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#whumptober 2020

“The moment she saw movement, Crant darted up the hill. It only took seconds to reach her baby sister and drop to kneel in front of the sobbing girl. “I’ve got you, I’m here Tali, it’s okay-” Shaking, Tali’s hands blindly reached for her, as smoke curled away from her crackling skin.

Above them, a laugh rang out.

Despite clutching at her sister, Crant’s gaze lifted, and her inner wolfen snarled.”

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Fandom: Ace Attorney 

Characters: Franziska von Karma, Adrian Andrews

Notes: Years after T&T, Franziska and Adrian have found a comfortable married life balancing time at home and international travel. After a long day of work, Franziska knows she can return somewhere she and her wife can take it easy, whether it be in their own living room or a luxurious hotel suite. Tonight Adrian and sick!Franziska enjoy a lazy night watching TV. Franziska has mellowed out since T&T, but Adrian knows a few tricks that can get her acting a little more like her old self.

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Lost | Field Medicine | Medieval

Word count: 1617

Universe: Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones

Pairings: Fem!Harry/Robb Stark

Rating: M

Themes: …zombies? the red wedding… Violence… yeah that

Summary: Holly is relatively unsurprised to see the Frey with a knife heading her way. She’d expected something like that the moment Robb told her about the wedding. Guest rights promised they would go unharmed, but Holly was from a world where magic enforced guest rights and people still ignored them. All well, it’s probably a good thing she’d gone in well prepared to this so called ‘red wedding.’


Green eyes followed the path the man took. Watched him circle the back as a slow song started up from the side, the string instruments dancing lightly to an eerie tune.

Holly, quite blatantly, didn’t like this, and she liked that particular man even less.

“Robb,” Holly reached to the side and caught Robb’s hand with her own, the man was still moving, and his attention was on Holly. The feeling in her chest sank further with dread, and she tried to fall back on guest rights to relax, to fall back on the idea that had followed her from her homeland and remained within this world. Holly knew that no witch or wizard would break guest-rights, but those rights were backed by magic in her homeworld. Cursed was the best outcome of broken guest-rights, while a family feud was one of the more simple resolutions.

“Holly?” Robb was cheery, relaxed now that the wedding had gone off seemingly without a hitch. Robb was hopeful that he’d gotten his cake and was going to eat it too. That Robb had won her, and the Frey’s were still going to side with him despite the broken promise. Robb believed he would save his sisters; that this war would be theirs to win.

Holly was not so hopeful, this world was… violent, and Muggles ruled. People bickered, fought, killed, and raped, all the while, the cold grew stronger, and no one noticed. They couldn’t feel the deadly magic coming for them like Holly could. The common folk and the rich alike had no idea what was coming. That the dead were near constantly howling in her ears, that her teeth kept rattling, that magic was making her chest ache.

This world was dark.

But so was her homeworld.

“We need to leave,” Holly’s gaze locked on the man aiming toward her; she caught his eyes purposely, read his intentions, and knew. This was a trap. If they didn’t leave now, then they wouldn’t be leaving at all… well, she would. Holly was akin to those frozen beings; she would rise again as she always did. But Robb would not, and that was unacceptable. So, as Holly spoke, she placed her hand on Robb’s arm. She gripped him tight, resolved to take him with her, even if she had to leave everyone else behind.

“ROBB!” That was Catelyn, and while most of their people flinched to her scream, Holly was unsurprised.

Robb turned to look as his mother stood as she grabbed a steak knife to defend herself. Holly did not. She focused on the man gunning for her and her child and defended herself. She hurled her free hand out, vigilant, and a streak of green shot forth from her wand.  

The world was dark, and after so many years, Holly no longer pulled her punches.

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No. 20   Alt. 14 

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpees: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

Caregivers: Peter Parker

Title: The Barton Farm Battle

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO

Auntie Nat convinced Peter to go to Cooper’s birthday dinner, granting his wish to meet Spiderman. Peter autographed everything the kid wanted him to. He sang “Happy Birthday” and ate pizza and the amazing cake that Mrs. Barton baked. He played darts with Clint, colored pictures with Lila, and showed off his powers to an astounded Nathaniel, who immediately started searching the farm for spiders so he could be just like his new hero. Peter was in the barn, where Nathaniel was proudly showing off the family’s tractor, when the hairs on his arms suddenly stood on end. He grabbed Nathaniel and raced outside. Beyond the farm, the sun was close to setting.

Natasha was closest. She was sitting with Cooper on the porch, showing him how to use the Swiss Army knife she’d gotten him. Peter sprinted over and opened his mouth to say the codeword he’d been trained to use at Avengers Tower for such a situation. But – he couldn’t remember it. So, he just stood there while Nat, Cooper, and Nathaniel stared at him like he was crazy. “Strawberry pancakes!” he finally sputtered. “I mean… blueberry crepes. I mean… Raspberry waffles!”

Natasha’s cheeks paled. “That’s what you want for breakfast? I was thinking the same thing.” She smiled, stood up, and rubbed her upper arms. “Hey, Clint!”

“Yeah?” Clint called back from where he and Lila were practicing with a bow and arrow.

“Did you feel that breeze?” she asked him. “Gave me goosebumps.”

It was subtle, but Peter noticed Hawkeye stiffen. “Babe? Honey?”

Laura stuck her head out of the kitchen window. “Yeah?”

“That summer breeze gave Nat goosebumps. Maybe you could run downstairs and grab her a sweater.”

