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#i'm back on my star trek bullshit
denahi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
They love each other.
Ink + colored pencils.
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sirdeannatroi · a month ago
Tumblr media
star trek, but with conversations my housemates have had, pt. 7/something
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his-catness-tchalla · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- No power generation at all, Captain. Vaal is dead.
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sporkandpringles · a year ago
other people: write beautiful, lengthy fanfictions about popular ships
me: *hurls another Data/Taurik oneshot into the void.*
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zukoandtheoc · 9 months ago
something that just occurred to me... the potential for holodecks as a stimming tool. if i had a holodeck right now i would have it simulate like. just a room with really good acoustics and just a dude playing a rocking drum solo. and i would just sit up against the wall so i could feel the vibrations from the drums in my chest. ive experienced this exactly once in my lifetime and i have been chasing that feeling ever since then
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animationcrustacean · 10 months ago
“Uhm I am never impulsive, what are you talking about?” 
He rolls his eyes. “Ugh, go get drunk with your friend or whatever. And please don’t do anything that requires me to release a public statement.” 
“When are you gonna let that go? That was like one time.”
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kinetic-elaboration · 7 months ago
Someone stop me I’m ranting about characterization in the aos-verse again.
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trek-tracks · 2 years ago
Chapel: Are you alright? You didn't sleep at all last night.
Bones: I got a solid eight minutes. Not consecutively, but still. It's fine. You're not even that blurry.
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golyadkin · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
On their way to space prom? A wedding? Who knows, but they look fresh af
(For anon)
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misspluckyplum · 21 days ago
Oohhh this is exciting!! Number 14, please? 🙏🏻😘
Yay! You were my first request so you get your first, Minnie 💜 Song: Wreckless Love by Alicia Keys (lyrics) Rating: Mature Let's go back in time when our kiss was brand new
An adventure, not perfected, a little hesitant
Let's go back there
Let's take it there
Ooh baby now, take it back in time
When forever was a minute, and eternity was a second
I'm stressing that we gotta go back there
Let's take it there
The hat was dusty, musty. Steve had found a hat box at a Marshalls, maybe, and stored them away for Bucky. His garrison cap was in tact, his jeep cap, even the cap comforter he’d traded with Falsworth for an old side cap. His patrol cap might be in good enough shape to wear regularly, hell, it looked designer. The OG of fashionable cadet hats. But this...the crusher hat. The last time he’d seen his Steve getting the shit kicked out of him. Because honestly, he hadn’t seen him get his ass kicked since. Bucky had to chuckle at the memory. Steve told him later he’d never even gotten to the movie he was at the theater to see in the first place, Dumbo, and they’d laughed because that was exactly the kind of stupid life shit Steve wound up with. Haha. It was a little less funny now. Still, there was something to be said for nostalgia. Bucky had a towel slung around his hips, and though his hair was all wrong for it, he tugged on the crusher hat. “‘Eya doll, fancy a dance?” Bucky laughed to the empty room. No dames, no dancing. Not for him. He had Steve, his beautiful, healthy spitfire of a thing. Shot up with Erskine’s serum or not, Bucky didn’t care. Too bad they hadn’t had sex in almost two weeks. Okay, the problem was...there was no problem. That’s what his therapist said, at least. ‘This too shall pass’, all that bullshit. Bucky thought of Steve, and sex, and his dick twitched, sure, but they were just in a lull. Where the intimacy was anything but physical. They’d just had a debate over Star Wars versus Star Trek and it had been full of new discoveries and laughter and a whole pint of phish food ice cream between them. And, maybe, a couple kisses. It would come back around. Normally they had sex once a day or so, on average. Sex to get off, sex to relax, sex to kill time, sex to press their souls up against eachother. Bucky had a feeling it would be that last one that would rear its ugly head, so to speak. He thought that desire to get enmeshed, on almost every level all at once, to hear Steve call for him even as he overtook him...yeah, that’s where they’d meet again. A low