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Okies so maybe if anyone’s interested, I can make my own Frostiron Holiday challenge open to anything, including fics, art (drawings, digital graphics), and videos? 🥰♥️🎅🎄✨

I would love to see all media in one place lol!

Anywho, putting it out there, let me know if anyone’s interested in joining! 😉 I’ll make an official post soon!

EDIT: I made it here! <3 :D Check it out! ;)


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Throwing this out there -

Would anyone be interested in doing something akin to a Christmas Exchange for Frostiron? Or a Secret Santa? 🎅 😆 💕

A bit like the beloved @frostironbang from the past? 🐍♥️

I personally very much miss that festive spirit and it’d be awesome if something like this happened, especially with how tumultous 2020 as a year turned out (I think we deserve some cheer)!

If anyone’s interested in working together with me to create something along this lines before Dec, that’d be awesome! 😆 and hopefully there’ll be participants too, haha!

Xoxo Anna


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I’m trying this out instead!!

If you’re interested in Frostiron/IronFrost I’m giving everyone an open invitation to join the ‘Official’ Frostiron Discord! We are a rather large community made up of people who abandoned tumblr with active users and lurkers! We offer lots of fun channels including fanfic-recs, an art gallery to post your works, and much much more!

If you’d like to join the Discord, click here!

Please reblog to spread the word!

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send me a ship/dynamic/etc. (or, if you don’t care about the ship/dynamic but want a charcter centric piece, a character) and i’ll put my music on shuffle and write a drabble/one shot based on that song for that character/ship/dynamic/etc. i’ll work on filling these prompts in between working on my nanowrimo fics so feel free to send as many as you want!! i’ll work on them throughout all of november!! also if you send a ship name but want it to be platonic in the drabble/one shot then make sure to specify bc ship names i’ll assume are supposed to be romantic/more than platonic!!

(tagged ships/dynamics and the characters in them are what i am most willing and usually excited to write for, but most unproblematic marvel [mcu] ships are on the table!!)

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Everyone has that one (1) fanfic or book that you read years ago and are trying to find it but can’t and it’s so long ago that you can barely remember the name or author and sometimes wonder if it was a figment of your imagination but you NEED to find it again and keep thinking about at night it’s like you’re prince charming and the fic is cinderella and-

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