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#love this馃挅馃挅
gaygent-three39 minutes ago
just the two of them !!!
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They can make it if they try!!!!!
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stillcherry11 hours ago
andy!!!!!! hello hello i was on youtube and a video popped up and i was reminded of ur post earlier so: here is a video of the virtual meet and greet recorded in full !! i haven't watched it all but god they all seem so sweet (as always :-)! if uve alrdy found a video, my bad !! also hope ur week picked up and if not, that next week is better 馃グ鉂p煂
h you are a savior!!! i honestly hadn鈥檛 looked for the video and i would probably have spent hours looking for it if it weren鈥檛 for you. thank you thank you ily 馃ズ馃挅馃挍馃А馃挐馃挊馃挆
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princekirijo14 hours ago
How about this: SEES are fine with babysitting one or the other when it comes to Ren and Riku, but when they have to babysit the two of them at once... There's a lot of fear.
OK YES YES I LOVE THIS!!!! So I have a few thoughts so I鈥檒l do my best to organize them here:
So I was thinking first off that like Rumi, Takuto and Ren all live in Port Island? Rumi was there because she wanted to be close to her half sister and Takuto maybe for research things? And that鈥檚 where they met say.
Sometimes Rumi and Takuto are busy and they obviously need someone to mind Ren so Mitsuru and Yukari are their first choices. Yukari is usually at home so she probably minds them the most. I remember from your series that Ren really likes Featherman so like Yukari is an instant hit with him. Also Yukari is really good with kids in general so babysitting them is no bother for her.
Also really quick I forgot to mention that Riku has a sister Yuna! She鈥檚 just as crazy as he is (she has a knife collection that she throws for fun 馃挃) so when it鈥檚 the three of them together? SEES nightmare.
I think aside from Yukari, Shinji and Aigis are probably the best. Shinji is also really good with kids and his cooking is enough to 鈥減lease the beasts鈥. Aigis has the advantage of simply being able to keep up with them 馃拃
Akihiko, Chidori, and Junpei are all banned from baby sitting unless another adult is present. Akihiko joins in on the shenanigans, Chidori genuinely believed it would be a good idea to leave them on their own and Junpei also encourages the bullshit and ends up being the main victim of their pranks
Fuuka and the twins are honestly not too bad. The twins (particularly Minako) will encourage their antics sometimes and Fuuka has a hard time controlling them. Ken is also pretty good he鈥檚 their cool older brother <33
And Shibusawa!! I feel like he would get roped into the baby sitting a lot. He鈥檚 also a cool uncle and I can see him getting on really well with all three of them!!! Although he is on thin ice for feeding them too much sweets just like your fic 馃拃
Two incidents I thought of randomly:
One time Akihiko, Minato and Shinjiro were minding them and they managed to freeze a mentos mint into an ice cube and give it to Akihiko who put it in his soda. Shinji was NOT happy about cleaning up the resulting mess.聽
Another time they gave Minako a heart attack because they taped a foghorn thing (idk what they鈥檙e called but those prank horns) to the back of the door and when she opened it went off. They forgot to remove it though resulting in a very startled Mitsuru when she got home 馃拃馃拃
And that鈥檚 all I can think of right now!! This AU is actually so much fun thank you for indulging me with it mgoekmokgmorkgm
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miglika15 hours ago
i鈥檓 currently watching the musketeers and i just鈥 i鈥檓 so in love with aramis it鈥檚 insane 馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ
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bloodmist-apologista day ago
me: I'm not gonna waste all my shots on golisopod
also me: [wastes all my shots on golisopod]
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noodles-and-teaa day ago
It be gumshoe hours huh? Best way to start the day
Gumshoe hours indeED
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I don鈥檛 begrudge anyone liking S+H (would also be plenty hypocritical of me, House my detested), but thank you for mentioning the messed up stuff in your rewatch. I鈥檇 kinda assumed silly gay cop show like Life On Mars parodied
Shitty TV is fun except when it's not lmfao. There've been a lot of silliness so far but it's not a show I would recommend for general shitty TV purposes bc in addition to general copaganda crimes there's all kinds of Very Bad stuff 馃檭
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taemmina day ago
kibum scrolling through the comments to find the shawol who commented it was their birthday and then wish them 馃ズ
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tuff-and-fluffa day ago
HAI ive been thinking abt your wreck it ralph posting and slowly ive been getting back into it because of you </3 the comfort movie. thinking. you and ralph have a funny dynamic. i feel like itd become a habit of his to just pick you up occasionally and hold you while he walks around or does things. he probably talks to himself a lot while he does it too and sometimes you'd throw in your two cents and you can see the lightbulb go on in his braincell
Tumblr media
OK I'VE BEEN HOLDING OFF ON ANSWERING THIS CUZ LIKE. HOLY FUCK THERE'S SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE???? 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅 Foist of all I AM SO HONORED that my stupid rambling is getting you back into the movie like??? I FUCKIN DID THAT?? THANK U OMG Its SUCH a good movie fr and it deserves so much appreciation 馃ズ馃挅馃ズ馃挅馃ズ馃挅
SECOND???? YOUR FUCKIGN BRAIN???? UR A GENIUS OMG I honestly fucking LOVE the idea of him just constantly Holding me like I'm a comfort item in the form of a girlfriend that loves him BUT ALSO IT MADE ME THINK. Ok consider: I ride up on his shoulders a lot and because I help him out with Thinking, he starts calling me his "shoulder angel" jokingly at first, but then eventually the nickname just gets shortened to "angel" HHHHHH 馃ズ馃挅馃ズ馃挅馃ズ馃挅馃ズ
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icanttakethemonmyowna day ago
Thinking more about the referencing, imagine Sam and Andrew both getting so excited when they find an essay with their partner in the citations.
*gives student two points extra for their taste but they say it as "Excellent use of sources!"*
oh definitely!!! 100%!!!
and perhaps not even consciously, they just see "Hozier-Byrne, A.J." or "Brown, S." in that bibliography and go full Dumbledore - all the points for choosing such amazing sources!!
i also like to think when they see it they have like a 馃グ馃グ馃グ moment, like "the love of my life is so smart, look at them go! being used as a source! i was there when they struggled through that article! helped them decide what thesis statement wording had the most 鉁 pizzazz 鉁 and everything!"
it just makes me all warm inside, i love thinking of stuff like this 馃ズ
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