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mlk082 · 2 days ago
Waking up the morning after and S/O says “my legs hurt.” - Vice Housewardens
Are you okay?
Do you need anything?
Is extra nice to you all day and gives you lots of sweets.
Watches you when you walk.
Will smile at you and won’t tell you why when you ask.
Is literally so smug.
Decides to cuddle you for some extra minutes and gives you kisses before getting up.
Will watch you get up and chuckle.
Checks on you throughout the day and is more flirty than usual.
Teases you to fluster you.
Is smug, but more subtle about it.
He’ll give you that smile and start to tease you.
Will rub circles on your thigh.
When you said that your legs hurt, he asked “How much?”
Will not apologize for it and also waits for you to get up so he can see how you walk.
Will check on you through the day.
Takes a minute to process.
Instantly holds you closer and kisses your neck teasingly.
Cuddles you for a bit.
Is also smug but isn’t an ass, and actually asks you if you’re okay.
Does not feel bad.
Pays attention to your legs more than usual and just stares at you in general all day.
Will not shut up.
Also doesn’t let you go for some time and playfully squeezes the flesh of your thigh.
“Maybe next time I should mark you more and be kinder on your legs.”
Upon other thinks that make you red.
Every time you are in the same class or Rook sees you in the hall, he will call you out.
Will just go up to you, give you a kiss, and ask you how you are.
Isn’t very fazed.
Will make you say why your legs hurt.
Still smiles at you.
Kisses you all over and tells you that you could stay in bed if you want to.
Checks on you all day.
Chuckles when he watches you walk.
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not-idia-shroud · 4 months ago
Cater: Ah yes, the five love languages.
*points to riddle*: my parents never told me they're proud of me
*points to mc*: im so fucking tired please god just let me rest forever
*points to trey*: I love everybody
*points to ace*: pay attention to me
*points to riddle*: touch starved
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roseheartsed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: being in love with the members of heartslabyul entails little antics as such...
✼ PAIRING: heartslabyul x reader. (you/your pronouns used!)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of comedy.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: reader is referred to as adorable and cute a few times, lowercase intended.
✼ KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits.
✼ A/N: making this was very fun! now that the heartslabyul edition is finished, i imagine i'll turn this into a series for all the dorms. i hope you will have a good time reading this small piece! — bree ☆
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist.
Tumblr media
𝚁𝙸𝙳𝙳𝙻𝙴 𝚁𝙾𝚂𝙴𝙷𝙴𝙰𝚁𝚃𝚂. riddle straightening your uniform with an exasperated yet fond sigh. having a routine where he sees you off to your dorm after school without ever missing a day (unless there's an urgent meeting). study dates where riddle pokes your forehead with his finger (gently and affectionately) everytime you nod off to sleep. giving him an encouraging nod when he tries to handle a student that broke the rules more 'leniently'. tending to the croquet hedgehogs together away from the prying eyes of others. seeing the smile on riddle's face as he lovingly says, "you did extremely well today, as expected of my lover," when there is no one around.
𝚃𝚁𝙴𝚈 𝙲𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴𝚁. eating homemade muffins that trey bakes specially for you. baking dates with only the two of you and getting flour smeared all over your cheeks. trey resting his hand on your head and giving you headpats at random times of the day (as a greeting, as a goodbye, when he talks to you, etc because "he just feels inclined to pat naturally adorable things.") reminding you to brush your teeth before you go to bed. telling you stories about his siblings back home. trey becoming your personal tutor who helps you with lessons you can't comprehend and giving you a forehead kiss as a reward.
𝙲𝙰𝚃𝙴𝚁 𝙳𝙸𝙰𝙼𝙾𝙽𝙳. mentions of your name in almost 85% of the captions on his magicam posts. keeping a folder full of his selfies with you, but there is also another folder filled with candid shots of you that he took when he didn't want to bother you. receiving a 'good morning! do your best today, OKOK?' message from him every morning. asking you to adjust his hair tie for him because it feels 'loose' (he's teasing again, isn't he?). jotting down special events about you in his calendar (your birthday, anniversaries, when you held hands together for the first time, etc) and remembers all of them to a t. cater tucking your hair strands back into their places when they get into your face. making a playlist of songs that remind him of you and sending them to you.
𝙰𝙲𝙴 𝚃𝚁𝙰𝙿𝙿𝙾𝙻𝙰. listening to your day and complaining about it together with you. poking fun at you about how much you must've missed him when he literally just came back from a 5-minute bathroom break. ace scratching the back of his head with a light scoff and reddening cheeks when you tease him back. buying you some snacks from the cafeteria that you didn't ask for but he still bought them anyway. slinging an arm around you when you're next to him. running towards you and accidentally tackling you over every single time when he has good news. ruffling your hair with a snicker during times when he's teasing you.
𝙳𝙴𝚄𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝙿𝙰𝙳𝙴. deuce getting shy and choking on air when you want to hold hands. a soft smile resting on his face everytime you cross his mind. offering to carry your things for you (especially heavy stuff, let him handle it!). profusely denying when someone teases him about you until deuce's neck feels sore from shaking his head so hard. tries to save up madol so he can buy things that would make you happy. leting out his punk side when you are getting bothered by bullies and not even realizing it happens until afterwards. muses to himself about how he wants to introduce you to his mother someday.
Tumblr media
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, february 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you.
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kimbap-r0ll · 9 days ago
Can I request headcanons for the vice wardens or also house ones if you'd like. But Crowley has decided to put on a play at school since it'll be the first time the heroine will actually be female and he's forcibly sticking the reader in that role. And it's a romance. So suddenly everyone wants to be an actor and kiss the reader on stage and reader is begging the wardens to audition to save them and totally not because that's their actual crush they want to choose who their first kiss is
Hello! I'll just be sticking to the vice housewardens for this one, thanks for the ask! I'm leaving Ortho out of this one since he's a literal child :)
Vice housewardens asked to be part of a school play by fem!reader
The show was going to be based off of a story form Shaftlands, one about a beautiful princess who ate an apple and fell into a sleeping curse
You are panicking because Crowley told you this without any knowledge beforehand
He isn't really a person to go out in front of an audience, so he's not really into the idea of being an actor at first
That is until he hears that you'll be the one to act as the female lead of the story, and you're basically begging him to take the lead male so that you'll at least kiss someone you want to kiss (of course you don't say this directly to him)
He'll laugh, telling you that he's not much of an actor and wish you good luck. But on the inside, he wants to be the lead since it does mean he can be closer to you.
Who knows, you might see him at the audition!
Ruggie (technically not a vice leader, but still counts for this)
He's been in so many different jobs at some point he has had to be an actor for sure
So he isn't opposed to the idea of being in the play, as long as the rewards are good. If it means kissing you, why not?
He'll play it cool with you, laughing at your unfortunate position of having to be the female lead but he'll tell you not to worry and that he'll help you - if you help him get that deluxe sandwich next time at lunch!
You'll see him at the audition for sure, but whether or not he'll get the role is up to the directors
Also someone that doesn't prefer being in the spotlight, so the play wasn't something he was thinking of being part of
That is until you run up to him and ask for help, saying that you can't kiss a complete stranger
He sees right through you though, giving you a sinister smile and saying "Oya, is it because you wanted to kiss me?"
He won't audition I feel, but he'll give you a kiss right after you try to say goodbye to him then and there
No. He wouldn't want to stand on a stage even if he's good at a lot of things
He hears you pleading him, telling him that you'll die if you have to be kissed by someone you don't know, and he sighs.
He'll do it if it means helping you out, but he's not at all thinking he'll get the male lead, he just wants to be there to support you (and spend more time with you)
Turns out Kalim and Jamil are both at the auditions!
He probably signed up before you even asked him
He's a theater kid like Vil, and I wouldn't be surprised if Vil was directing this show altogether
You tell him that you can't be the female lead unless the male lead is someone you know, someone like Rook. He laughs and tells you that no matter what you'll still look stunning as the character.
He'll probably get the male lead, so you don't actually have to worry
He's been on the stage here and there because of his position in the Light Music Club, so the show does spark his interest
It only starts to gain more of his attention when you run to him right after school and beg him to audition for the male lead. He hears how scared you are of having to kiss a total stranger, but he also sees how you want him specifically to kiss you
"You know, if you wanted me to kiss you that badly, you could've just asked me," he says, patting your head.
He'll still audition, just because it'll be a fun experience!
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honey-milk-depresso · 4 months ago
Also I only did Trey, Jade and Jamil
"I heard you said that" S/o with Encanto's Dolores' powers (Hearing things from afar)
Trey Clover
Listen, he hides a few things about himself.
So hearing that you could hear anything and everything from far away, makes him very scared of you-
The catch is that he doesn't know it yet. Not before he started to fall for you.
One time, for some reason, he was absolutely swooned by you, that he swore his heartbeat was just pounding against his chest and he had to excused himself to be in the bathroom for awhile and just sat on the lid with his hands on his face as he sighs disappointedly to himself.
"Why am I in love with you, s/o.." he whispers to himself.
When he finally calmed down and returned back, he was confused to see you have your face flushed and looked at him timidly before you diverted your eyes away from him. "W-what's wrong?" "Um.." you fidgeted.
"You know you can tell me anyth-" "So I have super hearing powers and I kind of heard you say you love me- actually- like- so many times- so I was wondering if I said I love you back genuinely cuz I love you too can we like hug- be together- make a family with each other-" you gushed out all that you heard and felt, and you really were to late to realize that and covered your mouth with a red face, much like the man who was facing you.
"C-can we kiss since I heard you..?"
"A-aha..." Trey smiles awkwardly, his face burning by the minute as he scratched his cheeks, eyeing on your flustered self.
He ought to be more careful now, shouldn't he? <3
Jade Leech
Much like Trey, this man has many secrets he hides.
And it's just very hard for you to contain the secrets you've heard about him all the way back from Ramshackle. And Jade has no idea about it.
Until you finally admit it through an accidental confession that is.
You were lounging around with him after his shift, just buds being buds not for long-.
Jade finds himself feeling more vulnerable in a sense that he found some of the simple things you do so... fluffy. It makes him feel fluffy easily. Perhaps maybe it's because he's tired and he's happy you decided to spend time with him.
