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#moriyama yoshitaka

He’d like to think that this isn’t the person he fell in love with.

He’d like to think that he fell in love with a different you. 

Because there was another you; there had to be. There was the person who curled up in his arms at night, who wore his jersey, spinning around so the sleeves (because they were always a little long for you) swung and so everyone could see the number 5 on your back. The person who blushed at the pick up lines he repeated, who slurped up the noodles from his udon bowl as he tried to shelter it from those prying chopsticks. The person who hid their face in his chest, close enough he could feel their tears on his shirt, murmuring, “please never leave me, Yoshicchi, please never leave me.”

It was a different person, right? The one he replied to with, “I’ll never even look away from you.”

He’s not looking away now, that’s for sure, whilst you’re angling his chin to meet your eyes, purring that he’s so pretty when he blushes, almost trapping his irises in yours, as if trying to drag his gaze away from the streaks of crimson across your collarbones, and the darker red-brown on your hands. And the body in the corner - old enough that it has stiffened, that the skin is starting to marble in distinct purples. It’s looks nothing like his brother now.

“Yoshicchi,” you whisper now, (and, suddenly, he feels like the one who’s small, who curls up in other people’s arms, who cries into their chest; if you let go of him now, he’ll certainly crumple to your feet), “say it again. Say that you’ll never leave me.”

He drops his head. His mouth stays shut.

Your nails stab into his chin a little more forcibly. He can feel where the blood has crusted on your fingertips.

And finally, he mutters, “I’ll never leave you.” 

So you release him, and he collapses to the ground just as he predicted, and he can’t look in his brother’s direction - he can’t look anywhere but at you - as you press a kiss to his nose. Your touch is almost maternal.

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Ooh thank you for requesting!!

HC: Being Kaijo’s manager

notes: this would be a first sksks im sorry for the very late response to this request hnnnnnnnnnnnng

warnings: none

taglist: @hikari-writes

join my general taglist here!

  • okay 
  • first off,,,,
  • wHY
  • u can still run
  • i mean, nah they’re the best!!1
  • rUN
  • so like, u became the manager bcuz,,,
  • one, u dont rly care abt kise even though he’s v good looking
  • which is a plus bcuz yukio cannot stand another fanatic
  • which was weird bcuz,,, he kinda stuttered the first time u two met
  • like coach takeuchi introduced you first to the captain and vice captain of the team
  • which was yukio and koji
  • “hey! i’m y/n, im going to be the team’s manager!”
  • “hello, im koji kobori, the vice captain of the team.”
  • u turned to yukio
  • who immediately blushed as u smiled at him
  • “he’s yukio kasamatsu, the captain. he isn’t usually like this, please don’t mind him.”
  • you giggled, shaking their hands
  • it was all downhill after that
  • nah im jk
  • or am i?????
  • nah,,
  • but just so u kno,,, the first meeting wasn’t all that bad??
  • HAHA
  • kise immediately befriended u
  • while moriyama flirted,,,, 
  • which went horribly wrong
  • dont ask me why
  • it just did
  • and hayakawa is very enthusiastic
  • while nakamura can be v passionate abt cheering the team
  • ngl,, i feel like u would prolly get too close to them in just a matter of months
  • esp with kise and yukio
  • and like,, they rly like u bcuz for one, u know how to handle hayakawa’s outbursts of energy
  • and can handle kise
  • like wow,, they never saw that unless it’s from yukio or kobori,,,
  • moriyama still flirted w u teasingly
  • and u sometimes answer back
  • but u’re just friends
  • it didn’t take too long for the team to become family to you
  • yukio doesn’t say it but he kinda likes u being the manager of the team
  • it doesn’t help that the team teases u both
  • u were deemed the parents of the team,,, so
  • aHahAHA
  • “sTOP IT!”
  • that was kise which received a flying kick from yukio
  • see, that was fun, ryt? HAHA
  • and,, 
  • it’s v hard to see the team cry after they lost the interhigh
  • u couldn’t help but cry as well
  • u were still v proud,,
  • kaijo has become ur family
  • and u wouldn’t have it any other way
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An excerpt from Kuroko no Basket Drama Theater - 3rd Game CD.

Moriyama: Izuki-kun, do you have a moment?

Izuki: What’s going on?

Moriyama: The boy with slanted eyes, does he have a girlfriend? (Talking about Tsuchida)

Izuki: You mean Tsuchida? Yes, he does.

Moriyama: You have slanted-eyes, too! Does that mean everyone in Seirin-?!