whistle startled him, and Bucky turned to see Steve holding up the doorway with his shoulder. Clearly amused, and maybe something else Bucky couldn’t decipher, Steve nodded towards the hat on his head. “Looks real swell,” he deadpanned, smirking. “I seem to recall you having a goddamned affinity for this thing the second you saw it, buster,” Bucky shot back with a laugh, taking the hat off and running his hand through his chin length hair. “Remember that? Day of the World Expo?” “Wasn’t it the Stark Expo?” “Nah, that wasn’t until later...anyway, the World Expo. You were getting the shit kicked out of you back behind the movie theater and I had to chase the bastard off?” Steve snorted. “Sounds right.” “I had to take you home, get you cleaned up. You remember that don’t you?” The way Steve smiled told Bucky what he wanted to hear. And fuck, there it was, finally. That heat. Steve wanted something from him, and it wasn’t a sci-fi argument. The heat was directed at...his hat? What? “Gimme that.” Steve pushed away from the doorway and grabbed the hat. He put it on, much to Bucky’s delight. “How ‘bout a role reversal--of sorts.” “What are you talkin’ about, sweetheart?” “Things were good that afternoon. I felt good, with your hands all over me...let’s go back there. Let’s take it back there.” Steve smirked, starting to unbutton his shirt. “Only this time, I get to wear the hat.” “You’re...wearing the hat,” Bucky said dubiously. It wasn’t that he didn’t like when Steve fucked him. It was more that he was more delicate down there than Steve was and wasn’t in the mood for discomfort. “But I’m still gonna ride you. Just like back then.” Bucky watched as Steve stepped out of his clothes and didn’t have time to think before he was being kissed. Steve’s lips were harsh, demanding, full of desire and more than a little teeth. Steve hadn’t kissed him like that in lifetimes and Bucky had to laugh. It was a sound full of joy as he
wrapped his arms around Steve and tilted his hat to the side. It was how Bucky had worn it, so naturally Steve had to do it justice. He hopped up, wrapping his legs around Steve’s waist. “Take me to bed, sweetheart.” “You got it, pal.” Thanks for playing! Request a fic 💜💜💜
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sparvierosart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Back on my bullshit with more CT stuff: Genzo Wakabayashi is a precious bean that acts like a diva and he’s ready to start a fistfight at the drop of an hat (he’s also Heather Chandler and Regina George combined). Poor Tsubasa, hang in there, he will get better.
Stay tuned on my youtube channel for more CT animation
Also here’s the link for the CT discord server that I’ve created: everyone is welcome ^^
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Hi! I'm a recent follower who's kinda confused with all the content I've been seeing lately lol. I just wanted to ask is it worth it watching spn? I got into tumblr when I was 13 and I saw it everywhere, I know all veterans tumblr loved it (along with sherlock and dr. who, I think?).I'm older now and I want to understand the hype but 15 seasons sound like a huge responsibility, bro. Is there a guide to watch spn without filler episodes? Also, what other tumblr popular shows do you recommend?
“is spn worth watching” is an incredibly loaded question, tbh, because it just really depends. 
is it worth watching if you want to watch a fun fantasy show that has weird, intriguing plots, compelling characters, and a mix of comedy and drama rarely done so well? yes. 
is it worth watching if what you’re looking for is a queer romance and decent representation? god no.
now, don’t get me wrong, i think deancas is one of the most beautiful love stories i’ve ever seen in my life. but up until this moment, destiel and cas, as well as fans of both, have been treated with an almost unbearable level of disrespect. 
cas is in far too few episodes, he gets jerked around and treated like crap a lot of the time, destiel gets treated like a joke, homophobic statements are made, both of them are repeatedly paired with women (despite cas seeming very obviously asexual), their shared scenes get whittled down to almost nothing but still got hyped up in transparent queerbaiting as it became very clear that dean and cas couldn’t be left alone without their relationship needing to be addressed but the show refusing to do it. their relationship has been treading water for at least 5 years.
the show is also upsettingly misogynistic, it’s VERY white and a whole lot of characters of color are villains or killed off (or both), some of the storylines are absolutely infuriatingly stupid, and one time they killed off a fan-favorite lesbian character for literally no reason except Man Angst. 
there’s a reason why people love this show, and a reason why people hate this show. 