Jade laughs at a joke you made, but he whispered, muffled with his hand. "How I adore you..." He was quite a respectful distance away from you although he was considered close to you, and he
You froze, making the eel blink in confusion. What happened?
You blushed profusely, and bit your lip. "S/o? Is there something wro-"
"Okay, so I have super hearing abilities and I heard you say you like like me- and like- for a long time now- and I just didn't know what to say and wondered if you're gonna ever change your mind but I guess not but that's good- I MEAN-"
You shyly looked away, fiddling with your thumbs. "I- I love you.. too.." you looked back at him.
He blinked in disbelief, the slightest pale pink dusted his cheeks. Of course, the eel regained his composure and simply chuckled in amusement, gently using his fingers to tilt you head up to face him.
Aren't you a cheeky one~ <3
Jamil Viper
Oh man... This is especially dangerous for him if you, his crush, overheard him scream about how much he hates bugs from Scarabia all the way from Ramshackle.
Oh my sevens... this is so embarrassing as an accidental confession-
It was a hangout. Perfectly planned out, and he made sure to put on his best in front of you.
And then...
He was having a mental crisis when his eye caught sight of a tiny bug. Jamil forced a calm smile at your direction as you smiled back, completely "oblivious" to the bug.
He kept eyeing at the bug of course (if a stupid little BUG is gonna ruin his date- well- hangout that's soon to be date- HE SWEARS-), and it caused you to eye the bug.
Whether you're scared or not, you managed to chase the bug out, and looked at him and just laugh. "It's okay to be scared of bugs! Everyone's got their fears / I'm scared of them too!"
He didn't scream and actually contained it for once, so his face sort of- drained a little out of color when he heard so.
"W-wait.. how did you know about..." And you just gushed it all out like running water.
"I heard you say that multiple times when I'm not there due to me having some super hearing and stuff- not really important- but I also heard you set up this hangout to say you like me- and so I was rehearsing how to confess- and- realize... how... stupid... this... confession... is......... it's flunked- I'm sorry.."
As you blushed hard, the fluster seemed to spread across Jamil's face too. Man, he doesn't know what to say, but he's definitely embarrassed that you, his crush, of all people, heard ALL his embarrassing moments when he thought you weren't looking.
"I-it's fine, don't worry..." <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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writer-akihiko · 7 months ago
Hii!!! could i request for the twst mc running away like you did before but instead with the dorm leaders? or vice dorm leader? either one is up to you!
Vice Dorm Leaders + MC Running Away
The third installment of this scenario! Honestly, this has been one of my favourite asks scenarios. I've done two parts with the First Years, with an alternative ending and the Dorm Leaders. Note that this does not include Floyd Leech as he was not mentioned in the request. Surprisingly, Rook's part was a bit more romantic...
Warnings: Character Death [Not you or the main boy], mentions of abuse and emotional manipulation [On the Reader] and violent actions [The Vice Dorm Leaders]
"I'm not going back."
"Wh... What?" He was astonished. "YN... I've looked far and wide for you- please-"
No words left his mouth as you stepped away from him, tears in your eyes and you were going to make a run for it again.
Lilia Vanrouge
A Fae that has lived as long as he did are thought to be calm and passive, but it was the first time in eras of his existence that he was filled with rage out of pure love for someone.
"Who said you could leave?"
The chill that ran through your spine matched the cold expression on your lover's face, as he commanded the spines of the thorned vines to trap you. Yet, for as sadistic as he could be, there was no prickling of needles to your skin, as if he was proving that he too could be comforting at times.
For as much as Lilia loves to see your pained expression, it's worthless if it's not done by him. The bruises and cuts that adorned your skin… it was simply unforgivable, the image lodging itself into Lilia's mind as his grudge against Crowley grew stronger and stronger.
It was the first time you ever saw Lilia in such anguish… His fangs seemed to grow sharper, his hair longer than before, but with the way he held you, it was still your Lilia underneath. All your options exhausted, you leaned into his arms. "I'll stay…" You murmured into the crevice of his neck. "Just… please don't make me go back."
A chaste kiss is what you felt by the upper part of your forehead, before your eyes turned half-lidded, your body giving into the exhaustion you endured. Lilia called out Silver and Sebek, waiting by the trees to carry you away. He had business to deal with after all…
The very principal who was the core of your suffering stood off against Malleus, who surprisingly kept in his anger well. As expected, Lilia thought to himself. Malleus treasure you greatly too, almost as a mother or elder sister figure considering how much you and Lilia care for the other three in Diasomnia. It was easy to get them to search for you on Lilia's behalf, really.
"Malleus, it's my turn to play around with the little bird~"
There before Lilia Vanrouge was the meek principal, and for a moment, Dire Crowley witnessed the true form of an angered Fae before vanishing from existence itself.
Trey Clover
All Trey felt was out of control. He had no control over the situation, no control over your actions… and no control of his emotions. The usual rational, cool-headed vice dorm leader was now riddled with anxious thoughts about whether you'd make it or not.
With his strength, it was easy to pull you into his chest, your smaller frame dipping into every curve of his body as his large, warm hands ran over every cut and bruise over your face and shoulders. It was then the silence was broken by Trey's quiet sobs, the tears dripping down his cheeks a droplet at a time.
Those protective arms of his, the ones you'd cuddle into at moments of stress, the same ones that'd tease you during those baking dates as he guided your hands with his own were trembling in fear for you.
"How could you tell me to leave you, YN?"
It was a different sight to see him cry, the pang of guilt ringing in your heart as you realised that it'd hurt Trey as much as it hurt you if you decided to leave. Never did you once blame him for the horrors you faced, but with the world seemingly against you two ever finding each other, it was only a matter of time before you snapped.
He leaned into the crook of your neck, his breath soft against the scratched skin. "Anything… YN," He muttered, the grip around your back and waist tightening as Trey's entire torso caged you, as if to protect you from the harsh environment around you. "Anything… I'll do anything to make you stay with me…"
Yet, Trey was perceptive. He knew what was to come if he was to take you away. He had to act now if he were to protect you. It was a secret he'd never say as openly, but for you… he'd break any rule that he upheld before.
Trey was always strong enough to carry you. It was a testament whether he was strong enough to carry and run with you. "Don't let go of me, YN."
Eyes shut tight, your body pulled as close as it can be to his own, he took off. The rustle behind you, and the lashing of that ever familiar voice you hated… Trey told you to look on, so look on you shall, as this time, Trey is the one who'll save you.
Jamil Viper
It was always a struggle for Jamil to call anything his own. Practically impossible, with how the world forces him to be slave to someone else. This time… it was his own heart that was a slave to you. A position he'd willingly accept no matter the circumstances.
His quick witted tongue didn't do much with every other word that came from your lips. You understood. You understood that longing gaze of his eyes as Jamil's arm reached out to stop your movement. Between you two, there never was a lie, so you told him everything.
The pain of recalling such memories was enough to cause your body to shake, sinking to your knees. He caught you in time, but he was unsure if he could ever comfort you with the amount of rage and malice that filled his heart.
With one swift movement, he shrugged off his jacket, draping it over your shoulders as your body fit snugly into it. Your hand lingered a little longer on his hand that passed your shoulder. Jamil couldn't cry for now. Any of his tears is wasted effort on the effort that should be put in to ending the worthless man that put you in this situation in the first place.
He got on his knees, those bold eyes you adored staring directly at you. He pressed his forehead into yours, unable to give you the care you needed in the wake of his anger. "YN… run away from me. Do it…" He muttered. "Run to a place where I can find you."
Your lover said nothing after that, removing himself from you as he stepped into the darker parts of the forest, his eyes darting to anywhere but you. You knew that magic. It was his own Unique Magic at play, but you could never predict what he intended to do with it.
"Found you, Principal Crowley."
Those eyes locked in on the principal, Jamil at full concentration to control Crowley. You yelled out for Jamil, screaming at him to stop once you saw the ink drip down his arm. He said nothing, letting the ink slowly take him. If you were distressed by his Overblot, he had to right his wrongs, for this time, he'd use his suffocating Overblot to hold off Crowley so you could leave him.
Jade Leech
How ironic that he found you near a water source. It might be because of your affinity for water is one of those things that he unconditionally loves about you. What he didn't love, was what you believed was right to do.
You couldn't stop the merman that was in his own element, as the edges of the water came closer and closer to your ankles. Jade's webbed hands reached out to you, pulling you to his level, soaking your body. You let out a wince as the water came in contact to the open scratches, your legs thrashing against Jade's grip
"I've listened to your many requests YN, but this is one order that I can't follow."
It was unexpected really. The way Jade snaked his arm to your waist, the other hand tracing the edges of your jaw, forcing your gaze to meet his. Under his spell, all you could do was embrace him back, as Jade fed the words he wanted to hear into your ears. "Tell me, did you really mean to leave me YN?"
Your lips forced out a 'no'. However, your mind spoke for itself, relenting all your stresses to Jade as a justification for the opposite of your refusal to leave Jade. It was futile effort of your own words, as halfway through your venting, your merman pressed his lips onto yours.
The kiss was a quick, loving one, Jade pulling away before he leaned his forehead into yours, his arms now carrying you halfway into the ocean. "Thank the Great Seven…" He muttered. "I thought you left because you despised me."
There was no magic Jade could use to overpower Crowley. It was a slow descent to the waters below, but he had enough magic left to let you breathe. In the very least, Jade could swim away while Floyd distracts the principal. Underneath the sea, the bird had no way of reaching you unless Crowley was willing to get his beak bitten off.
Oh, what you must've endured through… he thought, holding your knocked out self close to him. The effect of the magic must've put you to sleep. It's alright… it was an effect that was welcomed to Jade, as if the principal ever set a foot in the waters, Jade would have to get those teeth of his bloodied, and he can't frighten you away the moment he got you back now can he?
Ruggie Bucchi
Not a step away from Ruggie, and he has you tackled to the ground. He couldn't believe it. You promised him. You promised him that you'd be with him till the end. You, as the best treasure he'd ever found, threw him away so carelessly as everyone else did.
