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cyareclones · 24 days ago
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NEW OC! their name is soggy or sogs (names courtesy of @circadianx and @calamity-aims, ty both mwah mwah)!! they hate rain and the kamino seas so they wear a rain poncho and actively hate everything about their job.
thank u @queen-breha-organa for letting me borrow ailani’s curl >:]
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flashthescalesian-art · 2 months ago
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Took group photos of all my tiny boys. There’s 30 of them, not including the two Jedi and R5. I have three more preordered as well, and my fiancé has three 91st troopers, including Bacara.
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kamino-coruscant · a year ago
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Fives & AZI-3 hiding from Kamino security
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countessofbiscuit · 10 months ago
rising damp
Commander Fox Week - Day 7: Brothers | Hug Commander Fox & Commander Charm (OC) No Warnings Apply Teen, 1000 words @loving-fox-hours ​ (also on ao3)  A new garrison is being organized. What had been the responsibility of under-performers from the Coruscant Guard, seven-uppers, and units rotating in for refit is now the zero-fail mission of the Kamino Security Brigade. And Commander Fox gets to deliver the good news. . . .
Kamino could be many places. The snowbanks of Mygeeto. Pasaana, dry as bone. An earthenworks maze like Mimban. Its simulated environment capabilities were most impressive.
But it would never be Coruscant, and that was going to be a real blow to CC-4444.
“As you were,” Fox said, sitting down on his temporary desk to regard this young guardsman in his dress greys.
Poor bastard. He’d be in that drab color for the rest of his life.
A new unit was being organized. Its mission? Defend, safeguard, and monitor the cloning facilities of Kamino.
The Separatist attack two months ago had illuminated the need for a standing force on-planet. Profit margins on clones were too thin for a planetary shield. If anyone got past the fleet at the now-unsecret hyperspace exit—a valuable training ground in its own right—someone needed to have their boots on around here.
Major Melke, still on Kaminoan payroll, still as charming as an eel, was overseeing the project. It was mostly a copy-and-paste job from the shock, point-defense, and policing functions of the Guard.
And six months after leaving, Fox was back in Timira City, to be briefed on this new sister unit to the CG. His staff would retain all the datawork decisions and ultimate command; but for the first time in Guard history, opcon would be handed to a Jedi. One General Shaak Ti. She’d inherited a personal detail of Alpha ARCs, who’d inherited most of the training supervision from the Prime. They’d gotten wiped out. The only one left had requested a transfer and gotten it.
One less poor bastard.
Fox picked up a prepared datapad.
“Commander Cadet Charm,” he said, beginning to recite Charm’s record aloud. Like all clones, he’d been combat ready since seven standard; just hadn’t grown into the armor yet. Two years later, Charm had reached requisite dimensions and had performed to expected regimental command levels. Hadn’t come dead last—he was standing here—but these scores were landing places with Stone’s penal units nowadays.
“Passed ARF quals, got dumped from ARC, had your shock stripes to catch you, and you earned those with aplomb.” A pause for breath. “Survived the Opoko Tsunami of ‘76 and escorted the Prime Minister at—well, look at that, my passing-out parade. If memory serves, that was for saving a scientist?”
“Yes, sir.”
Lucky longneck. Fox set the ‘pad aside and crossed his arms. “Why do you think I asked you here, Charm?”
“I can’t begin to speculate, sir.”
Liar. But a humble one. Melke had cut a company from the upcoming command batch for a bonus exercise: opening Kamino’s locked doors and risk-assessing everything behind them. Charm had displayed the most initiative. And made the fewest derogatory comments, when others forgot Umbarans could hear your breath before you breathed it.
“The Guard doesn’t have the casualties to merit the pipeline of talent coming out of Timira,” Fox said, sweetening the pill. Dissembling a little himself. There’d always be room for excellence on Corrie; Fox would make room by shifting squibs back here. “You’ve been tabbed for command of the new Kamino Security unit.”
Charm’s face had remained at attention. It suddenly drooped well into unease. His gaze slid to the window. Then it slid back again, damp like the view. “I … I’d do dock security on Corrie, sir.”
They pumped Timira’s urban ops facilities with a potpourri of pollution and an unholy soundtrack of life on metal. Even the gradated air pressure was adjusted per objective. The marriage of the physical and simulated was almost seamless. Almost. Eventually there was always a door or a drain cover that led to nowhere. A blaster bolt that dissipated into thin air, lost to a backstop that mocked a clear horizon.
Rain, rain, always rain on the other side.
“Major Melke thinks you’re made for something better than checking manifests. This is a brigade-level command,” Fox reminded him.
