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Requested by momottarou: I’M DOWN TO BEING FRIENDITAS, SO hello! 🌟 (?) ok but first i have to say that i looooovvve your blog and the way you write and i truly appreciate it, so thank you 🤍. And second, i would like to request something for either roman sionis or alfie solomon (if possible), i just want something involving them being needy, not in a sexual way but in a more romantical one, maybe? thank u sooo much 🤍✨.

Pairing: Roman Sionis x reader

Warnings: Swearing, soft!Roman, fluff, me not knowing how to describe needy


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Originally posted by brosoverbros

When Needed

Part Two

Summary: It’s a Friday night…how will you be spending it?

Warning: Fluff, language, daddy kink, throat kink…smut.

Side Story to Creative Fervor

“Here, give this back to boss.” Joseph, slid Roman’s phone over to you along with your usual.

“Thank you. I will.” You said sweetly before She surveying the crowd looking for Roman. You smiled behind the glass when you spotted him.

As you were walking over, he spotted you. He was sandwiched between a few that had hopes of catching his eye, they began sulking when he excused himself. He grabbed a waiter for their table. A flutter went through you watched he maneuver through the throngs of people to get to you.


Stifling a yawn he took a sip from the whiskey he had moved onto. Their insistent giggling made him want to rub his temples. Putting his glass down, he pushed aside his sleeve to look down at his wrist watch. Zsasz, had come down a few minutes ago. You should be here any moment.

He saw you as he put his glass down. He immediately plastered on a huge grin on his face and snared a waiter to come over. He politely excused himself then began making his way over to you.

His heart picked up speed seeing your in one lf the dresses that was classy yet still showed your wonderful curves. On his way to you, he spotted the guy from the west end. Grudgingly, he stopped and said hello, making sure he was satisfied with everything. He was even attentive in the small talk. But he pulled back as soon as he could, politely he cutting through the short distance to get to you.

He gently took you into his arms. Tonight more then others he needed the comfort your soft body gave him. As your perfume enveloped him, he smiled down at you loving the smlie you gave back.

He enjoyed how you went up on your tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Zsasz, told me you needed me?” You said, softly, an ache only you caused developed in his lower stomach. It only tightened as he felt your hand lingered in the pocket of his slacks when you slipped his phone in it. “Joseph, had me bring this back to you.” You pressed a kiss on his jaw.

He chuckled, “The fucking thing died when I needed it the most. That’s why I had Zsasz, came to get you.”

“Ahh, I was wondering.” You met his eyes, he delighted in the light he saw. “So you haven’t told what you needed yet.” You gently traced the lapel of his suit jacket.

“I’ve needed,” He pulled the word out. “to fuck you, baby.”

He smirked, watching as your soft lips form an O followed by a very visible swallow.

“And, I need to right now, I am in no mood to wait.”

A rosy hue filled your cheeks. “Roman,” You exhaled his name, biting your bottom lip. He relished having that effect on you, it made him hard. “Then where will you take me.” When your eyes met his, he felt hot desire rush over him. “Right here?” Your eyes still twinkled.

“Kitten.” He managed a reply. Surveying where the two of you were. “Let’s go to my office in the balcony.”


Up there he was relieved, not too many of the guests were there. He was not in the mood to make nice.

Once the two of you rounded the corner, that led to his office, he said your name. Catching you off guard, he easily pushed you against the wall, he delighted in the gasp you made. Moving, he made his body flush with yours. “What if I want to fuck you right here.”

A soft sound escaped your lips. “Then do it.”

He felt himself get harder, he could not stop himself from kissing that smart mouth of yours. The moan that came from you only increased his desire. As he felt your fingers entwine in his hair, he grabbed you by the wrist and pinned it above your head, kissing you hard.

“Anyone could come around that corner.” He hissed in your ear. Pulling back he watched as your bottom lip was soft, as you whimpered. It made him smirk. “You’d let me do it wouldn’t you?” He looked on either side you. “Reach down and pull up on skirt till I tell you to stop.” He moved back just enough so you could.

Halfway up your thigh he told you to stop. “Mm good girl, there you are.” Stepped close, he reached between you and cupped you. He loved that your panties were wet through. “Ooo Kitten you’ve so wet.”

“That’s what you do to me.” A gasp came from you, as he squeezed.

He could not repress moaning as your delicate hand drifted up his hard length. Pressing his lips together, he removed his hand. “Let go of your fucking dress.” Opening the door beside the two of you, he met your eyes, the passion he saw in them matched his own. “Go and lean against the table but only after you’ve taken off that damn dress and those panties off for daddy.”

