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megleepoetry · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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moonlit-sunflower-books · a year ago
writing should be fun.
make oc playlists. spend hours on moodboards that have no purpose. write self-indulgent fluff that’s never going to be published. scribble three lines of poetry in the back of your history notebook. draw fanart of your own characters. write stupid dialogue that your publishers might hate. start new wips that you might never finish but write those three chapters that make you happy because if you don’t write them, who else will?
writing shouldn’t always be about “will publishers like this” or “i have to reach this word count” or “how do i get the most likes”.
have fun with your writing.
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destructorofmyowncreation · 3 months ago
The dumb urge to be loved and liked by people has ruined me.
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calliopewritess · 3 months ago
i know we writers complain about writing a lot as a joke, and that's completely fine, but it's also important to remember why we love it and what we find in it!
we keep coming back to the blank page because we believe we can fill it. we build something from nothing more than our own imaginations. we transfer thoughts to words to paper to people. writing really is one of the most beautiful things we can do, and that's one of my favorite things about it.
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helenasurvives · a year ago
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am seven
and my reply is
because i am a girl
and pink
is a princess color.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am ten
and i like
because a boy told me that pink
is lame and girly.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am thirteen
and i tell them
it is unique and spunky
like i want to be.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am seventeen
and i just say
i do not say
it is bright and angry at the world
as i am
i cannot form the words to express
all of my frustrations
so i paint my lips with
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am twenty
and it’s pink
i remember the joy
of being a child
i reclaim the freedom
of femininity
because i cannot remember
what my shoulders felt like
before the depression
hung from them.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am twenty-six
and my answer is
it confuses most people
they don’t see it
they may think of dirt
and dust
and dead things
but it is coffee with friends
and the chocolate chip cookies
my mom used to make.
it is my hair
and my eyes
amber and gold
in the sun
and i love myself
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smokeinsilence · 2 years ago
have you ever noticed you pick up little habits and phrases from the people you love? it’s no wonder our hearts are so easily broken when people leave. we become a reflection of the people that we care about and those personality traits stick with us even if the people don’t
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fictionalturtlenecks · 11 days ago
“it’s for the character development!” says every writer ever w/ their traumatic backstories, heartbreaking dialogue, & the character arcs that are painful & difficult to watch for their beloved characters to go through.
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winterandwords · 16 days ago
Gentle truths and kind honesty for writers
💜 Because truth doesn't have to be harsh and honesty doesn't have to be brutal to be meaningful.
📢 Not everyone's opinion matters Don't accept criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from. You get to decide whose feedback is relevant and why. You do not have to explain or justify this to anyone. When you share things you create on the internet, whether you ask for feedback or not, you'll probably get it. And you are allowed to consider the source of that feedback and decide whether it's helpful or better off ignored. This also applies to writing tips, advice, rules etc. Learn from people whose writing you respect and enjoy, and whose approach to teaching aligns with your approach to learning.
🤷‍♀️ Some people will love what you do, some people will hate it, and most people won't care Not everyone is your audience and that's OK. If someone doesn't enjoy what you do, they're someone else's audience. Also, it's highly unlikely that everyone, or even the majority of people, who encounter any creative work will have a strong opinion on it in either direction. I don't know about you, but I find that comforting.
👀 Write for the audience you want, not the audience you're scared of Nothing is for everyone and it doesn't have to be. You are under no obligation to impress some (usually hypothetical) rando who isn't into what you create. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by stress in a world, and on an internet, where so many people view putting others down as the best way to seem like an authority, but those people most likely aren't worth your time and energy. Write for the people who share your excitement about your genre, for example. They're your people.
📝 Improvement comes from doing Yes, it's useful to absorb information and education, and it's helpful to learn about how other people approach their writing. But it's also necessary to actually write, to put what you learn into practice, to allow yourself to make mistakes and to fix them as you grow. It's OK to be at the beginning of your journey. It's OK not to feel amazing about what you create all the time. But you WILL get better with practice, and part of this process is to allow yourself to experiment. Try taking off some of the pressure and explore how you might flourish.
