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#jaime reyes

Si….. Finalmente 1ro de abril

Mi cumpleaños

y bueno gracias a la cuarentena estoy sola asi que hice este dibujo de algunos chicos de young Justice en una banda de Rock

espero que les guste


Yes ….. Finally April 1st

My birthday

and well thanks to the quarantine I am alone so I made this drawing of some young Justice guys in a Rock band

hope you like

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irey and jai at a flashfamily dinner?



Gang’s all here! Linda and Wally on the end playing a game of who can sit like that the longest


Irey laughing at Bart and Jaime’s argument on who saved who’s life first


Jaime having none of his husband’s nonsense. Donny and Dawn discussing the lastest in news, and Donny’s showing he is his mother’s son.


Dawn’s done with Donny


Barry and Iris looking at their family like “WTF did we think this was a good idea?????”


“Bart, you cannot challenge your husband to a death battle.”

“I mean, Uncle Bare, wouldn’t you say marriage is just a game of ‘here’s hoping you die before me?’“

“Jeez, Jai, Lian got real lucky dating you, didn’t she?”

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Jaime Reyes/Adime/Adi for the arcana prompt? (Which ever you are comfortable doing, i just couldn't decide on one but also didn't want to spam you lmao)

The Star: puddle, reflection, hope, serenity, lack of faith

Word count: 318

Hey please come spam me anytime, ask literally give me dopamine! Hope you like this one💕


Rain covers the world behind her window in grey and for a moment, everything Adi can hear are the soft splatters of the droplets hitting the ground. It smells of earth and she sighs, closing her eyes and letting her forehead rest against the cold glass.

Jaime brings his own little storm inside the house and Adi glares at the trail of puddles he leaves in his wake towards her. Someone will have to clean that later.

“Couldn’t you at least close the door?” It sounds harsher than she intended, but it was that or letting nerves leak into her voice.

He runs a hand through his hair and steps forward, too eager to notice the way Adi’s eyes travel down to the shirt clinging to his chest. She feels her face heating up.

“Come on!” Jaime calls, his palms cold against hers.


He tugs at her hand one more time, impatient. They rush out the door and

rain gives her an enthusiastic welcome, soaking her from head to toe.

She sees herself reflected in a big puddle, one of Jaime’s arms wrapped around her waist and the other cradling her face. For a moment, Adi hopes he leans close enough for her to smell his cologne. Her stomach does a flip and she squeezes her eyes shut.

“Even with all this rain, you’re hot,” Jaime whispers.

Adi opens her eyes to find Jaime’s focused on hers, noses almost touching. He brushes her hair back and licks his lips and Adi has to clear her throat to stop her heart from bursting out of her chest.

“This is my natural body temperature, I don’t see how rain can affect it.”

Jaime stifles a giggle and Adi joins him, her past cluelessness bringing good memories.

“Can I,uh,” Jaime scratches the back of his head and looks down. “Can I kiss you?”

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Bueno como siempre trayendo un nuevo dibujo ^^ tarde unos días pero es normal cada uno aveces tarda en especial si quiero adelantar algunos

en esta ocasión decidí hacer uno donde Jaime lleve a Bart aun parque para mostrarle que tan hábil es en el Skate

claro no podia faltar algo de comida XD

espero que les guste


Well as always bringing a new drawing ^^ takes a few days but it is normal each one sometimes takes especially if I want to advance some

This time I decided to do one where Jaime takes Bart to a park to show him how skilled he is at Skate

of course you couldn’t miss some food XD

hope you like

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Blue Beetle by Fade31415

[image: a dc fanart showing Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle. He is crouched on the ground, one hand is touching the ground and the other has his spikey fingers out and he is summoning electricity. he’s smiling. the background is very dark and the only lightsource is the electricity he’s summoning and his slighlty glowing orange eyes. end image]

sometimes you just want to draw blue beetle

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g-d jaime is so full of love. he could never have defeated the reach without love. if he hadn’t bonded so quickly with traci and guy, if he hadn’t helped the posse, if he hadn’t built and maintained his relationship with la dama, if he hadn’t kept paco and brenda close to him, if he hadn’t told his family who he was, if peacemaker hadn’t taken him under his wing, if—most of all—he hadn’t befriended khaji da instead of trying to control hir, turning the tide with the reach through the power of his love and willingness to befriend and forgive… he never would have been able to do it. but he did.

