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#i went back to doing uni work when i closed the door
strawbeb · a month ago
someone collecting for charity came to the door. and i answered it and they asked me if someone older was home and i shook my head and they left
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gucciwins · 22 days ago
not going anywhere
it's time for a talk...
Word count: 6571
A/N: hi friends! boston is one of my top places to visit, i have distant family there so maybe one day. this part i struggled to write. think it was because i was drowning in uni work. thankfully, things have calmed down. i am so glad you love harry and bel. writing them is fun and if there is something you want to see for them please do let me know. your feedback means everything to me every ask, message and tag is read and cherished 💛
please remember to reblog! let me know what you thought!
warnings: slight angst, smut (make-up sex)
love on tour series // previous part
Tumblr media
Boston, Massachusetts
Spending time away from Harry was what you needed, even if you missed him. It’s been a while since either of you got more than twenty-four hours away from each other, and now it was necessary even if neither of you wanted it.
You don’t want to say you had become dependent on each other, but you’ve spent an entire month together. You reminded yourself that you enjoyed your alone time. You also enjoyed spending time with Harry. If the choice was being by yourself or with Harry, he would always be the obvious choice.
Being with Naomi allowed you to clear your head and relax. You didn’t talk about him even though you knew she was eager to learn more than what you had given her, which wasn’t much. She was a good friend but recognized she was a gossip and craved the whole story. There were no secrets between either of you, making your friendship strong.
You remembered growing up and how Naomi would have to pick you apart piece by piece to get any kind of stories about you or your family growing up. It was when she went a whole twenty-four hours not speaking with you did you realize how much her presence in your life meant to you.
You showed up at her door the following day telling her story after story and how you were afraid she didn’t actually like you. She confessed she was sick and slept the entire day. It was a breakthrough in your friendship, and you never looked back.
Having her here helped you more than you thought as you cried, reuniting at the airport. She ushered you out and ordered room service as Naomi told you stories about her classes and how close she was too moving away to a small town and starting a strawberry farm.
Now it’s Monday, and you just finished getting ready. You were dressed in pink flares, a black silk button-up, and your black platforms. Naomi settled on a sweater of yours with embroidered hearts everywhere and skinny jeans because she swore her ass looked magical in them. After discussing what happened with Harry, she was upset but understood it wasn’t her place to make you leave Harry. Naomi clearly wanted to say more; she stopped after seeing how you spoke about him. You knew you talked about him with so much care, and dare you to say it, love.
Driving to the venue, there were two things in mind: how the conversation would go and how you stopped Harry from saying he loved you. You’re still not sure why you did it? Or well, you did. You didn’t want that to be tainted; those three words mean everything to you, and you feared that you might lose him.
After you parked in the back where the tour buses were parked in nice rows. You took a deep breath looking over at Naomi, who shot you an encouraging smile.
“Can I fight him?” Naomi jokes, bringing two fists up pretending to punch the air.
“Why,” she groans.
“I like him.”
“But he was mean.”
“Second chances, Omi.”
“Fine…can I be mean?”
She doesn’t give up, “no.”
“Ugh…no fun.”
“He’s already going to be sad.”
“You’re too kind, babes.”
“We talked it out.”
“Now, you’ll talk some more.”
You sigh, “yeah.”
“Why are we coming so early? Isn’t he on at nine?”
“He’s got a busy schedule.” You show your pass to the security, waiting as he clears you to go in. Takes a glance at Naomi before wrist banding her.
“Like he wouldn’t drop everything for you.”
“I don’t want that. This is many people’s livelihood.”
Naomi sighs, knowing you’re right, as you both try to figure out which way to walk to find the stage where you know the band is rehearsing.
“What would I do?”
“While you’re chatting. Do I sit there and look pretty?”
You laugh, knocking your hips together. “No, I’ll introduce you to everyone. They’ll take care of you. Hopefully, you won’t startle Jeff too much with this energy.”
“Now that sounds like fun.”
Tumblr media
After finding a worker to guide you to the stage, you stand behind the black curtain hearing 'sunflower' over the arena speakers and know you have to go past it for him to see you. You want to see Harry, but this is also the most nervous you've ever been to see him since St. Paul.
Naomi has had enough and pulls you behind her. Jeff is standing to the side when he looks over, noticing Naomi and you walking in. Jeff hurries over, bringing you in for a hug.
"Hi, Jeff." You squeeze him tight.
"You okay?"
"I'm alright."
"Good," he pulls back, taking a good look at you. "Missed ya."
"Only a day or so."
"Too long."
"How is he?" You nod to the stage where Harry has not transitioned to singing 'cherry,' his back turned on you.
"Sad and mad at himself." Jeff sees you frown. "Promise he's been kind to everyone but himself."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't you dare, Bel. It's on him."
You sigh, knowing he's right. "He's distracted." You cringe when you hear him strum another lousy note.
"Go on out, save the band."
You take a step towards the stage, but you turn around, "I'm a bit nervous."
"I promise you'll be okay," Naomi says, standing next to Jeff.
"Keep Naomi company for me."
Jeff smiles, throwing an arm over her shoulder, "got it."
You walk out from the little area you were hiding in with Jeff. Harry's eyes are shut as he pours his soul into 'cherry.' He stands close to the steps, not their usual side of the catwalk. Elin catches sight of you first; you send her a wave. After that, it's Niji who's sitting at his keys, flashing you a wide smile. Then Mitch, who nods in acknowledgment and is closest to Harry, nudges him to open his eyes.
He sings the following note rolling his eyes at Mitch before moving away, finding yours in seconds. Harry stops singing, and the band catches on to stop playing. You send him a wave laughing as he hurries down the steps to get close to you. He stops right in front of you, a small space left between you that before either one of you would have been quick to close.
"Hi." He mutters in surprise to see you.
"Hi Harry, it sounded good."
Harry doesn't acknowledge your comment, "Bel, you're here."
"Promised I would be."
"Thought it would be until tonight."
"Well," you rock back and forth on your heels, "are you free?"
"For you? Always."
You bite back a smile, knowing he's close enough to see how flustered he has you. "Up for a date?"
He accepts quickly, "where?"
"Hotel room? Deserve some privacy."
"Yes." He pauses, "but Jeff?"
"Promise I got it covered." Harry looks shocked but also a bit relieved, knowing he can leave right now with you. "I'll make sure you're back in time."
"Doesn't matter," he says seriously.
You smile and lean up to press a kiss to his cheek, needing to touch him even if only for a moment, "you know it does."
"You're an angel, Bel."
"So I've been told."
You walk him out to the car, where you drive him to your hotel that is less than ten minutes away. The entire car ride, he is turned in his seat, his eyes on you. You can't lie; it's pretty lovely receiving this much attention from him.
Arriving at your room, you take a deep breath because no matter how good you may feel, everything could still change.
Tumblr media
Your hotel room was a mess, and it wasn't your fault. Naomi quickly ransacked the small bag you had and dumped open her carry-on on needing the perfect outfit. You were quick to apologize to let him know it wasn't you.
"I know, Bel. We've been sharing for a while. I know how neat you are."
You sigh in relief, "good, then don't mind this mess."
He sits down on the couch, moving a throw blanket to the side that you recognized as Naomi's, something she never travels without, and made a mental note to pack it in her bag so she wouldn't be searching everywhere for it.
The silence is loud.
It reminded you of times you had arguments with your parents and didn't know how to apologize for your large outbursts even though they were, in fact, minor.
"Are you okay? How has it been?" Harry asks, wanting to check in on how you're managing the actual situation outside this bubble of tour you've both been in.
You shrug, "it's been a lot. Viola says to lay low. No more interviews, thankfully. Just moving forward now."
"I'm sorry, Bel."
"I know."
Everything is a mess, and as much as you wanted his support that day, you didn't have it, but you do know, and you appreciate that more than anything.
"No, I was a jerk, insecure, and did not listen."
"You were," you agree.
"Are we going to be able to move forward?"
You let out a deep breath, "that depends."
He nods, gesturing for you to go on.
"Do you think I'm here to make headlines or because I care about you?"
"Oh, Bel," he reaches for your hand, and you let him. "I never meant to question your feelings."
"But you did."
"I did, I know."
"What hurt the most was that you thought I wouldn't have talked to you when I had told you how important communication was to me."
He sighs, "I got scared."
"Of what?"
"My feelings, how real they were, and how amazing you are." You're shocked his feelings sent him reeling back so much. "I always had an idea of you, and then I got to meet you and spend time with you, and I shoved all that away because you're even better." His eyes stare right into your soul; he lets out a deep sigh and keeps going, "you're all I ever wanted, and it was too good to be mine."
It's helpful to know how he was feeling, but it doesn't lessen how you felt. "It wasn't a good feeling to think you questioned me and my feelings."
"I know. I know, and I'll apologize forever if I have to."
You sigh, flashing him a half-smile, "that's not necessary. I just need to know that you trust me, and you trust this relationship."
"I do. I promise I do."
"Okay, Harry."
"Okay, we are moving forward. I'm here for the good times but also the bad."
"Oh my darling, that's all I want. I want to be with you through it all."
"Kiss me, please?"
Harry nods, never one to deny you, especially not now. He moves his hands up to cup your face holding you close; you nudge your nose with him to urge him on. He closes the gap, and it's everything you've been missing. A safe feeling takes over you that allows you to get lost in the kiss, letting Harry guide you through as he defamiliarizes himself with you. He hums against your lips as you pull away, needing a bit of air.
"Baby," he whispers, eyes fluttering open, "I missed you."
"Missed you, H. Not going anywhere."
You stay close, staring at each other every few minutes; one of you leans in to steal a kiss. This is the most silence that he and you have ever had.
"A month of tour, someone was bound to get sick of me," you joke, hoping to break the tension.
"Not funny."
You sigh, letting your shoulders drop, "I know, it feels a bit strange."
He nods, "do you want space?"
"No," that is not what you need right now. "Let's just chat."
And you do; you spend the next few hours talking. Harry tells you about the show and how every person asked him where you were. He told you about the person he helped come out and how it felt like an honor, they felt comfortable to do that with him. You told him about the snacks Naomi brought you from home and how she raided your bags for clothes to wear. You told him the story of a nineteen-year-old you who went through something terrible, and he held you tight.
The time seemed to fly by, and before you knew it, it was time to head back to the venue as Harry got ready for his show.
Tumblr media
The drive back is smooth, thankfully taking a back road to avoid the traffic out front. Harry's knee has not stopped jumping the entire ride back, and well, now you're worried. Harry had just got you both inside when he stopped, "how mad is Naomi?" You can see how nervous he is to see her again.
"She's fine," you assure him.
"So pretty mad."
You laugh, shaking your head. "A bit. She's just protective."
"I get it, Bel. I would be too."
"Sarai is a sweetheart, maybe should have asked them. Protective but knows I can handle my own."
"That you can."
You go drop your things in his changing room.
"Yes, mi estrella."
You see the blush take over his face and know he loves this name of endearment. "I appreciate you. I'm glad you're here."
"Thank you. I'm glad to be here."
"Good, baby."
"Change then; I've got to check in with Naomi."
You're about to walk out when he yells your name once more, "I adore you."
You head back, placing a chaste kiss to his lips, "as I do you, H."
Namoi is having dinner with the band when you find her cracking joke after joke. She spots you as soon as you walk in.
"Babe, you good?" She yells, causing almost everyone to look at you.
You laugh, "Perfect."
"You sure?"
"Okay. I'm done eating."
"Thank you for keeping her company." You address the band.
"Not a problem. She's hilarious." Elin tells you.
"Don't let her hear you. Her ego will double."
"Hush up," Naomi slaps your shoulder.
"Come on, got something to do." Naomi perks up at your words, knowing where you're taking her. Takes a moment to wave goodbye to the band.
You take a tour of the arena, taking the long route to Harry's dressing room. She's surprised you know the layout so well. As she's about to ask you where you're taking her, the text finally arrives.
Ready, baby. xxx
on our way xx
"Come on, follow me."
Naomi does so without question.
You walk in and gasp because Harry looks gorgeous. Ayae had just finished his hair, walking out offering you a quick hug. Harry is dressed in a champagne-colored shirt with a lace overlay of sequins. He paired it with high blue waisted trousers and matching suspenders.
"H, look so pretty."
He smiles at you, "thank you, angel." Harry shifts to the side to see Naomi, "Hi, Naomi. How was everyone?"
"Good, your team is very welcoming."
"Thank you. Pride ourselves in our team."
"I'm sure."
"Take a seat, please."
Naomi spots a lone chair next to the couch and sits there while you take a seat next to Harry. He reaches for your hand that is already turned up and waiting for his. You smile at him, leaning in to place a kiss on his cheek, settling back against the couch.
"How have you been? It's been a while." Harry asks Naomi.
"A month since you kidnapped, Bel."
You laugh, "someone pushed me onto the bus if I recall."
She rolls her eyes, "whatever, same thing."
"It's been good. My thesis is kicking my ass, but otherwise, I am wonderful. The greatest holiday is upon us."
"Oh, are you dressing up?"
"Can I ask as what?
"Sam Manson and Paulina Sanchez."
Harry thinks about it for a moment before finally looking at Naomi with a confused look on his face, "who is that?"
"From Danny Phantom, only the best show ever."
"Ugh," she looks over at you, frowning, "educate him."
"Promise I will start."
"We'll send photos," Naomi promises. "How was Connecticut? Was it fun?"
You roll your eyes and feel Harry grip your hand tighter.
"Was not the best," he replies honestly.
"I saw that video with the fan raising her flag; as a fellow bisexual, I salute you for that."
"I'm just glad I can help them, that I've created a safe space where they can be free and open."
"That's wonderful. Y/N's home was that for me."
"Was not." You scoff.
"Was too. Why'd you think I'd spend all my time there."
"Because you loved hanging out with me."
"Yeah, but my house was lonely with parents always working siblings at school or working."
"How was Bel's house?" Harry asks, now curious.
Naomi sits back, staring at you intently, a smile drawn on her face. "It was magical. Hear me out, we'd get home from school music playing something smelling amazing in the kitchen and hugs as soon as we walked through the door."
"That does sound nice," Harry squeezes your hand three times, smiling at Naomi.
"It was. Her grandparents were the kindest people. Growing up, most of us didn't have much, but they gave everything like they had it in abundance."
"That's why this one's so giving."
Naomi nods, "it is. She got all the best traits, as well as stubbornness."
"Go back to complimenting me." You tease.
"Yes, so when they passed, it was a loss for everyone, not to lessen Y/N's pain, but they were pillars in our little community."
"It's why I try to go back every year in their honor."
Harry smiles, pressing a kiss to your temple, "I bet they like having you around."
"Oh, they do. She was everyone's favorite."
"Still am," you gloat.
"True. It's that charming smile."
"I have to agree." Harry nods, "everyone here adored her instantly."
"It's the Belmonte charm."
"Anyways, promise to never go back to Connecticut." Naomi addresses the both of you, all trace of laughter gone.
"Why is that?"
"Nothing good ever happens in Connecticut." She tells you seriously.
You start laughing, not believing her comment.
"Stop it. I'm serious."
Harry is trying his best to hold back a laugh, "why do you say that?"
"Okay, I was there for Thanksgiving with this girl a few years ago, and she broke up with me. Made me sleep in this barn in the back of her house."
Harry's eyes widened, "oh uh."
"You can say it was shitty."
He looks at you for confirmation, and you urge him with a nod. "That was shitty."
"Thank you. Also, all horror movies are based there. Like haunting in Connecticut."
"Well, I'll try not to go back on the next tour or have Bel not visit."
"Smart move, man."
The conversation dies down, and you all sit in comfortable silence. It only lasts a few moments before Naomi is speaking again. "Can I speak with you?"
"I'll give you privacy." He leans in for a brief kiss before standing up.
Naomi speaks up before he can leave, "no, I mean you, Harry."
He looks surprised, "oh."
You nod, alright time for you to go. "I'll make myself scarce."
Tumblr media
Harry watched you walk out, shooting him a thumbs up. He looks away, turning his attention to his hands sliding each ring on and off. Not wanting to meet Naomi's frowning gaze.
He winces at the tone of voice.
"You hurt her."
"I know." He sighs, disappointed in himself because this will be hard for him to let go of, but he will be able to move on with Bel in time.
"But she loves you."
Harry's eyes widen in shock; he lifts his head to look at Naomi.
"What? Have you not—shit."
"She stopped me from saying it before she went for you at the airport."
"Ah, sounds like her. She thinks love blinds her."
"I'm not too sure, of a future, of seeing others' true color, of being hurt." She shrugs, "She's the kindest and sweetest but gives herself away so easily."
"I love her," he confesses for the first time.
"Then tell her in words and actions. You've got her for roughly another month, then the challenges of distance begin."
"I won't let her go."
"Good. She needs someone fighting for her."
Harry debates the question resting on the tip of his tongue before just letting it go, "will—will she fight for me?"
"She's fighting right now," Naomi confesses. "I told her she should leave tour and come back with me, but she told me she can't leave you not when she cares so much. Not when she knows she's found something special."
"I'm scared to mess up again."
"Truth is you will, Harry."
"Not helping."
"All couples fight, but they get through it by talking."
"Does it work for you?"
"It does. Sarai is quiet and sweet, while I'm loud and annoying. We make sure to always let the other know they are appreciated and loved at the end of each day."
"I'm excited to meet them."
"Feelings mutual."
"Back to Bel."
Naomi stops him, "that's such a nice nickname. I'm sad I didn't think of it."
Harry agrees, "she adores it."
"You made her feel at home, so keep reminding her she's loved and appreciated."
"I will. Thank you for giving me a chance."
"It wasn't mine to give. She doesn't give up easily. Think you learned that."
"I did." He sighs, letting his smile drop, "how was she? Had to deal with the media and me."
"I'm not going to lie, she cried a lot. Then the following morning saw the articles, and they weren't pretty until Emerson sent all the good ones flooding out the bad."
"I hate tabloids."
"Do you think we'll make it?"
He nods.
"I do. God, I've never seen her so in tune with someone. You reached for her hand, and she had her palm up ready. I know that seems silly, but she's not big on affection, yet she always had a touch on you."
"Might be me, always seeking her touch."
"Trust me, she does it just as much."
"I love her, and I promise I'll tell her."
"Well, I've monopolized enough of your time. Sure, you got a routine to go through."
They stand up, Naomi takes him in for a side hug. Harry walks her to the door, knowing someone has to be waiting outside to remind him how long he has before he has to be on stage. It's an intern, shy smile on his face, "half-hour, Mr. Styles."
"Thank you, Ian."
"Later, Styles."
"Can you send Bel if she's free?"
Harry shuts the door and lets out a deep breath. He feels good; he feels confident in knowing he can move forward. He has to take this as a lesson and be better.
Tumblr media
The show is wonderful. It's probably one of his best yet. There was not a single moment he wasn't smiling or glancing your way. Naomi picked up on it as well, nudging you often. It felt good; it gave you butterflies every time he looked over at you. You swore there was something else in his gaze but couldn't identify from so far away.
Naomi told you how no one seems to notice you. You shrugged, knowing the fans probably saw you as one of the members blending in well with the crew. New York appeared to be the city where everyone expected you to be, and they wouldn't be wrong because you'd be side-stage as always for the last two nights of MSG.
Harry had been saying how much he loved Boston all night. He threw around the word so easily while you feared it. You said it to your family, but it's been a long time since you told a partner that. It wasn't that you didn't love Harry, because you did. It just didn't feel the right time to confess, and you knew it was selfish to stop him when you did, but you weren't strong enough or ready to hear it then.
But now, after he told an arena in Boston how much he loved them, you were wondering if he'd try to say it again.
The concert was a joy with Naomi; she always brought out a different side of you, allowing yourself to be a bit more free and wild, although Jeff and Tom would argue it's nothing new with them around. As soon as he's off the stage, Naomi is jumping around urging you to go back and see him, but you stay firm in staying until the band plays their final notes.
You're buzzing with nerves as you walk backstage. Everyone is everywhere, running up and down, beginning to clean up for the night, ready to head to Atlanta for back-to-back shows. Naomi promises to see you in a bit, running up to Pauli, who was holding multiple flowers and flags and knew she would be them for one.
You knock twice on the door knowing Harry would recognize it was you. Entering you, lock the door behind you and turn to face Harry smiling at you. You instantly calm, feeling his dazzling eyes on you, his smile soft as he immediately brings you in for a hug.
"Hi, my love."
"Harry, you were spectacular."
"Thank you."
"You really love Boston," you giggle, thinking back, trying to count how many times he said "I love Boston" to the crowd.
He chuckles, "I do. So much." Harry pulls away from your hug, his hands sliding down your arms until he intertwines them with yours. "Always kind and supportive. Beautiful too."
You smile at him, knowing he's no longer talking about the city. "Friendly and warm. Trusting and oh so loving."
Your heart feels full of love, feels complete and content, and you know this is the love you deserve.
A love you want to keep bottled up forever and never lose.
Harry brings your hands up to rest on his chest, "I love you, Bel."
Your heart melts, and your eyes well up with tears, "Harry," you mutter.
"Don't have to say it. Don't need you to say it. I'll say it forever, and I'll know you feel the same."
You nod, feeling grateful that he's not pressuring you. You do love him; of course, you do. You're just not ready to say it after everything, you're not able now, but you know you will be."
Instead, you decide to show him, you slot your lips together, pouring out every single bit of love you have for him in the kiss. Harry lets you lead for once, allowing you to set the pace as you explore each other's mouths. This isn't just a kiss; it's a confession.
A wordless I love you.
A wordless I support you.
This is everything you've ever wanted, and now you'll do everything you can to protect it.
"I love you," he whispers against your lips. "Come back with me."
"I will. Miss you laying on me."
"Don't lay on you," he scoffs, faking offense.
"You do."
"Well, it is 'cause you're so cuddly."
You laugh, "okay, mi amor."
Tumblr media
The hotel is exactly as you remember, except with a few more pieces of clothing lying around. You notice your pink sweater next to his pillow, a paused movie of yours on the telly he obviously forgot to turn off.
You turn to him with a frown on your face, "Harry."
"No, Bel, it's alright. We needed space to both to get our heads on straight. We made it, and we'll be better. I'll be better because I love you, and I don't want to lose you."
You close the distance between you, bringing him in for a hug; you look up at him, hoping he knows how grateful you are to be back in his arms. He rests his forehead against yours, "missed you." He whispers in the quiet of your room.
"And I missed you, amor."
"Can I show you how much?" He glances at your lips before meeting your eyes again.
Harry guides you to the bed, having you sit down as he sinks down in front of you. He raises your left foot slipping off your boot, then sets it back down, gently reaching for your right foot to do the same. He leans forward, pressing a single kiss to your knee, before looking up at you.
He's never been this slow; the gaze in his eyes is intense. You want him to come up and ravage you, but you let him set the pace. Tonight is about the both of you, and you'll let him do that as he wishes, knowing this is as much about him as it is for you.
Harry stands up after discarding your socks with your shoes, shaking his head at the kiwi design on them. You think he's going to come up to kiss you, but he doesn't. Instead moves a few steps back and slips his old Vans off. He showered back at the arena, not wanting to rush out, seeing as everyone was having a good time. You sit back, leaning on your elbows, knowing precisely what Harry was about to do for you.
There's a light blush on his face feeling your eyes on him. He looks up, smiling at you as he slips off his sweater. His grey sweats follow, your eyes widen, shocked to see him bare. You close your eyes, taking a moment to catch your breath; you blink your eyes open slowly and see him approaching you.
"Surprise," he jokes.
"The nicest surprise," you agree.
You can't wait any longer, especially seeing as he is the only one lying bare in front of you. You unbutton your shirt and let it slip off your shoulders. Harry's focused on your exposed black lace bra and knows he's waiting patiently for you. The pants come off next, leaving you in pink panties with tiny hearts on them. A favorite pair of yours, and ones Harry has not seen on you.
"Baby," he breathes out, "you're gorgeous."
"Come here, H."
He's on you in the next second, leaning over you, a grin on his face as he takes you all in. Harry met your mouth in a soft kiss. He was showing you how gentle he could be, appreciating each moment he had with you. You're craving move; you want him everywhere. You want him to retrace your body and you his.
He moved, pressing down your neck to your breasts, where he focused his attention, sucking and licking enough to bruise. His eyes met yours to see if you'd stop him, but the moan you released only urged him on. You arch your back, reaching a hand behind you to unclip your bra needing it off, and his lips directly on your skin. Harry smirks, meeting your eyes as he flings it to land somewhere in the room, making it hard for you to find. That's a tomorrow problem; right now, your attention is on Harry.
His hands moved down to your waist, holding you down. His mouth was on your breast placing kiss after kiss, your moans and gasps filling the room. His tongue flicked at your nipples, and fuck you were squirming from the attention, his firm was grip to keep you still. After a few more moments of kissing and bruises that would be known to you tomorrow, he moved down. A kiss to every part of her body as he reached her panties. He traced a finger over one of the hearts, smirking as he heard your breath hitch.
"Can I, baby?" His hands are on either side of you, waiting for you to give him permission to slip them off.
"Yes, please, yes."
His touch is soft and welcoming as he drags them down, making sure they don't get tangled in your ankles as he lets them drop on the side of the bed. You reached for him as soon as they were gone, needing his lips on yours. You crashed your mouth against him, a clash of teeth and tongues. You shoved one hand in his hair, winding your fingers around the soft brown curls at the nape of his neck. You held him close, sucking in air through your nose as your tongues dueled.
God, you could do this for hours. Just allowing him to kiss you until the lack of oxygen made you pass out.
Harry pulls away as you both gasp, taking a moment to breathe, both your chests moving in sync. You grin as he sits up, moving off of you and closer to the head of the bed as he lays down.
"Baby, come here." His voice is raspy and filled with desire for you. "Want you to ride my mouth."
Harry smiles happily at you, waiting for you to move, but all you can do is stare at him. After a few moments, his face drops, "we don't have to. If you're not comfortable with that yet, I understand."
You shake your head, reaching for his stretched-out hand placing a kiss on his knuckles. "No, you caught me by surprise."
"So you want to?"
"I do, promise I do."
You straddle his stomach, a bit timid to move closer; Harry helps, placing his hands on your hips and moving you up his body as he slid down.
"Ride my mouth, baby," he said before his mouth closed over your center. You cried out as he sucked hard, reaching out to hold on to the headboard. His hands are on your hips, moving you over him, working you with his mouth.
This is a pleasure you have never felt before. It's filthy and everything you need. You trembled, gripping the headboard, holding on tight, trying to hold yourself up. You could feel Harry's moans against you, and you felt yourself getting close. Fuck, you didn't care if you came soon, this was intense, and Harry was giving you everything he had. A white-hot surge of pleasure rocked you as you threw your head back, eyes closed, surrendering your body rocking down on his face, craving more. You screamed as the climax rushed through you, explosive in its intensity. Harry kept going, shocking waves of pleasure until you were spent.
Harry's hold was firm on your hips as he slid out from under you. He tugged you down, letting you sit on him as he slid on a condom, never needing the reminder.
"So good, my angel," he murmured, pressing kiss after kiss to your neck.
You rested your head on his shoulder as you calmed down from your high. Your heart could burst with all the love you feel for him; he takes such good care of you, feeling his hand run up and down your back, not pressuring you for more, letting you take your time.
"Ready, amor. Need you." You whispered, raising your head and pressing a kiss to his lips, his lips wet still with your taste, and you don't hold back the moan that rips out of you.
You raised yourself up, he had one hand on your hip and the other guiding himself to your entrance. You sunk down slowly, taking him in.
"Baby," he groaned.
"I know, feel so good."
Once you had taken him all the way, he gave you a moment to adjust. Never one to rush.
"Okay, okay." You mutter, bringing him in for a long kiss, needing all parts of him on you.
His hands on your waist are comforting as you raise up, allowing yourself to enjoy every moment. Harry soon takes control, thrusting up into you; each thrust is deep, has you moaning out his name. You enjoy the closeness, your arms around him and pressed chest to chest. As much as you enjoy riding him, you need more, and you let him know.
Harry swiftly and carefully flips you over without slipping over.
"Hi, angel."
"Hi, amor."
He rocks in, leaning down, pressing kiss after kiss, leaving no spot untouched. You're consumed in the pleasure as he rocks in and out at a gentle pace, not rushing, as he made sweet love to you.
Harry whispers how sorry he is against your skin. He's taking care of you; each moment is soft and precious. As he holds you close and reminds you how much he loves and cares for you.
"I'm sorry."
"My angel."
"My love."
"I'm not worthy, but I promise I'll try."
"You're beautiful."
"You're my dream."
There are tears in your eyes as he looks at you, his eyes shining with love for you. You nod, raising your hand to cup his cheek. He sighs, closing his eyes allowing himself to sink in your hold.
"Harry," you moan.
"I've got you, angel."
His thrusts have picked up, he snaked his hand down to your clit. He sees you tense, head thrown back, a loud moan released, and he knows you're close.
"I love you." He breathes out, leaning in to kiss you as you both reach your climax together.
Harry stills for a few seconds to let you both come down, then pulls out, laying his head on your chest.
"I love you," he whispers again.
Now isn't the time for you to say it. You appreciate each time he says those words and want him to know that.
You kiss him, putting all your emotions, hoping he receives every single one. Harry responds eagerly, taking it in stride, allowing you to control the kiss. Neither of you wants to pull away, but know you need to clean up. Harry pulls away, smiling at the pout set on your lips. He presses a final chaste kiss before getting up. He discards the condom and comes back with a damp cloth to clean you up; he's gentle as he spreads your legs open. His touch is delicate, knowing how sensitive you must be; as he finishes, he walks to his suitcase and tosses you a shift of his.
You slip it on as he comes to lay in bed with you, tucking the blanket around you both. You hold him by his waist, turning him around, knowing he wouldn't ask to be the little spoon, but it's what he needs, and you do too. You missed holding him, the pressure of your chest against his back.
His hold on your hand is strong, and you know he's trying his best to push the last few days away and take in the moment.
You're okay, and you'd be moving forward together.
"I'll love you today, tomorrow, forever."
You feel your heart race at his confession. "That seems like a long time."
"Not long enough."
"I adore you, Harry."
"I know, angel."
You feel a kiss on your hand before he settles it on his stomach, his hold softening as his breathing begins to even out. You close your eyes, allowing yourself to take in the quiet of the room, the heaviness around you long gone.
You'll be alright.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading <3 i adore you
taglist: @alienorknight @harry-is-my-sunflower @myfavfanficsever @4hazza @springholland @michelleficrecs @harryismyfwend @evanjh @onlyamylee @golden-hoax @itsmycorneroftheinternet
part fourteen atlanta
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neverinadream · 20 days ago
One where you bump into ben in a coffee shop your just a normal uni student and start dating but you worry your not good enough for him, because of all the models he was linked with you wonder why he chose you
Am I Enough?
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n was just a normal university student, trying to make ends meet when she first met Ben. Could she ever be enough for him?
Song: That's the Way It Is - Céline Dion
Y/n stood in the corner, her cup pinched lazily between fingers as she watched Ben and his friends from afar. In the hour that they had been there, Ben had spoken to her once, spending the rest of the fifty four minutes with a pretty blonde at his side. She noticed how he didn't bother to reject her advances, allowing her to drape her arms around him, her lips dangerously close to his jaw whenever she leaned in to say something to him.
And y/n couldn't help but think that someone like her was really his type, the type who promoted makeup brands they'd never actually wear, or promoted fad diets doctors would brand as being dangerous to a person's health. Not someone who was a normal, ordinary, twenty two year old university student, who worked a simple job just to save enough money to pay her bills at the end of the month.
Y/n looked down into her cup, the mixture of cranberry juice and vodka becoming less appealing as the minutes passed by. She left it on the kitchen side, deciding to make her exit from the party before she fades even further into the background. She's not even sure if Ben notices her leave, wrapping her arms tightly around herself as she steps outside into the cold night air. Her uber was ten minutes away and what an agonisingly slow ten minutes they would be.
"Y/n?" She ignored him, just like he had ignored her, keeping her eyes on the street light opposite her. He reached out to touch her arm but she recoiled away. "Y/n, come back inside," Ben insists, trying to turn her around to face.
"I don't want to."
"Why not?"
"I have an early class in the morning," she answers, but Ben knows it's a lie as he knew her schedule better than he knew his own. Y/n glances back over her shoulder, face falling when she sees a smudge of pink lipstick on his jaw. The very same shade she was wearing. "You've got a little something," she mumbles, pointing his jaw.
Ben quickly wipes it off with the corner of his sleeve. "Please, come back inside," he pleads, taking a step towards her.
She takes a step back, turning to face him. "And do what? Stand in the corner whilst you ignore me again? Stand in the corner and watch her act like she's the one who you call your girlfriend?" He doesn't understand what she's talking about and she knows it. "Why did you even bring me here, tonight?" Y/n asks, quickly checking her phone to see her uber was now eight minutes away.
"Because I wanted you to meet my other friends," he answers, fixing the hat resting on his head.
"You actually have to make the introductions, Ben," y/n scoffs, "not get me a drink, say a quick sentence and then bog off to be with some girl the rest of the night."
"She's just a friend-"
"Does she know that?"
Six minutes until her uber arrived.
"I'm going home, Ben, to my home," y/n tells him, not wanting to keep the conversation going, "maybe call me when you've decided if you want to be with someone like her or someone like me."
The next morning, y/n woke up to three missed calls and a series of different messages and voice notes from Ben. Each was the same, apologising to her. She decided to ignore them, to make him feel like she had made him feel last night.
So, she went about her day like nothing was wrong. She worked the early shift at the cafe in the students union, bought lunch for herself and spent a couple of hours in the library, all before deciding she wasn't motivated enough to finish her essay. What she didn't expect was to find Ben sitting outside her apartment door.
"You've been ignoring me," Ben says, climbing to his feet.
