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spicyicyricy · 7 months ago
Does anyone really understand
How blessed they are
To not be a world apart
To see your face
Your eyes and smile
Or to feel your embrace
Or to just know your name
Or what fills your days
Do they really understand
How blessed they are to witness you
I know I do
- rj (@flowoverflowing)
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wlzard · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
30 Days of DND:AS
Day 7/30 My Favorite AU (That I Didn't Write): These Woods Are Lovely (Fae AU)
You're wasting away little fairy.
Though the tenderest roses were round you, The soul of this pitiless place With pitiless magic has bound you-- Ah! woe for the loss of your face And the loss of your laugh with its lightness
/Playlist (Unfinished)/
//ghosts & images by built for the sea//visions by danrell & alec king//escape by tongues.//nfwmb by hozier//keep on dancing by oh wonder//dancing on glass by st. lucia//stuck in time by kongos//liability by lorde//
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tvonq · a year ago
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thecryptidianwood · a year ago
There In The Dark
Tumblr media
Step by step, my journey goes on,
Step by step by step
And though I may not see my path,
I still will carry on.
 Into the dark I go, I go,
Into the endless night,
What waits for me there,
I will soon know,
Into the dark I go.
 What fear is upon me, away, away,
You hold no more power here,
For though I may stray from the dawn’s cold light
I banish my fear away.
 In waiting arms, I fall, I fall,
Into the embrace of night,
So gentle and kind, it holds me tight,
Into that dark embrace I fall.
 There in the dark, I know only peace,
Deep in the shadows and silence,
My weary soul comforted at last,
There in the deep endless dark.
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pinkishblueskies · a year ago
I am cold as the night breeze and the deep ocean.
I look warm and I seem to glow like a star but don’t be deceived.
I break things, I break people.
Once I touch you, you leave more broken than you arrived.
I am not any kind of warmth.
I am your hell, you just don’t know it, until you get tangled between my arms.
I am no hero, I want to save you while you drown, instead I hold you under the water longer.
I suffocate, I ruin everything I touch.
A once blooming flower is now a dead rose.
I am nothing but everything.
I am the devil who walks along side you in this world.
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rjdent · a year ago
Tumblr media
Mickey Mouse
© R J Dent (2020)
First published in Panda, Issue 18
Moonstone Silhouettes, R J Dent’s debut poetry collection is available here:
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corpsebasil · 2 years ago
if I wrote an RJ fic would anyone read it just curious
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rjshera-blog · 2 years ago
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greyscalegay · 3 years ago
Our love was like a forest fire
Burning brilliant
Full of passion and heat
But in the end
Ultimately destructive
~R.J. Grey
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fataftoskinnyaf-blog · 3 years ago
You tell me you want me.
Yet when I poured you the tea of my soul.
You were full.
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spicyicyricy · 5 months ago
Let’s pretend we never met
Let’s pretend it’s all new
Damn your mind is beautiful
Your face too
Can you try to forget mine
Can I introduce myself to you?
- rj (@flowoverflowing)
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cityofchapin · 2 months ago
"My Mother Explains My Depression to Me" by RJ Walker
"My Mother Explains My Depression to Me" by RJ Walker #NationalPoetryMonth #Poetry #ButtonPoetry #Poem
Sometimes you experience Sabrina Benaim’s poem, other times you experience RJ Walker’s. I have experienced both in the same conversation. Sorta. The subject of my depression and anxiety is tip-toed around. We know it’s there, and we acknowledge its existence from time to time, but we never talk about it. Because the emotions that swell up in both of us creates a wind vortex and billows out into…
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haleyincarnate · 4 years ago
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Excerpt from the slam poem “Grandpa Millenial” by RJ Walker
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thecryptidianwood · a year ago
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rjdent · a year ago
Tumblr media
The back cover of my translation of the Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus.
The ancient Greek poems of Alcaeus are now available in modern English.
Alcaeus: Poems & Fragments is available at:
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some-weird-ginger · 3 years ago
Juniper Phase
Juniper, plucked from the eyes
Strawberry, drained from the skies
Junpier, continue to shine through
As I, let you go to find
A way
Juniper, don’t fall astray
Don’t castaway, the love that we share
Strawberry, oh
Juniper is falling out of phase
It’s okay
I’ll pick your heart
Every day.
