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#I'm pretty sure there are no poc in the game so that's. something
This is for the mesage abt fantasy and sci-fi and all
Just put my phone 2 bed and was like hmmm does this trope come from the hunger games hype???
I would argue a big fat No, because unlike shadowhunters and the like hunger dames focuses on who suffers the consequences of the oppressors actions
If the shadowhunters writers had thought of this concept first they probably would have made rivh Katniss everdeen be watching the hunger games and be the only member tof the capital to think 2 themselves - this might be a bit fucked up
Bc I think that most white writers think that writing about poverty and oppresioon is boring, and that's why we don't see it very often. They think that the rich and powerful becoming morally conflicted is far more interesting and from a political standpoint, WAY more safe (don't want the poor people thinking toooooo hard about it)
And also the fact that the hunger games was the only one of the dystopian hype of 2013 that actually had any moral impact, all of the rest felt like cheap flimsy cash grabs after it, because they weren't willing to make a relevent political statement with their work (ie divergent, maze runner etc)
I hope this little ramble makes sense I really need 2 sleep lol but I just had to add this on. Km not saying the hunger games is perfect, i can't forgive the crimes against rue! But I just wanted to compare how even choosing who the protagonist can completely expose who's story you consider interesting enough 2 tell and the writers intentions
P. S - Katniss is described as 'olive skinned' in the books, as a little white 9 year old I assumed that means someone who was from like Spain or Italy or smth but I'm not sure, it's pretty vague but should we assume that Katniss was intended to be a woman of colour?
answering this first cuz it's easier
i can't really talk about the hunger games cuz i've never read the books, i've only ever seen the movies and even then i'm not sure if i saw them all or just the ones i was invited to watch, and the consensus in my circles seems to be that the movies took away a lot of the powerful messages from the books, so i can't really say
what i can say about dystopian fiction tho is that i think it has a lot of potential to be really subversive and that it, like you said, usually seems to be told from the POV of the oppressed, which is a relief, but it's been co-opted by capitalism, like... surprisingly fast. i mean, capitalism co-opts things faster than ever these days, but the hunger games seems to be the only piece of dystopian fiction from this century that actually led its fandom to question a lot about the world they live in (i can't talk about the content but i can talk about what i've seen from the fandom) and EVERYTHING ELSE was just weak and meaningless
i'll also say that there is a lot of criticism from indigenous peoples that dystopian fiction is just "what if the things we did to poc happened to the WHITES?" (a good example of that is the handmaid's tale. no, women being forcibly used as breeders? wonder where i've seen that before) and i think that it holds up, particularly because like i said it's been quickly co-opted and that means that it went from being a relatable form of oppression that we can actually see happening in our society to a very distant thing people aren't supposed to see as something that could possibly happen, and racism and its history has always been swept under the rug, so it doesn't feel like it could be real, particularly for white ppl
but i don't think that the nature of dystopian is that, i think that's the appropriation that led to it, and i think dystopian fiction has a lot of potential to even shed light on racial issues when written right. i'll recommend you this post (link) which talks a bit about indigenous ppls' takes on dystopian fiction and has a recommendation of a graphic novel about this written by indigenous canadian writers and artists <3
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pinkispoggers · 17 days ago
Questions Lead to Answers | Lance Bishop x Fem!reader
Tumblr media
Prompt: Asking an artificial person questions is easy, but the answers, could lead to something a little different.
WARNINGS: Smut, light fluff, and rough sex.
Words: 3.8k
notes: if there is bad grammer, im sorry! PLEASE READ!!! (BIG CREDS TO SQUILF FOR REFRENCING THE PART WHERE (SPOILERS!!) ROBOT RELATIONSHIP TALK COMES IN AND ALSO THE IDEA OF GETTING DRUNK AND KISSING HIM!!) (If you think I haven't credited them for other things please let me know so i can credit them!)
Waking up from Cryosleep is always hard, like when you feel nauseous after finally waking up, or Sergeant Apone always on your ass. You rise up from your bed, peacefully, not feeling the need to vomit, and sleeping away from Apone. This was gonna be a great trip, you thought. You had heard the rumors of a new synthetic being put on board, or a new crewmate but nothing else about the situation.
You didn't say hello to anyone except for Hicks and Drake, as you had met them before beginning this trip. You were very new to the crew as this was your first trip with them. Before you could get a chance to hear Apone's morning bullshit, you rushed over to get your flight suit. 
As soon as you are done with that, you rush over to the cafeteria as fast as you could, not trying to catch the attention of anyone, keeping as quiet as possible. About half way there you're about to turn a corner when you see a pretty average height… male? You aren't sure but it makes you stop in your tracks. You try to stay as quiet as possible, trying to slip past him but when you tried to take a step, he turns around. He looks straight into your eyes, with soft ones.
You have never seen him before, not even when you were getting ready for cryosleep. "I'm sorry…" you whisper "no need." He says as clear as day, his voice almost soothing and a little deeper then you had imagined he would sound like when you saw his face. "I'm Bishop." He exclaims softly "I'm sorry if I scared you." He adds. "No, no your fine." You say, louder than you intended. He smiles at your response, a tight but soft smile. 
In all honesty, you were a little creeped out by the situation you were in but you couldn't deny that he was attractive. "I'm Y/n" you say awkwardly. "Well hello Y/n. Would you like me to walk you to the cafeteria?" "Uh… sure…" you answer softly and he starts walking and you catch up to his side. You walk to the cafeteria slowly, taking in every moment of your new surroundings and him, but you do not talk. 
He locks eyes with yours for a second as you look back at him and then he parts ways with you but not before he smiles which makes you blush. You just stand there, in the middle of the cafeteria awkwardly, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to do anything other than breath. When you finally notice your situation and surroundings, you get your shit together and find that you need to get food, which Bishop seems to be passing around. And of course the first person he walks over to, is you.
You aren’t even seated yet when he asks you, "do you want some cornbread" you are still anxious from all the new eyes gazing over at you "uh.. uh.. sure!!" You say and you take it. You don't look back and walk away to where Hicks is sitting with another crewmate. "Hey guys!" You blurt out and they look at you all smiley as you sit down finally. "Whats up man!" The unknown man smiles widely. "I'm Hudson, and he's Hicks" He says, lowering the smile on his face to a grin, awaiting your response. "I'm Y/n! I've met Hicks!" "Well great!" Hudson shrugs off. 
Hudson turns his head to Bishop, who was still serving cornbread. Bishop notices Hudson looking at him, and reaches out with the cornbread, raising an eyebrow. "Hey Bishop man, Do the thing with the knife!" "Oh please no-" he gets cut of by Hudson's begging and finally steps over to Hudson. Drake is standing right next to him and offers to play the game with Bishop. 