Izuki: Huh? No, he’s the only one.

Moriyama: I see! He’s the one I’ve been looking for!

Izuki: Moriyama-san, what are you saying?

Moriyama: I will become the disciple of that slanted-eyed boy!

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Kise : *GASP* senpai… Why you never tell me? We can dating~!

Moriyama : I’ve serching for best girl for me. But i don’t know a girl actually really near with me. *blinks. Don’t know what to say*

Kobori : *smile innocently* is this one of april fool’s joke?

Hayakawa : Why you nev(er) te(ll) me, captain?! *approach excited*

Nakamura : *glasses cracked*

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Moriyama : *throw a butter to Kasamatsu*

Kasamatsu : *the butter landed on his face* the hell…! Why you throw a butter to me-?!

Moriyama : Because it’s “Butter-fly”.

Kasamatsu : Huh?

Moriyama : Izuki was said “Butterfly is butter-fly”. So, i throw a butter at you. To tell you how beautiful you are. Like a butterfly.

Kasamatsu : The heck! I’m a boy!*facepalm* don’t meet Izuki anymore.

Moriyama : WAIT, NO.

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I feel Moriyama is the type to take a relationship seriously. Despite his flirty nature, I feel that’s how he tests a girl to see if she laughs or not. If the girl laughs, he found his soul mate (So he claims) and will do everything he can to keep her with him. But he won’t hit on a girl if she’s in a relationship or is clearly not interested. He does respect them after all.

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Moriyama and "I'm pregnant"

OMG… YES. I saw this and instantly began screaming because omg.. A scenario just kind of jumped at me the moment I saw it.. (but I was busy writing other scenarios.) 

Prompt list;


He stops, looking up from his studies to meet your hesitant gaze.. Moriyama is only used to you calling him by his first name either during sex, or when you’re angry.. And seeing as you whispered his name, and you’re standing in front of him, anxious, has him concerned.

“What’s wrong ____-chan?” he gets up, rushing to you in panic as you’ve yet to answer his question. “Are you sick? Hurt? Do you need something?”

You try not to laugh, because seeing Moriyama so anxious and nervous is very adorable. But the matter at hand is serious, and you’re not really sure how to bring it up.. 

You bite your lip, showing him the stick in your hand. He looks at it in confusion, eyebrows furrowed.

“What’s this?”

His hand wraps around yours, and he sees two lines, along with a happy face… Okay.. so it says positive…. But…

“What’s positive, ____-chan?”

You release a breath, holding onto his hand with your own. If it wasn’t for his hand on yours, you would’ve dropped the test, and you try to gather your composure..


“I’m pregnant…”

There’s a complete silence as you search his eyes, watching for any sort of negative reaction. You hadn’t talked about having children this point in your life, since you were both excelling in your careers, and lots of doubts had been swarming in your mind recently..

You look down, trying to bite back the tears as you wait for his response.. But almost immediately, you yelp when he picks you up, begins to swing you around as he laughs and has a couple tears in his own eyes..

“W…We’re going to have a baby!!! Oh my god! My lovely _____-chan is pregnant!!!”

You hold onto him, laughing and bury your face in his neck as the tears stream down your cheeks. To see him this excited and happy elicits the same reactions from you, and you can’t help but feel a weight being lifted off your chest.

He stops, holding you in his arms and rubs your back, pressing soft kisses to your forehead.

“You have no idea… how happy I am to be the father of your baby…” he smiles, cupping your cheek and presses a loving kiss to your lips,

“I love you ____-chan…”

You let out a choked sob, a smile curling on your lips as you return it, holding onto him tightly.

“I…I love you too, Yoshi-chan… So very much…”

He chuckles, keeping you in his arms as he kisses your cheek.

“Just next time, if you’re going to tell me big news, don’t use my full name.. Otherwise I’ll think I’m in trouble..”

The two of you burst into laughter as you rejoice in the blissful moment together..

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Kasamatsu, Moriyama, and Kobori are friendship goals!! Please make a story about these three's journey of friendship since elementary days (I headcanon this!) until the end of high school. I think Moriyama doesn't go to the same college as the other two so maybe include some sad/angst moments for that. Thanks^^

Hi dear! 

This ask was as beautiful as hard, it really took me a lot of time. Did I write it during the night? Yes. Is it OOC or not good enough? Probably. Am I going to post it, either way, hoping to make you at least smile? Obviously.

