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down-in-devildom · 15 hours ago
Idk if you’d be interested in running with this concept, but I’ve always kind of liked the idea of Lesser Demons (or at least other demons) trying to get to the brothers through MC. How would the brothers (whichever you wanted to do ig) react to seeing that MC is being used? Originally I thought it would be extra angsty if the MC had a crush on the other demon, but you can take the idea wherever you want to if you’re interested!
First off, I am very sorry for taking so long with this prompt. My brain went on vacation and it was hard to get in contact with it. These turned out super long because I wouldn't shut up so I'm splitting these 3 and 3. Next part will hopefully be posted a lot sooner than it took for me to get to this. Anyways, thank you for your patience and enjoy!
MC being Used by Lesser Demons (Lucifer, Mammon, and Satan)
CW: Violence, Torture, Manipulation, Murder...general demonic behavior
Lucifer was used to demons wanting something from him. He was one of the most powerful demons in the Devildom and he did not make mistakes in his opinion. With power and prestige going hand to hand in the social hierarchy, it was in almost everybody’s best interest to try to get in a higher demon’s favor
To say Lucifer was hard to get close to was a severe understatement. He had built so many walls around himself after the fall and only Lord Diavolo was brazen enough to crash through them, until MC came along, that is. They were just so foolheartedly friendly and open to anybody that approached them. They demanded his attention, rather he wanted to grant it or not.  
It was hard not to notice the Lesser Demons that swarmed the MC like flies all of a sudden when he started to walk MC down the hallways at RAD from time to time. The other demons looked absolutely pathetic with how much they scrambled trying to impress the MC and do little favors for them. They would collect notes for them or conveniently find the pen MC had lost in their shared Spellcasting Class. It was all harmless to him at first until Lucifer started to notice one Lesser Demon in particular kept popping up almost like clock-work.
Lucifer brushed it off as a fragile budding friendship until MC started to look at the other demon with bright smiles and their eyes would shift to the demon in fleeting glances. No reason to get bent up by MC having a crush but the Lesser Demon appeared to have started to notice and was getting a bit too cocksure about their advantage. They would soon be found hanging around MC more than Mammon.
Usually MC would wait outside the student council office for him to get out when his workload wasn’t too hectic but soon it became both MC and the Lesser Demon. After a few times of Lucifer’s alone time with the human being interrupted by the other demon trying to lay on some thinly veiled praises to his hard work, Lucifer was getting irritated. The Lesser Demon would walk between Lucifer and MC and would sometimes not even give MC enough space in the hallways to walk side by side with them, leaving them to lag behind. MC would always hang on the Lesser Demon’s every word and wild gestures but not once did the demon look in their direction or give them time to speak.
One day, when Lucifer walked out of the student council room, it was only the Lesser Demon waiting for him. He asked where MC was and the other demon had the gall to say that the MC suddenly had an errand to run and could not make it. The Lesser Demon then started to commend Lucifer on putting up with such a weak human and how much self-control he had not to just consume them with how blindly trusting they were. Rather or not MC genuinely had errands to run that day or they were sent away to get something this demon wanted in an attempt to get Lucifer alone, the Avatar of Pride was not going to let this opportunity pass to get rid of some of the more annoying pest that have clung to him recently.
“You are correct. It is quite hard to hold back. You may understand more than anybody how irritating it is when you are being bombarded by demons that do not know their place trying to take advantage of Lord Diavolo’s exchange student. Or rather, I’m I speaking more from a personal experience?”
Lucifer takes a sickly amount of pleasure from watching the color drain from the Lesser Demon’s face as they try to stammer out excuses about having to find the MC to help them with their errands. The Lesser Demon does not get very far at all before being strangled by Lucifer in his full demon form and teleported to the dungeons where their screams echoed off the walls but nobody outside could hear.
The next day, Lucifer informed the MC about their little demon friend having to go to the countryside to take care of some family business and had to drop out of RAD. Rather or not MC knows enough about the Lesser Demon to know that would be a lie, Lucifer did not care. MC can heal from a little broken heart but the Lesser Demon will have a hard time healing from being torn limb from limb. It is so much easier to concentrate with one less fly buzzing around and it would seem like the other Lesser Demons picked up on the warning without him having to hang the corpse up from the rafters.
Mammon was used to people and demons alike wanting things from him. He was The Great Mammon and despite his attitude, he was really strong. There is a reason why so many witches want to do things for him or let him “borrow” something from them. They want to be repaid tenfold but too bad because Mammon owes nobody nothing!
Now, one thing that Mammon will have to begrudgingly admit is that he likes hanging out with MC almost as much as he likes getting expensive items and Grimm. So it comes to no surprise when a Lesser Demon first tried to spend time with the MC when they were already going to spend the whole day with him, although he didn’t tell them that, he was throwing a mini tantrum. The dumb demon had approached you both while at the cafeteria and asked to sit with you all. MC was way too nice sometimes and readily agreed and so now Mammon had to share.
Mammon’s tune quickly changed when the Lesser Demon nonchalantly gave both him and the MC some gold earrings that they claimed they bought on accident and couldn’t return. Ah, well, who was Mammon but a generous demon for taking these off their hands. And the gifts didn’t stop. Each day, Mammon was slowly losing his precious alone time with the MC but he was gaining so many luxury gifts and trinkets that he didn’t notice anything amiss right away.
The Lesser Demon was always around whenever Mammon and the MC were together and they all started to get closer. Soon enough, when MC and Mammon were hanging out in his room one day after pretending to study and just laughing at videos on DevilTube, MC said they may actually like the Lesser Demon. Like, like like the demon?!
The two actually agreed to hang out that coming weekend and MC was super excited. This was the first demon outside of the student council that they have really interacted with and they were a bit nervous to see how things panned out. MC asked Mammon to kindly not try to tag along so that maybe they can move the relationship forward into something a little more than just friends.
Mammon was trying to act like he didn’t really care that the MC had a date but then he started to fidget around and couldn’t focus on the funny videos. Why would they decide spending time with the Lesser Demon was better than spending time with him? Sure, they gave some really awesome stuff away but he is pretty sure he can get more Grimm in a night at the casino than the Lesser Demon could earn in a year!....Maybe it wasn’t about the money though.
