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finding-me-xx · 3 months ago
I hate myself for not being good enough.
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spiderfriend · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
sooo that new fnaf game huh
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akindplace · 6 months ago
You are good enough as you are.
You were always good enough.
No one gets to tell you your worth.
It isn't measured by you weight, your body, your ethnicity, your beliefs, your gender, your social status.
It is measured by the fact that you are human.
You are worthy because you are here. And that is enough.
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spicyicymeloncat · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Journey to the west character sketches!! Because I’ve been reading it and if someone said my new thing would be a Chinese classic I wouldn’t believe them yet here we are.
These are just doodles based on google images, overly sarcastic productions’ summary and the Lego monkie kid (I was going to do lmk fanart but finding references takes effort and my computer was being slow so)
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spiritualseeker77 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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chipsncookies · 3 months ago
Like, how to even cope with that? Cuz as far as we know and understand, Ingo is left to live and die on Hisui no return to modern times or Unova.
Like, just imagine Emmet finding an old picture of Ingo along the recorded history of Sinnoh. Like... people saying that: "Oh, shit. Are you a descendant of him?!" like, finding that a picture of Ingo has been even before they were born like... knowing that they were meant to be separated since forever, that this was their destiny no matter what like... damn.
This is how it feels whenever i remember this specific genre of warden ingo headcanon/fanarts
Tumblr media
Let me write a bittersweet perspective on that.
Among the items left by Ingo, there is a letter, written during the final years of his life. It was never sent and the name of the recipient has faded with time. In it, he tells his various experiences in Hisui. There's a lot of hardships because he lost his memories, but he also talked about the good things he encountered, how grateful he is to meet people and pokemon who accepted him there.
And later, he mentioned how he finally regained his memories. He remembers everything about his life before he arrived in Hisui. He mentioned frantically asking help from someone else who's in similar situation as him, but wasn't able to help him. He talked about how he tried to find a way to go back home, years and years of trying, but nothing worked. And so he went back to Hisui and spent the rest of his life there.
The further part of letter directly addressed someone, as if meant to read by that person. He talked about how he missed this person so much, ever since he regained his memory he couldn't stop thinking of them, how he yearns to hear their voice and hold them in his hands again. How it kills him every time he failed in his attempts go back home. How he eventually accepted that he had to stay in Hisui forever.
In final parts of the letter, he told that person not to worry about him, because even though it hurts, he can manage, and he have friends and pokemon that he can rely on. He tells them to take care of themselves and their pokemon, and as much as he had to adjust to living without them, this person also needs to do the same. And even though they are apart, as long as they draw breath, they will always be together.
Recent restoration works has revealed that letter starts with 'Dear Emmet,'
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official-sans-undertale · 23 days ago
Stares at your infinity train AU with intrigue
YES. validation
this isn't in any comprehensive order or anything bc i don't really ahve a fully realised idea
and I know these guys dont really have engaging emotional arcs in the real eddsworld but hear me out: i have ADHD and i can do what i want.
Tumblr media
ok so basically for anyone who doesn't know you get yoinked on the infinity train and you get a number to represent how bad you are at dealing with your emotions/your traumas (/j but kinda not)
i imagined tord being pulled onto the train about a month or two before the other guys but the train decides that these guys need group therapy :/
more pics and lore under the cut to keep the post from being too long!
I don't really have a lot planned out story wise, just a bunch of story beats and general reasons why they would need to be there,like:
edd's hardships working through and accepting emotions that aren't always happy/funny
tom's stubborness and alchoholism
matt's NEED to be a perfect hotboy and the way that could tie into self worth issues (and his hording problem)
and tord's incessant need to be an evil overlord when he was a born and raised comic relief (plus the fact that mayyyyybe he is being a jerk and doesn't want to admit that he feels guilty about things)
Tumblr media
Also, i was thinking about the denizin that would kinda follow em through the train cars and while im still on the fence about this i was thinking of having this little guy from season one follow tord for a month or two becasue i think it would be funny
Tumblr media
Matt and edd love him, tom acts neutral on the matter and tord hates him (he does not), and he would act as the ringo of the group until they can get home and edd can weep to his kitty about leaving her for so long
I was thinking about developing this into an askblog (even though itd be a little weird in the formatting and. would break the laws of the train. But concider this: it would be funny) orr like, a fanfiction or smth
i'm not sure if im even gonna go too much into deapth with it at all but we have been thinking a lot about it so fingers crossed we have the motivation :)
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scarmbled · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Yeah, I got into an inde game with 3 whole fans
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euesworld · 6 months ago
"You are enough, you will always be enough.. the problem isn't that you aren't enough, the problem is that the people you have surrounding you don't do enough to make you feel worthy and beautiful. But you are so beautiful.. you truly matter in the scheme of life, you just need to love yourself enough and to not be afraid of being alone. It's a scary journey but one that is immeasurably important on the road to self love.. it's not the people around you that should give you value, your value should come from inside and whatever you have surrounded yourself with is a reflection of the value that you put on yourself. Do the right thing and love yourself enough to start changing your surroundings into a positive atmosphere where you feel like you have worth and value.. sometimes we have to start from scratch and it feels impossible, but I promise it's not.. you got this!! You are a beautiful soul so be beautiful and give yourself your worth back.."
