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#anyway i’m pretty
austempered · an hour ago
[Continued from HERE.]
‘   —  my mom used to do the same thing when i was younger.   ’     he quips,  his tone strangely soft to his own ears,  and -  well,  okay.   maybe there should be more reasons for him to find this off-putting,   the fact his scarred hand is suddenly kissed,   but all things considered,   he’s not    -    you know.    he’s not freaked out or nothing.   curious,   yes,   but his hand is lax in the other’s grip.   call it good faith,   but there isn’t a reason he couldn’t trust tetsutetsu-san.
so yes.   it’s a little strange,   what happened,   but all things considered ?   he’s more concerned by the sudden thought that his scars are   ...    well,   that it could be too much for some people.   it’s rough to see,   rougher  -  he knows  -   to hold.
‘   b - but it’s  -   ah !    it’s not that nice to b-b-be held,   right ?   the scars ?  ’    izuku stammer,   but only because the thought of what he’d done to his own skin  -   his own body   -   has finally sunk in ways he didn’t think of before.   before,   it’d only been important if he could still execute one-for-all safely,   but to see it in the context of touching others and being touched in return ?   ah.   that’s  -   his hands can’t be that nice to hold.   l-l-let alone  ...  kiss ?
how embarrassing !  
‘   do you have your own scars,   tetsutetsu-san ?   does your steel flatten it or does it form any texture over the damaged skin ?   does it also form over open wounds ?   your quirk must be so interesting to observe!   ’
He’s not even sure just how they managed to stumble into revisiting what happened at the Wild Pussycat’s Training Camp- But apart from the three girls in Izuku’s class, he and Midoriya had probably been in the hospital the longest. The larger teen had heard, secondhand, that Izuku managed to take down an extremely dangerous villain that night. Maybe it was to avoid remembering his own foolhardiness and anger over the underhanded tactics used to take out their classes. Tetsu had gotten Kendou mixed up in his desire to ‘catch up’ to Class 1-A by turning a crisis situation into a opportunity and they’d both nearly died because of his insistence to go alone. It wasn’t exactly something he felt super proud of, despite being praised for helping to stop Mustard. 
Izuku, by comparison, had been protecting a child at the time- If anyone deserved the continued words of affirmation, it was him by a landslide. But seeing the deep, uneven scar tissue taking up nearly half his hand was proof of the sacrifice he’d willingly made to be a hero. A real hero. 
There was a massive amount of respect he held for Midoriya which made his actions feel all the more bittersweet. He didn’t resent the guy for his own failings- If anything, Izuku set the bar higher for Tetsu by being a tangible example of the kind of hero he wanted to be.
The impulse to do something to convey those feelings resulted in him pressing a kiss against the discolored parts of flesh that had healed over, which... Okay, good job making it weird, Tetsu. It just felt like the right thing to do in the moment, though continuing to hold the other boy’s hand hadn’t been met by revulsion, at least.
“It’s not a big deal, I mean- It’s... really nice,” he admits, running the pad of his thumb over the top of Izuku’s hand.
Tumblr media
The awkward expression twisting at the corner of his mouth fades, Tetsu pursing his lips in thought at the rapid-fire round of questions.
“Ah, yeah- I still have a few from before I got my Quirk? But any scars I already have are still there when I steel up. And if I get a wound that’s deep enough, then I’ll bleed freely- I can’t recover lost skin or staunch the bleeding by like, trying to use steel to fill in the missing parts, if that makes sense? Or at least I don’t think I’ve ever tried that... But maintaining the integrity of my body is pretty taxing, once my iron levels dip below a certain point then cracks start forming,” he explained freely, running a hand through his hair to lift the side of spiky bangs framing the crown of his forehead. 
There was a jagged strip of scar tissue near his hairline, the edges where his untouched skin met the thickened, regrown layers were darker in complexion- almost similar to a burn mark. Curiously enough, there were two parallel divots in his flesh where the last bullet Mustard fired had broken his Steel form and caused the wound.
“I was lucky it was only a graze, but the doctor said the pattern was kinda unusual- Had somethin’ to do with the ammunition that villain was using. I think he said the ‘casing unfolded from the bullet in a floral pattern’, so that’s how I got these mirrored abrasions.”