The day of the date, Mammon followed MC, ya know, to make sure that they were safe. Mammon peaked at the Lesser Demon and MC from his spot in the bushes at the public park and watched. MC walked up to the waiting demon and looked to be pretty excited judging from the large smile on their face. The Lesser Demon doesn’t really acknowledge them at first and keeps looking around searching for something. When the MC appear to speak again, the Lesser Demon’s face seems to contort out of its friendly façade and into one of irritation before they push a wrapped gift into the MC’s chest rather hard and walk away.
Mammon was rightly mad about the Lesser Demon just leaving the MC and decides to swoop in and save the day. He casually walks by the meeting place and “happens” to run into the MC. MC appears like they aren’t that surprised to see him but hands him the wrapped gift that Lesser Demon gave them with slightly watery eyes and says it was actually a gift for him. Mammon is too mad and busy sorting out his feelings about the MC possibly being ditched in hopes that he would show up, that he had to quickly remove himself with the excuse that he was going to run to catch up with the Lesser Demon and thank them for the present.
Mammon was unnaturally quick with how fast he ran after the other demon. He was sure the MC was out of sight before grabbing the demon and forcefully shoving the small, palm sized wrapped box into the Lesser Demon’s mouth, as far down the throat as he could get it while the other demon struggled against the assault and for air. When Mammon was satisfied about not even being able to see the present from the entrance of the demon’s mouth and the throat was expanded unnaturally, he rushed back to the MC’s side and offered to get them some ice cream, his treat...this time. If the MC wonders why the Lesser Demon suddenly stopped showing up at school, Mammon just said their luck ran out at the casino or something and they were too embarrassed to come back to RAD.
Satan is not very approachable to the average demon. He was polite, smart, snarky, and an unabashed animal lover, but not approachable. Maybe it had to do with him being the Avatar of Wrath or it can be because he would sometimes treat the demons around him more like lab rats than individuals. He was a gentleman though and it was fairly easy to build up some sort of rapport with him if a demon had a great thirst for knowledge and knew how to stay out of the way when his patience thinned. 
MC was one of those rare instances where he did not seem to expect for them to understand the finer workings of a particular particle spell to get his respect and it would seem other demons have taken notice. Satan enjoyed the quiet moments where he and the MC would spend hours reading their respective books in the royal library or when they would visit one of the local cat cafes and have laps full of lazy little kittens. The tranquility did not last forever it would seem because a few demons suddenly appear to think that they have what it takes to approach him.
Things were innocent enough. MC had texted Stan ahead of time that some Lesser Demon in their Potions class was really struggling and had begged to study with them to ace the next exam. It would come to no surprise that MC’s grades improved thanks to Satan’s meticulous note taking so the MC thought that he could help the Lesser Demon as well. Plus, the MC seemed a bit desperate to make some friends outside of the circle they found themselves forced into. Satan begrudgingly agreed. It was only an hour or two and he can still get some time in with MC away from his brothers afterwards.
The. Demon. Will. Not. Leave. Satan is practically grinding his teeth with how close the Lesser Demon decided to sit to him at the study table, spouting nonsense about having poor vision. Demons don’t even need eye corrective measures! MC bought the flimsy excuse though and was trying their best to quiz the Lesser Demon on material they went over in class. The other demon was doing suspiciously well answering the questions for a demon worried about their grades. When it was the MC’s turn to answer the questions on the cue cards, the Lesser Demon was being unnecessarily harsh. They wouldn’t give the MC enough time to reply before blurting out the answer or would snidely elaborate on certain topics well past the scope of the exam needed when the MC was able to speak in time.
Satan was trying to not cause a scene in the library but he could feel his resolve cracking. What made matters worse were the little glances the Lesser Demon would give him out of the corners of their eyes whenever they found themselves able to spew out more information about subjects. The more the Lesser Demon talked, the more MC seemed to shrink in on themselves and the Lesser Demon appeared to be getting some sort of pleasure out of it. Could this dimwit of a demon not feel the temperature of the room start to plummet?
Satan had to excuse himself from the library to catch his breath and walked down the halls for a bit to calm his nerves. He was on high alert so he wasn’t all that surprised when he heard footsteps try to quickly catch up with him before someone gently grabbed his elbow. He didn’t lash out because he recognized the sound of the MC approaching well before they caught up to him. He turned around to face them just to see the MC looking off to the side looking a bit embarrassed. They quietly explain that they were trying to impress the Lesser Demon with their knowledge of Potions but it did not appear to be going all that well.
Satan gave off a bit of an irritated snort but it wasn’t directed at the MC. Of course he could tell that the MC was trying to show off but the Lesser Demon seemed set on trying to make an idiot out of them. MC is way too kind and trusting to know when some demon was blatantly being malicious and trying to use them to make themselves look good. So Satan decided against fighting his sin and was going to release some steam. He told the MC he was going to get their stuff from the library really quick and they can head to the cat café to help unwind after a productive study session. “Wait just a moment, please, MC”.
When Satan stormed back into the library, his demon form was on full display. Not that it would serve as much of a warning to the Lesser Demon when Satan immediately captures them and uses his claws to gouge their eyes. While the other demon was wailing and crying about their eyes, he got fed up and threw them out one of the giant stained glass windows. The other demon should’ve known better than to cause such a ruckus in the library. When Satan met the MC in the hallway with both their stuff and without the Lesser Demon, he said that the other demon decided to drop out of RAD suddenly because they could not keep up with the studies. Suspicious? Yes. Does he care? Not particularly...
Did I need to describe the violence? No. But these guys are demons so I feel like making them not so friendly sometimes. Please keep an eye out for part 2-Leo
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dailybuckybarnes · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What you did all those years, It wasn't you. You didn't have a choice.
