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kinesjournal·a month agoText

Day Three |2020年1月22日

Heyyo! I’m back to upload all delayed posts when I was in Rancabali.

This is a very late post. I wrote all the posts right at the day, it just that I was too busy to post it all the way.

Another books post ‘cause I do nothing but rearranging the bookshelves on library. It’s sad to see lots of books were getting wet because of the heavy rain at midnight, so we dried it out immediately under the sunlight.

Luckily, all books had been dried out at 12 p.m so we could placed them back on the bookshelves.

That’s it for day three, I know this is a very short update. しょうがないよ。

Will be posting the rest of the delayed posts every each day. Stay tune, hope you enjoy!


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I have had this blog for about a year now, and I’ve come to realise the unattainable perfection of studyblrs. I created this account to motivate and educate myself and I feel as though these ‘perfect study notes’ hold unrealistic expectations. This is why I have decided to post things that are more realistic, educational and have a positive impact on the community. Please reblog this to spread the message: You do not need perfect notes, every stationary item, a macbook, top grades or an aesthetic study space to be a studyblr. All you need to do is do the best you can.

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Day Two |2020年1月21日

For today’s agenda, I went to school again to supervise the kids practiced their dances and went to my family’s selling place nearby to a tourism place named Situ Patenggang. They sell roasted corn, soft drinks and any kinds of instant food such as instant coffee, instant noodles, and many more. We supposed to help them but turned out we only ate and took a bunch of photos there✌🏼

My eyes are blessed with such a beautiful sceneries. The view of tea plantations covered by the fog, sooo refreshing 🍃


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Day One|2020年1月20日

Well hello, greetings from Rancabali 👋🏼

This is the 2nd day since I’ve been here. I wrote it day one cause we didn’t really do anything on the 1st day, just take a rest and meet our homestay fams. Yes, I’m staying in a homestay for a week y’all. Anyway, if it’s possible, I’ll keep updating my activities every day.

This (every) morning,

We’ll have a briefing at 5:30 am to explain what we’ll do for a day and go to an elementary school nearby to teach the students various subjects, but we’re not taking it too serious. We wanted to make the class to feel fun and enjoy while studying with us. We started the day with a flag ceremony—a classic Monday morning in every school/institute.

I, personally don’t teach the class. My job here is basically just oversees the activities. But, I can also help others to do their job—the ligher one (if I want to) like I did today. I helped my friends to sanding the library’s walls (before it gets repainted) and rearranged the books which was so overwhelming.

After the school ended, we have dance exercise where we also teach them to perform on the farewall night and followed with teaching the kids how to read the Quran. At the end of the day, we do the evaluation which we’ll be held on everyday.


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‘Ello! M’name’s Kath and I’m sort of new to the studyblr community. I say sort of because I actually used to run a studyblr sideblog. I decided I wanted to have my main blog be a studyblr, so we have this!

Keep reading

Hello, Kath!

Welcome to the community, nice to see you here! :)

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As an aspiring polyglot, it’s important that I have a bunch of resources at my disposal for language learning. I use a variety of resources for my learning, such as books, websites, apps, T.V. shows, movies, etc. These are some of my resources!


1. Omniglot

This website is more for finding information about languages and finding languages to learn. It has a very comprehensive list of languages and you can find plenty of secondary resources for learning the language. You can find tutors for that language, and even songs in your target language. I can just about guarantee you that no matter what language you’re looking for, it will be documented here. It is absolutely amazing, and it is a FANTASTIC resource for the dedicated linguist.


2. Duolingo

This is both a website AND an app, however, I tend to use the website more frequently, mainly because I’m always on my laptop anyway. The learning system that this website uses makes out very easy to stay motivated, and the lessons are organized amazingly. Currently, the website offers about 27 different language courses for English speakers, and various language courses for speakers of languages other than English. You can set goals for yourself, take multiple courses, be involved in discussions, and even do translating activities. Beware though, it gets VERY addicting.


