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so-its-a-writblr · 4 minutes ago
Some random asshole:  “If you were a good writer you wouldn’t have a day job.”
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zoeyroberts · 9 minutes ago
Monk Monday: Second Chances
Monk Monday: Second Chances
This week Monk Monday is about second chances. Giving someone a second chance is extremely difficult and in some cases impossible. But within this grey area of your feelings being hurt there is a possibility for healing and growth. In season 5 episode 9, “Mr. Monk meets his dad”, Monk’s dad left him and his brother when they were young. He went out for Chinese food one night and never came back.…
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veneritia · 53 minutes ago
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So...You Want to be a Writeblr? | A Crash Course and Resource Guide
— about.
This post was primarily made for people wanting to make a writeblr and those new to the community in mind, but can be used for anyone. So, who am I? Hi, Maddie here. I've been on writeblr for a few years so I'm pretty sure I know how this whole writeblr thing works, and I wanted to give some advice that worked for me to new writeblrs who might not know where to start!
This crash course will generally cover these topics:
how to get started
intros and formatting them
interacting with the community
graphics, edits, and where to make them
helpful blogs
but if you'd like me to go over something that I missed or glossed over, feel free to send me an ask!
— how to get started.
The first decision you'll have to make is whether your writeblr will be a primary or secondary blog. Primary blogs allows you to reply and follow other writeblrs as your writeblr, but it will require making another tumblr account if you want a clean slate. Secondary blogs will make it easier to keep everything under one account and move/change primary blogs as needed, but you can only interact with others as your primary blog outside of reblogs.
Once you've made your blog, I recommend taking some time to choose a good blog theme for people who visit your blog. You want something visually pleasing and easy to read/navigate.
@serpentarii made a list of theme recommendations for writeblrs here.
@writerthemes is an entire blog centered on finding themes and pages for writeblrs.
— intros and formatting them.
Once you have your blog set up, go and make a writeblr intro! These serve to get your name out into the community and is a quick way show people who you are and what you're working on. You can format your intros however you want, but I recommend including these key points.
Writeblr intros tend to follow this general format:
General Personal Info: Name you'd like to go by, pronouns, age*, a little bit about yourself and your hobbies (optional)
Your WIPs: If you have multiple, give a brief summary of the plot and its genres. If you plan to only have one, feel free to combine your writeblr and wip intro
*Age: a lot of people on writeblr are young and/or cautious of people they interact with. It's absolutely ok to not specify your age, but at least indicate whether you are an adult or a minor and do not lie about your age range.
WIP Intros are a great way to summarize what your wip is about to anyone wanting to learn more. Most WIP intros tend to include the:
Excerpt (optional)
Brief summary of main characters (optional)
Draft Status (optional)
Character Intros are optional but they're popular posts to make. You can be as detailed or as vague as you want. Basic character intros include:
Their general Info: name, age, pronouns
Excerpt (optional)
— interacting with the community.
Writeblr is a community for writers to make friends and find support; what you get out of writeblr depends on what you give back to it, and that means taking the first step and interacting with others. There's no foolproof way to get the kind of interactions you might want, but here's a couple of ways that worked for me:
Interact with other people's wips: find writeblrs and wips you like and start commenting on them! Even if it's just in the tags, or a reaction image, or a key smash.
Participate in ask events like Storyteller Saturday (StS), Meet and Greet Monday (MGM or MaGM), and Worldbuilding Wednesday (WbW): Send people asks relating to their wip on these days. It's a good way to start interacting with other people and most writeblrs tend to send an ask back. There are also a lot of open questions posted on writeblr that you can reblog and answer.
Use common writeblr tags to get your posts out: #writeblr #writers on tumblr #writing #writers some writeblr networks also have open tags for anyone to used
Join a writing discord: there are a lot of writing discord groups floating around, and the informality of discord makes it a lot easier to get to know other writers. It's also a good place to get writing advice, wip help, share your work with others, and just have fun. (Shameless promo for wtw - come join us guys <3)
BONUS: here's a post i made on my old account about some general writeblr etiquette.
— graphics, edits, and where to make them.
Writeblr is a place specifically for writing, but I can't deny that people are more likely to pay attention to a work if there's pretty graphics to go along with it. For people who might be new to making graphics or edits, here are a few resources to get you started is a great resource for beginners. It's a free browser-based graphic design platform with a lot of free photos and graphics you can mess around with. You need to make an account to use it and some resources are behind a pay wall, but you can do a lot of things with what is free.
Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels are some of the best places to get unlicensed, royalty-free photos to use in your graphics as opposed to pinterest.