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bffs by fade31415

[image: a DC fanart featuring Brenda Del Vecchio, Jaime Reyes, and Paco from Blue Beetle (2006). Brenda is wearing a pink t shirt and jeans, jaime is wearing a black t shirt, blue overshirt, and jeans, and paco is wearing a white sleeveless shirt and khaki cargo pants. they are standing together, jaime is in the middle and has one arm around each of his friends shoulder. jaime is smiling widely and showing his teeth and brenda and paco are both smiling and looking at him. end image]

i haven’t drawn these guys in so long…

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‘stay there. i’m coming there to get you.’ for any

Enjoy some Reyes sibling sweetness!


Jaime Reyes jerks awake to his phone’s annoying ringtone. Bart rolls over on his side of the bed, grumbling something about the time. Sitting up and yawning, he almost rolls his eyes when he sees his little sister’s name on the screen, “Mil?” 

“Jaime?” The fear in her voice shakes the sleep from his head. “I’m sorry, I know it’s late.”

“Milagro? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, kinda? I just got back from a mission and I was going to visit you two and–”

“Mil? Where are you?”

“I don’t know! I’m lost, Jaime!” Her voice breaks. 

Repiras, Milagro. De donde esta?”  he quickly pulls on a pair of jeans and shirt.

“I’m on the corner of 10th and Jefferson.”

Stay there. I’m coming there to get you.”  Hanging up the phone,  he kisses his still sleeping husband before running out the door. Milagro, for one, listened to him. He finds her less than ten minutes from his apartment. Her go bag still on her back as she runs to his arms. Even at 17, she’s still his kid sister. 

Lo siento.” She can’t look at him as he hugs her back. “I know I’m being ridiculous.”

“Mil, you’re allowed to get overwhelmed and scared.” He keeps an arm around her shoulders as they head back to his apartment. 

“I’ve fought aliens and being alone scared me…” 

“Honestly, having fought aliens too, I still get terrified at weird shit.” He smiles at her sister. “Just reminds me that I’m human. Y sigues siendo una mocosa.”

“Mejor ser una mocosa que un asno,” Milagro laughs, feeling braver with her brother’s distraction.

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ufs… finalmente termine me tomo mas tiempo del que pensaba, bueno para empezar me inspire en un fanfic de el cual se titula A sip of deception de bluepulsebluepulse.

yo no hablo ingles en realidad pero no hay muchos fanfic Bluepulse en español… así que uso un traductor para leer esos fanfic y este me gusto mucho

así que me hice este dibujo basándome en ese fanfic espero que a bluepulsebluepulse le guste 


ufs… finally finished it took me longer than I thought, well to start I was inspired by a fanfic from which is titled A sip of deception by bluepulsebluepulse.

I don’t really speak English but there aren’t many Bluepulse fanfices in Spanish… so I use a translator to read those fanfics and I really liked this one

so I made this drawing based on that fanfic I hope bluepulsebluepulse He liked me

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Alfred Pennyworth:

Bruce Wayne:

Dick Grayson:

Jason Todd:

Tim Drake:

Damian Wayne:

  • Cookies + Dick Grayson (fluff, comedy, a kid being a kid)
  • Quest + Roy Harper + Jason Todd (comedy, brotherly antics)
  • Great Dane (fluff)
  • Love + Bruce Wayne (fluff, soft batdad)
  • Annoying (fluff, romance)
  • Don’t post that + Dick Grayson (fluff, brotherly antics, slight romance)

Harper Row:

Wally West:

Roy Harper:

Jaime Reyes:

Conner Kent:


Barry Allen:

Bart Allen:

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I really hope you're still taking requests. Feel free to ignore me if you don't want to write this. No. 2 with bluepulse please, if you don't mind.

“And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.”

“How do you know he won’t betray you?”

“Are you sure that he’s really reformed?”

“What has he done to prove his loyalty?”

“How do you know he won’t betray you?”