altogether, do i regret being a part of this fandom? no. this show has meant a lot to me over the past eight years, and it’s still meaningful and important to me even after all the stupid, hurtful bullshit. i’ve been waiting to see how they bring it to an end before i let myself really make an emotional commitment to this last season, because i’ve been practicing distance for self-care, but from what i’ve seen this season has been... really, surprisingly good. 
i honestly didn’t believe they had the guts to make destiel canon, despite how the narrative makes zero sense without destiel, but this season has really been going there and with this? i... actually have hope. despite what people are saying about this being a bury your gays thing, i don’t believe for a minute that cas’s story ends here. dean never gives up on cas, and cas always comes back to dean. this has set up the finale for something truly beautiful, if they can just bring it home and see it through.
i completely understand 15 seasons being a huge, imposing commitment; i was wary about making a commitment to watching it back when it was in season 8. but i wouldn’t know how to write a “here’s what you can skip” guide, because each season builds on the previous season, and a lot of the episodes that are filler are still really fun, interesting episodes to watch, and typically relate to the main storyline somehow.
in the past day i’ve written this reply and this reply to people asking similar questions about how to experiment with watching to see if you like it enough to actually commit to the whole thing. ultimately, the show will make the most sense and have the most emotional resonance if you start from the beginning and watch straight through, but that’s such a tall order that i think it’s fine to skip around and try watching some single episodes or seasons to get a feel for if you enjoy it enough to make that commitment.
try not to think about the whole 15 seasons going in, try to just decide if you enjoy it. of course it’s not for everyone, and it’s okay if you don’t like it. but if it turns out that you’re one of ones who love it despite its significant flaws, 15 seasons isn’t a burden, it’s an enormous treasure trove of wild adventure. 
so, bottom line, “is it worth it” is a question only you can answer by trying it and discovering if it hooks you or not. it’s totally fine if it doesn’t do anything for you, and, despite the overwhelming attitude that it’s cringey to like spn, there’s nothing wrong with being excited about a show that brings you some happiness in this hell world, despite all its flaws. i’m sick to death of people acting like it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world to enjoy a tv show. carve out whatever serotonin you can get.
sherlock and doctor who are a whole other rant. i used to love sherlock, but its last season sort of retroactively tainted everything and imploded the fandom. i admit that i still have a lot of sherlock feelings deep down, but i try not to think about it or i just get angry and upset. doctor who had a rough patch with a shitty showrunner, but altogether i think it’s definitely worth watching. the seasons with david tennant and peter capaldi (seasons 2-4 and 8-10) are my favorites, and it’s been really exciting seeing a woman play the doctor the past few years. a couple of her episodes have irked me, but overall i think she’s pretty great. 
doctor who is a weird fucking show that is often way scarier and way sadder than you’d ever imagine, but i think bottom line, it’s a quality show.
good omens is only six episodes, but it’s a wonderful show. it’s not explicitly queer, but the creator specifically said that he wrote it as a love story, and it absolutely feels like a love story that was made with respect and affection for the people watching it. it’s one of the best things i’ve ever watched.
i’ve been into the untamed the past few months, and it’s very complicated and very confusing if you’ve never watched a chinese drama before, but i honestly just completely love it. the plot is engaging, i adore the characters, and it is as explicit a romance as they could get past chinese censors. there’s a lot of grief and angst, but it’s a beautiful love story with a really heart-warming happy ending. i highly, highly recommend it.
beyond those, it sort of depends on what kind of show you’re looking for, like if you want fantasy drama, comedy, or just whatever has queer rep. i watch tv shows really slowly so there are a lot of tumblr-popular shows i haven’t seen myself, but i enjoyed the witcher, the good place, stranger things, and star trek: picard. others that are popular on tumblr include black sails, killing eve, schitt’s creek, she-ra, hannibal, avatar: the last airbender, and what we do in the shadows, to name a few.
i hope that answers your questions - as you can see, they’re really complicated questions, lmao. feel free to come back if you have more. 👍
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jennsmischievousmind · a year ago
Fucks not Found
Summary: You hack, that's what you do. Dying to do so freely, wasn't what you had expected. Meeting the weirdest fucking squad; losing the best part of you; falling for a thief : was not planned.