Watching you swish past him followed and locked the door behind you.

Seeing you do as he told you to do, he smiled. Damn, the line of your back, the curve of your ass. He went and stood directly behind you. He put his hands over yours. You are such a good girl.” He kissed you then, holding your chin as be kissed you.


You heart beat hard in your chest, as you kissed him back. You let your lips and tongue tell him, how much you needed him. “Daddy.” You breathed, against his lips.

He pulled you harshly against him. You couldn’t stop from gasping as you felt just how hard he was. Moments later, you watched as he tossed his gloves, reaching in front of you he cupped you. “This is mine to do with as I wish.” He practically barked. His tone only making you wetter.

“Look at you.” He whispered in your ear. “If anyone were to look up at the window they’d see you being held naked by me. You melted and grew wetter under his touch.

“Then they will see how much I belong to you.” You opened your legs a little wider.

He purred in your ear. “Such a good girl you are, opening wider for daddy.” He dragged his hand from your wetness. It left you aching and looking back at him. Watching him undo his belt and zipper was almost too much. You offered more of yourself to him as you held onto the table tighter.

He took himself, then met your eyes through the strands of hair that fell into his face. “Baby.” he rasped.

After closing the distance a moan broke both of your lips as he entered you. “You feel so damn good.” One of his hands held tightly onto your hips as he began thrusting in and out of you.

“Ooo daddy.” You managed to moan, which grew louder as you felt his other hand drifted up your body till it came to rest on your throat.

One of hands went over yours, your fingers interlacing as you held onto the table while the other held onto your hip.

He held onto you tighter. You moaned and moved with him. “Daddy…daddy.” You felt as his hand glided up your body till it came to rest on your throat.

“Who do you belong to?” You felt as he squeezed your throat.

“I…” He tightened his grasp on you.

“I can’t hear you.” His voice getting strained from his own passions.

“I belong to you.” The admission made you wetter.

“That’s my baby.”

When your eyes met your mouthes crushed into each other. His handed drifted back down your body till it rested on yours. Keeping your fingers interlaced, he brought his and your arm across your middle, holding you close.

As much as you didn’t want to, you broken kiss. “I am so close.” You were barely able to say since you were breathless.

He brought his cheek to yours. “Let daddy feel you cum.”

You moved hard into him, your hand squeezed his harder. You head tilted back against his shoulder. Moans became unstoppable as you drew close. After tightening hard against him, you finally came hard against him exploding.

“Daddy.” You breathed.

His fingers dug into your hip making you whimper. You loved how it felt.

“!” He called out after thrusting a final and hard day into you.

All that could be heard was the two of you as you tried to gather your breathes, the muted beat of the music. He kissed your shoulder, “Let me see you baby.” Turning, you, you saw as he put himself back together.

Reaching, he grabbed your dress. He held it up, wiggling underneath it; it was once again over your body. Then he held out his arms. “Come here, kitten.” He wrapped his arms tightly around him, as your arms did the same.

He sighed. “Were you able to unwind before I needed you?” He asked softly.

You nodded. “Yes, I was watching (your go to show) while lounging in our bed.”

“That sounds nice.” He pulled back gently and tilted your head up to look at you. “Baby, would you like to stay down here with me?”

His phone vibrated in his pocket. He made a strangled sound. He reached into his pocket.

IRON SHOT is here. Told him you’d be there shortly.

He looked looked up annoyed. You cupped his cheek. “Go and expand your territory. I’ll stay close by.”

He put a hand over yours, “How did i get so fucking lucky ?”

“Because, I’ve seen the man most don’t.”

He smirked. “Yeah….only fucking you.” He dragged your hand to his mouth. And kissed your palm.

He squeezed you, then he parted from you. He reached over and grabbed his gloves, walking out he slipped them on. At the doorway, he stopped, “See you out there baby.” His game face, his mask was already back on.

You blew him a kiss, giving him a smile.

Once he was gone, you looked for your panties then you realized they were gone he must have taken them. You just shook your head.

Running your fingers through your hair, you went to the window and looked out. You watched as Roman, finally made it down the stairs.

He turned towards the window of his office. He looked up at you and winked. You felt a jolt go through you. He had been right, you put a hand to your mouth. His smirked got tighter. Damn him, you thought but loved how it fueled you with excitement. You then pointed at him smiling. He made a short nod before turning and heading to where Iron Shot was sitting.