🧘‍♀️ It's good to challenge yourself, but your comfort zone is not a bad place I've written in genres I don't naturally gravitate towards. I've written a series because I'd already tried writing short stories, novellas and novels. I've written for specific platforms even though their demographic wasn't who I would usually write for. In trying things that pushed me, I found my voice and I learned to recognise when I was on the right track compared to when I wasn't. Now I write what I love with joy and confidence because I actually know what that is and am open to it evolving authentically. So while it's great to get outside of your comfort zone and learn from that, it's also OK to settle into writing the genres, styles, kinds of character, or length of story you love if that's genuinely what you vibe with.
📖 You don't have to label yourself as a [whatever] writer I'm not talking about publishing and marketing here. That's a whole 'nother thing. I'm talking about you, personally, finding fulfilment in variety if that's how it goes. You are under no obligation to give up on exploration and excitement in your writing just to be able to say "I write [only this thing]". Not everyone is a [whatever] writer. You might have themes that you come back to, or you might not. You might prefer one genre but also enjoy others, or you might not. And it's all good. It's alright to be a writer without having a label beyond that.
📅 You do not have to write every day You can if you want to. But you don't have to. No matter what job, hobby, or anything in between a person might have, it's perfectly fine (and healthy and positive) to take breaks, have days off, set it aside, recharge and refill and come back to it. If you doubt that, replace 'writer' with some other thing people do and see if it sounds ridiculous. You're not a real surgeon unless you work seven days a week. You're not a real windsurfer or gardener or cheesemaker unless you're doing the thing literally every single day. Bizarre, right?
🥰 I hope this post finds its way to the eyes of people who need it. Wishing you all the creative joy on your writing journey!
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withlovefromcannelle · 6 days ago
Even before I was touched, I belonged to you; All you had to do was to look at me.
— Louise Glück, from Poems 1962-2012; "The Burning Heart"
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thepixiediaries · 15 days ago
writeblr introduction
hi there <3 call me pixie (they/them) im a wasian 20 yr old uni student. i made this blog bc i wanted a community to share my writing with on every step of its way. i also love to read, watch films & illustrate.
my favourite genres to read are fantasy, thriller & literary fiction but im not picky as long as its good
my favourite tropes are found family, childhood friends to lovers & mutual pining
i love to write fantasy & romance and incorporate elements from fairy tales, folklore & mythology
looking to meet like-minded people to talk about wips etc.
interact with this post so i can follow u!
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augustina-m · a month ago
Tumblr media
~ i hope you find someone who speaks your language,so you don't have to spend a lifetime translating your soul ~
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megleepoetry · 3 months ago
you came to me with blood still on your knuckles and i didn’t think twice about holding your hand in mine.
-i should have known this would hurt from the very beginning
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moonlit-sunflower-books · a year ago
what people think writing is: worldbuilding, churning out entire chapters in one sitting, metaphors, character building, finishing novels, flawless plotlines
what writing actually is: random 1 am thoughts, zoning out into fictional worlds, associating songs with characters, writer’s block for six weeks at a time, coming up with plot twists at the most inconvenient times
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carriereedwrites · 7 months ago
Listen... this shouldn't be hard, people. But, starting a book really is one of THE hardest things to do.
The thought is daunting, the process overwhelming. The whole thing is enough to make giving up seem like the easiest route.
But, did Frodo give up on his journey to take the One Ring back to Mordor?
So, I figured it'd be easier to start with the naughty no-nos. One, because it's funny (and I think I'm pretty funny). Two, because you need to know what's incorrect before you can value what IS correct. Let's get started.
Warning: this is gonna be a rant. You've been warned.
Stare at your blank page and freak out
We've all been here. Anxiety creeps in and your Imposter Syndrome whispers in that creepy voice, "Yoooouu suuuckk baaallllsss." Tell that mother fucker IT SUCKS BALLS.
Don't freak out. Don't show weakness. Show that fucking blank page or word document who the hell is in charge around here. Write, damn it!
