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#words can’t describe how amazing and perfect he is in every way i love him so much omg
genderfluid-insomniac · 16 days ago
How they react to their S/O self-harm scars:
Characters used:
Scaramouche, Kaedehara Kazuha, Xiao, Tartaglia, Thoma, Arataki Itto, Gorou, Kaeya Alberich, Diluc Ragnvindr, Aether, and Beidou
If the topics of self-harm and heavy depression trigger you or upset you in any way please don't read for your own safety. This is coming from my own experience of self-injury and from what I know.
He will find out, whether you tell him or he finds out on his own, sorry to say, but is at first beyond furious that someone is harming his lover. Now when he realizes the cuts/scars are too organized to be from a battle he is speechless for the first time, stunned that his own s/o has been hurting themself. Scara immediately goes to find you and talk some sense into you, if you can’t see the truth then he’ll show you how he sees you.
Once he finds you, you go to greet him but are interrupted when he grabs your arm (not missing the wince you try to hide if they're fresh) and pulls you toward a private room. Scaramouche bluntly tells you that he knows that you’ve been cutting yourself and how he cannot allow it anymore, demanding to know the reason why. When you tell him he shakes his head and mutters curses, bringing you in for a hug and kissing your forehead, a small blush lighting up his faint smile.
“Beloved, if you can't see how perfect you are then I’ll show you. You make my days every time you walk in the room and are the sole reason why most of my soldiers aren’t dead due to my temper. Please, I love you too much, I can’t lose the one person I care for.”
༻Kaedehara Kazuha༺
Kazuha would most likely already know because he picked up on your cries or the wind told him something was wrong but waited a bit to see if you come to him. If/when you don’t tell him then he comes to you and takes your hands in his, stroking the skin over where your scars/cuts were. Moments of silence pass and you both absorb the truth and you see droplets fall in your lap, seeing stray tears escaping your lover’s eyes. He loves you more than anything, you’re beauty and self rival the beauty of nature itself and here you are struggling to accept it.
You cup his cheek, wiping away a stray tear from his eye and feeling your eyes start to tear up as well, unable to hold it all back anymore. Letting sobs out, all the pain and hurt finally being let out, despite feeling awful Kazuha can’t help but think that even when in pain you still sing a song that he adores. He cups your face and kisses you deeply, feeling all the pain and suffering you’ve had to endure alone.
“I love you more than life itself my darling and yet you think otherwise. I keep trying to write a poem depicting how much I adore you but words cannot describe how I feel because you mean the world to me. I’m sorry you had to go through this struggle alone and I hope you’ll accept my help, I can’t imagine my life without you, sweetheart.”
At first, like Scara he thinks they’re battle wounds and thinks nothing of it but then notices more showing up (thanks to his keen sight) and that you haven’t been going on commissions or fighting that much. So when he brings it up to you he genuinely doesn’t know that it’s very personal but gets curious and asks why you would do that, it doesn’t make sense. Why would you purposely hurt yourself, mortals already have a limited life so why would you cut it shorter?
You explain to your boyfriend the reason why and he is shocked, he understands he has his karmic debt but he thought you knew that you’re amazing. He doesn’t say anything but just hugs you, shocking you a bit, and you hug him back, letting out a sigh as tears roll down your face.
“I may not understand but I want to help. You’ve helped me and now it’s time for me to help you, love.”
Very similar to Scaramouche with thinking it’s from battle but does pick up on how you’ve been hiding how you really felt which seriously disheartened him. Did he do something wrong? Are you falling out of love? Has he forgotten something recently? He can’t think of anything he’s done that could have upset you or something that could have pulled you into this state and it hurts him knowing there’s one battle that he can’t fight, especially because it's harming you and no one is allowed to do that.
When he gets home from “work” (also dealing with scara’s bs) he sees you sitting with a blanket draped over your shoulders while you are reading a book you checked out from the library. Childe sits down and asks if they can talk, asking about the marks and seeing you tense up upon the topic. A few moments of silence pass as you work up the courage to explain why and how you’ve felt, not going to your lover because you felt like he already had enough on his plate and he didn’t need one more problem. He just stops and scrunches his face in pain and embraces you, feeling him try to calm his breathing.
“You really think that? You could never be further from the truth. You are my number one priority, so don’t ever think otherwise. I know I can’t fight this battle for you, but I will do my very best to assist you, baby.”
Thoma is devastated that you didn’t come to him when he woke up early and saw the scars as you moved in your sleep, knowing what they were immediate. You wake up to your lover hugging you tensely mumbling ‘I’m sorry’, you hug back and ask what’s wrong, going stiff when he says he saw your scars. In your past, partners had never talked about your scars kindly and often was the reason your relationship ended, so it was never a topic you brought up. Snapping back when you remembered he mumbled apologies and pushed him back, cupping your face and asking why on earth he was apologizing.
He felt guilty that he hadn’t noticed and that he failed not just as a friend but as a lover as well. Running his hands over them and keeping eye contact as he kissed every single scar, never missing one.
“For the rest of my life, you will know how much you mean to me. I won’t give up until you can see how I see you, the best person I could ever have for a lover.”
༻Arataki Itto༺
You and Itto were having a sparring match as usual when you called for a break to catch your break, throwing your weapons in the air for them to dissipate until you brought them back. He noticed some marks on your body and inquired who you fought recently, confused you, looked to where he was pointing, and froze. You had completely forgotten about them and walked closer to him and took his hand, explaining that they were from a fight but not from another person.
Itto got most of what you said, when his vision got taken away and it seemed like Inazuma was going to collapse he felt a similar way. Confiding in you about what he experienced and embracing you in a hug, running his hands over your scars and pecking your lips.
“No matter how much you want to give up the fight, push on because I have never seen someone so strong and persevere like you have sweetie. Never forget how much I love you.”
༻Gorou ༺
Noticed when tending a wound
You and Gorou were in your shared room, each doing their own separate things and you were tending to some cuts and burns you got from fighting some electro hillichurls, eyes catching on some old scars you had inflicted on yourself sighing when remembering those dark moments. Your lover having insanely good hearing, walked over to you, ears falling back when he saw very organized but chaotic cuts on you. Sitting down next to you and wrapping his arms around your waist, his deep brown tail unconsciously curling around your leg. You felt his headrest on your shoulders and leaned on him, hands intertwined and greatly accepting the love and adoration he was giving. Whispering that you were ashamed of them and hated how they marked your body so viciously.
He shook his head and cupped your face so you could see his vibrant teal eyes and told you that they were signs to remember that despite facing struggles daily, you continued to get up and begin a new day. Gorou shyly pointed out that you helped him find peace and love in such a desperate and hateful environment, you were his reason to keep fighting against the shogun.
“Battle scars can remind us of when we were at our worst moments but they are healed and you are still here. It can be hard and overwhelming when you look to the end of the war but focussing on each fight as they come is important too. I love you so much, my love.”
༻Kaeya Alberich༺
You two have just returned on a mission in Dragonspine, keeping in touch with Albedo about fatui and how they kept popping up near his lab there. You both had gone to Barbara for healing and luckily none of you got seriously injured but while Barbara was tending to a nasty cut on your body, Kaeya was rubbing some pyro slime condensation on a bit of exposed skin. Looking over with concern in his eye at the injuries you got and seeing some pretty sizable old ones that were faded, from all the time he’d known you you’d never told him about that injury and scanning his memories for a time when that must have appeared.
After you two finished getting healed he took you to a side and teasingly asked you if you’d missed dodging an attack, shocked at how “lazy” you were. Once he saw your face quickly show fear almost immediately shifting back to neutral and stopped joking around, opening up to you that he’d self-inflicted in the past because he felt guilty. You never knew his past and he didn’t seem to want to open up about it so you didn’t pry. Telling your story and reason for why you did it, feeling a lot closer and comforted. You leaned into Kaeya and buried your face into his neck, letting a few tears slip down and he gratefully accepted the hug, enjoying the vulnerable moment you both shared.
“My darling, you aren’t alone in your pain. I’ve been where you are and I’m here for you. Whenever you feel like the dark is swallowing you, I'll be your guiding light and sanctuary.”
༻Diluc Ragnvindr༺
It was one of those nights and Diluc was the unfortunate witness to one of your episodes, and here you were drunk on your ass. Slurring words and joking about how you were shocked that you’re still alive, something that shocked the dark knight hero and concerned him greatly. You refuted his encouragement by showing the scars you had gotten when the negative thoughts won. To him you seemed so strong and resilient, he felt guilty that he never noticed this part of you. Diluc tried his best to comfort you while you were drunk, keeping more alcohol out of your reach and walking you home, calling out to the other employees in the store to close up themselves and send any other work to his office.
Once you were home, he tucked you into bed making sure a glass of water was right next to you and undressing, slipping into bed with you. Though you most likely won’t remember tonight clearly, he hopes you’ll remember this moment as he hugged your waist and murmured sweet nothings to you.
“My love I can’t express how much I adore you and I wish you knew how much I do, I’ll do my very best to show you how much. My darling I’ll help quell those intrusive thoughts plaguing you.”
You confided in him after nearly losing everyone in Inazuma
Aether was still recovering from the Raiden Shogun even though it was weeks ago and how so many people he cared about were hurt or killed. More than happy that you were there by his side but knew that something was bugging you for the past few days and didn’t want to force you to talk but he was concerned about his lover. He asked Paimon if he could speak with you in private for a bit and she wanted to help but respected the couple's privacy, taking a deep breath in and walking to where you were. Finding you at a nearby drop-off overlooking the fields and valleys below you, you looked so beautiful just sitting there.
He sat down next to you and you rested your head on his shoulder, cuddling closer to him. He didn’t know how to lightly bring up the topic so he just decided to be blunt about it, telling you that he noticed your state the past week and he was worried that something happened. You laughed softly and clarified that he did nothing wrong, confiding that you had been acting on some not-so-nice thoughts. He understood as he felt the temptation of it as well from not being able to reunite with his sister and no one helps, but it hurt him that you thought you were alone in this. Wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you down against his chest, both of you facing the bright sky, Aether rubbing soft circles on your waist and kissing your forehead.
“I know you're in pain and I know it hurts but remember you aren’t alone, you have me. I won’t ever leave you or stop loving you, your presence helps me push through each day and gives me hope that I didn’t have before. Let’s keep pushing through together!”
It was late at night and she was at the steering wheel, gazing into the dark ocean around her and smiling when she saw you, but faltering when she saw your expression. Waving a crewmate to her to take over so she could properly talk to you and taking your hand in hers and taking you to the front of the ship for privacy, sitting down with you at the bow. Beidou brought you in between her legs holding close so you didn’t get cold as you mumbled something, she tipped your head up so she could meet your eyes.
You blurted out an apology and started rambling about how you hid it from her, feeling so depressed to tell anyone about it or how you were feeling. You’re stopped as Beidou shuts up with a kiss and cups your face, rubbing circles on your cheek effectively calming you down a bit. Breaking away, you see her soft caring eyes and take a deep breath, slowly explaining that you fell victim to your intrusive and self-deprecating thoughts. She cooed and brought you in for an embrace, whispering that she was sorry she couldn’t be there to help and next time to come to her help.
“ My pearl, you are always my top priority even though I am the captain of the Crux and if you're in pain, emotional or physical, I want to help. I love you too much to see you in pain, let me relieve some pain, love.”
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athletixkat · 10 months ago
Top Reads 2020 Fanfiction
I started reading Harry Potter fanfiction this year (thanks to Tik Tok) and these stories I’ve read keep me up at night because I cannot stop thinking about them. 
#1- Manacled by @senlinyu
This is story is a MASTERPIECE. I cannot express how many times I’ve read and thought about this story. The way Hermione loves Draco and Draco loves Hermione is unbeatable. Hermione is a literal boss bitch in this story and my favorite Hermione in everything I’ve read. The build up, the tension, the CHEMISTRY; it is the best thing I have ever read. I could write a whole damn brook report on this story and be proud of it. This story is just... ugh *ultimate chefs kiss*.
#2- Rights and Wrongs series by @lovesbitca8 
The Right Thing To Do, All the Wrong Things, and The Auction are my absolute favorite pieces of writing ever. Draco Malfoy in this series is my horny king, and the best Draco in everything I’ve read. The Auction has a special place in my heart because of hard Hermione works to stay alive and keep the Malfoys alive, as well. All the characters in each story are so well written, especially the Malfoys, and I cannot express how in love I am with each little plot detail and connection between the stories.   
#3- Remain Nameless by @heyjude19-writing
I recently read this story and I cannot get enough of it. This is first fic I’ve read with a wedding scene (two scenes!!) and I cannot put it in words of how perfect it is. This story is all about the love Draco and Hermione have for each other, and it has set such unrealistic expectations for me...ugh. Every chapter had me smiling like an idiot and I could not put it down. 
#4- Cruel and Beautiful World by Lena Phoria 
I am so happy that Lena Phoria turned this fanfiction into a book, but nothing beats the original characters in this story. The way I fell in love with all the characters (except Voldemort, gross) is immaculate. This story deals with a lot of trauma and heavy topics, but the plot and the characters are just too good. Draco is a sweetheart and absolutely whipped for Hermione, but they need each other. I have never laughed so hard while reading a dark AU fic, and this story made my abs hurt. Definitely one to read.
#5- All You Want by @senlinyu
Holy shit. This story has the best smut I have ever read. The way senlinyu describes what's happening to Alpha Draco and Omega Hermione during sex makes me laugh out loud. It is so so good and so so sexy. It is such a fun story to read, and that’s why I love it so much. 
#6- Breath mints / Battle Scars by @onyx-and-elm
This story is the definition of toxicity, but honestly, it’s still so good. Both Hermione and Draco are changed after the war, and they fall in love by rage, sex, and protection of one another. Hermione does not give a single damn about what people may say about her, and Draco just wants her to be happy (although it does take a while for him to see what that really means). Plot and characters are amazing, and the ending is *chefs kiss*.
#7- Isolation by Bex-chan 
The first Dramione fanfiction I’ve ever read, and it has a very special place in my heart. I didn’t think I would like reading Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger fanfiction, but this story changed my mind and led to my spiral of reading such amazing stories. Such an amazing read, and I love seeing Draco grow into a man that Hermione deserves and loves. This story is iconic.