Tumblr also has a lot of free PSDs you can use to make edits. You'll need some basic photoshop skills and a photoshopping software. Make sure to credit the maker if you use their PSD.
Photopea is a free, broswer-based Photoshop alternative. It has a tendency of crashing or lagging sometimes, but it gets the job done.
GIMP is another Photoshop alternative that you can download to your computer.
— helpful writing blogs.
This is far from an extensive list of writing-resource blogs out there. These are just a few blogs that have helped me in my own writing and what I hope might help you guys too.
The ScriptX Blog Family is an ever growing and changing network of blogs of content experts ranging from a wide variety of topics ranging from psychology, medicine, equestrians, military, autism, ballet, foodies, etc.
@writingwithcolor a wonderful writing/resource blog centered around racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. For those writing characters outside their own race/ethnicity/religion, here is a good place to ask questions and concerns you might not easily be able to answer.
@rainbowwriting a writing/resource blog centered around helping writers include better LGBTQIA+ diversity. [Note: I'm not certain if they're still active, but their archive is still a good place to read up on and get information.]
@wordsnstuff had a ton of writing-related resources from developing plot, characters, researach, drafting, prompts, and even genre-specific resources.
@inky-duchess is not only a fantastic writer but she's also very knowledgable on European history, how monarchies and the aristocracy work, and different writing theories.
@pens-swords-stuff is both a wonderful writer and a good source of writing-related advice!
@howtofightwrite a blog for writers looking to write realistic fight scenes
@mimzy-writing-online is another great writer and a writing advice blog! They have a useful advice series on writing visually-impaired and blind characters as well as more general writing-related advice.
Welcome to the writeblr community. I hope this post helped you and happy writing!
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arcanumofthorns · 56 minutes ago
Currently working on Book 2 for Arcanum of Thorns, am only halfway through the manuscript and already have 100k words in,,,,
There's a 99.9% chance my future self tasked with editing the whole draft will have Regrets™️, but right now I have absolutely none. 😂
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scriptwriters-network · an hour ago
If you are serious about becoming a scriptwriter, make sure to participate in programs designed to further your career in writing,  network with those pursuing similar goals and check out our events to learn the art, craft and business of script writing.
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Find out more here.
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writing-prompts-re · an hour ago
To get past the sphinx, you must first answer its riddles! These riddles, however, have recently been things like, “How do I set up my router?” Or “What’s my WiFi password?” and more. So much, that’s it’s become increasingly clear how it has started using all of you as tech support.
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These bones are cold, tired and beaten down. 
The storms seem to happen daily now. 
To be honest I have lost count.
It's a whirlwind of emotions.
Darkest of night.
Blackest of black.
My solitude is my comfort.
All I've ever known.
No hand to pull me out of this hellfire.
I do that all on my own.
Every evening it's more if the same.
Watch me drown.
See me go insane.
No one is coming to rescue me.
I feel it's too late.
I must save myself again.
Maybe one day,
I will leave it up to fate.
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theres-bees-in-my-head · 2 hours ago
100 days of writing
day 14
Do you have figures/creatures of folklore in your WIP? If not, can you think of something that would fit?
I don't. But if I had to try and make it fit, I'd probably make one of my characters a vampire. Vampires sort of fit in any era and situation in my opinion. My WIP is set in present day England, so I feel like the immortality of vampires would definitely tie in.
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so-its-a-writblr · 2 hours ago
My WIP demanding attention.
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Tumblr media
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jarrickdexum1991 · 5 hours ago
"The Moon Wolf Diaries" Sneak Peek
“The Moon Wolf Diaries” Sneak Peek
Good Monday morning, cyberspace! It’s a new daily grind and I’m ready to roll with sneak peeks galore. And since I’m doing double-duty with “TMWD” and “Bros” with the latter now ready for daily updates beginning today, I’m more excited to get the ball rolling. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek from chapter 33 of TMWD as Carson talks with his fathers/brothers about his powers and unleashing his full…
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cryingrose1 · 5 hours ago
This pain is breaking him.
Little by little.
Hope by hope.
I wish you could see.
His disappointment .
Whenever he talks about you.
His father.
As the male figure.
Who raised him.
You have responsabilities.
Little by little.
Hope by hope.
You let him down.
Now you want to be that.
Good father who deserves kisses and presents.
Yet you are that.
Good father who was never there.
Good father who hits their child.
That's there parent you are.
Despite of what we want.
