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Sanderstober 2020 - Oct. 30th -

There has almost been a Pokemon made to pay tribute to almost every animal or inanimate object (sword, lawnmower, sandcastle, key ring, magnets, etc.). Nevertheless, create a Pokemon from SOME object or animal that hasn’t been made and give it a name! Bonus points if you can then create an evolved form of it!

Since we got a Skyscraper Dragon in the latest Gen, I thought I’d go along with the “building” theme, but with the houses of Fairy Tales and Legends.

Meet Dracott and Dracastle! 

Prompt from @thatsthat24

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67/100 days of productivity

today i


happy halloween !!!!! my boyfriend and i are going out to lunch and we’re gonna eat candy and watch a spooky movie once it gets dark. he even let me do some clown makeup on him so we could match !!

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Day 30 - And I guess I’ve known it all along / The truth is you have to be soft to be strong / Finally, I feel the fear is gone / I found out love has to be soft to be strong / Soft to be strong

(MARINA - Soft To Be Strong)

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@unladylikc​  said:   “ I-I didn’t really know what to get you for your birthday, so I settled for something that matched your whole colour scheme, ” Vivian admits and sure enough, she’ll hand over a wide brimmed, maroon fedora with a brown hatband wrapped around it. “ Er… I know I suck at picking out gifts, but I still hope you like it. ”

                                                         _____   【 🞮 】   _____

     Well, he was certainly  surprised.

     When was the last time I wore a hat?  He cast his mind back as far as he could, landing on a brief stint in which he’d  ( somewhat ironically, but also sort of  not )  sported a top-hat throughout the roaring twenties.  His Earth-roaming days had been numbered, though he still hungered for some of the aesthetics to make a return.  Some  of them.

     There’s nothing quite like the faux-scandal surrounding a woman’s ankles, after all!


     ❝ Oh, nonsense,   he replied, accepting the hat into his hands, examining it with a quirked eyebrow.  It doesn’t matter if I can’t recall when I last wore a hat  -  it’s a cute gift to receive.    ❝ You have quite the eye, I’d say!  You deserve a very warm thank you from me indeed!  I tip my hat to you! ❞

     He put it on his head so that he could do  just  that,  clearly touched by her unconventional choice.

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I tried putting fun round glasses on my cel cosplay and was INSTANTLY transformed into dref wormwood 8(

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I don’t remember shit about book 2. I remember the wedding, Feyre’s tantrums, their miserable flirting, the bond, some of the IC’s moments and that’s all?! What the heck this book is about?! I think this is SJM’s weakest series world building wise. She left a lot of stuff out that could have been interesting to pay more attention to that are actually present in the other two series.

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Happy halloweeeeeeen! 🦇🎃👻 it is now November first here (wtf?!) I had a great cozy day yesterday! We had the biggest craziest thunderstorm ever! So I stayed home and played video games 😂 me trying to understand sleeping in and seeing a sunrise and the same time 🧐 lol well I hope it was a beautiful one! Sunrise is my favourite time of day! The world is so quiet and I feel so energised! Sunlight trough leaves is a spiritual experience I swear 💛✨ nature is truly wonderful!

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