Sorry if it’s not the best thingI’ve ever written, I’m battling with myself right now! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Have a nice day!

Kasamatsu Yukio & Moriyama Yoshitaka & Kobori Kouji

Friendship, Memories, Fluff, Slice of Life, Sad Moments, From Elementary School to University, Funny, Kaijou Trio, Long Post

Just Them

“You can’t play with us!”

“We don’t want you!”

Yukio, who was playing football with some boys from his class, stopped running and searched for the source of the commotion.

Another small boy, probably of his age but from another classroom, was surrounded by a group of older boys who laughed at him. He was hugging a ball to his chest, looking at the ground as he tried to hold back his tears.

“Why they don’t want him?” Yukio mumbled, furrowing.

“They say he always plays with the girls, so they don’t want him.” The sudden voice made Yukio jump in the air.

“What?” he turned, wide-eyed, and found one of his classmates. His name was…Kouji. Right, Kouji.

They had started their first year of elementary school two weeks ago, yet it was the first time Yukio’d heard him talking. And he was really tall for being the same age as him.

“They say he should play with girls,” Kouji repeated quietly, tilting his head.

Yukio frowned more and moved his gaze again to the poor boy. One of the other kids pushed him and he fell to the ground.

Yukio clenched his fists and his face became red with indignation.

He rushed towards them, screaming, “Hey you! What are you doing? Leave him alone!”

The boys turned to look at him, sneering, and their victim just widened his eyes, as tears ran down his cheeks.

Yukio growled, “Didn’t your mom tell you that you shouldn’t pick on others?” He glared menacingly.

They snickered, ready to pick on him too, when behind him appeared Kouji. He simply stared at them, expressionless. However, the kids lost the desire to argue with someone bigger than them.

“Tsk, do what you want,” they hissed, walking away.

“What losers…”

“Don’t show your face around us!”

Yukio was trembling with anger, ready to chase them and throw a good punch, but was distracted by Kouji.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly to the boy still sitting on the ground.

He nodded weakly as he tried to wipe away the tears, but it wasn’t very convincing.

Yukio sighed at him and held out his hand, “You shouldn’t let them bully you!” he scolded.

The boy grimaced, accepting the help, and stumbled up, “They were more and older…” he argued feebly.

Yukio shook his head, “Still, call for help next time.”

He nodded again, sheepishly.

“So, what’s your name?”

“M-Moriyama Yoshitaka…” he stuttered, fidgeting with his hands.

Yukio grinned widely at him, “Nice to meet you, Yoshi! I’m Yukio!”

“And I’m Kouji,” the other boy added.

Yoshitaka offered a small smile.

“Come on, let’s go playing!” Yukio said excitedly, pointing at the ball he was holding.

His new friend blinked, surprised.

“You want to play with me?” he asked, incredulous.

“Eh? Sure,” Yukio shrugged, “Kouji too.”

“Fine,” the other agreed.

Yoshitaka saddened, “But they said-”

Yukio cut him off, “ ’Don’t care!” he grabbed Yoshi’s wrist and started dragging him towards the garden, Kouji trotted behind them, “Come on! You’re going to play with me from now on!”

“A-are we friends?”

Yukio laughed and turned to look at him, “Yes, we all are now!”


“Yu-Kio-Chan!” Moriyama sang draping himself over his best friend’ shoulders, who roughly shook him off.

“I already told you to stop calling me that,” he growled, but the annoyance in his voice was nearly none and Moriyama knew.

They were walking in their middle-school’ corridor, eating some sandwiches and drinking juice. Kobori was with them, quietly watching over his two friends; he had grown so much that the other students couldn’t resist from glancing at him as they passed. Moriyama and Kasamatsu were now the same height, much to the second’s chagrin.

“Yukio!” he whined again, pulling his sleeve to have his attention, “What club are you joining?”

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Knb Papas
Seirin: Megane papa. Hates puns, mamas food and disrespectful kouhai. Had the worst hair ever as a first year.
Kaijou: Flirty papa. Always flirting with girls (or trying to) in front of mama. Mama is not forgiving.
Shutoku: Tired papa. He has a hawk and a carrot for kouhai. Enough said.
Touou: Shady papa. Apparently he's the worst, according to his middle school kouhai. Got hit by a basketball by mama, accidently, maybe.
Yosen: Gorilla papa. His kouhai hate him and mama ignores him. Poor gorilla-kun.
Rakuzan: Invisible papa. Doesn't care about his kouhai and they don't care about. Hates being used.
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