3. Memrise

Also a website AND an app, this is my all time favorite resource for learning languages. It has SO many languages to choose from, and it even offers subjects other than languages, although foreign language learning is its primary appeal factor. 


4. BBC Languages

Although this sector of BBC has been archived and is no longer updated, it still contains some valuable information. It includes some useful phrases, alphabet guides, and jokes in many languages. You’re bound to learn something new there, so check it out!


5. Foreign Service Institute (FSI)

This website offers language courses constructed by the U.S. government, and relies heavily on audio-based learning. However, many of the language courses include lessons in the form of pdf. There is a very large selection of languages to choose from, so this resource is very good for getting an excellent introduction to your target language.


6. Live Lingua Project

Claiming to be the internet’s largest collection of free public domain language learning materials, this website is a MUST for language learners. It contains the FSI courses, Peace Corps language learning materials, and the DLI (military) language courses. It also offers Skype sessions for language learners in several different languages! The main appeal of this website, however, is the Peace Corps language material archive. There are SO many different languages to choose from, and there are many ebooks and audio files to take advantage of here.


7. Languages On the Web

This website offers texts that translate English texts into 55 other languages. It is not a translator, it merely provides reading material in foreign languages to learners. It is a very useful website, especially for analyzing how sentences are formed in other languages.


8. Learn 101

This website is really helpful for explaining grammatical concepts and for learning general stuff about languages, such as verbs, vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, basic phrases, foods, etc. There are quite alot of languages offered on this website, so it’s a great resource!


9. Clozemaster

This website is great for learning languages through a sentence based, contextual experience. It’s a bit like Duolingo in that sense, and it requires you to fill in missing words from sentences. In my opinion, it’s better for people with a background in their target language, and they offer many different options for languages. It’s also good for speakers of a native language other than English!


10. Lexicity

This is a great website for ancient language learners, and it provides resources for Egyptian, Mayan, Hittite, Latin, Old English, Etruscan, Gaulish, and several others. I have found the majority of resources that I have looked through helpful to my learning efforts. They have dictionaries, grammars, charts, and texts, and it is a very comprehensive resource.


11. Book2

This is a good resource for learners looking for audio files to help them practice their listening. I haven’t used it all too much, but there are many language options, so you’re bound to find a language that you find interesting on here.


12. Lang-8

This is a great resource for getting feedback on your writing in your target language. You can post things in your target language, and native speakers of that language will correct it, and you can do the same for other people! It’s very helpful, and is a great resource if you have to write in your target language often.


13. Bilinguis

This website offers a few books to read in different languages and is good for comparing different languages of the same book. This makes for good practice for reading in your target language. 


14. Udemy

There are quite a few languages courses on this website, although several of them cost money. However, there are quite a few courses that are free, and are good for introducing you to your language of choice.



1. Memrise

As mentioned above in the websites section, this app is so amazing for on-the-go language learning, as well as for subjects other than languages! It helps users memorize concepts with “meme” which are pictures that will remind you of what the word or concept means, and it’s such a unique and fun learning experience! It has the feel of using flashcards, but I just love using this app so much.

2. Duolingo

Also mentioned in the websites section, this app is great for both learning new words and reviewing words that you have either memorized or have just been exposed to. There are grammar lessons available, translation activities, groups that you can join, and Duolingo makes it fun to learn a language with it’s reward system.

3. HelloTalk

This is my absolute FAVORITE app to talk to native speakers of my target language(s). You can become language partners with people, help others with translations, video/voice call, send voice messages, and have as many partners as you want! It’s an absolutely amazing app, and I highly recommend it to everyone! Warning- If you’re a native English speaker looking for a native Chinese speaker, you will get HUNDREDS of requests. It might overwhelm you for a second.

4. TuneIn Radio

This is really great for finding stations in your target language, and it helps with practicing both comprehension of spoken language as well as introduces you to awesome music in your target language!