Those emotions were shoved down his throat, as he could only breath a sigh of relief when he saw that you were alive and breathing. "I… I found you, YN…" He breathed out, his voice shaky from the overwhelming thought that you were alive. Better yet, you were willing in his arms, practically curling up into him.
You felt Ruggie's growls in your skin when your lover ran his hands over the wounds that littered over your body. His grip tightened, as if to comfort that he could protect you now from those that harmed you before.
Nonetheless, there was not much Ruggie could do to your harmed psyche, one that was ruined by the situations pushed onto you. The notion of responsibilities dumped onto oneself is one that Ruggie has faced and drowned in the face of before, yet… one's situation like yours is what he could never understand from distances away.
There was a moment where your breath staggered, and he panicked. He ripped off his jacket, rushing to cover the large wound that began to open around your shoulder. He cried in the thought of not being able to save you, sobbing when the realisation that he might not be able to save you hit him.
The one that could cure you was back in NRC. It was what he understood. No one else would take someone like him, who was without status or wealth to cure you. If he took you back to NRC, you'd be trapped in the endless cycle of Crowley's carelessness. If he didn't, you had a chance of dying in his very arms.
Running to him was Jack, in his white wolf form. Never had a glimpse of hope made him laugh so hard. With Jack… you'd be safe. You'd get the help you needed, away from Crowley. Tailing behind the beastman was the principal, his attacks almost catching to Jack.
"Crowley… Oh Crowley…" Ruggie muttered, his psyche falling into the madness. "Laugh with me!"
Rook Hunt
He whipped off his hat, covering your head as he pulled your body to his own. His voice moved to a hum, soothing your shaking body. Your choked sobs pained him so, as he pulled the hat closer to your eyes, shielding you to focus on his gaze on you.
Rook is definitely enraged, but he knows how to keep his emotions in. All his focus was on patting your head as you cried into his shoulder, silencing your cries. You had clearly exhausted yourself of all efforts, having a good cry in Rook's arms as you slowly nodded off to sleep.
He knew what you wanted. He knew… He knew that NRC wasn't for you, so don't fear. His mademoiselle is meant to be be rescued, albeit he's not a prince charming, but he might as well be your cunning hunter watching you from the shadows.
Ah, but he always knew. He was always keeping watch of you, but as the one who protected you from the shadows, it wouldn't do you or him any good if he exposed himself to those dangers. He might've pulled some strings to make sure you were left unharmed, but of course there was those pests who kept bothering you.
The biggest pest of them all… It required the grandest plan the hunter ever had to concoct in his career, with the biggest prey he had. Tucking you away in his jacket, he waited for the one you referred to as Tsunotarou. He knew everything, especially of the sorcerer's little crush on you.
Surely enough, Malleus had come to rescue you, whisking you away. He had no worries for this arrangement as he's aware of how easily he can whisk you away. Yet, just before he made his escape, he pressed a precious kiss to your forehead, as if to mark you as his.
When the prey makes his move, the hunter will follow in suit for sure…
"Oh? I didn't expect to miss your empty head, Headmaster! You make fantastic prey!"
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twst-winnie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
♥︎ Love Languages : Heartslaybul
characters: ace trappola, deuce spade, cater diamond, trey clover, riddle rosehearts
tags: fluff, gn! reader, ch. 1 spoilers!
other dorms: ☀︎ ~ ✎ ~ • ~ • ~ •
a/n: first twst headcanons! I’m very excited, as I’ve been very fixated on the series for a while now! anyways— heartslaybul boys and the love language they prefer to receive from a potential partner! i hope you all enjoy! — winnie ♥︎
Tumblr media
♥︎ Ace ~ physical affection
» Unsurprisingly, he’d never actually admit to it, but he loves receiving affection from you. Perhaps it’s his general brutishness, or maybe it’s his desire to upkeep a villainous persona, but he never outright tells you of his deep desire to be physically affectionate, lest he give his friends more things to tease him about.
» You’d figure it out eventually, however, as not long after you start dating the freshman, he lingers closer to you than before, let’s his fingers brush against yours when standing next to you, let’s his eyes linger on you, but quickly looks away when caught. You’ve easily noticed the way his expression brightens when you intertwine your fingers with his. And even if he insists to others that you’re the one adamant on being physically affectionate— you don’t mind. You definitely do tease him from time to time, though. Who knew he’d be so clingy?
» In truth, the physical affection helps remind him that you love him and want him around just as much as he wants you around. He’s far too prideful to admit his insecurity— let alone ask you for verbal reassurance, so the physical touch serves as his assurance. When you gently squeeze his hand, let him rest his head on your shoulder after a particularly long study session, or when you hug him from behind— it all reminds him that you chose him. That he has nothing to worry about.
» He’s constantly told he’s incompetent or that he’s made a mistake— it’s apart of having such strict upperclassmen and it gets to him more than he’s ready to admit. It creates self doubt when he doesn’t do so great on a test— when he breaks a rule or makes a mistake. In times like these, he seeks out your touch even more. Because it reminds him that he’s loved, that someone’s on his side— that you recognize, but don’t scold him for his mistakes. You just let him lie his head in your lap while he talks, reveling in the comfort that your fingers carding through his hair gives him.
» All in all, he’s very physically affectionate with you and when you go out of your way to give him the touch he craves, whether that be a soft brush of the hand or a quick kiss before you rush to class— it makes him feel loved all the same. And even if he’d never admit to needing to feel that warmth and comfort— he realizes soon enough that he’s never had to admit it. Because you welcomed him with open arms without him even having to ask. He loves you for it.
♥︎ Deuce ~ words of affirmation
» Deuce carries himself in a way that he hopes makes his mother proud. However, even if he falters occasionally, being otherwise constantly subject to such standards by his own values is exhausting. He stresses. A lot. More often than not, he finds himself questioning if he’ll ever be the academic that he wants to be for his mom. Is he doing good enough? Is he making the people around him proud— or is he still the brute that can’t control his anger?
» That’s why it’s so important, when you two begin dating, that he’s assured. He needs to hear the words from you— that you do love him. That he’s enough for you. You’re more than happy to tell him that. Every single day, if you have to.
» Sometimes, the affirmation is prompted by a conversation. He comes to you— upset that he didn’t do as well as he could’ve on a test and questioning where he went wrong— telling himself he could’ve done so much better. Luckily, you’re there. Of course, you allow him the space to vent his frustrations, to get it out of his system. Then, you tell him what’s on your mind. You tell him that you’re proud that he worked hard to study and he shouldn’t discredit himself. Schoolwork doesn’t come easily to everyone, so he shouldn’t feel incompetent or ashamed. His value isn’t determined by his grades and you tell him that directly. Then, you offer to study with him. His heart feels happy after hearing your words, and he agrees. Somehow, a conversation with you always makes him feel better. His previous thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity are quickly quelled by your assurances and belief in his abilities.
» Other times, there is no conversation that prompts assurance. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere as a small surprise. Deuce still gets flustered every time— but it lifts his mood that much more. You’ll be sitting next to him, quietly working on homework, both of you sitting in silence. Then—
» “Hey, Deuce?” You question.
» “Hm?” He acknowledges you, not looking away from his work.
» “I love you, you know?”
» It catches him off guard— but makes him smile slightly and meet your eyes. He feels warm, happy, and loved. Because he knows that you said that merely because you were thinking about it— thinking about him. You just felt the need to share, which you started doing, unprompted, when you both got comfortable in the relationship.
» What he loves, though, is that you never say things just because you think it’s what he wants to hear. You don’t lie for his sake. You support him, but call him out on his mistakes. You assure him, but only with upmost honesty. You love him and you’re genuine about it. That’s what he finds comfort in. He can always trust your words— trust that what you’re telling him is the truth.
» So when you idly confess that you love him, why should he question it? Instead, he smiles, professing that he loves you just as much. A fact that serves as a sense of security for him. No matter how insecure he gets— no matter what mistakes he makes, you love him. That’s what’s important.
♥︎ Cater ~ quality time
» A lot of people perceive Cater as the type of person to be completely invested in his phone, even when spending time with someone. He’s fully aware of this assumption, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. In all honesty, when you set aside time for him, he’ll take a commemorative photo at the beginning of the date, but then his phone is soon shut off so he can focus fully on you.
» School is incredibly busy for you both, so it’s important to him that he’s completely invested in what you’re doing together. Occasionally he it he’s to check his phone, but somehow he always finds himself far more interested in what you’re saying, rather than whatever’s going on on social media. After all, you always seem to manage to set aside time just for him, no matter your schedule, and to him, that’s important.
» See, what people don’t realize is that Cater is incredibly perceptive and self-aware. He knows how he’s viewed by others. He hears what people say— and so he often uses MagiCam as an escapism of sorts. It’s a place where he can post photos and comments of his own accord— a place where he has complete control over how people view him. They don’t see the bad— the struggle— the gossip— only whatever he wants them to see. But you? You spend time with him no matter the state he’s in.
» If he’s sick, if he’s had a bad day— if he’s far into his thoughts, you still spend time with him. You never needed a picture perfect date to be planned— you never demanded only the trendiest things or perfection— none of that. All you wanted was to genuinely spend time with him. Whether sitting in silence, studying together or going on some upbeat date; you enjoyed all of it because you got to be present in the moment with Cater. It’s something no one’s given him before. Everyone else has always been content to live vicariously through his MagiCam page— always assuming that he posted every waking aspect of his life— assuming that he always had things so carefree and easy. No one bothered to dig deeper— to explore further— except for you.
» Even when you discovered his deepest thoughts, insecurities, and troubles, you stayed. You sat with him, leaned against him quietly and just enjoyed his presence. You were never off put by the highs and lows he went through. You went out of your way to spend time with him more often during his lows, actually. You always assured him that your door was open if he wanted to spend time with you— that all time spent was of upmost quality even if he couldn’t find the words or hold conversation. You found joy in just being around him and spending time with him regardless.