Your surroundings accent how you feel inside.. it's time you started treating you like you have worth and value, and you matter. You owe it to yourself to be happy - eUë
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boiledisles · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
i could stare at your back all day.
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evbobev · 2 months ago
I’m not sure what this is…? My mind just saw test tube spinning and ran with it. Anyways, I present: “Spinanimate Insanity”
(Music is Night of Nights)
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voidyellsforblockbois · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Late to the party as always but how do we feel about red life Grian huh?
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nothingbutloveforyou · 6 months ago
it’s so hard being the second choice, if even an option at all. it makes me feel as if i’m not good enough, like there’s just too much wrong with me and as if i will never have a chance. after this happened multiple times, it seriously makes me feel as if there could never be someone who would choose me. who would want only me, because they will compare me to someone else and realize that they have so much more to offer. they’re prettier and they don’t ramble so much, they are social and have clear plans for the future. and it’s so frustrating because deep down i know i deserve it, but it feels so unattainable. it’s nobody’s fault. it’s not my fault either. but it hurts so much at times.
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dreaming4gnf · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Let’s get him to 10 mil before 2022!
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spiritualseeker77 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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wanderingxstars · 4 months ago
why am i not good enough for anyone
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bastart13 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Portia loves it when Muriel actually uses his height and strength to flirt
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ambivartence · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
dumdum 5 min skz doodles ft tbz jacob that i drew for @chrisbangs today while we were talking the usual nonsense hehe
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 8 months ago
Trying to break out of old toxic habits
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ilariyalavorowrites · 3 months ago
Good enough (9-1-1) Part two
Tumblr media
Imagine leaving LA after feeling like an outsider in your relationship with Bobby and Athena as they seem to pull away and distance themselves from you. Only to find that it is almost impossible to actually walk away.
Warnings: Angst with happy ending, AU, Bisexual Athena, BDSM
Pairings: Bobby Nash x Reader x Athena Grant
Word count: 1,261 words
Universe: 9-1-1
Reader gender: Female
Author: Ilariya_Lavoro writes
Previous / Next
Part 2/?
9-1-1. What’s your emergency? The script was the same for every call, the operator had been trained for this. It was just like every call they answered. The script would allow for this to play out as it was meant to, with wiggle room for the chance that it would go sideways and wrong on the other end of the line. There was always leeway.
It was in human nature to expect that something would go wrong, especially in high stress situations where there was a thread holding in the balance between life and death. Go left and you’d live but an inch to the right and it was over. There was no going back from there, no replaying the situation. In the heat of the moment, that thread could easily strengthen or snap. The operators were trained to be prepared for the pendulum swinging in either direction.
This was just another call, on just another ordinary day. Right?
“There’s been an accident on Pacific Coast Highway near Las Flores Canyon Road. God there are so many cars” The fear in the caller’s voice was almost palpable. It was par for the course. They were calm in the storm, getting the person on the end of the line through the call. Get the details and location to enable help to get to them as fast as it was humanly possible.
“Help is on the way” They reassured, typing as fast as their fingers glided across the keyboard. Getting the information across the closed units. The clock had already started, ticking away second by second. As the grains of sand escaped in an hourglass when tipped over, one life fought to survive whilst the next's flame went out. Each split second counted.
As an Ambulance rushed it’s way to the scene with it’s blue light flashing and the siren blasted on full volume with Fire Engines and Police Squad chasing behind in it’s slip stream, bobbing and weaving through the mid afternoon traffic that clogged the streets. You were one of the many, trapped in the rental car waiting to be rescued from this untimely disaster.
This was not how you imagined your day going. This was meant to be your way out, an end to one chapter and the start of the next. You winced as you tried to move. Something was painfully digging into your left leg, almost as if it was trying to bury itself into your skin. A thought soon crossed your mind, you couldn’t get out of the car. You were trapped within the twisted metal cage that had been your vehicle. There was also no way that you were going to get back the security deposit. Worse still, no-one knew where you were.
