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#writeblr tag games
Get-to-Know-the-Writer Ask Game
A: Does writing energize or exhaust you?
B: What’s your writing kryptonite?
C: Do you use your real name or a pseud?
D: Do you tend to write what you want, or what your readers want?
E: What other writers are you friends with?
F: Do you prefer to write stand-alones or series?
G: If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?
H: What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel? 
I: What’s your writing spirit animal?
J: How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
K: How many hours a day do you write? Days per week?
L: How do you select the names of your characters?
M: Are you primarily a writer? Or do you consider it a secondary career?
N: Do you hide secrets/easter eggs in your books?
O: What types of scenes are hardest for you to write?
P: What’s your biggest writing flaw?
Q: Do you have a specific process for writing?
R: What’s your writing set-up like?
S: How long does it take you to finish your first draft?
T: Do you believe in writer’s block?
U: Do you want to be/are you professionally published or self-published?
V: How would you feel if your story turned into a movie?
W: Are you a planner or a pantser? Or somewhere in between?
X: What inspires you as a writer?
Y: Are your characters based off of people you know? Yourself? Or no one at all?
Z: What made you decide to write your story?
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gingerly-writing · 3 years ago
hot tip!🔥
when someone you don’t know that well posts an ask game, and you wanna send them some questions to be nice but you don’t know anything about their WIPs/characters:
1. pick some numbers from the ask game 2. chuck ‘em in their inbox 3. add a comment like ‘for whichever character you prefer!’ or ‘for your favourite/most relevant character’ ‘for your MC/LI <3′ 4. congratulations, you are an amazing person and you’ve made someone’s day without stressing yourself out
go forth and be awesome!
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elliewritesstories · 2 years ago
tag yourself: NaNoWriMo writers edition
Tumblr media
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brynwrites · 3 years ago
Convention vs originality
There’s a trade off between things people have seen before and know they like and things people have never seen before and are therefore intrigued by.
If you go so far into convention that you reach cliche, you’ll start attracting only people who are so obsessed with that topic that they’ll interact with any media relating too it, and probably not much else. (We all knew that one person who would snatch up anything with vampires in it, without exception.)
If you go so far into originality that you lose convention, you’ll have a very difficult time gaining any audience because you’ll only attract people who are willing to take huge risks and try something they’ve been seen before and therefore never enjoyed before. (We also all know those little niche pieces of media which were brilliant but didn’t make it big because they were ahead of their time and no one was willing to take a chance on them.)
So what do we as creators do with this knowledge?
We find our own personal happy medium:
We decide what our end goal is. 
If you want to write a lot of unpolished books in a short period of time and have them still sell, then write the most popular tropes and cliches out there. 
If you want to spend a long time on something and have it be obsessed over by a few die hard fans and possibly, maybe, potentially, (if you’re incredibly, incredibly lucky) go down in history, then create something completely unique. 
If you want to make a nice little living as a creator with a diverse fan base, but not win a whole lot of awards for it, then find something between the two.
(And recognize that you’ll have more projects later on. You can try a little of everything over the course of your content creating. You’re not setting yourself into a mold you can never change, only choosing what’s right for you in this moment or with this particular project.)
But we should still create exactly what we want to consume. Because if we want to see something done — if we’re invested in it — someone else will be too. But if we’re not investing in what we’re working on, then we’re asking consumers to give their time and money for something we the creator don’t even care about and probably put in a half-assed effort towards. And, you know, it’s kind of cruel to you, the creator.
Some projects can consume years of your life. You want to pour out that time on something you enjoy, no matter how conventional or original it is. You owe that to yourself.
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austrohungarianwriteblr · 11 months ago
ok I'm inventing a new tag game. when you get tagged you need to say one thing you really like about one of your wips.
example: I did a crapton of research for my wip Unshakeable and I think that made the story a lot more detailed and interesting
ok your turn! @guulabjamuns, @aelenko, @writerlywonders, @teriwrites, @sprigofbasil
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dc-hollis · 7 months ago
Top 3 WIP Inspirations
I saw a thread on twitter where writers shared the top 3 inspirations for their current project, and reading the different responses (without context) was so interesting! Thought this was a great idea, so here we are with another tag game! 