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alwaysalreadyangry · 8 months ago
sometimes i want to go around to every person who writes action/superhero/genre media for a living and sit them down and tell them all that TORTURE DOESN’T WORK. they have got to stop showing that it does. even for fiction reasons. even for their fun movie where nothing else works like it does in real life. TORTURE DOESN’T WORK AND IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP SAYING THAT IT DOES. at the very least.
and then i want to go and tell all fanfiction writers., too, that TORTURE DOESN’T WORK. please think about this before you write a little hurt/comfort scene about torture, even.
why do i want to do this? i obviously, above all, believe that torture is morally abhorrent and should never be used on that basis alone. but the justification we are given - by governments, by military, by anyone with power who wants to defend it - is that torture works. they might try and act contrite, but they say they’re making hard decisions - they’ve got to do it, sorry! they have our best interests at heart! it’s all bullshit. torture doesn’t work:
Chronic and severe stress compromises integrated psychological functioning, impairing recall, and facilitating the incorporation of information contained in leading questions, and the captive and interrogator both might not know this subtle process of incorporation has occurred. Torture fails during interrogation because torture is an assault on our core integrated, social, psychological, and neural functioning. Given what we know of the brain, memory, mood and cognition, it is little surprise that the signal-to-noise ratio from torture is so poor. 
and so all these films and tv shows and comics and books and yes, it filters down into fanfiction... when they make it seem like whether or not you respond to torture is about how morally pure you are (which is what it boils down to when we see our heroes being tortured and they are able to just repeat one line in response), they are buying into the idea that torture works, that humans are capable of a rational response to it. often stories which show us heroes resisting torture will show the same heroes torturing (correct) information out of villains. see how that works? if you’re a hero, you can just repeat your name and serial number and survive. if you’re a villain, you’ll give in and say the truth.
both of these boil down to the same thing: torture works. and not only does it function as an interrogation technique, it also functions as a morality test.
in reality, people usually say things that will make torture end as quickly as possible. this is not conjecture, this is known. the idea that torture works is (incorrect!) folk-psychology, propping up extremely vicious, psychological warefare used by states such as the UK and US against states, peoples, and military groups that it wants to quash.
where do fanfic writers (and other writers!) get their ideas about things like torture from? largely forms of mass-media, or from mass-media informed works like fanfic. i say this because it’s where i have encountered every piece of information i have ever received about torture that i haven’t personally sought out. 
a vast number of big budget films - marvel films, other action films, so much stuff - are funded by the CIA and US military. TV, too. they have script control and influence on the storytelling. you don’t think it props up their international regime of terror against the rest of the world to put this out there the idea that torture works? you don’t think it helps them keep using it? because i do. i think it props them up. it helps keep propping them up. because it makes us think, maybe even unconsciously - wow, this sounds awful. but maybe - but sometimes - but i can see how - but if it saves lives here -
no. torture doesn’t save lives. it destroys them.
and look, fanfic writers are not the powerful people to target here. this post is not angry at fanfic writers, because i understand. we live in the soup of the culture that has been created by military and corporate interests! but i do just - if i can get one person to think before they decide to write a scene about their newest fandom crush being SO RIGHTEOUS and SO GOOD that he can carefully not say anything under extreme torture... look. i just think we need to do what we can to break free from the thought patterns around torture that the US/UK/etc military puts there.
apologies if this doesn’t totally make sense - i am tired and ill and just. i hate it. every time i see torture written about like this, i hate it so much. whether or not we realise it, the way the media represents torture directly helps prop up the very real use of torture against people around the world. please, please think about it.
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millionfish · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Interrogator Ocelot commission for Marissa!
Thank you so much! 😼💉
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samwinchesterism · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh nothing just post-cage sam winchester being tortured and the people torturing him amazed and/or confused about just the sheer amount of pain he’s able to endure 
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communist-wilbur · 4 months ago
was texting a friend abt this but im gonna post my thoughts bc fuck dude
ponk and sam weren't fighting over the prison keys.
sure, that's the source of their argument and the physical items that were being traded in exchange for ponk's safety/life, but it wasn't abt the keys in the end. they were fighting to prove their own point to the other.
sam was trying to prove to ponk that nothing, even overall harmless thievery, will be accepted when the security of the prison is at stake. he was willing to go to the lengths of literally torturing someone he loves in order to show that security breaches are not something he takes lightly. and so he tried to get the keys back, even though in the end they were functionally useless and entirely harmless for ponk to have.
and ponk was trying to prove to sam that what he was doing was drastic and fucked up. he was trying to convince sam that the prison has changed his behavior, changed his morals, and that he was a very different person than the sam he used to know and love. so he held onto the last key as way to basically be like hey are you really willing to mutilate me to prove a point? to get back a key that you have admitted is useless???
and he got his answer.
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inhuman-obey-me · 20 days ago
The brothers finding out that their s/o was allmost kill by a lesser demon.
content warnings: blood, gore, torture, body horror -- especially Asmo's and Lucifer's. Those two are especially not for the faint of heart.
Please don't be scared of us because of this. Or do? Maybe. Uh. We're nice we promise.
Follow up post with the side characters here.
Tumblr media
He notices that you're acting a bit strange, spacing-out more than usual, not responding when he calls your name a few times -- so he asks what's wrong.
You hesitantly tell him what happened, and before you know it he's got you spilling out the details on just who this lesser demon was.
You insist that it's fine, trying to calm him down, and he seems to eventually give in.
...until you're asleep.
He finds Beel in the kitchen, and tells him everything, hoping he'll join the plot to get back at the demon who dared touch you.
They march on over to the lesser demon's house, and Belphie slams the door open.
"You pathetic piece of shit. You really thought you could go after Y/N like that?"
The twins rush in to grab hold of the demon before they can run away, and Beel holds them up while Belphie pummels them with fists and spiky tail.
The spikes of his tail rip jagged slashes across the demon's face, spraying blood everywhere before it drips all over their body.
When the demon is good and bloodied and Beel suggests maybe it's time to go home because the night is almost over Belphie wraps his spiked tail around their throat and pulls it apart with a single flick, their head rolling along the floor from the rough tear.
By the time you wake up, he's cleaned up and cuddled back up with you in bed, a peaceful expression on his face.
Tumblr media
When you get home, you don't mean to act like anything's wrong, but well, you nearly died today so maybe it's a bit reasonable that you're visibly a bit shaken.
Beel rushes to you and asks what happened, face full of concern
When you tell him what happened, a serious expression comes across his face.
He swore before that he'd protect you, and he meant it -- he's not going to let some lesser demon get away with this.
For the next few days, he insists on walking you everywhere, staying by your side constantly to keep an eye out for that demon.
When you do next cross paths with the demon at RAD, he locks eyes with them from across the hall.