“It’s Kamino, sir.”
Charm’s tone was plaintive, not shirty. But this wasn’t a negotiation.
“That’s right it’s fucking Kamino. Cradle of the Grand Army. Does that mean nothing to you? You’re a guardsman.” If Fox had a religion, that was its byword.
“I understand you, sir,” said Charm, above a sigh that discipline prohibited him from taking. “It would be an honor.”
To Watch and Ward. The Guard’s official motto. Unofficially, it was observe everything, admire nothing. Fox had found fulfilling that one a bit difficult. Senator Chuchi’s existence begged his admiration, as sweetly as she demanded his dances.
Charm would have to be consoled by something else.
“And an honor is all it ever will be,” Fox began, sternly. “You will be commandant of the fun police. You’ll process troopers that’d rather be shitcanned to a penal than come back here for special processing—it happens, though my staff does their best to make sure it doesn’t. You’ll get guardsmen rotating in because they fucked up, and they’re gonna be as happy as a bag of sick kittens about it. Brought a few platoons with me, in fact, for you to cut your perfect teeth on. The deadbeat SpecOps sergeants will try to pull all kinds of kark and you’ll have to tell them where their privilege ends. In terms of job satisfaction, I’d say commanding the KSB will be up there with rabid-nerf herding and wet-testing synthdroid cunt … and you’ll smell of tatsushi.”
Fox’s breath hadn’t been wasted. It’d blown the welling self-pity straight off Charm’s face. He just blinked and said drily, “Yes, sir.”
“So,” Fox said, willing his own blood pressure down, “on days like that, I’d see yourself over to the nearest nursery wing and pick up a little brother. One of the fresher ones. Round and dewy from the jar. And give him a hug. We don’t have any of them on Corrie.”
Fox held out his hand to the cadet. To another kid who was carrying a ticket in his chest that would never get validated. “Congratulations, Commander Charm.”
. . . . . 
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jaigeye · a month ago
i have ummm i have reworked commander lock yet again. born on kamino as a command class trooper, cc-1064, Lock, was among the first command generation, personally trained by alpha class troopers such as alpha-17; pre-war his first assignment was kamino security/kamino guard, where he began to formulate some pretty strong opinions about the war.
in the first year of the clone war he was assigned as the clone commander of fortuna company under general Leonie Luroon, a freshly knighted 17 year old twi'lek Jedi researcher, among the youngest ever knighted. the naturally protective and sternly kind Lock took on a sort of paternal relationship to her despite the fact she was his superior officer; the pacifist, gentle Leonie took well to Lock's guidance.
Leonie's battalion worked in unison with another small battalion, that of her previous Master, Bernardeau Namya. Bernardeau was a charming, intelligent, competitive, devoted, and funny Jedi Master who had previously spent his life as a créchemaster, and who, upon meeting Lock, fell swiftly and surely head over heels for him. The two began a rapid, intense relationship, and were secretly married four months into knowing one another. Lock and Bernie both regarded Leonie like a daughter.
then, one fateful day, while venturing into an ancient sith temple on Felucia to investigate, something terrible happened. lock cannot remember these events with any clarity, but he knows this to be true; Leonie and all of the other men never emerged from that place. Lock, having lost his left leg at the thigh within and having suffered considerable psychological trauma, was reassigned and sent back to Kamino. he took with him the only object he came out of that cave with besides his armor; a sith Holocron which he misidentified as an unusual but intriguing audio recording device.
lock always had an interest in puzzles and riddles- thus, his name- and began speaking to the holocron at night, telling it all his thoughts, feelings, fears, and hopes. this unintentionally imbued the holocron with the essence of his soul. he did not notice this...
anyways, in his placement as commander of draw company, aka kamino guard/kamino security forces, lock drastically altered the way the guard functioned. he allowed them to paint their armor blue, like the ocean, rather than the drab gray assigned to them by the kaminoans; he cared attentively for the babies, cadets, and shinies in tipoca city, and gave leeway to the guard in their otherwise strict and unforgiving life.
Bernardeau still came to see his husband on Kamino whenever he could, returning for supply runs, medical care, and new soldier rotations. They grieved their mutual loss together and, despite the earth shattering heartbreak they both endured, managed to get to know each other in new ways and connect over their loss. They were deeply in love and very committed to one another. Lock kept this relationship secret from everyone, even his beloved guard.
the guard is tasked with some of the worst challenges; they get to see their little siblings grow up, but they are also tasked to take them to their deaths, their reconditioning, their mysterious disappearances. how do you love your siblings knowing you're the one who enforces their control, manipulation? you're the eyes in the panopticon?