Bishop places his large hand over Drake's and pulls out the knife he has in one of the many pockets on his flight suit. He places the knife in between their fingers and starts. He raises the knife in and out of between both fingers, gliding to a new set each time at unhuman speeds. Your eyes widen, thinking he's going to hurt himself or Drake. You had almost reached your hand out to stop them but it ended.
A wave of reassurance washes over you and you are finally calm. Bishop heads to sit down right next to you and you freeze in your seat. "I thought you never missed Bishop." Says one of the voices at the table. You look over to see the man with white liquid in his fingertips. You are in shock when you see this.
"Oh… I thought you were… nevermind" you blurt and he looks over at you "is there a problem?" He says softly. "No, no, I just wasn't expecting you to be a synthetic on board" you say quietly "I prefer the term "artificial human" myself" He smiles. "Ok then!" You smile back. "We always have an andr- artificial human on board. It's standard practice, he's just new." A man called from the other side of the table. You just nodded, getting a bad, creepy vibe from him. 
It's been a fine day, and everyone is bringing out the drinks for a celebration of some sort, maybe to celebrate the first day out here. You have never had alcohol before, or any type of drink like that, so you were very nervous about how to act around everyone. You try to stay near to Drake, Hicks, and Hudson if you could. The first line of shots were rounded around you and the others. You took your first. It was a strong taste, but you loved it but didn't want to ask for more. Drake slides you over another and you take it
Apone was yelling at Hudson for a reason you didn't know. It's cause that's how drunk people act, you thought. You were 7 shots in and feeling woozy, but you needed more. You could barely walk, but you could walk over to grab the bottle, which had the marines cheering you on. "CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!" They cheered and you did. After that you could barely see straight and everyone was heading off to bed, except for Drake and an unnamed female. It was time for you to go, but you had the urge to see someone. You get up from the table and head out.
You found him. You continue your search, as drunk you is more persistent than sober you. You pass the docking and loading unit, but you still can't find him until "Y/n?" A familiar voice says, and you bolt around, not saying anything but wanting to scream. It's Bishop, emerging from the darkness. "Y/n what are you doing here?" He chuckles deeply. "I- i- Bishop- I was looking for… you…" you say, speech slurred. 
You walk up to him slowly, and unsteady. "You should have been there" You blurt and he smiles "I'm sure I would have enjoyed it" "I missed you" you smile drunkenly. You walk even closer to him and he just stands there, waiting for you. You plant your face in his chest, not knowing what was happening right now, but you liked it. He grabbed your waist and you blushed, hard. "You should be in bed right now." He hushes softly "but…" you smile wider, looking up at him. 
you get up to kiss him again.. Your teeth clash as you kiss him deeply. He puts his hands behind your back, but it ends as soon as it begins. You pull away to catch your breath, and he looks at you blankly. 
You fall forward, head meeting his neck and he holds you to support you. You never want this moment to end but… everything goes blurry.
You wake up to the normal nonsense, but this time with a burning headache, and Apone screaming at Hudson - but all of you at the same time but mostly Hudson - and getting everyone up. You feel like screaming. It's bad. You're rubbing your head, knowing that you were going on a mission today. To check on the Colonists of LV-426 since they hadn't heard from them in a while. Then you remembered it. Kissing bishop while you were drunk, it was the only thing you could remember from that night.
"Shit" you murmur and you get up fast. You get past everyone slowly and put on clothes, getting ready for the day. 
You get down to the room where the ships and transporters are held and you see him. "Fuck…" you whisper and he looks at you but you just walk away. You hop on the drop ship and sit alone as it falls down to LV-426. 
You get off and it's guns up. You are just there to supervise everyone so you don't have one. You know Bishop is coming down too but you stray far from him. 
You get inside the building and start to search but you see nothing. But when you get to a certain lab, you do. You see things that shock you there. In tubes, what looks to be a horseshoe crab with a long flexible tail is preserved in there. Until it moves. You jump in place at the sight of it and now you are shaken up… great, you thought. Such a great day so far. Everyone leaves to check out other things which leaves you on another path of your own. 
You reach the lab again and only to see Bishop… dissecting something? You knew he was gonna see you, alone nonetheless. Unless you could sneak past him, but you really didn't want to waste your energy doing so. Right when you were about to turn the other way, "Y/n, I want to show you something." He says politely and you blush "shit" you whisper. You walk towards him awkwardly and you see one of those… things under his hand, which was holding a scalpel. "That's a nice pet you have there, Bishop…" "magnificent isn't it" 
He started to ramble on about the thing he was dissecting and you had to admit his passion about it was quite cute. But you broke it with "Bishop…" you say quietly and he turns his full attention to you. "I'm sorry" you whisper anxiously. He grabs your hand which you are surprised about. You knew that androids can't touch people unless they are in danger of falling or they need to steady them or carry them. "I- you can't usually touch me." You exclaim. "Unless of emergency situations, I know, but I'm reflecting off of our relationship." 
"Relationship?!" You blush, knowing exactly what he meant but still acting clueless.  "You kissed me" He said confidently. You blushed even harder " Bishop, I was drunk I didn't-, I mean I did mean it but…" you smile. You noticed how close you were with him and you knew you needed to back up. "I can always change our relationship status if you want." "Wait? Are you saying we have a romantic relationship in your system… Bishop…" you say sadly. "Well, I cannot have a partner, but If a crewmember wants and gives consent, I can access my sexual functions to pleasure the crewmember for their physical needs." 
"Ok… I thought robo- artificial humans were just flat down there." 
"Well, we aren't and yes, I do have one" He smiles and you blush feverishly. "My system could also trigger an erection if needed." "So you can get hard by what? Seeing some pretty?" "Well, its more like when someone makes a sexual joke or gesture that "turns me on"" "Will you kiss me again?" He whispers but you hear him and climb in him from where he is sitting so that you are in his lap and he smiles as you kiss him gently then you kiss him hard, lips clashing and he kisses you back. "Was that ok?" He asks and you nod and nuzzle your head in his neck. "Bishop… can we… further this?" 
"Are you sure?" 
But just before you could kiss him again, you heard footsteps towards the lab. "shitttt" you murmur and jump off of him and he frowns and you glance at the door. It's that weird dude from before. "Hello there…" He says seeing the two of you close to each other, not thinking anything of it. "Oh hello Bishop and Y/n, how are you?" He says. But before you could speak, he cuts you off "I don't think we've properly met, im Burke." "Ok… hi Burke, since you already know my name, I guess we don't have to properly meet." You say a little annoyed.
"Oh, yeah then." He exclaims anxiously as he shoots his hand around the back of his hand "I'm just here to tell you it's time to leave, the Colonists are safe, they just weren't responding." "Ok then, let's get outta here" you say and the three of you leave to the drop ship. 