» It makes him feel loved, flustered and joyed all at once. To think that his presence alone was enough to make you smile… to think that just… spending time with him could make you this happy— it made his heart warm. It’s something he never outwardly expresses, but you can see it behind his clever chides and flirty smiles— he’s elated. He’s found someone to lose himself in— someone’s he’s comfortable being himself around. He doesn’t have to worry about documenting it with pictures— or what others online think about it. Truthfully, he only cares for your opinion. He only cares to steal your time away since you were the one most important to him— the one who knew him.
» But hey. Maybe he posts a picture or two just to brag about how much time he spends with you— he can’t help it! He feels lucky. He needs to share that with everyone on every social site because, simply put, it’s you. And you’re the person he’d pick over all else.
♥︎ Trey ~ acts of service
» It’s no secret that Trey will stick his neck out to help the underclassmen in his dorm, even if he doesn’t necessarily have to. He does feel obligated as a sort of older brother figure, but he just cares for his juniors and wants them to succeed. On top of that, with his duties as Vice Housewarden, he often finds himself assisting Riddle with various tasks. Perhaps more than he has to, but it’s his childhood friend, so he can’t find it in him to say no. He’s a bit of a people pleaser and often finds himself stressed out because of it.
» You soon take notice, and soon enough, you’re there— helping him out with everything from simple errands to timely, complex tasks. Need papers delivered to the Headmage? You’ll handle it, you’re on your way there, anyway! Need an ingredient from Sam’s? You can grab it for him! It’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Trey and it fills him with a sense of… joy. Because he knows that you have a lot on your plate, too. Yet, you go out of your way to make his life easier— you help him whenever you have the chance.
» Trey loves it because it means that to you, he’s worth the effort. When he gets to rest a little more, visibly relaxes when you offer to do a task, give him a helping hand when you see him struggling— it shows him that your love for him is genuine. Because you actually notice his struggles. Everyone else views him as having his entire life in order. Someone calm, yet lighthearted and relaxed. Someone reliable. And he is, you assure him of that, but you also recognize the constant state of stress he puts himself under in an attempt to remain the person that everyone can lean on when they need help.
» You remind him that you’re more than happy to cook with him, deliver things for him, pass on messages— because he works so hard already. He doesn’t need to burn himself out to please others.
» You know he carries guilt for what happened with Riddle, then the overblot— he blamed himself, trying to insist that if he’d helped more then maybe things would be different. It’s something he expresses to you when you’re cooking together and you question why he works so unnecessarily hard. Trey’s afraid that you’ll try getting him to stop— but you don’t. You tell him you understand, but you don’t think it’s his fault. You tell him that you know that being able to help others makes him happy, so you’d never stop him. Instead— you just begin silently helping out even more with his various duties.
» You allow him the space to still work to quell his guilt, but you watch out for him and make sure that you ease the heavy weight on his shoulders when you notice him getting even busier than usual. In moments that he feels guilty for letting you help— or because he’s not spending as much time with you, you just brush it off. It’s the same as usual. You do it because you love him. You made the decision to assist him because you care for him. While yes, you don’t get to spend as much time together as you’d like, the moments you spend, helping him cook or prepare for a party— it’s enough for you.
» Trey soon finds himself relying on you pretty often and feels his stress dissipate with every thing you help him with. He loves it because every “I love you” you’ve shared with him is backed by your many actions and the way you’ve always been able to notice that beneath his cool exterior is someone who stresses himself to please others. He feels solid in your relationship because you’ve always gone out of your way to show him that you care. So now, whether it’s spoken aloud or not, Trey knows for certain.
» You love him just as much as he loves you. And you will not sit back and watch him stress himself out. You’ll always be there to lend a helping hand— a hand he’ll always accept and grasp tightly and lovingly. He knows that no matter the workload, he can handle it so as long as you’re there by his side.
♥︎ Riddle ~ gift giving
» Growing up, Riddle’s day to day life was heavily monitored. From what he did to what he ate— everything was predetermined. He couldn’t even indulge his sweet tooth without getting berated by his mother. Going to NRC gave him the freedom from his family that he’d desired for a long time. Even if he treats himself with a high level of self-discipline, he still allows himself to indulge. Sometimes, at least.
» For how hard he works and how much he succeeds, he definitely doesn’t give himself as much as he should since he feels… guilty, still. He can still hear his mother’s voice in the back of his head, scolding him and insisting that whatever he wanted was unnecessary and that his time would be better spent studying for class or doing an independent study as opposed to any sort of leisurely activity.
» When you come into the picture, though, you don’t hesitate to shower him in gifts. Small or big, whether it be food, a book he wanted to read, stationary— he appreciate every single one. Because you never needed an excuse of an event or accomplishment to give him something. On top of that, it showed him that you took into account what he said and listened. Though, he had to admit that it as also heartwarming when you brought him a small, random gift after a quick trip to Sam’s or out in the town.
» “Oh, and what’s this for?” He’d ask. You’d give a small smile and shrug.
» “Just thought of you when I saw it. So I decided to get it for you.”
» That was by far his favorite reasoning for gifts. To think that you bought him something because he was in your thoughts at the time— that even when you were away, he occupied a space in your mind? It made him happy. It made him feel loved. You were always so considerate to his wants and desires even if he had trouble outwardly expressing them. You noticed when his eyes lingered on an object a moment longer— or when he casually mentioned that a new book he was looking forward to was released, or even when he just mentioned that he was craving something sweet. It seemed that no matter what it was, in a matter of a few days, it’d end up in his hands with a small, loving note from you.
» With every gift you gave, you either told him directly, or wrote a small message explaining your reasoning. He kept every single one and his various presents from you were scattered around his room so he could think of you even when you weren’t there. It made him smile just glancing at how much you’d given him. It reminded him that you loved him and you’d go out of your way to help him heal from his past— you’d slowly mend the guilt he felt when he wanted to treat himself to something. But until then, you’d give him the things he wanted and deserved.
» Riddle isn’t materialistic by any means, and you know he isn’t. The gifts aren’t required to keep him happy, they’re simply the way you can best communicate your love to him. People already do what he says, he gets affirmation from friends— but not everyone goes out of their way to get him a gift just… out of nowhere. Yet, you’ve always done so and it makes him happy.
» It’s just that. A present with no strings attached. You don’t expect anything back. You don’t gift him things to get a favor in return. You do it simply because you love him. And that’s something that Riddle finds he appreciates more than anything.
Tumblr media
— fin.
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otomes-world · 2 months ago
4. “I saw this earlier and I thought of you”
Tumblr media
You'd heard about Twisted Wonderland but never thought about downloading it yourself. You had enough walkthrough in the Internet and beautiful arts. The gameplay looked pretty simple for you, the lover of more action games or the rhythm ones. In general, it did not attract you as much as your friend, who often took the opportunity to share the latest news regarding the game.
This case was no exception. Now you were visiting her and looking at the menu with interest while she went for drinks. She set a character on the title screen... Trey Clover, if your memory served you. You saw him briefly, but if you would compare the number of his arts with others, then he, of course, was inferior. Who knew that your friend would be one of his fans. So or she just preferred the `safe` option.
The longer you looked at him, the stronger the strange feeling that you were being watched became. You slightly tilted your head to the side and noticed that the character also slightly changed the angle of view. You did not think that the animations in the twist were so well made. Mentally, you applauded the developers and creators, but the unpleasant feeling did not disappear, so you hurried to click somewhere else.
Judging by the icons, it was a table of contents with stories. With renewed interest, you began to open and look at it. At first everything was fine, but with every second you noticed that the staring became more and more intense. Unable to stand it, you sighed heavily.
It sounded like paranoia. The character from the game couldn't look at you inseparably. Who will believe it. You didn't believe yourself. That's why you decided to just exit to the main menu and just turn off phone.
However, the picture that appeared to you was completely different from the one that was there originally. Trey was still standing where he was, only instead of a robe he was dressed in a Heartslabyul uniform, and behind him were rose gardens instead of the Prefect's room. You did not know if the game had such an algorithm, but you were ready to turn a blind eye to it. You felt more and more like you were going crazy.
“I saw you earlier and I thought of this”
You looked sharply at Clover, and then exhaled tiredly. You were just nervous, you told yourself. However, this was not a reason to react in such a way to the recorded phrases in the app. It was too early for you to have gray hair.
"Since when did twist become a horror," you laughed mirthlessly, gradually calming down. As a joke, you even asked Trey. "Maybe you know the answer, Mr. vice-leader?"
"Who knows... Name, right?" If before that your heart was beating like crazy, then at that moment you felt how it almost stopped in your chest. "Maybe this genre was originally there, but it wasn't advertised. Haha," he met your eyes again. "You look more and more like dormouse with that expression on your face. Would you like to take part in the tea party?"
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hunniebrainz · 5 months ago
Hello! I have a request, I saw there's nothing for Trey yet (which makes me sad since he's a fav. Actually i don't have a less favorite so-) but I would like to ask a poly headcanon thingy with him, Cater, Riddle with a male reader who likes to bake. My friend's a huge lover and is actually in a poly relationship rn so I was wondering to it with characters that remind me of his lovers, I didn't know the number limit though but I would've also added Azul, Jade, Floyd, and Rielle if you write him
Btw your page is so flippin cute OMG~!
WAWAAWAWA I LOVE THIS PROMPT?!?!? kisses ur big brain >:))
Ooh also i only write g/n readers, i hope thats okay!! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Riddle ADORES you!!
- he also adores you and Treys baking, he cherishes every bite like its the biggest jewel in the world!!!
- and as for Trey, he would love to spend time baking with you!
- its so calming, doing something you love with the person you love.. ♡
- Trey has many tips and tricks on how to make treats even more appetizing than they already are!! Like decorating, what brands are better, certain recipes, etc etc!!
- its very likely that he'll surprise you with treats of his own that you might enjoy!
- and for Cater~
- he loves the beautiful things you (and sometimes Trey :D) make!
- but it would absolutely KILL him if he were to admit to the fact he doesn't like sweets :((
- however, Trey makes him fess up 🥰
- but ur cool with it! (I hope loskdjjddj)
- so you (and Trey, probably) learn some non-sweet recipes!!
- Riddle likes joining you and Trey while ur baking!!
- just, dont let him fall for the oyster trick again :(
- Cater takes pictures of the food you guys bake and posts it to his magicam!
