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just-antithings · 11 hours ago
JAT: this person ships incest so they MUST be autistic or from a culture where that’s okay.
Tumblr media
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syrisun · a year ago
anyways here’s how to not be shitty to autistic people since apparently y’all need someone to sit down and tell you
things not to mock us for:
-“picky eating”
-wearing the same clothes everyday
-carrying around a comfort object (might be something like a stuffed animal, a toy...)
-wanting to have the same conversation / tell the same joke multiple times
-stimming in public or private
-repeating words or phrases, taking a long time to form a sentence
-being hyperempathetic / hyper emotional, spontaneous tears/outbursts/etc.
-on the other hand lack of apparent emotion, appearing disinterested / apathetic
-not wanting to be put into social situations, being excessively tired
-our interests
kind things you can do for your autistic friends:
-letting us infodump to you
-listening to us when we’re having trouble making much sense, asking helpful questions, being patient with us
-“can I hug you?” goes a long way (edit: I obviously phrased this bad, because people are taking this as ‘autistic people like hugs’ rather than ‘please ask permission before touching people’ like I intended)
-providing more food options / having our samefood available, eating can be really difficult for a lot of us
-helping them if they need help with social situations, like calling in for food or talking to a salesperson. these things can get really hard for us some days.
-letting us stim and not being judgemental
-giving us space when we need it without getting offended
-if you think we’re having a meltdown or sensory overload (you may be able to tell by our mask dropping, appearing disinterested, twitching, using their body to stim (maybe aggressively), etc.) here are some things you can do:
-if they’re violently stimming, ask them gently to open their hands if you think they might hurt themself
-use clear language to communicate with them
-be calm, please don’t yell
-offer them a way out of whatever situation they’re in
autistic ppl can add on, allistics can rb but be quiet
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cripdeaf · 2 years ago
For Able-Bodied People
Repeat after me:
“If I touch a disabled person without consent, they are entitled to their anger.
If I grab a disabled person’s mobility aid without consent, they are entitled to their anger.
If I refuse to consult with a disabled person about their body, they are entitled to their anger.
If I do any of these things, regardless of if I’m trying to do the right thing, I am an asshole.”
I’m sick and bloody tired of people grabbing me, and then people glaring at me like I’m the asshole in the situation; when your spine and your mobility is at stake, we’ll fucking talk.
Able-bodied people, you should be reblogging this.
You should be calling it out when it happens.
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fyeahspiderverse · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My name is Peter Parker, and I’m the world’s stupidest genius.
Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business Vol 1 1
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closet-keys · a year ago
So much of ageism and elder abuse is completely inextricable from ableism. I wish able bodied young people would think for two seconds before sharing things that are literally ableist/eugenics/abuse culture shit
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rewild · 6 months ago
Please DO NOT watch Sia’s new ableist film “Music.” The autistic character Music is shown having several meltdowns and being held in prone restraint. Prone restraint is dangerous, and has killed many autistic people. Take Eric Parsa for example. Autistic people are killed by neurotypicals who don’t know how to handle meltdowns and Sia just makes light of that. Plus, she cast a non disabled person to play Music. So again, do not watch “Music.” Here’s a thread of films with good autistic representation if you want to find something to watch.
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · a month ago
Tumblr media
What in the actual fuck is this. I can't describe how upset this makes me as someone with a neurological disability. The world really hates disabled people.
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lesbian-so-queer · 2 years ago
there's a woman who published a book telling how she murdered her disabled toddler, thirty two years ago, in france.
she was given an interview. no challenge was posed against her. the prescription for murder passed, she is no longer at risk of being taken to trial.
the child had agonized for three days, of poison, without eating nor drinking.
her name is anne ratier.
the baby's was frédérique.
here's her ugly face and her fucking book cover.
Tumblr media
it's entitled "i offered death to my son".
i don't know what to do. so i thought i'd let people know.
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honeykkumas · a year ago
god i just saw the worst fucking tweet regarding Greta Thunberg where it was under her tweet about her having aspergers and this fucking galaxy brain asshole said “oh yeah if she’s really autistic then why can she speak so eloquently and in front of so many people she’s only 16 thinking emoji” neurotypicals are so fucking stupid dude and it goes to show they only characterize us as geniuses when it suits their narrative and when we say the things they like. we’re either idiots or supergeniuses in their eyes and it’s interchangeable at the drop of a pin
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vardasvapors · 5 years ago
Silmarillion Characters as Quotes from My Immortal
Turin: He had gone through horrible problems, and now he was gothic.
Feanor: A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
Sauron: Voldemort got a dude-ur-so-retarded look on his face.
Luthien: why can't I just be ugly or plain like all da other girls and preps here
Maglor: “I’m not okay.” he screamed depressedly.
Maedhros: “This cannot be.” Snap said in a crisp voice as blood dripped from his hand
Finrod: And den……………………………I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!11
Eonwe: Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?
Melkor: “Yah I know but he had a headache he wz under a lot of stress.” Satan reasoned evilly.