Y/n fishes her keys from out of her pocket, nudging Ben to the side as she unlocked her front door. She had almost felt ashamed the first time Ben came to her apartment, the small studio space nothing compared to what he got to wake up to every morning. She tossed her keys onto the coffee table and dumped her bag on the end of the sofa.
"Am I enough for you?" Y/n asks, breaking Ben's heart with a single question. "I'm nothing like them, and I'm not just talking about all the other women in your life," she goes on to say, "I'm...normal and I don't know if that is enough for you."
"Why would you ask me that?" He frowns, taking a step towards her. She let him touch her, his hands resting on her sides. "I love you for who you are, okay?" He dips his head so he's looking into her eyes. "And if you think you're normal, then I fucking love normal!"
"You're only saying that so you can get back in my good graces," y/n quipped, rolling her eyes.
"No - well, yes, but I love you." She watches as his eyes fill with warmth and his mouth curves into a soft smile. His hands leave her sides and cup her face gently; he'd do anything to make sure she knew just how much he loved her. "I don't care for those women, okay? I picked you! You are the one that I love," he tells her, tilting her head back to look at him, "do you hear me? I. Love. You."
It was the first time he had ever said it to her, hoping he could've said it whilst he wasn't trying to get her to forgive him. He didn't even go back to the party when she left, booking himself an uber and heading straight back to his. Every fibre of his being told him to go after her, but that shit only worked in the movies.
"You really don't care that I don't look like her?" Y/n asks, her insecurities getting the better of her.
"Hey, I didn't purposely knock into her just so she would talk to me, did I?" Ben asks, referring to their initial interaction. It was in a coffee shop, not far from her campus, and Ben had knocked into y/n as she waited in line, spilling his coffee down her. It was a reckless plan but it got her to talk to him. "I love you and I'm going to keep saying it until you realise I one hundred per cent mean it," he leaves a kiss on her forehead.
"I knew you did it on purpose," y/n whispers, leaning into his kiss. He chuckles, pressing his forehead against hers. She wraps her arms around his middle, holding onto him. "I think I'll just stick to knowing the boys for now," she mumbles, tucking herself under his chin.
He hummed in agreement, wrapping his arms around her. "If that's what you want then I'm fine with that."
"I love you too."
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ohajime · 6 months ago
When they neglect you for another girl Part 5 (Kuroo)
Tumblr media
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
Word count: 1.3K
Genre: angst, fluff
Tumblr media
You and Kuroo have been dating all throughout highschool and now your in you first year of university
It’s a bit harder to see each other because of your conflicting class schedules
But when you did see eachother kuroo has been acting a big suspicious, ‘secretly’ glancing at his phone or always needing to head out early.
And you were going to get to the bottom of this.
You were just finished with your class, and you had plans to meet your boyfriend at the library so he could tutor you for your chem test that you on Tuesday. On your way over there, you got boba for both of you and some study snacks to get you through the session.
You arrived their first, which you didn’t really mind as Kuroo was usually a bit late to your study sessions (especially recently with his dodgy behaviour.) You decided to go over your recent class notes as you were waiting, which was pretty useless as you didn’t understand anything.  
You actually met Kuroo bonding over chemistry, since it definitely wasn’t your best subject so in your first year your chem teacher suggested getting a tutor and recommend Kuroo Testuro the self proclaimed best ‘chemist’ in the school.
It’s been half an hour and Kuroo hadn’t shown up, you were about to call him until you saw a quite disheveled looking Kuroo who is heaving out of breath.
“Tetsu, what happened to you?” you exclaim with amusement.
“Umm I kind of got in a fight?” he said questioning himself “well not really a fight but a disagreement.”
“A fight? With who?” you said a bit too loudly, as the librarian gave you an obnoxious ‘shusshhhh’ glaring at you.
“It doesn’t matter babe.” he said nonchalantly “I see you have your electrolysis work out, why don’t we get started.”
“But what abo-”
“So what is positive, the anode or the cathode?” he asked distracting you from asking him about what happened.
You spent two hours going over all the topics that were going to come up on your exam, and you can’t lie and say Kuroo didn’t help you. However, you weren’t as focused as you were wondering what happened to him.
After your study session, you both went to your dorms. Sadly, you couldn’t share a room since your University didn’t allow co-ed dorms (and maybe if you did live together, you’d be able to understand his odd behaviour.)
Even though he was still in highschool, every Friday afterschool you and Kenma made sure to spend atleast an hour playing a game online together, and today it was minecraft.
“Kenma help, theres a creeper outside my door!” you screech frantically running around on game.
“One second Y/N” he murrmed
“Kenma, do you know what’s going on with Kuroo.” you inquire.
“What do you mean, isn’t he being his loud cat-like self?” he responded
“Well yeah of course, but recently he’s been on his phone ALOT, and always leaving our dates early or showing up late and stuff so I don’t know I thought maybe you’d know something.”
“Oh maybe it’s just that he’s been pretty busy with Hana right now.” he said nochalantly
“Who’s Hana?” you say, your eyes squinting.
“Oh you don’t know Hana,” he said a bit surprised “Ooops Kuroo’s going to be so mad at me.”
“Mad at you, what do you mean mad at you?”  
“Um, I got to go by Y/N!” he said quickly
“But Ken-” the sound of him leaving the party cut you off, and now you were in more of a confused slump then you were before. What is Kuroo hiding? And who the hell is Hana?
Since you couldn’t go over to Kuroo’s dorm right now because of your universities weird curfew times, you decided the only thing you can do right now is call him. After a few rings he finally answered and you could hear his background was really loud.
“Um, Y/N this isn’t really the best time right now – ow shit.” he said frantically.
“Kuroo, what's going on it sounds like you’re at a rave. Wait are you at a rave?”  
“No I'm not at a rave I'm just – Hana stop doing that.” he said trying to whisper the last bit.
“Who’s Hana, Kenma mentioned her on PlayStation tonight but he didn’t explain.”
“Kenma did what? God – Ouch “there was ruffling in the background before Kuroo finally “Sorry Y/N I got to go..”
He hangs up before you could respond. What is wrong with these boys today?  
It was your study week break, so you don’t really go into school to do classes you just have to prepare for studying. Which was great for you, since you could actually get revision done without being distracted and you can avoid Kuroo whilst thinking about what happened a few days ago.
Kuroo didn’t message you anyways, which kind of sucked, since these chemistry notes aren’t going to learn themselves. You went over each of your topics that you need to learn and you’d say you were pretty much ready for your exams. So for the rest of the week, you didn’t have much to do. Kenma was pretty busy with volleyball and his high school life and your boyfriend was still being odd and you didn’t have any real close friends at Uni since you’re only a first year and Kenma and Kuroo were mainly all you needed anyways.
You chose to go on a date, by yourself, to your favourite bookstore café to have some ‘self care’ time. On the way their you heard a familiar voice shouting down the street, looking in that direction you saw your boyfriend yelling “HANA!” “HANA!” repeadetly.  
Going over to him you said, “Kuroo, are you okay?”
“Umm hey Y/N...” he said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck “to what do I owe this pleasure?”
“The pleasure of being my boyfriend properly again,” you said smartly.
“Oh Y/N shit, im sorry about that” he apologised “I’ve just been really busy right now with Ha-”
“Hana.” you say rolling your eyes “Who is she?”
“I can’t really say Y/N, it was meant to a be a surprise.”
“A surprise for who?” you say  
“Well fo-”
Before you can finish you say a loud ‘HISSS!’ Come from near your feet. “Hana! Thank god!” Kuroo said picking her up, but then dropping her again when she did a even louder HISSS at him. “Umm I really need to work on that..”
“So this is Hana.” you say a bit stunned “She’s a cat.”
“Indeed she is.” he said “ surprise...”
“You got me a cat?” you said still very stunned
“Indeed I did.”
“A feral cat?”  
“Feral!” he said shocked “What do you mean feral!”
“Tetsu! She’s obviously feral!” you say reprimanded him.
“No she’s not! Look” he tried to pet her again and she nearly bit him and then sped off “Okay...maybe she is.”
Kuroo explained that he saw this cat one time outside of his dorm building and wanted to adopt her and give her to you as a gift. He’s been spending his time trying to ‘train her’ but every time it would result in Kuroo getting scratched up or him having to try and chase her around the city. You did appreciate the sentiment, however you reminded Kuroo that if he would’ve told you, you could’ve easily shown him that she was feral or if he listened to Kenma, then Kenma would’ve told him (which he did) that she was feral.
Kuroo did feel bad that his big plan didn’t work and he ended up looking like an idiot, not knowing the difference between a stray and feral cat. But you took him to a cat café as a little ‘pick me up,’ and promised him that for his birthday you’ll adopt a real cat for him.  
An: this is basically a shit post but who cares 😃 Also am I the only that thinks that hana being a feral cat in the end is funny? Or is my humour that dry😭
Tumblr media
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v-hope · 11 months ago
One Way Ticket
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. Yeontan bc Family)
Genre: Flufffff, established relationship, long distance relationship (not for long), and like, slight angst at the beginning if you squint your eyes and do a backflip
Word Count: 4k
Summary: Long distance relationships are never an easy thing, and although you and Taehyung had managed to make it work for four years and were used to not seeing each other that much already, he couldn’t help but feel like his birthday was ruined at the news of you being stuck at the airport due to a bad weather flight delay. However, although things didn’t quite go to plan, it only took for you to arrive two hours before the day was over for it to be his happiest of birthdays so far.
A/N: Hellooo, well, obviously this is for my man’s birthday 🥳💝 This story takes place in my Red Flags series’ timeline since one of you requested it and I thought it would be really cute, but you don’t need to have read it to understand what’s going on here. I hope you guys enjoy! please let me know your thoughts~
Tumblr media
“You were supposed to be here today” Taehyung reminded you, unconsciously tightening his hold on the phone as his low voice did a good job at letting you know just how upset he was.
You sighed, that alone letting him know you weren’t having a good time with said fact that was just not happening anymore either. “I can’t control the weather, love…”
Now, he knew that. Of course he knew that. But right then, he really fucking wished you did control the weather. That way you wouldn’t be stuck in another continent still due to a snowstorm that had delayed, if not cancelled, all flights that week — a stupid snowstorm that was keeping you away from him for longer than you should have.
It was a joke. It had got to be a joke.
That was what Taehyung kept telling himself throughout the whole phone call, and continuing to believe —to wanting to believe— so even after you hung up.
You were supposed to arrive that night. That had been the plan all along. All his schedule he had rearranged so he could make sure that particular night he would spend with you. Just you and him. Since the very next day, also known as his birthday, he would have to go to rehearsal for BTS’ presentation on the 31th like every other year, he was looking forward the most to this night. He had it all planned out. Your flight would arrive at 8pm, he would pick you up and then the two of you would have dinner together back at your —now— shared place. You would wait up until midnight, have some cake afterwards, and then stay up late so you could, well, catch up on a few coupley things you had been missing out on for a good while now. After all, you had not seen each other in nearly five months.
It was funny, how he used to always say he would never be able to do long distance relationships when he was younger, yet here he was now, four years —and going strong— into one. It was hard as hell, he could not deny it, but he wouldn’t have had it any other way, not as long as he got to be with you in the end. And at the end of the day it was all worth it, for you had finally graduated uni back home, managed to find a job in Seoul, and were now moving in with him like the two of you had agreed on a long time ago, once you realised you were most definitely sticking together for as long as your lives allowed you to. So, even if he had to wait a little longer to see you, this time it was different, for you had only gotten a one way ticket, and he would never again have to drop you off at the airport and cling on to you like his life depended on it, somehow being harder for him to let go of you as the years went by.
Nevertheless, it sucked. Right then, it really fucking sucked. Five months had gone by without seeing you already and turns out he would now have to wait one or even two more days than planned? Bullshit. And that if he was being optimistic, because he swore to God he would lose his shit if you had to spend New Years Eve on a plane, alone. Not like you were spending it together to begin with either, since he had that thing to attend to, but you would at least have a good time with some of the friends you had made during the time you had stayed in Seoul for your uni’s exchange program, and who had now invited you over to a party you had oh-so-excitedly told him about.
That night, Taehyung went to bed late. Still wanting to believe with everything in him you were just pulling a prank on him like you loved to do every now and then, and that you would walk through the front door anytime with that tired face of yours after the long ass flights to Korea he was so used to by then — the same exhausted face that would light up as a bright smile took over your factions instead at the sight of him.
However, that night, you did not make it home. What you did make it to instead, was to be the first one to congratulate him on his day. Over the phone, yes, with the airport’s background noise and not in person like he had wanted to, yet there you were being once again the first one to do so, at exactly 00:00. And somehow, that alone was enough to make him happy before going to sleep. Not as happy as he would’ve been with getting to sleep with you in his arms, of course, but happy nevertheless.
He did not lose faith, though. The next morning, as he got ready to head out to rehearsal, he kept glancing at his apartment’s door over and over, still waiting for it to burst open anytime and for you to walk inside right after.
When that didn’t happen, he looked forward to the moment his members brought him his birthday cake as they waited in the dressing rooms for their turn to rehearse. Now, the guys hadn’t told him they were bringing him cake, but after all these years it was pretty much a given. And it would only make sense that you were there, right? Whether it was bringing the cake to him as everyone in the room sang the traditional birthday song to him, or showing up as a surprise right after.
Once that didn’t happen either, he couldn’t hide his disappointment anymore — still being grateful to everyone else for trying to make his special day a memorable one, yet not being able to fully enjoy it without you there. Even falling in the cliché of wishing for you to be there as he blew out the candles. That was truly all he wanted, after all.
And once his schedule for the day was finally cleared up, his last hope was walking into the apartment that night and seeing you already there waiting for him.
Again, that didn’t happen.
Biting the inside of his cheek as he walked into an empty apartment, although Yeontan was there to excitedly welcome him back home and had managed to bring a weak smile to his face, he couldn’t help but feel his eyes well up with tears. Telling himself over and over how stupid it was to be upset over something neither of you could control, he contemplated calling you for a few seconds, shaking that thought off with a tilt of his head and deciding to go take a hot shower instead. No matter how bad he wanted to, if he did call you, he knew for sure he would end up being even more upset than he already was, and then you would end up being upset as well, and that he did not want.
Not even bothering on drying his hair later that night, he changed into his pyjamas and called Tan to go keep him some company like it was usual by then. Watching the fluffy dog make himself comfortable on the mattress, Taehyung turned the lights off so he could get into bed for once and for all — wanting nothing but to sleep that day off so you would hopefully be there by the morning. Although it would no longer be his birthday, he wished he could at least get to spend some time together before he had to head out once again.
Before he could completely doze off, however, he felt Yeontan snap up from his sleep and effusively wave his tail from side to side as he ran to the closed door of the bedroom. Letting out a tired groan, Taehyung glanced over at the clock on his nightstand, staring at the number ten on it for a second before he turned the lamp on and fixed his eyes on his excited pup.
“I already fed you,” his voice came out hoarse at the lack of speaking, catching Tan’s attention for a second there before he was back at barking at the door. “Don’t tell me you want to go to the b—”
That’s when the sound of a key making it inside the front door’s lock caught his attention. And, you see, only two people had a key to the apartment. One was his, of course, and the other one, much to his excitement right then, was yours.
Not even having time to catch his breath, he jumped off the bed and opened the bedroom’s door, watching Yeontan sprint down the already illuminated hallway as you had just turned its lights on — a huge smile parting his lips at the sight of you, not being able to hold back a giggle of his at the way you had panicked and closed the door harder than you had intended to, so Tan wouldn’t be able to run out of the apartment.
“Tan-ie bean!” you excitedly greeted the pup first thing as he reached your side.
Struggling to move past your suitcase, you managed to kneel down to pet the cute ball off fluff with one hand as you held the other one as far up as you could, holding a strawberry cupcake with a single candle on it that you had already lit up right before coming in — maybe not your brightest of ideas.
Staring up at your boyfriend, who was still on the other end of the hallway, you smiled brightly and stood up straight as he came closer. “Happ—”
Before you could even finish what you had initially planned to sing and had by then settled for cheerfully chanting instead, Taehyung had already pulled you into his arms — unintentionally blowing out the candle as he had rushed over to you way faster than he’d like to admit.
“I missed you” he mumbled, wrapping his arms tighter around your figure and burying his face in the crook of your neck as he felt his heart at ease.
You smiled sweetly, wrapping your arms around him as well —being careful enough not to stain his designer pyjamas with the cupcake’s icing— and pressing down a small kiss to his shoulder.
“I missed you, too” you cooed, hearing him giggle when you planted a kiss on his neck this time.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were getting on a plane already?”
“Because I thought I would get here before you came back from rehearsal and I’d surprise you. You know, wait for you with dinner and whatnot…” you pouted. “But then of course I had trouble with my luggage and got here way too late. So I got you a cupcake and a candle instead!”
Taehyung giggled at the way you had ever so cheerfully said that last part, pulling slightly away from your body so he could glance at the cupcake in your hand you had just raised up in a victorious way.
“You could’ve just showed up barehanded, said ‘happy birthday’, and I would’ve been the happiest”.
“You interrupted me when I was about to tell you ‘happy birthday’, though” you huffed over dramatically.
Letting out a light laugh, he securely cupped your face in his warm hands and rested his forehead on yours, smiling blissfully as ever at how close he was able to have you right then, at how he was able to feel your warmness in his hands after all those months. “You can say it again now”.
“But you already blew out the candle” you pouted, bringing the treat closer to him so he could see your point.
“I guess this is the moment my wish comes true then”.
“You didn’t even get to make a wish, you idiot” you rolled your eyes.
“Oh, I did” he nodded his head determinedly. “Earlier today. And not to brag about it, but it already became true”.
“Was it perhaps for me to arrive today?” you coyly batted your eyelashes, earning a very visible roll of eyes from him.
“Cocky, aren’t we?”
“I mean,” you shrugged, taking a step back from him and his hold. “I can always go back home and send your actual wish ov—”
“Yah,” he stopped you as you dramatically turned around to pretend to leave and Yeontan followed right after, pulling you back to him by your wrist. “I didn’t spend pretty much my entire birthday wishing for you to get here so you can leave me just like that” his eyes turned softer, yet still held that playful vibe in them. “Besides,” he pulled you closer, this time by your waist. “Funny how you said ‘go back home’ when this is your home now, baby” your heart skipped a beat at his remark, appreciating the way he looked up and puckered his lips as he pretended to fall deep in thought. “Hm… Maybe I misheard”.
You giggled at the way he had copied your overdramatic ways, bringing your free hand up to sweetly caress his cheek. “My bad, love”.
Taehyung smiled, with that boxy smile you fell in love with years ago, and nodded softly to let you know it was alright. “Can I get my birthday kiss now?” he murmured, ever so faintly brushing his longing lips against yours. “I’m kinda dying over here”.
Shaking your head in amusement as you laughed, you bit your lower lip. “Just kiss me already, you dork”.
So he did, not even dreaming of wasting another second before his lips hungrily crashed against yours. He had missed you like crazy, he always did, but right then, as your soft lips were pressing on his and your hand made its way from his cheek to the back of his head, entangling your fingers in his still damp hair, he realised just how bad he had craved your touch, how bad he had craved you.
Having him deepen the kiss, you couldn’t help but take one step back as you had lost your balance — his hand being quick to bring your body right back to press against his, later resting on your lower back to keep you steady as his other hand firmly cupped your cheek.
“Happy birthday” you mumbled against his mouth when you had pulled away to catch your breath, feeling the corners of his lips curve up before he pressed them to yours once more.
“It is now” he hummed, drawing tender circles with his thumb on your chin and not being able to hold back a giggle when it was you the one to steal a kiss from his mouth right then.
Your breath hitched when you felt his hands made their way down your body, letting out a squeal when they grabbed your thighs and picked you up without a warning — your arms wrapping tightly around his neck and legs around his waist as his hands were firmly placed on your ass to keep you from slipping down while he walked the two of you out of the hallway and into the living room, having Yeontan run past you two and go lie on the couch.
“Yah, I just got here and you’re already going for second base?” you teased him with raised eyebrows.
Taehyung shook his head, cockily raising one of his own. “I’ve earned my right to all bases a long time ago, I don’t know what you’re talking about”.
“Don’t get too cocky, Kim Taehyung” you warned him as he sat you down on the edge of the counter, being careful enough not to knock down one of the pictures of the two of you that were neatly displaying on it. “I might revoke all your rights”.
“You wouldn’t” he daringly squinted his eyes. “Not on my birthday”.
You threw your head back, letting out a loud laugh and placing the cupcake down on the counter before you went back to his eye level. “Only under two hours until it’s over, so...”
“You wouldn’t” he repeated confidently.
“What makes you so sure, old man?”
Shaking his head in amusement and deciding not to comment on the taunting name you had just called him, he didn’t even try to hide the smirk that was curving up the corners of his lips as he leaned in. “I just know”.
Not even trying to play it hard anymore, you met his lips in the middle, humming contentedly when he placed his hand behind your neck so he could take control over the kiss he was not quite willing to let go of yet. And neither were you, which is why your eyes remained closed and your lips slightly puckered up —clearly wanting more— when he suddenly pulled away one minute later.
“Okay, now tell me my birthday present!” he demanded.
Still being too stunned by the intoxicating kiss he had just given you, it took you a second to open your eyes after hearing his muffled yet excited words against your lips — eyes locking with his excited ones as his hands unconsciously rested on your thighs.
“Oh, it’s in my bag!” you jumped up once you managed to understand what he had meant. “Let me go get it”.
Although your words were meant for him to move aside so you could get up on your feet and rush over to the forgotten suitcase on the hallway, Taehyung did not move an inch — if anything, tightening the hold of his hands on your thighs to keep you from going anywhere.
“Not that one”.
Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “The cupcake?” you offered, earning a light laugh from him, along with a small shake of his head. “Sex? Because I know I was just threatening with revoking that right, but since it’s still your birthday, I mean...”
Taehyung laughed wholeheartedly, once again shaking his head no as he brought his face closer to yours. “Although I would love that and will take you up on that offer later,” his bold words managed to bring some heat to your cheeks. “That is not what I meant”.
“What did you mean then?”
“Just want you to tell me something...” he hinted, gently caressing your sides. “How long will you be staying, baby?”
You rolled your eyes when it finally hit you what he had meant all along. And you couldn’t help but laugh lightly at how such simple things were the ones that made him the happiest. “Well, considering I only got a one way ticket over here this time,” your heart sped up at the way his smile grew wider at the sound of that. “And that the rest of my stuff will arrive here in a few days… I’d say I’m staying for quite a long, long time”.
“How about forever?” he smiled brightly.
You giggled, tilting your head up in anticipation as you felt him lean in to press his mouth on yours. “I like the sound of that”.
“I love the sound of that” he agreed, pressing another kiss to your smiling lips.
And you truly did, for although you were leaving everything behind, your family, your childhood friends, your culture... it was easy as long as you had him. And even though you knew there would be times homesickness would hit you like a truck, especially when the time came and Taehyung would have to go on tour with his group, you were ready to start your new life here with him. You had already lived here once for a year, after all, the only difference being you now got to live with your long term boyfriend, and, of course, that you wouldn’t have to count down the days until you had to go back home and away from him anymore.
“Everything alright?” he wondered, catching up on the way you had momentarily spaced out.
“Mhm…” you were quick to reassure him with an eager nod of your head. “Now eat your birthday treat before I do” you threatened, grabbing the cupcake that had been lying next to you all along and bringing it up to his face.
Taehyung chuckled, pressing a lingering kiss to your neck that was sweetly followed by another one. “But I have my birthday treat right here…”
Although flustered by both his words and the way his lips kept peppering soft kisses all over the sensitive skin of your neck, you stood your ground. “Pretty sure I’m your girlfriend, but oh well”.
He chuckled once more — before you could react, dipping one of his long fingers on the icing and spreading a good amount of it on your lips. “Now you’re both”.
You didn’t really get to fully laugh at his playful antics before the sound of it was muffled by his mouth sucking on your bottom lip, his fingers holding onto your chin to keep you from pulling away as he deepened the kiss — making sure to remove every last trace of icing on your mouth before he slid his tongue into it.
Breaking the kiss for a brief second for what he thought was to catch your breath before bringing your already swollen lips back to his awaiting ones, he found himself letting his jaw drop when you opened your mouth not to kiss him once more, but to bring the infamous cupcake up to it and loudly bite down on it.
“Yah, that is my strawberry cupcake!” he called you out — although trying to act mad, having a hard time hiding his smile at the way you had just covered your full mouth as you laughed whilst trying to chew right then.
“You weren’t eating it, so…” you shrugged.
Before you could take another bite, however, he grabbed your wrist, quickly moving it up to his mouth instead and shoving the entire baked good into it in just one go.
Petrified after what just happened, you stared at your now empty hand — amazed by the way he had managed not to bite into your fingers with how fast and forceful his mouth had been, before your eyes fixed on your full-mouthed boyfriend as he struggled to chew the whole thing down.
“Mine” he stated, not minding to cover his mouth as he was almost done with it already.
“I tend to forget how big your mouth actually is” you admitted, mindlessly sucking the remains of icing from off your fingers.
Taehyung scoffed, rushing to swallow down so he could properly speak. “You out of all people should know what my mouth can d—”
“You know,” you cut him off before he could pronounce that last letter and bring his cocky point across. “Booking a return plane ticket sounds really tempting right now”.
“Oh, yeah?” he tauntingly raised one of his eyebrows, pulling you closer to the edge of the counter and making you wrap your legs around his waist. “Good thing from now on those return tickets will bring you right back to Seoul”.
That was what made him the happiest. After all those years of buying ticket after ticket, all those years of having to drop you off at the airport so you could go back home, all those years of having to wait for endless months just so you could see each other for a few days, all of that, was over now.
From that night on, this was your home. You, him and Yeontan, and of course, the eventual additions that would be made in a couple of years.
And that was the best part. No matter where you travelled to from now on, you would always just go visit abroad and return right here, back to him — never again being almost about to miss his birthday, for you would both go to sleep and wake up right next to him during all the upcoming ones, just like he had ached you to do every single day ever since you got together four years ago.
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wand3ringr0s3 · 7 months ago
Text (muggle!au george weasley smut)
summary: George, your roommate and crush has an onlyfans and you accidentally walk in on him one day when he’s shooting content.
a/n: I got this idea and went with it! I adore this fic ngl i gotta give Georgie some love
warnings: SMUT, NSFW 18+ MINORS DNI INTERACT! unprotected sex, creampie, fingering, swearing, George is a cam boy, rough sex, sir kink, exhibitionism (reader and George have sex on a live stream), praise and degradation, reader walks in on George naked, dom George, dirty talk, light spanking, george calls you angel.
Tumblr media
George has a secret, well it’s not that big of a secret but he doesn’t like to tell people. When someone asks what he does for work it’s not like he can admit what he really does so he just waves it off with something about a boring retail job and then change the subject.
Though when his jacket rides up and the designer watch shines on his wrist it brings a little bit of doubt. It started as a way to make money to help pay for college. His parents helped all they could but there was still a lot of expenses that need to be paid for.
George is a very good looking man there is no doubt about it and at some point staring at the bills for uni he decided to put that to good use.
Starting an Onlyfans was a bit awkward at first because he wasn’t sure exactly what to do or what to post or if people even wanted to pay to see him naked but he quickly grew in popularity to his surprise. He’s made more money than he ever could working a minimum wage job. He doesn’t exactly try to hide it but he would probably be mortified if his parents found out.
His parents and you.
Even with all the money he makes, renting an apartment by himself is pretty expensive so he found a roommate in you, another college student who needs a place to stay. Together you live in a small apartment off-campus but George is great company.
“Hey I gotta stay late for my lab today” You say as you sling your backpack over your shoulder.
It was early into the day but with an entire day of classes ahead of you, sleeping in isn’t really an option. George sits on the counter still in his pajamas. His hair a mess as he watches you get ready.
“Alright, don’t forget to drink water.” You hold up your water bottle making him smile. Glancing at the clock you see your English lecture starts in 20 minutes.
“See you later!” You call as you rush out the door to your class.
Sometimes you regret stacking classes but the free days you get makes it worth it, sometimes. George texts you a few times during the day, asking how classes are going and if you’ll be home for dinner.
Anytime you see his name pop up on your phone you smile a bit brighter. It’s cliche as hell falling for your roommate but you had a small crush on George. I mean how could you not? He was sweet and a bit awkward and very attractive.
Honestly, it’s a wonder that he’s not taken already. But dating your roommate is dangerous. If you break up then you’re stuck living together which would probably be like living in hell. But it doesn’t hurt to look, or maybe fantasize a bit when class gets boring.
During one of your classes your phone buzzes again but instead of a text from George, it’s an email from your professor.
Hello class,
I have to cancel today’s lecture and lab because my cat is sick.
Professor Williams
Thank god honestly you really didn’t want to stay late for your lab. Once your class ends you decide to study at home instead of the library, mostly so you could wear pajamas. You debated telling George but instead, you decide to surprise him. Stopping at the student store you buy some popcorn and candy for a movie night. Walking through the door you notice that he’s not in the living room. You hear noises coming from his room so you assume he’s in there.
“Hey George do you wanna-” Opening his door you’re stunned into silence at the sight. George was laying on his bed with a camera. Completely naked. His eyes go wide as he scrambles to cover himself.
“Oh my god!” You scream as you cover your eyes, slamming the door shut.
Running to your room you shut and lock the door. Your heart racing as you slide down your door. You just saw George naked. And he was holding a camera. You don’t know whether to feel mortified, awkward, ashamed for looking, but right now you’re feeling all of the above.
Your cute seemly innocent roommate is a cam boy.
It was only a few seconds but you got a good look at. That. Shame creeps up your neck as you think about it. It was just as big as you thought and hard. And he really had freckles everywhere. You’re ashamed to say but god did that turn you on. You want nothing more than to get on your knees right there but that’s extremely inappropriate to think or do.
No matter how hot George is.
“U-Um Y/n? Can we talk?” George stutters through the door.
As embarrassed as you feel right now it’s nothing compared to what George must be feeling. Opening the door, George stands there now fully clothed, a panicked look on his face. You step aside as he walks in, choosing to look at the ground overlooking at George.
“I um, I’m sorry I thought you were going to be home later. Basically, I run an Only Fans.” George sits on the edge of your bed. His face is bright red as he tries to meet your eyes.
“I’m sorry I didn’t knock,” You say. An awkward silence fills the room as you both are unsure of what to say next.
“Look, this doesn’t have to be weird.” You walk over and sit next to him.
“We’re both adults George and what you do on your own time is your business, besides it’s probably a good idea on your part because…” Your voice dies out as you realize what you were going to say.
“Because what?” George asks curiously.
“Money reasons.” You lie right through your teeth. You truly didn’t care what George did for a living but you truly did think you were close.
“So um, why didn’t you tell me? Obviously, you didn’t have to tell me but I thought we were close but um, you know what never mind.” Standing up you flash George an awkward smile before opening the door.
“Wait!” George grabs your wrist stopping you from leaving.
“It’s not easy to tell people that kind of stuff,”
“No yeah I understand you didn’t have to tell me anything.” You feel silly for feeling upset about him not telling you.
“But the reason I didn’t tell you is because I didn’t want you to look at me differently.” He admits.
“George I could never look at you differently for this.” Taking his hand you squeeze it softly.
“I really like you Y/n, like a lot.” Your heart stops for a second, George actually likes you, this has to be some sort of dream but he’s really standing in front of you, looking at you with those charming eyes of his.
“I really like you too George. Like a lot.” His hands rest on your hips as he kisses your forehead lightly.
His lips feel soft on your skin and his hands feel so perfect on your waist and as much as you love it, you want more. Grabbing the collar of his shirt you pull him towards you, smashing your lips together. A bit messy but so hot. Tugging on his hair he lets out a low moan. His hands traveling anywhere they can touch. He lightly pushes you up against the door.
“Georgie.” You whine softly as George pulls away, nipping your bottom lip slightly.
“So,” You pant as you rest your hands on Georges’s chest.
“When can I join you?”
“You sure about this?” You’re lying naked on George’s bed.
The camera pointed towards you but not high enough to show your face. It was one of the things George wanted before letting you join him in his content.
“I’m alright George, promise.” You kiss his hand, making him smile. You’ve been dating for a few months now and today is the day George is letting you join him for a live stream.
He showed you his site and you were shocked to see how many people were subbed to him. Well, not that shocked given how handsome he is. You fully supported him and sometimes even helped him take pictures to post but after asking for a while he agreed to let you be in a video.
George was a bit worried about you exposing yourself this way but you wanted to. Also the idea of getting to fuck you silly for people to watch, wishing they were him or you but knowing that you belonged to each other was hot. Very hot.
“Love you.” He whispers softly, kissing your cheek before walking towards the camera.
“And remember-”
“I can say the word red and you’ll stop the stream, George I’ll be okay. I know you won’t do anything I won’t like.” You reassure him as you sit up on his bed.
“I love you,” you blow him a kiss which he catches. He turns on the camera and opens his laptop, the chat begins to light up with people entering the chat.
“I’ve got a special treat today.” George purrs loud enough for the audience to hear. Your face isn’t in the frame but your body is. George crawls behind you and starts to kiss your neck.
“It’s okay Angel, relax.” He whispers for only you to hear.
His hands roam your body roughly. His fingers pinching and pulling at your nipples making you cry out. George smirks at the sound. His hands wander to your thighs, opening them up for the camera.
“Come on, show them my pretty pussy.” You could get drunk on George’s sex voice. Something in him changes when in bed and you love it. Spreading your legs wide you let out a small whine. George’s fingers are just ghosting your aching clit.
“Want me to touch you?” He teases as he runs his fingers along your thighs.
“Yes please sir,”
“Ah, say it louder.” George wraps a hand around your neck with one hand, holding it firmly.
“Yes sir please touch me!” Happy with your pleading George sinks to fingers deep into your pussy.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head as George pumps his fingers deep inside you. His fingers being long and rough reach the perfect spot sending waves of pleasure through your body.