#8- Hunted by Bex-chan
Another superb story by Bex-chan. A Romance/Mystery story after the war and Draco and Hermione fall in love... hard. They are great together and the plot is amazing. This story is another iconic one for me.
#9- Love and Other Misfortunes by @senlinyu
Another great piece of work from the Queen herself, senlinyu. Draco is so stubborn it hurts, but it’s okay because Hermione is there to save the day (duh). Love these two and the romance between them in this story. Also, Veela Draco with wings and fangs is too much for me. Not that it’s important or anything, but the smut level is through the roof. Love it.
#10- Bring Him to His Knees by @willhavetheirtrinkets
Auror Draco and Auror Harry are an iconic duo. I love how intricate Draco is in this story, and how his past still very much affects his present, but Hermione helps him a lot, and it shows just how much they care for each other. Hermione and Draco dance around each other until they realize *wait* they have feelings for each other! It is not complete yet, but I do check every week or so for updates because it has a good murder mystery plot and a fabulous Dramione. 
#11- The Risk-Reward Ratio by MissiAmphetamine
War fic, and honestly one of my favorite ones. Draco sucks up his pride and goes to the Order for help, and Hermione is the only one who truly excepts him. Draco is a stubborn bastard in this story, but he makes up for it. The scenes are so real, and neither character is perfect, but you’ll see how far they are willing to go for each other. 
#12- The Just World Fallacy by MissiAmphetamine
Sequel to The Risk-Reward Ratio, and this one is tough. Still so good, but deals with torture, PTSD, rape, and more heavy topics. The love that still stands between Draco and Hermione even after all that they have been through together is beautiful. I love this story, and I love seeing how each character grows into their own person while during a war.
#13- Broken by @inadaze22
I have never cried so much while reading a story. This story made ME feel broken because Hermione is quite literally shattered, but so is Draco. It’s a story that makes you feel so many things at once and it is beautiful. Super slow-burn, but in the end, Hermione and Draco are meant to be together. 
#14- This World or Any Other series by @olivieblake
Clean and Marked are incredible stories with a rollercoaster twist. I love each character in this series, and the love that Hermione has for Draco, and vice versa, is the most powerful thing in this universe. The relationship starts with a potion assignment and just extends through there. I love their characters so much alongside the secondary characters and it makes the story so interesting. 6th year Hogwarts and continues with the war, but Draco and Hermione are always there for each other no matter what. 
#15- The Eagles Nest by HeartOfApsen
Ravenclaw Draco and Hermione, 8th year, and Alchemy. This story is so complex, and I couldn’t stop reading it. I love both Draco and Hermione and how they work to settle a problem together. Also seeing all the secret rooms in Hogwarts was another compelling aspect of the story that I loved. They know they need each other, and them being nerds and all, school is what brings them together in the end.
#16- Almost Perfect, Almost Yours by BelleOfSummer
I could not put down this story. No matter how much it angered me, and no matter how much I wanted to throw my laptop at the wall, I couldn’t stop reading. The plot is so interesting where Hermione is raised by a Pureblood family, but she was adopted from muggles, so she is Muggleborn. All the while her and Draco fall in love through their teen years and go through a war together. Hermione is a bad bitch and Draco is whipped (maybe not in a good way). They experience so much together, and in the end, you learn to love them for who they are.
#17- The Green Girl by @colubrina
Hermione is sorted into Slytherin and makes all new friends that do not include Harry Potter or Ronald Weasley. I freaking love this story because Hermione is a literal Queen, and the story itself is so well written. I don’t usually read T-rated works, but I could not put this one down because it has such an interesting plot.
#18- Erised Effect by @adaprix
Smut, smut, and more smut with such a cute plot. I love little Hermione as a bad bitch and big dick Draco as a little softy. I was hooked from the first chapter and it was so crazy. The sex scenes in this are just... *fans self*. This story is a rollercoaster of smut, but Draco and Hermione are my all time favs in this.
#19- Every Day, a Little Death by @lovesbitca8
Draco tries everything to satisfy Hermione, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Such a cute story with such a cute relationship. Hermione doesn’t mean to fall in love, but alas, Draco is a sex God and it was inevitable. I love this story!
#20- Crimson with a Silver Lining by Lady Cailan
A dark AU where Draco is mesmerized by Hermione and her will to stay alive. Their love is so strong, but alas, Draco is a stubborn bastard. This story is an emotional rollercoaster and another story where I could not put it down. Also *spoiler* some family drama going on throughout the story. 
#21- Bond by MrBenzedrine89
*fans self* again because this story is incredible. Love the smut, love the club, love the love between Draco and Hermione. Super interesting details in this story with Draco, Hermione, and the infamous Bond club. Loved reading this story.
I fell down a rabbit whole of Dramione stories this year, and it made me ignore everything I had to in my life just to read them. I can’t wait to see more stories this year and procrastinate my life by reading these stories!
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ohajime · 7 months ago
So I'm reading your works and I love them !! I was thinking of requesting some kind of drabble or whatever you like, about a female reader who has thick thighs and is somewhat plump and is in love with Tsukishima but he makes a comment about the food and she feels bad and when she meets Bokuto in the boot camp Bokuto is too cute and attentive to her asking for her number and a date. If you don't feel comfortable with this, just ignore it and good luck with your blog. Sorry my english is bad<3
When they make you insecure PT 5 (tsukishima,bokuto)
Tumblr media
Part One Part Two  Part Three Part Four  Part Five Part 6
Word Count: 2.6K
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Tumblr media
You and Tsukishima have been dating in your first year (as you both went to the same middle school together.)
You were in love with Tsukishima, you always have been to be honest, but once you became officially boyfriend and girlfriend your feelings amplified.
But recently, Tsukishima hasn’t been so nice.  
“Y/N we’re going on another training camp at Nekoma” Hinata exclaimed running up to you, as you leaning against Tsukishima “and you get to come too this time!”
You recently became the new trainee manager as the third-year manager, Kikyoko, is going to graduate. Tsukishima acted as if you being around all the time in practice was the worst thing in the world, but Yamagucchi always assured you that ‘Tsukki’ was just joking.
“Oh well that’s fun...” you say entertaining Hinata’s excitement. You were kind of excited to go to the training camp too, as it was in Tokyo after all. You were always a big fan of volleyball as your dad used to play for the national team and you were planning to play on the girls team this year but you felt that you didn’t have the body for it (which was obviously not true.)
Hinata kept on rambling on before Tsukishima insulted him. “Gosh Kei, you don’t have to be so rude.” you complained, he slightly nudged you off of him and put on his headphones showing you that he was not in a good mood.
You let the rest of the practice continue, making notes of things and basically being Kiyoko’s shadow. As it ended, you waited outside for Tsukishima to walk home with you, but one of the guys told you he left 5 minutes ago. You knew there was no point of chasing after him so you just walked on your own, making you sigh in defeat.
Tsukishima was what you would describe as hot and cold. Some days he was fine a ‘perfect gentlemen’ but other days, days like this Tsukishima was just Tsukishima.  
When you got home, you decided to watch matches of all the other schools just to get some insight. You were watching a Fukarodani V Nekoma match from a few years ago and something caught your eye, well someone did to be more specific. A beefy, bicolour haired boy who was hooting like an owl was mesmerizing to watch.
You saw that his name was Bokuto Koutarou which triggered your next actions, which were to internet stalk him. You learned that he was the captain of the team and the team’s ace and the 5th ace in the country which piqued your interest in the boy even more.
‘This is going to be an exciting training camp’ you think to yourself before going to sleep.
`Kiyoko gave you an itinerary of all the things you should bring, since you weren’t going to be joining in any of the matches you were reminded to bring things that would keep entertained.  
You get to the bus at the crack of dawn, ready to be driven to Tokyo. Hinata and Kageyama were already arguing (let’s pretend that they didn’t have to do the retakes in the test) Tanaka and Nishinoya were being loud, and the rest of the members were already asleep. You wanted to sit next to Tsukishima but when you were about to sit down, he put his carryon bag in the seat next to him.
The bus ride was around 4-5 hours, and you spent your time reading and sleeping. Daichi got the loudmouths to calm down making the bus ride more tolerable. You suffered from slight motion sickness but you powered through.
When you arrived there, you saw all the other teams and their buses too. You felt a bit overwhelmed, seeing these tall boys just crowd around an entrance way. But too your surprise, noticing your slight anxiousness, Tsukishima grabbed your hand in a hand-hold.  
The Nekoma coach, explained how the day would pan out and where each team would be residing for the week. There was a lot of commotion getting everyone settled, Hinata and Nishinoya were basically bouncing off of the wall commenting on all the people and the place and how they’re going to ‘crush the competition.’  
You could tell that when the other teams were looking at Karasuno they were all staring at Kiyoko. Inquisitive about how there wasn’t only one girl manager but there was two. As you were walking your eyes locked with Bokuto Koutarou’s making yours widen, you blush and turn your head quickly.  
What you didn’t know was, after your small interaction, Bokuto elbowed Akaashi and said “Akaaashi AKKAAASHI, did ya see that? did ya?” he was flying with happiness “That girl from Karasuno smiled at me. She’s really pretty.”
“I think she’s from Karasuno” Akaashi said “So maybe you’ll see her around”
Bokuto stared off in the direction you were walking in “Yeah, hopefully.”
The first day, everyone got settled in and then the teams went straight into games. There were two different gyms and today, in gym 1, you were watching Karasuno V Nekoma. (By the way I literally don’t remember the teams at the training camp besides Nekoma, Karasuno and Fukarodani.) The game was very back a point each team making point after point, you already knew of Nekoma’s captain, Kuroo Testurou and the setter Kenma, you’ve actually played games with Kenma online before so you were fairly acquainted with him already.
The games ended and it was now dinner time, the canteen was packed with all the boys rushing to line up for the food. You waited at the back of the line, not really caring about when you got your food. Suddenly, you felt a tap on your shoulder and you looked over to see Boktuo,  
“Hi.” he said “I’m Bok-”
“Bokuto Koutarou!” You finished “I'm a big fan..” you cringed immediately at your excitement ‘pull it together Y/N’ you scold yourself.
“Oh well hi, I’m glad you know who I am” he said “and may I ask for your name?”  
“Oh I’m Y/N L/N” you say with a slight blush “I'm the trainee manager from Karasuno.”  
“Cool! Well I hope to see you aro-” he starts  
“Y/N, I’ve been looking all over for you, I already got your food for you.” Tsukishima said pulling at your arm a bit harshly, dragging you over to a table with the Karasuno team.
“Gosh Tsukki, no need to be so harsh” you say rubbing at your wrist, he didn’t apologize and just started eating his food.  
You look down at your plate and see the small portion that Tsukki got for you. The Karasuno bunch was being loud, as they usually are, so when you whisper “Tsukki what the fuck is this” whilst nudging him in the side, he didn’t hear you (or atleast he pretended he didn’t.) You tried again but a little louder saying, “Tsukishima what the fuck is this.” you realised you said it a bit too loud as the whole Karasuno table stopped their conversations to look over at the slight commontion you caused.
“What do you mean Y/N?” he said with a slight smirk on his face.
“I mean what’s with the portion size of a bird that you gave me?” you ask getting upset “Do you really think im that big?”
“Well, you could start eating less that’s for sure.” he said earning gasps from you and some of the people sitting at the table “Y/N let's face it, you eat like a pig and you look like an elephant, me making your food portion smaller is the least I could do.”  
By now you had tears in your eyes, Tsukishima was a dick. You knew this, everybody knew this to be honest, yet you still loved him. He wasn’t like this in middle school, yes he was a bit snarky and rude (but wasn’t every middle schooler?) High school Tsukishima was like a completely different person. As much as you wanted to run away and hide, you knew you couldn’t.  
So you stood up and said “Tsukishima, I’ve spent 3 years loving and pining after you, because I thought you were this great guy, but turns out you’re a huge asshole” you start making some of the people listening in smile in laughter “Tsukishima, I’ve hated this past year dating you, you’ve been such a huge dick and I’m finally stopping you. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t.” You start making your way to exit before finally saying “Oh and by the way I’m not the pig here, you are... oh and I’m breaking up with you.” You left, hearing a few laughs and some claps behind you.
You felt relieved, like the massive cloud that’s been over your head is finally gone. You went to the gym since you knew it was empty and picked up a ball to just throw it around a bit. After a while of ‘de-stressing,’ you hear someone else enter the gym.
“Oh I didn’t know you’d be here.” said Bokuto  
“Well here I am,” you say awkwardly “I can leave if you want me too, I know this is for actual volleyball players.”
“No no it’s fine you can definitely stay, in fact do you mind setting for me?” he asks  
“Sure, of course I don’t mind” you reply, excited you get to play with someone.  You haven’t played in ages, you always begged Tsukishima to just throw a ball around with you but he never did.  
You set to Boktuo a lot, with him always asking for ‘another one’ everytime he spiked the ball. Eventually, you were tired of setting and wanted to spike. You originally was a spiker to begin with taking after your dad. Thats why you took a liking to Bokuto in the first place cause he reminded you of the joys you had when watching your father play.
Bokuto set a ball to you and you spiked it with great strength and accuracy smiling at the burning feeling you felt in your palm.  
“Woahh” Bokuto shouted going towards you in amazement “Where did you learn how to spike like that?”
“From my dad, I don’t know if you heard of him before but my dad’s name is D/N L/N...?” you say
“D/N L/N, Y/N he is my idol!” he shouted again “I want to be just like him.”
“I think you can, I see a lot of similarites in the way you both play.” you say
“Really! And you’ve seen me play before..?” he asks
“Yeah, I watched some of your games before coming here... you’re really good” you shyly admit.
You and Bokuto spend the rest of your time, talking about volleyball you’re interests, things you have in common, your likes and dislikes. Talking to Bokuto was refreshing, he didn’t randomly insult you or make snide comments about your weight or your looks. He just genuinely looked happy to be there talking to you, unlike Tsukishima.  
Seeing your change in mood, Bokuto stops talking and asks “are you alright? I forgot to ask earlier, but I saw what happened in the canteen and I hope you’re okay.”  