Finwe: You might think I’m a slut but I’m really not.
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gayarsonist · a year ago
sorry for being bitter on main but it sure is telling how some of you will reblog positivity posts for neurodivergent people and argue for the normalization of and empathy for people who express "cringey", "weird" and "annoying" neurodivergence symptoms but as soon as a someone does something genuinely harmless but which annoys you that's a symptom of their neurodivergence and/or its someone you don't like doing it so they "deserve" it (which is really fucking low, like you can make fun of someone without doing it at the expense of neurodivergent people) you guys will shit on them for it at every available opportunity
if you try to clown in the notes or make this personal i will block you this is a common theme on this site and i'm sick to death of seeing it
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disabledprincesses · 2 months ago
I mean, even if someone was faking it, like ?
I say let them use the wheelchair, the bandages, the medical ID, etc.
Because once they see that when you can walk and be not in pain, etc. its actually much more inconvenient to use a mobility aid.
Using a wheelchair isn't easy, using a cane isn't easy, being legally underpaid because you have a disability, being belittled and talked to like a child, and paying thousands when someone calls 911,
They suck.
And if an abled-bodied person wants to roll in our wheels for attention, they may just learn a thing or two about our ableist world
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jabberwockypie · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
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daloy-politsey · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Just saw this in a job posting
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che-nya · 12 days ago
homeschooling is a controversial topic in brazil and by far the worst argument ive seen on why children with disabilities like autism shouldnt be able to study at home if normal school is improper for them is "but if they dont go to normal school the "normal" kids cant learn about diversity!" so any child with a disability should get fucked over their whole lives without a setting they could actually study in so normal kids learn respect theyd already be learning anyway because the concept of "dont be a jerk over differences" is in fact not that hard to teach?
istg sometimes it feels like most education systems literally just straight up admit they consider neurodivergent students lesser than the others
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cynthiadrawssometimes · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ay it’s time for some depressing scribbles. school can be hard, even for lightbending geniuses.
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anarchistfrogposting · 3 months ago
the concept of mansplaining has become a fucking scourge.
like it’s a real thing that exists and it’s useful to describe patterns of misogynistic behaviour where men speak over women or feminine presenting people who are fully aware of the intricacies and nuances they think feminine presenting people don’t understand by merit of their (outward perception of) femininity, but too many fucking times do neurotypicals abstract its meaning to the extent that it’s used against any masc presenting nd person who is clearly just infodumping bc it’s their special interest or hyperfixation or are overexplaining for clarity.
please stop using words you don’t fucking understand. please stop using progressive language to silence or bully nd people. i’m sick and tired of it.
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cripdeaf · 3 years ago
Accusing people of faking / lying about their identity, disability/ies, body, etc. does NOT help the groups you think you’re protecting.
By trying to pick out “fakers” from “the real thing”, you create a space where you’re enforcing stereotypes and harming actual people who belong to these groups; this contributes to a huge stigma surrounding most minorities.
Think of it this way: you’ve met someone for the first time, and they have blond hair. They mention in passing having naturally red hair, or even talk about it. Just because their hair looks blond, doesn’t mean that’s not usually red; the same can be said about many, many things, especially when it comes to disability, being LGBTQIA+, a person of colour, etc.
Similarly, another person may have had brown hair as a child, but their hair is red now; the fact their hair was brown doesn’t negate the fact their hair is now red. This analogy is can be applied to disability as well, as well as being trans.
Ignoring these key concepts leads to stereotyping, false accusations, and a lot of suffering for marginalised people.
Pulling people up on oppression is very, very different to taking it upon yourself to decide who is and isn’t valid; the latter just hurts the people you’re trying to help, and tightens restrictions on access to things we desperately need, whether they’re tangible resources or communities.
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kintatsujo · 2 months ago
Speaking of things that impact the environment I get mad about, veganism is not the answer to the environmental impact of meat production
I live in Ohio and let me tell you what corn and soy production as we currently handle it does to local biodiversity
It's not good
There's good ways and bad ways to produce all food, and capitalism chooses the environmentally bad way every chance it gets because that's how serving the almighty dollar works
Veganism as a philosophy was invented by Peter Singer, who couched it with compassionate sounding language but was absolutely using a eugenics-based argument in the first place; in the passages I had to read in college he compared the value of "how much suffering" a horse was "capable of" to that of an autistic child.
He also spoke at length of stopping suffering through euthanasia as a thing that should be applied to human children in the same passages.
He didn't ACTUALLY want to give animals rights, he thinks we should be culling disabled children and is trying to make that sound reasonable
I very much support people eating the diets they feel are best for them but veganism as a philosophy is rooted in deeply dangerous and ableist thinking before you even get to the question of dietary needs, and you should rethink why you consider it an ethical life choice.
Doing it for your health? Good, go for it.
Doing it because someone else says it's better for...... Someone else? Maybe fucking examine that a little more.
And for fuck's sake yell at the food production companies instead if you want to effect the environmental impact of your food
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