“Look at how wet my angel gets for me,” George says to the camera. You can see comments flowing in but you can’t read them from here but you assume they say good things based on the donations that pop up on the screen. Your hips buck up but George pushes them back down.
“Don’t move.” He hisses as he speeds up his fingers. Struggling against his hand you fight to move your hips but he keeps his iron grip. His hands work magic on you. You’re completely at his mercy when under his touch.
“Sir please m’gonna come!” You cry as George’s thumb comes to rub your clit roughly. Looking at the camera George smirks.
“Think you’ve been good enough?” What do you all think? Should I let my Angel come on my fingers?” Leaning forward he reads a few of the comments. Most of them talking about how hot this is and a few telling him to let you come as well as let you not come, wanting to see you squirm a bit more.
“Georgie please..” You cry quietly for only him to hear.
“Come on my fingers Angel, be good for me.” George adds a third finger sending you over the edge. Loud cries rip from your throat as your orgasm crashes down on you.
“God you feel so tight around my fingers.” He pulls his fingers out roughly before sticking them in his mouth.
“Tastes sweet too.” “Need your cock sir, please need you to fill me up!” Getting on your hands and knees you shake your ass in front of George’s face. Grabbing your ass roughly he throws you down on the bed making sure your face is still out of frame.
“Shaking your ass like that in front of all these people? Thought you were my angel.” George strokes his cock as he gets behind you. His abs on full display to the camera as he pulls your ass up in the air.
Leaning down he presses a few soft kisses on your back before slamming his cock into your cunt. He sets a brutal pace from the start. Hands digging into your hips as he pounds into your relentlessly.
“Fucking hell you feel so good.” George moans loudly as he loses himself in pleasure.
Words fail you as George fucks you roughly, all you can do is take the pleasure he gives you. Biting the comforter below you to muffle your sounds. George doesn’t like that as he spanks your ass.
“Don’t hide your sounds from me.” He growls.
“S-Sorry sir.” The chat is going crazy as George’s pace turns from fast and rough to slow and hard. Making sure you feel each thrust of his cock. His hand slips under to play with your clit making you squirm.
“You’re squeezing me so tight Angel, gonna come on my cock?” You nod furiously, unable to speak as George pulls all the way back before slamming hard into you. Screaming loudly as he continues to fuck you silly.
“Come now Angel, I know you can.” As your eyes roll to the back of your head you let the coil in your stomach snap, gushing all over George. His hips slam wildly against your ass as he chases his high.
“Fuck!” His hips still against your ass as he comes hard.
His face twisted in pleasure as he faces the camera. It takes a few moments for him to come down from his high. Getting off you he watches his cum seep down your thigh. With a smirk, he pulls your ass off the bed and spreads your legs so the camera gets a good look.
“My pretty angel.” Leaning down he kisses your thighs.
“Thanks for coming to the stream.” He leans over and turns off the camera and then the stream.
He takes his laptop and throws it on the bed next to you. Rummaging through his drawers he pulls out boxers for him and panties and a sleep shirt for you.
“Hey love, was I too rough?” Worry coming over him as you stay still. Opening your eyes you reach out for his hand.
“You were perfect Georgie.” You say softly.
“But help me please,” you point to the clothes in his hand.
“Of course Angel.” George kisses your nose before helping you get dressed, a small smirk on his face when you’re legs seem to shake as you get up to use the bathroom. Falling back on the bed he takes his laptop and opens it back up, scrolling through the donations and comments left on the live stream.
“You’re pretty popular,” George says as you walk back into the bedroom. Crawling into his lap you scroll through his page.
“Did you have fun?” George asks as he rests his head in your neck. Running your hands through his hair you lean over and kiss his cheek.
“I had a lot of fun, when can we do it again?” George chuckles and closes his laptop. Wrapping both arms around you and peppering kisses along your face making you laugh.
“How about we wait till your legs feel better.” He teases as he rolls on top of you. Scrunching up your nose you lean up and kiss him.
“My legs are fine George, you just gotta try harder next time.” George scoffs and leans down, kissing up your neck to your ear. His warm breath makes you shiver as he nips your ear.
“Oh Angel, next time I’ll be sure to ruin you.”
NSFW TAGLIST: @tinylumpiaa @vivianweasley @phuvioqhile @loveboyhalo @liliputbahn @glxctt @sagittarius-flowerchild @ethernal-onism @rangerelik @amityyyjade @barneswidow @kamosweasley @ickle-ronniekins @darthwheezely @julessworldd @girl22334 @the-unmanaged-mischief @fredswh0re @spacexcowgirl @lumos-barnes @peachyxlynch @hufflepuff5972 @hogwarts-is-my-home23
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dokifluffs · 7 months ago
You’ve Always Been The One | Miya Osamu
Pairing: Osamu X Reader (gender neutral) 
Genre: fluffy, college au 
warning! timeskip osamu! but no spoilers to the main plot of the story, also suggestive at one point 
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose​ 💛
“’Samu?” You turned your head toward your husband as half of your body was sprawled across his lap as the two of you watched tv
But really, the two of you were half paying attention as your mind wandered as well as your husband’s as he played with your hair, clothes, and even your body as you laid on him like a picky child playing with their food
“Hm?” He hummed as his actions never hesitated once, continuing his rhythm
“Was there ever a time you knew you wanted to marry me?” You turned your body in his lap, facing him, looking up to him as his charcoal eyes met yours
“What makes ya ask?” His lips pulled to a smile as his hand cupped your cheek
“No particular reason, I just realized I never asked or really knew..”
“Mhm… I would have to say that second year of Uni around finals that semester I moved back home…”
The bedroom looked so cramped yet so empty at the same time
There were still a few boxes of Atsumu’s things left in there as well as other belongings of his still lying about yet his top bunk was empty
And now osamu’s luggage filled the space
It was hard to believe that he had shared the room with his brother for so many years, all the way up to their third year
And now Atsumu was gone, going pro as a volleyball player whereas Osamu was back
He cleared Atsumu’s the old desk, moving the pile of magazines to elsewhere to make room for his own studies
It was a bright morning, the sky was clear, and the sun was still rising
He ate a delicious breakfast he made and now all he had to do between now and the end of summer break was to get through the hell week of finals
Through it was stupid how some of his own professors were giving out big tests and papers that weren’t even the final but almost equivalent
He spent the day going about, studying, forcing himself to focus because if he knew he didn’t, he surely wouldn’t be studying
He continued to grumble to himself as he shook his head reading over the text
He just wanted to be done with school and to focus on his plans for his restaurant
He could see his future just out of reach and you were there too
That was all he could ask for for his future: to have you and his restaurant
It was all he ever wanted since graduating from Inarizaki
But the longer he also thought about you, the more guilt he felt for not texting you for the past few days as he studied, not giving himself a chance to breathe
Time ticked by minute by minute, page my page, hour by hour as his fingers typed rapidly over his keyboard
“Osamu, you need to do your laundry, honey,” his mother chimed in as she barged into the bedroom as he was in the middle of his thought
“I know, mom. Please leave, I’ll do it later,” he tried his best to not sound annoyed at his mother since he was well aware that she was doing and saying these things for him
Though she did have the tendency to repeat things for him to do even if he said he would do them eventually
But he couldn’t help but feel annoyed since he had lost his train of thought
The day went on and still no laundry or unpacking had been done, except for his backpack for all his school stuff combined with his computer stuff
He needed to finish the two papers whereas one had already been submitted around early dinner time but he still had one more to complete and he only had about a quarter of the day left
His stomach growled, his eyes didn’t want to even look at another screen
But he had to to his dismay
The closer he was to finishing college, the sooner he could get to practice of his culinary skills and open his restaurant
He leaned back in the old seat as his creaked beneath his weight
His eyes burned as he massaged them through his eye lids, sleep calling for him, his stomach calling for food  
He just wanted to be done for the night. That was it
He could care less about the grade at this point, even though he knew he should at least try to give the bare minimum
A subtle knock on the door caught his attention but he didn’t even Bothe rot look up
“Mom, I told you I’ll do my laund-“
“Uh, I’m not your mom,” you laughed a bit as your face and figure appeared through the ajar crack in the door you made
Osamu sat up in his seat as he opened the door more for you
But before you could even step in, he threw his arms around you, nuzzling his face into your shoulder and neck as he rocked side to side
“Hi. I missed you, oh my god hi,” was all he could sat as he snaked his hand around your waist, the other holding your shoulders from behind
He didn’t want to let go now that you were actually here
In just this moment with you, holding you close, feeling your skin against his, your hair tickling his face
Your presence
The stress was washing away the longer he held you and if he could, he wanted to just bring you to bed and sleep
You laughed as you rest your chin on his shoulder, rubbing his back with one hand
“Oh! I brought this for you.” You sadly had to break out of his embrace but he did the best he could to keep holding onto you as all he did was move his head so he could see what you held
“I figured this would be more meaningful than texting you and asking how you were doing?” You looked down to your fruit platter, wishing you cut the legs of the stars better but also hiding your bandage wrapped fingers
“Thank you, it’s cute.” He smiled down to the fruits you had decoratively put onto the platter as he took it, setting it down on an empty spot on his desk beside his laptop
“Wait, aside from the fruit, what’re you doin’ here? Don’t you have a final tomorrow?”
“No, silly. It was today but I’m done since my other courses didn’t require any finals.”
He escorted you in as you plopped onto his bed, while he sat backwards in his spinny chair
“You’re so lucky,” he groaned again as he spun, grabbing the plate of fruit
He undid the  saran wrap you had over the fruit as he stuck a slice of pineapple into his mouth, using another toothpick to stick a strawberry for you to feed you
“Thanks.” You bit it off as you looked around the old room though you had only been in here for a few times from high school
“What’re you working on?” You stood yourself up form his bed, leaning on the edge of his desk to read over whatever he had on his laptop
“Oh, that. It’s just one of my papers I have to do before my finals. They’re so dumb and annoying,” he groaned
But also thinking back, he never understood how he did what he did these past few years for school
“When’s it due?”
“Midnight, but now that you’re here, I don’t wanna finish,” he sighed the truth 
“Oh wait! I can help you if you want. This professor uses the same exact prompts every semester and I had her last semester, remember?” You excitedly scrolled through as you glanced at the time 
there as just enough where there was a little less than four hours to 11:59pm but he had gotten far enough where you could help him wrap up his thoughts 
“I could even just type what you want for you if you don’t even want to touch your laptop.” 
Osamu just sat still, silently staring at you 
You couldn’t even make out what he was thinking or feeling with that look on his face 
before you could even ask anything more, he set the fruit platter down, slowly brought his arms into your waist 
“I love you, so much.” His stress melted as a new wave of motivation 
He grabbed his laptop and guided the two of you to his bed on the lower bunk 
His fingers moved over the keys as you laid beside him, your leg draped over his as you rest your head against him
You caught his errors to which he rapidly backspaced to fix 
and before the two of you knew it, the fruit platter was empty and his paper was submitted 
“I’m free,” he groaned in relief as he shut his laptop, setting it on the nightstand, and turned back to you 
He melted his lips to yours, his own lips curling in glee 
He saw the smile on your lips, the rosiness on your cheeks with your eyes closed as you kissed him and he kissed you 
“You’re so pretty,” he mumbled into your lips, his arm propping him up beside you, both his legs on either side of you 
He deepened the kiss as time now slowly passed, minute by minute and now he could finally taste you after being away for so long 
You stayed with him all night as he showed you how much he truly adored you - though all he could show you how was through a physical way 
there weren’t enough words in his vocabulary he could use to string together a sentence or phrase that truly told you how much you meant to him 
“So me bringing you fruit was what made you want to marry me?” you looked up to him and smiled, the same smile he fell in love with and the same smile he loved just as much, if not more 
“Well, yes and no...” He was deep in thought. “I think that point was more of like a solidification to my confirmation that I wanted to marry you.” 
“‘A solidification to your confirmation’?” 
“Yeah. I knew for the longest time I wanted to marry you, Y/N.” He combed his fingers through your hair, lifting his legs onto the couch as a way to bring you closer so he could kiss you all over 
“You’ve always been the one for me, Miya Y/N,” he chimed, his lips ghosting over yours as he said your name, something he would never get over how good it sounded to him 
~~~~~ Thanks for reading! Masterlist for more! Please do not repost anywhere else!
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convenience store stranger | suna rintarou
pairing: suna x f!reader  word count, genre: 2.1k words, college au. fluff. another meet cute story lol.  warning: none  summary: in which your late shifts become less boring and more interesting when a cute stranger stumbles in at 2 AM.  a/n: my first time writing for suna god im scared but i really liked how this turned out!! 
Tumblr media
The first time he meets you happens on one of his late night convenience store runs. It was exams season and Suna’s been pulling all-nighter after all-nighter. To say he was exhausted would’ve been an understatement. 
He’s barely making it through on the third night and if he didn’t take a break soon, he was sure he’d have passed out on his desk. With his mind hazy from reading too many words and trying to understand a semester’s worth of lessons in one night, he decides to stand up and get some fresh air. 
Which is how he found himself currently standing at aisle four of the only convenience store that was still open near his apartment. He scans the rack for something that can wake him and his brain up. He doesn’t know how long he’s been standing but he could definitely feel eyes burning holes in the back of his head. 
He settles on a pack of jelly sticks and a cup of spicy instant noodles and heads towards the counter. You mutter a greeting when he reaches the cashier and begin scanning his items. 
When he hands over the cash for payment, your fingers brush with his cold ones, making you recoil harshly as if he was repulsing.
“Something wrong?” He laughs when he sees your reaction. “I know I look like a mess now but I won’t bite you.” He bends his knees slightly, tilting his head to get a look at your embarrassed face.
“No, I’m sorry.” You avoid his intense gaze, continuing to pack his purchase. When you look at him, he’s still staring with his piercing eyes that it almost takes your breath away. 
Shaking your head to bring yourself to reality, you give him his items. “Your hands felt cold and I was just shocked.” You feel that same electricity sparking between you again when he takes the bag from you. “I.. well.. thank you. Have a great evening.”
“It’s 2 AM,” Suna chuckles and you sigh before correcting yourself and bowing to him in goodbye. “See you around,” he shouts over his back as he walks out the door. It was the first time he saw you in that store and he was sure it wasn’t going to be the last. 
The second time he’d actually planned it according to your shift. If his past trips to the store were anything to go by, he’d learned that you always took the evening shift. It was something he discovered after being called out by your co-worker on the third time that he restlessly looked around the store during a visit. 
He should be on his bed, phone in his hand as he mindlessly scrolled until he fell asleep. But with the memory of his interaction with you lingering on his mind, he wanted to see you.
“Hey, got time for a customer?” He greets the moment he steps inside the empty convenience store. You look up from the book that you were reading and quickly stand to welcome him. “What are you reading?” 
Hiding the book from his view, you retort, “Aren’t you going to buy something?” 
He grins, taking in your tired disposition and the bags that had formed under your eyes before retreating to the shelves. When he returns, he slides over a can of energy drink, iced coffee, and a large bag of chips. 
You assume he’d leave immediately once he’s paid for everything. You certainly didn’t expect him to take out the coffee and give it to you. 
“This is for you.” He opens his own drink and leans by the counter. “Doesn’t it ever get boring here? I mean it’s midnight and you’re alone. I’m betting not many people even drop by at this time.” He faces the door, crossing his arms around his chest and staring at both of your reflections at the glass. 
Worn out from your classes in the day, you take his coffee offering, instantly feeling the rush of caffeine flow through your veins and waking you up. “The job pays relatively well. Besides I can’t really work in the mornings, I have uni.”
“So you’re a college student too.” He turns around and extends a hand out to you. “I’m Suna Rintarou.”
You introduce yourself as you shake hands with him. And as soon as pleasantries were exchanged, he immediately launched into a story about how his earlier day went. He was a natural conversationalist and despite this being your first time talking with him, you didn’t feel an ounce of awkwardness. You didn’t know what it was about him but his presence made you feel comfortable. 
You learned about what he was studying (to your surprise, Psychology), how he spends his weekends playing volleyball (he was a middle blocker and an excellent one at that, he boasted), and how he ended up here during the night he first saw you (the all-nighter went well and he passed all his exams). 
He rips open the chips he bought and offers you some as you lay your story before him. He munches as he listened to you rant about how you loathed your course (Business Management) and the many case studies and papers you had to do each day. He nods his head in understanding as you explain why you needed this part-time job (to pay for apartment fees). 
You were having so much fun in his company that you didn’t notice the time pass by. (He arrived to the store at 12:32 AM. The clock on the wall now reads 2:32 AM). And for the duration of his stay, you were surprised that no one ever came by. He only ever left your side when a taxi driver walked in. 
Suna steered clear from the counter and kept his distance as you did your job. From your peripheral, you could see that he watched you like a hawk from the side and it made you somehow conscious. When the customer exited, you playfully threw a tissue at him, 
“I couldn’t concentrate when you were standing there and looking at me like that!” 
He went back to his position but this time, he leaned close with his hands on the counter. “Like what?"  
Well how could you say to him that you thought he looked effortlessly hot in his sweatshirt and track pants? And was that an adorably messy bedhead? How could you say that you liked the teasing smile that he’d been giving you throughout the night?  
You chuckle and shake your head, “Nothing.” You reach for the book you were reading prior his arrival and took your seat. “Don’t you have classes tomorrow? You should go back.”
“Do you not want me around anymore?” 
“It’s not that, I…”
He cuts you off, “Good, then it’s settled. I’m not going anywhere. I like talking with you too much to go back home. Let me entertain you some more.” He sits down at the chair on one of the tables near the counter and then goes back to chatting with you. 
Since that night, Suna had been scheduling more trips to the convenience store. Sometimes, he’d really only visit to bother you. At times, he’d bring his books and laptop with him so he could work on a paper while you restocked the shelves and cleaned around. On rare occasions, he’d help you out on a business plan and the customers who’d enter the store would be amused at the sight of you and him huddled behind the counter with your serious thinking faces on. 
He’d become a part of your life that it felt unnerving not to have him around on your shifts. And it certainly showed on your face how disappointed and heartbroken you were when consecutive nights passed without his visits. Your co-worker even called you out on it. 
“So where’s the cutie been?” She asked one time when the two of you were at the back lounge while you logged in for your shift. You groan at the nickname she gave him and she laughs at you.
“How would I know?” 
“Don’t you guys talk almost every day and night?”
“Only on nights that he visits me.” You pause, thinking about the possibilities why he could’ve stopped coming. And before you knew it, you were ranting. “God, are we even friends? I don’t know his number. Did he ghost me? Is this considered ghosting? It’s been a week. I’m scared I did or said something.” 
She’s watching you pace around the room. “Maybe he got bored of me. Or maybe he realized I’m not really worth his time and dipped. Sleeping is much better than hanging out with me at 1 AM anyway.”
You’re stopped in your tracks when she suddenly grabs your shoulders. “Overthinking is not a good look on you.” She makes you take deep breaths to calm down. “I’m sure he’s just busy right now. He’ll visit again soon.” 
“I don’t know why I’m being like this.” 
The look she gives you is incredulous, her mouth gaping wide at your statement. “Are you serious?” 
“What?” You ask, not anticipating the next words that would come from her. 
“It’s obvious that you like him.” 
The next time you see him was on campus. You don’t know how long it’s been since he last spent time with you on your shift. (Though if you were counting, you were definitely sure that it’s been two weeks and three days since then.) 
You tried not to think too much about what his absence could mean but the pang in your heart never left. Those two weeks that he didn’t show up allowed you some time to think about your conversation with your friend. You like him. 
Back then, you were too quick to shut down the idea. Denying any ounce of feeling for the boy as you saw him as no more than someone who had too much time on his hands to bother you on your shifts. A good friend is what you specifically used to defend your relationship with him. 
So then why was it that your heart was beating so rapidly as Suna waved at you from across the cafeteria? Why couldn’t you stop smiling as you watched him make his way to your table and sit down beside you?
“Hey there.” He slings his arms around and pulls you for a side hug. “Long time no see.” 
You almost couldn’t hear him over the loud thumping of your heart in your ears. He’s still smiling and waiting for you to reply. “Yeah, been a while. I’ve gotten the peace and quiet back in my shifts.” 
He breaks out in laughter while opening a snack bar. “I’m sorry I haven’t been able to stop by. I just came out from a major presentation that I’ve been preparing for during the past weeks. And guess what?” 
You perk your eyebrows at his question. “What?” 
“Our group did great.” He raises a hand for a high-five and you indulge him. “The teacher liked our slides and our analysis of the topic. Ah, I feel so good right now!” He leans back with his hands behind his head, but he suddenly jerks. 
“We should go out!” Suna grabs your hands and looks at you expectantly. “You’re free the whole day tomorrow right? You’re not working the shift? Let’s celebrate. It’s my treat!” 
Feeling overwhelmed by his invitation and his overall excitedness, you laugh and pull back. “Calm down, Suna. I don’t know about tomorrow.” 
“Why? Are you busy?”
“Not really but..” 
“Then it shouldn’t be a problem.” He tucks a loose hair behind your ear, leaning close with his voice barely over a whisper, “It’s perfect. I’ve wanted to take you on a date for a long time now.” 
“What?” You stare at him wide-eyed. 
“Come on, you’ve never thought about us?” He finds the situation entertaining. Your flustered reaction reminds him of the night that he met you. 
“Why do you think I’ve been coming to the convenience store when I could be sleeping at that time? I like being around you. My day doesn’t feel complete if I don’t at least see you or tell you about my day or listen to you rant about the latest episode of your favorite series.”
You like him. 
“Go out with me.” He kisses the back of your hand. “Please?” 
The corners of your lips unconsciously curves up and Suna sends your heart doing somersaults when he says something about how he’s finally got to see the beautiful smile he’s been wanting to see for weeks. 
Your friend was right. You do like him.  
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And They Were Roommates - One Shot
a/n: I’ve had this idea for a long time, and I’m glad it’s finally come together. I love friends to lovers fics, they make my stomach twist in the best possible way, so I hope you all enjoy these two! Feedback and reblogs are always helpful. (not proofread)
Warnings: two idiots refusing to just get together until they do, SMUT, mentions of Only Fans (which I truthfully know nothing about, but I wanted to make things saucy)
Words: 11.3K
Tumblr media
“We just need to be quiet in case my roommate’s home.” You say to your date, Jeremy, as you key into your flat. He nods with a grin as you enter.
“Hey, lovie, how was the-“ Harry smirks when he sees you come in with your date. “I see it went well, never mind.”
You roll your eyes at him. He was sitting on the couch in some sweat pants, and that was it, watching some romantic comedy.
“Harry, this is Jeremy, Jeremy this is my roommate Harry.”
“I’m her best friend too, but I can see she clearly hasn’t brought me up all night. M’a little offended, pet.”
“Okay, well, I’ll try to be more courteous.” You shake your head at him, and tug Jeremy along to your bedroom. “Sorry about him. He usually goes out on Friday nights, but lately he’s been staying in more.”
“You…you live with that guy?”
“Sure.” You shrug and then wrap your arms around his neck. “We’ve been friends for years, and we’re in the same grad program, so it just made sense to split a flat.”
“Listen…uh, I was excited that you invited me up, but I can’t fuck you with that guy sitting out there.”
“What?” You frown and step back. “Why not?”
“Because I’ll just think you’re thinking of him the whole time. He’s…like…perfect! I can’t compete with that.”
“Jeremy, you’re being silly, just clear your head, we can-“
“Sorry, Y/N.”
Jeremy opens your door and leaves you standing in your room. You were in shock. Jeremy walks quickly back out into the main area, and sees Harry still sitting and watching his movie.
“Oi, that was quick, mate. Hope you left my girl satisfied.” Harry grins at a disgruntled Jeremy, and he leaves.
“You know it’s comments like that…” You sniffle as you stand there in your pretty dress and heels. “That make guys just up and leave.”
“What are you talking about?”
“He took one look at you sitting there like that and ran off!”
“So, I can’t even sit in the comfort of my own living room without some douche feeling emasculated? Are you sure you want someone like that fucking you, Y/N?”
“I just wanted to hook up! Christ, now I have to go take care of it myself.” You groan.
“Well, when you’re done, come join me. We can watch My Best Friend’s Wedding.” He leans forward and smiles. “You look really nice tonight, I’m sorry he was an idiot.”
“Thanks.” You wipe your finger under your nose. “Would you make some popcorn or something?”
“On it.”
Alright, some explanation is probably needed here. See, you and Harry met your sophomore year of uni, no, not drunk at some party, in class, actually. You both were education majors, so you ended up having a lot of classes together once you really dove into your major courses. You got paired up on a project together, and there was no separation between the two of you after that.
Normally, Harry wouldn’t have been the type of guy you’d be friends with. To be honest, he dressed like a douchebag when you first met him. You wondered why he’d want to be a teacher. He had floppy curls, wore a snapback with every outfit, and you didn’t think he owned a pair of jeans that didn’t have any rips in them. Although, you did enjoy his Chelsea boots, his sweaters, and his nail polish and rings.
You were innocent, and sort of preppy while he was loud mouthed and scruffy. Your friend groups never merged, but your best friend knew about your friendship with Harry. She’d constantly poke fun and say you had a crush on him. You didn’t. Harry was hot as fuck, anyone with eyes could see that, but you weren’t into him in that way. That was one of the reasons he liked hanging out with you so much. Most girls that tried to be his friend were just trying to fuck, and that could be fun, but sometimes he genuinely wanted to meet up for coffee and have a conversation without it leading to screwing on an extra-long twin bed.
Harry’s friends knew you well. As the years went on, you’d often be the one he’d bring back to his place drunk. You started off by sleeping on the floor, and then one night you realized you both adults and could sleep in the same bed. His friends would give him an equally tough time about you. Sometimes you’d come over and wait in his room for him while he was out with another girl. To some that may have been weird, but nothing was better than drunk platonic cuddles.
There was one night, your senior year, you had woken up with him spooning you. In all the nights spent together, you two never fell asleep or woke up like that. You didn’t shift when you felt his morning wood poking you. His arm was draped loosely over you. You almost wanted to see if he’d make a move, so you pretended to stay asleep a little longer. His hand had slid to your hip and squeezed it, but that was the extent of the interaction. He rolled onto his back, and you did the same. You looked up at him and started giggling.
“It’s not funny.” He groaned, putting his forearm over his eyes.
“Didn’t know I did it for you, Har.” You poked the dimple forming on his face as he smiled.
“Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart, happens to every guy in the morning.” He peered down at you and you rolled your eyes.
You had never spoken about it afterwards. You didn’t want to embarrass him. When you both talked about grad school, and got into the same university, he asked you to be his flat-mate.
“You don’t wanna live with Niall and Louis anymore?”
“They’re getting real jobs, they won’t wanna listen to me complain about school. I’ve found a great two bedroom place. I think it could be fun for us. Dontcha wanna live with me, baby?” He pouted at you and you nudged his shoulder and laughed.
“Christ, I hate it when you start getting all beggy. Alright, we can live together.”
He took you in his arms and hugged you. You were both extremely excited. Sometimes it seemed like you and Harry knew everything about each other, but that was not the case. After you moved in and got settled, it was time you revealed something to him. You called him into your bedroom to talk.
“Is everything okay? You’re not having doubts, are you?”
“No! Not at all, I’m glad we’re doing this. I feel safe with you here, and I’m glad we still have classes together. I…I just need to tell you something. Um, I don’t know what you do, when you’re alone, I don’t know what you use, but I know things can pop up geographically, so I just wanted to warn you.” You bit your bottom lip, and turned your laptop around to show him your Only Fans page. His eyes widened, and then he shook his head.
“This is a joke, right? You made a fake website.”
“It’s not fake…” You muttered. “I don’t do lives, I don’t get naked, and I don’t show my face.”
“Then what do you do?”
“I was a dance minor, as you may recall.” He nodded yes at you. “So I make little strip tease videos and blur my face. Sometimes I take lingerie photos too. It’s a wonder what people will pay for.”
“How’d you get into this?” There was no judgement in his voice, he was genuinely curious.
“It started as a joke between Jenna and I, but then we started making money, and it’s enough that I can pay all my bills and live comfortably. I’ve already paid off one of my student loans thanks to this. I don’t even know if you use Only Fans, but I knew you’d probably recognize me or something if you stumbled across it so…I just wanted to warn you.”
“You know…the coffee shop I work at is hiring if you don’t feel like doing this kind of stuff.” He smirked.
“I actually don’t mind it. I essentially work for myself.”
“So you don’t sit in front of your camera and get yourself off with little bunny ears on?”
“No.” You laughed. “Just videos of me dancing in some intricate lighting, and saucy photos.”
“Can I see?”
“Not one of the videos, show me some pictures.”
“Come on. I’ve seen you dressed to the nines before, but I’m having trouble believing you would take any provocative photos.”
“Fine.” You clicked through the various photos, and find a mostly decent one. “Here, you can look at this one.”
His eyes widen again as he scans it over. You could only see your face from the lips down. You had a lollypop pressed to them, and some of the juice from it was dripping down your chin. You were laying on your bed in a pink lace bodysuit, and if he squinted he could probably see your nipples, but he chose against it. Your legs were up against the headboard, crossed at the ankle.
“Well?” You asked.
“It’s, uh, it’s very tasteful.” He cleared his throat. “Thanks for telling me…I…I  mean I definitely look at porn sometimes, so…uh…definitely wouldn’t have wanted to accidentally wanked it to you.”
“I doubt you would have even stayed on my page for long. You probably like to watch the really freaky shit.” You grinned and closed your laptop.
“I don’t know, there’s something sort of sexy about someone looking so innocent.”
“And that’s exactly what my viewers seem to say in the comments.”
Harry never brought up your page after that. You didn’t make him promise not to go searching for it, you just figured he wouldn’t. With all that aside, your living situation was working out perfectly. Sometimes Harry would bring home the day old muffins or bagels from the coffee shop, and you both had all the free coffee you could drink.
When you first moved in he was like his old self. He went out on dates almost every weekend. Normally he wouldn’t bring someone back, but once in a while he would. You never minded, you’d bring people back too, but you started to notice a pattern. Most guys either would have a tough time fucking you if he was home, or would end up leaving the way Jeremy did. You weren’t sure why they felt so threatened by Harry.
You supposed Jeremy could have been taken aback by seeing Harry shirtless. He was muscular, but not quite skinny. Buff in a way. He could hurt someone if he really wanted to. Once you’ve changed into some comfy pj’s, you plop down on the couch with Harry, and dive into the bowl of popcorn he made so you could watch your movie.
“So, I take it you’re not gonna take care of things yourself?”
“I’m too annoyed now.” You sigh. “It’s fine. I’ll try my luck with some random when we go out tomorrow night.”
“Good idea.” He throws his arm around you, and you both settle as the opening credits start.
Harry had to be up early for his shift at the coffee shop. After getting some schoolwork done, you took the opportunity to get some other work done. You had to be dressed for the club tonight anyways, so you got dolled up, and took some new photos for your page. You always got comments about your lips, so you’d use blow-pops to kiss against, or to rub against. You got some really great shots in, and got dressed in your regular clothes before Harry got home.
“Got your evening makeup on already? It’ll be hours before we leave, love.” He says as he runs a hand through his hair.
“You’re not the only one that worked today.” You wink at him and he rolls his eyes.
“You know, if I didn’t have all my tattoos I could be doing the same thing you’re doing.”
“Plenty of people with tattoos have pages.”
“The last thing I need is to start working at some school, and have a parent recognize me for the wrong reasons.”
“True.” You nod and go into the fridge. “I’m gonna make some stirfry, are you hungry?”
“I could eat.” He shrugs. “I’m gonna go shower.”
You didn’t necessarily mind that you’re dating life was a little tricky. You had all the domesticity you could need with Harry, however, you were certainly hoping to meet someone tonight at the club. You just wanted to have a meaningless hookup.
After dinner, and having a couple of drinks at home, you and Harry meet up with Niall and Louis at the club. Louis and Harry were laughing over something, so you decide to pay Niall a little attention. You always thought he was cute and funny. He was always nice to you too, as was Louis.
“How are things with your classes?” He asks. “Sort of wish I was doing the grad school thing.”
“Oh, but your job is so cool! Data analysis is riveting.” You giggle against the rim of your drink and he shakes his head. “Classes are good. I’m more so just excited to start teaching, but I have a while for that yet. Practicum last year was such a tease.”
“I bet you’d be a fun teacher, you’d certainly have no problem keeping my attention.” He slings one of his arms around the back of the booth you were sitting in and he inches closer. You smile at him and take a sip of your drink.
“Yeah? Why’s that?” You put your hand on his shoulder and twirl the material of his shirt around your finger.
“Your voice for one thing. It’s smooth, soothing. Your smile is sweet, so that helps too.”
You blush a little from his compliments, and finish your drink.
“Need another, babe?” Harry asks, breaking you and Niall from your little chat.
“I can get it.” Niall says. “Vodka tonic?”
“Please.” You smile and watch him go up to the bar. Louis and Harry look at you. “What?”
“Are you trying to fuck Niall?” Louis asks.
“Of course she’s no-“ Harry says, but he’s cut off by you.
“So what if I am?” She scoffs. “It’s safer than trying to get some guy I don’t know, right?”
“If that’s the case, why not just fuck Harry?” Louis smirks.
Harry death glares Louis as your face scrunches.
“It’s a little cliché, isn’t it?” You say. “Fucking your roommate and best friend? I’ll pass. That’s a load of drama we don’t need.”
“So, what you’re saying is, if Harry wasn’t your roommate or your best friend, you’d fuck him?”
“Hmm…” You tap your chin playfully and look Harry up and down. Before you can answer, Niall returns with your drink, and another round for the guys. “Thank you.” You say to him, and he sits down closely next to you.
“You wouldn’t wanna dance, would you?” Niall asks you.
“I’d love to!”
You both get up and make your way over to the dancefloor. Harry sulks while he plays with the straw in his drink.
“What are you all mopey for, huh?” Louis asks him.
“I don’t really like the idea of them hooking up. Could change the dynamic of things for all of us.”