With his athleticism, he's rushed at them before you or they know what's going on, and has picked them up by the scruff.
"You're going to pay for trying to hurt Y/N."
He hits them with a series of punches and kicks, launching them into the air with probably more than a few broken bones.
In a desperate attempt to get away, they quickly try to change to demon form for wings to fly away on, but he grabs them by their wings and tears them right off their backs.
Their eyes widen as he proceeds to rip them literally limb from limb, flinging their arms and legs down the hallway, as blood spurts onto any passing demons who didn't clear a wide enough distance from the scene.
With his own powerful wings, he lifts the remaining torso into the air, bites their head off, and throws the rest back to the ground.
He comes back to you, apologizing that you had to see that, but promises that no one will ever come after you again.
After that very public mess, certainly no one does.
Tumblr media
Before you even reach the front steps of the House of Lamentation, Asmo is standing in front of you with a serious expression.
Being the gossip king that he is, he's heard all about your run-in with the lesser demon before you even got home.
But he wants to hear it from you.
So, you cave and explain what happened as he fusses over you, checking over every inch to see if you're okay.
Biding his time, he arranges for some of his fans to invite the lesser demon out partying with them sometime.
When the demon arrives, they're surprised initially by his seeming hospitality, as they were well aware that you are his s/o, but with his looks-obsessed reputation around the Devildom, they assume he doesn't want to get his hands dirty and that maybe he's sucking up to ask them politely not to do it again.
Joke's on them.
Asmodeus pulls them onto the dance floor with a flirtatious smile, but before the lesser demon can react, they find themself staring right into his hellfire eyes.
"I know, you're sorry for trying to kill Y/N, aren't you? Why don't you show me just how sorry you are, hm?"
The demon immediately bursts into tears, throwing their body to the ground against their will and begging for forgiveness before the words actually reach their brain.
To their horror, their hands move on their own, tearing deep gashes into their face and neck before moving on to twisting their toes clean out of their sockets.
They rip several more gashes along their torso and watch as their hands shove the toes deep inside, pulling out their own organs to make room for them.
Asmo merely smiles at them as he watches the bloody scene he's orchestrated play out before him.
Once they're done tearing themselves apart, Asmo turns to the rest of the crowded club and declares shots for everybody! Party!!
When he gets home, he can't help but brag about what a wonderful time he had out tonight -- and by the way, that lesser demon will not be bothering you again, don't you worry, sweetie 💖
Tumblr media
He senses that you're not feeling too great, quietly studying you from across the room.
That's when he notices the cuts and bruises on your skin, even though you tried to cover them up to the best of your ability.
He's on his feet and asking you what happened, making sure you leave no detail out.
His green eyes are glowing with anger, and he assures you he's going to take care of this problem right now.
He storms out of the House before you can even try to stop him, his Wrath simmering and ready to explode the moment he sets eye on the lesser demon who dared lay a single claw on you.
It doesn't take long for him to find his prey, his lips splitting into a malicious grin as the lesser demon catches sight of the Avatar of Wrath.
In a flash, Satan has his claws tearing right through the lesser demon's torso, soaking his own top with blood.
"You really thought it was a good fucking idea to go after Y/N? Hah!"
He continues to plunge his claws in the demon's torso, grabbing one of their organs and pulling it back out, then diving his claws back in.
His tail, meanwhile, is stripping cloth and skin off of their legs with its sharp ridges, tearing through sinews and creating ribbons of flesh and tissue.
Anyone who is witness to Satan absolutely mutilating this lesser demon's body has learned a new meaning of fear.
They're dead long before he realizes they are, and he's still destroying their body long after they've already died.
When he's finally done, he returns home, leaving a thick trail of blood dripping off him straight to the bathroom. Once he's cleaned himself up, he returns to you and gives you a tight hug, reassuring you that everything's okay now.
Tumblr media
You're gaming with Leviathan the day after, and you realize his gaze has been lingering on you for a bit.
He's noticed some of the bruises on your skin from the encounter, and he won't stop staring.
So you mention that you had a rough run-in with a lesser demon, but he starts muttering about how of course some demon thought they could get away with hurting you, his partner.
He basically guilts you into telling him all the details, a frown plastered on his face the entire time.
The next day, while walking to class with Mammon, he runs into the despicable demon in the hallways at RAD.
He hadn't exactly planned to do anything to them, but now that he sees them, rage bubbles up in him, and he's turned to demon form before it even fully registers in his mind.
He grabs them by the throat and slams them against the wall, fangs fully exposed as he hisses angrily at them.
"Did you think you could get away with trying to kill Y/N even though they have me?"
When Mammon hears that, he quickly goes to usher other demons away from the area, wanting to ensure that his little brother will have a wide open space to thoroughly punish them for their transgression.
His claws dig deep trenches into the lesser demon's chin as he presses them harder into the wall, daring them to say anything to him about what happened.
When they just whimper in response, he wraps his tail around their legs and thrashes them around on the floor, occasionally bringing them back up in front of him again to slash at their body.
Eventually, his tail muscles get tired out, and he leaves the demon twitching helplessly on the floor.
He taunts them a bit, telling them to get up because he's not finished with them yet, but their eyes are glazing over, more venom than he'd maybe intended having entered their bloodstream through his claws.
Not that he's sorry about it, either.
When he meets up with you as usual for lunch later, you notice he seems unusually hungry, but he's also in a better mood than he was that morning...
Tumblr media
He thinks you're acting weird, like unusually weird, so he starts pestering you about it.
He won't stop until you tell him, so you eventually spill all the details on the lesser demon that nearly killed you.
Oh, Mammon is livid, and starts going off about how he's going to beat the shit out of the dumbass who dared attack you.
At the sounds of his shouting, Asmodeus pokes his head from in the next room.
Mammon is already out the door to take care of this lesser demon right now, and when you explain to Asmo the reason he stormed out, he's right behind his older brother, determined to go help.
Which is good, because when the demon sees the pissed-off second most powerful of the brothers, they try to bolt, only to be met face-to-face with the Avatar of Lust, who charms them into turning right back around to meet their fate.
"Yo, you motherfucker! Ya really thought it was a good idea to go after my human like that, huh?"
