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spicyavogato 5 months ago
Just want to clarify some things, regarding the "leak" Sam was mentioning (when he was looking through a chest outside the prison)
Tumblr media
He was talking about these strangely named stone blocks hidden in this chest outside the prison.
Now, you might ask
Why are these strange blocks a danger to the prison's security?
You see, the keycard system in the prison works similairly to how a redstone sorting mechanism works. You use a hopper with one slot being the "unlock" item (in case of the prison being the Warden's Keycard) and four single placeholder blocks (they can be anything).
Mind you these need to be named something very secretive.
Tumblr media
Now, once you throw a keycard, the comparator it is attached to gives out a signal strong enough to start up a redstone mechanism that "accepts the card" ( since only the keycard can stack, after all) .
This comes with the downside tho that this is JUST AS MUCH POSSIBLE TO DO WITH YOUR PLACEHOLDER ITEM. Your Keycard door is just as secure as the blocks you use as it's placeholders, since they're the only stackable items in the hopper.
Now, back to Sam.
Do you get where this is going?
The item revealed in the chest is such a placeholder block, most likely used all over the prison.
Which you can use to open any Keycard door/mechanism.
My man's got literal KEYCARD SUBSTITUTES lying around for ANYONE to grab.
If these get into the wrong hands...
...We're in for a treat 馃憖
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randomfandomteacher a year ago
We once snuck in like 12 carne asada tacos and like a six pack of coke
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enbybkg 8 months ago
can NOT see this motherfucker wielding anything other then a gun
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kitlaurie 4 months ago
God @ me when I finally realized I was bi:
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kurogoesinthedas a year ago
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Happy end of 2020!聽(锞夆棔銉棔)锞*鉁诧緹*锝♀媶聽
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miraculous-hearts 7 months ago
Tumblr media
We鈥檒l never learn 馃ぁ
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snowiicat a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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marichatdeservesbetter 2 months ago
鈥渕oots i stole my dad鈥檚 girlfriend鈥檚 ipad what have i missed鈥
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nianeyna a month ago
playing subnautica with enemy aggression turned off 100% of the time is the way to live
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bullythemaguire a month ago
I've been rewatching Merlin with a friend recently, and knowing how the show goes, I sort of really wish Merlin had just told Morgana he had magic when she needed him to.
Tumblr media
Like I may be wrong on this, but I strongly believe a good portion of what made her so dark and bitter was her confusion at first, and her desperation to find someone who understood what it was like to have magic (shown by how her face had brightened up around the druids--most notably Mordred), and her inability to find someone besides Morgause (who was, let's face it a pretty big influence on her)
When Merlin admitted to thinking it was magic she had after all, she looked relieved. Still confused, but relieved that she wasn't the only one who thought so.
Merlin himself had said to Gaius that if it wasn't for him, his understanding and his support, he may have turned out way more broken--he may have turned out quite similar to Morgana. She needed a Gaius. A guide, a friend, a supporter. Someone who understood and helped. And Merlin could've easily been that someone. They seemed to have been forming quite a strong friendship, even when they both figured out she had magic. I'm pretty damn sure it would've been way stronger if he'd told her.
And it's not like an opportunity to do so never came... Like when he'd confronted her as she was about to aid Morgause and Cenred's with their first plan and she told him he would never understand what it was like to have magic. He should've just told her right then and there!
Or hell, even before that! GOD the poisoning thing was definitely the last straw for the poor girl. You could tell she was suffering such strong emotional conflict. And what did he do? Make it easy for her to pick her sister's side over his and Arthur's. I know it was necessary to save the kingdom but...still. I'm sure if Morgause could come up with a cure, then so could Merlin.
But anyway, point is. Merlin and Morgana could've been an iconic magical duo that would aid Arthur in uniting Albion (or better yet just do it themselves, together.) if Merlin wasn't so bad at making decisions.
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faenova 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i accidentally but also rather aggressively broke one of my statues and gluing her back together didnt work so shes got prosthetics now
colors are hard rn tho so i used the csp autocolor thing
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do-not-careissa 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Because you cannot convince me that a genderbent Kyle Rayner would not take becoming White Lantern as an excuse to be a magical girl
Like they clearly should鈥檝e done in the comics, but alas, DC are cowards
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1337wtfomgbbq 2 months ago
Castiel's funniest moment:
Tumblr media
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lunian 8 months ago
antidepressants hit my brain again and I had the best plot of Miraculous Ladybug in my dreams this night
Tumblr media
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iz-an-avacado-thanks 3 months ago
Quick disclaimer, if any information in this post about how transitioning works is inaccurate pls tell me so I can fix it. Thank you!
Rougefort cookie gives me major trans vibes. Like they used to be a female, but they felt out of place in a womans body, but they also didnt feel compleat being a Male. So they tried out being non-binary and they finaly felt comfortable. They struggled alot when transitioning, often times they would over wear their binder because not having it on/wearing a bra was dysphoria from hell. Sparkling, Herb, and Vampire were there to help, often having to set a schedule with specific times for when Rougefort needed to take a binding break (time keeper wasnt usualy at the house to help since shes off fucking up timelines, but she did help when and where she could. That usualy being surving as a clock to tell when the time came for the start and end of each break). Rougefort hated it, and would usualy fight back by running away to a rando room in the mansion or stall for time by pleading with them. Sometimes it's the ladder, but in the end they always ended up complying. They got top surgery, but decided against bottom surgery. They take a low dosage of T that's not enough to change their body but does even out with their estrogen so in terms of hormones they are compleatly neutral.
聽 When it comes to Almondfort headcannons tho this opens up an entirely new can of worms. Just the image of Almond going to be flirtatious/sexual with them, and they are kinda standoffish about it. They make a face of indistinguishable emotion and Almomd thinks he made them uncomfortable/over stepped boundaries and starts apologizing like crazy. They cup his face to get his attention, and explain to him what going on with their bodily situation. Telling him about how he did nothing wrong, and they were afraid about how he would react to them. They wanted to tell him before, cause finding out mid action is "not very charming" as the thief puts it. They also didnt want to come across as it they were lying to him. Almond steps back to think about it and immediately pulls the criminal into the biggest, safest, and most reassuring bear hug they have ever received. Telling them that he'll love them no matter what, and that he'll support what ever they decide to be. He also makes sure to tell them that their perfect no matter what, and giving them a kiss on the cheek to really reinforce that he ment it. Anyone who misgenders Rougefort will meet the swift and harsh words of the the entire detective crew (walnut, almond, espresso and latte) and Rouge's crew (vampire, sparkling, herb and time keeper).
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kumaronoa 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Inktober 3 - Spell
Anders using Disguise Self spell to escape Kirkwall ( ? )
kinda meh , i couldn't think or do something better for today prompt :s
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lalamyfootupyouraft 2 months ago
Cale is a Princess
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gale-gentlepenguin 20 days ago
I really should rule the world.
I couldnt do worse than anyone else currently in charge.
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ass-blasting-bitchaloid 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it's very late
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lime-gutz 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Redraw from one of the shorts in the Incident series, Incident:101A cause idk i thought this was cute
oh and ofc the aftermath of said party, ty Tricky
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