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#trevante rhodes x reader

Tre found himself pacing back and forth, his heart racing. It had been hours of the same action.

“Please, can you please sit and wait” Elles mother says only to be silenced by just a look. If he never saw her again he wouldn’t … his thoughts are interrupted by the issue at hand. He’d finally given himself to a woman, risen to the occasion for the first time of his own free will. The first woman since his mother has left, his grandmother died and he was on his own.

It hadn’t been long at all but its hard to remember life before Elle walked her pretty ass into his building with her entitled snooty attitude. Before he saw her dancing in his club like the life of the party, before he felt something when he saw her crying, or tucked her into bed when she was too drunk and her feet were too sore to do it all on her own. How he’d often left her with a deadpan only to smile when his back was turned at her spirit.

She’d found a way to burrow her way into the deepest parts of his heart. It couldn’t be ignored. Even when he sat contemplating how much their relationship was worth with all the drama she found herself bringing into his life — when he finally found a way to escape the chaos.

She was a survivor.

They both were.

“Tre baby, you need to sit down, eat something - you haven’t moved from here in twelve hours” his aunt whispers with her hand in the small of his back.

“Is he okay?” Tre whispers looking at the baby swaddled in his aunts arms. The infants eyes look at his, bright and blue and aware.

“He’s fine Tre but you won’t if you don’t take a break, if anything happens we’ll call you” she says forcing him to swallow. “She’s not going to die”

“You don’t know that” Tre grits looking in the direction of the operating room before he sighs heading to the kitchen and trying to eat something despite not having an appetite. Rico sits silently - they’d already fought and there’s nothing more to say about it.

“I got him” Rico says taking the baby who hasn’t done much besides eat and sleep. He puts his fingers in his mouth sucking on them. “If I don’t take good care of you my sisters gonna kick my ass … behind. Lets keep that slip between the two of us okay LJ?” Rico talks to the baby getting Tre’s attention as he drinks some water, picking at the food infant of him.

“LJ?” Tre asks just above a mumble.

“Little Jesse” Rico says with a smile looking at the kid. “Even from beyond the grave that honorary nigga’s pushing her out of her comfort zone.” Rico comments. “Ain’t no way Elle’s gonna let anyone else raise you kid. You’re set for life” Rico. Says like his sister is not attached to an EKG right now undergoing surgery after suffering a heart attack and going unconscious and getting a stray bullet.

Luca had shut the car door behind her as she went in to see Jesse’s son. Nico was first to see his daughter go limp and keel over as Luca’s driver tried to leave the lot. Then the shooting started - controlled on Nico’s end and not so much on Luca’s when it died down the child was fine but Elle wasn’t. She had one in her side.

Tre’s eyes shut as he stops the flow of those awful memories.

“She’s waking up, doc says we can see her now, one at a time for now.” Tre says and he doesn’t thing twice before heading over.

“Sit down, you’ve never been a mother and you don’t get to see her first” Nico says without energy himself. Three guys walk in with the familiar looking politician.

“I’ve killed already today and I will again if you don’t leave right now” Nico snaps.

“Where is he, where is Luca?” Elle’s stepdad asks. “He broke our agreement he was supposed to leave her alone and keep his wife in check”

“Look bruh, leave now. I’m sick of it” Tre barks with eyes that scream homicide. He doesn’t say anything else heading into Elles room. She’s beautiful, even still after all this. It takes everything in him to keep it together as life returns to her eyes. Her hand reaches for his.

“I love you” is his first words to her.

“I know” she rasps.

“Is the baby okay” she asks.

“Yeah, everyones taking turns with him. But you need to be okay.”

“Doc said something about a heart attack and a shoot out” she recalls and Tre’s lips are on hers as he rises his forehead on hers.

“I’m not giving up” she whispers given his hand a light squeeze.

“It shouldn’t have been you” he swallows feeling responsible for not protecting her. He would never be able to live with the guilt of letting her go to the meet up if she didn’t regain consciousness.

“Hows the kid?”

“Getting the best of the best” he swallows more worried about her.

“I’ll be myself again soon, I love you” she says before slipping back to sleep from the pain medications.



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Summary: Gossip and rumors aren’t the only interesting thing going on at the office.

Trevante Rhodes x Black! Reader

A/N: Okay bbys, I said I had it, so here it is. This fic is based on Fantasia-When I See You. This song was on repeat when I was writing this, I couldn’t help but to imagine Trevante’s fine assssss. Tell me what y’all think. I’m getting to the requests soon, everything is in my drafts waiting to be posted. 


Originally posted by weloveyoubabygirl

“You’re always on my mind.”

   Working in an office environment, gossip and rumors were the only interesting and appealing thing around. That and Trevante Rhodes, one of the four supervisors in the call center. If you had eyes, you were attracted to him. body carved by the Universe’s hand. He was beauty. 

“Good work Alyssa.”, Trevante high fives a tempt agent. The poor girl looked as if she were going to melt into her seat, “Thank you.”, she smiles. Trevante walks back to his desk, two cubicles down from yours. You were typing up calling lists for the agents, a request from the manager, sales had to be up by the end of this month. “(Y/n)?”, Trevante is leaning back in his chair to get your attention. “Yes?”, you lean back also. 

“I need some help really quick.”, he tries to whisper, he isn’t good at it. “Trevante Rhodes doesn’t know how to do something?”, you tease. “I’m human.”, he shrugs. “Here I come.”, you get up and walk over, “What’s the problem sir?”, you lean down. Trevante studies you, a smile on his face, “Well, Miss (Y/L/N), I’ve made a mistakes making one of the lists.” You loom at the computer screen, “Trevante…”, you shake your head, trying not to laugh, “We’re on the same list. You’re supposed to be working on the other one. This one.”, you point, “The one with your name on it.”, you glance at him. Trevante looks closer, “Seems like I accidentally clicked yours.”, he looks up at you and smiles.

“Accidentally? Sure Mr. Rhodes.”, you laugh, “I have to tend to my agents. Let me excuse myself from your awful attempt at flirting.”, you joke.

“Me? Flirting?”, Trevante grabs his chest as if he’s hurt. “Yes. You.”, laugh and walk back to your desk. You start typing up again. An email.


     when are you free?

You lean back to get a glimpse at him, he’s already looking at you, he;s smiling, showing all of his gleaming white teeth. You lean back foward. 


     this is what you use your work email for?


      only for you.


    saturday, 8pm, and i like red tulips



You smile to yourself and start typing and checking previous lists. The lunch break had began, and half of the agents were gone. You see Trevante rolling his chair over. “What do you like?”, he strokes his beard. You look at him, “What do you mean?”

   “What’s you favorite food?”, he picks up your sticky notes and begins writing something down. “Surprise me.”

Trevante looks up at you, a slow smirk spreading on his face, “Also noted.”, he puts the sticky notes down, “So we don’t have to communicate through email.”, he winks and starts rolling backwards to his desk, the wheel gets stuck and he has to wiggle his way out, “This is awkward…”, he nervously chuckles. 

     “It is. I’ll let it slide.”, you tease. 

“thank you.”, he smiles, you never got tired of seeing it. You roll your eyes and turn your attention back to your computer. An email.


when i see u

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Pairing: Trevante x Reader

Word Count: 2.4K

SUMMARY: Anon requested one with Trevante and the Reader based on the Jay-Z and Pharrell Excuse Me Miss video. So, I decided to have some fun with it.


“I GOT IT!!!!” Chelsea screams leading you to turn the volume down on your Touch Bar MacBook Pro cringing at the feedback from the other girls on the group call.

“Chels!” Robin snaps, looking up you can see she’s in her car. Chelsea’s in her concierge uniform.

“Bella?” Chelsea calls and Bella emerges putting in EarPods leaving the salon.

“Here” she responds.

“Bells I need you to call in!” Chelsea says excited, she’s only ever this excited when she has a life changing idea.