“Instead of worrying about that, why don’t we try to go meet some ladies of our own, hm?” Louis smiles at Harry, and Harry nods in agreement.
You were having a lot of fun dancing with Niall, and his laugh was infectious tonight. You told him you needed to use the ladies room, and when you came back he was acting like a completely different person.
“Did I do something wrong?” You ask him over the blaring music.
“No! I just…” He looks over at Harry and Louis and then back to you. “We really shouldn’t be messing around like this.”
“We were just dancing.”
“But it was going to lead to something more, no?”
“Did you want it to?”
“Well, yeah, but you’re my friend, and…I wouldn’t want to make anything weird between us.”
“So…you don’t wanna go into the single stall bathroom and have me suck you off?” You bat your lashes at him and his eyes widen.
“Shit.” He says under his breath. “Are you serious?”
He wraps his hand around your wrist, and leads you through the crowd of people. You both go into the bathroom without a single thought and lock the door. You could hear the music faintly as you looked at each other.
“You seemed pretty sure of things before.” You say to him.
“I…I wigged out for a second. I really want this.”
You smile and step forward, pressing your lips to his. His hands go to your hips, and he squeezes you. He tasted like the tequila he had been drinking, and you smile against him. You kiss across his jaw, and to his neck while your hands work to undo his belt.
“You’re okay with this?” You ask him.
“Yeah, go for it. Would it be easier if I sat up on the counter?”
“No, I don’t mind getting on my knees, thanks.” You smirk at him and sink down, tugging his pants and boxers down just enough for his hard dick to spring out. You look up at him, impressed.
“Don’t look so surprised.”
“Sorry.” You chuckle. “Good for you, though, honestly.”
You kiss his tip and he jerks slightly towards you. You wrap your lips around him, and suck on him. His hands move your hair back, and you close your eyes as you work him over. You pump what you can’t fit, or what you don’t feel like fitting, and you hear him panting. This is all you wanted, you just wanted to make someone feel good.
“Y/N, I’m gonna come.” He warns you, and you give his thigh a squeeze to let him know it’s okay.
He comes into your mouth, and you swallow it to not make a mess. He helps you stand up, and then you help him zip his pants. After rinsing your mouth out he grabs you and kisses you. Your eyes flutter closed as he sucks on your bottom lip.
“Would you finger me?” You ask him just above a whisper against your lips.
“I’ll do anything you want.”
Louis was off making out with some girl while Harry was at the bar, brooding. You and Niall come back from the bathroom with flushed cheeks. Harry looks at you, and then looks at Niall. Niall just rubs the back of his neck and looks away.
“Y/N, are you ready to go home?” Harry asks her.
“Um…I was hoping to have another drink, but if you wanna leave we can.”
“I’d like to, yeah.”
You both say goodnight to Niall, and head out. He doesn’t say anything to in the back of the cab, and he’s quiet as you both go inside your flat. He fills two glasses of water and hands one to you.
“What’s wrong?” You ask him.
“Why’d you have to fuck my friend? Of all the guys in there, it had to be Niall?”
“I’m going to bed, I’m not having this conversation with you.” You start to walk away from him.
“So if I took Rachel into the bathroom at club and fucked her, you’d be fine with it?”
“Rachel’s a lesbian, so that’s a moot point.”
“You know what I’m trying to say.”
“I wouldn’t care, Harry. Also, you make it seem like Niall isn’t my friend, when he is. And not that it’s any of your business, but we didn’t do more than diddle each other. I sucked him off, and then I let him finger me, that was it.”
“You know, if you just needed to get off, I’m sure your own hand would have sufficed.” He huffs.
“Sometimes you just wanna feel someone else’s hand.” You say quietly.
“So Niall’s a good enough friend to diddle you, but I’m not? I’m extremely offended.”
“Harry…I don’t have to see Niall every day. It would get weird between us, and you know it.”
“I’m just saying, if you needed some help-“
“Don’t finish that sentence. You’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Go put yourself to bed, I’m gonna go wash up.”
“I’m assuming no cuddles tonight then?”
“You’ve assumed correctly, goodnight.”
Harry emerges from his room around ten the next morning, thankful he had the day off from work. You were sitting on the couch in the living room, coffee cup in hand while reading one of your textbooks. He sees you’ve made coffee, and he pours himself a cup.
“Morning.” He yawns as he sits next to you.
“Morning.” You say without looking at him.
“Are you mad at me for some reason? Usually you come to my room after we’ve been out like that, and you didn’t…”
“Harry, do you seriously not remember what happened last night?” He shakes his head no at you. “It just wasn’t a good night for drunk cuddles, okay? Can we leave it at that?”
“Alright.” He shrugs and takes a sip of his coffee. “Do you feel like going to the campus library with me in a bit? I’ve got a paper to work on, and a change of scenery would do be some good.”
“Sure! I have some mock lesson plans I need to work on so that sounds good.”
He watches you get up and go into your room so you can get ready. He sighs to himself, feeling bad for lying to you. He takes his phone out to text Niall.
Harry: I’m sorry about last night…I know I can’t control what you do and who you do it with, and clearly what I said to you didn’t matter anyways
Niall: I was going to listen…but she really wanted it, mate, I’m sorry. It wasn’t anything serious, just two friends helping each other out, alright?
Harry: alright
Niall: are you sure you don’t have feelings for her?
Harry: I just don’t think it’s smart for our little circle to comingle like that, that’s all
Niall: whatever you say
“Harry, go get dressed, the sooner we go, the sooner we can come back and watch a movie.”
“Right.” He says with a smile and gets up.
Harry fucked up one night. He didn’t feel like trolling on Tinder for a lay, so he found himself on Only Fans. There were a couple of pages he was subscribed to, but they just weren’t doing it for him tonight. He wanted something a little different, so, against his better judgement…he went to your page. Sometimes he’d check it out just to make sure no one was leaving you any sick comments, he never really went there to ogle you. But because you didn’t use your face, he could use his imagination a little bit. He puts his headphones in, and clicks on one of your free videos.
He smiles when he hears one of your favorite songs playing in the background. You were a skilled video editor, hoping to teach that media arts. The video fades in, and there you are, completely clothed. You start dancing, it wasn’t over sexy, but you had a way about taking your clothes off. You were doing a chair dance, one of your specialties. The video ends with you just about to take your shirt off, and then it fades out with a smirk on your lips.
“Oh, she’s good.” He says to himself.
Leaving people wanting more was certainly key on this site. He sighs, and clicks through a couple of the other free things you had on your page, and then eventually he pays to subscribe. You’d never know it was him, it’s not like he used his real name. He was more curious than anything to see what else you could have on there. He clicks through some of your photos. His jaw drops when he sees you licking a lollypop.
There’s a knock on his door, and he nearly throws his laptop across the room. He exits out of his all his tabs and closes his laptop.
“Come in!”
“Hey.” You say, leaning against the door frame.
“What’s up?” He was sweating. Had you seen that you had a new subscriber? Had you somehow figured out it was him?
“I have cramps, can I come lay with you?”
“Oh.” He sighs with relief. “Sure.” He makes some room for you on his bed, and climb on, laying on your stomach.
“What were you up to?”
“Looking for some porn to watch, to be honest with you.” He chuckles as he rubs at your lower back.
“Oh, Christ.” You laugh and nudge his leg. “You didn’t need to let me in.”
“It’s alright, you’re more interesting anyways. How was your day? Feel like I barely saw you?”
“It was good. I had a lot of work to get done so I was at the library, and then I met up with Rach for dinner.”
“How’s she?”
“Good. She’s finally starting to make some friends at work.” You sit up and move to sit on your bum. “I have a cheeky idea. Let’s find a really bad porn to watch.”
“Yeah! We could find a cheesy one from the seventies or something, stuff our faces with ice cream and have a good laugh.”
“I’ll go get the ice cream, you find one to watch.” He slides his laptop over to you, and gets up.
You knew his password, so you enter it in. You open up his browser, and go on incognito mode. He comes back shortly with a gallon of ice cream and two spoons.
“Okay, I think I’ve found one. Major bush on this woman, and the guy.”
“Incredible.” He laughs and hands you a spoon. “Let’s see how they did it back then. Who knows, I may learn something new.”
“God, porn back then was only made for men.” You scoff, and take a bite of the ice cream. “I mean, these women just lay there and take it! What’s the fun in that?”
“I know, I like it when the girl’s a little more involved instead of just starfishing.”
“I’m all for a guy being on top, but you really shouldn’t just lay there. There’s still plenty a girl can do. Although, I have to say, when I’m not super into it, I just lay there until the guy comes.”
“Why not just speak up and tell him to do something else?”
“At that point there’s no coming back. Besides, you know how fragile the male ego is.” You smirk at him.
“True…although, I think it’s really hot when a girl is vocal in the bedroom. If she’s telling me how she likes it then I know she knows her body, and that image alone is so satisfying.” He takes a slow bite of the ice cream to watch your face.
“It doesn’t get frustrating?”
“Not for me.” He shrugs. “I mean, I’m usually able to figure it out without much help, but I always make sure to ask if it feels good.”
“What a gentleman.” You poke his cheek and he swats it away. “I like it when a guy is vocal too, like, isn’t afraid to moan, that kind of stuff.”
“I never understood why guys are so afraid to moan. If it feels good, let it out.”
You both completely forgot you had an old porn on in the background until you heard an extremely fake moan rip through the speaker. You both laugh hysterically.
“This must’ve been before boobs jobs got popular, those are as natural as they get.” Harry laughs.
“Jesus, I know, look at those things bounce!” You laugh, and then look down at yourself, frowning.
“Well….I have, like, bowling ball tits, like when you go candle pin bowling, is it attractive to watch big, heavy boobs like that?” You point to the screen. “And mine are kinda saggy, and-“
“Please, stop talking about yourself like that. Don’t you have, like, thousands of subscribers on your Only Fans? People clearly like the way you look.”
“They’ve never seen me naked.”
“Still.” He looks down at your covered chest. You were wearing a sweatshirt. “You…not to sound creepy, but you’ve got a great set on you. I’ve always thought so.”
“Yeah, I just never said anything because I didn’t want you knowing I was checking you out.” He smirks and throw one of his pillows at him. “It’s hard not to with some of the shirts or dresses you wear to the clubs sometimes. You really know how to make yourself look sexy.”
“Oh, and I’m not sexy right now?” You chuckle.
“No, you are, it’s just a different kind of sexy. Like, you more cute than anything else, but still totally fuckable.”
“Gee, thanks.” You roll your eyes and take another bite of ice cream. “Mm, we picked a really good flavor this week.”
“I know, way better than last week.”
“I’ve been having fun trying new flavors with you. Gives me something fun to look forward to. Is this twenty-two? Getting excited over ice cream flavors?”
“Pretty soon we’ll be excited over buying a new vacuum, or a dishrack.”
“Oh, I love a good dishrack.”
Harry bursts out laughing, and so do you. You ended up falling asleep with him in his bed, your head cradled to his chest. Harry was always the perfect cure to cramps.
“Oh…hello.” A girl says to you some random Wednesday morning. You were stood in your kitchen making some toast before class.
“Um, hi?”
“Oh, god, he has a girlfriend doesn’t he.” She whines.
“No! I’m Harry’s roommate. Did you spend the night, would you like some coffee?”
“Got scared for a second there. No, I’m all set thank you. Um, have a good one!” She says and leaves the flat.
“Is…is she gone?” Harry whispers from around the corner and you chuckle.
“Yes, Harry.”
“Thank god.” He sighs.
“Since when do you bring someone home with you on a Tuesday night?”
“I was working late at the coffee shop, and she was there doing homework, and one thing lead to another.” He pours himself a cup of coffee.
“And it was no good?”
“Terrible, I didn’t even ask for her number.”
“What made it so terrible?”
“She just…she wasn’t…doing it for me, I don’t know. There was no connection, Y/N.” He sighs.
“Maybe it’s time you start actually dating and work your way up to fucking someone.”
“That would involve me having to get to know someone, and I can’t stand people.” He pouts.
“Good thing you’re going to be a fucking teacher then.” You laugh. “Hurry up and get ready, or we’ll be late for class.”
Harry gets ready, and you both walk to campus for your K-12 instructors class. You were thankful to have class with Harry, you weren’t sure what you’d do without him. Just having someone to make eye contact with when someone said something stupid, or if the professor did something cringey.
“Hey, Y/N?”
“Hey, Daniel.” You smile up at him. “What’s up?”
“Well, I…I was wondering if you had plans this weekend? On Saturday?”
You look at Harry and he shakes his head no.
“Not that I can think of, no.”
“Great, uh, would you like to go to the movies? We could grab dinner as well.”
“I…I’d like that a lot, um, here.” You take your phone out to hand it to him. He puts his number and texts himself.
“Cool, I’ll text you later.” He moves to go sit down a few rows behind you. You look at Harry with a grin on your face.
“See, dating, it’s sorta fun.” You say to him.
“Wining and dining someone sure is a lot of effort. Don’t think I quite have it in me, but you have yourself a good time, pet.”
You have a wonderful time with Daniel on Saturday night. He took you to Panera, and then to see a comedy. He let you pick the movie, and you were delighted. You shared a lot of laughs, and made out with him in his car before he took you home.
“I ha d a lot of fun.” You tell him.
“Me too.” He says. “Maybe we could do this again sometime?”
“I’d like that.” You smile and get out of his car. When you get up to your flat, you can’t wait to dish with Harry about how your night went.
“Hola chica.” He says to you from the kitchen.
“Late night tacvos, my favorite. Save me any?”
“Course, grab what you like. How was your date?”
“Really good. Daniel’s super sweet.”
“Not sweet enough to bring home?”
“I’m taking my own advice and giving dating a try. He asked me if I wanted to go out again sometime and I said yes. We did kiss for a bit, it was nice.” You shove a taco into your mouth. “Mm, you make the best tacos, Har.”
“Don’t I know it? So…so you kissed, but nothing else?” He mutters as he finishes his food.
“Did you want to?”
“I don’t know.” You shrug.
“Then you shouldn’t go out with him again.”
“What are you talking about?”
“If you didn’t wanna rip his clothes off, it’s probably not gonna last.”
“Lust doesn’t make a relationship.”
“No, but it should be passionate. Even if you’re respectful and wait, you should still wanna fuck the person.”
“Sometimes you have to work up to feeling that way.”
“Nah, when you know, you know.” He winks at you and goes over to the couch. “I was about to watch-“
“Oh my god!” You screech.
“Did you not check the mail earlier?! Kevin and Ashley are getting married! This is their save the date. Holy fucking shit.”
“Makes sense, they’ve been together forever.”
“Well, we have to go, Harry.”
“Okay.” He hears you suck your teeth. “What?”
“No plus ones…”
“So? We’d just go together anyways. We can save money on a hotel room too.”
“That’s true. I just…wow, I couldn’t imagine getting married right now.”
“Like I said, when you know, you know.” He plops down onto the couch and turns the TV on. You sit down next to him. You look at him for a moment, and then turn your attention to the TV. Nothing else really needed to be said.
You hated it when Harry was right. Daniel was nice, but there was no spark. You went on four dates with him, and you didn’t want to fuck him.
“Hey, I was looking on the hotel website for the wedding, the room with the king sized bed is actually cheaper than the one with the two queens. That work for you?” He asks you as he comes into your room holding his laptop.
“Yeah, that’s fine. Just tell me how much I need to Venmo you.”
“Will do, it’s not terribly expensive. I’ll only need a hundred bucks from you.”
“Perfect.” You take your phone and send him the money. “Thanks for booking it.”
“No problemo.” He comes in and sits on your bed. “What are you up to, babydoll?”
“Just putting some mock lesson plans together.” You sigh. “Could definitely use a break, though.” He lays down on your bed and pats the spot next to him. You roll your eyes at him, and he pouts. “Ugh, fine.” You get onto your bed with him. “Happy now?”
“Well, you get to lay your head on my chest all the time. I’d like to do the same. Or…okay, there’s this trend on Tik Tok…could I lay down between your legs?”
“Um…like…with your head in my crotch?” You laugh. “I can put a pillow there and you can lay down if you like.”
“Okay.” You grab a pillow for him, and he gets on his back, resting his head, and looking up at you. You run your fingers through his curls and his eyes flutter closed. “I love it when you play with my hair.” He sighs.
“I knew you were coming in here with a motive. Booking the hotel room to get something out of it, huh?”
“Your nails just feel so good, and you know it.”
“Well, you better return the favor. I like getting my hair played with too.”
“I’ll touch you wherever you want me to, alright?” He yawns. “Just don’t stop for a bit.”
You brush off his crude comment, and does as he says. You liked playing with Harry’s hair, so it wasn’t a burden, and you liked when you two would just get cozy together like this. There weren’t many people you felt this comfortable with.
“Y/N, we need to get going down to the ceremony.” Harry calls from the bedroom of the hotel.
“Well, I wouldn’t be running behind if someone hadn’t taken twice as long as they said they would in the bathroom!”
“Can’t rush perfection, darling.” He smirks to himself.
“Mhm, so what does that make me?” You ask as you walk out of the bathroom. His mouth nearly falls open.
You had gotten your hair into a loose, low bun, with plenty of hair in the front to frame your face. You had a strapless purple dress on with black tights and black heels.
“Um…stunning, you look stunning.”
“Thanks.” You smile and grab your clutch. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” You wink at him and head out.
You both were blubbering messes during the ceremony. Rachel made sure to make fun you both for it. Once the cocktail hour hit, you were good to go. You found your table and sat down. You talked with some other friends and explained how grad school was going. You make it through the speeches and dinner, and then it’s time to dance.
Being at something like this reminded you of being at an old uni party, only more upscale. Ashley and Kevin’s families were around, so the music wasn’t exactly what you’d normally get down to, but there was an open bar that you were able to take advantage of. Partying with Harry was one of your favorite things. He always used to bring you to the best ones. A slow song starts to play, and you giggle as he bows and extends his hand to you.
“You’re an idiot.” You say as you take his hand and he pulls you close to him.
“Ah, but you’re still choosing to dance with me, babe.”
“Only cause I’m too lazy to find someone else.”
“Ha! That’ll be us someday reading vows at our won wedding. I was too lazy to find someone else, so I settled for my best friend.” He smirks at you and swat his shoulder.
“Would you be quiet? Enough of the people here think something’s going on between us as it is.”
“True.” He looks around at a few people’s wandering eyes. “Should we give them a bit of a show?” He slides his hands further down your back, getting dangerously close to your bum.
“Harry!” You squeal and giggle. “Stop it.” You grab his hands put them to their previous spot. “Just dance with me, would you?”
He chuckles and sways around with you. You both got pretty plastered. You couldn’t stop giggling with him all the way up to your room. You sigh once you get your heels off.
“Okay, I’m using the bathroom first.” You say to him.
“Fine.” He sighs and starts unbuttoning his dress shirt.
You head into the bathroom, and use the toilet. You get your tights all the way off and groan when you can’t reach the zipper on the back of your dress.
“Ugh, Harry!” You call for him. “I need your help!”
“Yeah?” He says, stepping into the bathroom in only his boxers. Nothing you hadn’t seen before.
“My zipper.”
“Oh.” He places a hand on your shoulder, and the other grips the zipper, slowly dragging it down. You clutch the front of it. “You’re not…uh…no bra?”
“No, there’s one built into the dress.” You turn around to face him. “I just need to grab my pj’s and then I’ll need a couple minutes to take my hair out.” You brush by him to go into your suitcase. He takes the opportunity to use the toilet and brush his teeth.
“Need help with anything else?” He asks as you step back into the bathroom.
“Nope, think I can handle the rest, thanks.” You giggle. “Wouldn’t mind some head scratches once I get into bed though.”
Harry gets into bed and waits for you. You come out with your hair a mess, your makeup smeared from rinsing it, and he furrows his brows at you.
“That’s my shirt.” He says as you knee onto the bed.
“Mhm, well, that’s what happens when you ask me to do your laundry for you. I steal your shirts as compensation.”
“Fair enough I suppose. Come here.”
You smile and lay on his chest so he can run his fingers through your hair. You moan softly from it as you relax into him.
“Feels so nice.” You mumble into his chest.
“I can tell.” One of his hands moves to rub your back. He mimics your moaning and you punch him in the arm. “Oi! I won’t love on you if you do that.”
“M’not asking you to love on me, I just wanted me head scratched. Be grateful you get to hear me make those noises, not everyone does.”
“Bet you’d make thousands if you posted something like that on your Only Fans.” He mutters and you move to look at him. “What?”
“Do you…ever look at my page?”
“Sometimes I check your comments to see if anyone’s being rude.”
“Oh…” You swallow. “I make enough doing what I’m doing. I…I’d be too shy to do the really explicate stuff. I also just feel, like, I don’t want just anyone to see me naked, you know? That’s why I don’t go live, everyone would just ask me to take my clothes off.”
“I get that. Wanna keep it private for someone special.”
“Exactly. I mean, I’ve talked about this with you before, but there are plenty of people that are into what I post.”
“You certainly leave them wanting more.”
“I’ve checked out some of the free videos you’ve posted, yeah.” He admits shamelessly. “You’re a very good dancer.” He smiles at you.
“I’m going to sleep.” You yawn and turn over. “Goodnight.” You look over your shoulder at him. “If you behave you can spoon me if you want.”
“What do you think I’m gonna do? Slide my prick between your ass cheeks? Grow up.” He says as he wraps his arm around you. You can’t help but laugh. “However, if I get hard while I’m sleeping you can’t get mad.”
“Suppose it’s not my fault I have such a fat, juicy ass, hm?”
“Go to sleep.” He laughs, and presses his chest to your back.
“Mm, you’re so cozy, Harry.”
“I know I am. Go to sleep, lovie.” He coos, and rubs at your side.
“Love you.”
“Love you too.” He sighs and nestles into the back of your head.
“So…you let him spoon you all night, and nothing happened?” Rachel whispers to you at breakfast the next morning.
“Happens more often than not, it’s not a big deal.”
“You two are so fucking weird! I’ve literally never met two people who were close that do what you do. Why not just make the jump? Neither one of you can manage to make another relationship work.”
“I don’t know…I…I just don’t see him like that, and I know Harry. If he really liked me like that he’d go for it.”
“Maybe he’s just scared to fuck it up with you.”
“Exactly, so, let’s just not fuck it up and try anything.”
“What are you two hens clucking about, hm?” Harry says as he sits down, putting a cinnamon roll in front of you. “Had you favorite.”
“I’m trying to watch the carbs…” You mutter.
“Please.” He scoffs. “Would you just eat the fucking pastry? It’s good for you.”
“How is that thing good for me?” You laugh.
“It makes you happy when you eat it. You always hum and smile when you eat a cinnamon roll.”
“How sweet of you to notice.” Rachel remarks. “You’re practically her boyfriend.”
“Rachel.” You seethe, and take a bite of the pastry. You hum softly. “Why do these bloody things taste so good, huh?”
Harry chuckles and rubs the back of your neck briefly as he eats his own breakfast. He and Rachel share a glance, but that’s the extent of that interaction.
“Hey, Harry?” You tap on the outside of his door frame.
“Yeah, babe?” He says, taking his headphones out. It was a Friday evening and you both were doing homework. His eyes widen when he looks at you. “Your face is all flushed, are you alright?”
“Y-yeah, I just…could you come look at something for me?”
“Sure.” He follows you to your room and sits with you on your bed.
“Um...could I…could I show you some new photos I took yesterday? I just finished editing them…and I’m feeling a little self-conscious.”
“Aw, why? You’re so beautiful.” He keeps your cheek and rubs his thumb along your cheekbone. “Course I’ll look ‘em over for you.”
“Thanks.” You swallow and put your laptop on his lap. “So…like usual, they’re not overly explicit, but I feel like my boobs look weird. I should have gotten something with more support.” You blush and point to the photo.
“They’re perfect, you look perfect, Y/N.” You suck your teeth at him. “You do! What else do you want me to say?”
“Okay, what about this one?”
“This one?”
“But what about this one?”
“Perfect, they’re all perfect. I don’t know why you don’t think so.” He frowns and sets your laptop down on your desk. He turns to look at you. “What’s really going on?”
“It’s just…I have all these people leaving comments saying they wish they could know me, date, fuck me…and…like I don’t know any of them! All they know about me is that I can dance, and I look cute sucking on a lollypop. I…if I wasn’t making the money I that I am I’d stop doing it because I just want someone real to say all of those things to me, you know?”
“Y/N…” Harry sighs. “I know you, I wanna date you, and I certainly want to fuck you.”
“I know, it’s so cliché it’s disgusting, isn’t it?” He smirks. “But it’s how I feel. I’m sick of tip toeing around it.”
“How long have you felt this way?”
“Can’t really pinpoint it, I don’t think it’s been long, but it doesn’t feel new either.”
Your eyes well up with tears, and he puts his hand back on your cheek. You lean into it. You felt deeply confused.
“I just never thought we’d…like…I just didn’t think you were into my like that.”
“Well, I am, so…what do you think? We already get along great. We like spending time together. I truthfully can’t stand other people. I think you’re the only person’s day I actually like hearing about. Have you really never thought about it?”
“I don’t know! You never made a move when we were in undergrad, with all those nights we slept next to each other, you never did anything…”
“Yeah, because you were asleep, Y/N.” He deadpans. “What did you want me to do? Feel you up while you were unconscious? Or better yet, make a move while we were both intoxicated?”
“No, of course not.” You shake your head. “I…I don’t know what I wanted. I just felt lucky that I had such a good friend.”
“Yeah, me too.” He sighs. “Look, it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way, this doesn’t need to be weird. Just know if you wanted to give it a try, I’d be down.”
“You’re genuinely attracted to me, like, physically?”
“Yes.” He chuckles. “And I like what you got going on up here too.” He taps your forehead with his index finger. “But you knew that already. What about me, are you physically attracted to me?”
“Well…yeah, you know you’re hot.”
“I didn’t ask you what I know.” He smirks.
“Okay, yeah, I’ve always thought you were handsome, but you used to really be a douchebag, it turned me off. Made it easier to just be your friend.” You smirk at him and he rolls his eyes.
“M’not like that anymore.” He inches closer to you. You could feel his minty breath fanning over you.
“I know.” You say just above a whisper. The mood had changed immensely. The dim lighting in your room was creating an atmosphere you had never really felt with him before.
“So…I guess the only thing left to figure out is if there’s any real heat between us.” You nod at him as his hand goes back to cradle your cheek once more. “Can I kiss you, Y/N?”
You move towards each other slowly, your lips gracefully pressing against each other’s. You felt scared as your eyes pinched closed. It was scary to kiss your best friend, and what was scarier was that fact that it felt so natural and seamless. He pulls away, just to see if you’ll chase him, and you do, kissing him again. You do the same to him, and he comes chasing after your soft lips.
“Harry.” You whisper as you press your forehead to his.
“Yeah?” He whispers back.
“I…I wanna have sex with you.”
“Right now?”
“Right now.”
He cups both of your cheeks and pulls your lips back to his. His tongue peeks out to swipe along your bottom lip. He runs his lips back and forth over yours, and you open up for him. Your tongues meet, and you lick against each other, eliciting a moan from the both of you. You tug at the hem of his shirt, and he lets you lift it off. Your run your hands up and down his stomach as you continue to explore each other’s mouths, lips getting puffy and swollen. He sucks your bottom lip into his mouth while he unzips the sweatshirt you’re wearing. He pushes it off your shoulders, and you shimmy it the rest of the way off. He’s met with your bare breasts, and he licks his lips as he looks at them.
Harry pulls you closer to him, and his lips press against your neck. You cling to his biceps as he works his mouth down your chest. He looks up at you as he sucks on one of your nipples, rolling it between your teeth. You can’t help your head from falling back. He slides down to the floor as he continues to kiss on you. Your mouth falls open as he nips and sucks on your stomach, and his fingers hook into your leggings. He looks up at you and you nod. He tugs your leggings and underwear down your legs and gets them all the way off.
“Y/N, you’re sure?”
“Yes, I want you to, please.”
You open your legs for him, and he just about loses it from your confidence. He leans forward and kisses each of your hips. You think he’s about to go for your center, but he sucks on your inner thigh. You flinch from the sensitivity, but it feels good. You make sure to sit up on your elbows so you can watch him. He looks up at you and licks a flat stripe between your folds. He sucks on each of your lips before spreading you apart with his thumbs to focus on your clit. He sucks on it at first, harshly, and you gasp. He uses the tip of his tongue to flick back and forth against it. He runs his hands along your thighs to keep you open for him. You were clenching around nothing. His tongue was warm and wet, and everything you needed.
Your body starts to feel warm all over, you can feel your orgasm start to bubble up from within your lower belly. You let yourself fall back against the bed as you start to pant. Your voice cracks as louder moans begin to rip through your throat. He was sucking and slurping on your cunt, noises you had never heard before while someone was going down on you. And to really push you over the edge, he was moaning into you. Not little whimpers or grunts, genuine moans that were vibrating into you.
“Oh my god!” You cry out. A few tears roll down your cheeks as he continues to lap around you, helping you come down.
He kisses back up your body until he’s hovering over you. He smears his lips over yours, and you grunt, pulling him closer to you. It was the filthiest kiss of your life, completely tasting yourself on him, but you didn’t care. He just made you feel better than anyone ever did. You push him so he’ll on his back, and this time you’re the one to sink onto the floor. You get his jeans and boxers down his legs. Your eyes bug out when you see his large prick slap back against his stomach.
“Christ, Harry.”
“As if you didn’t already know.” He smirks.
“I mean, I had an idea.”
You spit into your hand and wrap it around his length. He grits his teeth as you start to slowly pump him up and down. You run his tip along your lips, and his mouth falls open. Your tongue presses over his slit and you wrap your lips around him. You suckle his tip, eliciting a moan from him. You hollow your cheeks and sink almost all the way down on him. You just wanted to feel him down your throat. You breathe your nose and just hold him there.
“Y/N.” He stutters.
You slowly pull off of him, a string of spit keeping you connected. You suck in a breath before sinking back down on him, not quite as much as you took before, and you bob up and down his length. You cup his balls and massage them as you make a mess of his prick. There was spit, drool, and precome dripping down your chin. Harry was a panting mess on the bed. His hands were gripping at the sheets, and the sight of him doing that causes you to moan. To see his veins popping out the way they were was enough to make you come again.
“Y/N, fuck, I’m gonna come.”
You moan around him as his come spurts into your mouth. You swallow it all and suck him dry. He pulls you up to him, dumbfounded that you just did what you did.
“I thought you wanted me to fuck you.” He breathes.
“I do, I’ve heard you have pretty good stamina.” You peck his lips. “I’m sure you’ll get hard again soon.”
He groans and shifts his thighs between your legs, making you gasp. He grips your hips and starts moving you back and forth along his tiger tattoo. Your nails dig into his chest as you work to grind against him.
“H-Harry.” You mewl.
“Yeah, ride my fucking leg, baby, show me how you do it.”
“I want you so bad, I wanna fuck you so bad, Y/N.”
“Oh, oh!” You come undone on his thigh. You lean down and press your lips to his, licking into his mouth. Before you know it he’s moving you up his body, turning you around, and licking back into your cunt. “Shit!”
He’s relentless with you, fucking you with his tongue, telling you to bounce up and down on him, and you listen. He sucks on your clit again, and you fall forward, head resting on his thigh. You watch as his cock bloats back up. You’d never know someone to enjoy doing this so much. You kiss on his thigh because you just needed to do something with your mouth. He makes you come again, and he lifts you off of his face.
“Think you can keep going?” He smirks as your head falls back against your pillows.
He grabs your legs and pushes them back so your knees press against the bed. He lifts your bum enough to rest on his thighs, and he dips his tongue back into your cunt. This was some serious teasing. You watch as his tongue goes in and out of you, deeper each time. He reaches forward with one of his hands to rub your clit. It was throbbing for him.
“Harry, please.”
“What, no good?”
“No, it’s amazing, but…I really wanna feel your dick now, please, I know you’re hard again.”
“You just taste so good.” He brings his mouth down to your cunt and sucks on it.
“This won’t be the only time I’ll let your head between my legs, I promise.” You let your legs drop back to lay normally. He sits back as you look at each other. “When was the last time you were tested? I…I’m clean, and if you are too, I’d prefer not to use a condom if you feel comfortable with that.”
“STD test came back negative a month ago when I went in for a checkup. You’re on the pill?”
He leans down to kiss you, and then he pulls back to paint his cock with your wetness that was uncontrollably leaking out of you for him. He presses his tip against your clit, and slides it down your slit. He pushes inside you slowly. He fills you to the hilt, and waits. For a moment he just wants to enjoy how tight and snug you are around him. You push your hips up and start rocking against him.
“Jesus, Y/N, you’re so fucking perfect.”
“Because I’m moving myself on you?” You giggle.
“I just think it’s cute that you’re so goddamn impatient.”
“Would you just shut up and show what you can do with this thing? Or am I gonna have to do all of this myself?”
He accepts the challenge, pulling his hips back, and snapping them forward. You reach behind yourself to press against the headboard so your head doesn’t smack against it. He drives it into you fast and deep. He pushes you to the brink of coming, but he pulls all the way out of you. Before you can complain he flips you over, and grabs your hips. He pulls you back to him and slips back inside. You moan out from the new angle, and the sound of his skin slapping against yours makes your eyes roll back. He gives your bum a light smack and you grunt.
“You can do that a little harder, a little.” You didn’t want him to fully spank you, you weren’t into that sort of thing, but you didn’t mind feeling it a little more. He delivers a harsher smack and you groan again.
“You have the best ass I’ve ever seen.” He smacks you again and you grip onto the pillows. He grips the back of your neck to get a steadier pace going, and he uses his other hand to rub your clit.
“Fuck, Harry. You’re so attentive.” You manage to say. You felt like you could barely breathe.
“I’m gonna ruin you for any other guy.”
“Don’t want any other guy.” You admit. “I don’t want anyone else to fuck me.”
“Christ.” He moans.
