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#loved that scene

Din putting baby Yoda to work is the most Latinx parent thing I’ve ever seen, that baby is gonna be cleaning the ship by the end of the season poor Yodito

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Pat: “We wore costumes for a reason.”

Courney: “So I need a costume.”

Pat: “No, that’s not-”

Courtney: “And probably a mask.”

Pat: 🤦🏽‍♂️

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when she put a bullet thru that bitchboys head in a phonebooth…. yes maam

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when gendry said “its strong enough” arya felt that deep down lol 

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i want to be a hungarian goddess of death

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daisy saying ‘this is the guy that sold me to kasius’ and fitzsimmons’s reaction being 'kill him’ is iconic

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The crownless again shall be king.

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If I was Josh I’d put up Cody and Mark. Mark would try his best to win veto but Cody wouldn’t because he would know that he’d be replaced with Jessica so he’d sacrifice hisself even tho she said she doesn’t need a man to do that for her.

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When you and your sister spell out ‘fuck off’ to your older sibling.

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Hetty and Deeks in the car though 😂😂

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I bet lionblaze has a similar body shape to Firestar and firestar is just super proud of his fat grandson


he does and IS!

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You said Steve worries about Natasha?? when? how? why?

Yeah he does in that scene where they’re talking on the phone. If you want specifics message me off anon

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When Peter offered Stiles the bite rather than just biting him.

Properly asking for his permission. 

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but when that azgeda guy landed on the ground and the grounders were like oh what was that. they weren’t even horrified they were just a bit surprised. “just another day in Polis” “ooh Heda is pissed” “hmm i wonder what he did.. anyway

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