“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just things with me and Tsukishima reached a breaking point, I guess...” you say sniffling a bit talking about it “But it’s fine now I’ve broken up with him and I feel better already.”
“So you’re saying your single...?” he asked blushing a bit
“Yeah I guess I am...” you smile blushing also.  
“Okay great...well I hope this isn’t too forward after everything happened with Tsukki and all but...” he starts “but would you like to go on a date with me?”
“Who me?” you ask as if you weren’t the only other person in the room
“No the volleyball” he responds sarcastically “Of course you Y/N.”  
“Are you sure, cause to be honest Bokuto you’re a really good-looking guy” you say making him smile widely “so I think you need someone to match your level in attractiveness” you look down and his smile drops.
“What do you mean?” he asks before realising all the stuff Tsukishima said about you “Y/N you’re beautiful, your face, your body just you.” you blush at his words “when I first saw you when you were walking past us in the entrance way the first thing I thought and said about you was “Akaashi who is that girl she’s beautiful.””  
“Really?” you ask with disbelief
“Mhm” he nods excitedly “So will you go on a date with me?”  
“I guess so...” you say a bit unsure
“HEY HEY HEY!” he exclaims “I gotta go tell akaashi!” he runs out of the gym in a hurry making you laugh, but he comes back to give you a quick unexpected kiss on the cheek making you smile.
You checked your phone for the time realising that you’ve been with Bokuto for 3 hours and you knew that everyone would be going to sleep now. As you are the manager you slept seperately from the rest of the team but before you went to your sleeping quaters you went to Karasunos.  
“Y/N where have you been? We’ve been worried about you.” asked yammagucchi  
“It’s fine yams don’t worry about it, guys” you say catching everyones attention “I just wanted to apologise to you for my outburst at dinner, it wasn’t my intention to cause a scence.”
“It’s fine Y/N” said sugawara “He definitely deserved it.”
“Yeah as your marvellous senpai we gave him a good telling off” said Tanaka and Nishinoya  making you chuckle.  
“Okay well thanks guys, I’m going to sleep goodnight.”
“Wait Y/N can I speak with you.” asked Tsukishima gesturing to outside the room
“Umm sure” you respond following him into the corridor.
“I just want to say I’m sorry for the things I’ve said and done over the past year and how I’ve been a terrible boyfriend, you don’t deserve that. So, I’m sorry.”  
“I can’t say I can forgive you yet.” you say making Tsukishima look sad “but maybe with effort from you we can become friends possibly?”  
“Just friends?” he said with hope in voice thinking that you could be something more.
“Just friends.” you repeated and confirmed “Besides I have been asked on a date”  
“With who?”  
“None of your business stingyshima” you mock the nickname that Hinata calls him making him scowl and you smile “Goodnight.”
After Bokuto’s confession and Tsukishima’s apology, the rest of the training camp went off without a hitch. In your breaks and lunchtimes, you got to know more about Bokuto and with Kuroo’s help you even got to sneak out to actually go on your date. You sometimes even went to practice with them getting to show off your skills, with Bokuto cheering you on and complimenting you every single time.  
Tsukishima kept his distance for the most part, and kept the snarky comments about you and Bokuto to himself (even though he was dying to say them.) You eventually fully forgave Tsukishima in your 3rd year but you definitely weren’t as close as you used to be. Tsukishima’s comments and actions did affect you for a while however with the help of your loving boyfriend, you were reminded how beautiful you are no matter what weight, shape or height you were.
You and Bokuto stayed together, you made sure to come to every one of his games and when you introduced him to your dad he fainted on sight. Your dad and Bokuto got along, and became very close friends, Bokuto always came to him for advice (especially volleyball advice.) You loved Bokuto and he definitely loved you too.
AN: I hope you liked it, since I didn’t want to make it too similar too the Atsumu insecure one. And I feel like it dragged out a bit but got rushed in the endd....but oh well...
Tumblr media
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kyberphilosopher · 11 months ago
Word Count: 3467 Requested: yes. Based off ‘505′ Warnings: strong hints to sexual disposition. Spoilers if you squint.
Tumblr media
“I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck... I did last time I checked.” -Arctic Monkeys, ‘505′.
With hoarse breath and unwavering eyes, you look up to the stars as you speak. “So, you’re really going to do it then?”
“I have to,” you hear him say. His voice has gotten far more mature and calm since the first time you’d heard him speak. Still angry and determined, but in an intelligent, adult way. Eren is a more capable person now. The only thing left to do is wait and see if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. 
“What do you think are the chances of winning?” you question. A shooting star whizzes across the sky at that very moment, and it’s gone before you can think of a wish. 
You turn around to face him, but his eyes are already on you. Once upon a time, Eren’s eyes were emerald and teal and deep. Now they’re paler. They are cold and steady as a byproduct of who he’s become. It’s hard not to wonder what he’s thinking about when he looks at you like this, especially since he’s become harder to read over the years.
At first, Eren was one of the most insufferable people you’d ever met. He acted out so often, it was hard to see him as another person of intelligent life. You mostly just minded your business through your cadet years, usually hanging around Reiner, who was also difficult to see as intelligent life. Sometimes you and Eren would argue, but it was never passionate. You just had different world views. 
Things got better when you found out what Eren really was. Since you hadn’t made top ten, you could only choose between the Garrison Regiment, or the Scout Regiment. And with Eren’s newly discovered power showing the promise of hope, you decided on the Scouts. He liked that. 
After that, it was hard not to mature at the same time as he. Eren often blamed himself for the death and carnage that surrounded the regiment. You were solely responsible for the passing of your best friend. And after everything that happened with the government, almost dying at Shiganshina- you knew you couldn’t stand this much longer. With your relationship with Eren still budding in its early and steamy stages, he was the only one you told of your desertion. You abandoned the corps, finding a small, abandoned farm within wall Maria to hide out in. 
Eren was too tired and sick of everything to think you were being cowardly. He wanted to leave too. Maybe come with you. But Eren had plans in the works that he couldn’t leave alone. He visited you less and less. Luckily you never made a fuss. 
And now Eren wants to end the world, to save the world. How does he expect you to react to this?
“I just thought I should see you,” Eren replies. You know he’s deflecting your question. You’re not stupid. 
You nod slowly, blinking as you think. “Am I going to die?”
Your companion crosses his arms calmly. “Yes,” he tells you. 
There it is. 
“You know I can’t support you in this, right?” you tell Eren, equally as calm. 
He only replies after a moment, also in deep thought. “I know.”
You look back up to the sky, sighing out through your nose. “Why did you come, Eren? Did you want me to tell you that I think you’re doing the right thing? Or was it because you need to let out some anger? I wonder.”
“I did want to see you.”
“Do you still?”
“And I suppose there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?”
The stars are glittering with pastel hues, like a rainbow, or kaleidoscope. Each one is a different size, bordering on different shapes, all fusing and melting together like your idea of heaven. You can barely even see the midnight color of the sky through all them. It is beautiful, but it’s also bitter. Everything is bitter, here. 
“I didn’t make myself any dinner yet,” you say. “Couldn’t think of anything.”
When she was alive, Eren’s mother would make a soup for the family. It was creamy, hot, filled with meat and cheese at the bottom. Eren never liked soup, but he did love that dish. She was always sure to make extra for him, so that he could enjoy it for several days. And although it wasn’t until after she was gone that Eren realized he rarely ever thanked her for it, it was still one of the warmest memories Eren had. 
He fills your wooden bowl with it, being awfully generous. He knows that even though you haven’t eaten much in the last few years, you too had grown fond of the soup. He knows no matter how slowly you force it down, you are enjoying it. It burns the roof of your mouth every time, but you’ve never cared. All that matters is the creamy sauce, and the cow cooked to perfection. 
You stare at the fireplace beside you, flames cackling and licking upward. Eren sets the bowl in front of you, and takes the seat on the other side. You know he sets his long hair behind his shoulders. You’re already prepared. From your pocket, you produce a stretchy brown hair tie on the verge of snapping, handing it to him. 
“Thanks,” he says, even though this routine has happened however many times he’s seen you. 
“You’re welcome.”
The soup is as amazing as usual. You’re willing to bet Eren makes it even better than his mother did, but you dare not say it aloud. It’s creamy, perfectly seasoned. It goes down your throat, still steaming. 
“Does Mikasa know about this?” you question, taking one more delicious bite. 
“No. None of them do,” Eren answers. “Armin will figure it out soon.”
“You want me to kill ‘em?”
Eren shakes his head. To a lot of people, this would be taken as a joke. But this is nowhere near it. Your tone is too casual, too low for it to be humor of any kind. And the way the man across from you reacts- he’s thinking the same thing. 
“How are they, then?”
Eren thinks as he takes another bite, the warmth creeping up his chest sweetly. “They’re alright for now. I don’t know for how much longer. I can’t see everything.”
“Can you see who’s next?”
He squints at his bowl as if he were angry, but his eyebrows barely move. “Sasha.” 
Sasha. She was always a good presence to have around. While she seemed like the type of person who would annoy you, it was hard to hate her. And you admired her keen intuition anyway. 
“Will you give her something for me?”
Eren nods. Then you both go back to eating for a few seconds, basking in the orange glow from the flames. 
“How are things here?” he questions after a minute. 
“The same,” you tell him. “I think the cow might die soon.”
Some people might reply with condolences, or sympathy. But your lover does not, and you do not expect him to. “I’ll get you a new one,” he says flatly, almost like a promise. You nod once.
Despite the atmosphere which can only be described as bitter, you’re glad to see Eren again. You’re glad that he’s alive, and as alright as he can be. The bed is always colder without him, heated up only by your lingering fingers that you pretend are his every other night. Whenever he leaves an article of clothing behind, usually on purpose, you hold off on washing it so it can smell like him for you as long as possible. Then there are the hair ties you keep either in your pocket or on your wrist, specifically for him. The razors in your cabinet he often didn’t even bother using. 
Even with the sullen demeanor that had managed to overtake both of you, there was at least one thing you cared about in the world still. Maybe it wasn’t the most conventional kind of caring, or the healthiest coping mechanism. But it was still caring. And all that you cared about was him. 
You knew you weren’t Eren’s first priority. You were probably second, or third. It didn’t bother you. Eren’s head was one of the first things lost when the truth was presented to him. It came back coldly and sternly, in contrast to how previously hot and impatient it had been. But by then your head had also grown colder and sterner. In simpler terms, Eren did care for you. He did love you. But he would consider letting you die if it meant achieving what he set out to do, and you knew this. 
Across the table, Eren lifts his head to look up at you as he chews slowly. The burning meal slides down his throat easily, albeit painfully. It doesn’t even register with him, his piercing eyes slowly gaining a glint from the fire light. 
You meet his eyes after a few seconds, feeling them on you. You don’t say a word, don’t even give a questioning look. You just hold him patiently, which is something the two of you find yourself doing often. 
“You can’t stop it,” Eren speaks, looking you dead in the eyes with a steady gaze. There is love behind his eyes, far behind the anger, but you can tell from the tone of voice he is trying to tell you something as if it were an order. Your lips part slightly from the intensity radiating from your lover, who doesn’t move a muscle. “You’ll be free soon.” 
Dinner ends. Eren helps clean up the dishes for you and goes to get water from your well so you can clean easier. You already know from the way his thumb brushed against your own when you took the bowls that you’ll likely be bent over the sink in a few minutes, which you don’t mind, but you wonder if he’ll be willing to be softer than usual as an apology for what he’d said earlier. 
He’d meant to scare you. You’re intelligent enough to figure that out. Even though you don’t scare easy, and you didn’t even give an extreme reaction, the look in Eren’s eyes had made your heart drop to your stomach. Sometimes you forget that Eren sees everything. Then he says something like that to remind you in the most memorable way. 
The wooden door opens and closes behind you. Boots scuff the ground for a few seconds, drawing closer and closer as something in you sparks with anticipation, as it always does. A pail of water hits the surface beside you, partially sloshing over the sides, shining silver in the moonlight from the tall window in front of you. Finally, ultra hot hands slide around your waist and push gently but tightly against where your ribs diverge. 
A jaw leans down on your right shoulder, chin poking against your collarbone. Locks of hair brush against your own, just as the hand on the left runs across your side to finally put a small band in your pocket. 
“I did miss you,” Eren’s low voice seemingly growls, his chest rumbling softly against your back. 
“I was thinking about you,” you admit with monotone, knowing your lover can read through it like as easily as a knife slices through skin. 
“I hope I didn’t worry you,” he says, though you can also read through his own tone. He probably didn’t care about worrying you. He definitely doesn’t still. 
“You didn’t.”
You place a both bowls in the sink, running your fingers over the dirty spoons. Eren’s orbs follow your movement. You can feel his chin change positions ever so slightly in the coming seconds. 
“Can you pass me the rag?” you ask, eyes focused on a piece of food on the spoon that doesn’t even exist. 
In response, Eren doesn’t pass you anything. Only his right hand gives you any kind of acknowledgement, passing from on your ribs to down lower. His fingertips skin over the erogenous zone under the waistband of your undergarments. 
“I worried about you,” Eren murmurs boldly. The hot fingertips pass under the cloth finally, pricks of stubble on his jaw scratching your neck and shoulder as he shifts. “I wanted you to be okay.” His left hand raises to grasp the breast above it. Slowly at first, then firmly, like a warning. Everything is a warning with him. 
Your head lulls back uncontrollably. The back of your hair matts up as it rolls against his own shoulder. 
“I said you worried me,” your partner grumbles. “Did you hear me?”
“No,” you lie lowly, refusing to let your voice shake despite the shiver in your throat. 
“Mm,” Eren hums in condescending understanding. A force presses against your core, which has turned burning hot and ice cold at the same time. The force pulls away, a string of something smooth and slimy following it that makes a sound draw from your lips. It’s high pitched, weak, and unstoppable. You’d be embarrassed if you weren’t so associated with Eren. 
His hand gives your breast a firm squeeze, soreness blossoming from the center. Your back arches quickly and returns lax against him, though now something pokes against your bottom that makes your eyes pop open with a new alertness. Eren’s hand gives you no time again. From your chest, it flies to your throat, holding it back with soft strictness as the other finally dips into the hot pool between your hips. 
“I worried about you.”