You sit alone again, only this time, holding in sexual frustration. You wanted him, you needed him but you couldn't think of that now, it wasn't professional of you to have thoughts of intercourse with a ROBOT… no, you felt completely disgusted now. But also ashamed and you had to go back to talk to him about what was happening and how you felt, looking for someone, anyone to tell you if what you were feeling was ok or not.
You sit alone in your quarters, pondering endlessly. But the thought of going to see him was tempting. "Ah fuck it" you sigh as you get up, still in your pajamas to go to the place you knew you would find him. His lab. You walk alone, mildly afraid of something happening to you, or that someone would catch you going to see him. You finally got up to the lab and to no surprise, he was there, working on that thing he had taken back with him. "Bishop-" you whisper, secretly hoping he wouldn’t hear but he did. "Y/n, come in, I knew you would come see me" He smirked. 
"Yeah i- yeah." You say frowning. He walks up to you slowly and kisses you like he had done before. You grab the back of his waist and kiss him back. He smiles at your lips. Next thing you know, you are in his arms and he's guiding you to a table. You gasp, not expecting him to be able to lift you up. He sets you down on the table and pushes you back slightly. You blush, knowing that you weren't wearing anything under your pajama gown. 
Without warning, he pushes his hand up your gown, getting feverishly close to your area. He opens your legs with one hand. "B- Bishop" you moan softly, aching for him to go farther, to touch you. He looks up at you "are you ready?" He asks and you nod as he continues. His other hand is reaching for your breasts but instead of touching them, he unbuttons your gown, slowly taking it off to see your beautiful breasts, then taking them in his palm and squeezing them, making sure not to hurt you. 
"Ah Bishop…" you moan and he smiles, knowing that he's pleasuring you. He moves his hand farther until he reaches your warmth and sinks two fingers down to your clit and makes you flinch. You were very wet for him already soaking and dripping down your leg. His fingers start to move in a circle around your clit and your legs start to shake, you can't escape the pleasure running through your veins. 
He continued to swivel his fingers around your clit, making you whine and quiver under him, going feral. You now were shaking with pleasure that you couldn't control anymore. "Bishop im- I'm about to come" you shout through hard quick breaths. "Then cum for me sweetheart" He says as he smiles, knowing that he's getting the job done correctly. You explode with all the strength you have, going completely numb. This is the strongest orgasm you have ever had in your life.
Your chest is rising and falling and you're panting. "I'm guessing I did good" He grinned and you nodded slightly, still coming down through your high. With 2 fingers already on your now swollen clit, he drags them down to your entrance, and without warning, shoved them in you while smirking at you and keeping eye contact and you squealed. "Bishop!!" You yell. Thank the gods that this is a noise proof room, so you couldn't scream his name all you wanted.
He dragged his fingers in and out of you at a slow pace, curling them and getting close enough to your ear that he could whisper sweet nothings in them. "You are very tight Y/n" "thank you" you bite your lip and smile while holding in the urge to scream out his name. "Will I fit?" He asks as he quickened his pace, knowing that it would make it harder to talk for you. "How about- mph- you show me- agh!!" You whisper and he slows down, then completely stops to get up from on top of you, to unzip his flight suit.
He finally gets his flight suit all the way down and you can see everything, from his chest, which actually had a little bit of abs, to his cock from where he is standing and the position you are in. He has the perfect size for you, about 6 inches fully hard. He smiles as he notices you looking at it. "Will it hurt, because you know I cannot hurt you, and I only want to please you." He says shyly, but politely. "No, it won't, just start off slow and everything will be fine." You reassure him. 
 "I have to tell you this before we start. By performing sexual intercourse, I cannot get you pregnant, nor give you any stds or stis. Would you like to proceed?" "Yes Bishop, I would like you to fuck me." You say and he smiles. His cock is pressed up against your leg and you bite your lip. You sit up a little to guide him to your entrance. 
He pushed the tip between your folds and straight up to your clit making you shudder. He brings it down to your entrance, and pushes in slightly. "Ah!!" You cry in pleasure. He's not even an inch in and you are crying out for him. He looks up at you, worried but you smile at him, which calms his system. "Please" you look up at him with big puppy eyes and he looks back at you with his, pushing about half way in.
You want to scream out his name, for him to go further but it turns out to be just a whine and now he's all the way in. "Ah! Bishop!" You moan and your head rolls back onto the table as he looks up at you and smiles once more. He starts up a pace that is painfully slow, to which he moans softly, thrusting deep inside of you and you arch your back so it's easier for him to go even deeper, even though you were belly up. You start to move your hips around his cock, silently begging for him to speed up. "Bishop… faster!" You almost scream out for him. 
He speeds up to a comfortable pace but you still want more as you are a moaning mess now, but you still wanted more and maybe if "you're doing s- so well" you moan and he grunts as he speeds up, grabbing the side of your hips and pulling you inwards. "AH!!" You scream out. "Don't st- stop!!" You cry out, tears brimming your bottom lashes. He's trusting even harder, hitting your gspot and cervix every time. A single tear streams down your face. He's grunting and growling from pleasure going through him, more like sparks building up in him, ready to burst.
Next thing you know his fingers are on your clit again, circling fast around you, pushing you farther out to the edge. You're barely holding on. "Im- Im- gonna cum Bishop please!" You yell out and he sees that you are shaking under him so "please cum for me y/n" he says and his voice makes you just go wild. You shudder and quiver under him, your orgasm flowing through you at high speeds. It's even more powerful than the last one. As you are coming down, a hot liquid shoots unto your pussy, making you moan, just knowing that he is finished but he fucks you through it.
Your breathing hard, chest rising and falling fast. He slows down, then stops. While he's still in you, he bends down to wrap his arms around you and kiss you as you are still panting. "Did I do ok?" He asks. "Bishop" you pant "you did amazing" you say and he grins. "Thank you" he adds. 
He stands, pulling out of you slowly, and sliding on his flight suit. You got up, sorely and he rushed over to help you. "Y/n, are you ok?" He asks "Yeah I'm all good!" You get up, slipping on your flightsuit and you kiss him once more. You leave the room, holding his hand. 
you get back to the cryo room where everyone was getting ready to go back to sleep, to return to the ship you came from. You weren't ready to say bye to Bishop just yet so you pull him over to the side. "Hey Bishop?" You say and he turns over to you "I'll miss you, ya know" you smirk as you pull him down for a kiss. It doesn't last long but it was worth it just incase you don't see him again. 
"No you won't, im just an artificial person. You can always upload my data into another Bishop model." He says "I will miss you, trust me. And I know I can, and I probably will" you giggle. "I'll sure miss you Y/n, and I won't forget you just incase you do." He smiles and you release his hand and walk into the room. 