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vicegrips-fr · 3 hours ago
sorry I’ve been M.I.A. :( there’s been a lot going on, but things are starting to look up (i think) so i’ll be active again soon. i have a couple of lore posts brewing and some art too <3
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shadowsoldierr · 4 hours ago
I'm currently coping after a rough day by listening to russemusik at a volume that will probably punish my ears later, but who cares?? I'm a simple human being, addicted to any crumb of dopamine I can get without having the ability to worry about consequences!! life is not good, but right now it is bearable, so I'm gonna use this opportunity to thank TIX once again for helping me get through another day 💖💖💖
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squidwardtortellini · 5 hours ago
New phone who dis 😈
#took FOREVER for my apps to download and like. I don’t think they are all done and tbh they didn’t even start downloading#until I remembered you can prioritize some of them and then I did that#and I got my new phone 12 hours ago so I figured the apps would be downloaded by now considering I’m not the type of person who has many#apps on his phone#and then Apple reinstalled the loser apps of theirs I got rid of shdjjfjg#anyway hiiii my new phone is so pretty! green.#I don’t understand why the camera takes so long to take a picture but that’s another hurdle shdjjfjgg#personal log#I think the camera is the last thing for me to figure out. but I have already gotten everything else down pretty easily#thank God being a millennial has given me the gift of being able to figure out new devices without a manual#I have ADHD and very poor eyesight could you IMAGINE#I wouldn’t be able to use technology at all Shdjfjfjg#also I haven’t had a new phone in like YEARS my old one would miss important calls for no reason and wouldn’t let me copy & paste so shdjfj#I’m not bragging I’m just happy I have a new phone lmao#the ringer button didn’t even work anymore#like I would have to put my phone on silent or on loud from settings which was a pain#and then I had to like create a shortcut and that was a pain too. because it still required extra unnecessary steps#plus I would always accidentally turn on the assistive touch thing because I would accidentally press the home button 3 times
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queerdasey · 5 hours ago
Just had my call with CAMHS. Right off the bat, they asked if I've considered bipolar. I said yes. They said Scotland doesn't use bipolar as a real diagnosis. Moved on to telling me I scored 98% ADHD on my screening test, then said that it's not conclusive. I have to say, I do not understand my own brain any better than I did before.
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nacho-fanarts · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hell hath no fury like an Irken scorned. Thats how it goes right? :D
Ok so, this technically is inspired by @bamsara​‘s Galaxy Days, though it’s not really any sort of scene thats been shown haha, so honestly I’m pretty much taking inspiration from where Galaxy Days is currently at and what Bamsara has posted on her blog and just running with it cause god damn, I fucking love it and her boys. Especially her Feral Zim.
Look I just wanted to draw one hell of a feral uncontrollable protective zim ready to deep fry bbq someone to oblivion. You know what I mean? 
Heres a version without the text bubbles incase anyone was interested! 
Tumblr media
I don’t really actually use the comic aspects of CSP much (Cause I absolutely suck ass at making comics haha) but I DID have a lot of fun with the text bubbles >:)
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catradoraism · 15 hours ago
Catradora 💞
ew the worst ship
What made you ship it?
i saw catradora beat klance in the fandometrics back when s1 aired and i was like “wow what could’ve possibly beaten klance” and then i saw a gif of princess prom so they’re why i even wanted to watch the show in the first place. i was sold on pretty much the first interaction
What are your favorite things about the ship?
