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It’s not fun, it wasn’t funny or romantic in the other cartoons and terrible rom coms, it won’t be funny or romantic now

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Ooooo wow okay 


The one I’m a little more nervous about is definitely Age of Ultron because although it’s only the second Avengers movie, a lot has happened in between 2012 and 2015 for Alex (No spoilers lmao) and I just really want to do the team dynamic justice now that they’ve all had their time apart to adjust to the idea of being in a team and the interpersonal relationships as a whole!

I cannot wait to start Arc 4/Civil War because there are some Plans and Honey, there’s a big storm coming for Alex’s personal relationships with Tony, Steve and the introduction of Peter ;)

On the lowest of keys, I’m a little nervous about Natasha, tbh. Like I love her and I have nothing against her, I just don’t want to do her dirty yk? There’s a big ol’ grey area to fumble my way through with her personality and her as a member of the team, and I just don’t want it to devolve into a catty relationship between her and Alex because female relationships in this kind of genre are overlooked imo!

And I can’t begin to describe just how excited I am to bring Peter into this! The possibilities are endless because he’s just a smol boi! I’m pretty sure Alex initially refers to him solely as Spidey-Kid just because he’s so young in comparison, but! Iron Siblings! This has been one of the big reasons I’m excited about the events post-CW and it’ll become more apparent when we get there 😁

Thank you!

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If the episode is out I haven’t seen it, but I’ve seen images of Robo Fizz’s “Fizza” place so eh. Robo Fizz is so unnecessarily detailed and you wouldn’t figure out he was a robot simply from design.

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Like in my experience when I subbed him before (yes I subbed him when I was a way younger) I was just having a good time, eating a bowl of grapes. When he typed in the thing he did I was like “you can’t be serious. That’s bad. You’re just joking, right?”

And then when I saw he actually did make those non-English speakers write that I was in complete shock.

Like, do you ever just nervously chuckle? Like you think “this is really fucked up, I shouldn’t be chuckling.” And that’s probably the first time I ever unsubscribed from someone so fast because of a video.

I haven’t watched any other video of his since then and I even skipped over Jacksepticeye playing Minecraft with him because I refused to look at that fucker before just completely unsubscribing from Jack all together.

That shits so fucked up… if I knew any of my long time friends did something like that I simply wouldn’t want to be associated with them, unless they changed and stopped doing shit like this (in this case, he didn’t so fuck him) so I’m still surprised people still be around him even after that, second the fact that SHOOTINGS happened where his little gamer name is plastered on there.

Like???? This guy is full of bad karma I can’t even follow a ton of YouTubers because they still associate with this fucking nazicuck.

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Oh, yeah, I totally get it! I try to tag this stuff as not Hazbin so people can just look at the rest of things that are Hazbin but that tag isn’t perfect so… eh.

I’m getting a lot of asks that are about Pewdiepie so let me skim through those before I go back to Hazbin stuff!!

But before I do that, tinyyy update on People Like Us! I’m sorry that’s taking so long, I have school, plus I’m trying to work on another novel of my own characters! But here’s a tiny update anyway.

Neil tries to be as helpful as possible, but a bit annoyingly so! He’s trying his best.

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Ooh thanks for asking! 

 6: Why Are You Here - Machine Gun Kelly 

10: Crush Culture - Conan Gray 

24: Express Yourself - N.W.A 

41: Panama - Van Halen 

67: Original Me - YUNGBLUD ft. Dan Reynolds 

99: Barracuda - Heart 

 I hate that this is incredibly telling of how varied my music taste is. I’m an eclectic bitch and I don’t give a dimma-damn lmao

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✨listen✨ there is a Lot that I have planned to develop between these two super idiots, but, having said that, I am definitely looking forward to the fact that their relationship isn’t just an overnight thing yk? Like they have a couple of years of development to go through before they finally realise they’ve Caught The Feels™ for each other.

Genuinely though I think it might be the interpersonal relationship - who they are outside of Avenging and saving the world, who they are as people without the uniforms 😅 which is taking some effort to get written but I promise it’ll be worth it 😁✌🏻

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Thank you so much, I needed to hear this tonight

It’s just that my family AND my boyfriend’s family don’t want to deal with my emotions

Every time I get depressed, I’m “Causing Drama” and I “need to suck it up” and everyone leaves me and it makes me even more depressed to the point where I want to hurt myself again

And I’m sitting here feeling like I can’t even go to a therapist because I’m afraid they aren’t going to want to deal with me even though that’s their job

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see that food right there?? that food you’re afraid of?? guess who would want you to eat that food? would tell you that you need to nourish yourself?


eat as much as your heart desires! it’s what persephone would want ❤️

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[Yea, she does. She’s actually the first one among the Drivendyve siblings to steal EGO she wasn’t prepared for. I’m not exactly sure how she deals with it, or how to explain it, but I’ll… get around to it. I’ve already made a massive amount of images and done a lot of really hard thinking today… I might need a little reminder.]

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thank you!! <333 and yeah it took me almost three weeks to draft them out, and i squeezed in time to finish it while doing my assignments. it’s one of my good pieces so far, i think. link is here

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