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greyscalegay · 3 years ago
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raichoose-moved · a year ago
Tag Dump IC - (Two)
All taken from song lyrics! 
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spicyicyricy · 6 months ago
If I let her go completely, finally I will know what it is to have nothing.
So I beg I plead, I take a death grip on what little we now have. I pray I hope, I fall to my knees wondering if she will ever find it in her to take my other hand. Wondering if she’ll ever try, just once. Just for me. Just with the dream of what still could be. Just to placate the what ifs that still could be.
And I am hanging off the edge of a cliff. And the love she and I once had is the only tether I have left to life- to living.
- rj (@flowoverflowing on ig)
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leakyrocktarot · 12 months ago
Bts’s Soulmates and Their Connection to Music
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I get the sense that Rj uses music as a distraction but also they see it as something that can affect your emotions. The term “prohibited” is being repeated here🤔  I feel like they like slower songs, songs about angst, the ones that make you cry or feel sad, yet for some reason I’m getting that they aren’t supposed to be listening to music. But it’s something that makes them feel strong, like they have a purpose in life, it’s like they’re battling with themselves whether its ok or not to listen to music but they know it’s something they want to do. They are a bubbling rebel though, I’m sure they listen to music privately. Unfortunately I’m not getting a sense of instruments, but maybe a hint of drawing? Doodling?
Tumblr media
Shooky seems like they use music to heighten their enlightenment, they llisten to songs that allows them to self reflect, songs that gives them an outlet for emotion, songs that helps them understand their emotions and the stimuli around them. They see music as something that brings people together, something that can strengthen bonds and create new ones. Music is definitely something that fulfils them, fills in the silence, and sheds light on the places that are dark. They can be a bit picky in what they like and listen to because they search for the right vibe, the right feeling, if it doesn’t feel right for the moment then it’s not for the moment kind of thing. I get the sense that they have a very broad range, a little bit of everything, but things with lower tones, deeper notes, heavy emotions hit the ear right. I get the sense that they get creative sparks from music, they use music to fuel their passions either by doing music themselves, or using music to give them inspiration for other works of art like painting, writing, poems, etc. As for instruments I’m hearing a violin, strumming beautifully yet sadly almost eerily with a piano as backing, so it’s possible those are the two instruments they play.
Tumblr media
I feel like Mang is also really picky on the music they like, but music has such a big impact on their life. The use a lot of music in their work so they have a financial connection to it, that could mean as an artist, performer, etc. It’s definitely something that they use to make their dreams come true. Music makes them feel powerful, like they can fight Zeus💀 but they also use it as self discipline, this could mean they often train while listening to music. I also see that if they do anything involving music they can and will be successful, and is definitely a way that they can connect with J-hope. Music has had a role in a lot of major events in their life so much so that certain songs can be triggers for them. I get the sense that they light to listen to more sensual somewhat promiscuous music? Like “baby making music’ with “baby making dances” 💀 They tend to be secretive of their music tastes, they have a broad range but they have a specific flavor that they love. Music is a source of their creativity, it connect them to their higher powers, it lets them be their authentic spiritual self, and often the main thing that gives them spiritual realizations. As for instruments, I’m hearing a bas softly playing and I’m getting the nostalgia of “grandma” I think they use music and stringed instruments to connect with their grandmother 🥺
Tumblr media
Koya has the tendency to have a song they like, listen to it on repeat, and then not be able to listen to it for the next couple of months 💀 They seen to have a complicated relationship with music, but it’s still something they strive for. It seems like music helps them focus, helps them work harder at what they’re doing. Music definitely seems to have a correlation to their passion but for some reason it’s not connecting 🤔 They have to keep pushing though. They tend to listen to music that really invokes feelings in them, they often use songs to describe their current emotion or to set the mood. I have a feeling that they often use music as a means to bond or connect with Rm, communicating through the lyrics and frequencies. They also use music to bring them closer to their higher self, and guides, like music is a channel for them. I have a feeling in the past there may have been some bitterness or fear towards music or or a certain genre? It could also be that since music is connected to their passion, and they personally can’t connect it, is because they’re blocking themselves from reaching their highest potential due to fear of the unknown, or failure. It seems like they need to take a step back and reevaluate everything they have been doing concerning their passion and music, set new goals, develop a new plan, and jump right in. I get the sense that they have a very broad range but prefer things that are more energetic, or things that can relate to or affect their current energy. They like music that makes them want to get up and dance. as for instrument I’m hearing a warped guitar and a flute? It’s possible that they were currently learning or used to learn these instruments, and for other arts I’m getting dance and hints of painting or drawing.
