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#ableism cw
plural-culture-is · 13 hours ago
Here's quite a few bc I've been feeling angry about singlets
Plural culture is singlets using sources from other singlets to push the message that plural folk are roleplaying or "acting" as their alters rather than their alters being completely separate people/parts
Plural culture is singlets with zero knowledge on systems trying to decide what's healthiest for an alter and how they see themselves
Plural culture is singlets outting themselves as abliests by admitting they see OSDD1B & DID systems as people choosing different "personalities" for fun as if it were a costume
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jabberwockypie · 18 days ago
Had a conversation with a housemate earlier and I want to reiterate this on the internet. Speaking as a disabled person, who’s been Officially Disabled on paper for more than a decade: I literally do not give two shits if those twits who are taking horse dewormer - the ones seriously damaging their health longterm, what with the risk of blindness and organ damage and all - end up going on disability or receiving public assistance. They should still receive disability benefits if they qualify for them. “It taxes an already stressed system-” Yeah, you know why it’s stressed? Because rich people don’t pay their taxes. We could fund these programs a dozen times over if we actually made it a priority, as a society, to take care of people. And maybe, I don’t know, bought fewer tanks. People still deserve to eat and have housing. We don’t let people starve in the streets because they made bad choices. (Besides, what about those kids whose parents are COVID deniers, or feeding them vetrinary drugs? Do they “deserve” to suffer their whole lives because their parents are assholes?) Once we open that door to “Oh it’s their own fault they’re disabled, so why should society pay for it?” it VERY QUICKLY becomes “Well, it’s your fault for being fat*. Or “You must not have been eating right, so you deserve it.”  Or “It’s your fault for not trying yoga”. Or “This treatment didn’t work for you, so you must have been doing it wrong”.
Tumblr media
*This isn’t an academic exercise. The city I live in has a policy that if your disability is due to alcoholism, drug abuse, or “obesity”, you can’t qualify for a reduced fare transit pass, or paratransit services. Do you know how easy it is to spin something into not qualifying for benefits? “Well they’re fat, so the pain must be their own fault.” even if it’s a matter of “Bad knees run in my family, and being in pain all the time makes it really difficult to exercise”. Who gives a shit why it happened? They’re suffering, and access to better transportation would make them suffer less. Actually, if someone’s an alcoholic or addict, I probably want them to have MORE access to public transit? Drunk driving is bad. We don’t give people more reasons to deny people help. I literally do not give even a single, solitary fuck if a million people who “brought it on themselves” get help. Any focus on “BUT THE UNDESERVING-” is an attempt to con you into policing poor people and disabled people more.
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syrisun · a year ago
anyways here’s how to not be shitty to autistic people since apparently y’all need someone to sit down and tell you
things not to mock us for:
-“picky eating”
-wearing the same clothes everyday
-carrying around a comfort object (might be something like a stuffed animal, a toy...)
-wanting to have the same conversation / tell the same joke multiple times
-stimming in public or private
-repeating words or phrases, taking a long time to form a sentence
-being hyperempathetic / hyper emotional, spontaneous tears/outbursts/etc.
-on the other hand lack of apparent emotion, appearing disinterested / apathetic
-not wanting to be put into social situations, being excessively tired
-our interests
kind things you can do for your autistic friends:
-letting us infodump to you
-listening to us when we’re having trouble making much sense, asking helpful questions, being patient with us
-“can I hug you?” goes a long way (edit: I obviously phrased this bad, because people are taking this as ‘autistic people like hugs’ rather than ‘please ask permission before touching people’ like I intended)
-providing more food options / having our samefood available, eating can be really difficult for a lot of us
-helping them if they need help with social situations, like calling in for food or talking to a salesperson. these things can get really hard for us some days.