Pairing : Four/Billy (Ben Hardy) - You
A/N: The story goes through the all movie, so I suggest you watch it before reading.
I don't own any characters other than Eight.
English is not my native language, I'm trying to get better at it, please be indulgent.
Tried my best to match Ryan Reynold's level of sass aha
Ch1 Ghosts | Ch2 Florence | Ch3 A Matter of Seconds | Ch4 I need a Backdoor | Ch5 Die Hard | Ch6 White Flag | Ch7 Haunt the Living | Ch8 One, but not done [end]
Tumblr media
This is how you die.
"So you're the one who hacked the wrong guy" You swiftly turn around gasping at the sudden voice in your apartment
"Depends, you’re his hitman?" You were ready to run even if it means jumping by the window.
"Nooo, I'm an angel.” You snort at his sarcasm, unknown to you at this moment that he was full of it.
"Wanna disappear?" he asked taking a seat at the kitchen table eyeing your bags at the door.
"In a body bag? Slowly you make your way to the knives, just in case.
"You are a funny one, aren't you? I know the man you stole from, you won't get far until he got you. But, he emphasized, if you’re willing to do what's right.."
"I've already done my part for the flag." Assuming he was American by the way he talked.
"I'm not talking about shitty drug dealers. But evil war-lovers, genocide perpetrators, that kind of shitty so-called human. Those ones that are above the laws with governments' balls in their hands, ready to squish them.”
"That's gross" your brother appeared from the adjacent room. You let your mind consider the stranger’s offer as soon as you look at your confused brother, knowing he was in danger because of you.
“You two look at lot alike.” The guy leaned in, screwing his eyes at you both.
“We’re twin dumbass” your brother answered glancing at you wondering.
“What’s the deal?” you asked considering the offer
The guy smirked, “Well, to be short you die, and then you take down evil motherfuckers without governments’ backlash on you.” He tapped his fingers against the Formica table.
It took 5 minutes.
"One condition, my brother comes to!"
"What's he good at?" he crossed his arms.
"I can drive…Hold on what? Die? Who the fuck are you!?”
"Already too many questions” he rolled his eyes
"He's a hell of a driver, it got him under surveillance when he got chased by 6 police cars after an illegal race back in the States."
"So they caught up Muttley” the guy clucked his tongue
"No, you interfered almost ashamed, I told him to stop the car...I got motion sickness."
The guy erupted in laughter, you two watching him unamused.
“I’m more like Peter Perfect.”  Your brother mumbled as the guy left.
You look by the window discreetly, catching a glimpse of the guy mingling in the crowd. “You’re Muttley bro.”
A week later you got a text. The guy who called himself One had planned your fake death. A random trek in Italy’s mountains, an assumed fatal fall, no bodies recovered.
It was never supposed to be your life. But we all know nothing happens as it should.
Papà went to fight a war and disappeared, you were forced to move in America when you were 6.
Mammà never cope the loss of her motherland and husband. She died of a belated broken heart syndrome when you were 16. 
Both you and your brother were placed in a host family. It wasn’t a crappy family like it’s always the case in some tv show, they were nice and wealthy. The father was a tech engineer, somehow you took interest in his work and start learning to code, soon reading about hackers: white hats; black hats; “We are Legion”, you were hooked and skilled in a matter of time.
When you turned major though, things turned difficult, the host family had to let you go and Internal Affairs of your state caught you looking in their network. Which led to you working as a C.I for them, it was that or prison. Not thrilled by the idea but obliged to cooperate was your new motto.
Your brother had some job here and there but nothing steady, so money from the IA was welcome.
After a year and a half, I.A ditched you, it was rather good news in a way, they’ve erased your past mistakes but said they’d keep a distant eye on you.
So you moved on from your shithole that was the 1 bedroom apartment you and your brother shared and went to your parents’ hometown in Italy. Your brother was reluctant at first as he couldn’t even say hello in Italian, you taught him as your mamma had done it with you but he wasn’t that interested.