god what do i not like about the ship dbfjfj ok well this is not gonna cover everything bc i could go on forever i mean i’m already putting this under a read more but one of my favourite aspects would be their childhood bond like we always call catradora an enemies to lovers ship (which is my favourite trope) but the core of their romance lies in their childhood dynamic (not their enemies one) of how catra inspires adora to do what she wants and not to serve everyone especially shadow weaver at the expense of her wellbeing and later, her actual life and adora inspires catra to extend empathy to others beyond herself. anyway i elaborate more about that in this post i made in june last year if u wanna check that out i think it’s pretty good 😌. ok and don’t tell the antis dbnfnf bc i even like the aspects of catradora that weren’t so healthy. (if u were around when s3 just aired u would get a lot of catradora blogs posting disclaimers about how they didn’t ship catradora at their current s3 state and shipped a post redemption catra w adora. did i care? no, the fuck bdbdjfjfjf i came for ENEMIES to lovers and s3 delivered <3) i just really love the way the fall out was portrayed and it was clear that they had to grow apart before coming back together bc of how codependent and unhealthy they were before. like adora shouldn’t have to feel the weight of every single one of catras actions, she’s not her responsibility and catra shouldn’t have to feel like her life is constantly at adora’s mercy and that’s why i love the season 3 finale so so much, it’s such a big turning point in their arc to break away from those toxic parts of their dynamic. also like, literally the main reason why catra and adora even had that codependency was bc of shadow weaver constantly telling them that adora was responsible for catra’s actions or if catra hindered adora then she would actually die. they wouldn’t even have been that unhealthily dependent on each other had shadow weaver been a better mentor. and another reason why i love them is bc the main message of spop is the overarching message of love which isn’t just catradora ofc there are other examples but they are the main one and they show that love is not a feeling but an action. there’s a lot of good meta around about how love is something they both actively choose and have to meet each other halfway but i can’t be bothered finding any they just exist fhjfjg. they choose each other over and over again in spite of the entire universe pulling them apart
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
they do not have kids <3 none <3 nada <3 zero <3 but jules, some of u may say, what about finn? and i say, oh finn from star wars? i love him. what do u mean there’s a finn from she ra? they don’t exist
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windyqs · a day ago
Yeah I just wanted to say I like Gonkillu more than killugon too, and in the Japanese fandom a lot of people feel the same. I dislike how killugon shippers tend to make Gon some kind of clueless, submissive and honestly awkward character, when in fact it's the other way round for most of the series... Gon is determined, has a purpose, is prone to rage, is very charismatic and charming, and even assigns Killua his role in their dynamic 'I'm the one who is reckless, you have to clean up after me'. Killua's birthday also falls on Tanabata, which is the festival centered around Japanese folklore of a woman falling in love with a cowherder, defying her father's wishes, while Gon's birthday falls on 5/5,which is children's day, and also is centered around a story of a boy named kintaro with superhuman strength and bravery who grew up on a remote mountain with animals. additionally, killua's story in CAA bears some similarities to Komugi's. Killua's character, I feel, is deliberately inspired by female characters, while Gon's character is a very masculine one.
Tumblr media
THIS!!!!!! THIS!!!!
I’m tempted to pin this to my blog
Eats this ask cuz it’s so yummy and true!!!
I’m obligated to die for you now, if you need a kidney or a heart
I just want to see Ki be carried for once, and saved and, like, he’s shy, okay he’s a shy babey, he stops with the I’m cool act after Gon saves him, he gets flustered and embarrassed, and that’s the real him!!! And Gon acting flustered and shy while Ki is some badass who saves him I’m!
99 is not canon!!!! Ki saves Gon in the series, but the whole action hero shirt off dude in movies way? No. Like. And I’m not saying Gon would either, or that there’s anything wrong with doing that if that’s what you wanna, do what makes you happy!! 👏👏 It’s just a lot I see, least I’m only one person with my niche. And no one will agree with anyone 100% like I’m sure lots don’t agree with me and there are some things even in our tiny Gonkillu world I don’t agree with like I don’t like Gon being abusive to Ki, he wouldn’t be, and there’s hardly any Gonkillu stories and half of them on Wattpad are Gon’s a dick, I just want soft Gonkillu 😭
And like Ki making the first move?? I’m sorry I don’t see it. Gon getting blushy while Ki makes the first move? I don’t see it. Or Gon being weak and screaming out for Ki’s help. Though I mean go off. It’s fair, I’ve wanted to do it with Gonkillu before in a fic, but I haven’t yet cuz that’d be real indulgent and ooc. But Gon’s not weak I, Ki ain’t weak, so I try and find ways to make him weak so Gon can save him. You don’t need reasons ofc I just, I’m tired lol.
99 ain’t canon. And even then I can batter up with reasons 99 is Gonkillu too, but whatever. I have tags blocked for a reason and people blocked for a reason, let them enjoy what they wanna. I just wish they would stop using the Gonkillu tag, like, this is why I only post in Gonkillu tag. Also look when it comes to that even then it’s only my fics or fun headcanons in the Gonkillu tag. Any of my more like this, opinions, I don’t put in the tags, I keep ‘em to my blog, yet on twitter and stuff they’ll use the Gonkillu tag to call us gross.
I just wish there was more Gonkillu and more agreed with what I see as canon. I’m just tired and wanna be in the Gonkillu world. It’s so lonely here in the not japan fandom 😭 I want more Gonkillu.
I better stop or I’ll never stop. Gonkillu is my lifeblood.
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