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#heart eyes for days

Nooo I wasn’t expecting such a sweet message! Honestly y’all - I really do this all for you. Initially I wrote ‘do not spray into eyes’ as a sort of way to dump my thots about Javier Peña and believed that would be it. I never expected it to get the reception it did or that it would propel me into writing a whole series lol.

You guys are so, so sweet and I love every message I receive. It’s what keeps me writing and is what has kept me like - truly happy for the first time in a long time.

So like - in conclusion:

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Lately I’ve been like 💕

💕         🥰                 💕          ❤️

          💕                  💘                            ❤️

      ❤️             💘                           🥰

💘                           💕

        🥰            💘               ❤️         💗

💓        💛

                          💓             😍

💞             💖                                     💛

             😍           💓

 💛                                      💗

  😍         💞              💛                        💖

So yeah I think I have a crush

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do y’all remember in like 2013 when there was all this got promotion w emilia and rose and it was clear they had become super cute close friends and every other dumbass fanboy was like “yeah right they actually hate each other the only reason they’re acting close is because hbo told them to play nice w each other because it’s bad press if the viewers find out about their feud”. and these comments continued for YEARS, btw.

first of all: even if that was remotely true (which it wasn’t lol) but for the sake of argument, the majority of the general audience would never have even known or cared whether they were best friends or feuding. their characters never shared a single scene so they were never associated w one another. also most of the general got audience probably have no idea or even care/d that lena headey and jerome flynn (bronn) were supposedly kept apart on-set due to personal conflict and that never had any impact on the show’s press.

and now we cut to emilia’s latest instagram post months after the last episode aired where she once again professes her love for rose and uploads pics of them on holiday together in india and it’s like yeah, you keyboard warriors were right, they really fuckin hate each other.

all those snaps of emilia w rose and kit hanging out over the years where emilia and rose look more like a couple than kit and rose do, can’t believe they were just staged at the behest of hbo smh.

in conclusion, fanboys suck and love pitting women against each other because none of us want to fuck them and for other sad sexist and misogynistic reasons. 

emilia and rose, i would die for you and your friendship. proving these dicks wrong since ‘13. love your work, ladies.

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shamrockfloams replied to your post “I highly enjoy the way you draw Misfire’s face 10/10”

he looks at fulcrum like this and fulcrum blushes and hates himself for it because misfire what are you doing with your fACE


It’s like those shots in movies where the love interest is filmed in brights lights, all slow-mo and is just inexplicably beautiful looking to the nth degree, when in reality they aren’t even doing anything special 

But, Fulcrum is just absolutely CAPTIVATED anyway 

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