“We’re already barely making payments for HQ” Bella reminds.

“Cause we’ve finally hit the jackpot,”

“Oh really?” Robin asks skeptically, you decide not to comment knowing you’re not going to like her idea anyways.

“Some real high rollers are coming into town this weekend to purchase some properties and do business. Like really long money, like billionaires, money ain’t a thing. They’re young too and fine as hell ladies it’ll be easy between the four of us we can have HQ paid for the rest of the year”

“I’d rather the migraines from overworking myself then to suck dick for rent money” You respond honestly.

“Well you’re alone there sweetheart” Chelsea. “Besides it doesn’t have to go that far, don’t act like were not the best at this, and we need all hands on deck - every bitch in the city will be there trying to get on” Chels continues.

“I’ll get you ladies looking up to par” Bella speaks heading back to the salon.

“Waxes, lashes, nails, hair everything” Chels specifies.

“I can help with the hair, and get us in VIP in every club in town” Robin adds.

“I’ll get us outfits, accessories, shoes, the whole nine yards - I’ll try to swipe itineraries so we know how much time we have to work with”

“I guess I’m on research as usual” You swallow unenthused with the entire idea.

“Don’t sound so excited Y/N, think of it this way after this we have a year off” Chels comments and you hang up the call rolling onto your back and covering your face with a pillow out of frustration.

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Originally posted by savvy-ivvory




Not every Princess gets a knight in shining armour. Some get tyrants who care about few things more than warring and whoreing. Husband and Wife are only titles that don’t quell affairs and love and hate are two sides of the same coin.


Fey had enjoyed her first truly fun day in as long as she could remember since being in the dale. She seldom stopped laughing. It had been her and four at first — he’d been in the great library looking over a book three times his size.

“Erik needs help and since you’re being a bad wife, I’m looking for extra strategies” the insolent overgrown child says without looking up from the papers.

“Because you know everything” Fey comments sitting beside her youngest brother.

“I know more than you”

Yeah?” Fey smiles and he hands her a scroll written in a foreign scribe.

“It says” He says proudly. “That is we divert the stream from the violet springs, soak the ashes and then wet the gardens for the net three days the plants will take root again” Fey stands placing the scroll down to make sense of the drawings before looking at her brother in shock.

“Erik doesn’t need war plans, he’s fought them for longer than you’ve drawn breath” Fey comments picking him up with ease despite his protest. “And what do you know of a bad wife?” She asks tickling him.

“I said you’re a bad wife, not that you don’t love him” Fey sits back stunned at the Childs eyes — he missed nothing and had a knowingness to his innocence. “Come on let me bring this to the council then lets get my nephews so we can start on the garden.” He smiled running towards the council only to have some of men frustrated at Erik forcing them to stomach the presence of a child among them.

“My King” Fey and Four had bowed before fining Cassius and three with Eriks sons and heading to the gardens. Its an hour before they were all laughing and slipping and falling in the mud like swine planting seeds and digging holes to enable germination. The guards stood at attention perplexed at first before the infectiousness of their happiness enlisted their help.

Fey could feel peace again, balance and what it is like to live again while having a loving family.

Fey swallows getting stares as she and her army of mud men and boys trail into the castle. The whispers wait till she’s passed until the boys laughter resumes spreading smiles throughout the palace. They are given to their attendants who wash them, fey is cleaned herself by bess who is unamused with the places she’s gotten mud in as she brushes out her hair.

“You’re a Queen not an animal” she chastises. “Good god, look at those fingernails. Fey!” She shouts starting a manicure.

“Bess” Fey giggles and its been so long Bess freezes looking at the woman she’d raised from birth and loved as much as she would have loved her own children.

“That smile could change the world” she says.

“I’ll make sure to use it net time you start fussing” Fey winks as her body is dried and clean garments fit for a queen are placed onto her.

“Where are you off to now”

“My bed”

“The king has been in council since sunrise, his queen may be able to relieve him of his duties as she was frolicking”

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[Trevante Rhodes x Reader]

Word Count: 1.5k

Inspired by a true story on Twitter


Originally posted by themoufofthesouth

You gather up the stray napkins cups and plates littered on the classroom desks left behind from today’s Valentines Day party.  The kids got about a week’s worth of sugar in their system today with all of the cupcakes, cookies and candies supplied as a treat, so let the parents deal with that.  You load up the big black trash bag and tie it off before heading for the whiteboard to wipe off the leftover markings from the lesson you taught earlier today.  Since it was Valentines, it seemed like a nice idea to discuss a couple of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, teaching their names and meanings as well as providing activities where the students built their own gods and demonstrated their invented meanings.  All went well until the great pencil stealing debate came to fruition.  

Finishing up the whiteboard cleaning, you hear your student’s voice behind you.

“Good Afternoon, miss.”  

You see seven year old Nemour standing there with his hands in his pockets.  

You look at him positively.  “I’m glad you made it back.  Is your father with you?”

Just as you ask, in walks a man suavely rubbing the top of his child’s head.  

“This your class, little man?”  His voice makes an odd tickling in the back corner of your scalp.  A man has entered the chat.  He looks up at you absentmindedly for less than a second before minutely forming into a warm expression.

“You must be Mr. Rhodes, right?”  You put on your best customer service voice before putting out your hand to shake. 

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“I genuinely don’t know who the fuck you thought you were dealing with but I’m not the one to fuck with, okay?” You stood in front of Tre, the house silent since your outburst had caught the attention of most of the people at the party.

“Sweetheart, what are you on about?” He attempted to reach out towards you and you smacked his hand away. You took a step back and crossed your arms, your eyebrows had rose to your hairline.

“Whatever fucking game you thought you were gonna play with me, it’s done. I know about that dumbass bet you made with your backwards ass, ass licking, dick riding ass friends and let me tell you, I’m more than unimpressed.”

There a few murmurs and sheer embarrassment covered Tre’s face. If he’d been lighter he would be red as a cherry. “Babe, let’s just go somewhere private and talk about this.”

You chuckled and shook your head, making your way to walk around him. “I’m honestly sick of you fucking frat boys thinking that you respect women when you obviously can’t even respect women you don’t find attractive. What type of backwards bullshit is that?”

“I am attracted to you. Look, I know it was a bet but—“

“But what? You fell in love with me? Saw the real me? Boy, fuck you. Had you really even been a decent person you would have realized that I’m a human being and not some dumbass social experiment you and your friends could laugh at when it was over.”

Tre gulped as you turned to his group of friends. “Let’s not even y’all about how Dennis’ little dick ass has made multiple attempts to make me his secret fuck buddy. I have screenshots so don’t test me.”

Trevante pinched the bridge of his nose. This wasn’t how it all was supposed to go. You weren’t even supposed to find out. Yeah, he’d grown to really like you but why call off the bet when he could have you and a little bit xtra cash in his pocket. You seemed so nice and quiet but strong and fierce. He now sees how fierce you can be.

“I really don’t know what you expected to happen. Like I don’t. You thought we were gonna ride off into the sunset with me completely oblivious to the nature of the situation? You know I have ears, right? You know when you’re on the phone I can hear you, right? You know that your homeboys have the biggest fucking mouths and can’t keep shit to themselves, right?”

“Baby, please…” his voice cracked slightly and you laughed. His eyebrows knitted together. Did she really just laugh?

“Oh, are you gonna cry? Fuck you. You get no type of sympathy for me. You put yourself in this fucking situation. Now get one of these desperate ass girls to warm your bed for the next couple of nights and kiss my fat ass.”

With that you pushed your way through the crowd, when a girl didn’t wanna get out of your way you bucked and she flinched. You turned to Tre and pointed to her. “Oh look, a double pussy for a double pussy. Hope you got a strap on.”