His fingers move faster on your clit, and his tip pounds against your g-spot, and you’re coming. You’re coming hard around him. He pulls out and sits up against the headboard. You look up at him, completely frazzled.
“I want you ride me.”
“Okay.” You breathe. You shuffle around and swing your leg over him. You line him up with yourself and sink down on him.
He fondles your breasts as you move up and down on him. He kisses on your chest as you get a rhythm going. He leans back just to watch your tits bounce up and down. He looks up at you and grips you by the back of your neck to pull your mouth down to his. You breathe each other in and out as you moan and gasp. He takes control by gripping your hips, and you cling to him to let him just do what he wanted with you. You tighten around him and his head falls back for a moment.
“Where can I come?” He asks.
“Where do you want to come?”
“Inside you.”
“You’re okay with that?”
“You’re gonna be the death of me.” He grunts.
You cry out as he does when he comes. You don’t think you had ever felt so full in your life. He kisses you as you both catch your breaths. You tug at his hair, and grind against him. You were close to coming again. He takes the hint and snakes his hand between you both and rubs your clit. Your orgasm rips through you, and you moan into his neck.
“I’m so fucking sweaty.” You whisper.
“Do you wanna take a shower?”
“Yeah.” You look up at him. “Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course.”
“Do I still have legs? Because I can’t feel them.”
He puffs out some air as he laughs, smoothing some hair away from your face.
“Yes, you still have legs, Y/N. Should I carry you to the bathroom?”
“Please, I really need to pee.”
He kisses your forehead and slowly lifts you off of him. You clench so nothing falls out. You didn’t want to make a bigger mess of your bed.
“We can sleep in my room and wash your sheets tomorrow, don’t worry about that.” He says as he carries you bridal style to the bathroom.
He sets you down on the toilet and steps out to give you some privacy. Once he hears the water for the shower start he comes back in. He splays a hand on your back and gives you a gentle rub before you both step in. You felt overwhelmed. You just had the best sex of your life with your very best friend. As he reaches for his body wash you swat his hand. He raises an eyebrow at you.
“Would you…would you just hold me?” Your bottom lip quivers, and he pulls you into his chest.
You nestle into him, and just stand under the warm water with him. He cradles your head and lets you cry into him. He starts to cry too, although he’s not really sure why.
“I don’t want anything to get fucked up between us, Harry.” You look up at him, tears streaming down your cheeks. “I love you so much, and I don’t want something bad to happen that’ll make us hate each other.”
“M’not gonna let that happen.” He wipes your tears away, and then wipes away his own. “We’re gonna do this right. We’ll go out on dates, and we’ll see where it goes, and I hope it goes well because I love you too, and I value so many of the things we have with each other.”
You each take turns scrubbing each other down, getting clean. It’s soothing, and calming. You both relax, and get wrapped up into some towels. You run the blow dryer through your hair quickly just so it’s not sopping wet. He gives you one of his bed shirts to wear, and you crawl into bed with him. Being immersed in his scent was exactly what you needed. You rest your head on his chest, and he throws his arm around you.
“When was the last time you actually dated someone?” You ask softly.
“Um…think I was sixteen to be honest with you.”
“Ah, so a while.” You chuckle.
“You literally know my entire sexual history, and I know yours, let’s not pretend we’re both experts with all this.”
“So…we’ll just make this up as we go? I mean, I like that we sleep together sometimes, but I wanna keep my room, I don’t wanna move into the same room.”
“Christ, slow down, we just got together and you’re already talking about moving into the same bedroom?” You swat at his chest and he laughs, kissing the top of your head. “In all seriousness, I feel the same way, I think we should still have our separate spaces. You get pissed off with me easily.”
“Maybe you should try not to piss me off then.”
“Well, now that I know you enjoy a good tonguing, I’m not really worried about it. God, we can make up from a fight with sex instead of watching Dirty Dancing, it’s gonna be incredible.”
“Can…can we not do both?” You look up at him. “I love singing Hungry Eyes with you.”
“Yeah, both is good.”
“And I wanna make sure we clarify what are dates, and what’s just hanging out. I want dates to feel…special, I don’t know.”
“Can do. I think study dates at the library are gonna be my favorite.”
“Why’s that?”
“Because I can rile you up. I’ll sit across from you to play footsie, and then I’ll run my foot up your leg. I’ll make eyes at you. You’ll end up blowing me in the bathroom, it’ll be great.”
“Mm, yes, well, what if my leg’s the one doing the rubbing? I could probably make you come in your pants from my foot on your crotch alone.”
“Okay, no study dates. You know what I would really like, though?”
“Sometimes…sometimes I really miss you when I work double shifts at work, and then I feel bad because you’re here all by yourself…so maybe you could come to the coffee shop more? Hang out, do homework, I’ll give you free food.”
“Sounds like a sweet deal to me.” You bite your bottom lip. “You’re not gonna ask me to give up my Only Fans are you?”
“What? No, why would you even think that?”
“I don’t know…you’re the jealous type, Harry.”
“True…but if that’s what you wanna do for work, I don’t have a problem with it. Can I tell you a dirty secret?”
“I’m subscribed to your page.”
“You are?!”
“Yeah…I’ve never wanked to your stuff because I feel like that would be creepy, but I do keep up with what you post.”
“I’m not gonna do it forever, once I get a real job I won’t need it…”
“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, babe. Even if you were doing the really filthy stuff, I wouldn’t care. That’s your business.”
“God, if I wasn’t so tired I’d hop on your dick again.”
He chuckles at that and gives your shoulder a squeeze.
“Any other questions?”
“I don’t think so. Although, I’m not looking forward to telling Rachel. The it’s about time or I told you so is not gonna be fun.”
“Same with Niall and Louis. We just gotta rip the band aid.”
You hum your response and get a little cozier by putting one of your legs over his. It was easy enough to fall asleep. You talked, so you weren’t worried about your friendship ending. If anything, it was all going to get better. Being able to kiss and touch on top of how you were with each other already was just the cherry on top. It didn’t happen over drinks, it didn’t happen in a club, and it didn’t happen by mistake. This was on purpose. He was the person you were supposed to be with, and he felt the same way.
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vocalharry · 9 months ago
SUMMARY: You and Harry definitely came up with some bad ideas in the past but they all lead to one good one, finally.
WARNINGS: Smuttt [Choking, against the wall, not protected, guys don’t be a fool and wrap your tool!]
PAIRING: Harry Styles x Reader (friends with benefits/housemates)
Please reblog! It means the world to us writers, we appreciate it loads🤍
Tumblr media
Against literally all good ideas, you and Harry decided to engage in a strictly friends with benefits relationship, not really thinking through the consequences this would have. It wasn’t the first dumb idea you two had come up with, no, the first was definitely moving in together and becoming housemates. Although that was somewhat practical as the house you lived in was closer to your uni and closer to Harry’s studio, you didn’t really realise how frustrated you two would get once lockdown would start and that’s how it lead you to this mess.
You and Harry were honestly getting sick and tired of using your own hands to try and get off, it was becoming more of a chore just to cure the boredom of lockdown than for your own pleasure which meant that more times than not you two were left unsatisfied and annoyed. But that changed the day you decided to fuck on the couch, just to add some spice into your now very boring and slow paced lives, after watching the movie “No strings attached”, yeah I know how ironic. That one fuck turned into a few and then multiples, you just couldn’t stop but honestly you should’ve seen it coming. Being locked up with Harry during the whole of lockdown, if you didn’t expect to come out of it dating or atleast fucking then damn were you gullible.
However, eventhough it wasn’t the best idea you had made, there was still something so thrilling and exciting about it. Having sex with Harry had done wonders to you, you woke up smiling and went to bed smiling knowing that you were getting that good dick. Doing the deed with him was also spontaneous, one minute you’d be fucking on the couch and the next he’d have you up against the wall, drilling into you at an incredible speed, trying his best to get you going. It was so hot that sometimes you even stayed up late just so you could end up falling asleep together therefore also waking up to some slow and passionate morning sex.
It was also crazy how Harry had changed after that first time you did it, as cliché as it sounds, he had changed for the better. He wasn’t that stuck up Harry anymore, the one that gets angry if you put two spoons of sugar in his tea instead of one or the annoying Harry who would barge into your room early in the morning just to be a pain in the ass. No, now he was more of a gentleman, always making sure you were doing good, bringing you water and a granola bar after everytime you fuck and making sure to kiss your forehead every night before you went to bed.
Eventhough the sex was incredible, Harry was a changed man and life was a bit more spicy than before, you still felt as if he was holding something back. Like he was scared to show you his full potential and damn did you want him to let go and show you.
Which is why you were tangled up with him in the hallway of your house, right by the front door. Harry was meant to go out and buy some essentials from the local supermarket but that was all forgotten about when he saw you come out from behind him, wearing nothing but an oversized shirt reminding him to buy God knows what, he wasn’t paying attention. All he cared about now was what was laying underneath that shirt and that’s why he couldn’t help but push you up against the wall so that he could have his way with you and you were definitely liking it. You did wear that shirt on purpose after all, wanting to tease and wind him up.
That shirt was now disregarded on the floor and so was Harry’s clothes, you knew you’d stumble over them later once you were done but you didn’t care, all you cared about now was the man that had his forearms hooked underneath your legs so he could spread you out just enough to pound the living daylights out of you. One of his palm was pressed against the wall as he used all the force in him to rock your body with his own. Your arms were hooked around his shoulders whilst he continued his brutal thrusts making you bounce up and down on his rock hard cock.
It was a difficult position to maintain and poor Harry was getting tired. You could see the way his eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and his teeth were gritted together, physically fighting back the urge to swear and beg you to cum so he could also finish off, the man was so close and although he had stamina for days sometimes it just didn’t work with him and he just wanted his sweet relief.
But being the true gentleman he now was, he always made sure you were fully satisfied before falling over the edge himself. So he thrusted into you deeper, making you feel oh so good. His cock was long and thick, hitting all the spots that had you panting breathlessly and his calloused fingers left the wall to come down to tend with your neglected, swollen and overly sensitive clit.
Although feeling his hips smash against your clit gave you some relief, it wasn’t enough and he had sensed that hence why his fingers were rubbing tight circles on it making you jump and yelp against the wall. Harry also knew you’d cum a lot faster with him playing with your sensitive bundle of nerves so he continued, now bringing his head down so he could take your hard nipple into his dirty mouth, he licked around it before sucking making your eyes roll back and moan breathlessly.
Eventhough you were making all these sounds you were still nowhere near ready to orgasms making Harry grow desperate and tired. His lips left your nipple so he could press his face closer to yours as his hot breath hit you, goosebumps began to cover your fucked out body. “Please” he whispers, panting against you before nibbling at your ear.
“Please cum for me. I’m so close” he grunts, his eyes closed as he took deep breaths against you repeatedly. Immediately, your eyes widen. Harry never ever begs during sex, it’s normally you. So this had taken you aback.
You smiled against him though, hand leaving his shoulder to get tangled in his now sweaty hair. “I need a little more, Harry” you groan making him deliver a particularly rough thrust.
“Fucks sake” he whines, hips now starting to buck into yours at a faster and harder pace. His thrusts were now also shorter and more punctual so he could increase your pleasure instead of his own. The sounds of skin slapping, and the wetness of his cock practically splitting you open and simulating your g-spot repeatedly is what overtook the room.
“Come on, I know you’re a good girl. Cum for me baby” Harry begs, his voice coming out as pants whilst he continued to fuck you into the wall. It was the first time he called you something other than your name during sex and it for sure did send you into frenzy making your shudder under his touch from the pet name.
Somewhere in between being fuck buddies and housemates you two had found yourself falling for eachother but of course you didn’t want to ruin what you had so you kept the secret with yourselves. This was one of the consequence you didn’t really think about. So it also meant you had to try your best to keep any pet names away, you were honestly scared one day you’d find yourself calling him “love” or “lover” because it sure did feel like you were. Except you weren’t, you just happened to live together and have sex.
“Fuck babe, you’re so big” you moan, not even trying to keep it in anymore. You feel Harry smirk against you as he only pulls all the way out to thrust into you once again, practically pushing you up the wall. He was drilling into you, trying his best to get you going and it was definitely working as you felt the little sparks starting to go off deep within your core.
“Yeah am I big for you baby? Are you feeling me deep in your tummy?” Harry groans, feeling your walls pulsate around his impressive cock as he moves his hand down to press at your lower stomach, asking you if you could feel him there.
“Yes love, feel you so deep in my belly.” You agree, throwing your head back against the wall making Harry chuckle cockily, before he starts to suck at your collarbone, leaving behind lovebites that would definitely make their appearance aware later on in the day.
“Fuck, your walls are clenching down on me so good. I own this pussy right babygirl?” Harry asks as his hand then goes to squeeze down gently at your throat making your breathing to hitch and your inner muscles to pulsate around his cock once again.
“Yes, all yours” you grunt out, embarrassingly fast but you didn’t care.
“Good. Now cum for me love. Show me how much you love my cock” he moans, jaw dropping at the feeling of your wet walls squeezing down on him repeatedly and with that your legs shake around him and soon you’re finally cumming, loudly, around his cock therefore prompting him to paint your walls white with his own release.
He leans his forehead against yours as you both come down from your high, being careful not to let you fall as he sandwiches your between the wall and himself whilst his cock was still buried deep within you, basking in the aftermath of your lockdown activities.
“That was-”
“Different” you end the sentence for him, still panting from your mind blowing high. Harry nods against you making you chuckle softly, your fingers intertwining into his hair.
“I think I could get used to it though” Harry mumbles against you, his breath still warm against your sweaty body.
“Me too” you reply, this time sealing the idea with a passionate kiss.
Somehow you knew that this idea was a good one for once.
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iwaasfairy · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s not easy to get your big brothers’ attention when all they seem to care about is their mutual love for things. It’s also not easy to get that the main thing that drives them is their mutual love for you.
.wordc. 4k tw incest, dubcon, manipulation, fellatio, bit of masturbation of all three .note. 🌱 nonnie, as soon as i started writing an answer to your ask i realized this was going to be long, so I decided to just make it a full fic so thank you!!
It’s always like this. The three of you barely talk and you quickly retreat back to where you came from with your feet dragging. Go nii had been obsessed with volleyball from the start, but ever since Hajime nii got added to your family when you were still little, it had only multiplied in intensity year by year. The both of them. And with Hajime much closer in age to Shugo, not only did you lose your best friend to the damn sport, but during their teen years it even seemed like they resented you for trying. You wanted to join in with your brothers like any younger sister would but the ball didn’t seem to agree with you.
And any time you tried they’d laugh it off or told you they couldn’t practice with their little sister because they had real matches to play already. Big brother business. Anything that didn’t include you became big brother business in your mind, and therefore untouchable. Volleyball was one, so were old horror movie nights or going to the gym together.
When you finally got to highschool and Hajime was freshly graduated he offered once, but you declined— couldn’t accept knowing that you’d be compared to Go nii in his mind; now away at uni and having the time of his life. You hated it most when their business consisted of fights though. Because for as much as they got along, there were just as many things in which they didn’t.
Screaming matches about each other’s behaviour towards people; one too loose and one too rough, about the future, about who didn’t help enough or didn’t care to think before acting. If Hajime left for California then who the hell would help out mom and dad. If Shugo thought that way then why did he move to Tokyo.
They solved issues by violently clashing heads and you just couldn’t keep up with them in that either, too sensitive and kind and cautious to ever pick a side, which only made them more mad. They smoothed things out so easily though, leaving you behind in the dust so easily too. The quick tempers and wild accusations cooled down over the years, for better or worse.
By the time Hajime came back from his years abroad, they were already back to being the best of buds, and perhaps unsurprisingly— forgetting all about you in favor of more volleyball, more practice, more hard work. By then you’d long come to terms with it.
In their absence you had formed more as a person yourself, a more bubbly, bright individual compared to the shy, skittish girl your niichans had left behind when they went into highschool all those years ago and pretended that you weren’t part of their little circle. You had friends, had cycled through a few boyfriends, you enjoyed your classes well enough and uni life wasn’t all so different from what you’d experienced in highschool.
Which is why you— out of politeness, they hadn’t visited any of the previous years either— sent your big brothers new years invitations this year too. Along with your close knit group of friends and some of their plus ones, some old classmates and the stray ex because you can. Your parents had left the house in your care for the week, leaving you with plenty of time to throw a little party.
So of course, you didn’t expect them to actually show up. You can basically hear the murmurs swell in volume when the door glides open, your big brothers always standing taller than most people. You turn over your shoulder so quick you almost pull a muscle, glancing over the casual clothing of two men who you haven’t seen more than a few days this entire year. Not in person.
You almost want to smile at the characteristic frown Hajime wears, and the slight upwards curl of Shugo’s lips as people take them in. But you break from conversation with your friend to weave between the people towards them, the clicks of your heels drowned out by the music. As you get into view, Hajime spots you first, uncrossing his arms from his chest to take you in.
Shugo is only a breath behind though, darting forward and lifting you up into a hug as he smiles. “Hey, little sister,” he presses a surprisingly soft kiss on your cheek before you signal him to put you down, “there’s our favorite girl.” It’s not like you don’t know your big brothers are this big or fit, but it has been a while since you got your face smushed to his chest.
“Go niichan, Hajime niichan, what are you two doing here?” you mumble blankly, ignoring the way the oldest gives you an up and down.
“You invited us, didn’t you?” Hajime responds, also pulling you into a hug too. The heavy, dark smell of his cologne overtake your senses as he holds you in place a bit too long, filling you with a wave of nostalgia. But still you frown when you pull back, ignoring the pricks of eyes on your back or the people talking. It’s not every day you meet two national level athletes, not even you get that luxury. “We got a few days off for the new year before game season starts, we figured we’d spend some time with our big little sister. You’re so old now,” he grins, grabbing your fist when you try to pound it into his chest.
“Shut up,” you grumble, tucking your hair behind your ear as you send them both looks, “you two are old.”
“Not too old to put you in your place,” Hajime laughs, grabbing your face and squishing your cheeks together until your lips pucker and he holds you still, though you cling to his arm and try to push him off. But you’re more taken aback by the overly friendly hello, you feel like you haven’t had that for years. “Be nice, your niichans missed you. Just be glad we all got to be here for a few days at the same time, Shugo’s always fucking busy lately. But this year it’ll be all us.”
The straightforward explanation comes with an easy breath of air when he lets you go, but for some reason you still feel a bit on edge. Why didn’t they let you know they’d be here in the first place, or at least your parents? You pretend not to notice the way Hajime’s eyes fall to your exposed legs for a few breaths, before he looks around the room.
“O- Alright, I guess.” You look around for your friend between the people who’ve long gone back to their chattering and drinking, then back at them. Their sharp jaws and the heavy feeling of their gaze on you, it all feels so much heavier than what you remember it to be. It makes your cheeks and ears feel a bit warmer, filling your chest with the feeling of anticipation. But that’s stupid, because even with all of that, these are still just your big brothers.
The ones who used to bounce you on their knees to make you giggle and teach you how to swim in summer, and the ones who held your little hands when walking home from school along the big street. They aren’t strangers, you have to remind yourself. “Welcome home. Sorry for the amount of drunk college students, I’m sure you would’ve liked some people your own age to talk to but I wasn’t really expecting you to come.”
Shugo grins wide though, as he places his large palm on your head and purposefully messes up your hair, leaning down towards you. “It’s alright, we really just came to see you anyway.” He brushes your hair away from your face to take you in thoroughly once more, licking his bottom lip once. “You’ve really grown. Even prettier than when I last saw you.”
You don’t even pay attention to what he’s saying, only that his face so close to yours makes your hairs stand up, looking down too quickly. Hajime grumbles something about ‘hogging you’ under his breath to which the oldest just chuckles, but you’re so tense. And you’re an adult yourself, but you hate how much smaller you instantly feel when compared to them. How the hell did you get stuck with two older brothers that seem to take joy in making you flustered. 
You hate that the alcohol in your system is making their smell seem so good and warm, and you hate that you feel heated under the glances that they send you. You hate that somewhere in the back of your head you ache to show off to them just how much older you’ve gotten, and how much better you can keep up with them now. “Let’s get some shots. Just the three of us, like a happy family,” Shugo suggests after a bit, and you can just nod along when both of them take your hands and weave through the people in a little row. You completely miss the way Hajime glares at anyone who dares to look at you walking past, because you’re too focused on the heat that envelops your palms and fingers.
You must’ve been an idiot to think one night of change would’ve changed them around so quickly. But they’d been so kind, so accepting and caring just a few hours ago, even cuddling you in their laps and switching you around each time one of them had to get up, that it’s hard not to remember how much you missed it. How much you missed them being so close to you, even though you thought you’d gotten over this years ago.
But no, last night of them whispering compliments in your ear and making you the center of their entire world, only made you so much more desperate for their approval. You can’t spend another ten years trying to get over the fact that your brothers are constantly leaving you in their dust. So when the two of them spend the entire morning going on a run and giving each other tosses much like a flashback straight to your teen years of missing them, you feel so… helpless. 
The thick, needy sense of belonging digs into your ribs and sits there, heavy on your heart as you watch them laugh and talk, even more when Hajime nii only sends you a little glance, but no more. Is it really so wrong that you just want things to be like they used to? It’s when they come in and talk straight past you about something that you can’t laugh along with that your heart gets trampled a little more. And by the time the afternoon rolls around, you can feel that gash in your sensitive soul fester.
So it’s not really a surprise to you when they’re chatting over some new, pretty actress on the couch across from you, Shugo showing pictures on his phone, your heart breaks wide open. It shouldn’t be a surprise to them either. You stand only to push his phone from his hand and watch it drop to the leather, before angrily fisting your hands into the fabric of your shorts.
“Pay attention to me already!” you sneer, brows pulled so tight together it hurts. “You’re still treating me like a little kid even though you said- you promised- it’d be the three of us. You’ve ignored me for years and now that you’re finally home again, you still don’t wanna play with me or show me you love me.” Tears well up in your eyes as you stare at them both, flicking between both blank expressions over and over.
And you hate how small and pitiful you sound, but really— it only makes sense to come full circle. “What did I ever do to make you hate me so much,” you cry as your eyes squeeze shut, now bringing up your hands to rub your tears out over your cheeks, ignoring the splotches of wetness. “You probably don’t even remember that we used to get along so well, you u-used,” sniffles interrupt you every few seconds, but you can’t keep the words in.
Years of neglect taking a much heavier toll than you ever thought. “You used to play with me every day. I want that back!” And then when you drop your shoulders at their silence, you do your best to stop crying, but it hardly works. “Please.”
It’s only when you’re pulled into someone’s torso that you notice that they’ve already moved from the couch, Shugo’s huge body wrapping around you and patting your head as you try to pull away out of instinct. He doesn’t let you, grabbing your arm a bit tighter and keeping you in his arms as he rocks you on your feet a while, only letting go when Hajime clears his voice. “Told you.”
His hand finds your shoulder instead, turning you from one chest tucked into his instead, and lets out a deep breath. “Hey, don’t cry. We don’t hate you at all, alright? We just-”
“Can’t ever get along when it comes to you. We’re both… a bit too attached to you. We stopped hanging out with you for your own good,” Shugo finishes, a frown marring his handsome face when you look to the side in Hajime’s arms. You stay quiet as the last of your tears dry on your skin and you suck your bottom lip between your teeth, both men sending each other a glance over your head. Making up now won’t make up for what you’ve been missing. Softly, fingers come to your waist. You shiver when Shugo rubs little circles through your shirt, then letting them slip under your shirt and trailing up. 
“Niichan,” you breathe.
“You said you want us to pay attention to you, that’s what we’re doing.” He trails his hand up your spine more as you try to pull back from Hajime’s hug, but he keeps your arms right in place wrapped around him. Pretty eyes darkening when he takes your face in under his chin, warm cheeks and tears still glistening on your lashes. Lip swollen from biting them. Before you can even understand what’s happening, his lips are on yours, grip loosening on your shoulders so he can cup your face.
He kisses you softly at first, then harder and much deeper, and you whimper when his weight leans into you more like he’s trying to melt you into a puddle on the floor. His tongue pushing at your closed lips as Shugo nii grabs your hips and glides his hands up and down, pulling your waist back towards him. And warmth rushes down to low in your belly without you being able to help it.
“I-” You only get one split second to catch your breath before Haji nii dips down, pushing his tongue into your mouth again and sucking on yours, while another pair of lips suddenly presses at the crook of your neck. Dragging soft kisses over the skin as he paws at the edge of your shorts, pulling your hips against his.
‘Niichan,’ the cry is muffled and lost in Hajime’s kiss, before his hands too start roaming and rubbing over your chest through your shirt, one dipping lower to slip into your shorts. You pull away and stare at him as his fingers rub circles over your panties, while Shugo nii presses his center against you and rolls his hips. “Wait— no- what are you doing?”
Hajime cups your sex in your shorts as he hovers his face above you, pupils blown out as you struggle to hold in a moan as he moves his hand just right to have your pussy throbbing with want. So does the press of the big, hard cock being rutted against your ass, fingers teasing at the inside of your thighs. “You used to beg to be our wife so sweetly,” he breathes, and though you want to push at him that your little game of house didn’t count for shit, “always wanted to get married to your big brothers.”
He kisses you again, as Shugo’s large hands make work of your shorts by letting them drop down your legs, and pulling the panties to the side. “My turn,” the words are pressed softly against your neck, before he spins you around and captures you in a kiss too, this one messier than Hajime’s. He’s warmer and instantly tangles your tongue with his to lick and suck, fingers between your legs collecting some of the wetness already forming.
And you know it’s wrong for your big brothers to touch you like this— want them to touch you like this— but it feels so good. You can’t help but whimper into his kiss as his rough fingertip slides between the slick folds and then up to your clit. “I know you want to,” Shugo mumbles when he pulls back from you, his lips a pretty, swollen pink, “know you want to have your big brothers’ cocks to fuck you. No one else satisfied you before, huh?” The smug grin on his face when you moan again makes him look dirty, and only makes you wetter.
No, they didn’t, they weren’t- them. You know that’s not a thought you should have, looking around for Haji nii for help. He is just done peeling off his shirt and pants, only left in boxers in front of you. Hard lined muscles and a little line of dark hair leading into his underwear, you moan as you push yourself back on Shugo’s hand. His cock is hard and thick, even hidden by the dark fabric, and you stare for what must be a while, because it makes him chuckle.
“We can’t,” you say though, “Go niichan, you can’t,” looking back into Shugo’s bright eyes as he pushes the finger into your pussy and then flicks it right back out, which makes you whine in desperation.
“Our little sister is a fucking slut, look at her,” Hajime mumbles when he makes his way back to you, leaning over your shoulder to press his chest against your back and tilts your head back to kiss you too, pressing his hard-on into your hip and rocking his center against you. Squeezed between your two niichans as they grab at your tits and ass and finger you right in the living room, no shame on their faces. “Always fought over who’d get to fuck this pretty pussy first.” Hajime’s fingers reach up to tangle in your hair to give him more access to your throat, ignoring how you shake and squirm at the pleasurable feeling of their hands on you.
Your pussy sounds so wet that each teasing curl of his fingers slips right in with a little squelch, your cheeks heating up as you roll your hips into them to get more. It doesn’t take long for Hajime to get impatient with your hesitance though, slipping your straps off your shoulders and tugging your top down to reveal your tits with a growl, grabbing them.
“Beg for your big brother’s cock already. Say you want to get fucked like the little slut you were when we weren’t paying attention to you, whoring yourself out to others because you couldn’t get fucked by who you really wanted, huh. Thought we didn’t see you come back limping like you got done being fucked not an hour ago. Thought we wouldn’t want to have you that much more?”
A second finger slips inside your hole enough to stretch you just that tiniest bit, but not nearly enough, you just want to drop yourself on his hand and have his long fingers all the way inside you. “But you still want to get married to us, don’t you? Need your big brothers’ cocks and cum filling up that slutty hole to be happy. Our little sister’s a brother fucker,” Shugo adds, pulling his hand away and ignoring your whine. He slips his fingers inside his mouth with a little hum, then grins at you when your lip is pulled between your teeth. “Hurry up and give Hajime his answer, he’s been wanting to do this for so long.”
“Shut up, so have you,” he says, nosing your neck as his thumbs roll over your nipples, making you curl back against his strong body and pressing your thighs together. You instantly miss the friction of Shugo’s rough fingers on your slit. “Beg for it or you won’t be getting anything,” he whispers then, and you almost cry out when his hands leave you too, both men taking a step back to regard you where you stand.
Panties drenched and shirt below your tits, a pathetic, little sight. But as Hajime palms himself through his boxers, Shugo also starts undressing, giving you more skin, more muscle, thick thighs and the most delicious cocks hidden only by a flimsy bit of fabric.
You can’t help yourself from dropping to your knees as they both start jerking themselves slowly, blinking up at them. “Please.” Even with your voice a bit croaky and your chest rising and falling so quickly, gushing down your thighs, you want them. There’s no point in lying. Your hand is already between your legs, rubbing at the puffy nub at the sight. “Please let me have your cocks. Haji nii, Go nii,” your little voice growing louder when Hajime spits on his hand and slips it into his boxers, moving it more rapidly up and down his shaft. 
“Niichan, want— want you. Wanna feel you warm and big inside me, please.” ‘More,’ Shugo’s eyes seem glint as he watches you, as if watching you flick your fingers over your clit in front of them still isn’t enough. So you get on your hands and knees and crawl towards them, stopping at Hajime first, his ears flushed and brows pulled together as he watches you, watches you push your tits together and pout.
“Please let me have you in my mouth, oniichan. I’ll make you feel really good, promise.” You pull at his boxers until it reveals his pretty cock, flushed at the tip and drooling as he squeezes his hand a bit tighter. You reach out for a few licks before you moan, pressing a kiss to the head. You look up and at your other big brother, his huge cock tenting the fabric as he watches the two of you with an amused stare. “Please, Go niichan. Touch me.”
Then you open your mouth and swirl your tongue over the pretty, pink head of Hajime’s cock and slot your mouth over it while looking up at him, watching his eyelids flutter as you suck. His hand moves to roughly grab your hair and pull you down a bit more, making you tear up. But you dutifully glide your lips down his thick cock more, moaning as he grunts. “So fucking pretty down there. Take your big brother’s cock like a good girl.”
And you only notice Shugo has moved when he’s helping you onto your knees, kneading your ass between his strong, rough fingers and making you shiver. Hajime bucks further into your mouth once he hits the back of it, keeping you there for a few seconds as you struggle not to gag around him. “No— fair, why do-hng- you get to go first?”
He lets you up then, letting you cough as spit drips from your mouth and connects it in little threads to his cock, before Shugo’s taking out his cock and rubbing it between your legs. Hot and huge, rubbing the head over your clit as you whine. But he just grins. “We’ll take turns, Hajime,” his voice deep and calm as your pussy flutters at the rubbing of his fat cock over it, slick making the flushed head glisten, “but I am still the oldest. Only makes sense.”
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the-modern-typewriter · 9 months ago
hey!! could you do some more henchmen x villain stuff, preferable wlw. if not it’s fine. also you’re so talented wow
“I was on a date.” 
“Were you?” The villain didn’t smile, but something like a smile - darker, but equally mischievous - lit up her eyes. 
“You know I was!”
“I didn’t force you to come running when I texted you, darling.” 
But you knew I would. 
Nadia was tempted to say it, even if just once, just to see the look on the villain’s face. She imagined a flicker of surprise, but - no. The villain wouldn’t be surprised. The villain knew she would come, every single damn time, like she just couldn’t help herself. Because, apparently, she couldn’t. 
The villain’s head tilted, observing her, and Nadia’s jaw tightened. The villain knew, and if Nadia said it...if she said it than that would be to admit it aloud, and she wasn’t quite as certain how her employer would take that. She wasn’t certain where it would go. She knew and didn’t know what she wanted. 
They’d kissed before, on jobs, under cover, but the villain could be - difficult to read. Unpredictable. The only star in Nadia’s stupid predictable orbit.  
Nadia released a breath and took a step closer, towering over the smaller woman. “Well,” she said, folding her arms. “Why did you text me?”
“You can’t have been enjoying yourself too much,” the villain mused. “If you abandoned your date with such ease. Were they missing a little something?”
Nadia’s heart skipped. She hadn’t expected the question, she’d expected the villain to launch into some grand scheme like she normally did. She said nothing. 
The villain stood, stepping closer in turn, but she was still smaller. To an outsider it might look like she was baring her throat in surrender as she looked up at Nadia. Outsiders knew nothing. 
“If this isn’t important...” Nadia began, her mouth dry. She didn’t finish. It could have been nothing, and she still would have come. 
You can’t keep doing this. 
Nadia didn’t say that either.
The smile began to show on the villain’s face. Her gaze flickered to the door, a quiet reminder that Nadia could leave at any time. She wasn’t on the clock after all. This wasn’t working hours.  
“If this isn’t important?”
“The date was great!” 
“I’ll probably see her tomorrow,” Nadia said, and it was a little bit too much like defiance, shoulders squaring as she held the villain’s eyes. “Take her to bed. Fun times.” 
“Fun times,” the villain echoed, smiling more, at the effort. 
Colour rose to Nadia’s face, which was simply dumb. She was a trained killer, for crying out loud, the best security that money could buy. The villain hadn’t even said anything yet. But it was that look, that knowing that Nadia what - said it to impress her? To make her jealous? To get some kind of reaction?
The villain laughed softly, and craned up on her toes, twining her fingers into Nadia’s hair.
“You didn’t answer my question,” the villain said. “Were they missing something? Your date?”
It had been a perfectly nice date. Perfectly nice woman. Accomplished. Tough. Gorgeous. 10/10 nothing to complain about. 
Nadia’s knees hadn’t once felt weak during the date like they did now, her pulse raising, her every nerve ending focused on the woman in front of her. She placed her hands eventually on either side of the table, bracketing the villain’s waist, even if they both knew who the one who was pinned in place was. 