Mammon rolls his shoulders back before rushing forward, head down so that his sharp horns impale the other demon's chest.
He quickly flies up into the sky, using his incredible speed to get frighteningly high before doing a spinning drill-like dive directly into the lesser demon, practically grinding them into the dirt.
Blood gushes out as he removes his horns from their body, and then he goes to grab at them with his hands, claws ripping off their face to expose the muscles underneath.
His fangs go for their throat, ripping it out in one swift move, yet more blood spurting from the cavity.
Before dropping the now-corpse, he fishes into their pocket for their wallet, which earns a laugh and teasing "You scumbag!" from Asmodeus.
But as the younger brother finds out, the money isn't actually for himself.
The two return to the House of Lamentation a while later, and Mammon presents you with a beautifully wrapped gift, saying he wanted to get you something special to make up for what that lesser demon did to you.
Tumblr media
Lucifer takes one look at you and he knows. You can't hide it from him, and he gets you to tell him exactly what happened.
When you describe the lesser demon, his crimson eyes narrow -- he knows exactly who they are.
They've always been a troublemaker and as Lucifer is basically second-in-charge of the Devildom, they had received several warnings from him before.
But now they've really fucked up. :)
He calls them to the student council room the next day, and while they're not terribly surprised by the summons, they are surprised to see that Lucifer is standing alone at the center of the room.
Before they can question why no one else is there, however, he begins reading from a single sheet of paper, describing the previous day's attack back to the demon.
"As you have injured and endangered one of the human exchange students, and thus put His Highness's exchange program at risk, you are hereby sentenced to eternal imprisonment."
He steps forward then, and whispers into the demon's ear.
"But since you went after my partner, this is personal. So you'd better hope Barbatos finds you to imprison you, because I don't intend to let you live to see tomorrow."
The offending demon turns to run, but manages only one step before getting caught in an invisible trap of ropes, which yanks them immediately up to the ceiling, splaying them out in an upside-down X.
Lucifer smirks as he steps forward to the array of controlling ropes hanging downwards, pulling on one agonizingly slowly, which serves to squeeze one of the demon's fingers until he hits bone, then slides the flesh of the finger down to the tip, like a round lollipop.
Casually, he breaks the finger off and shoves it into the lesser demon's mouth, instructing them strictly not to chew on it -- not that they really want to, anyway.
He proceeds to repeat the same with each remaining finger, until the demon's mouth is fully stretched and stuffed with their own digits.
Now they can chew. And they better. Go on, eat up.
The demon hesitates a moment at the command, so he grabs their chin and roughly moves it for them, and reflexively they swallow.
As they're about to vomit at what they just did, he forces the demon's mouth closed, making sure they have to swallow back down every last drop.
Not to worry, they won't have to keep it in their stomach for long, as Lucifer takes one of the clawed bones from the fingers and uses it to tear a surgically thin gash into each of the demon's four stomachs, allowing the fluids inside to drip slowly down their upside-down body back to their face.
Next, he grabs the demon by the forehead and floods power from his own body through the demon's, forcing their demon form out so he can get at their horns, wings, and tail.
Again using the clawed finger bone, he shreds apart their wings, purposely targeting the parts with the most sensitive nerves.
Then he yanks hard on their tail, before sending a line of flame up along it.
Now, for their horns. Lucifer conjures a swirl of magic in his hand, and uses it to grind away at one of their horns, all the way down to a little stub. He then repeats this action on the other.
Finally, for one last touch before he goes, he brushes his fingers across the demon's forehead, sending veins of slow poison through their body and horrifying visions through their mind.
He returns home that night in a very good mood, though he assures you it's just because he's happy to have been able to free up extra time in his schedule to spend with you. But in the coming days, you notice you never see the demon who attacked you ever again.
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inhuman-obey-me · 16 days ago
Hi! I really loved your piece about how the brothers would react to MC almost being killed by a lesser demon. I was wondering if you could do the same for the undateables? (feel free to leave dear sweet luke out of it!)
Thank you, we are so glad you liked it!!
We are happy to do the side characters too, and are absolutely not leaving chihuahua boy out of it (though of course NOT as your s/o, he is a child!!) - just because he's babeh doesn't mean he can't kill a demon too <3 (Don't worry though, his isn't that violent.)
content warnings: blood, gore, torture, body horror -- especially for Barbatos. Not for the faint of heart.
For anyone who missed it, see original demon bros post here.
Tumblr media
Little D. No. 2 saw the whole attack, and while he's not strong enough to fight the demon himself, he goes running to Barbatos to tell him what happened....which then obviously has to get reported along to the Demon Prince.
The Devildom has never seen a trial get organized so quickly -- within an hour, the lesser demon is standing in the student council room, awaiting judgment.
As a fair and just ruler, and also your s/o, Diavolo feels obligated to recuse himself from the trial -- but, he's going to personally administer whatever punishment the rest of the student council decides on.
Which, you know, is still made up of the demon brothers, so of course that demon is going to die, and painfully.
It's extremely rare for Diavolo to personally punish someone, so they aren't fully sure what to expect, but the minute the Demon Lord steps into the dungeon, oh shit they're scared.
"You dare disrespect me, your prince, by attacking my beloved?"
He's in his full demon form -- dragon wings, dragon eyes, dragon scales, dragon roar.
The demon's eardrums shatter immediately at the sound.
His claws dig directly into their face, ripping eyeballs from their sockets and knocking their teeth all over the ground.
Meanwhile, his wings beat wildly, sending powerful shockwaves of wind through their body, which rip sharp tears into their flesh.
Full of rage, Diavolo also sinks his teeth into their chest and wrenches their muscles clean off their bones.
Sharp claws find their way to the demon's limbs, and he tears them right out, tossing them so hard that one arm smacks a prisoner in the cell across the hall squarely in the face.
Needless to say, that prisoner is absolutely terrified and very glad to have only been sentenced to punishment from Lucifer by comparison, a sadist but way less brutal, they think.
With one last blast of dragon fire directly into the demon's heart, Diavolo recomposes himself and walks calmly out of the cell.
Considering it's been all of about 4 hours since the incident and you don't even know that he knows yet, you're quite surprised to then receive an invite that night to a grand feast he's holding in your honor. Afterwards, you spend an intimate night together at the castle, as he personally makes sure you're in absolute comfort in every way after what happened.
