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#i'm just being SALTY
sokayisaidiot · 17 hours ago
“Oh man, Tommy’s talk to techno was so huminilating and evil! He’s so mean to talk to techno like that-“
Sighs in, watch your goddamn streams to see that techno humiliated tommy on November the 16th, even though tommy begged for techno to stop. Willingly wanting to talk it out, but still being the target of the speech, settling up his faith and breakdown even more-
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caryatherton · a day ago
u like the mechanisms n critical role n i don’t know anyone else who does so?? if it’s okay id just,, like to share a thought w u,,, been thinking abt. m9 Mechanisms. band of immortal space adventurers. beau’s hands.... Caleb’s heart.... yasha’s wings (she had them but Obann.... and now they’re all dark, skeletal gunmetal) fjord’s eyes (they found two of the stones, remember?), caduceus’ spine, veth’s lungs n jester’s throat (she might’ve been hanged... might not have escaped the chateau...) n molly’s brain (he used to be someone else but forgot...)... just been having. thoughts. and thought you’d maybe appreciate the concept too. Yasha’s already got that harp! (I think she’d rock Rose Red)
[altho veth spine n cad lungs is also good, Bc there’s some to be said about nott the brave having a steel spine, and the corruption in the grove seeping into the air... there’s ALSO something to b said about Old King Cole being King Dwendal, and Caleb fighting in the war and something something Astrid and Eadwulf something something the ‘three little pigs’ fiction] (ask part 2)
aw fuck yea very glad i’m known as the crossover person now, and you guys get as much joy out of mashing things together as i do!
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detonizing · 6 days ago
//i first started rping in 2012 and i didn’t crop my icons. It LOOKED like it was cropped though, because back then tumblr allowed you to adjust the image size of the image IN the actual post. So instead of saving my icons as 100x100 , i would save them in whatever dimensions they were, then every time i used the icon i would adjust the image size on the post AOWIENAWEAWEN 
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forerussake · 27 days ago
Still salty about the mandatory second year trip to Italy that got cancelled last year bc covid happened. We would’ve gone to Vergil’s grave (which isn’t actually Vergil’s grave but still, Vergil’s grave!)! Like, going on a trip to Italy with like half the professors of our classics department and collectively going nuts over our dead historical faves????? Trip of a lifetime. Except it never happened and it never will.
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iamanartichoke · 27 days ago
You ever get like 2k words into a post that started off as frustrated venting about the positive vs. negative framing of A Certain Movie’s analyses, only to have it veer off into a really unexpected and surprisingly detailed analysis of the Great Gatsby (which you actually haven’t read in its entirety since you were like 14), until you realize that it’s kind of a false equivalency to the point you originally wanted to make and if you post it you’d just look like an asshole trying to start wank for no reason? Because I have. 
Tumblr media
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martivist · 29 days ago
beatrice still should have eaten claudio’s heart in the marketplace. any production of much ado that doesn’t acknowledge that the end is still fucking tragic for hero, even after her vindication, is fooling itself.
ideal ending: hero tells claudio, her honor-killing trigger-happy dad, and any other man who thinks he’s the real victim of the scandal, to go fuck themselves. she either moves in with beatrice and benedick, or the friar refers her to a lovely convent with lots of wonderful aces and lesbians to take good care of her.
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justsomeghostofme · a month ago
Things Emilie could be doing for easy profit that aren’t NFT and probably wouldn’t lead to very little fan outrage
Re-release Opheliac and Enchant And I’m talking a 0 frills just put them back into print, even for a limited time, not even a puzzle reissue. The ideal version would be a remaster or the vinyl people have been asking for since the 2000s, or additional liner notes, the puzzle, but that’s not in the spirit of this list.
Again on rereleases, just so much of Enchant-Opheliac era merch could be reprinted. Much of it still sells decently 2nd hand
Another round of the handmade jewelry that wasn’t expensive to produce, all sold out within days. 
Merch with artwork from the hardback edition of The Asylum Book that hasn’t been done yet. 
Open a patreon, just semi-regular live streams, the occasional old photo that hasn’t been up elsewhere, blog posts that are just a bit more than on instagram, again the tiniest scraps of content, and let people have the feeling of exclusivity that tends to keep things from leaking at least publicly in this fandom even years after things get closed and made unavailable. Bonus of continuous profit stream.
Open a cameo and just record 30 second clips for $100 each. Just over price that shit so hard.
Again this is just the low effort type ideas of less sketchy and harmful to the environment and more accessible things.
(and yes, all of this is cashing in on old work, it’s what she’s doing now anyway, I’m just trying to focus it more towards Enchant and Opheliac which is what people look a lot more fondly on than FLAG. And I can point to a lot of things to prove this point.)
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