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#spanish class

i can never remember the name of the film, but when i was in 7th grade and had my first spanish class we watched this french flick ( yeah i didn’t learn shit in that spanish class ). it was about a group of kids murduring the woman taking care of them and they hide her in a giant grandfather clock? when i was in 7th grade? and in a spanish class? ahhhhh public school back in the day.

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This is not a band story, but it is from my Spanish class.

So about five minutes ago, the boys in my Spanish class decided that it would be a great idea to form a cult.

They took all of their iPads and put them together in a circle with the speakers in the center. They started playing a song we were learning for the class on max volume and in sync. They did this multiple times and even stacked the iPad’s on top of each other at one point. This group of boys of course started trying to get the rest of the class to join their cult.

The only people who joined, however, was the majority of the rest of the boys in class. And yes, these boys were all at least mostly sober when they did this.

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Spanish Class Quotes

“so what if they figure out later on that doctor phil is planning to kill them, so they all just beat the shit out of him”

“honestly y’all can’t tell me the backseat of cop cars don’t smell like vomit and sweat” “… you’ve been in the back of a cop car?” “yeah, you haven’t?” “no, cause that’s not NORMAL” “yeah it is! come on, alex, lexi, back me up” “yeah they do kinda smell awful” “they smell like stale piss” “MOVING ON”

“so i get to punch lucas in the face?” “i mean yeah i guess” “AWESOME IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY”

“oh Dios mío, ¡estás jodidamente loco!?” ((our poor innocent/ignorant spanish teacher)) “what does that mean?” “oh uh, i told lucas he was being really crazy”


“what’s the spanish word for brand?” “mamón” “aLEX DO NOT TELL HER THAT IS THE WORD FOR BRAND” “why what did alex say” “… i can’t repeat it”

“i’m just saying if we called the police this wouldn’t have happened” “he took your pencil not your fucking child calm down”

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Hello everyone! I know that I’ve been super inactive, but I’ve just had a lot of school work and sports to do first. Just thought I’d let people know that I didn’t forget about this story (Spanish Class) and have actually made some short layouts for each chapter. At the moment I’ve written short summaries for 15 more parts, but the story could potentially be 20 or more parts depending on how I work it out. If you have any suggestions after each part or some you’d like to share now, comment on DM me. Thanks!

P.S. - requests are still open for all fandoms on my Request List.

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was in spanish class and overheard two people talking behind me

guy: she doesn’t support my dream of going to the eiffel tower at night the smell of baguettes in the air-

girl: -because it’s UNREALISTIC

guy: it’s france nothing’s unrealistic

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Me in Spanish class: speaks in long, eloquent sentences about the horrors of the Spanish civil war while using complex vocabulary.

Also me in Spanish class: forgets how to say six and is confused at seeing 18 spelled out.

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Spanish 1-3 textbooks: translate this sentence into Spanish “Maria and Juan went to the supermarket”

Spanish 4 textbooks: Do you think that the nacionalists who committed atrocities during the Spanish civil war should be pardoned? Explain why or why not using at least three vocabulary words.

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So, my old spanish teacher–hes awesome and adorably awkward–has dual citizenship in Mexico and the US, but he lived most of his young life in Mexico. You couldn’t tell by looking at him though (he’s a pale ginger), but some of my favorite sayings are from that class

1. So, we were learning verbs to clean and Mr. Arnold couldn’t think of the English translation of limpiar (to clean). He struggled and struggled, waving his hands in the air until he said “Unmessify!” 

and i went “Oh, you mean clean?”

2. We were learning the culture and etiquette of Spain, and Mr Arnold asked us what some of our household rules were, but we had to say it in Spanish. One was “no shoes on the carpet”. Mr Arnold wrote it on the board, and later someone asked what it meant so they could write it in their notes. He stared at it for a couple of minutes, struggling and finally saying “Shoes. Carpet. Not.”

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so my dead name is mentioned in a very popular song rigjt now and everyone is singing it. i hate it for obvious reasons. but someone was playing it in spanish class and i was just like ‘no turn it off’ and some dude made the conection and just went 'hey *deadname* when’s your birthday’ and i just turned around slowly and said 'if you call me that again, i will slit your throat’ and just went back to my work

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