Tumblr media
Although Barbatos is technically not allowed to use his powers unless Diavolo asks, sometimes visions of the past and future slip into his dreams unconsciously.
He doesn't always know if they're true or not, but when he has a dream that you've been attacked by a lesser demon, he is not going to take any chances.
He calls you in a panic, explaining his dream and asking if you're okay, and you end up telling him it's true that you were attacked earlier, but you're fine, really.
But that doesn't stop him from deciding he's going to get revenge.
The next day at RAD, the lesser demon just about screams when they suddenly realize that Barbatos is standing about 3 inches behind them.
"Hello. :) :) :) I'm sure you already know this, but I am Barbatos. :) I understand you attacked Y/N yesterday. :) You should prepare to die now."
He opens a portal below their feet, dropping both of them directly into the underground dungeons below the Demon King's Castle.
Within seconds, he has his prey suspended in chains.
In this particular dungeon cell, his favorite for torture, an array of tools lines one of the walls - all his favorite torture toys conveniently within arm's reach.
He starts with a dull, rusty vegetable peeler, an old relic of the kitchens that has found a new home here in the dungeons, and slowly begins peeling the demon's skin from their arms.
As they whimper pitifully at the pain, he moves on to their torso, drilling a small line of holes down either side of their stomach, and the whimpers evolve into screams.
The torture master isn't satisfied with just these screams, though. He's going to get bigger, better screams from this scoundrel.
With careful precision, he begins looping the strips of skin he peeled off earlier into the holes, crisscrossing them in a corset-like pattern across their torso.
And then pulls them taut, because a corset is meant to be tight, after all.
Blood spills a little from the demon's mouth as their guts are constricted upwards inside them, and they beg for mercy, though none is about to come.
Next he removes a pair of metal boots from the walls, another favorite, with needle-thin spikes inside still covered in the dried up blood of their last victim.
He encases the lesser demon's feet in the boots, and with a smile, summons up some hot volcanic rocks, which he begins forcibly wedging into the back of the boots, crushing their legs against the front and forcing their feet forward into the spikes.
For good measure, he slams some of the rocks directly into their legs as well, the still-lingering volcanic heat immediately sealing the magma stones inside where they pierce skin.
At this point, their screams have reached octaves they didn't even know were within their vocal cords, and having heard the lovely music to his ears, Barbatos decides it's about time to wrap this up.
He picks up a dentist's plaque scraper off the wall and tears a thin line from their chin down to their collarbone, before squeezing the forked ends of his tail into the incision and prying it wide open.
As the blood spills out from their neck, he smiles and pats the demon on the head, saying he hopes they've learned their lesson - not that it matters, since they're about to die.
That night, Barbatos meets you for your weekly dinner date night, and he doesn't mention his activities from the day, just fusses over you and checks you all over for any injuries, no matter how minor.
Tumblr media
You show up to your sorcery lesson with Solomon as usual, but he quickly senses that you're unfocused, as you keep messing up on even simple spells, so he asks what's wrong.
When you explain, his face darkens in a way you don't usually see on the sorcerer, though his expression quickly softens again, making sure you're okay.
Once he's satisfied that you haven't been badly hurt, and patches up any minor injuries you do have with gentle healing spells, he ends the lesson early and walks out.
He's not proud of who he used to be, and he tries to be better about his relations with demons now, but the thought of this stupid lesser demon, so weak compared to the many, many demons he commands, putting you in danger...
He texts Asmodeus, who quickly obtains the name and location of the demon who did it through his gossip network -- and of course comes to join him, since he's also pissed to hear what happened to you.
When they find the offending demon, Asmodeus pins them in place with his charming eyes, and with a cruel laugh, he manipulates them into entering their demon form, before sitting back and letting Solomon get to work on them.
Solomon then grabs them by the horns and pulls their face right up to his so they are forced to meet his deadly serious stare.
"If you thought you could target Y/N just because they're human, you've really underestimated what humans are capable of."
The sorcerer conjures forth a magical whip imbued with a little bit of holy magic, a tool he'd long ago stopped using but which still feels familiar in a way in his hands.
The holy magic tears burning gashes into the lesser demon with every strike, sizzling each time it makes contact with them -- on their wings, on their chest, across their face and arms.
Once he's satisfied with the number of injuries across the demon's body, he proceeds to cast a spell which speeds their blood flow through, forcing their hearts to pump at three times their normal speed, feeling like they're going to burst.
It's dizzying, and the demon's vision blurs, though they also feel far too awake from the effect to pass out. Their eyes meet Asmodeus's, who just smiles and gives them a little wave.
To finish them off and make a point to them just how lowly they really are among demons, Solomon summons forth another of his pact demons, Ose.
Ose taps the lesser demon's forehead, transforming himself into an illusion of you in their eyes so the last thing they'll see is the human they tried to prey on, and with another tap, he floods their head with insanity.
The lesser demon's mind collapses, as does their body, mouth dribbling with blood and drool as their life leaves them at the mental and physical overload.
After he cleans himself up from any blood spatter, he comes back to see you again, spoiling you with little gifts and magical surprises for the rest of the night. He doesn't want to burden you with trying to teach you anything right now, but he makes a mental note to focus your next few lessons on healing and defensive spells, too.
Tumblr media
From the moment Simeon sees you, his angelic senses are buzzing, alerting him to various minor injuries on you, even if you tried to cover them up.
He's on you in a heartbeat, asking what happened, rushing you to a seat, healing you up, and generally doing everything he can to make sure you're comfortable.
As an angel exchange student in the Devildom, he's painfully aware that running off to go kill some random demon is not good for building relations between the three realms.
But when he overhears that same demon bragging to their friends about it the next day, his anger boils over.
"I see you're quite proud of yourself for what you did to Y/N, aren't you?"
The group of them turn to face him, but upon seeing the smiling rage upon his face, and considering the gossip among the RAD student population about not wanting to see Simeon mad, the lesser demon's friends quickly abandon them, scattering away.
The remaining demon tries to back away, sputtering out apologies, but quickly finds their back against a wall.
But Simeon simply repeats the same question again, tone increasingly menacing.