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It’s Complicated (Part 9)

Trevante Rhodes x Reader


Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7 Part 8

A/N: I know its been a minute since i posted the last chapter so you might have to reread it to catch up. There’s a time jump (2 years) and flashbacks (the bold words) but hopefully ya’ll like it. Also i was thinking about  doing another chapter instead of this one being the last one I don’t know yet. 

You laid in bed exhausted not wanting to get up so you laid the staring at the ceiling. A few moments later you heard little footsteps running to your room. Suddenly Kayla jumps in the bed snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Mommy wake up my recital is today.” She says jumping on the bed.

“I’m up! I’m up!” You tell her. “We still have a few hours before we have to leave. So how about we eat breakfast then I can take you to get your hair and nails done so you can look extra pretty.”

You get out of bed and prepare for the day as you and Kayla leave to get breakfast. After breakfast the two of you go to the nail salon. As you walk in Kayla ran straight to the shelves of nail polish as you talked to the receptionist.

“What color do you want.” You ask walking up to her.

“I don’t know there are so many colors.”

“How about pink or red or blue.”

“I want pink with glitter.”

“Okay pink with glitter it is.”

As you waited for Kayla you get a call from Trevante.

“Hey wassup” You answer.

“Hey! What are you up to?”

“Nothing much at the nail salon with Kayla getting her ready for this ballet recital.”

“Yeah so about that-”


“Something happened at work so I’m gonna be here a little later than I intended.”

“Oh okay well that’s fine. Are you gonna be able to make it to the party after?”

“I should be but if not I’ll let you know. I’m sorry tell Kay I’m sorry too and I’ll see her later.”

You hung up the phone and watched as your daughter sat and talked to the nail tech about her recital.

After spending a couple of hours at the hair and nail salon you and Kayla make your way back home to finish getting ready. As you drove home you talked to her about being excited and and how she’s gonna be amazing. You were getting ready to say something when Kayla interrupted you.

“Is daddy coming tonight?”

“Ummm no he’s not he had to work so he might not be able to make it.” You tell her as you glance in the the rear view mirror and back at the road.

Other than the music playing in the reading the car ride became silent. You instantly knew that Kayla was upset about Tre not coming to her recital.

“Listen daddy told me to tell you he was sorry and that he’s gonna try his best to make it.” You said as Kayla remained silent the rest of the car ride home.

You sat in the audience at the recital waiting for it to start. Watching as people made their way to their seats. Moments later the curtains open and the ballet began your eyes immediately went to Kayla and you smiled as you watched her perform. Once it was over everyone stood and applauded as the dancers bowed and walked off the stage.

A few minutes later you and Kayla were reunited as you hugged her and complimented her you turned to walk out Kayla let go of your hand and started running.

“Daddy.” She said running towards Trevante.

“Hey baby girl.”

“Hey!” You said walking up to them.

Trevante handed Kayla a bouquet of flowers as the three of you walked to your car. You got into the car as Trevante helped Kayla in and went back to his car. When you got home you started setting up for Kayla’s party that you were throwing for the other dancers from the recital. As you did the decorations Trevante picked up some food.

You and Roman sat in your bedroom for hours talking about everything that happened and what you were gonna do.

“I love you Y/N. I do but the fact that you lied to me after all these years.”

“I didn’t lie to you Roman.”

“Yeah you’re right. You didn’t lie you just failed to mention that you’re bosses fiancé is Kayla’s dad.”

“I know I should’ve told you but everything was going great with you and me and I didn’t wanna jeopardize my job.” You stopped. “Look I take the blame for everything that’s happened I’m sorry but can we at least try to work this out.”

“At this point I think we should take some time and think about what we’re gonna do next.” Roman said as he sat next to you.

“How long is ‘some time’. Is it a few days, weeks, months or are we done for good?” You asked.

“I don’t know we’ll just have to see what happens.”

You sat on the bed crying as Roman packed some of his things and left.

You hadn’t been back to work since the incident so you were surprised that Ava called you.

“Hello.” You answer.

“Hey Y/N. Umm do you have a minute so we can talk it’s kinda important.”

“Yeah sure. What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving the company.”

You sat quietly and began to speak but Ava interrupted.

“It’s not what you probably think, I’m not leaving because of what happened. I actually had been planning to leave for a while.”

“Oh.” Was all you could say before Ava continued.

“I’m taking a job in New York so next week will be my last week here and then I’m off to New York.”

“That’s amazing Ava! Congrats!”

“Thank you! But before I leave I wanted to ask if you’d wanna take over for me. I feel you’re one of the few people here that gives a fuck about your job and knows how to get shit done.”

“Oh my God Ava! I honestly don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to answer or even accept the offer, I just wanted to ask you so you would have time to think it over.”

“Yeah I’ll need some time to think about it and I’ll call you when I have an answer.”

“Okay I guess I’ll talk to you later then. Also Y/N I know it’s not my place to say this but I think you should try to talk thinks out with Tre. He’s probably the last person you wanna talk to but you two have a daughter together and I think he needs to be in her life. And considering that we’re getting a divorce he’ll still be in LA so you don’t have to worry about long distance.”

“Ava I’m so sorry.”

“No don’t be honestly it’s for the best. But please take what I said into consideration. The job and Tre being in Kayla’s life. And if you haven’t already call Roman I talked to him yesterday and I think you two need to work things out. At least one of us should get a happy ending out of all this.”

“Thanks Ava, I will.”

During the party you watched as Kayla played with her friends and as the adults talked. You went to the kitchen to grab some food when you felt someone come up behind you.

“How are my girls?” The familiar voice said as he put his hands around your waist.

You turned around to meet Roman’s eyes.

“We’re doing fine. I though you weren’t coming back home for a couple of days.” You say kissing him again.

“Yeah I know but I missed my wife so I’m back now. I can always go back to Georgia to see my family plus you’re close to your due date and I don’t wanna miss that.” Roman says rubbing your stomach.

Trevante and Kayla make their way into the kitchen as you and Roman were talking.

“What’s up Rome!” Trevante says as he grabs something to drink.

“What’s up.” Roman says as he makes his way to Kayla to give her a hug.

“You look beautiful Kay! Here I have something for you.” He hands her a small box and watched as she opened it.

“What is it?” You asked.

“A charm bracelet with ballet shoes and and ballerina.” Kayla says looking at the charms. “Thank you Roman.” She says hugging him again.

She hands you the box as she goes back outside to play as Trevante follows behind leaving you and Roman to talk.

“That girl is a handful.” You laugh.

“And in a few weeks we’re gonna have two.” Roman says smiling.

“If this one is anything like her we’re really gonna have our hands full.”

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Note: I am so happy to be back writing. post-grad depression is real and I believe I have finally gotten over the hump in my life and I am back to business. I know I left a huge cliff-hanger with Cashier Girl so I am not promising anything other than me working on it. I don’t want to promise an update that may not come anytime soon but know that I am working on the last part. 

I’m working on other stuff to put out, small things. I don’t think I can do another series with this job I have (55 hours a week… please send help lmao) but once I find another job, we shall see. I have so many ideas, I can’t wait for you guys to see them!

Thanks for reading, xoxo!


Y/N stood staring and biting her nails as she watched the scene in front of her. She worked as an assistant to the director so she was able to see all the action up close and personal, including him. Him, being the Trevante Rhodes, the sexiest man alive in her eyes. She’s been working on this set for about 6 months now and she has yet to speak one word to him. The voices in her head tell her that a guy like that will never go for a girl like her, a shy girl from Mississippi, who loved watching anime while eating ramen, authentic ramen of course. So for 6 months, she has done a great job of avoiding having any conversation with him or anyone for that matter. Most of the staff thought she was weird because they never met a black girl that likes anime over reality tv, whatever.

