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#spn headcanon

I don’t know who needed to hear this but: Dean Tortured John Winchester in Hell

Take this headcanon as my gift to you.


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Angels’ conversations are basically just radio waves, right? So I think when Cas is bored and has nothing to do, like at nights when everyone else is asleep, he can listen to an actual radio in his head.

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I can’t stop thinking that the Eileen/Ruby comparison is bc JarJar (he IS a clown, so that must be his name) is bc he is as codependent of Gen the same way Sam was of Dean.

I can’t really think of any other reason, really. It. Makes. NO. Sense.

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Dean wants to see how Cas really looks like. They discuss if it could be possible, because his true angelic form would definitely harm Dean: they both remember how two seconds was enough to burn Pamela’s eyes out.

Finally someone (possibly Sam, lol) remembers that Cas can visit dreams, so it might work: showing his angelic form to Dean in a dream, a safe version.

Dean goes to sleep, Cas connects to his mind, and it works, and Dean is absolutely amazed by what he sees. But when he wakes up he can’t really remember. He isn’t sure, if it’s like dreams that you forget as soon as you awake, or his mind just cannot fully comprehend how Cas looks like and describe it with words. But he knows that he witnessed something unbelievably powerful - and incredibly beautiful

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I’m trying to decide, should I continue only posting my own headcanons or should I also reblog others’ that I like

First option is more logical because I’m kind of creating my own alternative post-canon spn universe with all my thoughts here,

But sometimes I see ideas that are so brilliant that I immediately want them to exist in my version too.

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Sam grew up loving books and being a smart kid because Dean read him stories every night.

Even before he knew how to read, Dean would pick up tattered motel Bibles and make up stories to tell baby Sammy to pass the time while they waited for John to come back from whatever hunt he’d run off to. Dean remembered a time when his mom (and John on rare occasion) would sit on the edge of his bef and wrap an arm around him and read from big books with colorful pictures. He would make the funny voices like his mom did and he never said no (the way she never said no, but John did) when he asked for another story.

Sam loved it, little as he was. Dean did too. It was a comfort, a little piece of the life he lived before.

Once Dean had learned to read, he’d tell little Sammy about the books they read at whatever school John put him in for the week. He’d borrow books from the little classroom library to read to him before bed, fully intending to return them the next day (because this was when Dean still hoped that John would pick somewhere and they would stay). Of course, he wasn’t able to always bring them back. This is how Dean began amassing Sam’s little library.

Over the years, he collected books like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings (they accidentally read the series out of order), The Outsiders, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Beowulf, Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Flies, Dracula, The Odyssey, Frankenstein, and so many moremostly, they were books that were assigned in Dean’s classes (some were gifts from Bobby). Especially when Sammy had already started school. By the time Sam was half way through elementary school, he had grown bored because he already knew most of the stories. Dean had already read them to him. Sam craved more, so he’d read from what had been assigned.

Sam didn’t need Dean to read to him by the time he started middle school, but their routine stayed the same, more or less. John did sour things one night when he glared daggers through the rearview mirror of the Impala at Dean, sat in the back seat with Sam, reading in whispers by flashlight, and said that they were both too old for bedtime stories, told them to make themselves useful and pick up a lore book if they wanted to read so badly.

Dean’s reading tapered off from there (around the time he was 14) becoming less and less as John pulled him out of school more and more often for hunts. Sam continued to inhale books at an even faster rate, picking up fantasy and fiction novels from the school libraries on top of the lore books that he had actually come to enjoy reading.

Dean was the one who bought Sam copies of the Harry Potter books as they were released from whatever he could scrounge up (odd jobs, hustling pool, etc). Bobby also continued to give Sam heaps of books and even had a whole bookshelf in his house dedicated to Sam’s books. Sam stashed most of them there, but always carried a few favorites with him.

Sam never told anyone, but this is one of the things he wrote about for his college essays. Earned him a scholarship even. Despite the hardships in his life, Sam always had his brother and the love of knowledge Dean imparted on him as a constant.

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Claire knows that Jack can’t interfere in events, so she doesn’t try to ask for help on cases or something like that. Instead she starts praying to Jack for the most ridiculous reasons, mostly just telling him stuff or asking about simple things, because having a little brother who is an all-powerful being and can hear you from anywhere is very cool:

“Jack, can you tell me if it will be raining today? I don’t want to take an umbrella with me for nothing”

“Jack, I found a really cute cat on the street”

“Jack, good evening, sorry to bother you but do you by any chance know where my car keys are? I need to leave in like five minutes and I can’t find them anywhere”

“Jack, have you seen this show? I think you definitely gonna love it”

“Jack, quick, which of these shirts looks better on me? By the way, I bought one for you”

“Jack, hey, can you please use your magic of whatever and help me remove this tattoo, ‘cause that was a bad decision and it doesn’t looks like I expected”

“Jack, I found an amazingly delicious ice cream, you should try it, I’m sending you the address”

And half of the time Jack actually answers her. He likes that she knows exactly who he is and still sees him as a person, not as a power behind him.