At the demon's continued attempts at protest and apology, he grabs them by their forehead and forces them to meet his eyes.
They flail around a bit, desperately hoping for a bit of angelic mercy, but that's not really what angels are about -- especially this one.
Unimpressed with their pleas and apologies only out of desperation, with no actual show of regret, he decides to make them repent another way.
Holy light spreads in streams from where his fingertips are holding the demon's head, gradually enveloping their entire form.
As he drops his hand back down to his side, the demon has dissolved away to ash at his feet.
When you meet up with him at the RAD gates after your last class, he steers you towards downtown, insisting on treating you to a nice date out to help you feel better from the previous day's trauma.
Tumblr media
This little boy is SO upset when he overhears you mention what happened to you.
HOW DARE one of those horrible nasty demons try to kill you!!
He declares that he's going to go find that demon and make them pay for what they did!!!!
But like he's going to call Simeon along to help, but it's not because he's scared, he's DEFINITELY NOT scared of a demon (he's totally very scared but you pretend to believe him).
When they find the demon, Luke summons up all the (extremely powerful) magic in his little body and blasts them with a big burst of angelic power.
The demon is toast, goodbye, not even ashes left behind.
Luke tells you very proudly later that he took care of the problem, and he doesn't want to ask you to pet his head, but he actually really hopes you'll pet his head and tell him he did a good job.
Which you do, of course.
Pet the chihuahua!!!!
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wearebabygroot · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A conversation my friend and I had in July that is feeling really uncomfortably relevant right now...
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besanii · 9 months ago
coloured glass
[ WangXian ; 1965 words ]
(i.e. the Love and Redemption AU I said I wouldn’t write, but did anyway.)
“You shouldn’t be here.”
His heart skips a beat at the sound of the achingly familiar voice, and he turns around slowly, Bichen in hand.
Wei Wuxian steps out from behind one of the large stone sarcophagi positioned around the altar. He’s changed again, Lan Wangji realises. Gone are the purple and silver robes of the Jiang sect; instead, he wears robes in a shade of red like spilt blood beneath a burnished breastplate in obsidian black. The motif on his armour too has been replaced, and a phoenix spreads its wings across the dark surface and wraps around his shoulders in place of the lotus motif of old. His face is paler than the last time they had met, the angles of his cheeks and jaw more prominent, his grey eyes more like a brewing storm than starlight.
He’s beautiful, Lan Wangji thinks, throat constricting painfully.
“Wei Ying,” he breathes. You’re here. You’re alive.
The corners of Wei Wuxian’s mouth tugs upward; it does not quite reach his eyes.
“Lan Wangji,” he says. “What brings the illustrious Hanguang-jun to the Demon Realm today? Are you here to finish what you started?”
The words sting, as they are meant to—the accusation is not unwarranted, given their last meeting—and Lan Wangji does not refute them. Instead, he tightens his grip around Bichen’s hilt.
“Wei Ying,” he says again. “Come back to Gusu with me.”
Let me help you, goes unsaid.
“And be whipped again?” Wei Wuxian snorts. “I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your invitation, Hanguang-jun. Once was enough.”
“No, that isn’t—” He breaks off, clenches his jaw. Tries again. “I can help you. I will speak for you, convince the sect leaders—”
“As I recall, the last time you tried to ‘help’ me, I was run through with a sword,” Wei Wuxian says flatly. He half-turns, looks away. “Apologies. I don’t think I can handle Hanguang-jun’s particular brand of assistance.”
It should not have come to this, Lan Wangji thinks desperately. Even if Wei Wuxian’s memories of his past life as the Demon God is starting to reawaken, he is still Wei Ying, just as Lan Wangji is still Lan Zhan and not just the God of War. He has to remind him—has to make him see—that they are more than just their past lives, that he doesn’t have to go down this dark path. That he can still choose to be good and righteous and just. He just needs to come back.
The resentful energy is thicker here, denser, enough to take corporeal form as wisps of dark smoke rising from the surface of the dead lake. It feels eerily familiar, almost like he’s been here before, in another life—but that cannot be. Lan Wangji is the reincarnation of the God of War, the Heavenly Realm’s greatest warrior, the slayer of the Demon God. Why would the ruins of what was once the heart of the Demon Realm feel familiar to him? Already Lan Wangji can feel the resentful energy seeping beneath his skin and into his meridians, blocking the flow of his spiritual energy. He cannot stay here for much longer, lest it damage his golden core—he has been here much longer than any human mortal should, even if he is a former god in a mortal body.
He’s running out of time.
“Wei Ying.” He exhales. “I know what you’re planning to do.”
Wei Wuxian makes a derisive sound through his nose, examining the tassel of his flute with feigned casualness.
“And I suppose you’re here to tell me not to.” He casts a sidelong glance in his direction, bored and disinterested. “Don’t waste your breath, Hanguang-jun. We have all four spiritual keys, and we’re standing in the heart of Mount Buzhou. You’re already too late.”
Lan Wangji had been afraid of this. He raises Bichen, levels it right over Wei Wuxian’s heart.
“I can’t let you do it,” he tells him. I can’t let you keep making mistakes.
Wei Wuxian stares at Bichen. For a moment, something inexplicably sad flits across his face as he stares down the length of the blade, and realisation hits Lan Wangji like a punch to the stomach; Bichen is the weapon of the God of War, a legendary sword of ferocious spiritual energy that had slaughtered millions of demons in the great war a thousand years ago, and cut down their God—cut down Wei Wuxian. And now, a thousand years later, the very same sword is pointed at him again, only this time the one holding the blade is someone he loved, and who had sworn to love him in return.
The moment passes, and those grey eyes turn flinty, and he raises Chenqing.
“You can’t stop me.”
“If you release the Ghost General and get the Stygian Tiger Amulet, then you will bring catastrophe upon this world,” Lan Wangji tells him. “If you do, then—”
Then I can’t save you, he wants to say. The words hang in the air between them, and Wei Wuxian does not hear them.
“We promised Wen Qing we would help her free her brother,” he reminds him, voice harsh. “But I suppose us demons are not worthy enough for Hanguang-jun to keep his word.” He takes a step backward, Chenqing still raised. “Stay out of this, Lan Wangji. It is none of your business.”