Sometime later, you headed downstairs. Feeling content, you got yourself a drink then sat where he could see you. The briefest of moments your eyes met and you gave him a demure smile. You were ready for other half of this Friday night.

@darling-i-read-it @spn-obession @vintagemichelle91 @xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx @ewanfuckingmcgregor @zodiyack @angel98624 @starwarsprequelfangirl @nebulastarr @emyliabernstein @thepeachreads @itsknife2meetu

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Requested by anon: Zsasz boyfriend headcanons from birds of prey

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x reader

Warnings: mentions of violence, very very very smol mention of smut, mentions of fluff, basically just mentions of stuff. The things that aren’t a “mention of” is swearing and me not proofreading or knowing Victor’s character all that well

Note: As I’ve said and as I will say once more lol- I don’t really know Victor all that well. I guess if I write for him more, I’ll get a better grip on the character, but yeah. Also sorry for the randomness, I think headcannons are the more …well random parts of my writing oof 😂

I hope you enjoy, and if you have feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know how my attempt went!


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Taglist: @matth1w@redspaceace


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I did this #moviereview before #bop release & I had a blast watching this #fantabulous #movie with #harleyquinn #blackcanary #huntress #detectivemontoya #blackmask & even #comic fun #cassandracain in it. If you like the snip go to #YouTube for your #quarantineandchill #review

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Headcannons for self quarantining with Roman?

I love this ahhh imagine being with Roman during quarantine I’d be very happy tbfh omg

Headcanons for self quarantining with Roman includes :


  • The two of you heard about the virus spread the night Roman came back early from his business trip
  • He closed the club down for the time being so it was just you, Roman and Victor.
  • Before this all got out of hand you thankfully went out and bought the most needed things you needed.
  • food, alcohol, some dvds, candy, bath tub needs, things Roman loved as well, necessities, thank god toilet paper
  • “I seriously had to fight three people for the toilet paper cause they were running out.”
  • “What do you mean you had to fight for toilet paper?”
  • “Roman… lets just say people are going crazy”
  • You both weren’t sure how long this was gonna last being stuck inside
  • But again you both didn’t mind being sick inside together.
  • Roman was still ticked he couldn’t continue his business trip
  • But he was with his favorite girl and that made him happy
  • Watching movies together
  • Sleeping together basically all night
  • “What time is it?”
  • “3am”
  • “Excuse the fuck what? It was 9pm a min ago”
  • “Yeah 3am is the new 12am now love”
  • Victor joining y’all in watching movies till he gets tired and goes back to his apartment which is underneath Roman’s penthouse
  • Roman still going over his business plans in his office
  • Walking around with no pants on and only a large t shirt
  • Roman getting turned on by it
  • “Baby…you shouldn’t walk around half naked like that, your gonna make me take you right here and now”
  • “Well then… put your words where your mouth is then… Sionis”
  • Sex
  • Lots and lots of sex
  • Sex to the point Victor can’t stand hearing it since he lived underneath y’all
  • You getting sick out of nowhere
  • Roman getting worried
  • “Do you have a fever?”
  • “No”
  • “Coughing?”
  • “No”
  • “You breathing ok-“
  • “Roman darling, I have a stuffy nose and head cold I’m ok”
  • Roman taking care of you, he makes you a bath and cooked some breakfast for you the one week
  • Roman being soft was a side you adored the most
  • Eventually you started feeling better
  • Roman drinking his scotch in his maroon pajamas looking outside his window watching people still being outside as you came up behind him in your lacy seethrough coverall
  • “Can you believe people are acting like this is nothing?”
  • “They are idiots”
  • Quarantine wasn’t as bad as it was
  • Yes you were eventually getting panicky and anxious
  • Being inside did that to you
  • But Roman calmed you and told you everything will be ok
  • You believe him
  • Being with him in quarantine wasn’t that bad after all
  • You were safe at home with your love what more could you ask for

ahh I tried my best on this I kinda made it soft and cute! hope ya liked it x

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When Needed…

Part One

Summary: It’s a Friday night…how will you be spending it?

Warning: Language

Side story to Creative Fervor

Sometimes, you needed to forget. Life could be overwhelming. Juggling all the projects you had, bills and the volunteer work you did; sometimes you felt there was no end in sight. You loved your life, you enjoyed creating all those new pieces, you had decent friends and you had the best boyfriend.

It was because of him, that when you wanted, you could just forget it all and put the stress behind you.