“He’s fantastic, isn’t he Y/N?” She heard her boss ask her. She looked over to see her boss still staring that the screen. Currently, they were acting out the scene in which the female lead was attempting to break out with Trevante and leave his home but he was confessing his love for her. Y/N thought she would pass out but she pulled herself together answer her boss. “Yes ma’am, he’s a great actor.” She replied. “Y/N, please stop calling me ma’am, you’re making me feel old and we are almost the same age.” She laughed. “Sorry Heather, I keep forgetting.” She apologized. “It’s fine love. We’re about to wrap up here. Can you do me a favor and make sure that the caters have set up? It’s almost lunch and I think we could all use a little snack right about now.” She nodded and mumbled a sure before walking off to check the tables to ensure all the food was properly set up.

“Well if it isn’t Y/N. I haven’t seen you in a couple weeks girl.” She heard someone call out to her. She turned around to find Marla, one of the food workers talking to her. “Hey Mar, it’s been hectic around here. I haven’t been ducking you, I promise.” She replied, going up to hug her. “I know, I know. I miss our talks. You’re the only one around here that doesn’t have a stick up their ass and think they’re better than everyone else.” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully as she eyed the box in Marla’s hand. “What’s up with the glittery box?” She questioned. Marla gave her a devious smile before placing the box in her hand. “It’s for you pretty girl. One of us had to remember your birthday.” She smiled and graciously took the box. “Thanks Mar, I appreciate it.” “No problem, have you wished for the courage to talk to Mr. Sexy or are we still pretending that you don’t have a thing for him?” She asked. “Ha ha, very funny. It’s a simple crush and nothing else. What would a guy like that, want with a girl like me Mar? Look at all the beautiful women walking around this place!” “And you are one of them! Look, I gotta go serve food but we are not done with this conversation ma’am. And answer your damn phone when I call you!” She said running off to the other workers. Y/N looked down at her watch and saw it was lunch time and headed out to her favorite spot to devour whatever Mar put in this box for her.


“Is that how they are going to end this week’s episode?” She questioned as she finished the current episode of My Hero Academia on her tablet. She was in her happy place, sitting at the picnic table by the river, watching anime on her tablet and eating the delicious present Marla gave her, chocolate covered donuts and cupcakes that say happy birthday. She was about to load up another video when she heard a voice behind her. “I know, I know but I’m still working on this movie for another couple weeks. I promise I’ll be home when I can.” She froze because she recognized that voice all too well. She turned around to see the man himself standing feet away from her on his cellphone speaking to someone. She turned back around before he could notice her and started her next video. Not that he would notice her anyway, no one ever does.

She can still hear him on the phone through her earbuds and hears him end the call shortly. She hears him breathe heavy and footsteps approaching her. She keeps her eyes on the screen, not paying attention to the show and then feels a tap on her shoulder. She prays that it is someone else but turns around to find Mr. Rhodes literal feet away from her face. She pulls her earbud out as she notices that he is trying to speak.

“Hey, can I sit here? I don’t want to bother your little set up you got going on here.” He asked smiling so hard, she thought her thighs were going to break by the way she was clenching them. “Y-yeah. Go ahead.” She mumbled. He sat down beside her and watched the river flow. There was a comfortable silence between them before he spoke again, “You work for Heather right? I always see you beside her. “ “Yeah, I’m her assistant. I’ve worked for her for about 2 years now.” She replied. “That’s dope. I’ve seen you around and I always tried to start a conversation but you always seem nervous or anxious and I don’t want to bother you when you’re busy.” She paused her video and took out the other earbud. “You want to talk to me? R-really?” He turned on the bench to face her, “Yeah, you seem like a cool girl. I also heard you talking to Jordan one day about food and I heard you were from Mississippi and I was like ‘I gotta talk to her, she knows what good food is’’ He replied, making both of them laugh. She pushed her curly bangs out of her face before she grabbed another cupcake from the box. “Is it your birthday?” He asked. She nodded showing him the topper on the cupcake. “Yeah, I’m the big 26.” “Why are you at work?!? You should be celebrating with your family and friends!” He exclaimed. She put the treat down before looking out to the river. “My family is in Mississippi and I, uh, don’t have any friends. Most people think I’m weird or whatever so I keep to myself. Which is probably why I always look nervous or anxious when you see me.” There was a calm silence before he replied, “I don’t think you’re weird. Everyone has their own thing but that doesn’t make you weird for liking it. I think you’re pretty cool.” He replied. She looked over at him and saw him smiling at her, making her clench her thighs together again. She looked at the box and gave him a huge smile back,

“Would you like a donut?”

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Training - Part 4

Masterlist for earlier Parts!

A/N: More of the sexy Jealous!Trevante and meeting the also sexy Amir! Sit back and enjoy the mess!

Luh Yall!




Queuing up his Spotify, he tries to find the best playlist. Choosing between her favorite artists, maybe some Masego, Durand Bernarr or even Ari, whichever one to give her the message that it should be him on the date instead of that nigga. The song immediately coming to mind, Could’ve Been by HER and Bryson Tiller, would’ve been a bit too on the nose. Curving the car around the bend, pulling in front of her door, a small grunt escapes his throat as he licks his lips, trapping his lower lip between his teeth.


She looked damn good. Switching out of the door in her black and gold heels with a slight smile as she locks eyes with him, giggling at his raised his brow. Wanting to pull out all the stops, he gets out of the driver’s seat, coolly walks around the car, walking slow to show off his black button down, black shades and grey jeans. If anything he was definitely dressed for the part.

He envelopes her in his arms for a long tight bear hug, her absolute favorite. When she starts rocking with the hug, he knows she’s in her happy place. She sweetly sniffs and revels in her favorite cologne of his, conveniently sprayed right in the center of his chest, where her head would be.

Looking down at her, he strongly fights the urge to lift her chin and kiss her. To make her forget about ole little nigga and choose him instead. A low slow kiss, it would be. Pulling and tugging that sexy pouty bottom lip of hers as he uses her chin to guide the exploration of his tongue.

Damn those juicy wet lips. They should be his lips. His lips to suck on at his leisure. Those thick hips to hold on to just for safe measure. Those thighs, definitely team no thigh gap, to use as pillows, on multiple occasions. Those pretty hands, thick yet full of feminine wile, to hold.

Feeling her this close, this way, only caused his heart to flutter. The swarm of possibilities and questions these moments cause to arise. Why go through the torture and just tell her already? The worst she can say is no. All the what if’s aside, no matter what, he couldn’t fathom his life without her. Realistically based on all their interactions, there was a 20-50% chance of reciprocal feelings. Maybe her 20% might not allow them to be together but it could be just enough to keep her around. Either way, he knew he had to make a move, and soon.

“Mmmm, someone’s looking very nice,” he says, lifting her chin, his thumbs lightly caressing the sides of cheeks as he looks deeply into her eyes. He watches as her eyes struggle in what to do with such an intimate touch. Smiling on the inside, it was definitely working.

“Thank you. You’re looking really good too,” she coyly smiles, his thumbs still caressing her cheeks, moving in slow small circles. He leans in slowly, further and further, watching her eyes widen and her breath hitch as he gets closer. To his surprise, she doesn’t turn her head and in the final second, right before their lips touch, he changes course, kissing her cheek instead. The fact that she subtly raised her chin to meet him part of the way was not overlooked in the slightest. She would be his by the end of the night.


The car is filled with the sweet melody of Masego’s saxophone as Lady Lady plays. Trevante appears to simply be driving, so silent its a bit unnerving as he has a slight smile on his face. He can feel her looking at him when she thinks he doesn’t notice.

“Are you uhh… going out too?” She hesitantly asks, slowly turning her head to look at his reaction and response.

“No, just driving you,” he shakes his head with a wide smile.

“Hold on, did I even tell you the address?” she says, coming back to her right mind, scrolling in her phone to find it.

“Nope,” he cracks up with his eyes still on the road ahead.

“How do you know where to go? Where are we driving too?” she laughs as the confusion displays on her face.

“I’m driving to the restaurant on 5th that you’ve been talking about for a while. You kept saying we should go and now we are,” he says nonchalantly, watching her shocked expression from his peripheral vision.