You both part your ways to get to your chainbers. You watch him get undressed, down to his underwear and you remember the moment you two had together and you sigh, slumping in place in your bed. Hicks comes over to shut the top of your bed down and you smile at him and he smiles back. You smile as you are going to sleep. And of you go to dreamland as you finally feel peace.
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ninakaina · 2 months ago
I might be dumb but is Daniil overtly racist in p2?? As a full poc who has only played that game (not p1, planning on getting marble nest) I didn't see him as this racist man but rather someone who fully believes in science and not the steppe and I thought he was a funny little man. I'm sure the pathologic team didn't intend for the racism discourse to get this bad as apparently one of the lead writers ships burakhovsky but idk
first of all, the thing about dybowski is like, the hearsay to end all hearsay lol it’s like a translation of a conversation dybowski isn’t part of that could very easily be perceived as a joke (as i do). also wrt dybowski, he himself is a white passing biracial man like artemy, whose model is based on him, which is just something i feel like shouldn’t be forgotten about in discussions of pathologic and race. 
daniil’s racism is definitely less overt in p2 than in mn and classic (e.g., he doesn’t refer to artemy’s religion and people as s*v*ge to his face as he does in p1), but i definitely don’t think that makes it nonexistent. i'm not going to speculate about the devs’ intentions beyond this point, as i don’t think it’s constructive. also just talking about p2 since that’s what you asked for. here’s a link to some dialogue compiled by a mutual. i’ll do more uhm. analysis than evidence below
as far as stuff he verbally says, he uses an antiziganist slur, in a dialogue some people have claimed is supportive of rromani people, but i would seriously contest that although i’m not gonna get into it rn for the sake of answering you quickly. in general i think we need to take antiziganism in the game a llot more seriously, given that anna angel exists in it. he also mispronounces artemy’s surname intentionally (he correctly pronounces it in reference to isidor, and is corrected, in the same conversation)-- which i know may not be an inherently evil thing depending on your personal feelings about it, more of a microaggression, but as a white passing mixed person whose race is generally recognized through my surname & family connections like artemy, if someone did that to me i would not feel great about the person who did it. again, not cancelling daniil or anything. i’m not trying to cancel him and i’ve never claimed to be, that would be a ridiculous thing to try to do.
on a deeper level, his racism is very interesting when you get to the “fully believes in science and not the steppe” thing. because he kind of doesn’t just believe in science. the idea of him as just an asshole atheist has become really popular, i think the hbomb video essay had to do with that. while hes almost as much of an asshole to the mistresses (i think this is mostly in p1) as he is to the kin, he self-identifies as a misogynist so i think that could have something to do with it sdgxfchvhbj. if you actually look at him, he’s a necromancer who canonically believes in astrology and pretty easily becomes completely devoted to the idea that simon’s immortal soul lives in a magic building. while you could view the latter as character development and i might agree, he doesn’t develop the same open-mindedness to the kin. it’s much more of a case of racists using “but science” to dismiss and derogate the traditions and beliefs of another culture.
again i’m not trying to cancel him or anything. it’s really weird to me that this is considered discourse. i actually think daniil is a fascinating character and a funny bastard, just not a harmless one, and the narrative provided by analyzing him through the lens of his racism is really interesting.
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its-makonom · 3 months ago
1.5K Words~ I hope someone enjoys this, I know I’m a day late but it kinds of took me a while cause I got off track in the middle of this(sorry if there are typos I'm too tired to edit but I will come back in the morning to take a look) and it kind of got angsty in the middle but has a happy fluffy ending. I think I will write a male or poc insert next to be more inclusive :)
Your hands were full, figuratively, and literally. Carrying around 4- month old twins while trying to set up for Christmas, and cook was driving you crazy. You weren’t a single mother, but you sure felt like it right now. Of course, you loved your husband more than anything; it was just that he worked a lot. Being a professional volleyball player wasn’t all fun and games, it made Omi miss his family quite frequently and he hated being away from his little family as well, he did whatever he could to come home whenever he could, especially now that his babies were here. The sound of the keys rattling in the door made your ears prick up, your whole body vibrated with excitement at seeing your love. 
“Hello, lover.” You drawled gliding into his arms as he took your daughter, kissing you softly on the lips and then kissing your daughter’s forehead, her giggles making her whole body bob.
“How are you feeling mama.” He shut the door, the lock clicking into place reminding you that he was safe, safe at home in your little bubble where the four of you could just be. You perched your son on your hip as you stirred some of the sauce you were slowly cooking in the pot, your lips pursed as the aroma permeated the room. It was delightful, but you knew this peaceful oasis was about to burst.
“When is your mom coming over.”
“She should be here in about 30 minutes.” Nervousness enveloped your whole being, Omis mom was…. A character that's for sure. Ever since you had been with him she always made you subtly and sometimes very obviously made you feel like you weren't good enough. You weren’t a good enough cook, didn’t keep a clean house, were not pretty enough for her perfect little boy. You got married too young and now he was trapped with you. How would she look at you now, your house was the kind of messy all new moms experience, you looked a mess with leaky boobs and messy hair, and of course, your figure wasn't nearly what it used to be. You just tried to remind yourself that Omi loved you anyway. With that thought in mind, you managed to muster up a smile continuing on dinner as Omi took the babies from you for some much-needed daddy time. You put the food on low and quickly tried to freshen things up, taking a 5-minute shower, vacuuming, and throwing the laundry in the bedroom. It wasn't long before you heard a knock on the door.
“Your mom is here darling.” you called into the nursery, before taking a deep breath and opening the door, and forcing a small smile onto your face.
“Hello, Yuna. Welcome.” I greeted her warmly and she promptly took her shoes off and pushed into the house. 
“Hello Y/n, how are you, where are the babies?”
“In the nursery with Omi.” Clearly, she didn't really care how you were since she walked away from you the moment you told her where the babies were.
“Okay.” You sighed finally setting the table with chicken curry rice and Omi's favorite, pickled plums.
“Dinners ready.” I called sitting down. 
“Here ya go.” Omi said passing you the children so you could breastfeed them.
“How long do you plan on going they’re going to be five months soon.” She chuckled. You grit your teeth but respond with what you always said to this kind of thing “As long as they want.” There were a few seconds of awkward silence as we sat until she changed the subject.
“So are you not celebrating Christmas this year.”
“We are, I just haven't had time to set up you know infant twins.” You said taking a bit of your food.
“Interesting well, good luck with that.”
“Yeah.” God, it was always so fucking awkward when Omi’s mom came over honestly you preferred his father, but you went through it for Omi after his parents’ divorce he tried to see everyone equally. 
“Well, I guess it won't matter too much since you’ll be coming down on Christmas.” You whipped your head towards Omi after hearing that. You put the twins down deciding now was a great time for their 30 minutes of tummy time.