When you had come home to the penthouse, Roman had waited for you before heading down to the club. The hug he gave, melted all the stress away. Made you feel complete. Made you feel whole. You gave a kiss to carry him through his meetings. He promised to watch a movie with you later. So when the elevator dinged the two of you ere prepared to go to your own worlds.

You shed the business suit had to worn while meeting with the mayor of Gotham. Pulling the pins, your hair fell from the tight bun it had been wrapped in. You changed into a tank and some shorts. You were all about being comfy tonight. Roman was going to be shark tonight, devouring anyone that got in his way clad in his royal blue suit.


Now, you were lounging in the huge bed you shared with Roman. Sighing, you switched from one channel to another till you finally decided to just catch up on your favorite tv show. You had popped yourself some popcorn, grabbed a glass of root beer and stretched out. Grabbing, Roman’s pillow, from his side of the bed; you gave it a quick sniff, loving the scent of his shampoo and him that lingered on it. Fluffing it, you leaned into as you got lost into your show.


While downstairs, Roman was doing what he did best. He was making deals, forming alliances. One new alliance had been made.

Roman, smoothed his blue suit, as the last two meetings had left him on edge. He boiling with anger. He still had more people to contend with before he was finished. His martinis did not dull the edge, despite being on number four. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone. He went to write you a message. Tossing his phone in annoyance it clattered its way across the table.

“Fuck!” He barked.

Zsasz, came over to him, he grabbed the phone and handed it back to him. “What do you need boss?”

Roman, looked up at his right hand man, fury burned from his eyes. “Go grab Y/N. Tell her, I am giving her fifteen minutes, then I want her down here.” He finished his drink. “Wait,” He called back Zsasz, who was already walking away. “Put this on a fucking charger.”

“Sure thing boss.”


You sighed, giggled, shook your head, and at one key point, you even screamed into Roman’s pillow. Something happened to one of your characters that left you very upset. Smiling as you pulled back from his pillow, you once again munched mindlessly at the popcorn. It was almost gone as the story swept you away once again.

“Oh…little bird.” Zsasz, whispered just above your tv.

You jumped not expecting him to be peering into the bedroom, you managed to stop what was left of the popcorn from spilling onto the bed.

He chuckled and came to lean in the doorway.

You looked up at him, grabbing Roman’s pillow; you held it in front of you without thinking. “Zsasz, what do you want?”

Finally, you had grown fond of Zsasz. The mistake of him kidnapping you was finally behind the two of you. However, knowing he was far more violent then Roman, sometimes gave you a chill.

There were only a handful of times when he ever came to that part of the penthouse, when you were sick, when that bullet grazed Roman and perhaps one or two other times you couldn’t remember but for the most part you knew it really wasn’t his domain.

“Boss, said he needs you to get downstairs.”

“What?” You switched, off your show. “Is he ok?”

He shrugged. “Yeah.” He sighed. “Little bird?”

“Yes.” Despite it all, you did get used to him calling you that.

“The last two meetings didn’t go to well. And he gave you fifteen minutes.”

You shook your head. “Damn.” Letting go of the pillow you got out of the bed. “Alright meet you by the elevator or down stairs.”

“I’ll head down.”


You went right over to your walk in closet and opened the doors. Quickly you tore off your tank top.

“Little bird.”

You let out a soft scream and covered your chest. “Zsasz, I am…”

He rolled his eyes, “Sorry. Boss is wearing his blue suit.”

“I know!” You said exasperated. “I saw him before he headed down for the night.

“Alright. I’m leaving.”

“You better!”

You went further the closet. Opening one your lingerie drawers, you found just the right pair of panties. You threw the door a look before pushing down your shorts. With a sigh you slipped them on. Looking, you held up a couple of dresses to yourself while looking in the mirror. A smile curling your lips you chose one with a full skirt that always gave a nice swish when you moved.

Your spritzed on some perfume, did a minor touch up your makeup before you grabbed your brush. You winced from the knots but your hair soon got its bounce back. Slipping on some cute shoes, you finally headed downstairs.

You could already hear the music before the elevator doors opened. The place was packed like a usual Friday night, such a contrast to the quiet night you were having upstairs. You’d have a drink before finding him. First, you went to the bar to grab a drink.

@darling-i-read-it @spn-obession @vintagemichelle91 @xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx @ewanfuckingmcgregor @zodiyack @angel98624 @starwarsprequelfangirl @nebulastarr @emyliabernstein @thepeachreads @itsknife2meetu

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