Despite of what you want.
like and reblog
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bobateastay · 6 hours ago
blood bile & other things
Tumblr media
original work featuring Tallulah Vaughan, Tobias Vaughan & Jonathan Taylor (all characters belong to @bobateastay and are entirely fictional - any resemblance to real people is coincidental)
excerpt from Blood, Bile & Other Things from Tallulah's POV. contains mature content, under 17s DNI.
tags/content warnings - non-sexual degrading/verbal abuse, implied murder, significant age gap, mentions of blood, vomit and urine
word count: 710
Jonathan was a crybaby. He might’ve looked like a man but it was as though he hadn’t aged past seventeen. Nobody ever talked about grown men crying but Jonathan seemed to have an endless supply of tears behind his eyes. He was always weak for me and wincing the moment I raised my voice. It made me love him, the way he cried.
“You’re useless,” I mumbled.
I was straddling him, his crotch pressed right up against my own and his chest warm beneath my fingertips. It wasn't sexual, this sort of affection, even when we were barely clothed. How could it be, when his brows were tugged together, eyes avoiding mine?
He was soft, malleable beneath my touch, my thumb brushing over his chest and collarbones. I leaned in until our foreheads touched and he whimpered, lifting his hands to rub my back, focusing on my shoulder blades.
“I’ve never met a man so incapable of taking care of himself. I have to look after you the same way I look after Tobias and he's just fifteen. You’re the same as him.”
His eyes met mine. He was comforted by these words for some reason because his expression softened and his eyes fell shut. I lifted my head from his and stroked his curls away from his face, pushing them back so that I could see his forehead and kiss it. His lashes were long, hitting his cheeks. His hair was just like my father's, the only difference being that it was damaged from when he straightened it for meetings. Even with his split ends he looked like a prince. My prince.
“At least you’re beautiful.”
His eyes opened at this. I took a hold of his face with both hands, appreciating his cheekbones and jawline. He really was a prince. His eyes flit back and forth between my own. There was something so magical about him when he was like this.
“Thank you for hiding the body.”
He took one of my hands and kissed the palm, shutting his eyes once again and pressing his forehead to my palm. I wanted to hear him speak. He sounded like he might cry now, laboured and long breaths leaving his nose. We hadn’t spoken about it, what I’d done. Nor had Jonathan mentioned what he’d done with the body. Having sent me home for a week after the incident, I’d come back to find a perfectly clean apartment, with fresh sheets and clean floors.
Even the scent of vomit had been cleared, the walls no longer stained with blood and the mattress brand new so that the smell of piss wasn't present. It was impressive. For once in the year or so that I'd known him, Jonathan had managed to clean up a mess without being insulted into doing it.
I’d thrown myself on the bed when I came back, bathing myself in the fresh scent of fabric softener and Jonathan’s perfume. He’d joined me on the bed and we'd christened it as though it were brand new. But the bedroom wasn’t the same as it had been before. The smells and stains were gone but it was as though the entire layout had changed, with the way Jonathan avoided looking at the spot where he'd found the body.
Now that I’d mentioned it, Jonathan’s teary eyes glanced away from me.
“Don’t talk about it,” he whispered, his voice cracking towards the end of his sentence. His tears finally spilled down his cheeks, his shaking hands falling from my back to my waist. “Why did you do that? Why did you make me do that?”
I shushed him, pulling his head to my chest. His tears stained my skin as sobs racked his body. Even when he was blaming me he ran to me, looking for my hands in his hair and my sharp words. You'd think that after almost a year of smashing plates and screaming until my throat was raw, he'd have changed just a little. He was the same nervous, incompetent forty-two year old I'd met when I dropped out of my senior year, unable to hold himself together when faced with the slighest discomfort.
If he wasn’t a crybaby before then he definitely was one now.
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lor-ink · 6 hours ago
Look, this. This is why I bought a phone with a stylus a couple of years ago. I'm on a train (sort of sleeping?) at 3 in the morning when inspiration strikes. No notebook. My laptop is falling apart and put away. But here. Here I was able to whip out my phone, bust out the pen, and chicken scratch out the scene playing in my head. I'd remember the idea, but I would have forgotten the lines that made this moment so tantalizing. And instead of having to fight with an ever-frustrating and inaccurate phone keyboard, I was able to just write it out (yes, I *can* read it XD). This is a writer's bliss. Now if only the elderly couple behind me would stop squabbling so I could go back to sleep.
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pris84 · 9 hours ago
"They're chasing this sort of dream, this idea of a reality inside themselves. And then trying to bring it to fruition to the world around them."
- Quote
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pandatalesanimation · 9 hours ago
Starting off this week, we look into how we as creative writers can deal with writers block effectively and get back to writing our stories.⁠
Click the link below to view the full post right now!
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