5. Tigercards

This app presents words in the form of lists, and gives you vocab so that you can review it. Not the best presentation of words and it doesn’t really offer a memorization technique like Memrise, but it’s still helpful!

6. Busuu

This app is a bit like Duolingo, and it offers German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, and Chinese!

7. uTalk

This app offers so many different languages, it’s pretty incredible. There are games that you can play, phrasebooks, and several other features. The interface is also really awesome and simple, so it makes learning easier than usual. Definitely a must have.

8. Innovative Language

I haven’t used this app much, but I have heard that the lessons on this app are very good, and you can download the lessons so that you can view them offline.

9. FlashSticks

This has been super helpful to me, in addition to the games and flashcards that it offers, it also provides an object scanner, which uses your camera to scan objects and then tells you what it’s called in your target language! 

10. Mondly

This has been an awesome resource for me since it’s a bit like Duolingo, only with more unique language options. I’m currently using it to learn Hindi, however, there are tons of other language options. The interface is awesome, and I love using it.

11. MindSnacks

This company makes several different language apps, and currently I’m using the Mandarin, Japanese, and French ones. So far, I’ve really enjoyed these apps!

12. Spotify

Through Spotify’s “Word” category, there are many different playlists dedicated to language learning, such as for Arabic, Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Swedish!

13. Quizlet

This is more of a diy language learning resource. It is not an inherent language learning resource, however, if you learn best through lists and/or flashcards, then this app allows you to make cards and review vocab that way! I use it all the time for exams!

14. FluentU

This is an awesome app for watching videos in your target language, and is really good for learning new words.


1. Teach Yourself

This series offers an astounding number of languages, and I have found them to be pretty effective in helping me learn languages. I have used the Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and Irish ones.

2. Barron’s Grammar and Verb books

I really like the way Barron’s does language books, so far I have used their Japanese grammar book and their Russian verbs book, and I really like the layout of them, especially the grammar book!

3. Dk Visual Bilingual Dictionaries

These are so helpful for me, I’ve been using the Mandarin and Japanese dictionaries for a long time, and they are so comprehensive and awesome!

4. Ethnologue

These aren’t language “learning” materials, but rather they help me find new languages to learn. These are more for the linguistic lovers, since they catalog almost every living language in the world in every country, and provide language maps and statistics. There’s really fascinating stuff in those books, so I highly recommend purchasing them. 

5. The “Dirty” books

So far, I have only used the Japanese version, however, I really like what the book includes, and it’s great for learning slang in your target language, and things that traditional textbooks wouldn’t teach you.

6. Living Language

I LOVE these books so much, I’ve used the Russian, Mandarin, and French ones and I’ve found them very helpful! The layout of these are very nice, and they’re pretty comprehensive.

7. Tuttle books

Tuttle offers several different language books, and they all are very good in my opinion. I have used their books for Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and Hindi.

That’s all that I have right now, but if you all would like more resources than I will definitely make a second one!


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active studyblr!

hello everyone!! once again I’m coming back to this blog and finding that half the people I follow aren’t active any more :(

If you are an active blog then reblog this and I’ll check you out!! Include your original tag if you want :)

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kinesjournal·3 months agoText


I need to follow more people so reblog if you’re:

- a psychology enthusiast/psychblr

- new to the studyblr community - welcome! :)

- an active studyblr, bookblr or mental health blog

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study blogs reblog this! i will do my best to follow everyone cause i need more accounts on my dash 🤗

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A recap of last year’s resolutions: 


1. Reach WaniKani Level 40 <– didn’t happen 😞

2. Pass JLPT N3 in December <– ATTEMPTED! 😝Let’s see if I passed…

3. Read at least one manga in Japanese <– finished チーのスイートホーム 

4. watch even more anime and dramas 😁


1. 日本語を話すのは上手になりたい.

2. 今回こそ日本語能力試験3が合格したい.