Rules: Share the top three inspirations for your current WIP:
The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell
Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Tagging @ardawyn, @hannahs-creations, @writer-candy, @kittensartswriting, @pheita, @rhikasa, @nerdyenby-vstheworld, @bbcalamity, and anyone else who wants to!
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lunarmoment · a month ago
Writeblr Tag Games
Hi all, I have a bunch of writeblr tag games saved up from the past few weeks. I'm going to try to go through some of them over the next few days/into next week, so interact with the post if you'd like to be tagged! Obviously no pressure to actually do the game if you like/reblog this, but I'm just trying to find out who'd like to participate. Happy writing, everyone!
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elliotwarren · 2 years ago
🕸 Trick or Treat: Writeblr Edition
idea modified from the game here at this post!
Reblog to ask your followers to send you Trick or Treat! To decide which your follower will receive, flip a coin! 
🌕 If you land on Heads, you’re obligated to give your follower a treat! Perhaps a never before seen snippet from your wip, a haiku about your follower’s blog, a funny photo, a moodboard!
🔮 If you land on Tails, you’re to deal your follower a Trick in the form of some small writing challenge! (create a moodboard, write 100 words on your current wip, share a character fact, etc!) 
Don’t forget to have your ask box open!
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dontcrywrite · a month ago
last line tag
thanks so much for tagging me @drippingmoon <3
Cory comes running out of the crowds, making a beeline towards Helen. Once she’s close enough, she skids to a stop and leans over, bracing her hands on her knees. “Some asshole stole my wallet,” she pants.
tagging: @hellishhin @charlesjosephwrites @notwritinganyflufftoday @nikkywrites and anyone else who'd like to do this!! :))
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yejidoesthings · a month ago
Thank you to @magnoliaash for tagging me!
present tense or past tense | first person or third person | double spaced or single spaced or 1.5 spaced | action or emotion | similes or metaphors | OCs or existing characters | fluff or angst | music or white noise | character or plot | make them cry or make them laugh | tea or coffee or water | happy ending or bittersweet ending | morning or night | comic sans or times new roman
Tagging)no pressure: @cryptid-s-wips @vivian-is-writing @writeblrfantasy @chayscribbles @leadhelmetcosmonaut and anyone who wants to join!
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rainstorminsilver · 3 years ago
Writeblr Tag Game Masterpost
OKAY so it occurred to me today that posting the rules every time you play a tag meme has sort of fallen out of fashion lately, so I think there may be some new writeblrs who are confused. I think some memes are self-explanatory, but for others, I would like to present this masterpost to clarify some rules! (most of them are copy+pasted from someone who did add the rules)
7-7-7 Tag: Go to page 7 (paragraph 7, if not that long) of your WIP then go to the 7th line, share 7 lines and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.
Last Line Tag: Post the last line of your wip and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.
This Doesn’t Make Any Sense Tag: Find the first sentence of your WIP that contains each of the words “this” “doesn’t” “make” “any” and “sense.” Post them in order as if they were one excerpt!
First Line Tag: Post the first line of your WIP (or any that you’re particularly proud of), tag as many people as there are words in the line.
Find the Word Tag: Three or four words are presented by the tagger. Find those words in your WIP and post them with the paragraph or so around them, then come up with three or four new words and tag others to find those. (I tag anyone who wants to play with generous, mired and kindle) 
11 Questions Tag: This version changes every time, but there’s plenty that don’t. Answer the ten questions the tagger wrote then come up with ten more questions about writing and tag others to find those.
Clueless Customer Tag: Describe your WiP in the way a clueless customer at a bookstore would.
