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#keith shone
all-action-all-picture · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hotspur and Crunch No. 1078.
14 June 1980 for 10p.
'Flying Fury' cover made up from two panels of interior art. This strip was originally drawn by Ron Smith but the artist here is Keith Shone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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prinzcake · 2 years ago
incoming WOT
----About Klance
This final season was just a hurricane of emotions
I came back from watching with rachel and sat in the shower for a long time
Klance was the most beautiful in this season. Their quiet love and support for each other was so genuine and Lance looked so content whenever he was with Keith
My heart feels like its bursting
Its really difficult to accept that I won’t see them anymore
The most bittersweet feeling is that both of them grew up so peacefully. I so happy and so glad but also sad that their journey as paladins came to an end. i miss the bickering and teasing and all the shenanigans in space. i miss their adventures among all the different stars and planets. i miss their teamwork
Keith just shone!!! 
He was amazing as a leader, and just as amazing when he turned down being the leader. He has so much talent but never had any ambition for it because he treasured family and friends so much more. Im sooo proud of him. Alot of people think I stan Lance more, but Keith is my star and my one true north. 
Lance grew so much and became so gentle. 
In a way, I feel like it took alot of courage for Lance to be a farmer. Its not easy to choose the simpler/quieter life and be content with it. But I also fell in love with him because of his passion for flying and excitement for new things, so its a really complicated emotion i can’t quite come to agree with yet. (Im waiting for Keith to come in and take Lance away on more adventures haha)
I truly feel that klance are my endgame, that they are so good for each other. my love and hope for them will never change.
----About the season
Its a conflicted feeling because the writing has alot to answer for, there were so much window for amazing story telling and character development that was missed.
Lotor could have been a really great character! he had a good heart even tho he had no example to get it from (Also he was so freaking cute as a kid!!!) I wish that they could have factored him into saving the universe instead of a catalyst for Honerva’s insanity.
Honerva’s actions were all really, really hard to connect with...I even felt that Zarkon had a better redemption scene compared to hers
Also, RIP matt holt’s hot hairdo
Hunk was just perfect. He was solid and a pillar of support for everyone, and never let anyone tell him otherwise what he wanted or was supposed to do or feel. He’s as warm as the sun!
I can’t believe they all went to Clear Day carnival, Shiro tells Keith to relax and have fun, then the first thing Shiro does is go and have an arm wrestling match WITH HIS ADVANCED ALTEAN ARM Im crying Shiro you are terrible. im glad Shiro is canonically happy with Curtis, but I also really miss Adam.
Ryan Kinkade is so far off from what i imagined.. but also i love him and all the MFE pilots, and especially James...James was a Mood
The scenes were all done beautifully. I really loved the lighting and atmosphere for all of makes me so emotional and I’m really going to miss all the different worlds that they created
please yell or cry at me because I am both   😭
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theaviandragon · 3 years ago
You know, the whole cast was great in this season. Keith really shone, Hunk was amazing with the Galra. Lance was there for Allura. Lotor was a backstabbing snake. Overall great season.
But! One character was better than the rest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I present to you.
The  g o o d    b o y
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