“Trevante! You know we can’t go there tonight! He just said he is at the Trolley Car Diner right now. I have a whole date, you can’t just hijack it,” she says with her voice raising the usual octave when she is fussing.

“Well I figured since you basically forgot about your “date” and its location that you obviously didn’t care one way or the other,” he says with his full sarcastic smooth tone that she hates.

“Look, I don’t have time for your pseudo-psychoanalysis! You are supposed to be dropping me off as to have me “not get kidnapped by Uber” and I’ve been talking about that place for months, we could’ve gone any time before today so stop playing and take me to where I’m supposed to go,” she says rolling her eyes, crossing her arms and waiting for him to make a U turn.

“Who is this fuck nigga anyway? Fine! Have it your way and get caught up with him and the Starbucks thots he got on his roster. Don’t say I didn’t tell you beforehand,” he says, regretting it as soon as he said it with the audible gasp that escaped her lips.

“Fuck You! Don’t speak negative over my shit! With as many banshee bitches you’ve had, fuck you! Take that shit back before I get out this motherfucker and call a fucking Uber forreal!,” she yells, hitting his arm and glaring at him.

“Okay, fine, I’m sorry,” he says finally making the U turn, not wanting her to get big mad at him.

“And don’t be tapping you foot all crazy in my car,” he retorts seemingly angry but slightly smiling, trying to make her laugh as he reaches over and she slaps his hand away.

“Leave me alone Trevante. I know somewhere deep inside you do this shit cause you care but its a double standard and you know it. I could be Megan out here in these streets, riding dick on the daily if I wanted to,” she says, her voice and her foot several degrees calmer.

“Thats true, you can be a stallion and ride to your heart’s content but the thing is you aren’t her. Deaysha’s heart don’t work like that and I will be damned if I see you shedding tears over another ain’t shit nigga! You save me from myself all the time and I’m only trying to return the favor,“ he pleads looking over at her as he stops for the red light.

“And banshee bitches, De?” He asks, making them both laugh.

“I just wanted to get cute and go out with a guy to shake the dust off. I have no expectations, I just want a meal and some flirting. If its a bust, I will dip early then we can go to the place on 5th and have our movie night. Deal?” she asks, extending her hand out over the console.

“Deal,” he says, shaking it, deciding to dead his extra for the moment.

“Right here is fine,” she says as they are stopped at the light.

“What? No, I can drop you at the front, it’s no big deal,” he says making the right like he intended to.

“No, stay back a bit. No dude wants to see they date leaving a car with another guy! That’s crazy,” she says making him stop.

“Maybe he should see this guy so he knows to not fuck up before I shoot him in the knee caps,” he says, leaning in as she gives him a hug and peck on the cheek before getting out.

“Thank You! I will call you when I’m done,” she says waving before turning to walk away.

“If you don’t feel safe, call me before then Deaysha,” he shouts from the window.

“Okay, okay, Bye!” she says shoeing him off, which he ignores, waiting to see her get in safely anyway. His mouth drops when he pulls up and sees what that lil nigglet Amir looks like. Oh Hell No!


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For sure! I’m gonna use Trevante!


Originally posted by osvaldrps


You stood there, your hands grasped on Tre’s shirt as kissed you. You attempted to push further into the kiss, to take over but Tre grasper your waist. He pressed into the kiss more, his tongue gliding over yours and causing you to melt. You let out a gentle sigh. Your eyes fluttered open as he pulled away. Tre smirked down at you while you grinned up at him. You gently release his shirt and smooth it out over his chest.

“Took you long enough…” You mumble and he laughs, tilting his head back and revealing is neck. Can a neck be sexy? Yes, it can because the proof is right in front of you. He leans back down, his eyes meeting yours as you run your hands over his shoulder blades, down to his chest and back up. “Yeah, I know. You needed to learn your lesson, though.” Your eyebrows rose as you leaned back to get a better look at him.

“My lesson?” Tre nodded, his fingers gliding under your shirt to gently caress your skin. “Yes, your lesson on patience. Understanding that everything is not in your control. If it were, you would have kissed me yourself.” You chuckled, rubbing his arms as he continued to speak. “You waited on me to make the first move, relinquishing your control just slightly. And I wanted to drag it out. I knew you’d get antsy.”

You giggled, shoving his shoulder as you moved out of his grasp. “That’s not true. I have plenty of patience.” Tre shook his head as he leaned against a post on your porch. “Nah, baby. You have no patience. Like that time I told you to wait a week to get that air fryer but you wanted it so bad. Then a week after you got it, it was a quarter of the price you bought it for?” You bit your lip, looking down at your shoes as Tre came closer to you.

“Or that time I was washing the dishes and because I didn’t do it in the system you had set up you threw a tantrum and decided to do it yourself.” Tre gently grasped your hand and tilted your head up, a gentle smile on his face. You chuckled softly and bit your lip as you wrapped your arms around his waist. “Okay, so maybe I am a little controlling and hard headed…”

“A little?” You smack Tre’s chest and he smiled harder, pulling you closer before burying his nose in your hair. “You’re a lot of things, Y/N. You’re intelligent, focused, resilient, stubborn, hard headed, all of the above honestly. And sometimes I think I couldn’t possibly love you more. Then I spend another day with you and…I’m proven wrong. Just let me be who I’m trying to be for you. You have your systems and I have mine. Making you wait for something you wanted so badly and putting in a position to be patient is my system.”

You sighed gently, looking up to him before kissing his cheek. “Alright, handsome. You’re right and I’m sorry. I just…having control makes me feel safe.” Tre nods and gently cups your face. “I know, baby. But you have me now. Let me be your safety. Put your trust in me.” You smile, tilting your head. “I do trust you, and I’ll try every day to make sure you know.”

Tre licked his slightly chapped lips before pulling you into another kiss. “Come on, let’s get inside before it gets cold.” You smile and lead him inside, shutting the door behind you both while relishing in his presence and love.

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My heart! Thank you so much, I’ve been reading your fics too and siiiiis, you are PHENOMENAL!! 


Originally posted by peteharry


“Just do it man…ask her out!” Trevante muttered under his breath as he watched you, his long time crush, talking to you African American Studies professor. Your smile was bright and your dark curls were pulled on top of your head in a large puff. You had golden hoop earrings hanging from your ears, you looked comfortable, yet chic, in your tailored jeans and cream colored sweater. Tre gulped lightly as he saw your legs shift, your maroon, heeled boots catching his eye and no, he wasn’t admiring how nice your legs looked. He wasn’t doing that at all.

The dark skinned manned scratched the back of his neck, taking a deep breath as he continued to eye you. It wasn’t until you started to turn around, heading towards where he was standing, that he began to panic. He frantically looked around, trying to find somewhere to go but it was too late. “Hey, Tre!” You spoke, your glossed lips pulled into an even bigger smile and he nearly fainted. He blinked before clearing his throat, waving back awkwardly. “H-hey, Y/N. Um, how was your uh…your lecture? How’d that go.” His lips pulled into a straight line as he resisted the urge to slap himself.

You chuckled, tilting your head as you adjusted the books in your hands. “It was really interesting. We discussed the Tulsa Massacre, aka the Bombing of Black Wall Street. I think you would have really enjoyed it.” You grinned at him and he nodded thoughtfully, nearly making heart eyes at you. He had to avert his gaze as he slipped his hands in his pockets. “I’ll definitely have to sit in on that one day.” He spoke as he smiled, obviously nervous. You giggled and placed your hand on his arm. “Just let me know. I’ll be sure to save you a seat, love. Well. I better get going. I’ll see you around, Tre.”