“Actually Yuna, we have plans.”
“Oh really, Kiyoomi didn’t tell me about that.”
I shot a glare at him “Well considering most of the people are Omi’s friends I can't believe he somehow forgot.”
“I didn't think it was important, I didn't even think you expected us to come in the first place.” He said in a flat tone, taking another bite of dinner.
“Why wouldn’t I. Your brother and sister are coming.”
“Well, they don't have children. After all, this is me and Omis’s first Christmas with the twins here as a family. We’re just having some friends over so.” you trailed off,
“I could join you.”
“Really, it’s not necessary, and we’d really like the family time you protested.”
“Nonsense, hosting a party isn’t something you should do right now, I mean your house is already in shambles.” You slammed your hands down on the table, fed up with the way she was treating you.
“We’re having a day for our friends and us and that’s final. It’s my house and my family. You have to accept that”
“Darling, you need to calm down. I'm just telling you what’s best.” My mouth fell agape.
“Will you stand up for me for once in your life.” I snarled, turning to Omi who looked wildly uncomfortable in his own way his eyebrows scrunching, and mouth twisting into a grimace. “You know what I’m going for a fucking walk.” You said slamming the door on the way out.
“Mom we’re not going for Christmas. I think it’s best you leave.” After his mother left, Omi sighed, his whole body slumping. He knew you were mad at him and would continue to be mad and you had a right to be. You were doing your best and Omi really appreciated you deciding to stay home with the children and taking care of them so well and he knew how much you liked the holidays and that you felt horrible you weren’t decorating and baking like you usually did. He wanted to do something special for you, he always wanted to do special things for you. “Alright babes, let's do something for mama.”
On your way back you began to feel bad, like you abandoned your husband and your babies. “Omi.” You called taking your shoes off. You gasped once you looked up and saw the house and your husband. There he was holding one baby in each arm, all of them in matching red flannel pajamas and Santa hats. The whole house was strung with pretty lights and reefs, above the fireplace were stockings for the two of you. The Christmas tree was up and decorated, with all the presents that were previously housed in your room under it. The Whole house smelled like Christmas no doubt due to the many candles Omi lit. But the best part of it all, was Omis smiling face looking at you. One of the genuine smiles he gave when he successfully cleaned the whole house, or when your babies were born or pretty much did anything remotely cute. Your whole body felt warm and you knew you were home as you strode up kissing him. 
“Well, Hello lover.” He said smiling into the kiss.
You smiled, handing Yui: Daichi and Koushis adopted daughter an orange juice. “Aunt Y/n can I hold the babies.” She begged crossing her fingers looking at you with puppy dog eyes.
“Sure honey but wash your hands first you know how Omi is.” I playfully rolled my eyes as she hurriedly bounded to the restroom.
“I’m never having kids.” Tobio whispered from the corner in between sips of milk.
“Oh come on man, how could you not want those cute little things.” Kotaro said...more like yelled about 10 notches too loud. 
“I don't see you with any kids Bokuto-san.” Shoyo chuckled elbowing Ko in the side. 
“Akkashi wants to wait, he says maybe next year.” Ko frowned and you quickly brought out the cake you baked to stop him from going into emo mode. 
“I'm so thankful for all of you and am so glad you could make it tonight.”
“Especially for me though right Y/n.” Atsumu interrupted, taking a sip of champagne his wife quickly knocked him upside the head, their daughter giggling at her father.
“This is what Christmas is all about spending time with family and you are all my family. Alright let's eat.” You declared as everyone sat you looked around the table your chosen niece holding your daughter and Koushi fawning over your son whispering to Daichi about wanting another baby and of course your wonderful husband gripping your hand under the table. Again wearing one of his perfect smiles.
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blue-shaded · 4 months ago
Heyyo! I saw that you played animal crossing. I hope I can but I don't even have switch Djnebfbd. I always want to play animal crossing and other games on Nintendo switch but I can't because my parents don't really like me spending something that's for game. I wanted to download the pocket camp on my phone but my storage is full even though I only have couple apps in there (I know my phone is shirty djejejr the screen cracked too) but I'm kinda fine with it because I'm grateful for having a phone even though not iPhone but who gives a fuck. I don't even like have a lot of games on my laptop (Well my mum's laptop) There are like only 2 free games in that laptop because again my broke ass can't afford any games -> The reason why I got slightly? offended with Jack's "Joke"
So yeah, living in an average family who still struggles with finding money is pretty hard but I'm grateful because there are some people out there who don't have like what I owned and have here.
Anyways, I have like a question/statement? I have a thought about this, even thought some people like half poc but their look is legitimately looked white, they still have the privilege (I'm not entire sure about Corpse doe). Mark is half Korean but his look looked like Korean so he counted as poc. It's like when someone half black half white but their look is white, they get the privilege and doesn't allow to say the n word.
I'm not sure about that statement but probably share your thoughts here?
You’re allowed to get offended. They do indeed have privileges but the way someone looks, and gets discriminated within their own race isn’t racist. That’s colorist, and it’s essentially the same thing, just under a different name.
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judgemental-seal · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Screenshot from @obeymehostsclub
Y'all...I am so tired. Do NOT go after Akira-fanarts, I'm 100% sure they didn't know about Aurora and Maiven and the others. But I, as an artist, feel like it's incredibly hypocritical to not care about OM having their art being stolen for profit.
Continue to support Akira. Don't support the others.
Copied my reply to the original post since it won't show up in tags;
"I also find it absolutely hilarious how it seems like Akira doesn't care about OM wanting to protect their assets but is an artist themselves who would no doubt be pissed if someone continuously use their art despite being asked not to. I wanna give Akira the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know about Aurora's racist doxxing behavior because it seems like a lot of people didn't know or was manipulated in some way"
The reason why I'm concerned about akira-fanarts is because even though it's pretty obvious they had no part in the situation, I'm just... automatically wary of anyone that was in that discord.
DO NOT GO AFTER AKIRA OR QUESTION THEM, as I said above, I just find it funny how an artist isn't at all concerned about the fact that aurora is blatantly stealing OMs frames, The devs using stolen art from where they outsource then apologizing and taking the picture out of the game does not give you permission to take their assets.
If you believe that they deserve to get their assets taken then congratulations you're a giant hypocrite.
Now to move on to the serious stuff featuring a pretty divider since y'all care about pretty art so much
Tumblr media
Now for the Obey Me fandom...
The Obey me fanbase, Guess what, reality check; None of these characters are real, they're fictional demons. Aurora threatened real people, just cause you have issues with people you know doesn't mean strangers who didn't do anything to you deserve to be threatened and mocked, grow a pair and recognize that y'all stanning aurora means nothing in the end, she doesn't care about poc so she sure as hell doesn't care about you, you all really out here saying "she has good art" when she doesn't even respect the characters or the devs, without the devs there wouldn't be an obey and there wouldn't be no Mammon, or Lucifer, or Luke, or any of them.