It was subtle, but Peter noticed Laura start to tremble. “Of course! And it’s getting dark, honey, how about you all come inside?”

“All right!” Clint took the bow from Lila and gestured for her to head into the house. He sauntered over to the porch where Nat stood with Peter, Cooper, and Nathaniel. “Coop, take Nate inside, will you? It’s past his bedtime, anyway.” The three Avengers stood listening to the movement inside the house. Peter heard a door open, heard Laura talking nonchalantly about heading to the basement to grab a popsicle, heard several pairs of feet go down a flight of stairs, and then he heard a louder, heavier door open and close.

Clint’s phone chimed. He read a text that Peter saw was from Laura. “We’re in.”

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Holy SHIT bois we’re 2/3 the way done I’m going to be honest I definitely did not think I would make it this far!!

I have a very special treat for you all, and that’s a VERY whumpy fic today, and it’s, wait for it, over 5k words long!! Woohoo!

Come check out Cut the Deck - AppalachianApologies for all your whumped Spencer needs! :D

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That’s an awesome prompt! I think what I can do is work in the migraines + them getting worse into an upcoming whumptober fic!

I was stuck on how to make a particular plan of mine actually angsty/whumpy so this idea helped with that!

Also hbsbshsj ‘talk to real humans’ makes it sound like you’re trapped somewhere with no human contact. Everything okay?? Quarentine issues? 🥺 I’m here for all your asks and CM ideas even if I can’t write all of them.

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Lost | Field Medicine

Setting: Cadeverse

Continuity: Head Wind AU (continued from “Don’t Move” and “Field Medicine,” Whumptober 2019)

Whumplet by @adrenaline-whump


Trying to sneak away from somewhere is harder than sneaking up to it. As soon as our former hosts noticed we were gone, they’d swarm the woods. So we had to move fast, but slow enough to avoid the patrols we knew would be out here. The night air smelled like rain, and we crossed our fingers that it would show up soon, to make tracking us that much harder.

Donnie was in front. As he veered left around a rock, a patch of leaves went click. I barely had time to recognize it before Donnie hurled himself forward, somersaulting over a downed tree trunk like an acrobat.


“Come on,” he whispered urgently. “We need to book it. That’s the same kind of sensor we tripped before.”

“Hold on,” I said as he turned back the way we’d been going. “If they draw a line between the compound and here….”

“We don’t want to be on that line,” he agreed. We turned south.

At least, we thought we did. We went ninety degrees from our former direction, but…hell, I don’t know. It was dark, and cloud cover blocked out the stars. Once we were far enough away from our original trajectory, we turned east-ish again.

Donnie’s hand flashed up in the darkness. I stopped in my tracks.

We listened. Nothing; not a breath of wind, not one creaking branch.


We weren’t moving. Someone else was.

Donnie and I moved apart and dropped down to the ground. As dark as it was, they’d have to straight trip over us to find us. And if they did, hopefully they’d only step on one of us.

They were good. The rustles could have been animals, but another twig snapped, closer. I caught a shadow of movement before I closed my eyes. Don’t look at them; eyes are reflective. I decided I’d grab the first foot that hit me and trip the guy. Break his knee if I could. After that…fight and pray, I guess. It would fall out however it did. Two guys, maybe three in the patrol. They sounded like they were right on top of me.

They passed me by inches. I held my breath. If they tripped over Donnie…

The rustles got farther away, and farther, until I couldn’t hear them any more.

We stood up, in my case a little shakily. That had been too damn close. Donnie pointed at my arm, where the wire had slashed me, and I noticed that the improvised bandage was coming loose. Awesome. My whole forearm felt like it was on fire already, but there was no sense in letting it bleed a trail straight to us. I let him tighten down the fabric, and kept a lot of cuss words behind my teeth.

He looked around like he was ready to go, but he didn’t move off. He turned in a slow circle, scanning the woods, then leaned toward me to breathe a question.

“What direction did we come in?”

My turn to look around. Trees, trees, and more trees.


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So, I basically set this fic in BBC’s Merlin, minus any of the actual characters. Any fellow fans out there? Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to do for today’s prompt for a while before this idea came to me, then I got to spend an afternoon researching. ;) Hope you enjoy!

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Day 20 - Medieval

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Warnings: restraints, death mention, torture, dislocation, broken bones, mild blood, mild gore

The city of Prakkus was stuck in medieval times. At first, they thought it was just the architecture, which really did look like a citadel straight out of the Earth Middle Ages. Lance, Hunk, and Pidge had started in on the “dragons and knights in shining armor” comments right off the bat, which Keith had listened to with silent amusement. 

Then they actually got inside, and the natives - a pink-skinned, mostly humanoid race that called themselves Dornads - were all dressed in long gowns, tunics, and robes. It really did look like they had stepped into the pages of a history book. Even Keith caught himself looking around in awe at everything, and the Garrison trio’s commentary just became even more animated. 

It wasn’t until later, though, that they’d realize just how stuck in the medieval era these people were. Not until they were greeting King Uster and discussing an alliance, and Pidge brought up a holographic screen from her gauntlet, and the throne room exploded with shouts of treason.

Not until they were being accused of sorcery and dragged down deep below the castle, into a real-life dungeon lit only by torches along the walls and guarded by Dornads wearing polished armor.

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Fandom: K.ingdom H.earts

Characters: V.exen, M.arluxia

Pairing: N/A

Warnings/Notes: I don’t remember anything about K.H lore and I think that’s very sexy of me

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