Tumblr media
I hope this was good! Ehe, i struggle with writing Trey romantically since i see him as a sort of a "brotherly" figure, but i try!!
Also my character limit is 5 characters per post, unless its a specific group like the dorm leaders- also i dont write about Rielle at the moment, but i might!
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thatweeboverthereisthirsty · 5 months ago
Kiss prompt #45 with Trey please? 0///0
Tumblr media
#45 - Kisses exchanged as they move around, hitting the edges of tables or nearly tripping over things on the floor before making it to the sofa, or bed.
How long has it been since you last saw him? Since you last held his hands? Since you last felt his fingers trail up your arms leaving goosebumps in their wake? Since his lips last pressed against yours until you were left breathless and desperate for more?
Trey had only been gone for a week, but it felt like a lifetime. It wasn’t even that you were craving physical attention, you truly felt deprived without his presence there. Grim and the Octatrio (who stayed over the winter break as well) tried their best to distract you.
Still, you missed him terribly and it was getting to you. Irritability became your go to emotion for most days. Even Grim ceased his teasing having sensed that you were not to be tested.
So to say that you were excited when you heard the door open and close following the standard “I’m home.” was an understatement.
You practically ran to his arms and he dropped his stuff so he could hug you back. He smiled and started to speak.
“I missed you too-” You cut him off with a swift push. Pressed against the wall, Trey grunted as you sealed your lips on his with desperation. His surprise was soon drowned in want.
He chuckled against your lips and let you have your way with him, pulling his jacket off and removing his glasses carefully so you could press even closer. Your tongue poked at the edges of his mouth and his eyes snapped open.
Trey pulled away to your displeasure and gasped out the word “sofa”. Deciding that you were too impatient to wait you quickly moved your kisses to his neck while he backed you across the hall.
His focus broke after a particularly harsh suck and he tripped over the coat hanger. You were 90% sure he also hit his knees on the edge of the coffee table before guiding you down onto the couch cushions.
With a tug, you brought him down with you and with his attention returning to you, he quickly took over the kiss. You sighed and let him kiss you senseless. Oh boy, you’d missed this.
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leafity-writes · 3 months ago
Trey Clover | Apology
Summary: Vampire!Trey. That’s all I can say
Tumblr media
Warning: Content contains suggestive theme, and vampire stuff
A vow he declared within the depths of his heart to keep you pristine from harm.
Never once had Trey drawn a single drop of blood from you, despite your reassurance that he had your full trust. Knowing him, you’re sure he’d treat you with utmost care and respect. Yet he insisted on finding alternative ways to keep his quench, avoiding the possibilities to fall into such situations itself.
“—the last thing I want is to hurt you.” He said softly, with a soft embrace and peck on the cheek. You could only nod as you bury yourself into his scent, drowsiness kicking in fast.
But alas, things must come to an end when his impulse sprung on him way too sudden, and now you lay beneath him—arms pinned up against the soft fabric that he could visualise to be stained red soon. His mouth was wide agape, though it's trembling from moving any closer to your neck that looked utterly delectable right now.
He bit his lips to shut his mouth.
It quickly bared open its fang without his permission.
God, does he wish he could stop his primal instinct sometimes. It didn’t help that you remain unmoving, void of the will to struggle despite being at the close proximity with danger itself. A danger he’d be if you didn’t push him away as every second passing by became unbearable to him.
"Trey." you called out in a low voice that turns his already clouded mind into haywire, as if your presence was not awful enough to break his will. "Drink."
And how could he refuse such a tempting offer? A hesitant pause, then a gulp filled with desire when you'd compliantly offered your body to him, ever-so-slowly inching closer to your neck. Hot breath against your neck that had your skin tingling in anticipation of the incoming pain made you unconsciously hold your breath. 
A mutter of heartfelt apology and a promise to make up for it later, before his teeth broke into your skin.
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mlk082 · an hour ago
Can I request Trey Azul and maybe silver and malleus for saving the reader falling off their broom in midair? I know Trey saved kalim once that way and grim is probably terrible at flying I don't trust him steering
Catching You After Falling Off Your Broom
Are you okay?
Is very glad he caught you on time and immediately brings you down to the ground.
Gives you a tip on how to control your broom.
Hugs you and is very glad you are safe.
Tells you to not give the broom to Grim.
Loves the way you hang on to him for a bit before letting go.
Watches you for the rest of flight class and stays close to you.
Also, are you okay?!!?!?!?!
Was so fucking worried when he saw you fall. He never ever wants to hear you scream again.
Goes back on the ground after catching you. Azul isn't so good at flying himself and it would be very very bad if you both fell down after he saved you.
Tells Grim that his flying is worse then his, and he tells you to never let Grim fly a broom with you on it.
Azul asks Vargas very charmingly if he could take you to the infirmary to check for injury as the way he caught you was quite rough.
Really, he knows you're okay, and even though he is still worried for your safety, he just wants to get out of flight class.
Thank God he caught you.
Is so relieved and hugs you when you're both on the ground.
Scowls at Grim's horrible flying and doesn't understand why you would let Grim fly the broom with you on it.
Grim's flying is atrocious, please, don't go on the broom with him.
Knows that you didn't have a very comfortable landing since it was midair, so Silver asks you if you are hurt anywhere.
Also if you are nauseous.
Checks for any sort of bruise you could have gotten and keeps you close to him for the remainder of flight class.
Does not let you fly on the broom with Grim.
Really doesn't like to see you scared. Malleus has an immediate sense to calm you down and cradle you whenever you're upset or scared.
You just fell from the fucking sky. Malleus holds you protectively while bringing you down on his broom.
Immediately asks if you are okay and if there are any bruises.
Does not prefer that you see him angry, but it's better to have no secrets in a relationship. Malleus will scowl and glare daggers at Grim for his ludicrous, poor excuse of attempting flight.
Does not let you ride with Grim unless you are the one steering.
Sits out class with you and does not care about Vargas. Malleus knows that you are safe now, and your stress shouldn't increase by getting back on that broom.
You have a small nap together.
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not-idia-shroud · 6 months ago
Riddle: My life is a little too much panic and not enough disco.
Trey: My life is a little too much fall and not enough boy.
Grim: My life is a little too much chemical and not enough romance.
Mc: My life is a little too much imagination and not nearly enough dragons.
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kimbap-r0ll · 20 days ago
Hello!! Since I saw that your request is still open how about vice dorm leaders with a ballerina s/o? Btw I love your work and thank you in advance!!
Hello, thank you for the request! I’ve always wanted to dance but never had the talent haha.
Vice dorm leaders with a ballerina!s/o
Woah, you dance! He’s not a good dancer so he’s impressed right away
If you have any shows, he’s definitely going to be there (with one of those large bouquets and everything haha)
You should try to teach him one day, he might not be good but he would love to dance with you!
If you ever warm up or stretch in front of him, he might ask if you’re okay with how your legs are just bent in all sorts of shapes. You tell him it’s fine and he’s just amazed at how flexible you are.
Technically there’s no vice dorm leader in Savanaclaw, but he’s basically one so he’s on this list! Speaking of which, you dance? He finds it so cool honestly
He probably never learned to dance before, but he’s pretty flexible so you might be able to teach him a few of the movements.
If you ever invite him to a concert, he’s going to be super happy. He’ll bring a cute gift for you at the end, but while watching the concert he can’t help but notice how ornate everything is. The theater if it’s one of those old ones or the costume, no matter what it is he’s just in awe. He’s grown up in a less fancy place, so he’s stunned!
Probably your biggest fan, and he’s not afraid to show you off to others about your abilities as a dancer.
Merfolk don’t dance often, and he tells you he’s not the best with legs. Seeing you dance so gracefully is inspiring.
He’ll go watch you perform when he can! He’ll also bring something like a small gift along with some flowers for you at the end. Maybe he’ll tease you about how beautiful you looked that you distracted him from the rest of the performance haha
I feel like he would watch some other ballets after that and end up loving the more contemporary ones
You should try to teach him! He’s more than welcome to be your student, though he might not be the best he’s pretty flexible!
He’s someone who knows how to dance, so you being able to do ballet is something he can relate to. You guys both probably had many ankle/foot-related injuries so you guys bond over that haha
He’ll want to watch you dance one day, and he’ll grow to love watching ballets. If only Kalim gave him some free time!
He’ll admire your costumes a lot too, since he’s someone who pays attention to small details. He’ll look at the patterns and the fabric of it, he may ask you how it’s like as a performer to wear one too.
He might learn a few movements and you guys might end up dancing together soon! It’s really fun for both of you, and it might feel a bit magical with how graceful he is.
I can just see the mountain French poems coming your way when you dance and he watches you haha
He thinks you’re so graceful, so beautiful! Honestly he just admires you for being able to do about anything
He would grow to like Swan Lake a lot, as general as it is. I think for him it’s because of the plotline, but also because of how the dancers try to imitate animals, it’s just interesting to see for a hunter like him!
You should try to teach him ballet too, he’s definitely a fast-learner and super graceful. It’ll be a lot of fun!
Ortho (this one’s just as friends)
He probably screamed ”ARE YOU OKAY?!!” when he saw you lying on the ground with your legs looking like they broke off.
He learns you do ballet and is super amazed (and relieved about you not breaking your legs) by it! He wants to watch you one day, so please invite him!
He’ll want to take Idia along, but he might be unsuccessful haha. Once Ortho goes to watch you however he’s blown away. He’ll like the more contemporary dances too!
He would want to learn, so you should offer to teach him. He’ll need to learn how to be flexible first however, but he tries to go for the harder movements and probably ends up doing a really hard one on the first go.
He’s seen ballet before, and probably learned it back back then when he was younger. He’s happy you dance!
I can imagine you guys dancing for fun in the middle of the woods, it’s just a dreamy thought that sounds nice :)
He will go watch your shows, and you would have no idea about it until he surprises you back stage (he managed to sneak in somehow). He brings a bunch of flowers when congratulating you!
He definitely likes the Sleeping Beauty ballet, but will also like contemporary ones that experiment with costumes and movements. It all looks really cool to him and you being part of that just makes it better!