I keep saying it, I thought the hetalia and black butler fanbases were bad but damn, a majority of the obey me fanbase is really supporting an aggressive racist doxxer and her friend who has a predator as a husband.
The same people saying "I love Simeon/Mammon" don't care about them, they don't say shit when Aurora and her little possy were calling Simeon a "chocolate angel" and when Aurora whitewashes Mammon, I'm a firm believer that they're equally racist, they don't care about the above things and they don't care about the real people of color that are being harassed and threatened by them.
ALSO, This isn't drama, drama is the 30 year olds in the beauty community on youtube being catty over something a 19-20 year old does. This is actual crimes being committed by Aurora and her crew(doxxing, and threatening others, and copyright). If you don't say anything about her because you fear for your safety, fine 100% don't say anything for your safety, but if you reblog their stuff or try to defend them cause of their art, congrats, you're probably racist.
Evidence can be seen on the tagged blog above.
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illgiveyouahint · 6 months ago
i feel like i need to let someone know that i'm really surprised by how well this druck season is working?? we're all sad time after time, because we can see how self destructive nora is but where the skam fr season seemed so sensationalised, there's something so painfully real... Nora has these moments of being a kid and having fun, but she's convinced herself she has to be the grown up in a familial relationship that she has to hide away at the expense of everything else in her life, and it works so well. we want her to succeed, and she seems like she can, I'm just... she is precious
Hello anon :))
it really is working well, isn't it? There was a big part of the fandom who was sceptical or straight-up rejecting the new gen but I always knew if anyone can do it it's Druck. 
But even I must say they've surpassed my expectations. I admit I wasn't that much into the idea of Kiki's sister having a season. I thought this is gonna be the sort of interim season while we wait for the jünglinge to take over but I am amazed how invested I am in this season already and how much I care for Nora and all the other characters.
I haven't seen skamfr's s5 and s6 because I knew they're not gonna be able to pull it off and from what I hear I was right. Skamfr to me always felt like the show that cares more about how it looks than what it says. And like you said it tends to sensationalise things without thinking it through or making it feel realistic. while realism is one of the things that people loved about og skam. 
with druck I knew that even though they do fuck up from time to time they always have the best intentions and they do genuinely try to research the topics they want to talk about and listen to what the audience is saying without pandering to them. I still remember when an interview came out after s1 where pola beck talked about how she's aware of the LGBTQ+ viewers and how she got feedback on maybe including trans themes. And voilá s3! And you know as much as I hate how it was done I'm pretty sure they made Mia bisexual also because they wanted to be more inclusive of wlws. and when the mess of s2 and s4 and partially s3 happened and people were saying that people who are not queer and/or poc shouldn't be writing about these stories, they got in touch with Jünglinge so that we do have queer writers of color. They listen. they really listen and that's why I knew if anyone can do a good original season it'll be them.
I'm so happy with how they're handling this topic. Alcoholism is such a real and common thing and yet it's rarely properly talked about. It's so normalised in our everyday life but then on tv you only ever see alcoholics and addicts as either as these “other people” who just bother you on the street or if it is someone from the family it is usually an abusive creepy alcoholic dad or uncle or something. Like you rarely see the actual humans who suffer from it, you never see the actual effects it has on everybody. You only see the stereotypical sensational twisted view of it. So I'm so glad Druck is opening the theme up and with such nuance so far. we're seeing the three sisters at different stages, we're seeing the mother as both the loving parent who cooks for Nora and plays board games with her while also being absent and manipulative and reckless and selfish. we see the person and we see how much it affects them and how much it affects everyone around them. Now that's some good storytelling if you ask me.
Of course, they can still fuck it up. They probably will fuck it up somehow at some point but that's okay. Druck has proven to me so many times that even if they fuck up they still do a better job than 90% of television shows nowadays.
Anyway once again probably a longer answer than you wanted but you should know that I tend to talk too much. Thank you so much for sending this to me <3  May Nora have a lovely night tonight and no drama and let her be happy little kid for once.
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punkscowardschampions · 9 months ago
Xander & Kara
theXeppo: Your screen name is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ lesserknowncousin: that many? oh wow 😊 lesserknowncousin: could give you 🌌 if that doesn't reek of overkill theXeppo: who'd put enthusiasm down as a negative? lesserknowncousin: the potential alliteration with my name and the word keen has me 😰 lesserknowncousin: not that I'm getting to 'saving each other's #s' stage here often lesserknowncousin: (ever) theXeppo: Mine alliterates with 🃏 theXeppo: a sign you don't need to 😰 over me getting too serious lesserknowncousin: 🤔 hmm lesserknowncousin: we are next to each other in the alphabet, no need for the cheesy pickup line theXeppo: won't go there with 😘 cousins either theXeppo: very low blow lesserknowncousin: luckily I haven't got any not from Krypton so that doesn't sting too bad theXeppo: I figured lesserknowncousin: how'd you manage that? 🧐 theXeppo: 💪 and 🧠 lesserknowncousin: is that you or me? 🤭 theXeppo: why not us both? lesserknowncousin: got yourself a deal 🃏 lesserknowncousin: like that thinking theXeppo: 🤔🤔🤔 theXeppo: (me from now on) lesserknowncousin: you're very cute lesserknowncousin: very spherical, yellow theXeppo: 🌞 theXeppo: hey lesserknowncousin: the 🌍 says hello theXeppo: 👋🌍 lesserknowncousin: what brings you here, sector J? theXeppo: golden hour theXeppo: everyone wants that for their 📷 yeah? lesserknowncousin: oh, don't ask me lesserknowncousin: I'm AWFUL at selfies lesserknowncousin: considered getting a disguise that's more than a pair of specs theXeppo: maybe you've got skills behind it lesserknowncousin: I'd like to think I have skills in disguise as much as cosplay, but in looking like Liz Katz or Jessica Nigri whilst doing it, not so much theXeppo: whenever I've dressed up for conventions it seems like everyone got the memo a long time before I did and bought up the best stuff theXeppo: no 👑 with my name on it, in any sense lesserknowncousin: right! lesserknowncousin: have to convince myself and 🤞 anyone else that hopelessly homemade is more in the spirt of things anyway theXeppo: and keep the fail pics under 🔐 theXeppo: or that's just me HA lesserknowncousin: definitely not! lesserknowncousin: I have a picture of me and [some sci-fi actor] that has never seen the light of