Secret Ingredient Tag: Pick a wip, and make a bullet-point list of what you consider to be its ‘secret ingredients’ (not actual secrets!) These could be any details and/or plot elements, big or small, that you love most about your story. You can list five or fifty, but for however many secret ingredients you share, you must then tag that number of people.
7 Influences Tag: give a short summary of your Wip. Name seven books, tv shows, games, movies and comics etc. that have influenced your story. Tag seven people, explaining why they were influential (optional)
Current Projects: Simply post how many WIPs you have with a short explanation and tag someone whose WIPs you want to get to know.
Something I Love Tag: Say something you love about your WIP and tag others to spread positivity
First Seven Lines Tag: Combining the 7-7-7 and first line, post the first seven lines of your WIP then tag seven other blogs. 
First Words Tag: Pick a character (or three) and post their first line of dialogue.
Rewrite Tag: Answer what story (be it book, movie, videogame etc) is your favorite and discuss how you would have rewritten it.
Bold Games: Such as aesthetic games and the character flaw tag. Any time you get tagged in a game that’s just a big block of seemingly random words, you’re supposed to state an OC or WIP to apply it to and then bold any words that apply. Some people also italicize for secondary features or extra emphasis.
That’s all I know of, please do add more!  And if you like the looks of any of these, consider yourself tagged by me!!
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adelinemwriting · 10 months ago
Thank you, @storyhole, for the tag!
Rules: Post the last seven sentences you wrote, and then tag seven people
These are the last seven sentences I wrote. . .it will probably make NO sense:
"Afterall, no one likes the feeling of cold steel peircing their skin. But, like I said, I knew you wouldn't do that."
Alondra's hands rested on her hips as she tried to frown. "We can both agree that I won, though, right?"
Dyan just smiled.
"That was some sword-fight, you two," Hafish's low, lilting voice said, congratulating them. He patted Dyan on the back and flashed Alondra a smile.
I am tagging: @musicalkeys @varietyfreak @elysianyou @anamikaa @kessler-writes @amarantine-amirite @michaelperseus
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lunarmoment · 27 days ago
Wip Line Chain Game
@rosiewritesandrambles tagged me in this, thank you!
Rules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line.
From my untitled sci-fi story:
When your other half vanishes, what's left becomes the whole.
"You make do," he said instead.
That's 16! Tagging: @incandescent-creativity @authorlaurawinter @iceiceice-cold @sweetmugofcocoa @hollowwrites @seven-days-was-all-she-wrote @gingit-cake @qwillreign @writerdee1701 @oh-no-another-idea @rainbow--memes @wizardfromthesea @itsthenovelteafactor @theramwrites @riftversus and anyone else who would like to join! No pressure, of course.
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raevenlywrites · a day ago
@catharticallysarcastic tagged me to find the words alien, gun, war, and moon. I was surprised to find all of them in Dorothy and Leon's WIP, as I dont often write about aliens or guns :P
He'd been waiting for her to make the first move?
It was almost an alien concept to her. Growing up in the witch community, her fox nature was tolerated, as much as avians were, but she was still second choice to a full witch. Making the first move would be an invitation to social embarrassment.
"I..." She shifted in her seat, not quite sure how to put witch societal expectations into a few words. She finally said, "I'm not used to that. Making the first move."
"The only way I could win would be to cheat."
Dorothy pretended to be scandalized, but her blush was real as his skin slid along hers.
"But you would never do something so awful as cheat."
"Oh I absolutely would," he said, letting the gentle rocking of the water inch him closer. "I'll use my serpent wiles to beguile you, jump in before the starting gun, and still somehow lose to your magnificent aquatic prowess."
"The Inbetween is definitely grooming them to be ferrymen. Unfortunately, the fact that those two are fighting both each other and the Inbetween is making their magic erractic."
"Do tell," Tybee said dryly, sprawled out with his legs draped over the arm of Cordelia's favorite chair. They liked to teasingly call it The Throne, and when Tybee sat in it like that it made it abundantly clear how their Lord felt about ruling. Quibble framing his head in a shadowy crown and scowling didnt help either.