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chibiwritesstuff · 6 months ago
May i request hcs of trey, jade and rook with an s/o who is sleep deprived but hides it from them? Thank you 🥰
What on earth is this sleep you're talking about? (´;ω;`)
Now, let's enter this twisted wonderland~
Tumblr media
He’s been looking after Riddle so don’t even try lying about your sleep deprivation.
Already has your favorite coffee or tea brewing when you began your spiel about not getting enough sleep.
He’ll give you an option of taking a nap before class or telling the teacher you’re sick and have a full day’s rest instead.
If you just took a nap, he’ll make sure you get as much peace and quiet.
If you ask for a sick day, however, he’s already in his mom mode.
Chicken noodle soup? Check. Comfy bed with warm blankets? Check. You getting pampered with kisses and cuddles? Double Check.
Needless to say, you’re getting that sleep.
Tumblr media
You know that feeling that someone was behind you with an ominous smile?
Yeah, Jade’s smiling behind you ready to start questioning you.
He’ll entertain you and let you go back to work but both he and Floyd will keep an eye on you.
The moment you show a moment of sleepiness it's bedtime for you.
Azul will say that you’ll just create a loss of profit if you make accidents because of your lack of sleep.
Floyd will poke fun at how you’re a sleepy sea creature.
Jade is already carrying you in bridal style and lulling you to slumber as he brings you to his room.
As you succumb to the comfy bed, he will place a kiss on your forehead before heading back to work.
Enjoy his bed as much as you can. The moment you wake up, he’ll tease on how cozy you look in his bed.
Tumblr media
He’ll entertain the lie of you being wide awake as it’s a beautiful sight for him.
However, one instance of you nodding off is all it’ll take to be whisked into your room to rest.
If you still for some reason insist that you can still stay up, he’ll start reading his collection of cringy high school poems.
If you’re into that thing, you slept peacefully as he went on.
If you’re not, you forced yourself to sleep so he’ll stop.
Don’t be surprised if your pillow smells nice for some reason. He’s already put a potpourri in your pillow to help you relax.
Will leave to take notes and the rest of the schoolwork for you.
When you came into, he’s cuddling with you on his chest tucked under his chin.
Go get more sleep and savor the moment.
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cross-crye · a month ago
•❣•୨୧ v̳i̳b̳e̳s̳ o̳f̳ h̳i̳s̳ h̳u̳g̳s̳/c̳u̳d̳d̳l̳e̳s̳ ୨୧•❣•
multi-fandom series: genshin version; bsd version; ynm version; obey me! version;
twst version- savanaclaw+octavinelle; scarabia+pomefiore+ignihyde; diasomnia
lowercase intended
Tumblr media
what does it feel like when he hugs you? or when the two of you cuddle?
Tumblr media
stiff, but surprisingly warm smells like those sweet tarts he loves to eat comforting, but not in the way you'd expect. being in his arms feels like nothing in the world could possibly hurt you. like hiding underneath your blanket during a storm. and is surprisingly enough, the one who always lends you a shoulder to cry on.
Tumblr media
bear hugs, envelops you in his arms sometimes rocking you from side to side if the two of you are standing. he smells like a bakery i wonder why comforting, but not in the same way as riddle. his hugs feel like sleeping in, while the sun shines through the windows onto the bed
most likely to hold you after bringing you breakfast in bed.
Tumblr media
tight and breath-taking, like really. he's just excited to spend his time with you. either it be a few minutes when you pass each other on the hallway or spending the afternoon together at hearslabyul. like meeting in the hallway while looking for a midnight snack and struggling to stay quiet. + getting scolded by riddle for hogging the couch.
Tumblr media
his hugs are rare. even thougt he's a softie he'd hate to admit it in any way shape or form. feels fun and different every time, sometimes hugs you to appeal to your own soft side and get out of trouble (read hiding
behind you with his arms around you as riddle scolds him)
Tumblr media
tired hugs, it's like when you hug him and all your worries and stress magically leave your body. like finally crashing into bed after having pulled an all-nighter. or getting to eat sweets after coming back home from a dinner with bad food. like finally being on vacation after a stressful school term.
Tumblr media
cross-crye © 2022. 
no reposting, stealing, copying or translating my works.
reblogs, comments and likes are all highly appreciated
Tumblr media
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harfanfare · 2 months ago
Been following you for quite a while, and I absolutely love your "How to win a heart of" series! Would you consider making for Trey as well?
No pressure though, and you can ignore if your req is not open, but I'd love to see what you come up with! Thank you for giving amazing contents
How to win a heart of Trey Clover?
Tumblr media
a/n: Dear Anon, I hope you will like this one!
Dear Readers, for the plot enrichment, I gifted you with a (temporary) inability to bake. It might have highly affected the reader’s self-confidence, which is primarily pretty low, but grows with each sweet second when Trey is around. And then, the reader embraces the energy of positive chaos. And becomes chaotic.
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
1. Ask for help from pretty stranger from the desk next to yours.
To say that you aren’t nervous would be an utter lie.
Your knuckles already whitened from the unwitting pressure you put in tightening your fists into a nervous grip, and your shoulders felt sore, reasonably sore, after being tensed for so long. Throat goes dry again, and words die on your tongue, just like every time your eyes dart to a green-haired student.
...You really need to talk to him.
Trey Clover, the unfamous vice-dorm leader of Heartslabyul, is probably the greatest pastry chef in NRC’s history and the only person who can help you at the moment.
A baking club entry exam, that is.
The problem is, you suddenly forgot how to talk to people.
You could swear everything was alright just a moment ago when your friend casually complained about the lack of seasoning in the cafeteria’s food. A huff, an eye roll and a sarcastic comment were almost obligated.
Now you can’t remember how it felt to be relaxed.
Should you just say hi and casually tell him about your problem? Would almost strange classmate care? ...If he disagreed, it would be a bit embarrassing, and it’s not like you could avoid him when his desk is next to yours. Maybe you could ask any of your friends if they could introduce you... But does any of them know Trey?
You look up at Trey once again, as if it could help you find a solution, but quickly shift your gaze to your hands.
Maybe you should just read more culinary books... A theory might not be enough, but it will spare you from any embarrassment that might��and with your luck and undeniable skills: *will—*happen.
No. You need to be brave.
How will you go through life if you can’t talk to strangers? Trey seems like a kind person, so he might help you... or just reject your ask without putting up a show.
And all you need to do is to start talking.
All you need to do is—
“Hey, can I help you with something?” A voice, a really good sounding voice with the texture of melted chocolate startles you, and you look cautiously up. “I noticed you were watching me.”
...Of course, he did.
All courage you mustered up was now just a faint memory, untraceable and irretrievable. With sympathetic eyes in the colour of cinnamon and gold on yours, you swallow some saliva, hoping it will dissolve the stress that gripped your throat.
“I’m so... so, very sorry... I didn’t mean to stare.”
“No need to apologize,” he smiles warmly, which makes your gaze drop to the floor in silence. “You’re [Name] [Surname], right? I don’t believe we have talked before, but I heard—and saw, believe me—that you are a very lovely person.”
What? What?
“Thank you...?” You pull the words into your mouth because leaving the comment in silence would make you feel guilty. Also, it was a compliment! Sensing you want to ask him for something, he gives you a smile. So, before the rest of your courage has a chance to flag, you speak up. “I... Or rather if... If you have any time to spare me, could you help me- pass- my- baking- class?”
He almost grins at your question. ...Huh, was it funny?
“You are a member of a baking club, aren’t you? I’m honoured you reached out to me, haha!” He regards you with a warm look, and you feel almost happy that you’ve decided to talk. “And sure. I will help you. Just... don’t be so nervous around me? I don’t bite... but I sure can serve you something worth tasting.”
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
2. Share your thoughts.
There is that unnamed excitement hanging in the air.
You aren’t sure if it comes from the late hour when most school halls are abandoned and left only with some candles as the source of light, or is it Trey himself, who stands behind the kitchen counter with a cookbook loosely in his hands.
“So,” he starts, and the polite smile he wears seems to brighten up the whole room, “I might not be a member of the baking club—even if it sounds really fun, and I am, in fact, a little bit envious—but I heard about the criteria of the tests. They let you create a custom recipe, which you will have to re-do in a certain amount of time, under the eye of the club president... Is that right?”
You nod.
While you could, of course, learn a recipe from the most mysterious and unknown book that has barely seen sunlight, your club’s president has his ways to check if the work was plagiarized. So, your ‘quest impossible’ is to think of a pastry no one ever thought about.
It’s hard to believe every member of the club had to do the same.
“We need to start with a goal,” Trey guides you to take a pencil and puts an empty notebook on the counter. “And we need to get a little bit creative here.”
He stands where he was standing before, but he seems a little bit closer than before. You take a little step back at the sudden realization, and Trey chuckles softly as he sends you an apologetic smile and moves a bit away.
“So, to know what we want to do...” You aren’t sure if he stands that much away because you hear his voice well. Very well, every change in his tone is neatly observed and noted in your thoughts. “Tell me, what you dream of. Even the most impossible idea.”
He smiles encouragingly. You aren’t sure if you’d like to reveal any of your secrets to a stranger, but then Trey flips a recipe book and your eyes land on several images one of of the most enticing cakes you’ve ever seen.
Trey knows he has your attention. His finger slides from a cookbook to your blank notebook, where you will have to write down some ideas. “The best way to learn is to do something you want. And to do that, I need to know your preferences a little bit better.”\
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
3. Try your hand at pastries. Again.
Your phone buzzes once again, and for the seventh time, you tap the screen to delay the alarm. It is a simple move, but it reminds you of hours you have spent in the kitchen.
You are tired, and at the moment, you wish nothing but to tuck yourself in the bed and be late for morning classes. It’s not really an affirmable desire, but a needed one.
“Should we put it in the fridge?” You ask, looking at the fresh-made cake. It is beautifully decorated, but, to make sure the cream is right, you will have to leave it somewhere cold overnight.
“This one?” Trey corrects his glasses. “Only if you wish for some other students to steal it for their breakfast.” He smiles faintly, the lost hours of sleep getting onto him as well. “And that is another rule to learn: do not trust anyone your baking goods unless you’re prepared for the loss or you have your ways to find the culprit.”