“No,” Nadia lied. “As I said, it was great.”
The villain raised a brow. 
Normally, this was the point where Nadia would scowl, and gruffly insist on business. Or she would lean in, and maybe the villain would kiss her and maybe she wouldn’t. Maybe the villain would simply start talking business with a voice like silk. 
But they couldn’t keep doing this, could they? Nadia could have done this forever, because that was what satellites did around their stars. Then again, the villain didn’t normally ask about the date, not quite so pointed, and so maybe...
“I can practically see your mind racing,” the villain said. “But we both know the answer.” Her hands trailed down, down over Nadia’s shoulders, leaving a comet trail of heat in the wake of her fingertips. “Yes.” 
“Yes.” It Nadia’s turn to echo, though she wasn’t sure if it was agreement or question, only yes. This close, she could have fallen into the pool of the villain’s stare, knocked herself out on the scent of her perfume. Dizzy with - something. Everything. Her. 
“Your date,” the villain said. “Was missing me. Nobody makes you feel alive like I do.”
She let go, and Nadia was unmoored, because this wasn’t how it went. She never said it. Neither of them ever said it. Why was the villain saying it now?
Nadia’s gaze roamed over the villain, searching for clues. The villain looked like she always did when not in playing a role; like she’d just rolled out of bed in joggers and a baggy t-shirt, hair pinned up in a messy bun, as if she was a uni student and not someone capable of bringing the whole world to its knees before breakfast if she was in a mood. No. There was something. 
Nadia stilled.
“...were you on a date?”
The villain leaned back against the table, her fingertips brushing Nadia’s like a jolt of electricity.  “It was missing something.”
Nadia’s breath caught, because however light the villain’s tone was, that was...
 So.” The villain bit down on her lip, still watching Nadia with that intent gaze of hers. “Fun times?”
Nadia’s lips were on hers in a heartbeat. 
She didn’t make the date the next day. 
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bakugohoex · 3 months ago
- 𝐟𝐢𝐯𝐞; 𝐢𝐭'𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐚 𝐲𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐳𝐚 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞
content warning: explicit language, alcohol usage (sake), mentions of loss of virginity 
word count: 2.6k
missed masterlist
previously. || next.
synopsis: in which you’re tooru oikawa’s ex, after a conflicting breakup seven years ago, you both find yourselves meeting in the likeliest of places and uncover the faults behind your ending and new revelations of a future you both could possibly have
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kuroo and you had been walking out of the building where the national team were practicing, you had worn a white button up and black trousers, your usual work outfit that made you look like a slave to the workforce. “I heard you’re having a little reunion tonight,” Kuroo mocked as he walked towards his car. 
“Don’t say it like that,” you muttered as you couldn’t help but feel an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.
“Aww is your little stomach hurting, I’ve heard about the great Aoba Johsai, too bad you never got to Nationals,” you glared at the man ready to throw your bag at him.
He put his hands up in a protective stance, both of you bickering at one another and not realising Iwaizumi was standing behind you both. “Oh Iwaizumi what are you doing out here?” Kuroo said as you turned around to see the spiky haired man.
“Iwa…” you muttered while waiting to hear him. You hadn’t visited the team since the last time, and this was the first time you’d met Iwaizumi after the group chat.
“Kuroo, Y/n, I thought we could go together to the reunion, just in case you needed some support,” Iwaizumi muttered, scratching the back of his head.
It had been years since you both had a proper conversation, even when working in the same field it seemed like the two of you kept your distance even when in close proximity. “Take her, I don’t want to drive her ass anywhere,” Kuroo spoke for you as he pushed you towards Iwaizumi and began to get in his car.
“I…okay, thank you,” you both watched Kuroo leave as he began to guide you to his car.
“So how have you been?” Iwaizumi asked as he opened the door for you.
Sitting inside as Iwaizumi sat beside you starting his own car up, “in the past seven years?” you tried to joke out as Iwaizumi gave a hum back acknowledging how long it had been, “I’ve been good, work, friends just life in general.”
“Yeah you’ve been friends with Atsumu, Bokuto, Hinata and Sakusa for a while right?” you nod at the man as you reply.
“I knew of them, but Kuroo and I went to the MSBY vs. Schwedler game, and I became close with them, it’s been like 3 years now but we’re as close as ever I guess.” You stared out of the window as you saw apartment complexes start to appear closer into the city, “you went to the US, how was that?”
Iwaizumi hummed a response once again before replying, “yeah, I ended up finding out the guy I wanted to intern under after uni was Ushijima’s father.”
“Ushijima’s father, I thought the guy was something Utsui,” you murmured, skimming over the part of how you even knew the guy's name.
“Yeah Ushijima took his mum’s name,” you nodded at his response, “how did you know that?”
You stifle a laugh as you see Iwaizumi park into an underground car park, “I did care about all four of your wellbeing, I tried to at least know if you all were doing okay.”
Iwaizumi turned the car off as he finally looked at you softly, “thank you for caring even after the shit show after you and Oikawa split. I’m glad you cared.”
“We were friends Iwa, you lot were my friends…my best friends I couldn’t just drop you all, I just needed time and then I felt guilty about it all and just thought you lot were better off without me,” you couldn’t face his olive-green eyes and instead looked at the flickering light underneath the parking spot.
“We would never have thought that Y/n,” Iwaizumi’s hand went to your shoulder comforting you as you finally looked at him.
“Thanks, we should get inside,” you said wanting to leave any sort of awkwardness between the two of you.
He nodded as you both stepped out of the car, and you followed Iwaizumi towards the elevator leading to his apartment. “The guys should already be there if Oikawa opened the door for them,” you nodded as you tapped your foot against the floor.
As the door opened up, you both stepped out, your bag clutched between your hands as you felt the same stomach uncomfortability as you both took each step towards the door. Iwaizumi unlocked the door as you stayed behind him out of fear of the next couple hours, “come on in.”
You nodded as you stepped through the doors of the apartment, taking your shoes off as you walked into the living room. Your face looked washed out, knuckles hard as you gripped onto your bag ever harder, “we’re here.” You looked down at the two men sitting on the floor and another on the sofa.
“Y/n,” Hanamaki shouted as he shot up from the ground and ran towards you, he hugged you as he almost lifted you off the ground as he held you tightly.
“Hiya Makki,” you chuckled as you wrapped your arms around him tightly. Matsukawa was next as he shoved Hanamaki off of you and gave you a hug himself, “and Mattsun.”
“We missed you,” Hanamaki shouted as you let go of Matsukawa as well.
You looked over to the sofa, brown tufts of hair and a man different to the usual 18-year-old Oikawa you had known all those years ago. Oikawa turned to face you, he had changed, face older and more defined, he was still the pretty boy you had known. He stood up walking towards you as his eyes focused on you and only you, “Y/n…”
“Oikawa,” he hadn’t heard you call him that since you were 15, it was always Tooru or any word of affirmation but now he realised he truly did mean nothing to you, “it’s nice to see you again.”
You put your hand out as he looked down at it softly, he remembered when you had first introduced yourself to him, both being in the same Japanese History class as he sat in front of you. He turned around as you had been flicking through the textbook with your hands in your hair, he could barely remember how he had gotten your attention, but you had put your hand out, the same hand being put out 11 years later.
Oikawa took your hand shaking it before you let go and were directed on where to sit by Hanamaki. Iwaizumi came out of his bedroom already changed as he followed Oikawa and sat on the sofa, “we already ordered ramen.”
“Please say you didn’t get me the one with Bean Sprouts,” you muttered as it was common knowledge about how much you hated the food.
“Oikawa told us not to or you’d throw a pillow at us,” Hanamaki pouted out as he nudged your side. You looked up at Oikawa from the ground as you gave a soft smile at the brunette, “like when we stole Kindaichi’s uniform.”
You chuckled at the memory, “he didn’t deserve his uniform being taken, he looked like he was about to cry.”
“I was going to cry when you threw the volleyball at my face,” Matsukawa spoke out, “looking like Iwaizumi.”
The three of you turn to Iwaizumi as you chuckle, “Iwa you would think that all that throwing that you did to Oikawa, you’d at least have a good aim.”
“Iwa she’s not wrong your aim is shit,” Oikawa added as you watched Matsukawa get up and go towards the fridge.
“Remember that time he tried to throw his phone at Oikawa, and it went in that Koi fish pond,” Hanamaki shouted as you laughed trying to gasp for air.
Matsukawa came back with a bottle of Sake and 5 small glasses that you could all take together, “it’s even worse when he tries to throw other people’s items.”
“Haha Haha, make fun of Iwaizumi as if he’s not here I see,” Iwaizumi muttered as he took a glass and poured himself some.
Oikawa saw Iwaizumi about to take a sip but stopped him in his tracks, “this is the first time we’ve ever drank together we should have a toast.”
You all nodded as Oikawa began pouring you all drinks, passing yours as your fingers brushed against his own. “What should we toast?” Matsukawa asked as you all stared at Oikawa as it was his idea.
Putting your glasses together, yours touching Oikawa’s glass as he looked straight at you as he spoke, “to fresh starts.” You all repeated what he said as the glasses clinked before you all drank the Sake, five empty glasses placed onto the table.
“Let’s play a game guys,” Hanamaki said as he took another glass of Sake, “we have to say an embarrassing thing about somebody here and the rest of us guess who it was, whoever loses has to drink.”
“You just want to get drunk,” Matsukawa said as he took a glass himself, “I’m in though.”
The rest of you nodded as Hanamaki went first as he spoke with a slurred voice, “one of you used to clip your nails in the clubroom and another one used to take it and put it in the first year's lockers.”
“Firstly what the fuck is wrong with men?” You mutter as if you almost wanted to gag at what Hanamaki has said.
“Well we know it wasn’t Y/n now,” Iwaizumi said as separately as you all thought about who it was, Oikawa’s face almost gagging himself.
As Hanamaki made a bell sound with his mouth, he pointed at Oikawa first, “Matsu and you, Makki.”
“I agree,” Iwaizumi shouted out as Hanamaki pointed at Matsukawa.
All of you turned to the taller boy as he was looking in confusion, “Iwaizumi and me.”
“Me!” Iwaizumi shouted almost in disgust as you waited for Matsukawa’s reasoning.
He nodded before speaking, “I’ve seen you do some gross shit in the club room, even worse then what Y/n and Oikawa used to do in there so yeah you.”
“Mattsun, why were you touching nail clippings?” You question as you give a gross look, he didn’t reply and instead chuckled before Hanamaki pointed at you.
“It’s me and Mattsun,” you mutter as the three men look at you in confusion.
“DING DING DING, Y/n you’re correct, guess the four of us have to drink.” You poured the drinks as Matsukawa, Iwaizumi and Oikawa looked at you in confusion.
“I used to clip my fingernails in the clubroom before morning practice whenever they got long because you guys hated when I scratched you, I always thought I chucked them in the bin, but it seemed we have a weirdo among us,” attention moved to Matsukawa as you chuckled loudly.
“You’re still a little shit, “Matsukawa muttered as he grabbed his drink and as you laughed in his face, he poured the alcohol down your throat.
You almost choked on the liquid as it dribbled from your mouth, “you’re so mean to me.” You teased out as you wiped your mouth, Oikawa’s eyes focusing on how the back of your hand had become damp and how you poured Matsukawa’s drink before pouring it down his own throat making him choke himself. He watched how easy it was for you to fit in once again in the group, how you could speak easily with them all… except him and he hated it.
“Ooo I have one, one of you spent Valentine’s Day trying to get a girl's number and then got beat up by her boyfriend,” you teased as you put your legs out stretching yourself. Oikawa’s eyes focusing on how your neck was on shown, your hand wrapping past your collar as Oikawa’s eyes focused on it. “Oikawa…Oikawa…Tooru.”
He got out of his trance as he heard you say his name, he gave a stifled look before seeing how your fingers were pointed at him, “Hanamaki.” Hearing everybody else agree as he watched you sign as you took a drink.
The game continued as the ramen arrived, you leaned against the table as Iwaizumi tried to make you guess the person who had started the fire in your first year, it felt like the old times. But with more alcohol and more catchups, Hanamaki was the first to pass out as he laid against a pillow on the floor.
“He looks like a baby,” you muttered as you went back to the conversation between a drunk Oikawa and much more drunk Matsukawa.
“Tokyo doesn’t deserve you, that’s why we rejected you,” Matsukawa shouted as Iwaizumi gave a what the fuck look.
He touched Matsukawa’s shoulder before speaking, “none of us are from Tokyo dumbass.” Matsukawa gave a look before saying an oh yeah.
“Still, we’re glad you left, you’ll never understand the type of people we are,” Matsukawa said while taking another drink.
“It’s Tokyo not a yakuza syndicate,” Oikawa replied back slurred, “back me up Y/n.”
“Oikawa’s right Matsu, we’re all country kids, Kuroo and Bokuto would call us that,” at the hearing of Kuroo’s name Oikawa looked down as you chuckled at Matsukawa.
“Kuroo calls you a child of rice farms once and you say he’d call all of us country kids,” Iwaizumi spoke as he nudged Oikawa, “their platonic.” It was a whisper but didn’t make Oikawa feel better.
He turned his attention back to you and Matsukawa, “you’re literally falling asleep, how can you argue about holding your alcohol.”
It didn’t take long for Matsukawa to pass out onto the other side of you, Iwaizumi getting tired himself as you moved to sit beside the two men on the sofa. The three of you spoke about how much time you used to spend together, it wasn’t for another half an hour until Iwaizumi fell asleep on the sofa. Leaving both you and Oikawa wide awake at the early hours of 4am, Oikawa finished speaking as he looked to his side seeing his best friend asleep as his ex-girlfriend nodded along before you realised yourself it was just you two.
“Want to go to the balcony?” he spoke as silence had set, you nodded as he stood up and put his hand out.
You looked at it hesitantly before taking it, memories of your past teenage years of holding onto Oikawa’s hand before and after class, holding his hand after wins and loses and cuddling and falling in love holding hands, even when you both had your first time together, the same hand had been held throughout it all, guiding the most intimate moment in your life.
You followed him towards Iwaizumi’s room before going through the door that led to an open balcony showing the Tokyo skyrise. You let go of his hand, leaning against the balcony as you looked back at the man.
“Remember when we said we’d come here one day, even if it wasn’t for nationals, we’d visit Tokyo at least once,” you muttered as you looked back up to the sky, the shining stars encompassing both of you so easily.
“I remember,” he muttered as he leaned against the railing, staring at you rather than the nature around you both.  Wind entangled through you as your neck was on show once again, your work outfit being something that signified just how long it had been without one another, “can we talk about that day?” He continued.
“Why?” you whispered as you had thought about that day for years now, even crying about what had happened.
He looked down before he grabbed your arm making you look into his eyes, he looked down at you, being close to one another just as you once had been, “I need to know Y/n, I need to know what went wrong with the woman I will always love.”
Tumblr media
a/n: what do you guys think is gonna happen in the conversation about their past?
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @katsulovee @thesimphouse @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @netflixnstill @levis-hazelnut @qualitygiantshoepsychic @lilyluvs @broccoliandwheeze @its-the-aerieljeane @bokutoswrld @ashers-playpen @athenarosaline @mymoroll @zvkoo @smash-styles @halparkebitch @gojoussunglasses @infinitebells @pan-cakez @m1lfluv3r @starrysuna @catxsara @kwiwin @katsusfreckles @tanakasimpcorner @pansexualproblemchild​ @youraggedybitch​ @achillean-affection​ @kuroaka​ @szeonn​ @tetsuukuroo​ @sakusasimpbot​ @atzuums​ @lilith412426​ @jojowantstocry​ @propertyoftoru​ @turquoiselace​ @thenezuko​ @bongofrito​
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bruhstories · 7 months ago
Home for the Holidays
summary: you come back home for the holidays and get a very warm welcome. pairing: stepbro!armin x female!reader warnings & content: stepcest, fingering, unprotected sex, dom!armin, sub!reader word Count: 2k-ish
a/n: umm, don't go around fucking your stepbros? i mean i can't stop you but sweet home alabama should play in your head if you do it. also sorry if this feels a bit rushed, i don't even have time to breathe | @mikasascabin @armins-futon
Tumblr media
Incessant, irritating sounds of gum popping, then smacking against your teeth, the annoying chewing that came out of your mouth, the infuriating tapping of your leg, the exasperating drumming of your fingers against the kitchen table — it's driving Armin insane. It's been driving Armin insane for years. And despite the fact that you're both adults now, you still can't get along. He's smart, quiet and a workaholic, you're a social butterfly who works smart, not hard.
"Armin, Y/N, you're not leaving this kitchen until you solve your conflict and apologise." His mom would say. It used to be your punishment when Armin and you were kids — and it's your punishment even know. You roll your eyes, gum popping all over your face and the tip of the nose. Armin snickers at the disgusted look on your face, mumbling a serves you right under his nose.
Sometimes you wondered if the tension between you and him was sexual. But... it couldn't be, could it? You were his damn stepsister, yet when you came back home for Thanksgiving, Armin was a whole different person. Fresh cut, a change of wardrobe, a better attitude — he was hot, no longer the nerd you used to tease. You study him from across the table after cleaning your face, lower lip between your teeth, head in your hands.
"You heard your mommy, Armin, apologise and let's get this over with."
"Me? You're the one who came home and ruined everything."
"Ruined what? A shitty dinner with a family who doesn't give a fuck about me? No, bro, I improved everything." You lean back in your chair and nonchalantly slam your feet on the table. "Not that you would know what it's like to be in my shoes, anyway."
"Your shoes? What about mine?" Armin slams his fists on the table. "At least no one expects anything from you."
"Wow, thanks." You get up and he realises just how nasty he sounded.
"Fuck off." You dash past him with tears in your eyes. He was right, your father never expected anything from you, nor did your stepmother. Armin, on the other hand, was a genius, a straight A student and now he even received a scholarship from his university. Of course, people had high expectations from him and in a way, that made you jealous.
'Oh, Armin, we're so proud of you!'
'Armin, you did great!'
'Did you know Armin won an international maths competition?'
You shut the door to your room and crawl under your blanket. You always tried your best, but you could never compete with him. And your father, your ownfather, sometimes seemed to love Armin more than you. Minutes pass before you hear your stepmother rushing with your father to go visit some of your relatives and you hope Armin would go with them, but you're unlucky today. Once the car leaves the driveway, a soft knock makes you snap your neck up.
"Go away."
"Y/N, please, I didn't mean to say that."
"I don't care!" You throw a book at the door but Armin still won't budge.
"Open the damn door!"
"Why, so you can brag about how you're the perfect child?"
"So I can apologise, you... you bitch!"
Silence. Your ears ring with the word and Armin knows he fucked up big time. In a flash, the door is open and you're ready to kick him in the shin but for some reason, when you see his face, you stop.
"Apologise, then, and apologise for calling me a bitch, you little shit!"
"God, why do you hate me so much? You tormented me ever since you moved in with us!"
"Well, genius, has it ever occurred to you that maybe I never wanted this?"
"Of course it has! But you're always so cold and all I wanted was to talk to you. I don't even know your favourite colour and you're supposed to be my sister!" His voice is soft and sorrowful and you fold your arms across your chest.
"I don't want to be your sister."
"Then what do you want? You're always bitch but when I bring a girl over, you're suddenly overprotective."
"You do the exact same thing, dumbass! Every time! You act like a sad puppy but the moment you hear I'm going out with a guy you turn into some alpha male." You frown and grab the door handle. "This conversation is over."
"No, it's not." He puts his foot in the door and you narrow your eyes at his low voice and different demeanour.
"Yes, it is. Go do some studying for uni." You try to close the door but suddenly he's so much stronger. Has he been working out?
"You think this is all I do? Work and study? You think I'm some kind of teacher's pet who doesn't break rules?" You don't even realise when he's in your room, hands on your shoulders and his face so close to yours. "You think I'm an angel? A saint?" The words drip from his tongue with so much venom and your body softens. This is so unlike him but you can't help but be intrigued.
"Armin, please-"
"Oh, I'm Armin now? Not some shitty nickname? What’s the matter, can’t come up with a clever insult?" His thumb grazes over your cheek and you feel the hairs on your arms stand up. You like this side of Armin, and the fact that for three years you were his stepsister went down the drain. "I tried to be good, Y/N, I tried to be nice. But you don't like nice, do you?"
You shake your head with lidded eyes, drinking his touch, but a sharp pain from a slap wakes you up from your thoughts.
"N-no, I don't like nice!"
"It's unbelievable what a good girl you are when I press the right buttons."
You know it now, why you've always acted this way with Armin — you don't want him to see you as his stepsister, not even as his friend — you want to be his lover. In his ocean blue eyes, you can see that he wants the same thing — they are filled with lust and desire. You don't want to speak, afraid you might ruin this moment, but at the same time you have questions to ask and answers to get. Armin catches your mind drifting elsewhere and another slap across your already stinging cheek brings your full attention to him.
"I know what you like, Y/N. You fucked enough of my friends for me to know exactly what you want."
"Excuse me? You talk to your friends about how your sister fucks them?"
"Stepsister." He corrects you, his fingers tangled in your locks. "What would our parents say if they found out what a filthy slut you are?"
"I-" You want to say something, come up with a snarky remark, but the words die in your throat and your brain turns to mush. Armin leans closer, his hot breath tickling your ear.
"I bet I can fuck you better than any of them." He whispers and just then you feel your aching cunt begging to be filled with his cock.
"Armin..." You try again, but you still don't know if you want him to stop or carry on. It all feels so wrong but so right at the same time.
"Tell me what you want, Y/N." He nibbles on your earlobe, goosebumps dotting your skin.
"I don-" You choke on your words when you feel his hand slither under your shirt, fingers playing with your nipple.
"Come on, talk." Armin is now gently kissing the crook of your neck and your knees almost give in. Truthfully, no man ever made you feel so weak, so needy.
"Please, I want you!" You tried to whisper but it came out as a desperate cry.
"That's not good enough." He pinches your sensitive bud and you yelp, back hitting the door.
"I want you to f-fuck me, please, Armin! Fuck me good!"
"Much better." He presses his lips onto yours and he can taste the bubblegum you so annoyingly chewed when you let his tongue part open your mouth.
You don't have a clue when your clothes disappeared, scattered on the floor, along with your and his underwear, and frankly you don’t even care. Armin has you down on all fours on the mattress, two fingers pumping into your sweet cunt as you pathetically moan his name.
"Look at you! Such a filthy whore, all wet for your stepbro."
"Oh, God- want you inside-"
"I know, princess. Be patient." He curls his fingers in ways you didn't think were possible, but then you feel his tongue lazily dragging up and down your slit and you let yourself fall on the bed, face down, ass up. You had guys go down on you before, but the way Armin did it was incredible. He was meticulous, attentive, careful to let you know exactlywho owned your cunt. When he feels your thighs shake, he pulls away, earning a dissatisfied sigh of protest from you as you jolt back up.
"No, no. You're not coming yet." He yanks you by the hair, fingers gripping your chin and turning your head to the side. Armin presses his body against yours, and you feel his throbbing cock resting on your ass as he eagerly kisses you. "You taste good, don't you?"
You nod back, unable to form a coherent sentence, all you could do was push your ass against him, yearning to be filled.
"Armin, please, I need to feel you. Please!"
"Shit, I didn't think you'd be so fucking needy. Do you think you deserve it?"
"Yes, yes! I promise I'll be good from now on! Please!"
"You better keep your promise, Y/N." He growls, pushing you back on the mattress, the glistening tip of his cock positioned at your entrance. “Otherwise, I’ll have to punish you.” Inch by inch, he bottoms out and you throw your head back, spongy walls clenching around his cock. Thick and long, Armin was by far the biggest man you've been with, and you really didn't expect this. Yet when he started pounding into your cunt, you didn't regret coming home for the holidays.
"H-harder!" You beg him and you can feel his shit-eating grin burning into your back because he is the one making you feel this way, and he knows that after tonight, you'll always come crawling to him. Armin didn't waste any time, his thrusts became harsher and deeper, cock sliding in and out of you making your head fuzzy.
"You're so tight, so wet. Bet you don't get this wet for others."
"I don't! Oh, fuuuck, right there!"
Beads of sweat form on his forehead, fingers digging into your flesh as you buck your hips against his. It's been a while since he fucked you, your whimpers echoing in the bedroom, his name rolling down your tongue perfectly. You’re made for him. But all good things come to an end, and shortly you felt the need for release, thighs quaking and pleasure flushing through your entire body. Armin is close, too, but Armin also wants to humiliate you and remind you where your place is. He pulls out, cock in one hand, locks of your hair in his other.
"Promise you'll be good?"
"Promise!" You look at him with glossy eyes.
"Close your eyes." The man demands and you obey, hot strings of his seed spilling onto your face, and you lick your lips to taste him. Sinful, yet divine. Right, yet wrong. "Get yourself cleaned up."
You sit on the couch, legs on Armin's lap when your father and stepmother come back home. You can't even focus on the movie, all you can think about is your stepbrother's cock stretching you out and filling you good.
"Huh, I've never seen you two getting along this well." Your father comments. "Look at them, finally behaving like proper siblings."
"Took you long enough!" Armin's mother smiles. "What did you do?"
"We talked." Armin replies with his usual joyful voice but you know better than that. You know exactly the kind of person he is behind closed doors.
"Well, at least now we're finally a happy family." His mother pats you on the shoulder.
"Yeah," you grin, "one biiiiig, happy family."
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dyingstarsinyoursky · a year ago
things that happened today:
I got stuck on a bus all by myself, no driver, doors closed
Stayed at uni till 10.20pm, and low key panicked when i realised i forgot my usb stick and the pc i was working on had no internet connection, and i absolutely did not want to have to come back to uni another day to get the files i was working on
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stuckonspidey · 8 months ago
chocolate volcanoes 🕷 p.p
PROMPT; “im a bartender and you just came in here without shoes sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is and im scared to ask” au - @aupromptscollection
PAIRING; Uni!Peter x Bartender!Reader
WORDS; 4432
WARNING; swearing, drinking, alcohol and mentions of alcoholism. smut!! minors dni. 
Tumblr media
Wanting to live alone at your age, during this time, meant you needed a job, and so you found one at a bar not too far away from the only apartment you actually liked. It was small and the walls in the staff room were falling apart and the floor was always sticky--no matter how hard you scrubbed it at the end of each shift. But it was a job, so you had to take it. 
It was one of those old bars that were open until morning. You’d start work right before dusk and leave the building when the sun was already halfway up the sky. It was miserable. 
More than anything, it made for strange company. There was only a very specific kind of crowd that came into a bar like that, in those hours, but you learned to deal with it. 
You’d smile at the drunken patrons, and ask them about their days--and they’d always start monologuing. You only half listened to what they were saying most of the time, nodding when you felt they wanted you to as you polished the cups and prepared more drinks. 
That was all part of the job title. 
There was, however, a very strange boy that frequented your bar. He was strange for a few different reasons, and somehow he managed to stay on your mind all week--right until the next time you saw him. 
First of all, he was your age. Not a lot of people your age came into the bar, and the ones that did were never alone. He, on the other hand, was always alone. He always came in looking like he had an exceptionally rough night and wore an expression that told you he didn’t want to talk. So you never tried striking up a conversation with him, no matter how many times you convinced yourself that you should. 
He didn’t drink either--which was strange in it’s own way. You weren’t one that believed in social norms, and you didn’t think anyone had to drink, but what other reason could this boy have for coming into a bar of all places. There was a Waffle House right across the street with the same opening hours. Wouldn’t he feel more at home there?
He’d order a cola or some juice, look gloomily at the decorations around the bar and walk away. He always made a point of smiling at you, though. 
He always had a bag with him, too. One he held very close to him, he never let anyone touch it. He would cradle it in his lap as he sipped through his straw and if anyone sat next to him he’d slowly scoot his chair away from them as his arm protectively seized the bag. After a while the other regulars learned to avoid his vicinity.
The other thing you couldn’t quite get out of your head whenever the strange boy came in was the look in his eyes. He had brown eyes, beautiful and kind--but they seemed haunted. Always. Like he just saw something terrible happening. 
As hard as you tried fabricating a story to make sense of his odd character, you never could. None of them made enough sense to you, and so you gave up after a while. 
Until one night, when something out of the ordinary (even for him) happened. 
It was a slow night, a Tuesday, customers were few and far apart and you spent most of your shift on your phone. There was barely anything to do. 
You scrolled through social media giggling to yourself at some post, when the tell tale bell above the door glinged. You shot your eyes up and in him came--the brown haired mystery. 
His bag wasn’t there, which you’ve never seen before--and his shoes were missing. His black shirt looked dirty and stained, and his jeans were ripped by the knees. It almost seemed like his leg was bleeding. That one eyebrow he had, that messy one, seemed even worse now--like he was sticking his head out the window on the highway before he came. 
He looked like he’s been through hell. 
“Hey,” he sat as he sat down, uncharacteristically. 
“Hello,” you offered back. Usually he just nodded, and that was enough for you to get him his drink (it was always a coke unless he asked for something else). What terrible thing happened to this boy? 
“Can you make me a chocolate volcano?” 
Your eyebrows shot up. What the fuck was a chocolate volcano? Where were his shoes? And his bag? And why was he bleeding? Why were his knuckles red? You noticed that odd black cuff bracelet he always wore was gone too. 
“Sure,” you said, trying your hardest to stop your voice from squeaking. 
You had no idea how to make that drink, or even what it was. Was he finally going to drink? Did it involve fire? Was he going to throw it at you?
He seemed upset, annoyed, angry even. You’ve never seen him like this before. 
You turned your back towards him, looked in the corner of the bar for the recipe book. There wasn’t anything to do with a volcano in there so you sneakily took out your phone and googled it. Nothing. You sneaked a look behind you, watching him as he angrily chewed on his bottom lip and mumbled things to himself, his leg shaking. 
He was pissed. And frankly, you were too scared to ask why, and how exactly you were meant to make this drink that didn’t exist. 
You walked out to the back room, faking a smile his way before you did, and asked your boss if he knew how to make it. He simply waved his hand at you and got back to his phone. Helpful. 
“Um,” you said shakily, nervously stuffing your hands into your back pocket, “is there another name for your drink? I don’t think I know how to make that one.” 
“What kind of bartender are you?” He snapped. 
You felt your jaw slack, your eyes gaping, and looked away from him. Then he swore under his breath. 
“Wait, I’m sorry. Fuck, I’m sorry for saying that,” he apologised quickly, “I shouldn’t shout at you. You’re just doing your job.” 
“Well,” you tried, “not very well if I can’t make you the drink you want.” 
He chuckled, the anger lined into his face disappeared slightly. “It’s basically a hot chocolate with whipped cream vodka. Then actually whipped cream over that and cherry schnapps on top.” 
“You never drink,” you observed. 
“Yeah, that’s true,” he sighed, “but tonight is special.” 
“Celebrating?” You asked as you started preparing the drink. It seemed that talking soothed the anger away from him, and he suited a smile much better than a scowl. He looked beautiful when he smiled--and you’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t often think about it. You wanted to keep it in front of your eyes, and so you decided tonight you’d keep him talking for as long as he managed it.  
“In a way, I guess,” he shrugged. “Oh, also, don’t put hot water in the chocolate.” 
You cocked your head to the side curiously, and then he said, “replace the water with Absinthe” 
You gasped. “Excuse me?” 
“So you just put a little bit of hot water in it but it’s Absinthe based.” 
“Um,” you said, swallowing thickly, “I don’t think I can serve you a drink based on something that’s 75% alcohol, man.” 
“Believe me,” he said, emphasising something as if only he understood it, “I will barely feel it.” 
You nodded slowly. It wasn’t your job to tell people how much to drink, if anything, you were expected to encourage it. It didn’t feel like it was your place to question him and his choices, and in all honesty--you couldn’t even imagine yourself saying no to him and his big brown eyes. 
You silently went back to preparing his drink, occasionally hearing an instruction or two from him, and then you placed the volcano in front of the brown haired boy. It smelt awful, and you were far too worried for your liver to taste it before you served it--and so you looked at him intently as he sipped from his straw. 
He nodded. “Yep, it’s good.” 
“You didn’t even flinch,” you breathed out. 
“Yeah.” He trailed off, his eyes locking on a part of the wall behind you before he went back to sipping his horrible smelling concoction. After a minute he had finished it all, and started scoping up the whipped cream with his spoon. 
All you could do was look at him with wide eyes. As much as you tried looking around yourself for tasks to be done, there were none. The brown eyed boy was now just staring at you as he licked the spoon clean. 
“What’s your name?” He asked, eyes fixated on yours. They were so brown and so deep, and so angry. 
“I’m, um, I’m Y/N.” 
“Pretty,” he mused. “I’m Peter.” 
“Nice to finally meet you, Peter,” you nodded awkwardly. After a moment or two his cup was empty and he pushed it forward. 
“Could I trouble you for another one?” 
You wanted to say something, but out of fear of overstepping you didn’t. You just grabbed the Absinthe and started pouring. 
“So,” you said as you pushed the second cup towards him, “where are your shoes?” 
Peter’s eyes squinted slightly, a confused scrunch in his nose as he looked down to the ground. Then he sighed. “Oh, yeah.” 
You waited for him to say more. 
“I, um, forget them.” 
“You forget your shoes?” 
“Yeah, I was, um. Doing something. Then I forgot them,” he said simply, before sticking the straw in his mouth and downing half his drink. 
“Are you sure you should be drinking that so quickly?” 
“It doesn’t do anything to me,” he reminded you plainly. As if you were used to twenty year old boys sipping alcohol the same way one drinks juice. Even faster, you reckoned. 
“Where’s your bag?” 
“You ask a lot of question,” Peter said suddenly, “you never talk to me.” 
“You never seem like you want to talk,” you said quickly. 
“And tonight I do?” You nodded. “Well, I don’t.” 
You tried your hardest to suppress the smile on your face as you looked at him. You knew that look, one screaming of want--want for a conversation, for company, for what most people looked for in their bartender. It took a few months of experience to recognise it--but now, it was plain as could be.  