Adiran snorted at the sight.
"Their magic... Well, it's like they're playing tug of war with it. Neither one is sharing or acknowledging that it's connected to the other."
Dorothy swore she could feel bubbles in their aura burst like little fireworks. Her next breath was shaky.
"You, ah, didn't pick a suit for me to swim in." She felt almost dizzy with the sensation between them. Was it their gifts or just them?
The breathiness of her voice nearly undid him. They were so close, so close...
But something about her eyes being closed stayed his hand--well, his lips. Their auras were exploding with bubbles, but he had no way of knowing if that was just their magic. Liminalia wanted them to kiss. He didnt know if Dorothy wanted them to kiss.
So he stepped back--not by much, but enough to lessen the champagne giddiness of their shared aura. And enough to look over her swimsuit again. He licked his lips, suddenly dry, and swallowed hard.
"The pink one," he whispered, "if you don't mind changing again."
Soft. Sweet. Romantic. He would not be able to keep his head with how she was dressed now.
His stepping away surprised her almost as much as his bathing suit choice. It wasn't so much that she assumed Leon would be more sexual, but if he thought he had an invitation...
But he'd picked the more romantic option.
She opened her eyes, studying Leon. "I don't mind changing. The pink one?"
He nodded, feeling his ears a brilliant flame.
"Yes please. It matches the moon tonight."
It was a nonsensical thing to say and he knew it. But it was better than admitting he didnt think he could keep his hands off her. And he somehow felt too shy to admit he wanted the romance of the ruffled one.
Tagging: @zmlorenz , @kosmosian-quills , @winterandwords and you. Your words are: Signal, Help, Dark, and Memory
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pens-swords-stuff · 6 months ago
Send me your favorite tag games!
As much as I love and appreciate last line tags, 7 lines tag, etc., I've been really saddened to see a lot of the other fun tag games have all but disappeared. There used to be a lot of creative and fun tag games floating around everywhere a couple years ago that I've been missing.
So I'm making it my mission to bring back some diversity to writeblr tag games! I'm going to go back and find a lot of old tag games that I liked and start posting them again.
If you have a tag game that you really liked doing in the past, please drop me a link on this post, or tag me in it. I'm also going to try to brainstorm some new tag games on my own; if you have any ideas please tell me or make a new tag game yourself!
And if you would like to be tagged in those tag games, please click here.
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dc-hollis · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
L O U V Y N || Be Still by Celtic Woman
Be still, the dawn is breaking, listen as the blackbird sings.
Find a heart to share your journey together for all life brings.
The hunger and the longing, the wonder and the will.
Your world is enchanted, when your mind is still.
Be still. Be still. Be still.
Tumblr media
Thank you @kittensartswriting for tagging me! I went a bit overboard and made an aesthetic because at the moment tumblr procrastination is more fun than editing a prose-heavy chapter...
Rules: Pick one character from your wip, then attach one song that fits them (or their part in the journey) and tag someone else! It can be any character from your story, so there’s a possibility of having fun even in re-tags!
I’ll tag @ardawyn, @writer-candy, @pens-swords-stuff, @dreamsofbooksandmonsters, @rhikasa, @mjmnorwood, @pinkeblume, @briannaswriter, @bbcalamity, and anyone else who wants to share!
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diphthongsfordays · 22 days ago
Last Line Tag
Tagged by the fabulous @winterandwords, thanks!!
Last line I wrote was for camp NaNo, in the outline draft of Firetide Rising book 3!
“Be very, very careful what you say next, child,” said Maile, eyes moving meaningfully to where Kina’s friends had formed ranks behind her. “For their sakes, as much as yours.”
I tag (with no pressure!!): @akindofmagictoo, @writingonesdreams, @all-whumped-out, @ashen-crest, @thegreatobsesso, @riftversus and open tag for anyone else who wants it!