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The 75 most common words make up 40% of occurrences
The 200 most common words make up 50% of occurrences
The 524 most common words make up 60% of occurrences
The 1257 most common words make up 70% of occurrences
The 2925 most common words make up 80% of occurrences
The 7444 most common words make up 90% of occurrences
The 13374 most common words make up 95% of occurrences
The 25508 most common words make up 99% of occurrences

(Source: 5 Steps to Speak a New Language by Hung Quang Pham)

This article has an excellent summary on how to rapidly learn a new language within 90 days.

We can begin with studying the first 600 words. Of course chucking is an effective way to memorize words readily. Here’s a list to translate into the language you desire to learn that Derek Roger suggested! :)

EXPRESSIONS OF POLITENESS (about 50 expressions)      

  • ‘Yes’ and ‘no’: yes, no, absolutely, no way, exactly.    
  • Question words: when? where? how? how much? how many? why? what? who? which? whose?    
  • Apologizing: excuse me, sorry to interrupt, well now, I’m afraid so, I’m afraid not.    
  • Meeting and parting: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, hello, goodbye, cheers, see you later, pleased to meet you, nice to have met.    
  • Interjections: please, thank you, don’t mention it, sorry, it’ll be done, I agree, congratulations, thank heavens, nonsense.    

NOUNS (about 120 words)

  • Time: morning, afternoon, evening, night; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; spring, summer, autumn, winter; time, occasion, minute, half-hour, hour, day, week, month, year.    
  • People: family, relative, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife; colleague, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend; people, person, human being, man, woman, lady, gentleman, boy, girl, child.    
  • Objects: address, bag, book, car, clothes, key, letter (=to post), light (=lamp), money, name, newspaper, pen, pencil, picture, suitcase, thing, ticket.    
  • Places: place, world, country, town, street, road, school, shop, house, apartment, room, ground; Britain, name of the foreign country, British town-names, foreign town-names.    
  • Abstract: accident, beginning, change, color, damage, fun, half, help, joke, journey, language, English, name of the foreign language, letter (of alphabet), life, love, mistake, news, page, pain, part, question, reason, sort, surprise, way (=method), weather, work.    
  • Other: hand, foot, head, eye, mouth, voice; the left, the right; the top, the bottom, the side; air, water, sun, bread, food, paper, noise.    

PREPOSITIONS (about 40 words)    

  • General: of, to, at, for, from, in, on.    
  • Logical: about, according-to, except, like, against, with, without, by, despite, instead of.    
  • Space: into, out of, outside, towards, away from, behind, in front of, beside, next to, between, above, on top of, below, under, underneath, near to, a long way from, through.    
  • Time: after, ago, before, during, since, until.    

DETERMINERS (about 80 words)  

  • Articles and numbers: a, the; nos. 0–20; nos. 30–100; nos. 200–1000; last, next, 1st–12th.    
  • Demonstrative: this, that.    
  • Possessive: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.    
  • Quantifiers: all, some, no, any, many, much, more, less, a few, several, whole, a little, a lot of.    
  • Comparators: both, neither, each, every, other, another, same, different, such.    

ADJECTIVES (about 80 words)    

  • Color: black, blue, green, red, white, yellow.    
  • Evaluative: bad, good, terrible; important, urgent, necessary; possible, impossible; right, wrong, true.    
  • General: big, little, small, heavy; high, low; hot, cold, warm; easy, difficult; cheap, expensive; clean, dirty; beautiful, funny (=comical), funny (=odd), usual, common (=shared), nice, pretty, wonderful; boring, interesting, dangerous, safe; short, tall, long; new, old; calm, clear, dry; fast, slow; finished, free, full, light (=not dark), open, quiet, ready, strong.    
  • Personal: afraid, alone, angry, certain, cheerful, dead, famous, glad, happy, ill, kind, married, pleased, sorry, stupid, surprised, tired, well, worried, young.    