A strangled groan releases from between your lips again, this time fully carried up through the air. To Eren, it must sound like nothing more than music, or background noise. 
Thick cylinders pump inside you to the knuckle. They feel better than your own. They always have. 
It feels good. Full. Tight and fast and like the inside of you is quivering under the weight of something that you can’t see or hear. Eren is like a blanket supporting you from falling over, keeping you upright with his grip and his fingers buried inside of you. Prodding every angle, every spot. Not necessarily romantically, but still lovingly. He has always had this goal during intimacy. Nothing matters but communicating to you just how close he wants to be. 
“Eren,” you choke, a dribble of spit sliding from the corner of your lips. 
“Again,” he hisses in response. His fingers hit a tight spot, making every muscle in your body clench at the same time. 
You don’t say another word, your mouth hanging partially open as you focus on everything around you. And it’s all Eren Jaeger. His smell, his growls, his voice, his breathing, his chest, his muscles, his hair, his anger, his bitterness, his intelligence, his determination. It’s overwhelming. It reminds you of getting swept in one of those waves at the ocean he described to you. He’s yours. No- more likely, you’re his. End of story. 
“I said again.”
“Eren,” you moan.  
His head nuzzles into your neck comfortingly, his fingers pushing faster and harder. You can feel how warm you are, never mind how slick. And the way your own body holds around his digits every time he pulls away is enough to make you all the more warm and slick. 
But then...
What is he doing?
He had said “you’ll be free soon”. And yet, here he is, gripping you tightly as he forces you into the corner of submitting. And yes, it is hot. It arouses you as it always has. But something about it makes your stomach turn into a knot of unpleasantness, in contrast to the other one of liquid pleasure. 
“Eren,” you strain, squirming against him. 
Eren speeds up again. A grunt falls from his own mouth from his own power, and you know he’s getting off almost as much as you are. It doesn’t stop feeling good. Feeling euphoric. 
It’s getting rougher. Rougher and harder and faster, more intense. 
Another gruff moan from him. 
“Eren! Stop! Stop!”
Eren’s palm softens away at once. It lifts away, his eyes opening and his hand stilling inside of you. He watches you shake as you gaze up to the ceiling, wide eyed. Your thighs sputter, entire body twitching. You didn’t cum. 
His eyes trail over you. You’ve worked up a steady sweat glistening and glowing, shivering and shaking and quaking because of him in the best way. You’re his. His partner, his friend, his ally he knows for a fact he can rely on.
“C-can we... Eren...” 
Drips of water dribbling down Eren’s temple. One of your hands are threaded in his brunette locks, holding them back so you can have an uninterrupted view. The other hand is dabbing cloth against his forehead and hairline, bathing him softly. 
He’d gone a while without bathing again. You could tell. Eren’s eyes are glued to yours, deep teal memorizing all the flecks in your own as if he hadn’t a million times over. 
Eren loves you. Dearly. He’d travel all seven hours and forty five minutes just to tell you that. He doesn’t know what made you stop earlier. He doesn’t ask. But he’s not mad. Overall, Eren understands that it doesn’t matter what you asked to stop for. You give the word, he obeys. Not because he has to, but because he loves you. 
Still, he knows something is wrong. You don’t show it. You’re steady, calm, mature, apathetic as always. But in the pit of Eren’s stomach, something brews. A warm, strange feeling of intuition and omniscience. 
“You look very pretty today,” Eren ventures, wondering only of your response. “Did I tell you that?”
Your eyes squint. “Thank you,” you reply back. 
The cloth continues to rub against his skin, cleaning something that probably doesn’t even exist. Dirt, maybe. Eren’s stopped taking care of his skin in the past few years. 
“You’re welcome.”
Your eyes squint again. This time, they gloss over with sharp wetness like glass. The eyebrows crease like a break, your bottom lip trembling as you suck it between your teeth. 
He doesn’t know what he was expecting. But your lover wasn’t expecting this. 
Eren hates when you cry. He can remember the first time he’d seen it, but not the most recent. You didn’t cry often- you were strong. Crying over something as useless and flimsy as emotions didn’t seem worth it. So what was this for? What were you about to make Eren break down inside over?
Your hand falls limply from his forehead. Shoulders hunch over in defeat, staring down at the floor as your hair covers over your face. And then the sniffles come, choked out coughs like sobs. 
Eren can see the lightest of bruises he’d left on you from earlier, but you’d never had a problem with it before. No, it was something else. But what?
Silent, your teeth grit together as you wince, tears streaming down your face inexplicably. 
“Earlier w-when you,” you gulp, snot beginning to form, “when you- I did worry a-about you. I- I don’t know why I didn’t...”
You stumble forward. Eren stands from your bath tub to catch you as you slump against him tiredly. 
“I hate it when you go.”
Eren switches positions with you, pushing you down to sit on the edge of the tub. He takes the wet rag from your hand and holds your shoulder back so he can have a good look at you. Then the cloth dabs against your own forehead, just as you had done to him. 
“I hate it here,” you sigh, a single tear drop blurring your vision as it falls finally. 
Your lover moves the cloth from your head to your cheeks, smearing the wetness into your skin and away. They moisten and dry, your eyes red and shiny. Eren tilts your head up under your jaw, creasing his brows and using the towel to clean closer to your eyes. 
“If it helps,” he says, looking straight into your eyes, “you’re crying, but I still think you look pretty.”
You’d be lying if you said that didn’t help even a little, because you love him. 
A soft smile creeps to your lips, your hands dropping in between your thighs. 
No I didn’t reread this lmfao enjoy. Hope I did you justice anon
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nealocus · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
               - unshared feelings
summary: headcanons of dream missing you after you go out to take groceries, and how he acts when you come back. 
word count: 0.9k
pairing: cc!dreamwastaken x gn!reader
pronouns used: none
warnings: fluff, angst at the start (???), swearing, use of dream’s real name. 
A/N: i haven’t published anything in a while, so have this headcanons! (are these even hcs? this is the first time i do them).
Tumblr media
- the amazing life of being famous wasn’t as amazing as everyone thought it was. It wasn’t like how the kids believed it was, it wasn’t even close.
- the truth is that, famously had more downs than ups, and it was something that everyone with a public life had to go though, wanted or not.
- maybe dream wasn’t an actor, and maybe his career wasn’t taken as seriously as others, but he was still famous, still exposed. millions of people judging one by one the words that came out of his mouth; his actions; his relationships. like he was a lion in a cage and the rest of the people were the kids in front of the crystal.
- most people would guess that he had all the time in the world with the type of work that runs his life, but he doesn’t. he stays all night editing videos that would please his followers, the day goes as fast as the night while he plans collaborations. he needs more time.
- but unlucky for us, we can’t have all we want, or even basic things that we need.
- dream wanted to spend the weekends with his family and have night games, he wanted to spend all day playing minecraft with sapnap and george, he wanted to stream more, and feel the spark he always gets when he does. he wanted everything, but it almost felt like he had nothing.
- clay had always thought how dangerous dreams could be, one wrong step, and everything could go wrong, following a bad fantasy could be the ending point. you had to be cautious, or you could lose it all.
- that was one of the reasons he choose the name dream as his representing name, so many followed dreams had fucked him over, meanwhile others had brought him pure happiness.
- dreams were an important part of his life.
- that important, that a dream had gave him one of the reasons to have a smile on after waking up every. fucking. day.
- clay was a big believer of founding happiness in yourself before seeking it in a relationship. but being honest, we all need love in our lives, and sometimes, our whole day is horrible until that person comes in and makes it the best day of the week.
- everyone had that one person, the one who could make things better in the matter of seconds. for dream that person was you, the friend he met by a coding course.
- friend, that was the label dream used on you, whether it was when talking about you to friends or to the fans. the reality is that the way he acts with you, is not a friendly behavior, he knew it and you knew it, even the fans knew it; everyone knew it.
- fear is a human reaction to an unknown feeling or object, a shield your brain creates to protect you. that’s why the term friend was still used to describe yours and dream’s relationship, it was all about fear.
- clay wanted to find the perfect moment, nevertheless, it didn’t seem to appear any time soon.
- the fact that you were living with him at the moment didn’t help either. he had become clingier, always wanting you around; it felt like something was missing when you were out after so many time being inside of the house.
- that was what was happening at the moment, he felt weird. you were out buying groceries and sapnap had gone out with some friends. as he didn’t have anything to do he set up a stream, a silent one since he didn’t feel like talking.
- it didn’t really help if he was being honest. all chat was doing was spam questions and he didn’t feel like answering any of them.
- he just wanted to play some minecraft to distract his mind from the odd feeling, and then decided to make it content.
- as he’s wearing his headphones, minecraft and backround music is filling his ears, he doesn’t hear the person entering the house.
- two hands find their way to his neck, and he jumps out of his chair a little as he didn’t hear or see anyone entering the house even less his room.
- your hands massaging his hair softly makes him realize that is in fact you, the person he has been craving attention from all day.
- leaning up to the microphone he whispers a fast “be right back” to the fans, which honestly startles most of them. after that, he reclines on the chair, receiving your petting.
- “you were out for so long.”
- you laugh at his words, it almost seems like you were out for a whole month.
- “don’t be silly, it wasn’t more than two hours.”
- dream turns his head until he’s finally looking at you, stretching his head to look right into your eyes, and for a slight moment, he thinks you reciprocate his feelings by the way you are staring at him.
- because that’s not how you glance at friends.
- “yeah well i think you are understimating my needs.”
- “your needs? okay calm down there, people may think you are talking about other things,” you say while stroking his hair.
- dream smirks, enjoying whatever is happening between you two at the moment.
- still receiving your attention he goes back to play minecraft, returning to the stream.
- let’s just say that you both had a long conversation about feelings after the stream.
Tumblr media
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Brothers React to the MC Looking at Them Lovingly
This is a personal experiment. This is the very first time I've written one of these with a goal in mind, "Make them fall in love all over again." It's a tall order. I hope I succeeded. 🙏 Special thanks to @a-chaotic-dumbass for picking the mood for this one!
We all know that look. The one where one person stares at another like they just realized they're the only thing in the universe and they're in fucking awe of it. The kind of look that tells you they're utterly enthralled by that other person and just can't get enough of their presence. That look. Yeah, the brothers just got that look out of the MC.
Let's warm some cold hearts, everybody.
Lucifer was always beautiful. Always has been, as an angel or a demon.
A morning star is one that outshines all the rest. It stands out when the other stars have dimmed, holding onto its luster in defiance of the sun. 
There couldn't be a truer title for Lucifer to have. Not the horrors of war nor the fires of Hell could tarnish his radiance in any way…
But there were moments, like right then, where the MC caught a glimpse of a different sort of Lucifer.
His brothers would often only see the uptight Lucifer, the practiced visage of perfection that he tried so hard to keep up… 
But after a long day, when he thinks he's alone, he retires to his room to listen to his music and the difference is astonishing.
There's something so entrancingly calm about him… How the light of the fireplace flickers and dances across his alabaster skin to the subtle slouch of his posture. His face no longer marred by creases of stress and frustration… 
And his expression is so pure… So tranquil and at peace… Beauty without effort. A shine that can't be ignored. A morning star, in the truest sense of the word…
It took awhile for Lucifer to see the MC leaning against his doorframe.
They were staring at him with the oddest look… Smiling like they were enraptured by something, but he didn't have a clue why. He was just sitting there…
So, naturally, he turned to suspicion.
"Am I really that amusing…?"
Frankly, he wasn’t prepared for the little laugh they let out in response.
"Mm? No, no... I'm just always so amazed by you, is all. I'll leave you to your music..."
Having thoroughly ruined the mood, the MC then turned to leave. But Lucifer was already upon them before they could step away, wrapping his arms around their waist and letting contented hum escape his chest.
"Going so soon…?"
Apparently he appreciated the compliment.
He didn't have to do it.
When Belphie bumped into one of the House's vases, shattering it against the tile, he didn’t have to take the fall for it.
It wasn’t connected to him at all. He could have stayed quiet and no one would have pointed a finger at him for once.
But he did.
When Mammon set his phone down on the table, MC knew instantly that he had lied in the chat.
He was with them the entire day, he didn't have the time to accidentally break a vase. He hadn't even gone down that hallway all day...
But he said something anyway.
And he didn't even look fazed. He didn't turn towards them seeking approval nor did he look irritated that Belphie didn't speak up. He didn't curse at himself for doing something so self-sacrificing either...
When Mammon leaned back into the cushion of his couch, the MC saw something truly remarkable on his face… A smile. A small one, sure, but relaxed… 
Assured in his own actions. Confident in his choice and accepting the consequences… undeserved, and likely thankless, they may be.
A genuine, serene smile…
Mammon wasn't sure what he expected to see when he turned to the MC. Probably confusion or disbelief that he, the Great Mammon, could be so selfless.
Definitely not the awed, lovestruck look he got...
"G-gah!" He panicked slightly and pressed himself back against the armrest of the couch in shock. "Wh-... What'cha lookin at me like that for??"
When the MC didn't answer after a few seconds and just kept staring, he honestly didn't know what to do. Were they broken or something??
"Oi, MC! I asked ya wh-Hey wait a minute!!"
He made a noise between a yelp and a shout when the MC leapt forward and latched their arms onto him. What had gotten into them??
"U-uh… MC? MC?? Damnit MC, answer me already!! Or at least stop squeezin so tight!!... MC!!!"
To anyone else, it was just Levi being Levi.
He had finished a new episode of his latest animated obsession and he had to share it with someone. Anyone would do, but the MC was always willing to lend an ear.
Something about Levi really changes when he talks about his passions… It's like he comes alive in a whole new way.
He speaks at a mile-a-minute, but that's because he's so excited the words fly from his mouth. 
Some part of him is always bouncing, be it his leg or body. Sometimes even his tail will swish and curl behind him like an ecstatic puppy. And his eyes… 
Citrine pools that glimmer and dilate from the exhilaration of it all. It's his little world and anyone can see he's thrilled to be sharing it. 
You'd never know he was shy. You'd never think he'd look down himself. You'd never guess that he hid himself away… Why would someone so full of passion and life ever want to? Some things are just too beautiful to keep hidden...
