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#terf positivity
slayerr-of-tims · 13 days ago
It's 2021 and women can now be bounty-hunted for having an abortion after being raped or simply having a miscarriage.
Sounds like a very specific misogynistic, dystopian religious state that may or may not have been a book and tv show that I may or may not name.
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heisreaper · 3 months ago
Terfs deserve to die I hope they all are killed byfiring squad fuck you fuck you fuck you ffuck you fuck your fuck you fuck you you are more violent than men kill yourselves stupid fucking terfs I hope you all die
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radicalising-you · 7 months ago
i am so done with all these male yters coming out as trans women. shut the fuck up. shut up. you do not know what being a woman means. what it is like. your wigs and glitter makeup do not make you like me. you are not like me. we. are. not. alike.
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trash-man21 · 3 months ago
If a terf even dares to perceive me or any one I love, I will suck their spine out of their throat like a straw and gift it to one of my transgender furbies.
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jaded-bi · 3 months ago
hey bisexuals! it's okay to not be attracted to trans people! in fact, you can never date them and there's literally nothing wrong with that!
you're allowed to exclude anyone for any reason.
it's not your job to date anyone, your sexuality is not a validation machine!
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guncase · 2 months ago
Men cannot love. It is not in their nature to stay monogamous. You can look at the Bible, you can look at recorded history, you can look at present day - you can even look at your own experiences with men. Their love is one-sided. They only love themselves, and not even each other. Find love within yourself, your fellow women, and keep it safe, because the minute you let a Man find that love, the minute you lose it.
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rabidvixen · 2 months ago
hey radfems, let's do this picrew together
Tumblr media
this is me :> without my septum tho
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f-transphobes-etc · 8 months ago
Someone didn't drink their respect trans women juice
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tiedykesmth · 20 days ago
Uh, YEAH, I’m a radical feminist
*does a kick flip and skateboards to a planned parenthood*
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radfemaesthetics · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Moth lesbian radfem background requested by @sweet-simple-dyke!
Like/reblog if you use please 💜
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slayerr-of-tims · 10 days ago
The funny thing about "tradfems" and "tradwives", which actually becomes less funny and more sad is that they hate feminists so much but when they decide to get married at 18 to live as a housewife and domestic servant in a secluded cottage in the Mountainside or whatever with no financial independence and their husband decides to become abusive and hurt her, her two choices will be to either suck it up and be a good little submissive wife OR seek out the help of feminists who have made it possible for women to have jobs, work, and women's shelters and relief aid. (Which especially radfems are the ones fighting to have and keep for the access of all women and girls.)
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sandycheeksislesbian · a month ago
The TRA debate about trans women in sports and how testosterone level discrimination affects black women is actually ironic.
TRAs argue that black women, who can have above average testosterone levels, are the reason that sex based discrimination in women's sports is not making sense, because they're women too right? So why draw the line at trans women who too have naturally higher testosterone levels?
DO YOU HEAR YOURSELVES. That argument is so racist and misogynistic. TRAs act like they have the most revolutionary ideas all while basically using the same arguments that slave owners and white supremacists made. Same shit, different fonts.
They are equating black women with higher testosterone levels to biological men.
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