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akasmileygirl · 2 hours ago
Never discuss politics with your grandparents over the phone. You will get hung up on.
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xaallo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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kirsteiiins · 9 hours ago
“No you don’t have to do anything to help just sit back and relax I’ll do all the work.”
-begins to thrust ring finger and middle finger in your pussy-
“You like that baby?”
- Jean
Shudders and moans out lightly, avoiding looking at you.
I do. I like it a lot…Hah fuck
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oplishin · 9 hours ago
I'm so glad Eugene Lee Yang exists. That sounds like a meaningless statement, but as a queer person of color growing up in an incredibly homophobic environment, his content really makes me feel seen. I wish I could be more articulate, but it's just all feelings in my brain right now. Everytime I watch "I'm Gay", I realize more how much I identify with it. It really feels like the life I'm living right now. The vitriolically homophobic religious environment, the early first love, the rejoicing in queer spaces that's ended with the reality check that being gay has terrible consequences. That video speaks to the core of my being. And the fact that Eugene has taken all of that and can still create, the fact that he has success, the fact that he makes others see us, well I don't think inspiring is the right word, but it gives me a little more hope for the future. 
So, thank you Eugene Lee Yang, for existing. 
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angeliiic-brat · 9 hours ago
cant believe it’s been so long and i haven’t changed my theme
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shandian-go · 10 hours ago
The place I work is looking to build a partnership with a university in Shanghai, so I was looking into a taking a Chinese class. Your novel club gave me the little extra kick I needed to actually sign up. Not that I think I'll be reading them in Chinese any time soon (or ever, tbh), but I like having something I can hold and look and just think, "Okay, maybe I can't read all of this, but here are a few sentences I can pick out." It's a good motivator! So thank you for starting that. :)
That's awesome anon! :) Hope the class goes well~
I'm so glad to hear it was inspiring and tbh I'm also hoping the Novel Club will inspire me to read more too, so we can do our best together ;u; Add oil!
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frayed-beginnings · 14 hours ago
I’m a softie
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tysondabs · 14 hours ago
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forcearama · 15 hours ago
lmaooo i feel so old compared to a lot of people on here but also i was only 5 when ROTS came out 😭 my uncle was so excited for it and was personally offended when he came to visit and found out my parents hadn’t let me watch any of the movies so we binge watched the OT in one day and i’ve been obsessed ever since
(and then my strict religious parents proceeded to not let me watch the PT until i was 13 because ROTS is PG13 but that’s a whole other story)
Anon I appreciate you but also HOW CAN YOU FEEL OLD. 😄
I kid, I kid, I know how it works, and everyone's mileage will vary, but also: WHAT. Y'all are BABIES. If I think about it too much I can see how a number of you are technically possibly closer to my own CHILDREN'S AGES than mine. Which is obviously totally OK I AM FINE.
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aftglow · 16 hours ago
oh.. oh no jack thinks ranboo doesnt get scared easily... this is going to go horribly
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mattsunbae · 18 hours ago
hi loveys, im currently on the brink of death /hj
i have a fever and the room is spinnin like a disco ball HELPP💀 but anyways, let’s hope i don’t die. i’ll be offline for a couple hours tho🤬🤬🤬
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