Levi had only gotten six minutes into his latest rant before he finally registered how the MC was staring at him…
This man has seen enough shoujo to know what that look means and it shut him up sooo quick. If anyone else were in the room they would have seen a beet-red Levi desperately trying to hide his face.
"M-MC…! S-top staring at me like that…!!"
"Like what~?" 
He didn't have to look at them to hear the teasing lilt in their voice.
"MC…" He peeked out from behind his fingers to see them still staring and covered himself up more vigorously. "Stoooop…!!!"
But secretly? He wished they'd never stop. His cheeks may have been red from embarrassment, but his heart was trying to hammer its way out of his chest to hug them itself. Hell, he'd have happily given it over to them if they'd asked…
Please just let those loving eyes be for him and him alone...
Soft isn't exactly a word anybody would use to describe Satan, least of all himself.
His anger was quick to spark, his strength was nothing to scoff at, and even his smiles were nothing but plastic for nearly all of his existence…
The MC learned surprisingly quick that there was one thing that could bypass all of the hidden ferocity to Satan's personality. Something that could make him melt like butter in the summer sun…
Satan had always looked a little cute when he was reading. He was easily at his most expressive when engrossed in a thrilling story or deeply intrigued by something he found between the pages of a book…
But watching Satan read about cats, as he was right then, was really something else entirely.
Maybe it was the way his emerald eyes would sparkle or the lopsided grin he just couldn't hide as he would scan the pages about the playful habits of Bengals or the relaxed nature of Ragdolls…
Maybe it was the sheer impassioned dedication he took the subject, pouring countless hours into collecting and memorizing every fact he could from their diets to coat maintenance.
Or maybe it was the sheer fact that anytime he saw a picture of kitty in-print he looked like a besotted schoolgirl drawing hearts around her crush in a teen magazine.
Really, who's to say? But to the MC, it was proof that under all that anger, there was a tender, loving center even for the smallest, softest creatures…
Satan automatically snapped his book closed when he saw MC watching him from behind a bookshelves. Caught red-handed…
He knows exactly how he looks when he's doing his research internally squealing over cat pictures so he tries to do so in private...
He was about to sputter out a defensive explanation but then he registered their face…
He'd seen that look described in stories, romance novels mostly, but he'd rarely seen it in action… and never once leveled at him with such intensity…
Not to be cliche, but frankly his heart skipped a beat.
Satan forgot about his book briefly and got up to close the distance between them, tilting their chin up to keep their eyes on him.
"Like something that you see, Kitten?"
"You could say that…"
He laughed at their attempt to play coy, but let it slide just this once… Easy to do with them looking at him so amorously.
Asmo is a very popular demon. Someone so free ought to know quite a lot of people, after all.
And, of course, he had plenty of fans. He made DevilTube videos, hosted radio shows, fashion designed, and even modeled.
So it wasn't very surprising when a young demoness stopped him while he and the MC were out shopping. It wasn’t the first time he had been asked to sign autographs, but this meeting… it was different.
It was clear to them both that this girl was shy. Though she held out the paper, her eyes stayed firmly on the ground and she stumbled on her question… She likely a fan from afar, but everything about her seemed meek… unassuming.
Most people would have just gave the autograph then went on with their day. The interaction could have taken five seconds at most… but not Asmo.
He asked her name… where she was from, how she was feeling, her favorite foods, outfits, makeup, you name it. All with investment.
It was amazing to watch the shy young woman slowly open up, getting more bright and cheerful with each passing question until it evolved into a healthy conversation.
When their little meeting finally wrapped up, he gave her back the paper (now signed) but also fished out a bottle of perfume from among the mountains of bags he was carrying. He gave it to her and wouldn't hear anything to the contrary, he could always buy another.
None of his brothers ever gave Asmo enough credit for his giving nature… even if he had his own way of going about it. Though he cared so much about image and his ability to shine, he never hesitated to make sure that the people around him shined too...
Asmo waved to the fan as she scampered away and was about to  apologize to the MC when he saw their face…
The man knows this look well. He's seen it a billion times, though it was particularly cute coming from them.
"Awww MC! Taken by my beauty are you~?"
He was about ready to kiss their cheek when they responded.
"No, not your looks, Asmo… with you."
… Oh.
It was very rare to see Asmo speechless, but for a few seconds his mind seemed to take in their words… letting them fully sink in before his heart utterly melting.
Oh MC… His sweet MC!!
Asmo ended up dropping the rest of his bags just so he could properly litter his human in nuzzles and kisses, the both of them humming and giggling in delight despite their shameless PDA.
Of course it would be his MC to see that part in himself… Who else would take the time?
Food is a precious resource to Beel. For him, it's a lifeline. A good meal could save him from the brink of starvation…
But that still doesn't make him incapable of sharing from time to time.
He and the MC were walking back to the House after getting takeout from Hell's Kitchen. Beel hadn't even waited until they left the restaurant to start eating his share, spilling the smell of fresh food into the air around them…
Things were going fine on their route back until they heard whimpering behind them…
A hellhound puppy, not quite old enough to bear its fangs, seemingly followed them as they were walking… It looked like it had been out for some time and eyed their food with hungry eyes, but weak posture. Who knows when it last had a meal?
The MC was about to tug at Beel's sleeve and say something, but their demon was ahead of them this time.
A casual observer might have gawked at the sight of Gluttony kneeling down to offer such a lowly creature a sandwich. But the MC knew better. When you spend your whole life hungry, nobody more than you understands that kind of pain in someone else. 
This reaction wasn't out of character for Beel, it was elementary.
And when the puppy finished its meal and covered Beel's cheeks with appreciative licks, he just laughed and scratched behind its ears. Amethyst eyes looking more relieved at its health than disappointed he lost some of his lunch...
Food was Beel's lifeline, but kindness is what made him who he was…
When the pup finally scampered off, Beel looked over at the MC to tell them it'd be alright and saw their face…
He wasn't really sure what they were staring at… Did he have something between his teeth again?
"MC? Are you okay...?"
They laughed at him for some reason but pulled him in for a hug so they must have meant well.
"You're so sweet, Beel…"
Beel's never one to refuse a compliment so he just hugged them back, beaming.
"Thank you, MC…"
To say that Belphegor tended to be on the melancholic side would be an understatement… It wasn’t that he was incapable of expressing joy, it was just harder for him to do than most. Not helped, of course, by his tendency to keep his true feelings vague and hard to pinpoint.
But on those rare occasions where he was overjoyed… Belphie could really be something special…
The MC and Belphie were attending one of Beel's games and it was a tight one… Both teams had spent most of it tied and Beel's team was running out of time to overtake that slim margin.
Belphie had always been a supporter of his twin's athletics, but this time it was tense even for him. He kept on the edge of his seat and didn't even nod off during the breaks like he normally would… The MC could just tell how nervous he was for Beel…
But right as the time was about to run out, Beel made a last minute score and sure, the whole field erupted, but Belphie? Belphie hollered.
The normally sleepy and mellow demon was on his feet in an instant and practically shredding his vocal chords in excitement. If his tail had been out, it would have been beating against the bleachers like a war-drum. And his expression?
Belphie's smile is said to stop hearts for a reason. When he puts his all into a grin it's almost like he ascends to Heaven once more, as pure as an angel's choir and as warm as a summer's breeze… Nothing in his eyes but pride and adoration for his beloved twin brother.
Truly, a heartwarming sight to behold…
Belphie didn't calm down until the rest of the crowd settled and was about to point out Beel's skill to the MC when he noticed their face.
… oh no… Why do they look so sappy…?
"You really love your brother, don't you?"
Belphie quickly hid his thoughts behind an irritated frown and plopped back down in his seat… but that didn't shield them from seeing his pink cheeks.
"Of course I do. What kind of question is that?"
He debated just joining Beel on the field to hide his embarrassment when he heard them snicker back.
"Yeah, you're right… Don't mind me."
Oh he minded. He minded a lot that he let his carefully veiled image slip like that. But thinking back to that smile on their face…?
Maybe being a little open wasn't so bad after all...
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how to fake date your best friend | jake sim
Tumblr media
✰ summary: the rules were simple -
pretend to be the boyfriend of you, his best friend who wants the attention of their crush, for a week and a week only
no kissing (bc gross cooties amirite) allowed, unless needed in times of desperate measure 
and no matter what, absolutely, most definitely, do not fall in love. 
simple, right?
well apparently not. because news flash––jake's already broken one of the rules. 
and to give you a hint, it's neither rule 1 or 2.
✰ pairing: jake sim x y/n [ft. members of enha!] 
✰ genre: fluff, comedy | fakingdating!au, highschool!au, bestfriend!au, friends to lovers
✰ warnings: cursing, high-schoolers doing dumb highschool things, underage drinking (pls don’t actually do any of this irl), jake being a certified simp, it’s LONG (i’m so sorry), cheesy kithes bc im a sucker for kithes ( ˘ ³˘)♥
✰ wc: a whopping 9.5k
✰ a/n: it’s finally finished :’)))))) it ended up being much longer than i wanted but i had so much fun writing the characters that i got carried away lolol anywaysss i hope you guys enjoy it,,,i got a little unmotivated during the process bc i didn’t know if it was good or not but here it is heh (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡ 
Tumblr media
Tuesday, December 8th
Jake Sim lives a simple life. 
He likes to think he leads the normal, stereotypical life of a teenage boy. Has decent grades, plays soccer after school, skateboards around the neighborhood, has a best friend who he’s desperately in love with, and has a stable group of friends. 
Okay, maybe not so simple, because this boy would physically launch himself to the moon and drill at its surface to collect moon dust for you if you asked him to––despite his deadly fear of combusting in outer space. 
But that fear doesn’t even compare to his worst one yet: not having you in his life. 
And so, he decided to just repress any and all feelings he’s had for you ever since he discovered them in middle school, when he realized he hated seeing you go to the eighth grade dance with a date––that wasn’t him. 
He decided that he wasn’t going to risk losing a life-long friendship over some dumb, teenage boy feelings. 
They were probably powered by his testosterone anyways. Yeah, that’s totally it.
He’s totally not in love with you. 
So yes, he lives a pretty normal life. Every day is the same as the last, and tomorrow will be the same as today. But he likes it like that––he doesn’t want anything to change. 
Especially not now, when he finds himself content with every aspect of his life (okay maybe except for his history grade, god, does he hate history). 
So, it catches him off guard when you arrive at the group’s usual lunch table, located outside in your school’s courtyard, looking as excited as ever. 
Jake’s the only one at the table so far. The remaining usually showed up late––Heeseung spends his first half of lunch tutoring freshmen for community service hours (but the poor boy has no idea what he’s doing), Sunghoon is probably stuck in line in the cafeteria again (he always forgets to pack his own lunch), and Jay is...well actually, no one ever knows where Jay comes from. He’s a special one. 
It catches Jake even more off guard when you skip over any greeting a normal person would give, and start speaking at one hundred words per second. 
And that catches us up to the present.
“Y-You want me to what?” Jake’s stuttering as you stare at him with your hopeful eyes from across the lunch table. 
Despite the expression planted on your face, which screams your excitement for your “brilliant, amazing, genius, Einstein-could-never” idea (or whatever other words you used to describe it––Jake can’t exactly recall the specific terms you used, they all came out of your mouth too fast), you don’t respond to his question of bafflement. You continue to stare at him, awaiting his response. Jake could compare the look on your face right now to a puppy looking up at its owner, eagerly waiting for a treat. You know, tongue out and all. 
He swallows the lump that’s lodged in this throat (is that the sandwich he’s having, or his nerves?) and continues to give you his look of confusion laced with a nervous smile because surely, you’re joking. 
You grab what’s left of your sandwich from his hands and take your own bite. Somewhere in between you arriving at the table and now, Jake’s managed to steal the sandwich you brought today. You did make the best chicken sandwiches, in his defense. 
“Well? It’s only for the week! And I promise you, after one week, if nothing happens––if he doesn’t make a move or anything––I’ll move on from him like you’ve been telling me to.” Your words are muffled from you savoring your sandwich, or what’s left of it anyways. (Mental note to self: don’t share your lunch with Jake ever again.) 
When Jake still doesn’t respond (you’ve truly gotten this poor boy paralyzed), you find it as a sign to continue. 
“I think it’s the perfect plan. Plus, if it doesn’t work out, it’ll be like the universe is telling me to finally move on, right?” 
Jake has been encouraging you to move on from your crush because well, if we’re being honest here, he selfishly wants you to himself. Even if it wasn’t romantically.
Preferably, he would kill to get to be the one who holds your hand in the hall, call you cheesy pet names, post disgustingly cute couple pics for the ‘gram––but for the sake of potentially ruining his relationship with you, he’ll just have to settle with the role of being your best friend. 
(And he’s totally fine with that! Totally. Yup.) 
But he didn’t think that you moving on would only be a mere possible outcome (that may not even happen!) from whatever this stunt is you wanna pull. 
Said stunt: Pretend to date one another and hope it catches the eye of a certain someone you have your eye on: Park Sunghoon. 
Ah yes, Park Sunghoon. The previously mentioned one who’s probably still in line waiting to get his lunch as we speak. 
Park Sunghoon, the tall, kind, intelligent, charming young boy that everyone knows. And if anyone didn’t know him, they most definitely knew of him. He wasn’t hard to miss in the halls; everything about him just radiates perfection. 
If you plucked a random high-schooler from the halls of this school and interviewed them on the Park Sunghoon, they’d say you’d be lucky enough if the quiet boy so much as sparked a conversation with you, even if it was about what last night’s chemistry homework was. 
Well if that were true, then you and the rest of the boys would be considered lottery winners. 
How that happened, how the four of you dysfunctional beings earned his friendship, the world may never know. However, Jake is fully convinced that this was the universe’s way of playing a cruel joke on him. 
For as long as Jake could remember, it’s always been just the two of you. You and Jake. Jake and you. (With the exception of Heeseung and Jay, of course, who came along in middle school) 
In fact, your earliest memory of Jake was when he peed his pants in the kindergarten during nap time. You would know, you had the privilege of sharing a sleeping mat with him that one fateful day and in result...let’s just say the smell didn’t wear off from your clothes until a week later. Five-year-old you didn’t forgive five-year-old Jake for the longest time. 