“Someone stole my bag. My shoes were in the bag,” he said, a defeated slouch in his shoulders as he gave in and spoke to you. 
“Why were your shoes in the bag?” 
“Because I had to get changed.” 
“Gym clothes?” You prompted.
“Superhero clothes.” 
“Oh, you were at a costume party?” 
“No, I’m a superhero.” 
Wait. What? 
“I thought you said the alcohol didn’t do anything to you, Peter,” you grinned, “now you’re imagining things.” 
“I’m not. I’m a superhero.” 
“Yeah, me too,” you smirked. Peter simply rolled his eyes. 
“So you don’t believe me?” 
“Not for a second,” you giggled, “but I am cutting you off.” 
“No,” he almost whined, “don’t do that. I need to drink really strong stuff for it to make me even slightly tipsy, and even that goes away after a few minutes.” 
You licked your lips, crossed your hands over your chest and looked at him. Usually, you could tell when a customer got too drunk to carry on, and you liked to think that you were good at dedicating liars. 
You didn’t see either of those things on Peter’s freckled face, and so you moved closer to him, hands leaning over the bar. 
“I won’t cut you off, if you keep telling me this tale about being a superhero,” you offered with a raise of your brows. 
Peter nodded. 
The pair of you shared a look between you, as if daring the other to go back on the agreement you just breathed into the air. The longer you looked into his brown eyes the less certain you were of his drunken state. It seemed like he wasn’t even lying. Was he just.. Delusional? He wouldn’t be the first unhealthy person to walk into your bar and tell you tales and tales about himself--ones even he believed to be true. A lot of alcoholics were just like that, you sadly learned. But he was far too young for that, wasn’t he?
You thought about it more as you prepared him yet another chocolate volcano. He always had that bag on him, and those weird bracelets, and he was awake in very strange hours, and sometimes he was bleeding and holy shit maybe he was a superhero! 
As calmly as you could, you placed the cup in front of him. 
“Peter?” You asked softly, your voice coming out smaller than you ever heard it before. 
“You’re really are a superhero, huh?” He nodded. “Why are you telling me that, then? Shouldn’t it be a secret?” 
“I guess so, but I don’t have anyone to talk to anymore.” 
You felt your eyebrows scrunching in the middle and you sighed. Did he just lose someone? 
“What does that mean?” You asked, fearfully. 
“Let’s just say I had a partner, and she was the best partner I ever had--but we’re too different and I had to leave it.” 
You nodded. You found yourself leaning on the bar edge, closer to him, his voice luring you in. There was something so calm about the slight rasp he had, and the way his lips moved and curved around the words, the way his eyes were so deep. 
You wanted to say more but your brain had gone cloudy--as if you yourself were drunk. Perhaps just the fumes of his drink were enough to effect you. 
“So, Y/N,” he began lowly, “when do you finish your shift?” 
You glanced at your watch, then back up at him--Peter was once again licking the cream off his spoon while maintaining direct eye contact with you. It made your stomach feel funny, but in a really good way. 
“In about thirty minutes.”
Peter nodded his head thoughtfully before dipping his finger in the whipped cream--scooping it up and wrapping his tongue over it. You swallowed. 
“Need someone to walk you hom--” 
For the first time since he walked into the your bar all those weeks ago, the mysterious boy with the brown hair smirked. It was intoxicating, and now you just couldn’t wait for your shift to be over. 
All you wanted was for him to walk you home, the pair of you would talk on the way there, joke about him having to walk with his socks in the street--and by the time you reached your apartment you’d ask him if he wanted to come inside for a bit. 
When you finally arrived at that moment he smirked again and said, “I’d love to come inside.” 
Peter made himself comfortable on your couch and you offered him a drink (this time, he opted for a water) and as soon as you sat down he turned his body fully towards you. 
“Why are you a bartender?” He asked, his face far too close to yours. It was nice. 
“How do you mean?” 
“Do you like it?” You nodded with a smile, said it was easy enough and the pay was good.
Peter brought a hand to your knee, his thumb rubbing over your leggings and he asked, “do you meet a lot of boys at work?” 
“Well, Peter, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’re probably the youngest person to ever come into the bar. Most of them have gray hair.” 
Peter laughed at that, and you found yourself inching closer to his touch. You didn’t notice when but he had started moving his hand up from your knee--he was now rubbing over your thigh. 
“I don’t really notice the other people there.” 
“Why’s that?” 
“You’re too pretty,” he smiled, his eyes glazing over with a sort of adoration. He was definitely drunk, and suddenly you felt guilty that you invited him up here. 
You both knew where this was going, you both knew what ‘come inside for a bit’ really meant. You wanted it to happen, whatever was going to happen, but now you weren’t so sure Peter was in his right mind to make such a decision. 
“You really are a superhero?” You asked again, just to make sure, to try and spot any sanity behind his eyes. Peter licked over his lips and nodded at you. “And you’re drunk?”
“No,” he said slowly. “I was drunk for a bit there, probably shouldn’t have told you about the whole superhero thing,” he chuckled, “but I’m sober now.” 
He knew why you asked--it was clear on his face, clear from the way his eyes darted down towards your lips. 
“Can I kiss you now then?” 
You took in a big breath. It was already three in the morning--and one simply couldn’t lie at that time of day. Nor could you hint around at what you wanted anymore. 
“No,” you said, moving so close to him that your noses were touching. Peter frowned lightly, his head moving to the side as he looked at you confused. Did he misread the signs? 
All doubts were put to rest however, when you said, “you can fuck me now.” 
In a rush, Peter crashed his lips on yours--pulling you closer by the neck, his fingers buried in your hair. 
Tongues swirling around each other, breaths heavy, you didn’t even know when Peter pulled you onto his lap--but he did and you groaned out when he brought a hand to your hip, moving you slightly closer. 
The want between your legs was growing by the minute and all you needed was some relief. When Peter moved you again, you felt a pressure on just the right spot and moaned loudly. 
Peter’s eyes were hooded, darkened, and his lips parted slightly. 
“Keep going,” he said softly--but his voice was different now. Deeper. 
You nodded your head, darting your tongue over your lips as you leaned slightly on your knees and moved against him again. This time Peter moaned out, too. 
It was the best sound you ever heard and it only encouraged you to go faster, stronger on top of him. 
Peter slid his hands up your back, pulling your upper body closer to him and allowing himself access to your neck--which he covered with open mouthed kisses. Your eyes shut, lashes fluttering over your cheeks as more moans tumbled off your lips--his name following. 
“God, I love it when you say my name like that,” he mumbled against your skin, before he started sucking on your neck, surely leaving a mark for you to cover up later. 
You didn’t even care about that, it felt to good to ask him to stop as the pleasure was building up all around your body. 
“Peter, I need more,” you breathed out. You knew the pressure from grinding against him simply wouldn’t be enough to send you over the edge. You were tilting over it, so so close, but it wasn’t enough. You just needed him to touch you. 
Peter’s brown eyes sparkled when you said that, and he grabbed your hips as he turned you around--letting himself slide off the couch, landing on his knees. 
You ripped off your leggings as fast as you could and let yourself sigh as Peter pushed your knees apart. 
He grinned, to himself more than anything, before planting an agonising kiss on your knee. 
“Peter,” you breathed, but he didn’t seem to register it at all--planting more and more kisses, slowly making his way up your inner thigh. He was taking his time, savoring every kiss he gave you--making you wait for as long as he possibly could. 
It felt like torture--the best kind. 
He had finally reached below stomach--but instead of giving you what you wanted he started kissing up towards your bellybutton. You threaded your hands through his hair and sighed. 
“Peter, come on,” you whined, but he kept on ignoring you. Instead he made his way over to your face and kissed your lips once again. 
“What is it you want?” He asked, eyes blinking up at you. He asked it so innocently you almost felt like you somehow managed to misread the whole situation--but as you looked deeper into his smile, you saw just a hint of mischief there. He was enjoying this. 
“I want your lips,” you sighed. 
Peter kissed you again, soft and short. “There.” 
“Peter, I want your lips on my cunt.” 
His eyes gaped for a second as he let out a small gasp (it sounded more like a whine) and then nodded seriously. He stopped wasting time, and wrapped his lips around your pussy--just like you asked. 
His tongue flicked over your clit a few times, your back arching in response, your lips parted, your chest heaving. 
You wanted more. 
“Pete, please, please,” you chanted, pulling on his hair, moving your hips in sync with his tongue. 
He was done playing with you, which you were so thankful for, as Peter straightened himself up and unbuckled his belt. 
You pointed over to the bathroom, and he understood you perfectly. He got up from his knees, kissed your forehead quickly and made his way over to the second drawer as instructed--taking out three condoms with him. 
The second he left you ripped your shirt off your body and ran your hands over your nipples, teasing them lightly as you impatiently waited for him to return. 
It felt like hours passed as you waited. The more you teased around your chest the more restless you felt and so you dipped your hand between your legs and rubbed your clit slowly--quietly moaning. 
A cough caused you to open your eyes and you smiled at Peter--who wore the prettiest expression you ever saw. 
His fact mixed with lust, surprise, and want. His eyes were big in front of you, his mouth hung open, and his eyebrows nearly met his hairline. You chuckled. 
“Fuck,” he breathed, “you’re really fucking impatient.” 
You nodded. Peter slid out of his jeans, pulling his boxers down with them and started stroking himself. 
He sat back on his knees again and just looked. 
“I wanted this since the second I saw you,” you admitted bravely. 
Peter smirked again, his fist moving up and down his length as he took in your words. “I did, too.” 
“And you’re still making me wait so long for what I want,” you whined, applying more pressure as your hand moved in slow circles. 
“Maybe I won’t give it to you at all,” he mused to himself and you instinctively shook your head. “Yeah,” he carried on, “maybe you’ll cum from your own hand and I’ll just go.” 
“Please,” you moaned out, putting as much emphasis on the word as you could. 
All you wanted was to jump towards him and rip his shirt off--kiss him like your life depended on it--but the unspoken barrier between you was intoxicating. If anything, him sitting in front of you and touching himself as the pair of you talked was the hottest thing he could’ve done in that moment. 
“Please what?” He urged you. 
“I want you inside me,” you sighed. 
Peter’s eyes fluttered shut for a moment before he ripped open the condom and secured it in place. Then he moved on top of you, aligning his cock with your entrance. 
His lips connected with yours and you devoured them--kissing him hungrily. Peter slid into you slowly, letting you gasp into his mouth, waiting a few seconds between each slow thrust. 
“Holy shit,” he moaned, “you feel so good.” 
The smile on your face was inevitable, the feeling between your legs too good--you couldn’t even respond to him. All you did was nod, and Peter took it as a sign to keep going. Slowly, inch by inch, he was completely inside of you and the pair of you groaned out in sync.
“Please, Petey,” you let out, “need you to move.” 
He started kissing around your neck again as he slowly moved his hips in and out of you, stopping every few seconds to let out a moan, or a swear, or a praise. 
You couldn’t think of anything, you couldn’t think of moving, all you cared about was the intense pleasure he was giving you--how no one felt like him before, how sweet his smell was around you. 
“I won’t last long,” he grumbled out, moving your chin towards him so he could kiss you. 
You moaned into the kiss, your tongue moving against his, and nodded. 
“I’m close too,” you assured him. 
Peter then pulled away from the kiss, finding it too hard to breath, and brought a hand down between your bodies. He rubbed your clit quickly and after an encouraging “harder!” from you, your breath caught in your throat. 
You couldn’t even tell him what was happening, but he knew, and when he felt your walls clench around him he couldn’t stop himself--and let his high crash into him. 
The walls echoed with both your moans, and your neighbors would hate you tomorrow, but it was so worth it. Your vision was still hazy as you sighed contently, yours toes tingling. 
As the pair of you chuckled, Peter kissed your cheek and slowly slid out of you--earning two groans in response. 
He crashed next to you on the couch, bringing a hand around your shoulder as you did your best to focus on your breathing.
“Can I get you some water?” He offered, and you nodded weakly. 
Peter got up, discreetly threw the used condom away, and came back with a glass of water he delicately handed to you. 
You tried understanding the look on his face as you drank, but it felt foreign an expression you never saw him wear before. He was looking at you but it felt like he wasn’t. Like there was something else on his mind. 
Then you remembered what Peter said, about having a partner--about losing her. You were just a rebound to him. 
“Hey, Y/N?” He said, looking over at you. You turned your attention towards him, and noticed you was still catching his breath, his cheeks still flustered. “You make the best chocolate volcanoes I ever had.” 
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angelseokjinnie · 11 days ago
Nervous orders
Pairing: barista!Namjoon x reader.
Summary: one of the workers of the coffe shop that you always go to is interested in you. However, he is to shy to ask you out.
A/N: hello everyone! I'm back with another imagine. These past few days I've been really busy with uni so I didn't have much time to write. Plus I've gone through some kind of writer's block, but I think it's over now. Also I was thinking that this could turn into a series, so if you have any prompts or ideas on how I could continue this don't hesitate to write me!! <33
p.s: 무엇을 드릴 갑니다? means what can I bring you (I hope).
Tumblr media
Namjoon had noticed you a couple of months ago. You always came alone. At first, he thought that you didn't have many friends, or that you were shy. Until one day you did come with someone. You both looked close and he couldn't help but feel a little envious of them. However, once your friend left, a relieved sigh escaped your lips and you quickly asked for another tea. That day he understood, you simply enjoyed being alone. And that made him grow more and more interested in you, but also shyer. That's the reason why after all these months, he still hadn't dared to ask for your number, let alone asked you to go on a date. It was not a secret that he fancied you, all his co-workers knew and even if at first they encouraged him to do it, after some time they grew frustrated with the boy. And he couldn't blame them.
Namjoon was cleaning the coffee machine when he heard the bell at the door sound. Both him and his co-worker, Jimin, turned around to look at you. This wasn't your usual hour. He quickly resumed his task when he heard the younger one say, 'for the love of God, how many months more are you going to just stand there and look at her? Just go and ask her. If you don't, I swear I'm going to go right now and take her myself on a date.'
Namjoon's eyes grew wider. Would he really do that? Although maybe it did make sense...
'Maybe you should, actually. You are more handsome than me, and more extroverted. I'm sure she would appreciate that.'
'C'mon Namjoon, what is wrong with you? I'm not interested in her. You are. And you are handsome. So just stop doubting yourself and go,' he said, and the boy felt a sudden rush of boldness spread through his body. Maybe it was time.
'You know what? I think you are right. She's cute, I'm cute, there's no reason for me to start stuttering or straight up stop functioning when I talk to her. Maybe even ask her for her number, right?' The other boy nodded his head and moved his hands, motioning for him to go already. You were a client waiting, after all.
Namjoon walked towards your table, determined. He put on his best smile, yes the dimpled one. But no matter how courageous he was feeling, once you looked from your book and smiled at him it was over. He felt his knees giving in. His brain was fogged and he couldn't make any coherent sentences go past his throat.
'Good afternoon! 무엇을 드릴 갑니다? Your usual?' He. did. not just. do. that. Namjoon wanted to die from embarrassment. How could he have mixed languages? He knew you always ordered in Korean but his brain had just refused to work properly.
'Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me today,' he said with a quivering voice. His palms were so sweaty he was leaving stains on the paper notebook he was holding.
'Don't worry, sometimes when I'm tired I don't know which language I'm speaking in too. Yeah, I'll have my usual, by the way.' Namjoon felt relieved that you didn't make any more comments about the incident and left defeated. You probably thought he was stupid now. He came back to the counter and asked Jimin to bring you your tea instead.
'Okay, so what went so wrong? Did she not give you her number?' The younger one asked after coming back. Namjoon sighed and explained everything to him.
'Wait, really? Oh poor Joonie,' he said trying to control his laughter, 'maybe that's alright, you know? I mean, if you can't even ask for her number, what would you do on an actual date? Invent your own language?' Namjoon knew Jimin was trying to rail him up. Nevertheless, it was working. Without even saying anything to his colleague he left for your table again. Enough was enough.
The younger one watched attentive this new exchange between the two of you. After some minutes he came back wide-eyed.
'So? How did it go?' Jimin asked anxiously. Namjoon looked at him and is if not believing what had just happened said, 'I went there with the excuse to apologize again for before, and she asked me for my number.'
Jimin looked at him for some seconds and said, 'see, you had nothing to worry about. You just had to go there and make a fool of yourself.' Namjoon scoffed at him and playfully pushed him. But he couldn't care less that he was right. You had his number.
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birthdaysentiment · a month ago
What do you think Sander and Robbe dressed up tonight? And what they are doing?
uhhh that's a good question. i think robbe and sander went to one halloween party this year. the one being last friday evening, where sander's university was throwing a big party, celebrating the american tradition and using that as an excuse to go crazy with their creativity. sander usually doesn't like to participate in the preparations of the parties, especially not this time at year where uni is kicking his ass, while he’s getting used to living by himself. but robbe had encourage him to sign up for the group who takes care of the decorations of the party. that's how sander found himself friday afternoon running from one room to the other, trying to get everything to be the way he wanted, to let his visions and ideas come true, before going home to get ready for the party
robbe was already at his little apartment, practically living there since it was closer to his own university, and because he slept better when he had sander's arms wrapped around him, and of course sander wasn't going to complain about it. last year for halloween sander had went as bowie, a life long dream that finally came true after having had robbe by his side to encourage him to just dress up as whoever he wanted to be (and the look on robbe's face when sander had walked up to him with bowie's iconic lighting bowl painted across his face was just worth all the hard work). that's why sander decided to dress up as bowie again this year, just with a different outfit of him. he had planned it for the last couple of weeks, trying to find the scarf, the perfect pair of bright red pants and of course the right colored hair spray that he was going to use for the evening. bowie's outfit from his "rebel rebel" performance from 1974 was his choice and he couldn't wait
while sander was getting dressed, having closed the door to the bathroom and told robbe, that he wasn't allowed in there until he was ready, robbe was trying on his costume in front of sander's mirror. it had been difficult trying to find an outfit. he wasn't as creative or imaginative as his boyfriend, and tbh robbe didn't really like dressing up, pretending to be someone else, he had done that most of his life, and now he was actually happy to just be himself. but this was sander's night, and robbe wanted to look good beside sander, he didn't want to embarrass sander by showing up with a costume that wasn't anywhere near whatever sander had planned
the inspiration came to robbe from their beach trip two years ago, from that moment sander and him had spend in the kitchen, listening to music while making croques. robbe remember how sander played queen and bowie's song "under pressure", how sander had danced a little while singing along (... and robbe still teases him about it since he actually sang the wrong words, something sander of course still denies until this day). since that day robbe had found himself listening more and more to queen, finding freddy mercery pretty cool, especially his outfits. so one day zoë and him had gone shopping on the haunt for a pair of skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a piece of jewelry to put around his bicep. robbe already had a mustache, something he actually was gonna shave off, but thought it would be the perfect addition to his look. so there robbe stood, in front of the mirror with his curls being pulled back by a lot of hair gel, the faded blue jeans hugging his ass real nice, the tank top pulled down his pants with sander's leather jacket over it (maybe it was a little big on him, but robbe thought it complete his version of freddy mercury's look from the live aid concert in 1985). and robbe did think, that he was looking quite nice... and maybe he was into skinny jeans after all
of course when robbe and sander finally saw each other's outfits, both of them weren't able to say anything, they immediately went towards each other, sander's hands on robbe's slim waist and robbe's hands coming up to sander's now dark red hair. they kissed for a while, but not too long, not waiting to ruin their make up or be late (... even though that was quite hard you know). robbe was taken aback by the creativity of sander's outfit, how every single outfit just seemed to be made for sander, how he looked hot in anything, and for some reason that red hair was doing something for him. sander was of course speechless by the sight of robbe's ass in those jeans, almost ripping them off the moment he laid eyes on them, and that urge didn't get any smaller when he noticed that robbe was wearing a tank top... and his leather jacket. i mean that was just too much for sander in that moment, and he definitely let robbe know how much that outfit was doing to him
they finally made their way out of the apartment, to their bikes and on their way to the party, which was starting to fill up when they arrived. sander had told robbe that he could invite the broerrrs if they promised to behave themselves, and sander had also asked the flatshare, and their other friends to join, so they could party together like they used to. and as the night went on, robbe and sander made sure to make out on the dance floor as much as they wanted to, because now they actually could do that. now they didn't have to look at each other while kissing someone else. now they could have their arms around each other, kissing and dancing with too, just like they wanted to that night two years ago. so this year's halloween party was definitely one they would remember!
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chosonore · 7 months ago
part one | calmness
Tumblr media
calmness [noun. the state or quality of being free from agitation or strong emotion]
pairing: kamo choso/f!reader
summary: falling in love with choso was a gradual and slow process, creeping up on you so inconspicuously that you don’t realize until the feelings hit full force. he’s become a constant in your life, your sun, your home. but does he return the feelings?
wordcount: 8k
content/warnings: roommates au, friends to lovers, fluff, slice of life, mentions of alcohol, language, some pining but not really, the amount of oblivious reader and choso will kill you, slow burn, characters are aged up if not already obvious, lowercase intended, [UNEDITED]
a/n: [hello this is a re-post because my blog was banned for a few days! so if you’ve seen it before, i’ve had to delete it i am so sorry if you’ve saved it. but it’s here to stay now!] here it is, the long awaited roommate!choso series wehfuhuehw if you’ve lurked around on my blog before, you would’ve seen the little drabbles i’ve sent suki a while back. this idea has been floating around in my head for so long and there isn’t really a lot of plot to it, it’s really just a really long slice of life thing. wanted to explore falling in love with choso, i just... love him a lot ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how he would be in situations like this and i hope you enjoy!
masterlist - next
Tumblr media
you were pretty sure that you’d scared all the costumers away with your constant sighing – even yuuji was looking at you concerned now although you’d told him that you were fine hours prior. the entire apartment hunting issue was now getting to you; a few months prior, your landlord had announced that he would be selling the apartment, leaving you with no other option than to find a new apartment. but rent was astronomically high and you were already struggling as is. even finding roommates was proven to be a difficult feat, you weren’t sure why but you kept attracting weird people and now two weeks before the moving out date, you still didn’t have a place to stay. worst case scenario, you’d have to rent a storage space and crash at your friend’s place.
“y/n, are you okay? you look… very stressed,” yuuji asked gingerly, after he’d closed the store and helped you clean up the cash register area. “uh if it helps, you can vent to me! we’re friends right? so what’s bothering you?”
you were hesitant. sure, despite not knowing him so well since he’s only been working at the store for a month or two now, you would consider the two of you friends. but you felt bad just dumping the entirety of your worries onto him. so you opted to tell him the… short truth.
“ah it’s just- i’ve been looking for a place to stay because, essentially, i’m getting kicked out of my place but it’s been pretty unsuccessful,” you sighed, scrubbing at the counter more vigorously now. “i need to move out in two weeks but i haven’t found a place yet and the people looking for roommates just seem to be people who would drive me insane.”
“oh really?” yuuji sounded hopeful- wait, why did he sound hopeful? “my older brother is looking for a new roommate! his former roommate recently moved in with his boyfriend so the room is vacant right now. if you want, i could arrange a date for you to look at the apartment and meet him? i promise my brother isn’t weird or anything, he’s pretty diligent with chores and is always up to hang out.”
your jaw dropped; yuuji was your lifesaver. he was incredibly friendly and polite, always helping others and looking out for everyone. you were overwhelmed with joy and relief, maybe you were naïve and too hast in trusting his words but his brother had to be similar to him, you couldn’t imagine them being polar opposites. it couldn’t be that bad and at this point, you were desperate. “i would love that! when are you guys free?”
“ah we could actually head over to his place after clocking out,” yuuji put the boxes and pens back into place before ushering you to the staff room and turning the lights off. “he’s been home quite early lately, so i can just let him now right now if you’re free?”
you nodded in agreement, almost too eagerly, as you threw your jacket on and grabbed your bag, waiting for yuuji outside of the store. it was already dark outside and you almost felt bad for taking up his time like this but he had offered after all. yuuji was furiously texting as he stepped out of the building, screen lighting up his face in a comical way. in the dim light of the street lamps, you clumsily fumbled with the keys before finally being able to lock the door.
“you’re in luck, he’s home right now!” yuuji announced, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his red sweater. “said it’s okay if we drop by real quick.”
you hummed in thought, matching yuuji’s pace as you walked across the street. “does he live far away from here?”
“nope, it’s basically around the corner.”
thankfully, the apartment was within walking distance so you had a slow stroll while talking about work, friends and uni. although you shared the same friend circle, it was almost impossible to have both of you in the same room – yuuji was often busy with club activities while you were constantly studying or working. it wasn’t until he started working at the store that you finally got to know each other, immediately getting along much to your friends’ relief. he had never talked about his older brother before so you were surprised that he had siblings at all. but he sounded genuine when he said that his brother was cool so you didn’t think much of it.
“okay so this is the place,” yuuji stopped in front of a building, pressing the doorbell. “please don’t be too intimidated when you meet choso, he looks unfriendly and unamused sometimes but that’s just his face.”
turning around, you took a closer look at your surroundings. it was an apartment building that looked rather cozy, surrounded by tall, expanding trees. to your relief, it wasn’t a sketchy neighbourhood - you’d always felt wary about walking home by yourself after a late shift. in the distance, you could see a playground and screaming, laughing children. it was harmonious and peaceful, easing your soul and initial doubts.
“oh okay,” you bit your lip in nervousness as the buzzer went off, following yuuji into the building. the closer you got to the apartment, the squirmier you got, anxious about meeting his older brother. the door was already left ajar so you could enter, the smell of food wafting out of the apartment to the hallway. you peeked inside before entering, immediately feeling more at ease upon seeing that the apartment was organized and clean. coats and jackets hung up on the coatrack, shoes lined up neatly along the wall. several photos were stuck to the wall - one of a younger chubby-cheeked yuuji, one of what looked like a garden party, another one of a happily smiling group of people. your heart was warming up; yuuji’s brother seemed like a rather attentive person who appreciated his surroundings and close friends and family.
“choso! did you make dinner for me?” yuuji called out as he kicked off his shoes and stormed inside before you could stop him, leaving you to your own devices as you awkwardly stood in the hallway of the apartment after closing the door. you took your shoes off slowly, stalling as much time as possible. should you just wait for yuuji to come back? or should you come in and greet them with the same energy that yuuji just exuded? but then his brother might think that you were weird and reject you straight away. you froze when a deeper voice rang out.
“didn’t you say you’d bring a friend? where are they?”
you hastily took off your shoes and tiptoed deeper into the apartment, hiding behind yuuji as you looked at the taller man in front of him. his brother looked at you curiously, placing the cooking utensils he was holding onto the counter. so yuuji and him did look like polar opposites. yuuji, for the lack of better terms, looked like a soft peach while the man in front of you had tied his dark, long hair in twin tails and was sporting a huge white shirt with sweatpants but perhaps the most striking thing about him was the face tattoo. you hadn’t expected that at all. he spiked your interest, you couldn’t deny that he was attractive. you had to snap out of it, this was your potential future roommate and you did not need to have any further thoughts. not of that kind.
“hi,” you greeted quietly and held your hand out for him to shake. “i’m y/n, nice to meet you.”
“choso.” he shook your hand, giving you an approving nod.
maybe you stared at his hand a little too obviously, admiring his long fingers, his nicely shaped fingernails and the veins on his hand. yuuji cleared his voice, slightly elbowing you in the side. you gasped in embarrassment, jerking your hand from his and hiding it behind your back. choso didn’t seem like he had caught onto your staring. and if he did, he had enough mercy to not bring it up.
“let me show you your room first,” choso explained unfazed, patiently waiting until you followed him. he walked across the living room, pointing to the side. while yes, he was attractive and seemed to be an enjoyable person to be around with, you couldn’t shake the wariness in your bones. choso switched on the lights, letting you step into the room first. it was empty for the most part, aside from a few boxes that were neatly stacked and placed in the corner. the room had a comfortable size, big enough to fit everything that you owned but not too big so that you’d feel uncomfortable with the empty spaces.
“sorry about the boxes,” choso apologized, turning to you. “i’ve been storing some of the stuff from our studio here, since i sometimes work from home and it was more convenient to have it here instead of my room.”
“i see…” you nodded, trying your best not to peek at the contents of the box. “if you don’t mind me asking, what do you work as?”
“some of my friends and me, we’ve opened a tattoo and piercing studio earlier this year. i only do tattoos though, some of the others do piercings additionally,” he explained to you, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. your mouth fell open, making you look like a fish. you couldn’t hide your excitement, eyes gleaming like you’d just discovered the biggest treasure you’ve ever seen.
“really? that’s so cool! yuuji never told me you were a tattooist, i would love to see your works someday,” you grinned from ear to ear while choso looked away from you, not being able to handle the praise. although he appreciated the sentiment, he didn’t know how to respond to compliments - the feeling was foreign to him.
"yeah, sure," choso replied with a strained voice. in the dim light, no one would be able to make out how the tips of his ears reddened and choso was thankful for that. he cleared his voice, slowly trudging outside of the room to show you the rest of his apartment.
when yuuji had mentioned that he’d found a potential roommate for choso, he didn’t tell anything else. choso didn’t expect it to be yuuji’s co-worker, much less someone whose energy was so bright and happy unlike his gloomy self. he briefly wondered whether you were okay with living here - even if you were desperate to find an apartment, surely you'd at least want someone who was… more open and less intimidating than him.
you trailed behind his broad frame, carefully taking in the entirety of the apartment. it seemed like there was nothing to worry about. even though you've only known him for a few minutes, you felt at ease with him and that gave you a better feeling about moving in with him. yuuji was innocently sitting on the couch, spooning the soup choso had prepared earlier while watching tv. his eyes followed the pair, relieved that there was less awkwardness than he anticipated but slightly suspicious because… there was something.
as choso showed you the rest of the apartment - kitchen, living room and bathroom - he comprehensively explained expenses and house rules to you. there weren't many rules to begin with; choso simply disliked clutter and expected everything to be put back to its original place after use, being noisy was a no-go as well. everything in between was negotiable. by the end of the apartment tour, you joined yuuji in the living room. he shot you a questioning look, raising his eyebrow in curiosity. you were certain that you'd take the offer. there was no way this opportunity would go to waste.
"thank you for showing me around, choso," you smiled at him gratefully. "if you're okay with me moving in, i'd love to become your roommate. i think we'll get along well."
Tumblr media
the last box was haphazardly tossed in the corner of your room, earning you a disapproving glare from choso. exhausted, you flopped on the bed and spread across it like a starfish. choso placed the remaining boxes on the floor. moving day was, despite choso coming to your rescue, utterly chaotic and tiring. your muscles were aching from overexertion and there was no remaining energy or nerve for you to attend to unpacking. you felt like a jellylike mass.
"i'll cook something for us. do you have any preferences or dislikes?"
you lifted your head slightly to peek at choso who was standing in the doorway, on his way out. “you’ll cook for me? what are you, an angel?”
choso didn’t reply, simply stared at you. he was used to such antics - it reminded him of his childhood when he was still living with yuuji and taking care of him. lethargically, you shook your head and planted your face back in the pillow. "no, i'm okay with anything. will inhale anything as long as it's edible," though your voice was muffled, choso understood you nonetheless. he made a confused, albeit affirmative noise before disappearing. a long exhale left your lips. truthfully, you were lucky to have an amazing roommate like choso. even though you didn't know each other well and he wasn't very talkative, he was very much willing to help. with time, you were sure he would warm up to you and become great friends. your eyes were slowly drooping, the exhaustion settling in your bones. within minutes, you dozed off into a deep, comfortable slumber. you didn't wake until a knock roused you out of your sleep, startling you in the process.
"huh? yeah?" you scrambled hastily, trying to fix the bird's nest that was your hair. choso did not need to see you in this state - delirious from being woken up from your deep slumber, feeling as if you'd woken up in a new century and with imprints of your pillows and blanket on your skin. before you could make yourself presentable, choso had already opened the door and stared at you unabashedly.
you blinked dumbfounded, staring back at him.
“food’s ready. you coming?” choso gave you a questioning look, waiting for a reaction. so apparently, he did not care what you looked like after waking up. he didn’t even bat an eyelid at your messy state, unfazed by it.
“uh yeah, give me a minute,” you replied after a few moments passed, sitting up tiredly. choso nodded before closing the door behind him as he returned to the kitchen. grabbing yourself a fluffy blanket, you wrapped it around yourself and waddled outside. whatever he had prepared, it smelled divine. you hummed in content as you took a seat at the dining table. the table was already set, dishes still steaming and looking so inviting that you had to stop yourself from drooling. choso padded to the table, placing some drinks on the table before taking a seat as well. as he described the dishes he'd cooked for the two of you, you inconspicuously looked him up and down. this time, without yuuji catching wind of it.
you knew choso was tall and very broad but you only realized the full extent of it seeing how the chair seemed tiny in comparison to his frame. his hair was down for a change, falling just above his shoulders. as usual, he was wearing comfortable clothes; a big shirt, big enough that you could admire his arm muscles and hands every time the sleeves moved. not only was he attractive, he was incredibly attentive and helpful as well, not expecting anything in return.
"thank you for cooking, i really appreciate it. looks really good," you complimented choso, taking a bite from the dish. you hummed delighted, wiggling in your seat happily. "oh my god, this is so delicious! where did you learn cooking like this?"
"i used to cook for yuuji and myself a lot."
"i wanna return the favour too but now i kind of feel inadequate," you joked lightly, smiling at him sheepishly. while you weren't the worst cook, you weren't outstandingly great either. choso however, was probably the best cook you knew.
