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pairing: kise ryouta x female reader

genre: fluff

warnings: reader being insecure of her stretch marks

a/n: this has been on my notes for a month now lol might as well post it 🤪


• You and Kise are on your 8th month of relationship

• Your relationship w/ him is going well, but there are times that you can’t help but feel insecure and jealous every time Kise’s modeling w/ girls

• No, you support his modeling career, you are actually so proud of him BUT YOU JUST CAN’T HELP IT

• Seeing your boyfriend with girls whom you think are prettier and sexier than you makes you feel smaller than ever

• Not to mention their ✨f l a w l e s s✨ skin

• You were very, very jealous and very, very insecure

• But every time you felt like that, Kise was always there to assure you that you are the only one that he loves and he adores

• That you are the most beautiful girl in his eyes and no one can ever beat you

• You were on your 2nd month when he first saw your stretchmarks

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Kise Ryouta

  • The day’s suppose to be relaxing but it did not start on that note. By 7 am you were woken up with Kise shaking and poking you to wake up. You had to throw him a pillow so he would calm down
  • After you get ready, Kise basically jumps up from his sit and pulls you out the door and towards the mall, there he explained that someone from his agency managed to get some free spa tickets to a really well-known place and what’s more fun than shopping till you drop then relaxing in a spa?
  • Once you get to the mall, you and Kise haves fun! You go shop to shop and try on clothes, the other one would check if the clothes fit the other and if the price is reasonable, then you’ll buy it
  • Although Kise did try to pay for the clothes you deemed too expensive
  • “But ____cchi it looks good on you!”
  • “It looks good but has too many zeros on it!”
  • You also try on some wacky clothes and take pictures for his social media
  • On that note, his social media would be filled with either his face or your face with captions like ‘with my bestie!’  ‘so unfair everything looks good on ____cchi  😭’  ‘isn’t my best friend the coolest?’ and a bunch more
  • You got him to try on a minion like clothes, with the goggles, shirt and one piece. Once you posted it on social media it blew up, with some saying he looks ‘totes cute!’ ‘absolutely stunning’ ‘cute babey’ while some ‘nice job in making him look like an idiot _____😂😂’
  • You both bought matching onesies!!!
  • Once you two felt your feet aching the two of you left the mall and straight to the spa space
  • Upon entering you could already feel relaxed at the Jasmine scent around the place
  • Going to the counter, Kise handed the lady the coupons and smiled at her
  • You couldn’t help but snort when the girl giggled
  • After some time waiting, you and Kise were separated for the massage. Although he didn’t like the fact that he was getting pulled away from his best friend in their spa day, he knew he didn’t have a choice
  • After changing into the robes given by the place you laid on the bed, you could feel your muscles relax as the woman kneed your body
  • Kise was the same, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief upon the relaxation. After a long week with shoots and training, he was finally given some time to rest himself
  • After the massage you wore your clothes and proceeded towards the facial room. Thankfully since the two of you are dressed, you and Kise were allowed in the same room
  • “_____cchi!”
  • “Kise!”
  • The ones entrusted to work on you two could only stare as you and Kise prety much dramatized the whole meeting again thing
  • The two of you relaxed as they started working on your faces. Beside you, you could hear the woman working with Kise compliment him about his perfect, blemish free skin.
  • You could only wish
  • Afterwards it was hair, manicure and pedicure. You and Kise had fun looking at the nail art, taking at least an hour before getting to choose because according to Kise “Beauty takes time.”
  • In the end you two chose a matching design
  • You and Kise gushed about how this would absolutely look cute! Not only that but you two got excited about showing it off on social media. Thinking about how the photos would turn out and how people would feel jealous of your friendship
  • “____cchi your hair feels so soft and that new hairstyle really fits you!” Cue clicking of camera as he took pictures of you
  • “Don’t take too many photos!”
  • “But ____cchi looks so pretty! Oh I know let’s pose ____cchi!”
  • Afterwards, Kise will most likely pull you to go on a party or somewhere with him with the new clothes and new look because it would leave everybody blown away
  • You just chuckled and let him pull you away. Time with Kise was really never boring
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Omg you're doing matchups *screams internally*! I hope I'm not late! I'm a heterosexual female, who's main trait is her kindness! Other than that, I'm very loyal, family oriented, a bit of a perfectionnist and SO anxious about everything. Ah, it also takes me a lot of time to open up to people so I usually come up as a cold person :( ! I love to learn new languages, psychology, mangas, humor and animals! If that can help, I'm an INFJ? Tho I'm too scared to speak up lol... Congrats on the 1k!

 i match you with nakamura shinya

  • ‘not too late’ says anon, knowing it’ll be years before i reply to their match up ;)
  • right so languages are the things that start y’all’s first conversation: nakamura knows sign language, and you love learning new languages so the conversation comes (surprisingly, knowing the two of you) pretty easily
  • bit by bit, the two of you become closer and closer friends and eventually being in a romantic relationship is just natural
  • (but this definitely isn’t a fast development; as an infj, you probably take finding a romantic partner pretty seriously, and nakamura is the same) 
  • the two of you also end up getting involved in the other person’s interests
  • nakamura will start reading some of your favourite mangas, and you watch the occassional ghost movie with him (though your nerves only just stand up to it)
  • also, he’s that companion that supports you and pushes you forward when you’re afraid of something; his motto is ‘seize the day’ after all, and he’s pretty good at cheering people on
  • i feel like, the first time he gets invited over to your house, you get very stressed out, giving him the instruction “please don’t start talking about the occult” over and over again
  • your instruction ends up failing because your parents ask what he’s interested in, and nakamura can’t resist discussing the tarot cards and witchcraft and all things good
  • (at least he talks about the more normal parts of that hobby, and doesn’t start talking about the time he tried to summon a demon and it almost worked) 
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Hi! Match up please? 5’3, long dark hair, brown eyes. Introverted, shy and polite especially around new people. I love traveling, cooking - experiencing new cultures/lifestyles, Disney fan, dog lover, reading/writing. Very goal-oriented, hardworking, diligent! Always need to be doing something productive. Thank you :)

Your match-up: Kise Ryouta

  • His easy-going and cheerful personality would instantly make travelling a lot funnier. (Not to mention the amount of photos you two would take. Memories will be kept for sure.)
  • You two are very goal-oriented, just in different fields, but that would not bar this relationship. You could be reading an academic book to enhance your knowledge while he’s on the court to get better and better.
  • His love for anime and manga sure as hell extends to Disney. Imagine those Friday nights when you’d just chill on the couch and watch Disney movies.

Originally posted by fykagakise

Other possible match-up: Takao Kazunari

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aight, so i’ve decided to do an xmas special for knb instead of bsd, but i’ll do a new years’ special for bsd :3 i’ve done all the major schools and players in the anime, just like my father’s day special. enjoy!

- pocky

ps. i omitted Hayakawa+Nakamura (from Kaijo) Otsubo+Miayji+Kimura (from Shuutoku) and Hyuuga (from Seirin) simply because i didn’t want it to get repetitive and i couldn’t come up with anything :/

pss. these aren’t necessarily reader specific, but i’ll add a little fluff for each of them ;)


under the cut for length :)

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Kise : *GASP* senpai… Why you never tell me? We can dating~!

Moriyama : I’ve serching for best girl for me. But i don’t know a girl actually really near with me. *blinks. Don’t know what to say*

Kobori : *smile innocently* is this one of april fool’s joke?

Hayakawa : Why you nev(er) te(ll) me, captain?! *approach excited*

Nakamura : *glasses cracked*

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