-letting us stim and not being judgemental
-giving us space when we need it without getting offended
-if you think we’re having a meltdown or sensory overload (you may be able to tell by our mask dropping, appearing disinterested, twitching, using their body to stim (maybe aggressively), etc.) here are some things you can do:
-if they’re violently stimming, ask them gently to open their hands if you think they might hurt themself
-use clear language to communicate with them
-be calm, please don’t yell
-offer them a way out of whatever situation they’re in
autistic ppl can add on, allistics can rb but be quiet
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che-nya · 2 months ago
homeschooling is a controversial topic in brazil and by far the worst argument ive seen on why children with disabilities like autism shouldnt be able to study at home if normal school is improper for them is "but if they dont go to normal school the "normal" kids cant learn about diversity!" so any child with a disability should get fucked over their whole lives without a setting they could actually study in so normal kids learn respect theyd already be learning anyway because the concept of "dont be a jerk over differences" is in fact not that hard to teach?
istg sometimes it feels like most education systems literally just straight up admit they consider neurodivergent students lesser than the others
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anarchistfrogposting · 4 months ago
the concept of mansplaining has become a fucking scourge.
like it’s a real thing that exists and it’s useful to describe patterns of misogynistic behaviour where men speak over women or feminine presenting people who are fully aware of the intricacies and nuances they think feminine presenting people don’t understand by merit of their (outward perception of) femininity, but too many fucking times do neurotypicals abstract its meaning to the extent that it’s used against any masc presenting nd person who is clearly just infodumping bc it’s their special interest or hyperfixation or are overexplaining for clarity.
please stop using words you don’t fucking understand. please stop using progressive language to silence or bully nd people. i’m sick and tired of it.
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faemytho · 8 months ago
Yes, I have seen (Jakei’s post), referencing (my analysis of Ink’s ableist portrayal in Underverse). Yes, I have seen your asks, reblogs, and every unkind word you guys have thrown my way. I am willing to discuss my analysis of Underverse Ink with you, provided you are civil and not calling me vulgar things or throwing petty insults my way. If not, then I rescind my offer.
Critical analysis of a piece of work is not “an excuse to cancel Jakei”. I’m shocked and upset and I’m extremely disappointed at the way she’s responded to my posts. She didn’t give context as to what she was responding to, and already I’ve seen several people claim that my analysis of the way Ink is written (without even seeing the original posts I’ve made about it) is “just an excuse to cancel Jakei”, or that “I’m just jealous of her talent”.
I have an immense admiration for Jakei’s work and talent, and I’ve been following Underverse since the very first gifs she posted of 0.0 on her blog (yes, 0.0 was originally just a gif-set. I was so proud and excited when she turned Underverse into a full-blown animation).
I did not critically analyze Ink just because I wanted to cause a disruption in her life, or in any of your lives. I did it because I am a person who has autism, and the way she’s written Ink personally affects me and makes me feel bad about something I cannot control about myself.
I am an autistic person. I see myself in Ink. I see Ink in myself. I am a person who has this mental illness, and I am directly affected by the way it’s being written. There are a lot of autistic people I have personally talked to about how Ink is kind of our representation in this fandom, and I’ve seen other autistic people I haven’t personally spoken to speak out about the very same thing. To those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you formally (read up) (on autism) and talk to some autistic people (hint: I’m one! I’d love to talk about my experiences being autistic and my symptoms and behaviors with you).
If you accidentally hit someone, you still apologize. You didn’t hit them on purpose, it was an accident, you didn’t mean to do it, but you still apologize. Though Jakei didn’t do it intentionally, she still did it. She apologized, but not to me, not to us, not to the autistic folk I’ve spoken to that are too afraid to speak up because of all the hatred and abuse I am receiving from the fandom right now, all this hatred and abuse that ended up putting an autistic friend of mine in the hospital due to stress and heart palpitations because they spoke up about this very topic.
Jakei didn’t apologize that she made a mistake in her portrayal of Ink, even if she didn’t do it intentionally. Jakei apologized that we “felt affected” by her writing. That’s... not an apology.
I’m very upset and disappointed that I’ve received so many unkind messages about this. You guys are really going to go after the autistic person who pointed out that writing ink as the antagonist solely because of his inability to process emotions is an ableist portrayal?