A wry, hesitant smile stretches your lips. “...Is that from experience?”
“You would be surprised how often it happens,” he sighs and your mouth quirks up. “How trustable are your dormmates?”
“I... think I wouldn’t like to test out.”
“Okay, yes. I understand, I would probably do the same,” Trey laughs at your response. “But, well, would you trust me with this cake, please? I will bring it on a lunch break when we will try it out and think about improvement.”
“Sure...” You look at him from under your lashes and smile. “I will give you a benefit of the doubt.”
“Thank you!” And another smile returned. A smile does really suit him. “I will not let you down.”
Then, he said his goodbyes and left, the only trace that he was here being the blush that slowly perfused your cheeks.
He is too kind...
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
4. Beware.
There are always some eyes on you, and that’s the thing you need to remember in NRC.
And because people here are very observant, just by watching a person for a while, you can get a nice grasp of someone’s personality, judging them by their words and actions.
It also makes some students cautious—aware of being observed, they put up a show of being someone they aren’t. They can look stronger than they are, to look respectable, or feel timider, to cover the abilities they would like to save for later.
Either way, you’re a really bad liar.
Trey notes that when he notices you talking with your friends. There are no feigned emotions across your face, the tone of your voice bewrays everything you’d like to hide. Even falling quiet tells him a lot, and he has no trouble with saying if the silence is a peaceful one or a distressed one.
He doesn’t know why his gaze always searches for you in a crowd. Well, he doesn’t know why he was helping you without getting paid back. You aren’t influential in this school, but maybe, your passed test will be a bargaining chip when the time comes.
...But was that a reason?
A pondering sigh escapes his lips.
When you catch him staring, you wave at him discreetly.
He nods his head at you, in greeting, and a soft smile blooms up your face.
Yeah. You’re wearing heart on your sleeve, but that’s a part of your charm.
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
5. Take a joke seriously.
Emptied bottles of oyster sauce lay on the table and you can’t contain the sigh when you glance at them.
You tried everything.
And it still didn’t taste good.
You don’t know how to add oyster sauce, the special ingredient Trey revealed to you in utter secret, to make... anything savour better, but you aren’t going to give up yet.
The cake gets too salty after adding it to the dough, so you figured out it would probably have to go with something either sour or refreshing. The vegetable paste would fit quite good if the dough was overbaken, but then you couldn’t really call it a cake.
Then, when you added it to the cream, the texture got soggy and tasted awful. There was nothing that you could cover a taste with.
And while you wanted to give up, it was Trey who trusted you with his baking secret! If you won’t master it, how will you ever progress?
“Oh, my...” You hear a disbelieved gasp and turn quickly to see Trey eyeing your baking experiment. Noticing the empty bottles of sauce, he immediately knows what’s going on. “[Name]! How could you take that joke?”
You blink slowly.
“...Shame on me then, hah.” You shrug and smile awkwardly, but your feeling is mixed. Should you be happy that you didn’t do anything wrong, or cry, about the stress you’ve come through...?
“I am truly moved by your faith in me, even if it was misplaced this time,” Trey says and your mouth forms something between a pout and a grimace.“...But oyster sauce?”
��I know--!” You bring your hands to your face and hide from his gaze. “...It still hurts that I’ve spent so much time figuring out the ingredients! ...Now I know that I shouldn’t trust you with questionable recipes.”
You reposition some of your fingers on the face to glare at Trey.
Trey chuckles but also seems gullible.
“Sorry, I’m sorry, don’t be mad,” he reassures you, putting a hand on your shoulders. A sudden strike of electricity goes through your body, freezing you. “I need to say, that, nevertheless, it looks very appetizing.” Trey doesn’t seem to notice your tensing shoulders when he walks to the cake and digs a fork into a cake.
A pleasant crunch fills the air. “The texture is great,” he says with a smile on his face. It becomes a little bit forced when he takes it to his mouth. “But yeah, it’s still not so very edible. Your efforts, though, are paying off. If there wasn’t any oyster sauce, it would have a very rich flavour.”
“Really,” he confirms, and you can’t help but smile. Compliments from Trey are not uncommon but they can move your heart every time. “I will treat you with something if you help me. So, pay attention to me, alright?”
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
6. Make him a gift.
You’ve passed the baking test.
It’s hard to lock your excitement within your body, but the little stars in your eyes reveal the truth.
You’ve passed the test and you know that the strawberry shortcake is the result of hours spent in the company of the greatest pastry chef of Heartslabyul, if not NRC.
But not only that. You’ve gained a real... friend. And you could say that it was the real treasure, but it would sound too cliché, and a passed test is not something you could grumble at. But yeah, now Trey was in your life and you can sincerely say, that you enjoy your time with him.
“It’s for you.”
A thin, beautifully decorated box is in your hands as you say those words. Trey grins instantly and looks at you with surprise and joy in his eyes. When he opens it, mini-cakes are revealed. Really beautiful ones—the cake seems super light (probably also vanilla flavoured, he guesses), and the cream is rich in field berry. Candied flowers shine courteously in the sunlight, and Trey can’t help but feel proud of you.
You interpret the silence in the wrong way, letting your gaze down and making a wry face. “...If you don’t want it, I will take it.”
“No!” Trey immediately protests. “You can’t take back a present, [Name].”
“Then don’t make me regret giving you anything!”
Trey laughs and takes the box from you, with the grace of a dancer rather than a chef.
“Thank you for the cake. I will treasure it by eating when the time is right,” and he looks at you, weighing his words. He smiles mischievously. “But... Are you sure there isn’t any oyster sauce in there?”
“Trey!” You punch him lightly in the arm. And then you stop and take a box from him. “You know what, give me a bottle of that. There is never too late to add special ingredients, and now I want to poison you.”
“[Name], no-”
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
7. Endure teasings. (Warning: They come from every side)
Ace Trappola is a tease of a man, whose eyes could never miss the chance to make a comment that will either make the room laugh, sigh or smile hesitantly.
So when he sees you, you can’t expect that you will escape with an unscratched mood.
“Oh, you are the student who keeps our vice dorm leader away from us, huh!” Ace greets you with cheerfulness, and for a second you aren’t sure if he’s talking to you. When he confirms with a nod of his head, that he actually is, you look shocked. He has no qualms to stop teasing you when his voice rises again. “He is so often outside that the whole dorm started to miss him!”
“...Sorry?” You smile awkwardly, not sure how to respond.
“No, no, don’t be sorry, we have so many more treats every day,” Ace waves your words off, but winks at you. “...Unless you did something to be sorry for?”
“Of course not,” by the time he grins widely, you regain some of your lost calmness. “You know, most people would probably be happy when the person who checks if you follow the rules is out.”
“You picked the wrong person then, duh!” He sounds and looks pouty as he throws his half-complaint at you. “Riddle is in charge of everything... He probably has a sweet side, but I can’t really see him dating anyone.”
“Well... Trey and I aren’t dating.”
Ace sounds surprised. “You are not?”
Another voice sounds surprised. “We are not?”
“No!” You turn instantly to Trey, who smiles unapologetically at you. “Trey, you aren’t helping my case.”
He chuckles. Ace shoots you an unimpressed look as if your protest was a lie. You bite back a sigh.
“Sorry!” Trey says. “I couldn’t help but join this very interesting conversation.”
He looks at Ace and smiles slightly.
“But, yes, we aren’t dating,” and there comes the wink and a silent word, “yet.”
He hopes.
He hopes?
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
8. Laugh for him.
Laugh is made of sincerest smiles, and a smile is said to be a half of a kiss.
Your chuckle is surely enough to give him a heart attack.
And maybe because he craves it so much, he's a bit envious of the student you’re talking with...
He isn’t sure how he remained to hold up his composure. Maybe only Cater noticed that something was wrong—other students picked up on the questionable crush only because of the amount of time Trey spent in your presence—but Trey concluded his reactions were a little... delayed.
And thank goodness for that.
The solemn facade is still up when he walks to you and the boy you’re talking with, wide grins on your faces as you share some inside joke. A—nameless, for Trey—boy whispers something enthusiastically, and you burst out laughing.
You’re happy. Trey should be happy. But it’s hard not to feel a weight on his chest as he walks to your table. And he doesn’t want to say that he’s jealous, seeing you laugh your heart out with another dorm student, but... Well, something twists in him.
“Oh, hello Trey!” You notice him when he’s not so far away from you. The other boy just nods in greeting but looks a little bit distracted. “Would you believe that now people are asking me for baking tips?”
“Congratulations. It’s huge progress... especially after adding oyster sauce to the dough,” Trey teases, sitting next to you. Very, very close to you, but you’re too fed up with his comment to notice his proximity.
The boy that was sitting on your other side, somehow, takes this moment as an opportunity to leave.
Somehow, a delight floods Trey’s body.
“Don’t bring it up in every talk about my progress!” You cross your arms and your lips form a thin line. “It was your fault too, you know.”
“...Anyway, did you know that mayonnaise can make a cake moist and fluffy?”
You look at him cautiously. He grins, politely.
“...I will research it,” slowly, warily, you answer. “You see, what you’ve done to me? I have now trust issues!”
Trey chuckles. “Too bad then. I have so much more things to share with you.”
You laugh charmingly.
And his heart skips a beat.
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
9. Get invited to the Unbirthday Party.
“Is that an invitation?”
A beautiful letter is packed into a chequered pattern of paper that, by its function, resembled an envelope. It’s sealed with magic and wax, and as you break the stamp, the black and white squares shift from their places, to reveal handwritten words of invitation.
You read the whole thing twice, holding the letter lightly, too afraid to tear down the paper. Trey waits for your response, occupying his hands with a leaf that had fallen on the bench you were sitting on.
Finally, you take a breath and turn to Trey.
“Should I... bring anything?” You ask anxiously. A Heartslabyul party! Were you really invited to the famous event at your school? At the one of the grandest of the Unbirthday party, since the day of invitation was told to be a date of least people having a birthday? “Is there a dress code? Or, can I help you with preparing food?”
“No. You’re my guest and you need to take it easy,” Trey laughs your offer off. He shows you his appreciation with a light touch on your hand, but you do your best to not be distracted by that small (but purposeful, oh so very purposeful) gesture.