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owlsofstarlight · 3 years ago
Writeblr Tag Challenge: Addressing Ableism Part 3
Part 1 | Part 2 
Rules: Find the words in your WIP and switch them out for something that isn’t an ableist slur.
Slurs Against the Mentally Ill: Crazy, Insane, Mad, Maniac, Psychotic,
Note: These are often used in comparison to villains and violence, so for further reading why those uses are bad, check out this post: Ableist Language & Villains
These are all words that are used for people who display symptoms of being mentally ill such as psychosis, or for comparing people to the mentally ill in a way that links violence, being a bad person, and mental illness. There’s already so much stigma around mental illness that you shouldn’t add to it.
So, let’s remove these words from our vocabulary and writing!
Instead, use words or phrases that mean exactly what the person is - without using mental illness as a comparison. (If you are describing a mentally ill character, then describe that in a non-ableist way.)
Delusional is also a word that is thrown around a lot as an insult or adjective for a villain. This word isn’t so much a slur, but it is something that is often thrown at people with mental illness  as well as any disability and their experiences. Delusions are also a part of some mental illnesses, but they’re also not the cause for villains being evil, so while there are places this word can be used accurately, it’s one that should be used with care and respect.
Note: None of these alternatives are synonyms for these words. They are alternatives so you don’t use words describing the disabled to mean what the alternative words mean. Again, these are not synonyms.
Alternatives for Villains: evil, immoral, malicious, corrupt, murderous, unethical
Alternatives for Other Characters or Situations: eccentric, odd, wild, energetic, unbelievable, exhilarating, mind blowing, scattered, disjointed, illogical.
The Usual Gang: @langwrites @kcomplexes @ezzelbean @abalisk @panegyricwilliwaw @writer-and-artist27 @autism-significantly-spicy
People Who Responded to my original post about this: @dantedevereaux  @a-modern-major-general @teascatsandsciences  @catsdonthavenames
The Writeblr’s Who Tag Me in Things Crew: @ratracechronicler @incandescent-creativity @sirilikestowrite @temporarysentences @cog-writes
And everyone else who sees this post. This isn’t an exclusive club. The whole point of this challenge is to make our writing and daily language more inclusive.
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raevenlywrites · 3 days ago
@loopyhoopywrites tagged me to find the words Fun, Laugh, and Chaos. Since I'm playing with the dating app WIP, I'll toss these under a cut since they might get a little naughty
Tagging back @writing-is-a-martial-art @veneritia @trapped-inadystopianovel and YOU!
Your words are: confuse(d), heart, forgive, and discover(y)
Jazz squealed at being thrown, leaving her half stunned, wide eyed and breathless.
"That was fun."
"If you liked that, you're going to love this."
He collapsed on her and went straight for her neck, half licking and sucking in earnest, half teasing with playful gobbling noises. Jazz was just too much fun not to play with; her giddy enthusiasm was infectious.
"You're so stunning."
She grinned, her own gaze very appreciative on his chest and abs.
"Says the man who looks like he's carved out of stone. Hot damn." Her voice was a little breathy, chest still working to catch her breath.
He laughed, rich and rolling. "'Hot damn'," he echoed, absolutely delighted. He did a little body roll, showing off that those "rocky abs" were softer than stone.
Chaos (we'll have to settle for chaotic)
The bathroom was indeed dominated by a large glass wall. It was the divider between the toiletry area and the shower itself.
The glass was subtly textured, catching the light from the strip window near the ceiling and casting prisms on the floor and far wall. But the truly eye catching part of the room were the orchids that seemed to be growing on the glass itself. Most of them were blooming with massive cascades of white, gold, and burgandy flowers. Between the roots, large leathery leaves, and aerial roots creating chaotic not quite patterns, it almost gave a privacy screen to who ever might be showering.
"Oh wow." She breathed, stepping forward to touch a bloom. Orchids were her favorite flower. "It's so beautiful."
Inside the shower, she could see a long bench, an inset shelf for product, and at least five different shower heads.
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