@jakei95 Since you decided to vaguely acknowledge my posts concerning the matter, I felt it prudent to just tag you this time. I love your work, and I’ve been following Underverse since day 1, but none of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. I just want you to acknowledge this one, especially since it’s hurt me and a lot of other autistic folk in this fandom.
TL;DR, read the post.
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cookietacular · 16 days ago
ive ranted about it before but you can literally SEE the difference in how eileen's character was handled after 11x11 since robbie wasnt writing her anymore bc robbie said writing eileen was a team effort with shoshannah. and then robbie wasnt writing her anymore and we got eileen dying by a monster you can only hear. chuck making an ableist insult towards her. characters speaking without facing her multiple times. 11x11 gave eileen another character fluent in asl so she didnt have to speak english the whole time and no other episode made such an effort (even though they reasonably couldve brought mildred back ?? and/or introduced the deaf granddaughter she mentioned having ??? or just anyone in general....). obv i dont know what went on behind the scenes but i really dont think they let shoshannah have much of any input after 11x11
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leneemusing · a month ago
Tumblr media
you ever have those days where you wanna cry because navigation graphics and themes are so overstimulating/inaccessible to people with sensory and visual issues. 
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field-of-sungflowers · 3 months ago
I still like Repo a lot and the fandom’s shaped uhh my whole adult life but we’re not doing this god worship of terrance zdunich nonsense
That is a trash pile of a human being
From his blog himself (not available now, but source from the wayback machine): 
(Not sure how to tag but warning for gross sexualizing of teenagers)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and from his ex-girlfriend’s blog (source)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gojurt · 4 months ago
sometimes ill see a post thats cool and alright but then they use narcissist/sociopath/psychopath in a negative manner and it ruins the whole vibe. i wish the fact that these terms are ableist when used in a derogatory manner was more widely known and accepted bc while sociopath/psychopath doesnt necessarily apply to me (these terms are specifically directed towards ASPD im pretty sure but tbh from what ive seen sometimes a lot of the time cluster b traits as a whole are lumped into the “sociopath/psychopath” category by ableists bc they literally have no idea what theyre talking about) as a narcissist it gets tiring seeing people throwing around the word without knowing anything and without knowing the constant pain that comes with living with a cluster b disorder. its just frustrating among other things that are frustrating about how we’re treated.
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kintatsujo · 4 months ago
Speaking of things that impact the environment I get mad about, veganism is not the answer to the environmental impact of meat production
I live in Ohio and let me tell you what corn and soy production as we currently handle it does to local biodiversity
It's not good
There's good ways and bad ways to produce all food, and capitalism chooses the environmentally bad way every chance it gets because that's how serving the almighty dollar works
Veganism as a philosophy was invented by Peter Singer, who couched it with compassionate sounding language but was absolutely using a eugenics-based argument in the first place; in the passages I had to read in college he compared the value of "how much suffering" a horse was "capable of" to that of an autistic child.
He also spoke at length of stopping suffering through euthanasia as a thing that should be applied to human children in the same passages.
He didn't ACTUALLY want to give animals rights, he thinks we should be culling disabled children and is trying to make that sound reasonable
I very much support people eating the diets they feel are best for them but veganism as a philosophy is rooted in deeply dangerous and ableist thinking before you even get to the question of dietary needs, and you should rethink why you consider it an ethical life choice.
Doing it for your health? Good, go for it.
Doing it because someone else says it's better for...... Someone else? Maybe fucking examine that a little more.