You began to walk away but Tre gently grasped your wrist, causing you to turn around. “Is everything alright, Tre?” You spoke, your eyebrows furrowing in worry and Trevante swooned at your immediate reaction to check on him. “Yeah, Yeah. I’m fine…I just. Okay, listen, we’re friends, right?” You nod, smiling gently. “Of course, we are.” Tre nodded and gently grabbed your other hand. “Well, I don’t want to be friends anymore…” he spoke, his eyes gentle until he saw your confusion. His eyes widened as he felt you try to pull your hands away. “Wait, no! That’s not what I meant. Who wouldn’t want to be your friend?”

“Apparently, you?” you spoke, eyes lighting up in even more confusion. “No, oh my god. I swear that’s not what I meant.Yes, I want to be your friend but I also want to sleep with you.” You scoffed pulling your hands away as Tre began panicking, this was not going how he wanted it to. You began to walk away and he immediately rushed in front of you, his hands up to get you to stop walking. “No, no! Y/N, I am so sorry! That is not what I meant. Yes, I want to sleep with you but not in that way! Just…oh my god.”

You looked at him, shifting your weight to one leg. You looked irritated and Tre nearly withered at the look on your face. “I don’t know what you’re getting at, Tre. If you have something to say then just say it.” Tre sighed and took a deep breath. “I wanna take things to another level with you so please, go on a date with me? Even though I’m positive I butchered the fuck out of this uh…proposal?” You looked at Tre, tilting your head before grinning. “You’re such a dork.”

Tre chuckled as you shifted your books. “Of course, I would love to go out with you.” Tre grinned, lovestruck as ever as you leaned up to kiss his cheek. “You have such a way with words, by the way.” Tre laughed as he walked with you out to your car. “I can’t help it. Every time I see you it’s like my brain shuts off.” You nod as you unlock your door, throwing your books into the passenger seat before turning around. “ I bet. You didn’t even suggest a date and time for that date.” Tre’s eyes widened for what felt like the thousandth time that day. “Oh shit, I–” He was cut off by your hand covering his mouth. “I’ll see you Saturday, at 5.” You kissed his cheek again before getting in your car. He nodded, grinning like a schoolboy. “Yes ma’am.” 

You chuckled and put on your seatbelt before pulling off. Tre watched your car drive away, still in awe of you before his face fell. “Did she mean AM or PM?…Wait, why the fuck would she mean AM, dumbass?”

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Log Cabin And A Brewing Fire Part IX (Trevante Rhodes x Reader)

Pairing: Nebraska Williams (Trevante Rhodes x Reader)

Word Count: 3133 (It was supposed to be 2k but I went waaaay over lol)

AN: Hi lovelies, I know I don’t really write anymore but this chapter was commissioned by one of my beautiful readers so I tried really hard to make this chapter great!

If you would like to catch up on any previous chapters please see my MASTERLIST. If you would like to be tagged please see my TAGLIST. If you would like to commission a fic yourself, please go HERE for prices + information.

Thank you so much and I really hope you guys enjoys this!!


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Sooo if I write a Trevante fic based off my current real life man would y’all read it? I wanna call it Naked. Preview, why not? 🤷🏾‍♀️👀


Originally posted by hoechlin

(Side Note: My man remind of Trevante really. And he inspires me sooo tell me what y’all think or not lol)

His fingers were electric, and the only reason I knew was because I was water. Every time he was around a I felt a surge of energy through me as if every nerve was alive. I sizzled with his currenct and radiated with a force unknown to me until that moment, I called that force hope. He was hope. I know, cheesy. One touch from a guy with brown eyes and my heart jolted with hope but it only took one touch to heal a woman of affliction. One touch is powerful. And no, I’m not saying he is holy.

“You’re doing well.” His playful voice is behind me. The weights were heavy but he had guided them… placing them on my shoulders. “When you lift, exhale.” His hand pressed firmly on my abdomen. What a fucking man.

He moved as if he had a purpose, every step intentional. I aspired to be like him, each step I took barely executed, barely with a purpose.

“Like this.” I done as directed feeling him behind me trying not to faint.

“Good job ma.” He smiled. I couldn’t see it but feel it in his tone.

Y’all interested or nah?

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Log Cabin And A Brewing Fire VIII

Pairing: Nebraska Williams (Trevante Rhodes) x Reader

Warnings: This is a SLOW BURN FIC. I’m going at what I believe is a realistic place via my perception. I know y’all want some steam but this is SLOW BURN. Please checkout my Masterlist for other works if you’re looking for a little raunchiness.


A/N: To everyone I trolled yesterday, April Fools! (Except it’s not April) I’m definitely finishing this series, just had to make y’all sweat a little bit 😂😘 If you haven’t caught up on the previous chapters, check them out here via MY MASTERLIST.

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Get Well Soon (Trevante Rhodes One Shot)


PAIRING: Trevante Rhodes + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: He wanted some space. But after coming down with a bad cold, Trevante realizes he needs you close again.

WARNINGS: Language

A/N:  My first go at our favorite #GodivaDaddy! Based on an anonymous request.



“You have to drink it, Tre. It’ll work faster than the pills.” You poured a tiny dose of Robitussin into the plastic cup, squinting your eye to make sure the measurement was just right.

Trevante whined and pouted, tissue stuffed into both nostrils. “But it’s nasty!”

“And you’re sick!” You mocked. “You can’t taste it anyway.”

“Can’t you do a spoon full of sugar like Mary Poppins or something?”



“Open your damn mouth, Trevante!”

He did, reluctantly, and you poured the cough syrup straight down his throat, making sure he swallowed every drop. Contrary to what you said, he could still taste it and he stuck his tongue out just to let you know how terrible it actually was. You kissed him his warm forehead and laughed.

“Yeah, I love you, too.”

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Officially reached the Gassed Level of making a Masterlist! Just a girl with (mostly naughty) dreams of thee Trevante fucking Rhodes! Enjoy Loves! If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know!



* = SMUT and Scandalousness


Originally posted by wastelandgf

The PreParty: Boyfriend!Trevante makes it back in time to attend his girl’s charity event and after he sees her in that red dress, they just might end up having a party of their own! With appearances by Dom!Trevante!

Part 1

Part 2*

Part 3

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Part 5

Part 6*

Training: A little something playing with a friendship between Plus Size Reader and College!Trevante. What will happen after he offers to train her? When the mental meets the physical, will sparks fly?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Distractions: Dad!Trevante returning home from a month on set! Fillled with Amazingness! Do yaself a favor and just read it!

Part 1

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Part 3*

Part 4*

Night Owl: A little bit of Insomnia mixed with part sexual frustration added to a blend of College!Trevante’s freak late night antics, leaves Deaysha with a bit more than she bargained for! Check it out!

Part 1*

Part 2*

Part 3*

Part 4*

Part 5*

Part 6*

Part 7*

Part 8*

Part 9*

Part 10*

Part 11*

Part 12*

Part 13*

Lost Files*

Grown: This is a cute little slow burn type featuring Trevante and Deaysha as they navigate the joy and annoyances of adulthood responsibilities with a little fun on the side every now and then! Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Aphrodisiac: A Greek Mythology fic with none other than Daddy Vante! Enjoy!!

Part 1

Lonely Valentine: A Valentines day series with our favs! Enjoy!

Part 1

Showtime: What happens when your ex you haven’t seen in years pops up on set and you now have to work together and somehow coexist in the same space? Enjoy the drama and tension!

Part 1*


Combined Fics:

Food-4-All Masterlist

A combined fic with @twistedcharismaaa @soulfood-fics and @ghostfacekill-monger about a Grocery Store with Erik as General Manager and a plethora of fine men as love interests! You can bet your bottom dollar they’re selling more than groceries! Tune in for all the Drama!


Poetry/The Feels:

Dear Future Husband: Little love letters to my future husband. Enjoy!

September ‘19





Six Weeks:

Husband!Trevante finding out he is about to be Dad!Trevante!!

I Need You*:

Boyfriend!Trevante being the awesomest best supportive bf ever as reader is stressing. All the feels!


A freaky little thang between reader and Trevante the quiet stranger!