VERBS (about 100 words)    

  • arrive, ask, be, be able to, become, begin, believe, borrow, bring, buy, can, change, check, collect, come, continue, cry, do, drop, eat, fall, feel, find, finish, forget, give, going to, have, have to, hear, help, hold, hope, hurt (oneself), hurt (someone else), keep, know, laugh, learn, leave, lend, let (=allow), lie down, like, listen, live (=be alive), live (=reside), look (at), look for, lose, love, make, may (=permission), may (=possibility), mean, meet, must, need, obtain, open, ought to, pay, play, put, read, remember, say, see, sell, send, should, show, shut, sing, sleep, speak, stand, stay, stop, suggest, take, talk, teach, think, travel, try, understand, use, used to, wait for, walk, want, watch, will, work (=operate), work (=toil), worry, would, write.    

PRONOUNS (about 40 words)

  • Personal: I, you, he, she, it, we, they, one; myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.    
  • Possessive: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs.    
  • Demonstrative: this, that.    
  • Universal: everyone, everybody, everything, each, both, all, one, another.
  • Indefinite: someone, somebody, something, some, a few, a little, more, less; anyone, anybody, anything, any, either, much, many.    
  • Negative: no-one, nobody, nothing, none, neither.    

ADVERBS (about 60 words)

  • Place: here, there, above, over, below, in front, behind, nearby, a long way away, inside, outside, to the right, to the left, somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, nowhere, home, upstairs, downstairs.    
  • Time: now, soon, immediately, quickly, finally, again, once, for a long time, today, generally, sometimes, always, often, before, after, early, late, never, not yet, still, already, then (=at that time), then (=next), yesterday, tomorrow, tonight.    
  • Quantifiers: a little, about (=approximately), almost, at least, completely, very, enough, exactly, just, not, too much, more, less.    
  • Manner: also, especially, gradually, of course, only, otherwise, perhaps, probably, quite, so, then (=therefore), too (=also), unfortunately, very much, well.    

CONJUNCTIONS (about 30 words)

  • Coordinating: and, but, or; as, than, like.    
  • Time & Place: when, while, before, after, since (=time), until; where.    
  • Manner & Logic: how, why, because, since (=because), although, if; what, who, whom, whose, which, that.   
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Introduction post

Hi everyone! I’m Katrien and this is my studyblr. I’m 19 years old and in my first year of Textile technology at college.

I love learning languages and I keep myself busy with knitting, reading and playing the harp. I speak Dutch and English fluently and can understand French, Korean and some Chinese.

The study/langblr I’m inspired by the most is @lovelybluepanda and I also like to go through library pictures here on tumblr - they make me relax. (I need a cool library in my future house that’s certain)

On my blog you will find language and textile related notes + posts about books.


Hi, Katrien!

It’s late but, Welcome and nice to meet you here. It’s so cool that on your first year you can already understand five languages. I can’t wait to see your upcoming posts. I think I’ll learn something from there. Once again,

Welcome, and let’s be friend!

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Before I start this,

Happy New Year 2020 everyone 🥳


Selamat Tahun Baru!

So.. After almost 5 months, I finally went back home for a week. Whoop whoop. This semester really got me suffocated that made me to suffer even more.

As I went back in town, with the curiosity of all these coffee shops trend that blooms out everywhere in this country, I finally had a chance to taste one of them cause why not opening the new year with new taste experience. So I bought this Iced “Rum” Coffee for Rp.22000,- ($1,58 USD) from Janji Jiwa Coffee Shop ☕️

and guess what? Turned out it tasted sooo good 🥰 The place is also nice even though it’s pretty small. I don’t usually drink coffee (a tea person) but this one is really worth the price and the hype—I guess. Now I can’t wait to taste the other shops. I heard the others are great too.

Anyway, since I’m still in semester breaks so I think I will be updating my not-so-holiday activities soon ‘cause two weeks from now I’ll be going somewhere else for a week. I’m sooo excited!