And since then, you’ve been attached by the hip. And Jake liked it like that. Jake didn’t need anyone else in his life (with the exception of Leila) if he had you. He had found his home within you, and he didn’t plan on sharing his space anytime soon. 
Nevertheless, the universe had a completely different idea for the two of you. 
Sunghoon came into the picture last year, towards the end of the school year. Despite being the new kid, he found his way into your cherished friend group and naturally, the five of you grew as close as friends could be. 
That was the problem. Jake wanted to hate Sunghoon, to despise him for being the one that you had heart eyes for, but he couldn’t. 
Not only was Sunghoon one of Jake’s closest friends, but he didn’t want to ruin the dynamic of the friend group. After you, the three chaotic boys were the next most important people in Jake’s life. 
And so, we have the typical love triangle plot that every coming-of-age movie follows. Of course, this is all unbeknownst to you––you may be intelligent and a people-person, but oh boy can you not see the heart eyes your very own best friend has for you. 
“It’ll be easier than you think, really! Look, we can even set boundaries or rules or whatever,” you propose, as if you’re trying to get him to sign a contract. 
Rules to a fake relationship? We’re not living in a Netflix romcom, are we? 
“Okay rule number 1: it’ll only be for a week and a week only, rule number 2: we don’t have to do anything too couple-ly like...” you pause to wonder for a second. 
“Like PDA or anything! You know, unless we really need to convince him,” you casually add. When he responds with radio silence and stares at you with absolute concern painted all over his face, you cough. “Jake, I’m joking.” 
Right. Of course. Obviously. 
“And of course, just try not to fall in love with me, it’ll be hard, I know,” you send a playful wink his way. 
Too late. Turns out it’s not that hard. Jake would know. 
Jake continues to stare at you in hesitation. Yeah, you’ve had your fair share of crazy ideas (that Jake always find himself agreeing to––the poor boy just can’t seem to say no to you), but fake dating you?
Jake is sure he wouldn’t be able to pull it off without slowly destroying himself. He’d just have to say no, he’s sure you can find someone else to do it for you. 
Yes, that’s it, just say no. 
Jake has to keep some of his pride in tact. 
Tumblr media
Jake does not say no. 
He doesn’t know what went wrong. His mind said one thing, but his words said another. 
To be fair, Jake’s actions have always been influenced by his heart, not his brain, anyways. And when it comes to you, you bet it’ll be coming from his heart. 
So here he was now, under the stare of three equally shocked and confused guys across from you and him at the lunch table, your fingers intertwined with his.
Just a few seconds ago, you had spotted the rest of the lunch bunch approaching the table, and you quickly grabbed Jake’s hand and scooted in closer to him.  
Now here you were, explaining to your friends of your sudden relationship.  
Jake is too zoned out to even physically pick up your explanation. Something along the lines of "we’ve been dating for a while but didn’t want to tell you guys yet." From the feeling of your hand clutched tightly into his and your body right up next to him, his mind was short-circuiting. 
How is he supposed to last an entire week of this if he couldn't handle innocent hand holding? Hand holding? God, what are we, back in the fifth grade?  
Two minutes into this scheme and Jake's mind has already downgraded itself to a fifth grader's.  
Jake mentally scolds himself for giving in, this was not a good idea. 
Tumblr media
It takes Jake approximately 12 hours to conclude that this stunt of yours may, actually, be a good idea. He knows this because approximately 12 hours after the events surrounding lunch, he receives a text from you: 
y/n [12:03AM]: thanks again for doing this for me jake
y/n [12:03AM]: ur actually the best
y/n [12:04AM]: ew ok that was cheesy but really i owe u a big one <333
Following your thread of texts is a really close up photo of you widely smiling into the camera. A smile so big, Jake’s convinced your face was probably in pain after taking that picture. 
Anyone else might’ve thought the photo looked borderline insane but because Jake’s Jake, aka a simpᵗᵐ for you, he comes to the conclusion that it’s singlehandedly the cutest thing he’s ever seen in the entire world. 
After quickly saving the selfie into his phone, Jake tells himself that maybe this won’t be a bad thing after all. I mean, anything that makes you smile like that meant it has to be a good idea, right? 
Spoken like a true simp. 
Plus, dating you––fake dating you––is pretty much the same as it was before. He already spends most of his days with you to begin with. Now, it’s just with added displays of affection. For show, obviously. Obviously. 
And look, if Jake will never get to actually be with you, then he’ll take what he can get. And if that meant fake dating you, well, he reasons that it’s better than nothing at all. 
Tumblr media
Wednesday, December 9th 
Jake’s playing with the rings on your right hand and you’re in the middle of dramatically telling the lunch table about the infuriating Karen you had to deal with at work the other day when Jay comes up with a grin you all know a little too well. 
“Okay that grin means one of two things: you finally grew the balls to ask out that poor girl you’ve been teasing all year or you have something planned that we won’t like,” you interrupt your story when you catch Jay’s sly expression, evoking a chuckle from Jake, who’s now found a new distraction with the bracelets perches on your wrist. 
“Excuse you, I’ll have you know that I did ask her out. It just so happens that she’s currently ‘in between boyfriends’ whatever that means. Ouch, by the way,” Jay feigns hurt from your comment by clutching the area above his heart through his shirt. Ever the drama queen. “But yes, I do have something planned. And no, it’s not a bad idea.” 
Jay squeezes his way in between Sunghoon and Heeseung from across you and begins to pull out his own lunch. Everyone’s eyes follow him as he settles in because as bad as his unknown idea may be, you’re all still curious on what this boy has to say. 
“Well are you going to elaborate or...” Heeseung speaks up for everyone after you all mentally debate one another through darting eyes on who’s going to have to bite Jay’s silent bait.
Jay then forcefully sets both hands on his table, which elicits a little jump from you as you go for a bite of your sandwich. Adorable, Jake tells himself. 
“My parents are out of town this weekend. We all know what that means...” 
Yes. We do know what that means. The four of you have seen this scenario play out many times, a little too many times for your own good. 
This meant one of Jay’s infamous house parties that he always throws whenever his parents go out of town. And because his parents are hot-shot CEOs of an important company whose name you don’t remember (it’s nothing personal, your brain can only handle so much information and this physics exam you were studying for took up 90% of your brain capacity at the moment), they’re out of town often. 
And along with Jay’s parties comes chaos. Lots of it. And that’s because...well, it’s safe to say that despite the many school-wide presentations the police officers of your school have held in the auditorium on why you shouldn’t drink underage, Jay’s parents’ liquor cabinet always seems to find itself missing many a few bottles after each party. But we don’t talk about that. Shush. 
Almost simultaneously, everyone at the table lets out a groan, much to Jay’s disappointment. 
“C’mon guys! It’s been a while since anything’s fun happened to this school, think of all the sad students in that building right now,” he extends a finger whole-ass arm and points at your school, “who are in dire need of fun and a little...” he punctuates his sentence with the hand motion of chugging down a drink, followed with a gulping sound elicited from his tongue clicking. 
You roll your eyes along with everyone else. Don’t be like Jay, kids. Listen to those police officers. 
“Jay, it’s midterm season! I have an exam on Monday and I definitely do not want to spend the nights before wasted,” you give him an apologetic look. As crazy as Jay is, you do feel bad nonetheless. The boy just wants to have fun. 
Your response is followed up with similar comments from around the table. 
“I’m helping y/n study” 
“I have an important skating performance on Sunday” 
“ hamster died?” (ok Heeseung panicked, don’t blame the guy)
Ignoring that last excuse of an excuse, Jay continues his debate nonetheless. “Just come for the sake of it! No one’s saying you have to get wasted. Pleaseeee for me?” 
Jay throws these parties so often, you’re not sure why he’s so set on making sure you’re all going to be there. Well, I guess who wouldn’t want their closest friends to be at their own party? 
That and, Jay needs to make sure his friends are there to stop him from doing anything stupid. We all know this boy has had enough embarrassing moments to last him a lifetime. 
Everyone at the table gives each other the same hesitant look. Heeseung is the first to give in, “Oh fuck it. Sure, count me in.” 
Jay’s fist pumping the air before turning to Sunghoon with the most hopeful eyes. 
Sunghoon simply sighs in return. “Alright okay, I’ll bite. But if you vomit on my shoes again, I’m out the door.” Jay’s finger is automatically drawing a cross over his heart as a promise to not ruin Sunghoon’s Nikes again. 
He then looks to you with puppy eyes. 
You, who's already staring back at Jay with a stoic look in your eyes, are stubborn and (unlike the previous weaklings) are not as easy to convince. And somehow, this began an unannounced staring contest between the two of you, a contest to see who would budge first. This isn't an uncommon occurrence between you and Jay, but the rest of the boys are still on the edges of their seats watching this duel.
Jake casually wraps an arm around your shoulder and you’re brought in close, but still undeterred from your death-stare match with the boy across from you. 
If it’s not obvious enough, Jake’s really gotten into his role of being your boyfriend, despite it only being 24 hours since he last froze at your touch. Character development, you’ll give him that. 
You almost forget he’s faking it for a quick second. And for an even quicker second, you imagine he wasn’t faking it. And you swear you feel butterflies in your stomach at that thought. 
You mentally shake the thought out of your head. Priorities first, aka, beating Jay in this staring contest. 
“Fuck,” you stutter when you finally blink, admitting defeat to a grinning Jay. “Okay, okay, I’ll THINK about it. I’ll let you know.” 
Not exactly the answer Jay was looking for, but he’ll take it. Better than a no. 
He turns to Jake next, knowing there’s no way Jake will turn down a party. Just like Jay, the boy loves himself a good party. 
But because Jake would take your physics exam this Monday for you if you asked, because Jake would bungee jump in the Grand Canyon without a safety net below him if you asked, because Jake would fake date you to make your crush jealous for you if you asked, he doesn’t hesitate in his answer this time around: “Same as y/n, I’ll let you know.” 
Jay looks at Jake. Then back at you, who he’s still clinging onto like a koala to a tree. Then back at Jake. “You two are gross. Admittedly cute. But gross.” 
You look up at the boy next to you to see him already grinning at you. 
For the first time today, you find yourself agreeing with Jay. 
Admittedly cute. 
Tumblr media
Thursday, December 10th 
You are having a bad day. 
You’re having the mother of bad days. 
Not only is it midterm season, but you still have all your regular weekly assignments to finish before Friday hits. So as a natural-born procrastinator does, you stayed up all last night trying to get a good amount of work done because what’s better than cramming all your work the night before it’s due? Doing it two nights before it’s due. 
Well apparently it wasn’t such a good idea. Because now, here you were, frantically throwing on whatever articles of clothing you find nearest to you because you slept through all your alarms. 
You’re lucky enough to make it through your school’s doors right as the second bell rings, even if you did look like you just walked straight out of a zombie apocalypse. 
You’re not so lucky when you find out your first class of the day, calculus, had a pop quiz. A pop quiz on the only unit you just happened to know absolutely nothing about. 
To top things off, you forgot to pack your lunch during this morning’s frenzy, meaning you’re automatically stuck sharing with Jake.
And because his mother started making him pack his own food out of a lesson of responsibility (she said something along the lines of: “Jake, you’re about to be in college and you don’t know how to pack a decent meal”), he only has a plain PB&J sandwich and a pack of Scooby-Doo gummies in his bag today (because newsflash, he still doesn’t know how to pack a decent meal). 
Not that you could care less at the moment, you were too preoccupied with catching up on your assignments to even eat. And if any of the boys noticed your zombie-like state during lunch, they did a good job of not mentioning it. They knew better than to bother an irritated y/n. 
Somehow, you make it through the entire school day and your after-school meeting for environmental club (save the trees!) in one piece. As you finally walk out of the school building, you exhale, automatically feeling lighter. At least the hard part of your day was done. 
Now you just had to wait for Jake to finish soccer practice, which usually ended around the same time as your club, and he can drive you home, where you can continue being irritated with your day in the privacy of your own space. 
You wait on the steps of the school’s entrance, waiting for a smiley Jake to come around the corner as he usually does at 5:30pm every Thursdays. 
Yes, a smiling Jake is exactly what you needed to make your day ten times better, you conclude. 
As if on cue, you hear a ding from your phone. 
Jake [5:30PM]: ugh coach is extending practice for “team bonding” 
Jake [5:30PM]: idek what team bonding is 
Jake [5:31PM]: you ok if i cant drive you today? :// 
It’s as if the universe decided to use you as its punching bag today. 
You physically let out a distorted groan, not caring if anyone who happened to hear you thought you were a creature from out of this world, as you send him a text back.
y/n [5:32PM]: it’s all good lol have fun with tEaM bOnDiNg
Things were not all good. But no matter how upset you may be, you weren’t going to project your negative vibes onto Jake’s naturally positive ones. So you get up from the stone steps and begin your dreaded walk back home. 
It’s freezing out. You should’ve known better to just throw on a hoodie and call it a day when it’s the middle of December. But then again, you figured by now you’d be in the comfort and warmth of Jake’s car and presence...not walking home in these freezing temperatures. 
You think about Jake and how he’s probably currently suffering from not only his team bonding exercises (but really though, what are team bonding exercises?), but doing them in this weather as well. The poor boy. 
You’re quickly broken out of your thoughts by the sound of a car engine from behind you. When you don’t see it pass by you and instead hear it pull over and park next to the curb of the sidewalk you’re currently on, you automatically deduce that this is it, this is my time, I’m about to get kidnapped by whoever it is behind me but y/n, you should probably turn around and check first before you drive yourself insane in this inner dialogue. 
You turn around and squint into the front window of the car. If it were a kidnapper, this is exactly what your mother told you not to do. Her exact words were: “Run, don’t look back, and scream bloody murder.” 
Good thing it wasn’t. Just an innocent Sunghoon waving his hand at you, motioning you to get in. 
“Sunghoon?” You approach his car and stop at the passenger side’s open window. 
“y/n! It’s freezing out, I’ll drive you home c’mon,” he nods his head towards the passenger side door. 
Well, how could you say no? Sunghoon owns a nice car. Like a nice car. Like car-seat-heaters-that-make-you-feel-like-you’re-physically-melting nice. Beats getting hypothermia outside, right? 
“Why are you going home from school so late?” You ask as you settle into his car, instantly melting at the touch of the aforementioned heated seats. 