Green Eyed Monster:

Little something different with a smidge of spooky!

Too Fast

The hectic pace of life and his past coming to haunt him cause Trevante to go through it! Will it all work out or will it be as bad as the thinks it will be?

Babe, You Cold?

More of Dad!Trevante in his element! Love me some him! Enjoy!

Oh, You a Friendly Nigga?*

Babe gets mad at Trevante for being a little to friendly and scandalousness ensues!


Meet the friends, eat the food and indulge in the smutz! Such a great combination! Enjoy!

Stop Playing With Me*

Some office inspired smut nasty! Enjoy it!

Gimme Some Cover*

Late night bickering with bae!

The Letter

Soldier!Trevante writing home to his baby. Enjoy!


Deaysha calling Trevante at work feeling some kind of way!

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Cake prt. 3 (Trevante Rhodes x Reader)

A/N: Whats up! Back with another weekly update!! Sorry I know I was supposed to post this yesterday but I really had to edit so it’s a day late. If you haven’t read Part 1 or 2 please catch up on the entire Dadvante! Series via my Masterlist

Disclaimer: Yeah I actually don’t know anything about Trevante Rhodes, his mother, or if he even has siblings. This is all fictionalized and no actual research about this man or his family was done prior to writing this.





Diane (Malik’s Girlfriend):


Jaime (Trevante’s Brother):


Mama Leigh (Trevante’s Mother):



“You two spoil him.”


“It’s too much responsibility for him.”

“He’s a good kid.”

“Yes, he is a good kid but this is too much.”

“Not too much for us. Financially it wouldn’t put us in a bad place so why would we ever limit our kid?”

“To keep him safe! What if he got in a car reck!?”

“He could get in one of those in the car with me. Or Tre. At least this way he’ll have his independence.”

“What if-

“Look, mom, I didn’t call to talk about his gift, I came to tell you that his birthday dinner is going to be this Tuesday and we’ve already picked a restaurant and a time.” You had been on the phone with your mother for only 10 minutes and she had already gotten on your nerves to no end.

“Oh you booked a restaurant? He’s having a party?” She asked.

“No it’s just a family dinner plus his girlfriend and that way he can have all the fun he wants with his friends when the weekend hits.” You said waving to your husband who just entered the house.

“Okay okay, me and your father will be there.” She said and you sighed in relief. Why did everything have to be pulling teeth with her?

“Thanks mom, Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.” You hung up and rubbed your eyes. Well at least that was over.

“They set for Tuesday?” Tre said coming out of the kitchen chomping on celery.

“Yeah, your folks?” You said getting up and wrapping your arms around his neck to hang on him.

“Yep, called them yesterday.”

“Great,” you said closing your eyes.

“You think we’re doing too much getting him a car?” You mumbled into his chest.

“Baby, we got him the safest car out there. And it’s electric so we’re saving the environment too. A lot of planning went into it, dont over think it right before the finish line.” He laughed and you immediately felt your mind go at ease. He always knew how to calm you down when you felt yourself getting worked up.

“Do 16 year old boys even like to drive Hydroelectric cars?’” you asked, cocking your head back to look at your man.

“It’s a brand new model fresh off the lot, he better love to drive it,” Tre chuckled. You leaned up to kiss him but could only reach his colorbone due to your height. He lifted you up, allowing you full access to his lips and neck. Right as you began gnawing at his jugular, the two of you paused at the sound of a growl coming from below. You both looked down to see Malik’s pit bull, Cujo, growling on the floor, warning Tre to put you down. He obliged and you bent over to gather the midsized pooch in your arms. He seemed to purr the second you picked him up and held him in your arms, his tail flailing back and forth with joy.

“Can’t believe he likes you best after you were the one against getting him.” Tre scoffed.

“He can recognize the leader of the pack, can’t he? Yes he can,” you cooed, cuddling the dog like a newborn baby even though Cujo was way past his puppy days.


Tuesday was here and you were exhausted. You’d been hearing it about one thing or another by your mother and Tre’s Mother since you got here. Tre’s little brother kept flirting with the waitress’ and you were about to kick him out. Malik and his girlfriend seemed to be enjoying themselves, feeding each other off their plates while the while Malik’s other friends teased them. Meanwhile your combined families seemed to find one thing or another to fuss about all throughout the evening.

“I’m just saying I don’t entirely agree with allowing him to go off so far for school. I know college is still two years away but he’s an only child.” Mama Leigh, Tre’s mother, said.

“He’ll be fine. We sent this one off the second she got that acceptance letter and she turned out just fine.” Your daddy said gesturing to you.

“Well not every case is the same, besides she-“

“Time for cake!” You said ending the conversation. The last thing you wanted was your parents and Tre’s getting into it. It seemed there was only one thing they could ever agree on and it was that they wanted more grand babies. You were not about to have that discussion again and was ready to just get the night over with. Plus, the sooner you served the cake meant the sooner you could get to presents.

One Birthday song, followed of course by the infamous Stevie Wonder version, later and it was finally time for gifts. You let Malik’s girlfriend give him her gift first, followed by Jaime, Tre’s mother, you and Tre’s more mundane gifts (sneakers, video games, etc.) when finally the only thing left was the grand finale.

“Alright is that everyone? Great! So Malik, me and your father have been doing a lot of thinking an-“

“Wait where is Dad? And Grandpa?” Malik asked and the room went silent. You knew where Tre was: pulling the car around and slapping the biggest bow on the hood imaginable, per your request of course.

“He’ll be back in a minute. As I was saying, we-“

“Um, Y/N-“ Tre said rushing back inside.

“One second-“

“This really can’t wait, we have a problem.”

“With the, um, thing?” You said trying to be discreet. You did have the entire room’s eyes on you.

“Um, yeah, you might wanna step outside real quick.” You could tell by the look on Tre’s face it was something bad. Real bad.

“Why don’t we all step outside!” Your mother said cheerfully.

“NO!” You and Tre said in unison.

“Watch your tone, you two. We’re going outside, that’s final. Come, Malik,” she said rising from her seat. Malik hopped up excitedly, the rest of the party getting up as well following him.

“Who’s in charge here?” You asked exasperated. You rushed out with your husband and your jaw immediately dropped to the floor.

Parked right next to you and Trevante’s gift to Malik was a brand new cherry red Dodge Charger complete with a fresh set of rims and neon lights illuminating the underside of the vehicle and the interior.

“What the-“

“Happy Birthday Malik!” Your parents chimed in unison tossing him the keys. Malik was having an absolute fit of excitement bouncing up and down while hugging his grandparents. He then ran over and hopped in the car, immediately revving the engine.

“B-But But we-“ you were in a complete state of shock as Trevante rubbed your lower back, trying to calm you down.

“I know, baby” Tre grumbled, kissing the said of your forehead.

“They stole our thunder,” you whined.


“I didn’t even get to say my speech,” you said in a watery voice, the tears beginning to well in your eyes.

“Hey hey hey, it’s still the little man’s birthday, no tears where he can see em. You wanna go inside?” Tre asked cupping your face.

“No, no. I’ll be okay.” You composed yourself, while Tre rubbed your arms, effectively calming you down but you couldn’t deny you were hurt. Your mother knew you were getting him a car and she’d turned around and done this anyway. It was probably why she’d been so adamant about talking you out of it in the first place.

“Aye what’s this other car here with the bow?” One of Malik friends asked.

“Ughhh….?” Malik looked over to where you and Tre were standing.

“Suprise….” you said dully.

“It’s for me?” He asked, confused.

“Yeah, we see we weren’t the only ones with this gift idea,” Tre chuckled, tossing him the keys.

“Damn, Lik, yo folks got you two whips?! And both them bitches brand new? Oh y’all got MONEY money!” One of his friends exclaimed, clamping him on the shoulder.

“Forreal,” Diane smirked.

“I don’t know what to say….” Malik said looking at the keys.