You were on the Highway most of the way to Malibu, completely out of the 118’s field of operation. It would be highly unlikely that they would come out this far without due course to do so. You were truly alone now. What a day to make a stupid, impulsive decision to run. Your phone was off in the bottom of your handbag which had been on the backseat. There was no way that you’d be able to get that from your present position.
There was no going back now, this was the last thought that passed through your mind as you slipped into unconsciousness.
Radio silence, complete and utter silence on the airways. No calls, no texts. Nothing and this was far from normal. You were not one to remain quiet for too long but of late the time between messages and calls had gotten notably longer. It had been a subtle change at first but it hadn’t escaped Athena’s notice.
As she considered all the options, she had gone with the most logical first. Work, you had been called in cover more than the occasional shift at the last possible moment. She had experienced this herself, as had Bobby. She needed more hands to truly be able to tally up the number that had occurred in the last few months alone. This felt different.
This wasn’t you, she had come to know a cautious but caring individual who was always an open line. She had never had this much trouble trying to reach you. Even when busy, you’d shoot a message back letting them know that you were figuratively all tied up at a moment in time but would call when you were able to. You always would follow through with that promise.
Your promises were never empty. Athena hadn’t noticed until now, how much that small ping meant to her. How much a call or message from you could brighten her day as much as one from her boo. You had found your way into her heart, sneaking in after Bobby. This sudden influx of white noise from your end stung. It was a pain akin to the memory of the first time that she had rejected all those years ago.
May would refer to this as being ghosted but she wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet. Not without any evidence to indicate that this was the correct path to follow. The next step would be to head over to your apartment. A place that she knew all too well. A sanctuary that she had enjoyed visiting to explore what had developed between the three of you. It hadn’t been something that she had ever seen in her rear view mirror but she was happy.
Wasn’t she? Sure she had been busier than most calendar months of late, so had Bobby but that didn’t mean that she didn’t care. She cared about you, the deepening feelings fluttering in her chest spoke volumes. Words were one thing, actions were often louder and more appealing. She would simply have to ask you, sit down and have a well needed heart to heart.
Athena pulled her car into her usual space outside of your apartment block. Her eyes quickly scanned for a familiar car as she pulled down on the parking brake. Soon enough, she found what she was looking for. Your break up, well loved car parked in it’s usual spot at the far end of the car park. It was one of the few spots closest to the entrance of the building.
You must be home, she pulled out her phone to try and reach you once more. It was only polite to give you the heads up that she was outside. See if you would be up for a chat. Athena dared not to consider the possibility that this was the end. She wanted to hold on what she found even if it was only for a little while longer.
You made her smile. Bobby had found her first but that didn’t mean that you were any less important. This had been unfamiliar territory that she wandered into but it was now comfortable and welcoming. A part of herself that she freely embraced, that was all thanks to you. You had opened a door, one that she would hesitate to close.
Athena anxiously waited for you to pick up, listening to the line ring once, twice and then a third time before it was redirected to your voicemail.
‘Sorry, I can’t answer at the moment, please leave a message at the beep’ She remembered the day that you changed the message after being pestered by Buck for the fourth time that day alone. He didn’t like talking to the ‘robot’ at the end of line. It didn’t feel as if he was talking to a person. You had relented in the end after being wrestled to the ground and tickled for a solid five minutes.
She had watched from the side-lines, laughing at the sight of the pair of you. Your smile was like a breath of fresh air, beaming out like a beacon drawing her in. This was not like you, she was worried. Bobby was worried. Even on your days off, they could get a hold of you.
She needed answers today and she was going to get them. She swiftly ended the call, pocketing the device as she turned off the engine. A ping sounded from within a moment later, was it from you? She dared to hold onto the slither of hope that it was as she without a second thought removed and opened the device. Disappointment soon followed, as that hope plummeted harder than a lead balloon. Her gaze took in the message. It was from Bobby, checking in.
‘Any word yet Thena?’ Her fingers danced across the screen as she typed out a quick response. She didn’t need to add any concern to the shared pile of worry. After all, you were important to both of them. “Not quite yet but I’m at her apartment. Hopefully I’ll get some answers’
As soon her finger connected the send button, Athena put her phone back in her pocket. She didn’t need any further distractions from her goal. Never knowing that this was just the beginning. Soon enough answers would come but so would further questions arise. Would it be a vicious circle that they would escape unscathed. Only time would tell.
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