Tumblr media
I get the sense that Tata might be “ashamed” of their music tastes? The songs they play in private are different from the ones they play in public. I get the sense that as their music tastes become more popular the more they are more open yet still cautious about sharing their musical interests. I feel like environment around Tata is one where their every decision is scrutinized if it does fit within the margins of their society or social circle. It’s almost as though they are living the double life and are trying to balance that. It must be taking a toll on them though it seems like such a stressful situation😕 I feel like even though their tastes are becoming socially they may still have the belief that they must keep their guilty pleasure to themselves. I’m sensing that they really want to be open about the things they like whether they are popular or not, if they could find that safe space to truly feel what it’s like to be supported they can overcome some of the blockages they have related to music and their own life. I feel as though they may have been bullied severely for the things that they like, so much so that it is traumatizing to them. While music is their safe space, they view it as their prison, where they are able to watch others from the outside enjoy the things they can but keeping themselves locked away assuming it’s “better that way” I have a feeling they tend to listen to songs about self expression, songs that are really sad to have a gut wrenching yet cleansing cry to. I’m not getting any hints of instruments nor other arts, but I do get the sense that what they wear holds importance.
Tumblr media
For Chimmy, music is one of the things that lead them to spiritual enlightenment, it gives them a sense of solitude, but comfortable solitude where they can do and be as they please. I feel like in their day to day life they aren’t able to fully be themselves. Whereas music makes them feel attuned to the 5D, the lack of music makes them feel blocked to everything even themselves. they are actively trying to overcome this but like Tata, they might not live in the most accepting society. This gives off the energy of hiding who you are until the clock strikes midnight, hiding your face while committing taboo atrocities. Very rebellious energy, as if they are a part of a lot of protests. Chimmy really just wants to be able to express themselves freely without the stigma of society. They don’t want to stick to trends, they don’t want to fit in, they want to rebel. They use music as a fuel to their fire, they often listen to rock, grunge, punk, deathmetal, etc. essentially genres that they attribute with rebellion and “unacceptable”. They have very strong feelings about music and how the messages can help society but also how they can warp the views of the collective. With music as their inspiration, I have a feeling that they’ll be able to accomplish their goals soon. They are really putting in the work for freedom of expression, and their efforts will soon be recognized. I don’t sense any instruments, nor do I sense any other art projects, I get the sense that they’re a bit too busy to do anything else.
Tumblr media
Cooky sees music as a form of escapism, a way to escape the reality that they’re in. It seems as though music is their only happiness in life, including the people who make said music. I get the sense that they listen to more fantastical songs? Disney songs? Songs that make them really emotional as if the only time they’re able to let their tears flow is when they’re alone with a song that their current emotions playing in the background. I get the sense that they often feel lonely throughout their day. Even though there are people around them, interacting with them, they don’t feel seen and their music tastes reflect that. A lot of songs that have the theme of feeling alone, overlooked, unheard etc. and unfortunately that does make them withdraw from life and reality. I get the sense that they hope to make music or art like paintings or novels, that helps people to feel less lonely. They really look to music and media in general as a way of healing, clearing their energy with the vibes of the songs. If they were to follow their passions and really pursue their dreams, they would be able to make a more than decent living. There seems to be a disconnect though, a blockage preventing them from moving forward with their passions. Over all their music tastes consist of cheesy love songs, disney or kids movies songs, and sad songs about feeling alone. If Cooky really taps into their spiritually, creative healing, and some more mature emotions, they would be able to make quite the change. As for instruments, I’m seeing hands running over a piano, and hands grasping a woodwind instrument, I can’t really tell what it is, just that it’s long 💀 
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