And for fuck's sake yell at the food production companies instead if you want to effect the environmental impact of your food
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brainamoebas · 4 days ago
hi since halloween is once again upon us here’s a reminder that the horror genre has been largely built off of ableism for years and dressing up in shit like this—
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—or anything that demonizes mentally ill people—is extremely ableist as well. mentally ill/disabled people are not dangerous or evil, and their conditions are not costumes that you can just wear and take off when you want to. this garbage right here is exactly why their struggles aren’t taken seriously or treated with sympathy. so if any of these costumes were on your table for this year, take it off and find something else that doesn’t harm people. it’s not that difficult. thank you, goodnight, and happy spooky season! (>”)> (>”)>
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tenthgrove · a month ago
hi it's me, that anon again, requesting buccerati's team with an autistic member. thank you!! ^_^
Team Bucceriati With An Autistic Newcomer
Team Bucciarati x Reader (GN), Platonic/Romantic, SFW
Cw: elusions to ableism
Bruno Bucciarati- Taking on a new member he is always keen to get to know them and assess their specific needs. All his recruits so far have elected to live with him, either due to young age or financial insecurity, so it's good to ensure there are no surprises. Bruno is very glad that you've disclosed your autism to him and asks how specifically he can help you to settle in. He offers you the most far-out room in the house so you can get some quiet, as well as making sure everyone knows your boundaries with touch if you have them. He knows to be more patient with you, being careful to explain your orders to you if you have issues with processing, and showing pride with you regularly so you always know where you stand with him.
Giorno Giovanna- First hand, he's had very little experience with autistic folk that he knows of. In the sort of communities he grew up in, opportunities for diagnosis are rare, and few know how to recognise a neurodivergent person. However, Giorno is as ever a compassionate person, and knows from the little he has learned so far that autistic people face many hardships from the unwillingness of society to understand them and often have a lot of deep-rooted trauma a a result. He is sympathetic to you as a result of this and eager to know how he can interact with you to maximise your comfort. Meeting you makes him more aware of how the deprivation in areas like his own is harming disabled people. He makes a mental note to address that too once he's achieved his dream.
Leone Abbacchio- Leone might be an ass, but if Bruno comes to him and explains someone has an actual, neurological condition explaining their out-of-the-ordinary behaviour, he's going to listen well. Abbacchio is not angered when you suddenly respond with the wrong volume on accident, or don't look him in the eye as you tell him something important. This isn't in line with the way he would usually treat a teammate, but if you're doing it because of autism then he isn't going to take it personally. Abbacchio regards you with patience, reminding himself he can't interpret the early signs of whether he's going to like you or not the same way he would with someone else. He makes a point of trying to be more open with you, aware his stone-faced exterior may cause you to think he despises you. Abbacchio can be a good person, when he tries.
Guido Mista- In most matters really, Mista is an easy and accommodating guy who just wants his friends to be comfortable around him. Granted his knowledge of autism specifically is quite rudimentary, but he gets the basics such as not questioning it if your behaviour comes off as 'weird' and not touching or shouting until he knows exactly where your boundaries are. Mista will gladly defend you if anyone behaves in an ableist manner (not that anyone on the team ever does) and is generally a great friend. He's very good at comforting you when you're overstimulated or just down, and will whisk you away from a bad situation in a heartbeat.
Narancia Ghirga- He's suspected for a while he might have autism, but growing up he never had the opportunity to be diagnosed. Watch him on the battlefield and you'll see he's by no means an idiot, but watch him struggle through his homework and it's clear he doesn't learn the way most other kids do. His tonal responses to many situations tend to be a bit off, as well. Narancia perks up a bit hearing that you yourself has autism, as you may prove a fresh opportunity to explore his autistic identity and see which of his traits may be linked to the condition. He makes a lot of effort to befriend you as a result, and always makes for pleasant conversation. The boy is just so happy around his friends.
Pannacotta Fugo- Fugo has no qualms against autistic people. Countless great academics were autistic after all, not that he won't also see you as valid if you aren't strong academically speaking. Anyway, what's important is that Fugo acknowledges the varied strengths and worths of autistic people and will make no negative assumptions upon hearing you yourself have it. He is curious to hear about your special interests, having latched onto several specific areas of study from his schooldays himself. Seeing you mistreated always makes him angry. Ableists get the fork.
Trish Una- This isn't something she talks about often, mostly because people act with shock and disbelief too much, but Trish was herself diagnosed with autism, after the transition to secondary school proved troublesome and her social difficulties were highlighted. Even more now than then, her masking skills are very advanced and she is at worse seen as rude, rather than truly strange by new people who meet her, but that doesn't make her any less autistic inside. She is drawn to you greatly as someone who understands her unique mannerisms, and vice versa. There is a strong bond between you as a result, and the pair of you are fast friends. It's nice to be seen for what she is for a change.