Who cares if it sucks? It's your first draft. IT'S GOING TO SUCK.
Get stuck world building for four years and have yet to write a single sentence
I get it. I'm guilty of this, too. You have this SUUUPERR AWESOME UNIQUE world in your head that demands you put all of your creative effort in to and by Gandalf's Beard, YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO BRING IT TO LIIIFFEEE.
Reality Check: it shouldn't take you more than a few months to get everything down. Everything important, anyways. Unless you work a full time job, go to school or parent tiny demons from hell, world building shouldn't take you YEARS going on a DECADE.
Neither should writing books. I'm looking at you, Georgie Boy. #iykyk
Convince yourself that you haven't bought the right pen, notebook or found the right writing software to express yourself with
My secret shame. Oh, the shame. My super secret shame? I still convince myself of this.
The only way to get around this is to just fucking do it and make do with what you got. It won't please your brain. It'll be angry, wrathful even, and badger you relentlessly like a Nazgul. But, you have to trick it in order to get to Bree-- I MEAN, in order to start your story.
Listen, listen, listen... literally... this is what pen names (or Nom de Plumes, for you fancy writers) are for. You don't have to think of one right this moment. But, pressure off, guys. C'mon.
Also, as much as we would like our loved ones' support, they don't always "get" it, and think this is a hobby or passing fancy and not take it as seriously as you do.
What you should do is surround yourself with like-minded people or people who support you even if they don't "get" being a writer. It's those people who's unconditional love will get you through the hardest of times.
And my favorite: You will never be able to write like [insert revered author of all time here]
Shaddup. Just... shaddup. You will NEVER write like the authors you admire. That's. The. Fucking. Point.
YOU are YOU. Your responsibility as an artist is to breathe new life into old hats. Or some obscure inspirational bullshit like that. Readers will love what you write because it's uniquely YOU. Readers appreciate fresh, new takes on the same old tropes.
And if you're trying to emulate a classic author like Ol' JRR, you can't. We may still enjoy his stories today, but he wrote in a different time with different genre expectations (as in... he literally pioneered the genre... like... it's kind of hard to do in today's world. Not impossible, mind you. Just really freaking hard).
And that's it. My list on how to not start a book. Sorry, this one was a little aggressive, but... ya'll need to get aggressive. Writers can be a sensitive bunch that often need a good kick in the behind to get past those nasty blocks.
What are your resons for not starting a book? What have I missed? What are some of the ways you've gotten past the first sentence? Let me know!
~ Happy Writing, Ya'll ~
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thewriterswitch · 6 months ago
It’s okay if your story isn’t as good as you want it to be
It’s okay if you’ve been procrastinating on writing
It’s okay if you haven’t written anything in a long time
Writing is hard enough without feeling stressed, so take a deep breath and relax. This hobby is hard enough without pressure. Don’t make it harder by feeling bad about any failures you feel you’ve made.
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svrpoetry · 2 months ago
She smells like love and thinks like poetry
as if she has a kind of soul
that burns differently.
⎯⎯ SVR
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calliopewritess · 7 months ago
my villain origin story is realizing how many words i have to write just to get to my favorite scene
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fictionalturtlenecks · 29 days ago
so, y’know how we always joke about characters living rent-free in our heads?
I think it’s time for them to pay up, man. they never obey the outline, they cause us emotional pain, & they’re absolute disasters.
I know they try their best but STILL.
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winterandwords · 16 days ago
I swear on the ether of my eternal soul I could happily go the rest of my life without seeing another piece of writing advice that is basically "do not ever do this thing".
Listen up, fuckers. Sometimes an adverb works. Sometimes passive voice works. Sometimes the big weird word is the perfect word.
Stop trying to cram complex and beautiful creative expression into a small box made of shitty rules that were never meant to be applied to every situation and are usually taken out of context and preached as if they're carved in stone by the hand of god.
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“They say the end is coming sooner, but the end’s already here.”
—Jesse Rutherford: ‘How’ (The Neighborhood)
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