Lock wanted to go back to Kamino because he tired of war: he didn't want to watch all the violence and pain anymore. he didn't want to serve under a different Jedi general, either- he constantly kept up hope that his dear Leonie might return. it felt like a betrayal to replace her.
so he served instead the strange gathering of misfits that made up the guard, all people deemed unworthy of active service or who were drawn back from it. Lock found in this a small opportunity to save a few lives; he was stern and serious, known to be a bit of a hard-ass, but only because he understood the consequences of failing, making a mistake, as a clone.
locks favorite pastime is, on his guard duty outside of the baby clones nursery room, going in at night and secretly holding and talking to his younger siblings. he always found it sad, so very sad, that no one ever held or spoke to him and his peers.
when Kamino was destroyed and sank into the sea, Lock died with it. His soul, however, lived on inside of the holocron he found.. immortal, carried to safety by the surviving kamino guards, until he- within his holocron- eventually came into the possession of the rebels. he's a funny little, deeply grumpy magic 8-ball ❤️
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A continuation of my clone yearbook project...
Wolffe has a long history of dealing with his bothers’ shenanigans. Thus born the legendary eyeroll.
Cadet!Wolfpack were on a fishing trip and Sinker got sick after eating some shrimps they caught. They later went for a swim and he literally sank because of the allergic reaction. He learnt two things that day: his name and allergy.
Boost is the tired friend who has to remind Sinker not to try any seafood, especially shrimp cocktails, served at the graduation dinner despite his allergy.
The Coruscant Guard doesn’t have a number so I named it Class 001.
Fox you’ll get used to this constant state of exhaustion when you’re commander of the Coruscant Guard.
Thorn is a Thor fan boy and cut his hair Ragnarok-style.
Shinies think Cody got his badass scar from the war, but he actually got it from a silly training accident when he’s still a cadet.
Check out other sections in the yearbook:
ARC Trooper Program graduates here
Class 501 here
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meerlichts · 4 months ago
thinking abt tubie and Engel. man.
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gogglestoothpick · 4 months ago
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So, I thought it was time to show everyone what ‘17 looks like. I tried to make him a mix between Crosshair and Tech. Since he is basically that and I am basically that and I am basically him. He can sense infrared a lot like a snake can. Which will soon earn him his name. Plus being really small(four year old size while he’s actually eight) helps him to squeeze his body into small places much like a snake.
This is a section from my Fanfic The Corrie Guard Chronicles, it’s the first time ‘17 is in the base on Coruscant:
The medic he was following stopped outside an open door leading to a room of some kind. Blurry outlines were all he could really see, but bright colors on the walls caught his attention. He moved around Vendetta to get a better look and marveled at the mix of colors. They flowed together brilliantly, the colors used creating an extraordinary blend that reminded ‘17 of the waves of Kamino. The way the waves seemed to move and the way they crashed. Especially on the clear days when you could see the broad sky stretch over the planet. The warm sun shinning brightly.
While he was not particularly fond of that planet, he could not deny the beauty of a Kaminoan sun setting across the broad waters. Brilliant colors painting the sky. ‘17 never saw the little details, his sight being a great hinderance. But perhaps the colors blending together in a giant blur of sky enhanced the beauty. That’s what ‘17 liked to think anyway.
Be only realized that the medic had stopped his conversation when he felt the heat signature move away from him.
“Hey kid, you coming?”
‘17 tore his eyes from the mural and continued to follow the medic. A sad feeling settling in his heart at having to leave such beauty behind. Especially because he would likely not see it again.
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chr0nicbackpain · a year ago
The Bad Batch Spoilers below the cut
TArkin you FUck! How dare you?!
Crosshair?! :'( I know it's not you my love! Stay safe <3
Lula! the seventh member of the Bad Batch I didn't know I needed.
...Oh that's a point, Dave Filoni PLEASE I beg of you stop making me relive Order 66 I'm not emotionally stable enough to handle it at the moment.
Echo, one go my first clone loves, you're doing better than great sweetie.
Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Crosshair and Echo in their blacks -- I was looking respectfully your honour. Now I get it because children do watch, but they got Ken dolled and that's brutal, lol.
Also, I was skeptical of Omega when the trailers aired but, as soon as she opened her mouth I fell in love with her. She's just so precious! and when she was mimicking Hunter in the brig?! stop it. young lady you are a treasure!
Needless to say, if you can't tell by my disjointed ramblings - I am so excited for the rest of the season!!!! <3
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