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mishacoding · 3 months ago
he’s off his rocker, is that it?
(song info etc under the cut)
song is "crazy avalanches," a gnarls barkley/avalanches mashup by dj cheekyboy that is now very difficult to find online. this video owes a great aesthetic debt to "That Crazy Ikari Boy Needs Therapy!" by aurisath, the angels runs in the family amv, and the esteemed works of tumblr users @jurisffiction and @katebushstandean. thank u for watching!
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mournholdmushroom · 2 months ago
My Trespasser ableism post is making the rounds again and I’m re-reading it and I kind of want to build off of it, especially as there were a lot of comments saying that they didn’t realise this happened and honestly? that’s a little poor ngl.
If you haven’t spotted this before or haven’t heard anyone say that this is a problem then it’s likely that you have been unaware of ableist tropes in general media and are seeing media through an able bodied lens, especially as the problem is so rampant in post Trespasser content and has been going on ever since the DLC came out in 2015 (although fair enough if you just dont read Trespasser or DAI stuff).
But now you know so, here’s some stuff you can do:
1. Don’t just read the post, put a “yikes this fandom sucks” in the tags, and forget about it. Actively reflect on yourself and any ableist bias you may hold and make a commitment to do better. This includes making sure you aren’t writing this stuff yourself or promoting it and that you’re learning from the post on how to spot this stuff (including in your own works).  Reblogging my post is not enough and does not absolve you of tackling your general ableism, you have to put the work in as well ESPECIALLY if you were shocked by what you read.
2. Stop engaging with ableist fics and ableist content creators. If you see a fic that has any of those ableist tropes (or any other ableist trope that i didn’t refer to) then don’t kudos it, don’t reblog it, and consider whether you want to be following that person especially if they do it repeatedly. If you continue to engage with ableist fics and put them on your blog then you are contributing to making your part of the fandom unsafe for disabled people.
3. Boost disabled voices in the fandom and listen to their concerns. If you actively engage in DAI/Trespasser content but didn’t realise this was an issue before seeing that post, then you probably aren’t following enough disabled people or share enough spaces with them or their allies, as I know I’ve personally discussed this many times both in groups of disabled people and with people who aren’t disabled.
4. This doesn’t stop within the fandom or within Trespasser content itself. Ableist tropes and ableism are everywhere, and if you do the work and research ableism in general spaces then you can apply that understanding to fandom too. Even if it’s a 10 minute google or a youtube video! You’ll be able to spot it so much better if you understand ableism as a general concept rather than just as a weird line someone wrote in a Trespasser fic.
And just a note to say that while I hope no one feels like this, but if you saw that post, or this one, and get defensive, then I am not interested and I do not care, as you clearly are not interested in tackling your ableism and, as a disabled person, I don’t want to be around you.
Anyway happy disability pride month (or the last few days of it at least)!
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jabberwockypie · 9 months ago
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alwaysalreadyangry · 4 months ago
bought a secondhand copy of kate lebo’s the book of difficult fruit today, thinking i might learn something fun about medlars or gooseberries, and instead flicked to a chapter that turned out to be all about how much she hated and abused her ex because he was a coeliac. she would insist on keeping 10 pounds of wheat flour in their house and baking with it all the time, and acts like he was overreacting when he said she was making him ill. she talks about how he didn’t deal with being sick in the ~right way. a friend asks if she is trying to kill him and she wonders what it would feel like to say yes. she “forgets” that he’s coeliac and puts wheat in their supposedly gluten-free meals. when they finally break up, she throws flour all over the kitchen in celebration.
here is an example of what she wrote about him!:
Tumblr media
luv 2 read high profile books published by notable publishers (picador) that are just... almost murderously dedicated to hating chronically ill people and blaming them for their own illnesses. absolutely wonderful. just what i wanted!
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the-doughnut-system · 5 months ago
Look I made a haha funnee joak
Tumblr media
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