“You don’t have to say anything, go take it for a spin,” Trevante winked and you elbowed his side.

“He doesn’t have his license yet,”

“He can go get it tomorrow, c’mon baby let him have some fun,” Tre smiled showing you all them pretty ass teeth and you knew you couldn’t say no.


Later on that night at home, you and Trevante were sipping wine in the kitchen while Malik was putting away the rest of his gifts that could actually fit inside the house. Tre was seated across from you, giving you a foot massage that was out of this world while you downed your second glass that night.

“You really think he enjoyed today?” You asked for what had to be the third time since the dinner party ended.

“Lil man had a blast. You saw him earlier, he couldn’t stop smiling the whole rest of the night,” Tre was right, of course, but you always needed the extra reassurance.

“I’m gonna kill my mother next time I see her,” you said mundanely. Just because you were happy your son enjoyed his birthday did not mean she was off the hook.


“Okay okay I’ll settle for never talking her again,” you took another swig of wine.

“Mom… Dad…,” Malik came down the stairs and entered the kitchen. You could tell by his pajamas and sleepy expression he was ready for bed. He was even wearing his new Yeezy’s Trevante had just gifted him, having already vowed earlier he was never gonna take them off.

“Lik Lik…” you reached for your son and he came and sat in your lap like when he was a little kid, only this time he was much heavier. Your feet were still sprawled across Trevante’s thighs so they were really the ones supporting this whole arrangement. He was strong enough to take it though. Hell he was strong enough to pick you, Malik and Cujo up if he wanted to.

“I came down to tell you guys thank you for the car, and my birthday in general,” he yawned, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. Sometimes you didn’t know who was the bigger baby, him or Cujo.

“Your welcome. After all you only turn 16 once.” You smiled. “But you know you’re not keeping both those cars right?”

“Grandpa said legally you couldn’t make me choose,” Malik said, already half asleep.

“Whose the lawyer, me or Grandpa? Plus legally speaking, until your license is acquired and you’re insured, you’d be driving any vehicle unlawfully.” Your words fell on deaf ears as Malik was already fast asleep.

“Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital,” Trevante said, looking at the two of you with nostalgia in his eyes.

“He’s growing like a weed,” you smiled and ruffled his hair. “A weed that’s getting pretty heavy, can you take him? And please remove those ridiculous shoes when you put him down.”

Trevante chuckled as he took his sleeping son from you and began carrying him to his room before stopping and turning at the base of the stairs.

“Aye, meet me in bed in five minutes.”

“What for?” You asked, stretching.

“You been working hard coordinating all this, thought I might show a little gratitude. Love on my baby,” he winked, heading back upstairs.

You had to pick your jaw up off the floor for the second time tonight. You poured yourself another glass of wine, knowing it was about to go straight to your nether regions which were already buzzing with excitement. You knew it was about to be a long night, because when Trevante was feeling a special type of grateful, he could eat it for hours. You found yourself humming as you strolled up the stair grinning ear from ear.


A/N: sorry I had planned on dropping this weeks ago but life kept getting in the way. Hope y’all enjoyed this and let me know what y’all think!

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Warnings: swearing, light (i can not stress this enough) very light smut. Like it’s so light, i don’t even know why i included it in the warnings.

“You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Boy, don’t you know you can’t escape me?
Ooh, darling, ‘cause you’ll always be my baby” - Mariah Carey


Originally posted by haidaspicciare


When Trevante broke up with you, you didn’t react the way he expected you to. You didn’t get mad and cuss him out. You didn’t get sad and you didn’t cry, begging for him to reconsider. You did something he did not see coming at all.

You laughed.

Yes indeed you laughed. You laughed so hard in his beautiful, serious face. He began to fear that you were crazy and probably gonna say some cryptic shit along the lines of “if I can’t have you, no one can.” But you didn’t. He thought the laugh was out of sarcasm but he was wrong. You looked him dead in the eyes and spoke:

“Go ahead and leave. You’ll be back.”

At these words, Trevante was stunned. He’s been through enough break-ups to know they always end in tears and avoiding your ex as much as possible. How are you laughing? You must think this is a joke.

“This is not a joke, Y/N. I’m serious.”

“So am I, baby boy. You wanna leave…” You stepped aside, giving your now ex-boyfriend a good view of the front door. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out but please wipe your feet when you come back because you will come back.”

Keep reading

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Just A Lil Something Before The Album (Trevante Rhodes x Reader)

Pairing: Trevante Rhodes x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: At The End Compadres 😁🥰✌🏾


Originally posted by adventureadddict


“TreeeeeeAAAY AHH,” you moaned and he chuckled softly in your ear. You were laying directly on top of him, your back pressed against his chest.

He was rubbing quick, intentional circles into your clit with one hand while the other held his hard member, which he was slapping across your opening.

You were creaming all over him, creating the perfect setup for him to slide right into you.

“Shiiiiiiiiit,” he moaned. You clenched around him and felt him shutter beneath you.

You began to grind against him but he abruptly gripped your hips, stopping the motion.

“What are you doing?” You whined, struggling to move against him.

“I’m just…. getting warm…. inside of you,”

“You’re what? Boy stop playing with me,” you tried wiggling from his grasp again, this time with twice the vigor to no avail. His hands went from gripping your hips to wrapping his arms around your soft middle to still you. He had you in a deadlock and you knew it.

“Calm down, baby. You feel that?” He moaned and you understood exactly what he was talking about. His growth was pulsating inside you, your walls clenching and unclenching around him. It only served to put you in more of a rush, your orgasm within arms reach.

“I know I know, but you’ve got to give me something Tre,” your clit was aching in want, swollen and begging to be at his mercy. You felt your eyes flutter the second he returned his attention to it.

You could feel yourself teetering on the edge of release but you just weren’t getting what you need. You needed him pounding your walls into oblivion but he wouldn’t. He was just sitting there inside you warming his big ole dick, not even putting it to use.

“Trevante, come on,” you were squirming on top of him and he kissed your shoulder.

“Alright, Alright,” he sighed sliding out of you. You rolled off of him and moved to straddle him when he stood up from the bed. He located his boxers on the floor, pulling them up.

“Um, where do you think you’re going?” You asked incredulously.

“To make breakfast,” he said nonchalantly.

“After all that you just gonna “go make breakfast’?” you mocked.

“Just wanted to be inside you before we start the day,” Trevante chuckled, leaning over to give you a kiss on the forehead. He then left the room and you were a hundred different levels of mad and confused.

“Before we start th- NIGGA GET BACK HERE AND FUCK ME!” You yelled after him.


A/N: lol yeah so I was in the white part of the marvel fandom the other day and stumbled on this thing called “Cock-Warming” and this just pretty much wrote itself. It was originally for Log Cabin and a Brewing Fire But I felt like this Reader was a little too out of character considering how timid LCaaBF Reader is so I flipped it to Tre. Hope y’all liked it!!!

Taglist: @chaneajoyyy yy @queen-of-the-jabari @queennanayaa @clydevevo @queennanayaa @chaneajoyyy @killmongerthiskoochie hie @theunsweetenedtruth@blackgirloneshots @blmforeal @erikkillmongerstan @jozigrrl @quietstorm-73 3 @sailorsenshi420 @wakandamama@mxearth@chefjessypooh @macfizzle @chasingsunlight @dameshaemonique @rubiesandravens @raysunshine78 @melaninmarvel rvel l @melanisticroyalty @softnani @vibranium-soul @itstaliaduh @cinki-the-black-goddess @thehomierobbstark @darkangelchronicles @bartierbakarimobisson @doublesidedscoobysnacks @blackpinup22 @tchokemedaddy @clydevevo @amirra88 @labelletemps @wawakanda-btch @supersizemeplz @purple-apricots @musicloveand-pride @babygirlofwakanda @laketaj24 @itstaliaduh @sailorsenshi420 @scentedclodauthorhairdo
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