“Debate club, actually. Decided I needed another personality trait other than ice skating,” he starts the engine and begins driving towards the direction of your neighborhood. 
You laugh at his comment, you didn’t peg him as a debate kind of student. Quiet Sunghoon? Debate club? If 2 plus 2 is four...
“Hey, I don’t call you the Ice Prince for nothing! Also, don’t forget your other personality trait: forgetting your lunch every day.” 
Sunghoon quickly glances over at you to send you a dirty look (because eyes on the road, kids!), which you return with a cheeky grin. “Need I remind you that was you today?” 
“Touché,” you click your tongue. 
The two of you fall into a comfortable silence, the faint sound of Sunghoon's music in the background filling in the quietness.  
You’re humming along until Sunghoon breaks the silence, “Did Jake get stuck at practice again?” 
You don’t know why, but you swear you feel your heart beat faster at the mention of Jake’s name. No, that was always there right? Because you were with Sunghoon...your crush..obviously. Obviously. 
Ignoring the feeling, you turn your attention towards the boy driving you. 
“Oh yeah, something about team bonding. How’d you know?” 
“Eh, I just figured since he wasn’t driving you home like he always does.” He turns into your neighborhood. 
You nod at his answer. 
“You two make a good couple.” 
You whip your head at him. Did you hear him correctly?
“It was about time, really. You two have been ogling at one another for so long, Heeseung, Jay, and I almost placed bets on who would be the first to make a move.” 
He keeps his eyes on the road, casually going on about how you and Jake make the cutest couple he’s ever seen. 
You're frozen, unsure of what to think, let alone say. 
You think to two days ago, when you started this entire fake relationship because of the very boy driving you home right now. The same boy who's complimenting you on your fake relationship. The same boy who's supposed to be jealous over that said relationship. The same boy you’re supposed to be crushing over.
But now...only a mere 48 hours later, you were finding yourself okay with the fact that he was happy for you. And for the life of you, you couldn’t remember why you liked Sunghoon in the first place. Not saying he isn’t one to be crushed on, I mean, look at the guy. 
Maybe, just maybe, it had something to do with the fact that you didn't feel nervous or giddy or..anything at all when you got into the car with Sunghoon. At least, not until Jake's name was mentioned. That's when you felt the butterflies. At the mention of Jake.  
But before you can come to a conclusion on why you're feeling the way you do, Sunghoon interrupts your thoughts.  
"Well, we're here! Say hi to your parents for me," he pulls into your driveway as you're still collecting your thoughts.  
You give him a quick thanks and one last wave as you enter the front doors of your house.  
Seeing that your only solution towards confusing feelings meant distracting yourself, distract yourself you did.  
Even if it meant distracting yourself with your piling assignments.  
Tumblr media
The next time you look up from your work, it's suddenly way past sundown and a heavy storm has taken over. You’re surprised it hasn’t started flooding yet with the amount of rainfall you were hearing. 
You check the time on your phone, the bright 8:16PM on the screen illuminating your dimly lit room. Seeing that neither of your parents have yet to be home from work, it looks like you were going to have to settle with some instant ramen for dinner tonight.  
As you trudge down the stairs of your home, the sound of light knocking against the front door catches your attention. It's been a long day y/n, you're probably hearing things, it's definitely just the rain.
Nope. There it is again, but much louder. Much more urgent.  
You contemplate any and all potential disasters that could happen from answering the door. Only a crazy person would be willing to go out in this hurricane-like weather to be frantically knocking on your door.  
And so, you assume it has to be some psychopath trying to get into your house. Yes, there’s definitely no other logical explanation. 
You scramble around your living room, looking for the next best weapon to defend you. Resorting to the flower vase your mother keeps on the table next to the front door, you hold it out in front of you, as if you're waiting for the door to burst open.  
The knocking continues, gradually getting louder. You mentally curse at yourself for dropping out of the taekwondo class your dad signed you up for when you were younger.  
Vase in hand, you swing open the door and brace for–
"Jake? What the fuck? Get in here, you're gonna get sick!"  
You’re suddenly aware of how stupid you look, holding a light pink vase with a couple of orchids as your only form of self-defense...for it to only be your own best friend. You immediately put it back on the table as Jake quickly rushes past you and into your humble abode.  
You close the door behind you and turn to face the soaked boy.  
“I come bearing gifts, also known as take-out and hot chocolate from that one cafe you love. Also my company, if you’ll take it. I had a feeling you weren’t having the best day today,” he’s simply standing there, holding up a large brown paper bag in one hand, and a deliciously smelling cup of hot chocolate in the other, but you’re looking at him as if he bought you the Moon. 
You stare in awe at the angel of a boy in front of you, silently thanking the stars for gifting you this amazing human being as your best friend. You don’t know what you did to deserve him. 
You give him a soft smile. “Jake, you didn’t have to. It’s practically a shitstorm out there,” you cock your head towards the window, showcasing the downpour of cats and dogs outside. Jake stays by the entrance as you go down the hall and through your house’s linen closet to find a spare towel for the drenched boy.
“Nah it’s no big deal, really. Just fulfilling my duties as your loyal boyfriend,” he grins, even though you can’t see him. He likes calling himself that. Your boyfriend.
Jake continues to shake his messy hair to get the excess rain off, giving a mental apology to whoever is going to have to mop up the puddle forming on the floor due to his unannounced visit. Probably you. 
Jake hears you laugh down the hall. “You’re really invested in your role, huh? Keep this up and you might actually trick me into believing you’re my actual boyfriend.” 
Actual boyfriend? Jake likes the sound of that. Maybe he will keep this up then.
Jake doesn’t have much experience in acting, unless you count that time he played the role of Town Villager #3 in the third grade play, so he never found it as one of his interests. But playing the role of your boyfriend was one he was willing to fulfill for the rest of life, even if it was just for show. 
Jake doesn’t respond to your comment, he’s instead self-aware of his blushing cheeks, thankful that you’re too busy rummaging through your linen closet to take notice. 
“Plus, you didn’t have lunch today and I had feeling you were going to be too caught up in your work to feed yourself anything other than instant ramen,” he sets down his gifts to you on your living room’s coffee table as you come around the corner, fresh towel and new set of clothes in hand. 
His eyes fall on the familiar looking pair of sweatpants and hoodie resting on the palms of your hands. 
Hm. A little too familiar. 
Then, it clicks in his head. 
His eyes narrow at you as you giggle at his reaction, “Oh, so it takes me getting drenched in the rain for you to finally return my clothes that I’ve been missing!?” 
“Hey! I’m not returning them, simply loaning them out to a friend who’s in dire need. You basically gifted them to me the second you left them here months ago.” 
“You’re annoying.” 
“Love you too,” you toss the clothes at him and take a seat on the floor around your coffee table, prepping the table with the boxes of Chinese food Jake supplied. 
After Jake changes into the stolen dry clothes, he takes a seat next to an already-eating you at the coffee table. 
“You. are. my lord and savior Sim Jaeyun,” you’re saying with your mouth full of fried rice. You sigh from satisfaction and rest your head against Jake’s shoulder as you continue chewing. He grins as he helps himself to his own serving of fried rice and orange chicken. 
You look up at him from your spot, “How was team bonding today?” 
Jake groans in response, clearly annoyed. “Stupid. I don’t get how doing trust falls and pyramid building is going to get us any closer. If anything, I almost FELL off that pyramid today!” 
You don’t know why, but you find yourself admiring him and his soft features as he continues to rant about one of his teammates, specifically, the one who almost dropped him. 
The way his messy hair, unkept from the rain ruining it, almost covers his eyes (but you tell yourself you like it this way, it looks more natural on him), the way the corners of his lips are always perked upwards (even when he’s ranting), the way his eyes sparkle whenever he’s truly passionate about whatever he’s talking about, the way his eyes look at you like–
“Stare much? Look, I get you can’t resist my good looks but at least be subtle about it,” he smirks at you as he takes another spoon of rice. 
You break out of his trance and scoff at him. 
“You’re cute when you rant,” you nonchalantly say as you move from your spot to mirror his actions and add more rice to your plate as well.  Jake’s stills at your sudden comment, unsure of how to respond. Lucky for him, you’re distracted by the mountain of food on your plate to even notice the blushing mess of a boy next to you. 
“You know, you’re lucky you’re cute. Or else I’d deck you right here and now for ditching me after school today.” 
Anddd there goes the moment. Leave it to you to follow up a compliment with a threat of violence. 
Jake finds it cute anyways. He always finds you cute. 
Jake narrows his eyes and lightly shoves you before an apology is written all over his face. “Sorry about that by the way. I feel awful about making you walk home when it was freezing out.” 
“Nah, it’s okay. Sunghoon gave me a ride, actually. Did you know he does debate? I guess you learn something new everyday,” you ramble, unaware of the boy next to you getting tense at the sudden mention of the other’s name. 
Up until now, Jake’s completely forgotten about Sunghoon's involvement in this entire scheme. In fact, the past 48 hours with you have felt so normal, so comfortable, he almost forgot about the deal in the first place.   “You think he has any clue?” Jake suddenly asks, referring to the plan. 
You immediately know what he’s referring to, as Jake practically worded out your very own thoughts. 
You shrug. “Not a single one. We’re practically William and Kate in his eyes. But honestly, that’s the least of my worries right now. I’m too distracted by my exams right now to care.” 
Jake feels guilty for being satisfied with your answer. He’s 100% sure that if convincing Sunghoon took you two an entire lifetime of fake dating, he’d be all too willing to do it. 
“Go to Jay’s party with me tomorrow,” he abruptly says, catching your attention as your mouth is stuffed. Cute. 
He pokes your cheek. “It’ll get your mind off of work and plus, what’s more convincing than showing up to a party with your amazing boyfriend?” he wiggles his eyebrows at you. Jake doesn’t know where he gets his sudden surge of confidence. But he does know he loves calling himself your boyfriend...even if it’s for the time being. 
Rolling your eyes and swatting his poking fingers away from your face, you ponder on his suggestion. 
“You mean my annoying boyfriend,” you stick your tongue out at him. Jake takes a mental picture and hopes it never leaves his mind. 
“But I guess you could be right. Maybe I can clear my head for the night before I study my ass off all weekend.” 
Tumblr media
Friday, December 11th 
The party does not clear your mind. 
If anything, it gives you enough headaches to last you at least until the end of high-school. 
You come to this revelation as you and Jake approach Jay’s home, a luxurious mansion sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac, lined with similarly luxurious palaces, located in an equally luxurious neighborhood. 
You come to this revelation when you can already feel the pounding bass of music as you walk up Jay’s driveway. 
You come to this revelation when, not even two seconds after entering Jay’s front doors––
“You’re here!” A buzzed Jay shouts at the two of you, causing the both of you to contemplate your past choices that brought you here today. Jay definitely isn’t straight up drunk yet, but Jake still makes a mental note to keep an eye on him tonight. Just in case. 
The blonde-haired boy is quick to hand over two red solo cups of god knows what, to which you and Jake immediately put down on the nearest table after Jay walks away to greet the next incoming guests (you know, to not hurt his feelings). 
You and Jake are lucky enough to have been around Jay and his parties long enough to know that going all out at these parties will not be pretty the next morning.
You cringe at the memory of last year, when you had to suffer from possibly the worst hangover of all hangovers after one of Jay’s parties. Jake will never let you forget how miserable you looked the next morning. His camera roll’s album titled “y/n blackmail pics” can vouch for that.
“Remind me again to never listen to you,” you almost have to shout at Jake over the thumping music. Jake laughs at your comment and tugs at your hand as he begins entering the house.
The two of you do your rounds of greetings to the people you know...and random underclassmen who you swear you have never seen before but somehow made it to this party. You’ve always questioned how Jay’s invite list worked. Maybe there isn’t one. That would explain how it looked like someone announced Jay was giving out free Teslas and the entire school got hold of the news. 
“Thank god you guys are here,” you hear a voice come from behind the two of you as you guys leave the main room to enter the house’s smaller, but just as luxurious looking, den. You turn to see Heeseung with Sunghoon following closely behind, trying his best not to get swept away in the crowd of people. 
The den is where you usually stayed during these parties. It’s not like there are rules of where people are allowed to party, by any means, but it’s like how a high-school’s cafeteria worked. There’s a mutual silent agreement of where everyone goes, and the den is where the party host and his friends went.  
“Okay, is it just me, or is tonight’s party just a little...too..much?” Sunghoon asks as the four of you take your seats on the main couch of the room. Jake’s quick to make space for you next to him as you go to sit, but to his surprise, you find your home right on his lap. 
“You said be convincing right?” you say into his ear as you settle yourself. Right. That’s totally why. Because you had to go along with the ruse. Obviously. 
You shift a bit so you’re more facing sideways, not blocking off Jake’s line of vision as the boy himself is..well, calling him a rag doll might be excessive. 
But he’s sure he looks like one right now, having lost all senses in his limbs, leaving him frozen underneath you. 
Jake Sim is the epitome of politeness. He was raised in a family that taught him how to respectfully greet others, how to always offer food to others before eating it himself, how to properly treat a significant other. As a result, Jake grew up to be one of the sweetest, kindest, purest people to ever walk this earth. 
(Relatively speaking, the earth is large, but so is Jake’s heart.) 
But human-beings aren’t perfect, they must have a balance. A balance of pros and cons. 
Sure, he can’t pack his own lunch and sometimes forgets to water the little succulent you gifted him that’s currently seated on his window sill. Sure, sometimes he’s too sweet for his own good, you know, like willing-to-be-your-fake-boyfriend too sweet. But aside from the minor details, Jake Sim doesn’t have many cons, no. 
But he sure can be awkward. 
And so because Jake Sim is sweet, kind, pure, and awkward, he is unsure of what to do with himself when you’re seated right on top of him. 
As if you could read his befuddled mind, you take his arm that’s resting behind you to wrap around your waist as your support as you throw one of your arms around his shoulder. And throughout this entire adjustment, his widened eyes are staring right at you. 
Bless this pure, pure boy. 
Also bless the position you’re in, blocking the two other boys from directly seeing Jake’s face. Because if they were to catch glimpse of Jake’s expression right now, your cover might be blown, just like that. You’re lucky Heeseung and Sunghoon are distracted by another classmate who came up to them. 