Okay then, see you.


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別のアップデートで戻ってきます。じゃあ、 Mabit dan Rihlah が開催された1週間後、別のイベントに行きました。 いいえ、参加者だけでした。 2019年のクラスの学生が管理するイベント。 実際に歓迎会でした。

I’m back with another update. So, a week after Mabit and Rihlah was held, I went to another event. No, I was just a participant. The event managed by students of class of 2019. It was actually a

welcoming party.

バンドンの別荘に一晩集まり、2019年のクラスの学生を大学の新しい家族として迎えました。 私たちはそこで多くの活動をしました。その活動は、色々なゲーム、2015年から2019年のクラスのパフォーマンス、そして最後で贈答でした。

We gathered in a villa in Bandung for a night to welcome the class of 2019’s students as our new family in college. We did a lot of activities there. Those activities were games, class performances from 2015 to 2019, and gift exchanges at the end.

そのゲームの1つは、「ウォーターゲームチャレンジ」 です。 すべてのグループは、2番目の写真に示すように、反対側からカップを満たし、それからボトルに入れることにより、ボトルを水で満たさなければならない。最初にオレンジ色のボールをこぼすことができるグループが勝者です。

One of the games is Water Games Challenge. Every group has to fulfill the bottle with water (as shown in 2nd photos) by filling the cup from the other side and then placing it into the bottle. The one (group) who can spills the orange ball out is the winner.

最後のセッションで、私たちが一緒にしばらく前にやったキャンプドキュメンタリーを見ました。 みんな笑っていて、その瞬間を本当に楽しんでいました。

In the last session, we watched our camping documentary that we did a while ago. Everyone was laughing and was really enjoying the moment.


Thanks for the memories!


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This is my very first time greetings from my blog without any pictures on it.

So, I don’t know if anyone will respond to this but I’m still gonna introduce myself.

My name’s kirin.

  • Kirin actually means giraffe🦒 in Japanese ‘cause I’m that tall among other girls around me (on my department)
  • I’m 20 and 5’7 at best
  • I’m on my 3rd year being a Japanese language education major in college in Indonesia.
  • I’m Indonesian, ofc.
  • My kind of music genres are pop, rock, indie, rnb, hiphop, and a lil bit of pop-punk.
  • My top artists are 5SOS, The 1975, Billie Eillish, Ariana Grande, Conan Gray, Ruel and many more.
  • I’m currently getting use to watch any anime, my top genres for now: comedy, slice of life, school. So far, Saiki Kusuo no Sainan is my fav anime I’ve ever watched.
  • Favorite sport? I guess I only doing quite well in Badminton. I’m bad at any sports, facts.
  • Anything you wanna know more about me? Go down ⤵️

My studyblr / langblr inspo:

@studyquill @emmastudies @studywithinspo @studyplants @bluelahe @natastudies @muka-blog8 @kaylareads @studylustre @journalbeanie (ig) @tbhstudying @boystudy @thelamejournal (ig) @vassionate (ig) and many more~

I might have said this on my post but, lemme say it again.

I’m about trying to be active again here, and if you noticed that I posted 3 times in a row this week (except for today: 2 posts). Why? Well, this is actually unfortunate because I’ve got an assignment for my Writing class to write anything in a blog using Japanese to practice my writing skill. And I remembered I have this so why not I use this. Even though I only posted in full Japanese today. Yes, because it’s the deadline. And I’m that lazy ass sloth.

This is too early but, my 2020 resolutions is that I hope I can make this blog active. Still planning what kind of content I’ll make. One thing for sure, there will be Japanese related stuff.

Oh since I open this to make friends, just hit me up on the DM anytime or feel free to use the ask button on my page. I also accept any advice for this blog 😊

Let’s be friends!


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今日は、インドネシアの伝統的なスナックを紹介します。 まず、インドネシアがどこにあるか知っていますか?


私が紹介しようとしている伝統的なのは Lemper です。

Lemper 何ですか?

