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#Paulina Sanchez

sam and paulina are those redraws of “not like other girls” comics where the two girls are dating

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All’s Fair in Love and War  Snipet #2

Paulina stamped off in a huff. Esa puta! What did she know!? The ghost boy was her one true love and she was perfect for him. She had to be. Her love would only be unrequited for so long. 

Paulina smirked to herself. It was a good thing Auntie Christa was such a trouble maker. Paulina was certain she had all the ingredients correct, but she wasn’t about to test it on her ghost boy. Not until it was perfect. Manson, however, would make a perfect guinnie pig.

Chica tonta. Paulina smirked to herself. She’d show that little freak what a real lovesick fool looked like. And once it worked, she’d finally have someone who cared about her unconditionally, who was both genuine and cool

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Her eyes are changing color again. It’s usually fun but right now she needs to get it together. She’s at school, currently hiding in the bathroom. Luckily one harsh order is all it takes to move the riff raff out. Now if she could just get her eyes under control.

Paulina slams her lids shut and concentrates. When she opens them again their blue as usual but her hands are coated in something sticky like syrup. It oozes from her hands into the sink like honey. Disgusted she goes to move them from their place on the rim but a thick trail of yellow something follows. Paulina concentrates again and it hardens. Now she’s really stuck.

Oh she so did not need this.

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“Winter Fight”

Kaiden & Friends face off against a currently unknown enemy

Original Art by me. Inspired by Stephen Silvers art style for Danny Phantom.

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Previews of my piece from the @casperhighzine, pre-orders are currently open in the store so please check those out to support all the wonderful artists and writers that participated! 👻🍔🏈

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I’m just using the drawing brush “egalehawk” on procreate. If you don’t keep layering it’s transparent and very light nmw color you’re using. And my background is white which makes it even lighter. It’s pretty cursed if you see it without the background lol


Normally I use this brush just for shading/lighting my flats but with these quick sketches I like the water color look it sorta gives off. Just a quick pop of color. But it’s not accurate to their actual colors palettes. If you mean in that specific screenshot that’s not Paulinas normal skin tone either and I didn’t want to spend a long time lighting her since it’s just a sketch.


But I don’t think it’s much different from my regular Paulina with proper flats though? I think I just gave mine a slight yellow to her skin over the slight red she originally had. Lol definitely made her hair lighter because too many characters had black hair.

Sorry if it came across as thoughtless, the sketches aren’t intended to be accurate depictions of my versions of the characters. I’ve never made a comic before so I’m practicing my dynamic poses and expressions right now. So I can make better compositions in my panels.

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I’m doing some massive sketch dumps based off of screen shots with my version of the characters for practice. So please enjoy this tiny crop of unhinged Paulina.

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So, since @enmitypark made a post about what Dash and Danny are like to each other in a post, I figured I’d do something like that.

This is just about all the things I’ve done with basically any character. No real order to this.



I have Danny as ftm trans. When Danny first came out to the school, the teacher was like “I don’t like it, but I’m gonna respect you not wanting to go by your first name or have female terms used with you, by calling you by your last name and not using any gendered terms.” Dash on the other hand was the first one, other than Sam, Tucker, and Danny’s family, to call Danny “Daniel”.

Dash: “DANIEL FENTON!! I failed one of my test! You know what that means?!”
Danny, use to Dash’s bs: Let’s just get this over with Dash. Wait, did you just call me Daniel?!”
Dash: Just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean I’m gonna name you, Fentwerp.”
Danny: “Aaannnd we’re right back to insults mixed with my last name.”

Dash will use slurs at times, but that’s partly because his parents only talk about the LGBT+ community with different slurs. The rest of the reason why is because he doesn’t know any better. If you call him out on it though, he will try to remove those words from the words he uses. Doesn’t mean he’s immune from slipping up.


Dash is gay and Paulina is a lesbian. Dash is aware that he’s gay and shoves himself as deep in the closet as he could because of his parents, Paulina is in denial over the fact that she’s lesbian even though it’s kinda obvious to everyone but Paulina and Star that Paulina has a crush on Star.

Paulina’s “crush” on Phantom is just because she picked him out as the boy she though she should have a crush on.

Paulina ends up asking Dash out at one point, and even though he was confused about why he agreed, because his parents kept nagging him about getting a girlfriend, and saying shit like “If you don’t start dating a girl soon, we’re going dos tart thinking you’re one of those [slur]s!”. He feels kinda bad for basically using her like that, but at the same time a lot of the guilt he would feel about doing it is erased by the relief of not having to hear his parents direct stuff like that at him.


Dash is fully aware that he might have a crush, or just hero worship, Phantom. He tries to hide it. He’s not very successful.


He doesn’t actually like football. He’d rather be an artist of some kind, but he’s unable to pursue that as much as he’d like because of his parents. His dad is the one making him do a sport because “Every male in our family has been a major sports star at Casper High for as long as the school has been open! I’m not about to have you breaking tradition!”

He chose football because Kwan found out and said “I was gonna join the football team anyway. Why don’t you join with me? It would be nice to have someone I already know on the team!”

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au that jazz & paulina are best friends. they meet when paulina becomes the vice president of student council (jazz being president) and become really close soon after. they give me leslie & ann from parks & rec vibes.

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She’s a phan and low key an attention seeker. But it’s mostly because he’s her hero since he’s saved her life and the lives of her friends.

Her dynamic with Sam is a lot more friendly, they don’t exist to try and one up or tear eachother down. They don’t understand eachother either but Paulina does have an impact on Sams early character arc.

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Sure! I love my Paulina a lot! I mostly go for humor for her, Ell Woods/London Tipton fusion vibes! I’m not sure what you’d like to know specifically but I can be pretty open about her since she has no major spoilers.

She’s two years older then the main trio, the same class as Star, Kwan, and Jazz. She’s head cheerleader AND Vice President of the CH Pride club (Kwan is President) and very active during school events. If you were hoping for shipping stuff she doesn’t have any since she’s AroAce. Cheerleading and gymnastics are her passion, she isn’t sure if she wants to cheer for a professional team or go for the Olympics.

Oh!! She really really likes Phanfiction……..

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  • Misa/Light/L - True Love by P!NK. 
  • Misa/Light/L - Jessie’s Girl by either original artists or any cover fit
  • Doll/O!Ciel - True Colors covered by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick
  • O!Ciel/Alois - Would You Be So Kind? by Dodie Clark w/ pastel vibes
  • Joker/Harley Quinn and(majorly) Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy - According To You w/ Harley and Ivy ending up together in the song
  • Danny Fenton(Phantom)/Sam Manson - High School Sweethearts by Melanie Martinez
  • Paulina Sanchez/Danny Phantom(Fenton) - Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
  • Phobos/Will Vandom - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
  • (slight ship from childhood) Taranee Cook/Will Vandom - She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert
  • Doll/R!Ciel - Love The Way You Lie by Rihanna and Eminem
  • Grelle Sutcliff/Hannah Annafellows - Te Amo by Rihanna

There was no reason for this but something I needed to write down

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@artianaiolanthe​ OH WORM i’ve been wanting to do this for ages


(sam’s like. on a tree trunk thing in the middle of the hall)

and since paulina gets her own body horror form during homecoming:

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