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Claire heard about Jack a lot, but they meet for the first time when he already has god’s powers and responsibilities, on one of his random visits to the bunker, when Claire accidentally is also there.

Jack tells Claire he’s literally God. Claire is Not Impressed - her girlfriend is a dream walker and one of her sisters is a psychic. She asks if he can make it snow (he can!) and then starts trying to make him test his powers. Then they have a long conversation about knives and then another one about cats. Jack is really glad to meet someone new who can understand him and isn’t afraid and doesn’t try to act carefully around him (that happened with other people before).

After this meeting Claire immediately declares him her little brother, and not at all because of their weird connection through Cas who adopted Jack and inhabited her dad’s body, but because she already has two found sisters, why not add a brother to the family? She always wanted to have a younger sibling to be the coolest big sister, and now she has this opportunity, and who cares if this kid is god.

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okay thanks to this tiktok my friend and I agreed on some Good Points and now I present to you some loosely related/random headcanons:

- john winchester is alive okay and at some point he meets ruby and cas and he totally, absolutely despises ruby because she’s a demon right a monster and definitely tries to kill/exorcise her at least once

- on the other hand he keeps his disgust for cas more lowkey like, you know mary used to tell dean he was being watched by angels and stuff, and joh worships her memory so he’s very passive agressive about cas and since he and dean are together and john’s a homophobic shit he would call him slurs or say homophobic jokes when he’s around

- also he probably let the boys “keep him” as if cas were their pet bc still not a human so he can’t be trusted (imagine all those times their enemies call cas the winchesters pet? yea just like that)

- john is also like. in deep denial about dean not being straight but actually acknowledges cas gayness so at first he ignores the relationship and sticks to calling cas slurs to “send a message” to dean

- obviously dean and john get into a fight over this at some point and john says well ruby might be a monster but at least sam got himself a woman

- also john blames cas for dean being bi and hate him even more for that

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cas always running warm even as a human because of traces of grace left in him and therefore he can be deans personal heat source (ive seen this theory from other but i cant find who)

vs cas as a human always feeling a bit cold because no other warmth can really compare to the grace he once had EXCEPT for the warmth of dean

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Some saileen wedding headcanons (more “how I imagine it” than logical thoughts, hah):

Sam and Eileen after a few years officially marry each other. Not long after they buy they own house - this was a first step in their new life and they are ready for the next one. None of them proposed to the other with rings and romance and all that, one day they just talked to each other about the future plans and the conversation turned into let’s get married.

They decide to have a mostly traditional wedding. Sam does most of the preparations, and is really excited (sometimes too much) about everything. Eileen cares a little less about the details. They have an unexpected helper - Donna, as soon as she hears about wedding, gets exited and helps with all the plans, and drags Eileen through a dozen of shops to pick a dress.

They choose the date in the summer, and the ceremony is outdoors, in the forest near the lake - they have been in this place a few times before and really like it. The weather is surprisingly good, not too hot and not windy.

The wedding is big and beautiful, and guests are a weird mix of hunters from their life and their new friends in town. Everyone in invited. They give all guests as gifts a little souvenirs with a hidden anti-possession symbol on it, just in case (for those who don’t know about hunters). Dean and Cas make sure that the place where the wedding happens is warded against all possible treats, because no monster has the right to ruin that day.

Dean is the best man, and his best man speech is absolutely terrible but shows how proud he is of his little brother. Jody helps with organising arriving guests. Claire is wearing a suit and looks fantastic. Jack appears half an hour late but celebrates with everyone. Rowena doesn’t attend (they send an invitation to hell, yes) but sends a postcard. Everyone is dancing between the trees, even hunters who have no idea how to dance. They party until night and then a lot of people go swimming in the lake.

The thing is - that celebration is not exactly a legal wedding because Sam doesn’t have legal documents by that time yet. After he manages to get those, they register their marriage officially too and plan to quietly celebrate at home, but there’s a large group of hunters at their doorstep, because Dean interviewed and invited everyone who was available, and no one who knows them wants to miss the official winchester wedding, even if it’s kind of a second one. On papers, of course, their last name isn’t “Winchester”, Sam’s is “Campbell” and Eileen doesn’t change her last name, but everyone of course keep calling them that, because the winchester name is sort of a legendary tradition by now. It all turns into a big loud party, and though Eileen and Sam didn’t plan anything like that, they are happy to be surrounded again by their giant found family.