Working with people was not your forte, you were too bossy, so you got fired ... plenty of times: from a coffee shop, a rental bike shop and a tourist city tour bus thingy. So you started doing what you were good at, hacking for money, it went well for a few years, never being too greedy - until you hacked the wrong person and got in trouble.
That's how you became a Ghost and ended up in the middle of the California Desert.
One had built a squad. No names, only numbers to identify each other. Not calling your brother by his name was a challenge, same for him.
There were 7 of you.
One, the “boss”, a mysterious sassy billionaire who decided to fund his own strike team.
Two, a French blonde woman, pretty cold, a spy apparently
Three, a crazy hitman who couldn’t shut up
Four, a young parkour master and reformed thief
Five, a Doctor, but you heard she was actually working at a Dentist
Six, your brother, the annoying driver.
And then Eight, you, the Black Hat somehow becoming a hacktivist.
Why not Seven? Long story short, it was one more condition you’d submitted to One.
"Your focus determines your reality.”
“Oh for fuck's sake One, quit your Jedi bullshit!” you loosed your temper typing on your keyboard angrily. An entire week, an ENTIRE WEEK quoting Star Wars!
Four and Five laughed in the comm. One braced himself on the other end of the line. Three cut the heavy silence.
“Eight, Chiquita please stop yelling”
“I’m not a Chiquita stop saying that!”
“Ok ok chi…Eight, damn you’re stressful” 
“God, why do I have to team you up!!” One facepalm
“Now what?” Five asked
Radio silence
“Oh so now no one’s talking! What are you, 4?” One angrily called out to you 2.
“Yeah, uh high, literally.” Four answered One, you snorted.
“No ..  damn not you!”
“You called me Mate!” Four said offended
“No, shush – Eight are you done with the system?” he was about to lose it.
“I’ve been done with it the second Three called me Chiquita!” you crossed your arms in front of your laptop.
“Hey ..” “We’re not talking about that again!” One cut Three
“Can we get going now?” Two interfered, you heard her bike roaring.
“Finally, some sensed words.” One said wrapping it up.
Four entered the place you’d hacked the system of. Six and Two were not far in case of trouble.
“Four, the hard drive is in the main office. Second floor.” One enunciated, you followed Fours progression with the security cameras.
It was enlivening, stressful, but oh so exciting. When you worked with I.A you were never there when they’d go down in action, it was nothing but boring data researched and dealer’s MacBook.
“Freeze Four, guards coming east.” Switching cams you gave him a safe path.
“Ok, you’re clear. Now to your left, third door then turn right.”
Four got his hands on the hard drive containing all you needed to know about the next target.
“Well done.” One congratulated the team
“Thanks, thanks, It helps to have a sexy voice guiding you” Four chuckled, you blushed, sexy voice? is that even possible?
“Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”
You rolled your eyes at the endless use of Star Wars' quotes.
“Hum that’s my sister, remember?” Six growled tightening the wheel
“Luke grab Solo, meet up in 15minutes at the hotel. Everyone move!” One instructed you smiled at the thought of being Leïa. Gosh, you were as much of a nerd as One.
Climbing down the jeep Three had rented, you laughed seeing your brother holding Four in an arm lock for a few seconds anyway, Four reversed the lock, pining your brother’s arms behind himself.
You passed by them “Easy with my twin please.” Four wasn’t releasing his hold so you stopped, turning back you lift an eyebrow at Four insisting he let him go.
“Oh!” he lifted his hands in defence taking a step back.
Grabbing your brother by the sleeves as he was about to jump on Four “Come on piccino” you made your way in the hotel laughing.
Your first big mission started a few weeks after, everyone gathered in The Haunted House as One called it, an old bunker, cheesy name for an HQ.
“You don’t get it, I need a CAR!”
“That’s a car, Six.” Three argued back.
“No that’s a heap, that thing won’t get us through the paved road of Italy, believe me.”
Four and Five were amused by the situation, Three had rent a truck and an old Volvo for this mission.
“Alright, shut up, we’ll get another car!” One declared, Six flicked to Three.
One resumed the mission’s details. Giving everyone their own missions. A simple mission, retrieve a lawyer’s smartphone.
