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During these unprecedented times, it can be tough during quarantine. I just wanted to say well done to everyone staying home and managing to get through these times. For those struggling, this pandemic will not last forever and I truly believe you can get through it. For those key workers and medical staff out there, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the planet going, thanks to you we will be able carry on after this is all over. To those who can, stay home and help stop the spread. If you have contracted the virus, I sure hope you get well soon.

Stay safe

Rose x

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I see artists all over idk Instagram selling charms/stickers etc. of for example Klance from Voltron

And, don’t get me wrong, I love those but I always wonder if there’s no copyright issues??

Because like,, they’re earning money even though it’s not their characters

It’d be super nice if someone could explain that a bit!! x

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Ways I’m going to waste my time on Pokémon SwSh!

  • Complete Pokédex
  • Living dex my boxes
  • Catch ALL the alcremie varietions (lord help me)
  • Max level all my Pokémon
  • Max dynamax all my Pokémon
  • Gender variations, though not a priority, will be added in a bonus box
  • Fill Curry Dex
  • After Filling dex, try making each one perfectly
  • Max coinage
  • Spend like 2.99 for one month of Pokémon Home then send all my babies from Alola to Galar. Maybe other regions if I can. Kinda want to retreive some Unovian creatures.

But yeah that’s all until I can afford Animal Crossing.

Definitely not because I have a problem with 100 percenting these things-


Originally posted by musubiki

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