13 notes

First two years after defeating chuck Sam and Eileen spend organising a new network of hunters, with the bunker as a headquarters. Eileen moves into the bunker and they live together there for that time. They try to create a connection between all hunters, so every hunter could get help, assistance and any information they might need in the work or in life. Basically, same thing that british men of letters tried to do, except without unnecessary cruelty to both hunters and monsters and without any obligations. Anyone can choose to still work alone, but now it’s ot the only choice. Bunker becomes a training space for new hunters, and a collection of knowledge required in the life.

They update bunker’s systems and figure out how the old ones work, and apply modern technologies to hunting. They find some people with programming skills and create an app to exchange information online, to help follow patterns in monsters’ behaviour and check on the cases that potentially aren’t finished, and to make sure that any suspicious case gets attention of at least one hunter. They connect it to bunker’s system too.

They both become unofficial leaders for the current generation of hunters and respected mentors for the younger next generation.

They still hunt too, sometimes together, sometimes with other people, but less often than before, mostly controlling and guiding others’ operations.

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okay okay hear me out: jack, dean, and cas are all non-binary but in different ways.

dean uses he/him only and calls himself a man still, but he feels a disconnect from being entirely male, and likes female and gender neutral terms.

cas is genderless, but somewhat identifies with male. he doesn’t mind female terms, but he prefers male or gender neutral. he also uses neo’s.

my favorites for him are ae/aem and vae/vaem, maybe it/it’s. he also uses they/them.

jack is also genderless. he uses he/they. he’s starting to prefer they/them though.

also sam is entirely cis but he uses he/they.

16 notes

dean would absolutely lose his mind if he found out about orville peck, like in general, the concept would probably melt his brain but the song “nothing fades like the light” oh boy…… claire would get in the car one day and be like “hey check this out” and dean would just grip the wheel tighter when he hears “time goes by, i wanna rise up and i know why things change and i know why i stay the same” and “some say i should learn to cry but i only learned how to fight” but he wouldn’t say anything, later that night he’d casually ask claire ‘what was the name of the guy again’ and after listening to “pony” three times in a row and realizing it’s actually about gay cowboys, for self-preservation, he’d probably try to completely erase this experience from his memory

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a list of cas’ favorite emojis :-)

- 💙 he ends almost every text with it

- 🤠 he likes to spam dean with it and giggle

- 🐝 bees!

- 🥧 it reminds him of dean <3

- 😙 he uses it every time he says “i love you”

- 😎 we all know he’d use some boomer emojis

- 😻 he thinks it’s cute

- 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 “dean look pretend it’s us”

- :) but he :) uses it :) like this :)

- :3 he only sends it to dean

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I really want to apply the afterlife system from the ending of “the good place” to “supernatural” (well after watching it actually I want to apply it to literally everything)

Because that’s the only version of the afterlife that makes sense to me and also seems fair.

I believe that eternal heaven equals eternal boredom, and also just putting all people who somehow deserved heaven in the current system together wouldn’t make them happy, it would be an ordinary life with a lot of problems like it was on earth, not paradise. People will still fight and hate and cry and suffer, and if so then what’s heaven and the afterlife even for? I also believe almost no one deserves to be tortured in hell for eternity, slowly losing their humanity. Especially if they weren’t a villain, a cold blooded killer - but just a human who made a little too many wrong choices to get into heaven (and there’s definitely a lot of those). People deserve a chance and an opportunity to grow, and change, and become better versions of themselves, a chance to work on themselves and earn forgiveness and happiness.

I like to imagine Jack and Amara eventually creating something similar to this, maybe even after seeing the show itself and being amazed by how humans came up with something so good and kind, better than god ever did

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Cas would want to get a lot of houseplants but that’s not possible because plants need daylight and they live in an underground bunker.

Eventually he finds an alternative and creates a small garden outside. There are mostly flowers, and some little trees near the entrance to the bunker and then at summer a few vegetables which they could use for food later. He loves his plants and takes good care of them and the garden is beautiful.

Also later he begins to collect cactuses under the ultraviolet lamp in his room. Dean doesn’t exactly understands his hobby but occasionally buys him another cactus when he sees a flower shop on his way.

Cas gives Sam and Eileen a big houseplant as a housewarming gift. Then he and Sam together try to find out if they can make it grow a little bigger by using magic and/or effect of Cas’ grace. Turns out they can and the plant now occupies half of the room and also for some reason has bright blue leaves that slightly glow in the dark, which surprisingly doesn’t prevent it from staying healthy.

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