In the midst of it, your hand flew to your brother’s head next to you. The smacked resonating between the walls of the unfinished bunker.
“Why ..why’d you hit him?” One asked confused, your brother was rubbing the back of his head frowning at you.
“Cain’s instinct.” You replied wriggling your fingers for him to continue. Four snorted, Six nudged him in the ribs.
In a few months, you had learned a lot from this weird squad. Learning to shoot was an obligation, Three was insane but a good teacher.
You’d asked Four to teach you some parkour in case of a chase. Six and Four became close friends in a matter of time. Five was nice, but you were never one to be good at making friends. Two was not a big talker and frankly, she scared you a little.
So you spend your free time hacking and reading, on the hammock installed between a dismantle plane and a dead tree. Not far from there you could hear Four skating in the empty pool and three at the makeshift shooting range.
Groaning you closed your book “WHAT!?
Your voice boomed against the caravan and lost itself in the desert, but you still hoped Four had heard. It was his thing, screaming your name instead of coming to you directly. At his silence, you wriggle out the hammock and strode to the pool.
“What’d you want skater boy?”
He was lying in the pool his board by his side. “Four?” you made your way to the ladder, “hey” you gently nudge him with your foot but he didn’t move.
“Four? you called out worried, “shit” knees hitting the vinyl liner checking if he was breathing, he wasn’t.
“Hey wake up, seriously dude don’t make me do CPR on you, I suck at it!” suddenly laughter erupted in your ears. Six appearing on the edge, Four chucked on the floor.
“Pranking you..he tried to breathe in, is always the best sis!” Six laughed even harder at your confused face. Still kneeling at Four’s side, he was looking at you laughing, until he wasn’t, catching a glimpse of worry melting with anger in your eyes.
Punching his left shoulder, you hurried out the pool. He stayed on the floor watching you go.
“Don’t make me do CPR I suck at it!” your brother was still laughing his brain's out.
“What was that?”
Four leaned on the dead tree near your head, his shadow offering some shade.
“A real bad joke?”
“No I mean, why’d you hit me?”
Sighing you clasped your book closed for the second time today “you really got me worried, happy?”
“No, you propped up on your elbow at his answer craning your head to him, I didn’t mean to scare you.” His warm hand slide in your hair at the base of your neck, he leaned in, letting you enough time to push him away if you wanted.
"Sorry" he whispered, his lips pressing in your temple gently, warmly for a few seconds. Catching yourself leaning in you almost fell off the swinging' hammock as he released his hold, he grinned and left not saying anything more.
"What the hell Four!!" you yelled at him, an ounce of laughter in your voice, a blush creeping into your cheeks, his own laughter filling the desert's silence.
A/N: don't forget to double tap if you liked it. 🙏
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autisticsisko · 2 months ago
Cult time!
YOU should not criticize anyone talking to Kira about forgiveness, Odo
I love Nerys so much
Dukat can't even wear the fucking earring, it just dangles
Where is this? Is it the bar set?
Man, I wish Jewish Themes in Star Trek had actually analyzed the Bajoran faith
I love the idea of sister ships and stations. An exotic new location: the same set with different lighting
"That was some kiss" are the writers making fun of kiraodo?
This episode's really interesting bc I think on some level Dukat actually believes this, even with all his hypocritical, self serving bullshit
Don't fucking touch her
Oh, now Dukat's earring is working
Even if Dukat did actually change and became a good person, Kira and all of Bajor still wouldn't owe him forgiveness
I can't fucking believe he gets these people to believe this
They really put this poor baby in this makeup?
I can totally understand turning your back on the Prophets after the Occupation, but following Dukat and believing this bullshit?
That's a pretty mild reaction to being shut in an airlock
I'm pretty sure space doesn't work like that
I mean, since he does join the Pah-Wraiths at the end the way Benjamin joins the Prophets, it seems like he is genuinely their Emissary, so I wonder if he actually is having orb shadows
This pill looks like cut up hot glue gun sticks
*breaks my ankle to stop a cult*
This bitch just rip his earring out?!
I don't know shit about religions or cults, so I can't really judge that part, but this ep raises a lot of interesting questions. 7/10
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