Lan Wangji lunges forward, Bichen aimed straight and true. Wei Wuxian parries it away with Chenqing and aims a strike towards Lan Wangji with his other hand; a bolt of spiritual energy hits him right in the ribs and sends him stumbling backwards a step, enough time for Wei Wuxian to dart behind him and out of reach. Lan Wangji swings around quickly, Bichen little more than an arc of blue light cutting through the fog of resentful energy; this time Wei Wuxian does not quite evade the blow, and it slices across the arm holding onto Chenqing. He drops it with a hiss of pain.
Lan Wangji takes the opportunity to remove the Purification Flask from his qiankun pouch, sending a burst of spiritual energy to activate it as he sends it hurtling towards Wei Wuxian. It stops in mid-air, trapping Wei Wuxian inside the enclosure formed by the array beneath his feet. And then it begins to glow a bright, bloody crimson.
Wei Wuxian staggers back, eyes wide as the spell begins to take effect. He screams.
“Wei Ying!” Lan Wangji rushes forward, his heart twisting painfully. “Wei Ying, don’t fight it!”
“What are you doing to me?” Wei Wuxian screams, clawing at his arms and neck as he writhes in agony. “What is this?”
“It’s a Purification Flask,” Lan Wangji tells him desperately. “Please, Wei Ying, don’t fight it. It will purify the resentful energy in your body and then you will be free from your past as the Demon God. You can come home. Please, Wei Ying. Please bear it for a little longer.”
But Wei Wuxian cannot seem to hear him over his own screams. He’s on the ground now, his body jerking and spasming involuntarily, his hands clutching at his head, pulling at his hair, desperate and futile attempts to escape the pain. Lan Wangji’s own heart—the heart Wei Wuxian had risked his life time and time again to help him piece back together—cries out to him. Stop it, stop it! He’s in pain! He’s suffering! STOP IT! WEI YING!
He clenches his jaw, tightens his grip on Bichen’s hilt, and forces himself to remain still. Just a little longer, he tells himself. Just a little longer, and then everything will be alright.
The screams cut off when Wei Wuxian begins to choke. Rivulets of blood pour from his nose and mouth, his eyes and his ears—his mouth is open, his throat straining.
“Lan Zhan…” Lan Wangji bites back a broken sob at the sound of his name. “Please…don’t do this…”
His struggles begin to weaken, and he grows still; Lan Wangji cannot take it anymore.
“Wei Ying!” He raises Bichen, tries to cut through the barrier. It bounces off, useless. “Wei Ying! Are you alright? Wei Ying! Say something!”
Wei Wuxian lays on the ground, twitching weakly; his eyes are half-closed and unseeing, the flow of blood slower now but still leaking, and his lips open and close as his breathing shallows. Panic rises in Lan Wangji’s chest—this wasn’t meant to happen, what is happening, why—why—why—why—
“Hanguang-jun,” a new voice interrupts his frantic attempts to recall the Purification Flask. “One wonders what Wei Wuxian has done to anger you so, that you would use something as vicious as the Vermilion Bird Flask to punish him?”
Two figures emerge as if from thin air—Wen Qing, accompanied by a pale young man dressed all in black, iron chains still wrapped around his wrists and ankles. They regard the scene with a mixture of curiosity and concern. Lan Wangji turns to him, shocked.
“Vermilion Bird Flask?” he echoes faintly. “This is the Purification Flask. It’s meant to cleanse the resentful energy from his body—”
“Cleanse resentful energy?” Wen Qing snorts. She points to the flask still hovering above Wei Wuxian. “That is the Vermilion Bird Flask, one of the cruelest weapons of torture in the Heavenly Realm. Even an immortal captured by it will be dissolved into nothing but pus.”
If you truly cannot bear to kill him, then you can use the Purification Flask, his brother’s voice echoes in his mind. It will cleanse the resentful energy from his body. Hopefully it will help Wei-gongzi regain even a fraction of the kindness in his heart.
“No…” Lan Wangji whispers in growing horror. Bichen clatters to the ground as he shakes his head. “No, Xiongzhang said—”
“Your Xiongzhang obviously lied to you,” Wen Qing says with no small amount of pity.
Lan Wangji is still shaking his head; the panic is back in full force, wrapping around his chest and throat like a vice until he’s gasping for breath and his vision turns white.
No, his brother wouldn’t lie to him. He wouldn’t.
He looks at Wei Wuxian, lying deathly still in the centre of the flask’s array.
“Wei Ying…” he sobs. “Wei Ying…”
Wen Ning steps forward.
“Wei-gongzi is my saviour,” he says. “I cannot stand by and watch him die.” He raises his hand toward the flask; a large, black amulet the size of his palm materialises before him. His eyes flash red, and he speaks a single word to the amulet: “Break.”
The flask shatters, dissolving the barrier caging Wei Wuxian within its array. Lan Wangji stumbles forward onto his knees, uncaring of the blood on the ground, and takes Wei Wuxian into his arms. He sags, his head lolling, eyes closed, lifeless. Wen Qing crouches down in front of them and takes Wei Wuxian’s wrist.
“There’s still a pulse, but it’s weak,” she says, and raises an eyebrow when Lan Wangji cries with relief. “You’re a strange one, Hanguang-jun. Only a moment ago, you were trying to kill him with the Vermilion Bird Flask, and now you’re here crying over his injuries. What are you trying to achieve?” She drops Wei Wuxian’s arm and gets to her feet without waiting for a response.
“Well, Hanguang-jun. I’m afraid we won’t be staying to keep you company.” She pauses, considering. “And we’ll be taking Wei Wuxian with us.”
She and Wen Ning bow, and then they are gone, leaving Lan Wangji kneeling in a pool of Wei Wuxian’s blood, alone. He stares down at his empty arms, his once pristine white sleeves dyed red, trembling.
What have I done?
Okay so, for people who have watched Love and Redemption, the plot twist is quite obvious. Don’t ask me how it’s going to work in this AU with all the roles, I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just wanted to write this bit because maximum knives.
(I do know that LXC is currently in the role of Hao Chen for this scene, but it’s unlikely he’d actually turn out to be the same as Hao Chen. Because they’re such different characters and temperaments.)
Title is just a common translation of the show’s title 琉璃, which is believed to refer to lapis lazuli.
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