"i don't mind. as long as you do your best, it's the thought that counts."
you nodded in agreement, taking a sip from your drink. silence fell over you; a comfortable silence however, both of you just enjoying the food. you supposed it wasn't too bad if you took your time getting to know each other - after all, choso seemed like someone who would quickly recoil if cornered. it wasn't too much of a concern.
after finishing the meal, you helped him clean up and wash the dishes. nudging him gently, you asked: "do you want to watch some movies after? yuuji recommended me a few that i have yet to check out."
choso took the plates, drying them with the towel before placing them back to their designated spots. "sure, you're responsible for the movie selection then."
spending time with choso was easy, almost too easy. you were glad that the two of you were off to a good start, he didn't seem to mind your company and you enjoyed his. cheerfully, you put the movie on, snuggling the blanket that was wrapped around you. the way you were laying on the couch was reminding choso of a little burrito. unbeknownst to him, the corner of his lips lifted a little at the sight. he waited until you noticed him and shuffled a little so he could sit on the couch as well. the movie you had chosen was a lighthearted comedy, one that yuuji had highly praised and recommended you watch first.
midway through the movies, the exhaustion was creeping up on you, making you feel heavy and sleepy until you slumped against choso's side. he glanced to the side, observing you to see whether you would wake up. soft and steady breaths left your lips, already asleep within seconds. choso pondered whether to wake you now, worrying that you would miss out on the movie that you were so eager to watch. you looked so peaceful that he felt bad, deciding to wake you once the movie was over. but even choso couldn't shake the tiredness, gradually slumping against you until sleep overtook him as well.
Tumblr media
as the sun was rising, light was flooding the apartment, filling it with warmth. you scrunched your eyebrows at the brightness, attempting to move so it wouldn't blind you. the first thing you noticed was your strained neck - probably because of the weird position you had slept in - and the second thing was that something heavy was laying on your lap. blinking in confusion, you peeked, groaning inwardly at the blinding light. black hair was splayed across your lap, connecting to… choso? oh no. oh no. you must've fallen asleep while watching the movie and judging how choso was comfortably using your lap as a pillow, he did as well. embarrassment spread throughout your body; this wasn't supposed to happen, much less with someone you didn't know so well.
now that you were unintentionally watching him, you felt creepy. the situation was too perplexing to you - should you wake him now? or just wait… until he woke up? but what if you had to pee. what if choso wasn’t going to wake up until a few hours later? what if he woke up and saw you staring at him like a creep? though you did think he looked vulnerable and peaceful in this state, unusual from his intimidating, unwavering self. it made your heart tingle with an unknown feeling, softly bubbling with curiosity.
beneath you, choso was moving slightly, shuffling around until he felt comfortable. you stayed still, tensely watching his next movements. he remained still for a while, making you exhale in relief. until he didn’t. choso blinked a few times, trying to make sense of his surroundings until his gaze fell onto yours. and you stared back, frozen in fear. even if he was the one laying on your lap, you felt anxious.
“uh i… we must’ve fallen asleep last night, ha ha…”
“you fell asleep early on and i was going to wake you after the movie ended but fell asleep myself, i’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable,” choso apologized sincerely and sat up right away, rubbing his eyes sleepily. even though he looked rather deadpan, there was a trace of embarrassment on his face.
“oh no, it’s okay! we both fell asleep after all… ah, since we’re roommates, we’re sort of friends now, right? so don’t mind it too much, it happens!” you gave choso a reassuring smile, showing him that there was no bad blood between you.
choso nodded slowly. “i guess so. i’m glad you don’t mind. "
an awkward pause.
"do you have classes anytime soon? i can make breakfast for us.”
and just like that, the tension between you was alleviated. not completely gone, but barely noticeable. choso stretched like a cat, yawning quietly before he got up. you couldn't help but glance at his toned stomach, eyes almost bulging at the sight. turning to the side, you hid your face and cleared your voice. "i don't have classes today but i have to go to work later. so i won't say no to breakfast if you're making it."
"how's living with choso?" yuuji questioned you curiously, leaning against the counter. lowering the pen and writing board you were holding, you hummed in thought. in the past few weeks, the two of you had settled into a comfortable routine. there were minor hiccups here and there but the issues were easily resolved - somehow, you silently understood each other, an important foundation for a good friendship.
"pretty relaxing, to be honest. he's a good roommate and friend," you replied, clicking with the pen which earned you an annoying glance from yuuji. "you should've told me he was a great cook! i don't think i've ever tasted any dishes that were as good as his."
"he cooks for you?" the surprised tone in yuuji's voice startled you. was that out of the ordinary? you just thought he was being a good friend when he prepared dinner for you whenever you had a late shift.
"uh yeah? mostly when i come home late or when we have movie nights together. i always tell him that i can definitely help but he insists that he's fine doing it himself."
"i see. choso just doesn't like people messing with his cooking routine, that's all. i'm not even allowed near the kitchen, even though i'm not that bad of a cook either," yuuji laughed, scratching his head sheepishly. he wasn't going to tell you why he was perplexed by the fact that choso willingly cooked for you. it was too early to make any assumptions; he just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something at play. no one knew his brother better than him - choso would never do any favours for persons he didn't care about, persons that weren't family or extremely close friends. while they had talked about choso's thoughts about you, he never mentioned anything more than getting along well and often spending time together. for choso's standards, you were a quite close friend.
"oh, and here i was, thinking that he must really hate my cooking skills. so it's just that," you concluded, grinning happily. he was weirdly persistent about it but knowing this detail about him, you'd stop pestering him in the future. "hey do you wanna come over tomorrow? it's movie night again, i'm sure you'd enjoy it too."
"hmm, sounds tempting. if you can convince choso to cook, i'm in."
"pff, who would say no to this face," you retorted mischievously, showing yuuji the best puppy face you could muster up. he groaned, pushing you gently.
"show off," he told you jokingly and rolled his eyes. "i don't know how choso tolerates you."
"you're just jealous, huh? didn't think you had that emotion in you. choso and me are the bestest of friends, of course we get along well," you stuck your tongue out at yuuji before leaving him to his own devices as you bolted to the cash register to help a customer. as you animatedly conversed with them, yuuji shook his head. it was obvious that there was some attraction but that was something he'd let you figure out. cupid wasn't a well-fitting job for him. friends, my ass.
"huh, did you say something, yuuji?"
"no, not at all."
Tumblr media
soft, melodious music was playing in the background as you silently sat at the counter, watching choso prepare some meals before yuuji was visiting. this time, you heeded his advice, not pestering his brother about needing help and instead just opting to watch him and make light conversation. choso seemed to have noticed as well, mood ever so slightly lifted when he saw you simply taking a seat and asking about his day. he liked this routine, being able to go about his day without someone unwantedly poking their nose into his business until he felt comfortable enough to talk about it. as you absentmindedly doodled on a napkin, choso casually told you about his day at work. about squirmy customers who were getting their first tattoo done, about those that had interesting ideas that he was still trying to find ways to implement, about how noisy his co-workers were and that they wanted to have a night out soon.
“do you wanna join us? you said you wanted to meet my friends,” choso asked, briefly glancing up at you as he was dicing the vegetables. it was true, you did inquire about his friends at some point, more so jokingly and out of curiosity - although he complained about them every now and then, you could tell that he deeply cared about them. choso was the kind of person who acted like a mother hen around friends and sometimes nagged a lot more than you anticipated. but then somehow, miraculously, every minuscule task that would stress you was completed and topped with a freshly made, warm dish by the end of the day. he wasn't good with words but his actions made up for it.
you didn’t expect him to offer you to tag along. he was comfortable enough to introduce you to his friends, even seemed to trust you with them. it felt… strangely heartwarming. "i would love to join you but i have quite a lot of assignments piling up; i'll have to do some night shifts to finish them," you replied and sighed ruefully, putting the pen away. "i'll tag along once i've finished everything, okay?"
choso frowned slightly. "but don't overwork yourself. you'll end up frustrated and burnt out," he told you earnestly, reaching out to pat your head. you gaped at him, the fond gesture making you feel flustered. it was nice knowing that he was looking out for you. choso stared back at you, seemingly startled by his own gesture as well. his hand had moved faster than he could react - he didn't know what to make of it.
the ring of the doorbell interrupted every trail of thought and you jumped up quickly. "i'll get it!" you sprinted towards the entrance, letting yuuji in. perhaps you greeted him too overzealously, yuuji looked at you like he knew something was up. nonetheless, he didn't mention anything, instead presenting you the bottle of wine and some dvds that he brought. choso gave his younger brother an acknowledging grunt, too absorbed in his tasks. taking in his surroundings as he got comfortable on the couch, he noticed some subtle changes in the apartment - the numerous pillows and fleece blankets littered across the couch, the set of matching mugs as well as choso's sketchbooks and, presumably, your textbooks on the coffee table. it was obvious that the two of you spent a lot of time together.
even throughout dinner, yuuji realized that choso had taken a liking to you, more than he probably realized and let on. he almost felt like a third wheel watching how you animatedly talked about trivial things and even more so when it was movie time. like a little burrito, you were wrapped in a blanket, leaning against choso. though it surprised yuuji to see his older brother opening up to you so rapidly, he was happy about it. although chaotic and clumsy, you were a good person and a positive influence. having witnessing how choso had closed up and how hurt he had been after the break up of his previous relationship, yuuji was glad that he wasn't cautious around you and welcomed your presence. even though… both of you were painfully oblivious.
"should we wake her?" yuuji asked as he saw you snuggling into choso's side, peacefully sleeping while the movie was still on.
"no, it's okay. she often falls asleep midway through movies, i just let her sleep. probably exhausted from uni."
yuuji looked at him as if he grew three heads. "so you just let her sleep? and you… sleep on the couch too?"
"hm? yeah, kind of. i feel bad about waking her and we're friends so it's not that big of a deal," choso replied innocently, shifting slightly so he was comfortable while keeping his arm around you. ever so slightly, he leaned onto you.
yuuji buried his face in his hands, silently screaming. don't comment on it, don't say anything, it's none of your business. you might have pink hair but you're no cupid.
Tumblr media
utterly exhausted, you made your way into the apartment. you flopped onto the couch, grunting in irritation when you heard choso calling your name. staying put, you just laid there and listened to his footsteps nearing. "you okay? did anything happen?" he questioned, leaning over the couch to look at you. you weren't even sure what to answer, whatever you were feeling at the moment was an accumulation of stress across multiple weeks. you were frustrated with your projects, feeling like you weren't making any progress and not having time for yourself whatsoever. all you needed was a break, a pick me up.
"do you wanna talk about it?" choso repeated again but you shook your head, lifting your head slightly to look at him. he almost felt bad for thinking that you looked adorable, the way you huffed in frustration with a little pout on your lips. you shook your head, hugging one of the pillows.
"not now, later maybe?"
"okay. i'll make you a cup of tea." he disappeared from your field of vision. you listened to the sound of the kettle, closing your eyes as you focused on it. slowly, your erratic thoughts came to a halt. your breath and heartbeat steadied and you gradually felt more calm. clack. choso placed the cup of tea on the coffee table, taking a seat next to you. he was hesitant to touch you just yet, waiting for another reaction from you. sniffling quietly, you sat up and thanked him quietly.
"can i have a hug?" you inquired meekly. he didn't reply, simply pulling you into his arms. without hesitation, you wrapped your arms around him, nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck. he smelled nice, like freshly washed laundry and the shampoo he was using. it reminded you of home, making you feel more at ease. gently, choso rubbed your back; wherever his fingers moved, it left a trail of goosebumps on your skin. not that he noticed anyways, fortunately. for a few minutes, only the sound of breathing resounded. it was calming and warm - choso was warm, so warm - you almost fell asleep. humming quietly, you moved closer to him.
"today was just really… bad. everything went wrong," you confided in him. "it made me feel like shit, like i couldn't do anything right. i guess i just feel really stressed so i can't concentrate on anything."
choso leaned forward, reaching out to grab the cup of tea. you squeaked in surprise, holding onto him so you wouldn't drop backwards. his left arm snaked around your waist, keeping you in place as he leaned back again. you moved back a little, as far as choso's arm allowed you to, and took the cup from him, taking small sips. "i think you're doing okay," he told you, drawing patterns on your back. "it's only natural to feel this way when everything's been piling up. what you need is a good rest and have a reset, you'll feel more refreshed and inspired to work on your projects. and don't hesitate to ask for help, no matter whether it's a professor or classmate."
"i also told you not to overwork yourself, didn't i? and don't think i can't tell that you've been pulling all nighters," he scolded you, pinching your cheek playfully. it made you giggle, tilting your head to get away from his hand.
"yeah i know, i know. just couldn't help it, it's a bad habit. i'll try to get better at it," you promised him, giving him a reassuring smile. "thank you for listening to me."
"it's the least i can do."
a comfortable silence fell over you. choso continued to rub your back in an attempt to soothe your nerves while you sipped your tea. you were grateful for him, he was an amazing friend - you didn’t even know how to show gratitude to him. awkwardly turning to put the mug back on the table, you then leaned against him. “choso?” you hummed against his chest, snaking your arms around his waist. “you know you can talk to me about problems too, right?”
“what do you think we’ve been doing these past few weeks?” he retorted and chuckled in amusement. “you should try to go to bed now. get some rest, you’ll feel better tomorrow.”
you pouted, not wanting to move. fortunately, he couldn’t see the face you were making - you weren’t ready to let him go just yet, wanting to memorize the expanse of his chest, his warmth, the way his arms felt around you. it made you feel safe, like a temporary relief to your anxiety. “can we… can we watch a movie maybe? i’m not sleepy yet.”
of course, choso saw right through you. “you always say that and then you fall asleep midway. you just don’t want to move, huh?”
“okay, you caught me,” you giggled hysterically as he stood up slowly and pretended to let you fall, catching you before you fell. clinging onto his shoulders, you wrapped your legs around his waist. you refused to let go. unbothered, he held you by your thighs as he waddled across the living room towards the console to choose a dvd to watch. while clinging onto choso, you could hear his heart beating rapidly - you chalked it up to how strenuous it must be to carry you around. choso, on other hand, couldn’t put a finger on the warm, tingly feeling inside of him. did he like having you around like this? stupid, of course he did, you were good friends after all. spending time with you was relaxing for him as well. back on the couch, he let you use his lap as a pillow, absentmindedly combing his fingers through your hair. the two of you remained in this position until both inevitably fell asleep, movie still playing in the background.
Tumblr media
“y/n. earth to y/n. dude, can you hear me?” nobara was frantically waving papers in front of your face, rolling her eyes as you snapped out of your trance and took them from her. to your delight, the two of you shared quite a few classes this semester which meant that you could usually share the workload as well. you copied some of her notes, hastily scribbling them in your notebook.
"sorry, i was lost in thought. what did you say?"
"i asked you whether you wanna go out later? the whole crew is coming, it's been a while anyways," your friend repeated, placing her little cosmetics bag on the table to check her makeup and apply another layer of lip gloss.
"ah sorry, i already have plans for today, maybe ano-"
"with whom?" she asked pointedly, narrowing her eyes at you. in recent times, you've been rejecting her offers to hang out a lot; whether it be because of studying or hanging out with… "wait, are you having a date with that roommate of yours again?"
"it's not a date!" you briefly paused, giving her a dirty look. nobara was weirdly persistent about this dating thing, claiming that you would never get anywhere if you didn't make a move. "his name is choso, yuuji's older brother. i told you a million times already. he's been a really good friend and taking care of me when i feel stressed, so i thought it would be time for me to do the same for him."
"a really good friend?" a doubtful look was shot your way.
"yeah, i mean yuuji cooks for us all the time, how is it any different? anyways, i'll join you guys another day, okay?"
nobara stayed still for a moment. you truly didn't realize how much you's been mentioning choso. choso this, choso that, choso here, choso there. even yuuji had confided in her that he thought you might have developed a crush on his older brother though he wasn't certain. nobara, however, was sure. but operation make y/n realize things proved to be more difficult, considering you hadn't had a crush before as you were never interested in relationships.
"fine. but in return, you have to tell me about choso. what do you think of him?" nobara stuffed her belongings into the impossibly full handbag. propping her chin on her hands, she leaned closer to you with a shit-eating grin. you sighed, putting the papers away. it was no use trying to focus on your assignments when she was in an investigative mood. she wouldn't let go of the issue until you gave her a satisfactory answer. and for some reason, it irked you that she was inquiring about choso. why was she so curious about him? couldn't she have asked yuuji instead? it was his brother after all. maybe nobara was… interested in choso? you narrowed your eyes at her.
"i think he's great. might be intimidating at first and not very talkative but when he opens up to you, he's actually a softie. very respectful and polite towards people, always thinks of others first. and not to mention, he's really talented too! he often acts like he's annoyed by people or minds his own business but he really does care a lot. you feel comforted by his presence when you're close with him," you rambled, trying to list all the positive points about him that you could think of. nobara nodded slightly as she was listening to you, making it difficult to gauge her stance on him. was she going to confess now? maybe you should confront her about it. yeah, she would never admit it otherwise. "nobara, are you interested in choso? if you wanted me to introduce you to him, you could've just asked."
nobara stared at you with an open mouth. checkmate.
"you know i wouldn't have judged you at all! after all, choso is handsome too. so really, you don't have to sneak around about this," you concluded triumphantly, patting her arm in reassurance. it filled you with pride to be able to catch nobara off guard for once - usually, she was very composed and ready to give you a sassy answer.
"y/n, sweetie. you're so very wrong." nobara sighed, dejectedly pushing your hand away. you were incredibly dense when it came to feelings and relationships. maybe it would be more amusing to just watch everything pan out. “i don’t really care about choso, that’s your man after all.”
“yeah, yeah, i- wait what?”
Tumblr media
thankfully, you arrived home earlier than choso did - for once. and for once, this friday was going to be a relaxing one, seeing as you’d finally finished your projects and assignments and could finally engage in a much needed self care day. placing the groceries bags on the counter, you went through the ingredients again just to make sure you didn’t forget anything. yuuji had given you a recipe for his famous meatballs recipe, claiming that it was one of choso’s favourite dishes. in recent times, choso seemed to be exhausted and sometimes even easily irritable after work - considering how much he did for you, it was only fair for you to treat him as well. surprising him seemed to be the best course of action.
making quick work of the ingredients, you took your time to clean the apartment while the soup was still cooking. yuuji was kind enough to lend you a few dvds, not even asking you whether you were going to watch them with choso anymore. while you felt bad about turning your friends down yet again, you promised yourself to make it up to them in the future by inviting them over for a sleepover or movie night. though knowing them, they would not let you stay in the comfort of your home but drag you to a party or club again. especially nobara would always insist on dragging you along, while megumi and yuuji didn’t really care about where they would be going for the night. her excuse was to find you a partner, claiming that it was about time you realized how cute you were, which you vehemently denied. even maki had told her to pipe it down at some point. all the more, it made you suspicious that nobara had not brought the topic up anymore. you couldn’t imagine her giving up so quickly, considering how persistent she had been for almost a year now.
the jingle of the keys and the soft click of the door made you stop whatever you were doing, peeking around the corner to see choso coming in. giggling quietly, you watched as he stopped in his tracks and sniffed the air, seemingly confused about the scent of the soup. he turned around upon hearing you, a small, almost unnoticeable smile on his lips. “up to no good?” he questioned you teasingly, placing his bag and jacket in the wardrobe. huffing, you stuck your tongue out at him and shook your head. you padded over to him, softly tugging at the sleeve of his shirt to make him follow you to the kitchen.
“since you always cook for me, i thought it would be time for me to do the same for you. yuuji showed me your favourite dish but i’m not sure if it turned out as well as he always makes it,” you sheepishly explained, showing him the pot of soup and the bowls and cutlery that you’d already laid out. choso hugged your side, squeezing your waist gently before patting your head and muttering a quiet thank you. your chest filled with pride, finally being helpful to him for once. if you weren’t careful, it would burst - he fuelled your ego even more as he complimented you, telling you how well the soup turned out and that he really appreciated it. you knew he wasn’t lying, for one because he was a sincere person and always offered heartfelt compliments, and because of how eagerly he was eating, practically inhaling the soup in one go. he even looked like he was in a food coma by the time you finished dinner, making you ban him from the kitchen to take a rest on the couch.
after washing the dishes, you came back to the living room to see him lie across the couch, eyes closed and calmly breathing. he looked like he was taking a nap, until he opened his eyes to peek at you as you approached. giddily, you joined him on the couch, showing him the hair products that you’d already placed on the coffee table. “can i give you a massage and do… uh hair stuff? i really like it when people brush my hair and stuff and i thought you might enjoy it too,” you explain to him. choso contemplated for a few seconds before shrugging nonchalantly. yes! you signaled him to sit on the floor in front of you as you pressed play. with the sound of the movie in the background, you focused on choso’s hair and took off the hair ties first. he got comfortable, turning towards the tv and learning his head against the edge of the couch. gently running your fingers through his hair, you made sure to detangle rough knots before massaging his scalp gently. you could tell that choso was beginning to relax by the way his shoulders were slowly sagging. in silence, you worked through the entirety of his scalp before moving on to brush his hair.
if you didn’t already know that choso was a naturally withdrawn person, you would’ve been concerned by how quiet he was and how he didn’t show any reactions to the movie. you were glad that he seemed to like the entire hair spa ordeal; he didn’t even seem to mind that you were using your hair products on him, the soft floral scent now emanating from his hair as you massaged it through the tips and then brushed it in slow strokes. by the time you were done, he looked utterly relaxed, struggling to keep his eyes open as he climbed back on the couch and sat next to you. without having to ask, he wrapped his arms around you. yawning quietly, you moved closer to him, turning your attention to the tv. habitually, his hands moved against your back, drawing shapes and patterns. slowly, choso could feel the heat in his body rising and chalked it up to the close proximity. it did make him feel a little uneasy however; he shifted you around on his lap until he felt comfortable. abruptly halting his movements, he froze as you turned to him, ass grazing his groin. an electric shock ran through him. subconsciously, he jolted at the friction. the tips of his ears turned red in embarrassment but he reassured you he was fine when you looked at him concerned. what the hell was that? was his body now not listening to him after being so relaxed?
“choso, can i ask you something?” you leaned back slightly to look at him.
“you already did. but yeah, go ahead.” choso grinned at the little huff you let out, grasping your hand in time as you tried to hit his chest and intertwined your fingers so you couldn’t move.
“uh this might sound weird but i think a friend of mine is interested in you. nobara, do you know her?” you squeezed his hand, moving it around with yours. “she asked me about you the other day.”
“huh, really? isn’t that one of yuuji’s friends too?”
you nodded in agreement. “yeah, we’re all friends. i only told her good things about you, of course.”
choso hesitated. he wasn’t sure what to tell you, not wanting to say something about your friend that could upset you. but the truth was, he wasn’t really interested in anyone right now. the recent breakup had done a number on him and he felt like he hadn’t properly moved on just yet. not when the thoughts were still obsessively circling in his head. but when choso was with you, they miraculously seemed to disappear, making him feel more at ease. “i’m not really looking for anything right now, sorry. i don’t really want to disappoint her, i’m just not really up for a relationship right now,” he told you truthfully, giving you an apologetic smile.
you stopped in your movements, nodding slightly in understanding. and still, it made your heart seize up for an unknown reason.
Tumblr media
ps.: the story of how it takes reader and choso ages until they realize their feelings or alternatively: nobara and yuuji unwillingly turn into cupids
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the-cult-of-russo · 7 months ago
The Other Woman
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader 
Tumblr media
A/N: Soooo. No one asked for this one and I have prompts in my inbox and a multi chapter Billy x OC story I'm working on. Yet… this happened. I was working on an assignment for uni and this popped into my head. Billy lives in my head rent free and I'm not even mad about it. Enjoy lmaooo 
Warnings: cursing, slight angst but not really, lots of fluff (literally and figuratively). It's just a bunch of cute bullshit, don't mind me looool 
Your nails tapped the coffee cup as you sat outside the cafe deep in thought. There was only one thing on your mind. Billy was cheating on you. There was no other explanation for his behaviour the past week and the knowledge of what he'd done was eating away at you. It started a week ago. He'd slip out after work hours saying something came up. Sometimes he wouldn't even tell you where he was going and when you asked, he'd say 'work' as he avoided your gaze before slipping out. Billy couldn't lie to you, you knew him too well for that. You knew his tells and he didn't really lie to you. But you knew when he wouldn't look you in the eye that he wasn't being honest.
Then there was his phone. He'd be on it more than usual and it was distracting him. The night before, Frank had called him and you knew it was Frank because you'd seen the name popping up on his screen. You'd both been watching a movie on the sofa together as you tried to convince yourself that Billy wouldn't cheat on you. But when he excused himself to the bedroom, your curiosity burned. Why would he need to sneak off to speak to Frank? 
So you'd crept over to where the door was open by a crack and held your breath as you listened.
"Yeah, I know…. I'll just tell her I need to work again… I don't think she knows… yeah, yeah, I know… I can't wait for you to meet her, man. She's perfect,"
Those words felt like a slap to the face and a punch to the gut all rolled into one. Billy was cheating on you. Billy was cheating on you and Frank knew about it. Frank who was one of your closest friends, the one who introduced you to Billy in the first place. You'd gone back to the sofa as you dwelled in your misery and betrayal and when Billy had come back out with a wide smile on his face you'd felt sick. But you couldn't bring yourself to ask him, to question him or tell him what you'd heard. You were scared of what he might say. Scared of what this all meant. 
You and Billy had been together for almost two years now and you lived together. You knew of his past but never once had you felt insecure about being with him. He loved you, and you wholeheartedly believed he did. So this felt like it completely blindsided you and your head was all over the place. 
That morning Billy was gone by the time you woke which was nothing new since he often let you sleep when he got up to work. But you'd come to the cafe by lunch because you were drowning in your thoughts back at home. The home you shared with him. 
You blew out a breath, grabbing your cell from your pocket as you rang Anvil. You had a gut feeling and you wanted confirmation. His secretary picked up the phone and you sighed before asking something you dreaded the answer to.
"Hey, Annie. Is Billy there? I need to talk to him," you said softly. The older woman cleared her throat down the phone before speaking.
"He's not here, Y/N. He took the day off," she said warily. Well then. You thanked her quickly before hanging up, the lump lodged in your throat getting bigger. 
How could it all have gone so wrong? You stood, tossing the half drank coffee in the trash as you made your way home with a broken heart. You hardly expected Billy to be sitting on the sofa when you got home. But there he was in all his glory. A burgundy sweater with his jeans and boots, hair slicked back like always. You felt like you were hanging on by a thread. 
He smiled when he saw you, standing up and making his way over.
"I thought you had work," your cold tone stopped him in his tracks as he looked at you cautiously. 
"I took the day, had some things I needed to do," he replied easily. Things he needed to do. More like someone he needed to do. Tense didn't even begin to cover how you were feeling. 
"Look… there's someone here I want you to meet," Billy said hesitantly, glancing to the closed bedroom door. He really wouldn't just… The string of composure you were holding onto snapped.
"Is this some kind of joke?!" You yelled. He looked shocked, eyes wide and confused as he tilted his head.
"Uh… what?" He asked carefully.
"It's bad enough you're having an affair that apparently Frank knows all about but you've brought her here?! You want me to meet her?!" You were incredulous at his audacity. You wondered if he'd suffered a head injury a week ago or something. 
Billy blinked at you with his dark eyes for a moment before he burst out laughing. But when he saw your tearful eyes glaring at him, his laughter died instantly.
"You… you think I'm cheatin' on you?" He asked slowly, like he was talking to a toddler. Your brows furrowed watching him warily as he walked over to you. 
"You've been acting weird all week, Billy. And I heard you on the phone last night. I heard you talking to Frank," you muttered, hating how your voice wobbled. 
Billy looked stricken at how upset you were and wrapped his arms around you and you melted into him despite yourself. He stroked your hair soothingly with one hand as the other rubbed your back.
"I'm not steppin' out on you, Y/N. I'd never do that," he sighed. He moved away, cradling your cheeks as his obsidian gaze looked over your face like he was searching for the answers of the universe. 
"Not gonna lie, I'm a little offended by your lack of faith, but I have been actin' weird so I'll let it slide," he murmured with a soft smile. 
"But then… what was that all about?" You asked, deflating a bit as he wiped away the couple of tears that had fallen. He leaned in and kissed you softly, one of the rare tender kisses he'd give you if you were upset. You were incredibly confused and maybe also felt a little guilty that your mind went there.
When he pulled away, he shot you a grin, looking almost like a kid on Christmas which only furthered your confusion. 
"Wait here," he beamed, dashing off to the bedroom. You really felt like you'd been transported to another dimension where nothing made sense. But then Billy came back out with what you could only describe as a living, breathing, real life Pokemon in his arms. It was a Pomeranian puppy that just looked like a cloud with two shiny back eyes peeking out. 
You made a noise that you couldn't even describe. A mix of a whine and a coo that people often reserved for cute animals and babies as if they couldn't help themselves. Your feet took you over to where Billy was grinning at you and the ball of fluff was nibbling his hand. 
"Billy…" your voice was still a little high, a little pout on your face as you reached out and stroked the fluffy fur on the puppy.
"Meet Cotton Ball. Cotton Ball, meet your mom," he smirked, grabbing a tiny paw and making it wave at you. It was something to behold seeing Billy like this and you almost melted right into a puddle. 
"Wait so… this is the other woman?" You asked with a snort, feeling so utterly stupid for how your mind went there. Billy rolled his eyes with a laugh as he handed over the bundle of cloud to you. 
"Do you like her?" He asked hesitantly, looking almost unsure as he glanced from the puppy to you.
"I love her. Thank you, Billy," you murmured, cuddling the tiny puppy closer to you. 
"I uh… I know that you said you wanted a dog," he started, his shoulder rolling a little.
"Which you shot down immediately," you cut in, raising a brow at him. He chuckled, rubbing his beard a little with a nod.
"I know. But… I saw how disappointed you were and I decided I never wanted to see that look on your face again. Especially not 'cause of me. She hadn't been fully vaccinated and stuff so I've been waitin' to bring her home. Been to see her a few times to get her used to me," he shrugged, looking almost bashful which was a strange look for him. It was cute. 
"I love her. And I love you," you smiled wide at him. His insecurities seemed to wash away at your bright smile and he returned it, leaning over to kiss your forehead.
"I love you too. Come here, lemme show you somethin','' he took your free hand and led you to the bedroom. On the floor next to your bed was what looked like a queen bed shrunk down. It was a dog bed but a fancy one and the cozy sheets looked expensive too. There was also a basket filled to the brim with dog toys. You looked at him incredulously with a laugh. 
"And here I was thinking you weren't a dog person and you're spoiling her already," you teased. He chuckled, a slight pink tint to his face you couldn't remember ever witnessing as he bit his lip and smiled at you.
"Yeah well… my girls gotta have the best. And… I mighta got attached to her," he shrugged easily. 
"Billy Russo has a heart after all. Who knew?" You snorted. He gripped your jaw gently, giving your lips a firm peck before smirking down at you.
"Don't tell a soul or I'll have to kill you. I got a rep to keep," he smirked devilishly. You snorted again, shaking your head as you took the now sleeping puppy to her lavish bed and set her down. 
When you walked back over to Billy, you wrapped your arms around his middle and he responded in kind and held you close. 
"I can't believe you thought I'd cheat on you," he murmured, nuzzling your hair. You felt your cheeks heat up as you moved away and looked up at him.
"I know. I'm sorry, I just… you'd been acting weird and then the phone call, I didn't know what to think," you said softly. He frowned a little, tucking some of your hair behind your ear before resting a hand on your jaw.
"You know I love you, right?" He asked with a furrowed brow.
"I know. Honestly… I've never questioned it. I've never felt like that before. My mind just ran away with itself," you felt bad now and really fucking stupid but he had been acting weird. How were you to know that he was secretly procuring you the cutest puppy to exist? 
He kissed your forehead softly, lips lingering a moment before he cupped your cheeks, tilting your head to look up at him. His dark eyes were full of many emotions and you got lost in them.
"You're the only one I want. Ever since I met you, I never wanted anyone else. I ain't ever felt like this before but all I know is… I'm yours. I love you, Y/N. There'll never be anyone else," he murmured sincerely. You couldn't help the dopey smile on your face as you leaned up and captured his lips in a soft kiss. 
"I love you too, Billy. But… I will have to share you now with Cotton Ball," you teased against his lips. He chuckled, nipping at your bottom lip. 
"You'll always be my best girl," he grinned, rubbing his nose against yours.
One hand dropped to your neck, the other slinking around you and settling on your ass as he kissed you deeply. Just as you were really getting into it, he hissed, cursing and moving away as he lifted his foot. The foot that had tiny razor teeth latched onto it as the dog dangled off his toe. You couldn't help the bubble of laughter that came out of you as you pried the dog away from his foot.
"Feel like I might end up regrettin' this decision," he huffed, eyes narrowed at Cotton Ball who was now happily in your arms. He wasn't really mad though, his lips were slightly upturned as he reached out and rubbed the dogs tiny head.
"Awww. Is the big bad marine scared the lil doggy might bite his ass when he's having sex?" You mocked playfully.
Billy's mortified face had you in stitches. He looked like he'd not considered it until you said it and now he was glaring at the dog like she'd ready done it. 
"We're gonna need some boundaries," he muttered to the dog as he pointed at her, then his piercing eyes turned to you and you bit your lip to stifle your laughter.
"And for the record, I am a big bad marine and I ain't scared of a fuckin' dog," he smirked with a raised brow. You rolled your eyes goodnaturedly as you turned, dog in hand, and left the room.
"Mhmm. Just wait until I tell Frank how you're scared of a ball of fluff. Or the guys from Anvil. Or maybe I'll tell them just how much you love her already," you grinned, laughing when he gripped your hips and dragged you so your back pressed against his front. 
"What I tell you? You tell and I'll have to kill you. I don't wanna do that, I might just miss you," he murmured with a smile as he nuzzled your neck. 
"Russo's going soooft!" You teased with a laugh, squealing when his hands dug into your sides to tickle you. 
Honestly, you never really thought Billy would be a dog person. But you never thought he'd be the type to live with someone and here you were. You never thought he'd be the type to use the L word yet he did with you. He was full of surprises and this was way better than you anticipated. You never expected the other woman to be so cute.  
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