Jaime was on Watchtower duty, even though judging by how the latest Star Wars had just come out, nobody was going to be attacking anywhere tonight. The villains and the heroes had an unspoken truce on the opening weekend of any movie this big.

So, naturally, what better to do than torture himself by watching interviews of the Team and the League where reporters asked about him?

Jaime got why they had to make it look like he was a villain they’d reformed, (so no other villains got any ideas about mind control) but that didn’t make it easy. There was always that little pause where whoever was being asked had to gather their thoughts, and Jaime always wondered if he really was worth the effort. He’d killed under the Reach’s influence. No heroes, no one he knew, but he’d killed.

The others would say it wasn’t his fault, but that didn’t make it easy, either.

So, he watched interview after interview, seeing his friends’ responses to whenever reporters asked about him.

The first one was with Wondergirl, and Cassie launched into a long-winded explanation that boiled down to how Blue Beetle was her friend and he regretted everything he did.

The second one was with Batman, shockingly, by some teenage aspiring journalist the Dark Knight had apparently decided to help out. The hero tersely said that if he wasn’t sure, Beetle wouldn’t be on the team.

The third one was with Nightwing, who simply said that Blue Beetle had risked his life to save Earth along with every other hero the day Kid Flash died, and he’d put his life on the line to save others plenty of times since then.

Jaime wasn’t sure how much that really proved, given how good real villains could be at fooling heroes.

And the fourth one… that was with Bart. It was one that Jaime had watched a million times, never quite understanding it.

He watched again as the reporter asked the question, watched as Bart tensed and stared directly into the camera in defiance. He didn’t hesitate at all.

“Blue Beetle might have hurt me in the past, but you’d be surprised to know that he’s saved me more than once since then. He’s one of the most empathetic people I know. He even asked me to do whatever it takes to stop him if he ever goes bad again. He’s made sure that we have contingencies against his powers and even once tried an experimental surgery to try to remove those powers, knowing the procedure could kill him. It doesn’t matter what he did in the past. Because he’s proved every day since I met the real him that he will never willingly betray the Justice League and the Team.”

Bart had suffered more than anyone at Blue Beetle’s hands and he was defending him that fiercely.

Truth be told… Jaime really didn’t know why.

“Hey, Blue, what are you—“

Jaime didn’t get time to turn off the monitor before the speedster saw it.

“What are you doing up here?” He asked, turning around to see his best friend, standing there with a worried look on his face.

“The Garricks are out on a date night. I figured you’d be up here all by your lonesome, but…” Bart’s voice trailed off for a second, “But I didn’t think you’d be doing this.”

Jaime laughed tiredly, “What? Proving to myself that the public still doesn’t trust me? Remembering that they probably shouldn’t?”

“It wasn’t you who did those things.”

“They don’t know that.”

“Do you want to tell them?”

Jaime figured his face must be pretty good, because Bart tried not to laugh as he came over to the computer.

“With this thing’s network, we could have reporters in a press conference before Batman or anybody could stop us.”

Jaime shook his head, “Bart, you know why we can’t.”

“I don’t care,” Bart insisted, “I’ve seen what this is doing to you—making everyone think you were bad. If you keep letting this eat at you, you’re going to be unfocused in fights and you’re going to get yourself killed.”

“I’ll be fine, Bart,” Jaime said, forcing a smile, “As long as you and our other friends know—“

“You’re still hurting!”

“If I tell people what really happened—“ Jaime broke off, realizing he’d started yelling at the speedster.

Maybe he didn’t know why he didn’t want to tell people. Maybe it was about how if he admitted what had happened to him, it meant it really happened. Maybe it was about how the League was right and if he admitted it to the public, his friends would be open to it happening to them.

Jaime took a deep breath, “I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand.”

“We can make them,” Bart insisted, “What’s important is that they know it wasn’t you.”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Jaime shot back, and he was surprised to find that he meant it.

What was really important to him was that… he kept wondering if he deserved his friends’ forgiveness. He really hadn’t been worrying about what the public thought of him.

He’d been worrying about what his friends thought, if they really believed he never meant to hurt them.

“I just want you to know who I am.”

Bart seemed up understand, pulling him into a hug.

“I do. Even if nobody else knows who you really are, I know.”

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