day because I can imagine the 🔥 wars from rabid fans on the state of me 😰 theXeppo: I have sisters who would love to release a cringe compilation irl theXeppo: your 🤕 is felt lesserknowncousin: never been gladder to be an only-child lesserknowncousin: that is horrifying! lesserknowncousin: my mammy's only threat is to bring it all out at my wedding but fat chance of that theXeppo: I'll 🤫 about 🎓 being a workable alternative theXeppo: never know who's 👀 over your shoulder lesserknowncousin: I'd 👂 if she was, don't worry lesserknowncousin: the lecture about spending too much time online, it not being real life and the people not being real friends yadda yadda etc for the zillionth time theXeppo: don't spare her the lecture that it's how people do everything now theXeppo: work & play lesserknowncousin: honestly! lesserknowncousin: she'd have me going to balls and tea party for my socialization,  I'm sure 🙄 theXeppo: which is chill if you're a secret 👸 & she wants you ready before she breaks it to you theXeppo: but if not lesserknowncousin: do you know something I don't know 🤔🤔🤔 lesserknowncousin: are you MY court 🃏 lesserknowncousin: it was a clue! theXeppo: 🥁 (that's a drum roll) theXeppo: I am, yeah lesserknowncousin: oh, mammy! lesserknowncousin: my catchphrase in this sitcom, side-eye to the camera, of course theXeppo: & I drop a 🃏 when I exit lesserknowncousin: when you 💀 someone theXeppo: I swear I'm no 🤡🔪 lesserknowncousin: that is what a killer clown WOULD say but lesserknowncousin: my schedule is pretty free so theXeppo: murder spree at 5pm theXeppo: gotcha lesserknowncousin: thanks for the invite theXeppo: we need someone to cut the 🎀 at the opening theXeppo: you're royalty, it works lesserknowncousin: be my honour lesserknowncousin: bring my best ⚔ theXeppo: what's his or her name? lesserknowncousin: mirabel lesserknowncousin: because I like it and it came to me just now lesserknowncousin: named itself or divine intervention 🤷 theXeppo: stemming from the Latin word mirabilis, meaning "wondrous" or "of wondrous beauty". It was used as both a male and female name in the Middle Ages, but is now almost exclusively female theXeppo: wikipedia approves of your spontaneity lesserknowncousin: that's perfect lesserknowncousin: I've impressed myself honestly lesserknowncousin: arguably not the point of this 💬 but it's a start, I think? 😊 theXeppo: if you aren't impressing yourself, other people will pick up on that theXeppo: even if they're not constantly 🤔🤔🤔 lesserknowncousin: I know 😕 theXeppo: the 👏 isn't purely because you have a 🗡 lesserknowncousin: my 🏹 and my 🪓 too lesserknowncousin: 👍 theXeppo: & your skill at naming things theXeppo: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ every time lesserknowncousin: why thank you lesserknowncousin: your ability to compliment is definitely 🌌 theXeppo: cheers, I wouldn't want to say anything that'd end up in the cringe compilation lesserknowncousin: 🤞 you that even if my editing skills were up to it lesserknowncousin: no need theXeppo: Phew! theXeppo: a safety net lesserknowncousin: I'm intrigued by that proposition theXeppo: you are that proposition, protecting me from pitfalls with your 🗡🏹🪓 & ❤️ lesserknowncousin: could be a 📚 lesserknowncousin: or a REALLY good webcomic theXeppo: an overhyped and poorly cast 📽 that doesn't stick to the source 📚 lesserknowncousin: Scarlett Johansson WILL play me theXeppo: are you trans and a poc? theXeppo: it's personal but under the circumstances lesserknowncousin: not, so she won't be THRILLED to do it but safe to say our similarities lie at being assigned female at birth and 🤍 lesserknowncousin: end* theXeppo: it would make an interesting board game, like 🐍 & ladders theXeppo: I keep falling/doing things worthy of a cringe compilation & you have to catch me/prevent it theXeppo: the player loses when I go from 🤔🤔🤔 to 😳😳😳 theXeppo: & you have until the ☀ goes down lesserknowncousin: I'm in lesserknowncousin: 40/60 lesserknowncousin: how many sides on the dice, real question theXeppo: what's your lucky number? lesserknowncousin: 19 theXeppo: 👌 theXeppo: that'll happen lesserknowncousin: 💕 theXeppo: what colour piece do you want? lesserknowncousin: 💛 theXeppo: it's coming together lesserknowncousin: what does your character look like? theXeppo: like me, I guess, tall, dark hair & eyes that look a different shade in every 📷 theXeppo: but they're kinda 💚 lesserknowncousin: it'll 💸 theXeppo: Scarlett Johansson will want to play me but you offered her the role of you first lesserknowncousin: 🤭 lesserknowncousin: if you can 💬 it sounds like you could play yourself theXeppo: my mum's done some modelling and my dad's a photographer (not how they met) but none of us have done any acting theXeppo: I don't know how well I'd do there lesserknowncousin: wow lesserknowncousin: now I'm 😳😳😳 theXeppo: I look more like my dad theXeppo: & am without a modelling contract lesserknowncousin: still, better genes than a local councilor and a woman who works on the makeup counter theXeppo: not necessarily lesserknowncousin: I'll roll on it theXeppo: 🎲🎲 lesserknowncousin: ugh, talk of the 👿👿s lesserknowncousin: required to go talk about my day and 🍽 theXeppo: I'll get my own call to arms soon too lesserknowncousin: I've enjoyed talking to you though theXeppo: Yeah? It's been nice to talk to you theXeppo: plan our 💸 making franchise lesserknowncousin: of course! 😊 lesserknowncousin: you should definitely, you know, save my info lesserknowncousin: if you want to theXeppo: if you save mine, I'll do it too lesserknowncousin: done lesserknowncousin: [screenshot of proof] theXeppo: [one back] theXeppo: speak soon? lesserknowncousin: I'd like that theXeppo: I'll be around theXeppo: come find me before too long, okay? lesserknowncousin: If my parents weren't strictly caveman in their views, I could keep talking to you now but lesserknowncousin: they are and they need to critique all my life choices whilst I eat one of the five meals I eat every week, variety and all other spices of life not included lesserknowncousin: the alliteration can hang, I'll make it soon theXeppo: if I could win them over through the screen, I'd try but they don't think I'm real enough for that theXeppo: maybe don't mention the model mum, it doesn't help with the belief that I'm not fake lesserknowncousin: 🙄 they're so 2000s lesserknowncousin: if you aren't a 🤖 you're 👹 lesserknowncousin: they don't need to know everything, right lesserknowncousin: especially things they don't understand theXeppo: secret like your princess status lesserknowncousin: exactly lesserknowncousin: they're the kidnappers, if anyone is lesserknowncousin: I'll spare them 🗡🏹🪓 but still theXeppo: eat your food with them, so they know the 🗡🏹🪓 threat exists but it's not direct theXeppo: you could easily have just misplaced your knife & fork lesserknowncousin: 🤭 you're funny, sector J theXeppo: thanks Katy Keene
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tothetrashwhereibelong · 10 months ago
Ramble ahead: We always hear about what a shitty person C*mille is (rightfully so, no abuser's actions should be forgotten) but we (or I) never hear about other women Magnus has dated. I mean, I think his insecurities are always there, it's very difficult to ignore them, but I'm sure he has dated women that weren't transphobic. Some people like to show Magnus as this person who's never been loved, and that's not true. Alec is different, of course, but he isn't the only person who's loved Magnus.