“But then you’re the one who bakes everything!” You protest. “Won’t you be tired after doing all desserts alone for such a grand event?”
“It’s all good. I need to keep my thoughts from something, so it’s a great thing to be occupied.”
When he looks at you, guilt twists your expression. You look at Trey sadly, but before you speak up, he doesn’t know what words caused you to have so heartbreaking emotion take over your appearance.
“’Thoughts from something’?” In a whisper, you repeat those words carefully. “Oh... Trey, do you have a problem? Can I be a help to you? I’m sorry I didn’t notice.”
“...Soon,” he licks his lips in a nervous gesture. Were they always this dry? His touch on your hand tightens, and soon he seems to be reassuring you more than you reassured him. Though, no, your appearance was always nothing short of comfort to him. “Soon, you will hopefully end my... problem.”
‏‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
10. Recieve chocolates with love filling.
“Are you waiting for certain someone~?”
Trey rolls his eyes, but his heartbeat still drowns out more of Ace’s upcoming teasings. It gives him an answer he could hardly admit to himself.
He really was nervous.
“No...” He says, but, on second thought, he moulds his response again. “...Actually, yes. Have you seen [Name]?”
“Ha! I knew it!” Ace grins, his teasing eyes having Trey duck his head slightly. “But no, I don’t believe anyone had a chance to see [Name] before you knew.”
“It’s not as if—,” Trey’s breath suddenly frozen; no words could be spoken.
Because you entered.
Your outfit, you think, could be a little overdressed, but it was a grand event, and Hearslabyl dorm was very content with weird clothing, as long as they fit within the rules. A red fabric covers your body with elegance, and roses dipped in gold are neatly attached to your hair and belt.
There is only quiet rustling when your elegant shoes move through the grass.
“...Hello, [Name],” he greets you with a smile that blooms wider every step you’re closer to him. You grin in response. Before Ace can even greet you properly, Trey grabs your hand gently and guides you toward the gardens. “Let’s go. No need to bear with anyone.”
“Hey!” Ace’s way to greet you is blocked by Trey’s arm. “Trey, that’s called possessiveness, duh!”
But you two already walked away.
The talk you have is about everything and nothing. The party, though you escaped only after being there for two minutes, was the easiest topic to talk about, as the happy voices from afar reminded both of you of the event.
“The cakes at the party look marvellous,” you say, ready to get the recipe out of him. He smiles, but it’s not the teasing grin that you get from your words. He’s just happy you’re here with him. “Though, that’s expected from you... You know, it’s so random but, whoever will you be with in the future will be a very lucky person! Anyone can just look at-”
“...Would you like to be the one?”
“-you and tell that... you...”
He just confessed.
Now you notice that there is a box of chocolates in his hand, decorated with some paper origami in the shape of little roses. Somehow, you can’t tear your gaze away from it.
He prepared to confess.
“I like you,” Trey breaks the silence. For the first time, you see him so clearly unsettled. “I like you a lot, [Name], but if you-”
“No, wait-” You stutter out a protest. The situation of what just happened got to your body and allowed you to take a proper breath. Checks heated up, and tears “I- Trey, I do like- I lov-”
“...Wait,” he stops you gently, and the surprise and confusion paint your face. He smiles, and the stress that was just overtaking his body feels to dissolve. “At first, let me court-... Seduce you properly.”
That charming bastard.
He knows your answer and now, secure from immediate rejection, decides to tease you.
You believe it’s to reduce your tension, but you don’t believe whatever he’s about to do, will take off the crimson blush from your cheeks.
Before you can say another word, his fingers are already intertwined with yours, firmly, confidently, so convincingly. He brings your hands to his face and lays several kisses in gentleman’s mannerism on your fingernails and though each feels very attentive, his golden eyes are focused solely on you.
Your heart beats loudly in a rhythmic begging that you’re sure Trey hears.
Only then, does he brings up a heart-shaped box of homemade chocolates; the love is written on the box, on his lips and eyes.
“[Name]...” He says with a low voice, as joy grips your throat and heart. “Will you accept these?”
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otomes-world · 3 months ago
44.2 “You don’t have to pretend with me”
Tumblr media
To be honest, Trey was not the most interesting character. He was a typical member of the group of `big brothers`. It felt like he was a third-rate compared to others, to the same first years or dorm heads. Undoubtedly, there were other characters who, despite the small amount of air time, caught players with their appearance or temper. Clover represented average qualities in these categories too.
He had fans, you just weren't one of them.
That was why, you failed to notice how only he consistently brings you daily rewards, as well as how often his cards began to drop to you. Especially when it wasn't in the gatcha you roll. Especially when you did not participate in his events at all, but his cards continued to appear in your collection steadily for inexplicable reasons. Now scrolling through all these minor details in your head, you realized that he was quite clear in his intentions.
“Name, I've been watching over you for a long time so I know when you're having a bad day. You don't have to pretend with me. On the contrary, it would be better if you share such details with me, because that’s what friends are for, right?”
You knew that Clover was no stranger to manipulation. Who would have thought that someday you would feel everything on yourself. To be honest, it was an unpleasant feeling.
"Do not pretend?" You looked at the character who was waiting for you as soon as you turned on the phone. You didn't even have to log into the game. On the screen he was looking to you and the gardens of Heartslabyul. "Shouldn't I be saying this? Get out of character sir dormitory vice-leader. It doesn't suit you."
At this, Trey continued to smile as if absolutely nothing had happened. Like you were just reading one of his stories and he didn't literally was in charge of your phone. Like you switched places and it was you who was being played with, not him. Like you were a kid who threw a tantrum when things didn't go the way he wanted them to.
"Is something wrong, Name?"
He even dared to ask.
"Don't take me for an idiot, Sir Clover," even if you were jarred by polite speech, you tried to build at least some kind of wall between you. Not tangible, but weighty enough to annoy the interlocutor. "Just know, I'll get rid of you at the first opportunity I get."
"If that thought comforts you, Name, you can cherish it. I won't mind," the smile on his face remained unchanged, although you could have sworn that his expression had changed slightly. You were able to hurt him. "However, you should know that when you will break rose-colored glasses, and you will, the one who will suffer in the first place will be you."
list of prompt
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honey-milk-depresso · a year ago
TWST s/o who is from a 3 star michelin chef family
Requested by Tranthanhtra. My first request btw. Hope you enjoy! Especially you, Tran!
Trey Clover
Well hot diddly damn
Where were you all my life?
He is so happy to hear that you’re family and you all know how to cook!
It’s like his family bakery, but you guys are more professional From the Ramsey family i see-
He tried your cooking once, and his mouth just melted.
It’s so g o o o o o d.
Wtf s/o?
Seriously where were you in my entire life??
Anyways, he bribed Riddle to invite you over to come to the Unbirthday parties, with the return that you cook for it.
Don’t worry! He’s baking by your side!
It’s so fun baking together.
Teaching each others methods and life hacks in the kitchen,
Introducing new dishes to one another,
Feeding them with one another,
Okay I’m being sappy-
But like he’s never had so much fun with someone in the kitchen,
cuz he swears to god flour would explode, eggs crack, warzone happens when there’s someone in the kitchen he swears-
So having someone who knows how to cook, and has an entire background of families cooking, it rejuvenates his soul.
And maybe, if you want, he offers to start your own bakery together.
Maybe... maybe like a family bakery.
Yeah, that would warm his heart.
Jade Leech
He introduced you to Azul immediately.
He really wants someone to help him with the cooking.
And since you are from a family who are professional chefs, you must have learnt a thing or two from them, right?
You learned a shit ton,
you’re cooking manage to make Azul cry.
Well damn,
this would be interesting, don’t you think?
Every day in the kitchen though, is just hectic.
Customers come in and out, asking for dishes and drinks.
So, together, you guys became some sort of,
Cooking Mama masters
Cuz you always filled in orders on time.
And you’re creativity in coming up with new ideas for the menu really stands out to him and Azul.
One day you made him you’re own mushroom risotto.
And he was so happy.
You really made his day with your cooking.
It just taste really good.
He starts to grow more attached to you, not only because you are a beneficial worker,
but also because you seem to touch him with kindness in many subtle ways with your cooking.
And he really appreciates that.
He’ll try making something for you, of course.
But no cooking from him can amount t yours <3</li>
Jamil Viper
Pretty neutral about it,
until one day you volunteered to help him with the dishes.
And he was like “woah woah woah. Stop your horses, pelican.”
He was really skeptical.
What do you want from him?? From Kalim??
Eh, doesn’t matter now, because Kalim let you cook with Jamil.
His excuse? You two can  b o n d-
This is bullshit-
At least, that’s what he first thought.
But you’re michelin star skills really shined in the kitchen,
You marinate the meat really well in your own way, you have you’re own technique of making curry, and like, the creative juices just flowed in the kitchen.
Jamil was really impressed.
I mean, he still kept his guard up just in case,
but he really appreciates your help, and really admires your creativity of making new and original dishes.
And you taught him so useful kitchen tips to which was great.
Sharing each other food,
Yeah you get the whole gig.
One day when he was really, just, well, dead tired-
You made him your own version of curry.
And he melted.
The flavors were just bursting, they had some earthiness to it,
It rejuvenate like, 100% of his HP
Like damn.
You by his side in the kitchen was actually really fun.
Maybe having you as his cooking buddy wasn’t so bad after all.
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thatweeboverthereisthirsty · 6 months ago
December 1st: Trey Clover
Tumblr media
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Dear Prefect,
Thank you for the gift and card. I was surprised to find such a thoughtful present waiting for me at my dorm. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into personalizing it. I appreciate that very much.
Do you remember when we first met? You were helping Ace and Deuce get back on Riddle’s good side. You required my help to make a tart and we had many adventures together during the baking process.
I enjoyed making sweets with you. We should do it again sometime. In fact, how about you come over this weekend and I can teach you a few recipes. I’m sure you will pick them up fast.
In the meantime decide what you would like to try making. Let me know soon so I can gather ingredients. I’m looking forward to it. Happy Holidays!
Trey Clover
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