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#the owl house amity
shadowmintzzzz · a day ago
Tumblr media
lol can relate somtimes HAHAHAHAHAHAH ctto :>
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huntersgrave · a day ago
willow; i think we're missing something, guys
amity; cohesion?
king; teamwork?
eda; a general sense of what we're doing?
amity; also, gus isn't here
eda; oh, and that. yeach
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sepublic · 23 hours ago
I like to imagine that similar to Eda, Emira and Edric are talented but cheat anyway just for the heck of it, because they could but don’t want to apply the effort, and it’s fun to mess around and be mischievous like that.
Like Lilith, this just drives Amity up the wall even further, knowing her siblings could effortlessly pull off honest work, but cheat anyway for fun and rebellion, while she has to struggle to succeed the ‘proper’ way, lacking that same talent and having a lot more of that obedient integrity drilled into her by her parents;
Unlike Lilith, who was clearly willing to cheat in the end herself, like Eda, because Gwen and Dell never applied that obligation- Which in the end might’ve turned out worse for the family, but one could argue that it was a lack of attention that led to this to begin with.
They definitely needed to pay more attention to Lilith in general, in the end, for the sake of the entire family. Conversely, Alador and Odalia really need to pay more and less attention to their kids, in different senses of the term for each parent- Arguably less, because they keep deciding things for their kids without consideration nor consent.
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narf-southwest · 23 hours ago
Candy hair 💕
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My cat is sick :') he's very, very sick, so I'm trying to find someone who want to donate in my Kofi or commission, it would be amazing :'') he needs to go to the doctor but i don't have the money, it's very expensive so.
This is my Kofi->
Thanks in advance for reading this, if you can't that's okay! Shared this please :')
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keravnito · a day ago
Tumblr media
Is been long since I’ve finished The Owl House and I can wait for season two to come out on Disney Plus so to watch it properly!! It’s an amazing show and this episode was so beautiful!
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jay-zzz87 · 2 days ago
Writing prompt: Luz thinks Amity's kiss is a prank
I was looking through Insta when I saw this comic about Luz thinking Amity was dared to kiss her at her house and I just wanna write about it cause why not. Also angst. Original comic is in the source.
Amity and Luz stood on the steps to the manor, shocked. Amity had just kissed Luz and now there was nothing but silence between the two.
Luz felt her legs weak, all the memories from home started flooding back. The times she was told nobody would love her. The times she was told she was too cheesy to date. The rejections. Luz fell to her knees, tears pricking her eyes. Amity was taken aback from the scene played before her. She didn't mean to take it that far. Does she not feel the same. Finally, Luz spoke.
Luz: Heh...Good joke Amity. Who dared you to that one? Boscha? Heh...Haha
Amity was confused. Dared? Why would she be dared to do that? Amity wouldn't even participate on the smallest dare. She wasn't that type of witch.
Luz: Well...You won Amity. You got me to fall in love with you. You don't have to keep pretending?
Pretending? Amity couldn't believe her ears. She's happy that Luz has feelings in return but at what cost. It wasn't gonna work out if Luz thought it was a prank. Amity tried to hug Luz, but was pushed away.
Luz: You can stop pretending. I know what I'm worth
After hearing that, Amity had had enough.
Amity: LUZ NOCEDA. Why would you ever think that I was pretending to like you?
Amity was stunned by the sudden voice change. Luz dropped her face from anger to sadness
Luz: Back home, I was always told I would never be loved. People would ask me out but then play it as a prank or a joke. No one would ever take me seriously. I didn't expect this to be any different. After all, why would a beautiful, strong, independent witch like you fall for a stupid, clumsy human like me.
Amity attempted to hug Luz again. Luz gladly accepted it instead of pushed away. She sobbed in Amitys chest. Amity rubbed her back, hoping to calm her down. She had no idea Luz went through so much in the human realm. She wish she had known sooner.
Both girls had no idea how much time they spent outside. Long enough that the land was filled with the moons light. Amity took Luz inside her room to help her recover in a safe space.
Luz sat on her bed drinking water and wrapped up in a blanket. Amity sat beside her, rubbing her back.
Luz: I'm sorry
Amity: About what?
Luz: Yelling at you and getting angry
Amity: Oh Luz
Amity hugged Luz.
Amity: You don't need to apologize. You were just angry. And honestly I don't blame you. You went through so much in the human realm. It's ok to be angry sometimes.
Luz: Thanks Amity.
Amity: No problem
After a few moments of silence, Luz still wanted to ask Amity out since now she knows that she has feeling for her. But it felt awkward. Maybe next time.
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kipo-oak · 2 days ago
I wonder how mad people r gonna be when I say that Amity is only like, my 5th or 6th favourite character in The Owl House xD
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