2/2 lmao Idk, I how do you feel about Magnus's insecurities while dating women? (I feel like dating men is a different subject, maybe with different insecurities)
you are absolutely correct! tbh i feel like we dont talk a lot about the women Magnus has dated because (apart from the malec-centrism) we dont really know about any other than Camille? like his named exes are Camille, George, Freddie Mercury, and I think that's it? i know he has girl exes in the books but i dont go by book canon etc etc
but i totally agree with you that it's very frustrating when people act like all of magnus' exes or even most were abusive or bad like. no! of course Magnus has had plenty of good relationships!!!! thats good and important!! hes been loved and hes been happy before, and that doesnt make Alec (or any of them, really) less special. he's had plenty of happy and fulfilling relationships in varying degrees, just like anyone else, and he VALUES these experiences, or else he wouldnt have his memento box. Magnus' exes are a part of his history and they're important okay, and i hate it when ppl try to erase that (altho i do love talking about Camille cuz you know. slut for angst and particularly exploring abuse and post-abuse dynamics. but you get what i mean). honestly it would be terrible if he's never had any good relationships before Alec, because like, thats horrible? and he deserves better? and it puts a kind of imbalance in their relationship where Magnus needs Alec to be loved, and like, no! i don't want that! I don't think Alec himself would want that! their relationship is healthy because every second they spend together is by choice, because they're their own people and theyre complete, okay, they dont need each other, they choose to be with each other because it makes them both happy
anyway, onto your actual question! i think Magnus has dated less women than men because of the simple fact that well, he's queer, and for most of his life he's lived as a queer man in a time where that was dangerous. so it was harder to find a woman he could date and be comfortable with (since a lot of queer women arent gonna be interested in him anyway) than it was a man, you know
but there are and have always been plenty of bi, not to mention straight-trans women (and bi ofc but that already falls under bi women lol), in the queer community, and i think those were his happiest/most fulfilling relationships with women. gnc woc (the mental image of Magnus dating butches is 😩😩😩👌👌👌👌👌👌) in particular, because, well. they get it
hmmm also the mental image of Magnus dating other immortal butch girls with a similar age is *chef's kiss*. especially gnc trans girls, since he's a gnc trans man himself. idk why but i have soft images in my head of Magnus and a girl sitting on top of a roof looking at night, talking about how gender was perceived in the culture/time each of them was born, and laughing at how crazy it is that things have changed so much, you know? making jokes about how it looks like mundanes can't keep their stories straight cuz every time they turn around there's a new rule, and laughing because they just feel so understood. and it's sweet
and Magnus putting his hands around her waist and laying his head on her shoulder and them just being all soft in this safe little space where they get to be fully themselves free of the constant performance that is existing as a queer poc in the world.... effervescent
of course theres been cishet girls as well (i mean Camille herself is implied to be one) and i feel like thats trickier, cuz cishet girls, well. they have a lot of expectations of what being in a relationship should be like, so many unspoken rules. even if they're not transphobic abusers, and they're actively supportive of him and all the facets of his identity, there's like. this kind of standart that they seem to live be. kind of like, well Magnus is a man, ergo, he will be The Man™®©. I think that would be his main insecurity, like, trying to live by these rules and not disappoint them, afraid that if he's not what they expect he'll lose their respect (even the ones who would never). It can get pretty damn tiring tbh, and i think those tend to last less, or just not be as good because theres either that constant gap, or he has to be guiding them through breaching it, and it can get exhausting
i mean of course thats what friends are for, and its not like these feelings arent present when he's with men, especially white and/or cis ones. not to mention the fact that he's a warlock. he's all but bound to have a partner who doesn't understand certain things because there are so many intersections to his identity, but you know. theres a certain dynamic that comes with Cis Straight Girls™, especially white ones, that's hard to shake off
so i think his main insecurities would be in those relationships, especially because you know, the tiredness of this constant game they might not even realize theyre playing because theyre so used to these unspoken rules also gets to him in general, and sometimes he just wants a break, and he feels a bit guilty about it but it's true (and it doesn't mean he isn't happy with them or doesnt love them, thats normal. but welp, monogamous ideals of love plus insecurities make him feel like if he feels tired of certain things, it means that he doesn't love them enough, and that's Bad™. i think that might also be something that comes up - his fear that hes evil and uncapable of loving, like his father said, because hes not loyal enough, even if he's always been painfully loyal. you know?). not to mention the usual drama of coming out as trans, or the immortality/warlock blues, etc
idk I'm not sure if i answered your question, i feel like this answer is all over the place lol but i did like talking about it so i hope that's worth something? and I'm always interested in the many aspects of Magnus' past and history, so :)
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muchymozzarella · a year ago
I 100% agree w/ ur post abt Castlevania. Sure, it's good to point out flaws of a show, but at the same time it's also important to take the context + storyline of said show into consideration. Castlevania is a horror anime about vampires with only 3 obv good guys, there're killings everywhere, & the world is under the threat of being Dracula's dinner, so...I'm afraid that if you are looking for a poc empowerment and a perfect moral lessons, this show is not it.
Pretty much this as well? A lot of people are taking people's love of the show and its POC characters as "worshipping bad representation" and calling the writer racist.
I like Castlevania. I like its characters of colour. The rep isn't perfect but it's nice to see a white game across the board have a show where a large chunk of the cast are POC. I also like the fact that there's a decent amount of research into some historical aspects of the time in which the show is set, as well as the way it brings in nonwhite cultural elements and characters but doesn't handwave their existence; they contextualise where this character of colour might come from, whether through clothing or backstory or simple info about their origins.
Enjoying these things doesn't make Castlevania the shining example of representation, and the fact that its flawed doesn't justify bad faith attacks on its creative team.
I'm enjoying the good, but it's a Problematic Show. It literally has bestiality in the first episode.
And you have to take that premise for what it is, and decide for yourself whether or not that's something you'll continue supporting or not.
I am and I will. You can look to other shows with better rep if this isn't for you. Kipo, for example, deserves a ton of love and attention, for being a show with 3 black protagonists, one of whom is mixed Japanese, and having a lot of black creative power behind it, as well as just being an awesome show.
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