Lemper は市場のスナックとしてインドネシアで有名な食べ物です。普通はスナックボックスのメニューで 入れます。それはねばねばしてから、人間の兄第関係を表します。


材料が少しあるので、それを作るのはまあまあ難しくないです。調理されたもち米は鶏のひき肉で満たされて、それからバナナの葉で包まれます。その前に、鶏のひき肉はガーリックや レモングラスや コリアンダーなどで調理して調味しています。



Lemper の味は塩っぱいと甘いの組み合わせです。それはまたココナッツミルクからのクリーミーな風味があります。 



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ps. delayed post I found on Draft.




これは大学で私のクラブが開催した毎年行事です。 イベントは週末に開催されたので、誰でも参加できます。 主な活動は、これまでに行ったことから自分自身を反映し、心をリフレッシュすることです。ああ、私はあなたに伝えるのを忘れていました。 これは Mabit dan Rihlah と言うのです。イスラムのイベント。


基本的に、夕方に聖職者が行う定期的な講義のようなものです。 違いは、ある場所に1泊しましたが、それだけではありませんでした。


アドベンチャーゲームを行う翌朝の楽しい活動です。 3つのチェックポイントごとに1つのゲームをしました。 最もわくわくなのはアーチェリーをすることです。 とにかく、思ったほど簡単ではありません。その後、すべてのグループが、アドベンチャーゲームを行うときに指定された秘密のキーワードを含むミニドラマをしました。



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Well, hello again.

First of all, this is not the new content I talked before. Just wanna upload something and I thought I would just gonna uploaded these two old notes from last semester. It was called Curriculum and Learning subject. The subject basically was talking about the main components of Curriculum, the use of it in education process at school, and its corelations with learning.

And, by the past 3 years I admit that I did a little bit progression on my hand lettering. Or it was because of the brush pen (?) But still, I cannot commit to keep writing my notes. I honestly captured some of subject to be written on but I ain’t got no time. I’ve been tired with everything I did in a day being on campus so when I went back to my dorm all I wanted to do was just to take a break and sleep. Even though I always end up being a night owl for almost errday. And in the morning I kinda regret it, but keep doing it again the next day 🙂

FYI, for now I won’t add-on any Japanese stuff such as kanji because I’m planing to do something about it separately. I mean, it will have its own posts. Hope to make it real asap.



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An update.

Kinda miss being active, sooo here I am back to my full-of-dust blog. It’s been a long time since the last time I posted on January 1st last year and 2019 is about to end. Yes, almost 2 years since I’ve been gone.

Been busy with college, life and stuff. Oh, anyway I am on my 3rd year now being a college student which means I’m not a sophomore anymore. Being in junior year for around 6 months has made me experiencing so many things. And yet made me learn more about life. Also, I am noticing how my self has been changed in a good way (a progress- they said) and at the same time, it’s kind of a regret how my performance in college has became into a regression. I still don’t know why tho. Being a multitasker in college is not as easy as I thought. But yeah, doing it for the sake of developing my inner self and soft skills (i guess).

By the way, I’m recently on my final week (truly hectic week) now. Gotta work sooo hard to get all my delayed assignments to be done and managing some upcoming events while studying for the test. Wish me luck 🤞🏼

Last but not least, I honestly have so many things to do with this blog. I really want to be more active in here and post a lot about anything I can share as I also can practice what I’ve been learning so far.

🗣 New things are coming very soon!

I guess that’s all I wanted to say for now. I know, a very long speech up there. Wow, I’m quite proud that I can write that much. Okay then, see you!


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JLPT N3 Grammar

Verb (dictionary form) + とともに
Noun + とともに

Together with; at the same time as

watashi wa kazoku totomoni onsenryoko ni ikimashita
I went on a hot spring trip with my family.

toshi wo toru totomoni karada ga yowattekita
As I become older, my body becomes weaker.

Another good one

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