“Relax,” you sweetly laugh, cupping his chin with your free hand and lightly squeezing his cheeks. “You’re so adorably awkward.” 
Jake pouts at you. “I am not awkward!” 
“Right, and I’m totally dating you for real,” you playfully whisper at him, eliciting a poke at your waist in response. 
Twenty minutes of people-watching-aka-“who do you think is gonna pass out first?”-from-your-spot-on-the-couch later, the four of you draw your attention to the rowdy party host you all have the honor of calling your friend––aka Jay––dancing (that is, if you call wildly swinging your limbs in all four directions dancing) in the middle of the den. 
"Oh god, look at him," Sunghoon voices from besides you.
Heeseung's already filming the moment on his phone. Ah yes, technology. The best thing to ever happen to drunk teens' friends.  
"He's so wasted," you throw your head back as you let out a laugh. “We should help the kid out.” 
Poor Jay. He's not gonna hear the end of it after tonight.
"I don't know why he thinks these parties are such a good idea when he knows how trashed he's gonna be when he wakes up," Jake says, his hand naturally squeezing your waist as you giggle at his comment. "And how trashed the house will be."  
Jay slumbers over to where the four of you are seated, and abruptly stops right in front of the couch.
"My best friends!" Jay happily cheers. “Having fun?” 
“Watching you? Always,” you say to the boy who’s squeezing into a seat between you and Sunghoon, as if the small couch wasn’t already suffocating enough (and that’s with you on Jake’s lap). 
“But for real though, you should probably lay off the drinks for now,” Heeseung insists. “For all our sakes.” 
Sunghoon nods along and grabs the cup Jay’s currently nursing and sets it down where it’s out of Jay’s reach, much to his dismay. But the disappointment quickly leaves the dazed boy’s head, as his attention is now directed towards you and Jake. 
“Well if it isn’t mom and dad,” Jay turns to face you and Jake, certainly amused by your seating arrangement. 
“You know–” Jay points a finger at the two of you. “For a couple that’s certainly close, I haven’t seen you two kiss.” 
Jake is immediately coughing, certainly not expecting that to come out of his friend’s mouth. 
“Okay and your point is?” Jake frowns at Jay. If Jay wasn’t tipsy, Jake would’ve smacked the back of his head by now. 
“I’m just saying...” the blonde responds, both hands up in the air as if Jake is accusing him of something, when in was, in fact, the opposite. “But nevermind, Jakey boy here is probably too innocent for such nonsense anyways.” 
Yes, it’s confirmed. Once Jay sobers up tomorrow, Jake is driving over to his house (even though it’s a good ten minute drive from his own) just to smack him. 
“What do you mean I’m too–” 
Jake doesn’t finish his sentence. In fact, Jake doesn’t even remember what he was going to say. 
Jake doesn’t think nor feel anything else other than your lips planted on his. 
You’re pulling him in close, your hands cupping his face as his own are twitching on your waist, his mind flustered. You move your hands from his face to his neck, to which Jake immediately relaxes at. 
Sure, you two are in the middle of a dumb high-school party, one filled with pounding music and shouting teenagers, but right now, in this moment, Jake can only feel you. And he doesn’t want the feeling to ever stop. 
When you part, Jake’s eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips, his own parted in shock. He thinks he might pass out right here and now. He thinks his heart might explode right here and now. He thinks he might lov-
“Happy?” you turn to a satisfied Jay, ignoring the looks of amusement from Heesung and Sunghoon besides him. 
“Well,” you pat Jake’s leg as you get up from your spot. “I’m gonna get us some drinks. Punch only, of course.” 
Jake’s eyes are on you as you walk away, his face tinted pink from the adrenaline of it all, his heart racing. 
Jake thinks back to three days ago, when he told himself that this idea of yours was going to be all fine. After all, it was only going to be for one week. Afterwards, he can move on with his life as if nothing happened. 
But fast forward 72 hours later, 72 hours after you and Jake started this act, 72 hours after Jake told himself it’ll be all fine, Jake knows he was poorly mistaken.
Because 72 hours later, in the middle of a party that reeked of the combined smell of alcohol and sweat, Jake knows one thing and one thing for sure.
He never wants to move on from the feeling of being with you. He never wants to move on from this.
From you. 
He’s screwed. 
Tumblr media
Saturday, December 12th 
When Jake wakes up, much later than he intended to, on Saturday morning, the first sensation he feels are his tingling lips, still in disbelief that they graced your own last night. 
The second sensation being his pounding mind––it’s running through ten million thoughts at a time, telling him no last night wasn’t a dream. 
Third: his heart beating so fast at the thought of you, he thinks he might beat out of his chest.
And fourth, a buzzing noise. 
Jake blindly flounders his arm to the table beside him in hopes of finding the origin of the annoying sound, aka, his phone. 
After knocking down multiple miscellaneous items on his nightstand (he makes a mental note to clean his room later), he successfully retrieves the item of search. 
Jake squints at the bright screen, mind still cloudy from a mix of 1) being half-asleep, and 2) still processing what happened the night before. 
y/n [11:10AM]: r u awake yet? 
y/n [11:22AM]: imma take that as a no
y/n [11:35AM]: lemme know when ur up 
jake [11:44AM]: just woke up sorry 
jake [11:44AM]: are you okay? what’s up
y/n [11:45AM]: r u busy? 
y/n [11:45AM]: kinda wanted to talk abt smth
jake [11:45AM]: uh well no im still in bed lmao
y/n [11:46AM]: cool im outside your door 
Jake’s eyes widen as he processes your last few texts. 
Talk? Outside his door? 
Jake’s heart is nervously pounding as jumps out of bed and quickly puts on the first plaid flannel he finds. He scrambles to his mirror and gives his reflection a quick run-down. 
He’s sporting your his favorite hoodie underneath the flannel that’s long overdue a wash and his tousled hair has seen better days, but he couldn't care less. 
Before his mind can catch up to his actions, he’s rushing down the stairs, skipping two at a time and to this front door. Because he didn’t want to keep you waiting? Because he was too excited to see you? Maybe a mix of both. Definitely more of the latter, however. 
He quickly runs a hand through his hair to try to fix it up as much as he can, to no avail, before opening the door to reveal you, sitting on the steps of his front porch. 
“y/n,” he’s breathing heavily as you turn to greet him with your sweet smile he didn’t even realize he was missing. Is it possible to miss someone overnight? Jake concludes yes, it definitely is. 
“Did you run down here or something?,” you question his out-of-breath state, a teasing tone laces the tip of your tongue. 
“Or something,” Jake mutters as he closes the front door behind him to join you on the steps when you make no sign of moving. “Have you been out here all morning?” 
“Not allll morning. I had a feeling you’d sleep in so I came around the time I first texted you. Would’ve knocked but didn’t wanna bother your family,” you hum, keeping your eyes trained on the peaceful scenery around you. 
You’ve always loved Jake’s neighborhood, it brought you a sense of peace, a sense of home. 
Or was that because it reminded you of Jake? 
“You could never be a bother,” he quickly rebuttals as he takes his seat next to you on the steps. 
You respond with a soft smile before turning your attention back to anything other than the boy next to you. Your mind seems to be lost in its own thoughts, Jake can tell by the distant look in your eyes. 
The sound of birds chirping in the distance fills the silence that falls between the two of you. 
Any other day, Jake would love this. He savors every second he’s with you, even if it’s just pure silence. 
But this silence was different. It wasn’t the usual comforting, warm silence that the two of you share on a typical day. This one held tension, tension so thick that Jake doesn’t know where to begin thinking. 
But here’s the thing. Jake doesn’t think. 
Not when it comes to you. 
He takes a deep breath. Rubs his hands together. Pats them on his lap. Turns towards you. 
“Look, I-” 
“I think I might like you.” The words come out of your mouth so fast, Jake’s positive he heard you wrong the first time around. 
He whips his head to meet your eyes, your own already staring back at him, your bottom lip nervously tucked under your teeth. 
“No, I––I do. I know I do. I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you and I don’t think I’m doing a very good job right now,” the words are all of the sudden tumbling out of your mouth as if your brain flipped a switch and isn’t able to turn it off. “In hindsight, I should’ve known better to fake date my own best friend. But these past few days made me realize how much I love being with you. And not like how I’m always with you 24/7 before this entire thing started, but being with you. I even started getting that weird, bubbly feeling in my stomach every time I so much as heard your name. And then last night at the party, I realized afterwards that I wouldn’t have kissed you if some part of me didn’t see you in that way. Even if it meant Jay would’ve been on our asses all night if I didn’t. So yeah.” 
You finish with a deep breath and look up at him to meet his widened eyes. Silence.
Jake thought he was braindead during last week’s history quiz. Jake thought he was braindead when he had to cram a semester’s worth of chemistry content the night before his exam. Heck, Jake thought he was braindead when you first told him about your idea of a fake dating him. But no, this is braindead.
He’s finally hearing what he’s been dreaming of for so long, and of all times, now his brain decides to shut off.  
“Are you..uh..are you gonna say anything?” You’re nervously fumbling with your hands, desperate to distract yourself with anything else apart from his silent stare. 
"Why are you sorry?" Jake says before his mind can think of anything else. He doesn't pay attention to his thumping heart that's one look-from-you away from exploding right then and there. "You didn't do anything wrong. If anything, you took the words right out of my mouth.” 
Now you're staring at him with the wide eyes, the words processing in your mind.
Jake realizes he's waited too long to do this. A few years too long. He also realizes he shouldn't have put on that extra layer of a flannel. The nervous tension created by the two of you was suffocating enough, and being outside under the bright sun didn’t help. 
"I like you too. God y/n, I like you too so much," Jake doesn't even care if his words are all sorts of messed up right now. He just needs you to get the idea. "I have for a while now.” 
You let out a relieved sigh, ecstasy rushing through your blood. “Really? I think I have for a while too. I’m so stupid, it took me so long to realize it. It didn’t hit me until I realized how I felt around you, compared to the guy I’m supposed to actually have a crush on.” 
Jake lets out a laugh, the tension immediately dissolving. “Hey, if it wasn’t for Sunghoon, I don’t think we’d be here right now.” 
“You’re right, I’m too oblivious and you’re too awkward to actually make a move,” you wink at him. If his heart wasn’t fluttering at the sight of you, on his porch on a Saturday morning, confessing your feelings to him, Jake probably would’ve lightly shoved you away. 
Instead, he’s turning to you with the most endeared look on his face, and you’re blushing underneath his gaze.
“What? Stare much?” You giggle, quoting the boy himself as you shyly duck your head to avoid his stare. 
Jake gently grabs your chin to tilt your face towards his, and before you can process what’s happening, he suddenly meets your lips with his own, closing the gap between you two. 
Jake thinks if the ground underneath him right now decided to open up and swallow him whole, he’d die happily. 
Jake smiles against you, feeling comfort in ways he’ll never be able to achieve without you. 
Your hands instinctively find their way into his hair, as one of his rests below your ear, thumb softly caressing your cheek, the other pulling you in by the waist. He’s naturally leaning into you, gravitating towards your warmth, unable to stop the giddy feeling bubbling in his stomach. 
He doesn’t think the feeling will ever go away. 
When you pull away to catch your breath, you rest your head against the nook of his neck, basking in his presence as his arms both find their way around your waist. You sigh in pleasure. 
“Remember at the beginning of all of this, when you told me ‘Just try not to fall in love with me?’” Jake gently says. Jake feels the slight nod you give against his shoulder as you hum in response. 
Jake whispers two more words into your ear, filling you with happiness and warmth you know you won’t be able to find through anyone––or anything––else. 
“Too late.” 
Tumblr media
✰ if you made it ‘til the end, ily :’))))) 
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bloodgoddarlin · 6 months ago
heyy! idk if requests are open so if they aren’t just ignore me but if they are.. dom!techno with a virgin reader and they sorta find out she/they has a praise kink and he just totally uses it to absolutely meet them that would be so attractive??
wooooo.... now that is spicy 💦 I got you anon dw ☺️
First Time for Everything
Notes: smut, minors dni!! praise kink, size difference, hybrid techno, dom/sub dynamics, a bit of pet play, soft dom techno, subby reader, virgin reader,
You sit down on your knees, obediently looking up at him with big, pleading eyes. He looks at you, smile soft, fingers and thumb pressed to your chin, gently making sure your gaze stays locked on him.
You were nervous for your first time, he could see it in your eyes.
"Look at you, so obedient... what a good girl I've got." He says, making you squirm. "Let's see how good you are at followin' directions." He says taking a short step back. "Up on your feet." He orders.
You comply, and your lover let's out a noise you can only describe as a purr, stepping over to you kissing you deeply. He moans, walking back to the bed and sitting down on it. "Good, now... strip for me, darlin'. I want everythin' off."
"Yes, sir," you say, stripping your clothes off your body. As you reveal yourself to your lover, he unbuckles his belt, shifting and pulling out his flaccid length. He pats the empty spot next to him.
"Sit, princess."
"Yes, sir," you oblige, sitting beside him, you body bare to him.
"Give me your hand," he says, and when you comply, he wraps your delicate fingers around the base of his length. "Mmnn... okay," he says, "You ever touch a guy like this before, darlin'?"
"No, not really," you admit.
Techno chuckles. "Thought so," he says, slowly guiding your hand up and down. He grunts, his length twitch as you slowly turn him on. "Mmnn... Yeah, that's it... Just like that, princess..." He praises you, making you all flush. You love it when he praises you. You press your thighs together, sitting closer to him as he slips his pants and underwear off the rest of the way.
"Ngh, fuck," he groans, his length now erect and twitching for you. "C'mere, baby," he says, sliding back against the headboard of the bed. "In my lap." He says. You comply, sitting in his lap, his length pressing against your stomach.
(Techno commits that image to memory. He was gonna have so much fodder for his fantasies later.)
He spreads your legs, slipping his fingers into your wetness. "So wet already, princess?" He chuckles. "I know you're a virgin, so we're gonna take this nice and slow, okay?" He says, and you nod. "Alright, c'mere. Gimme a kiss."
You kiss him, moaning as he slips a digit inside you. He moans, his thick cock rubbing against your stomach as you make out with him. He slips in another finger, thumbing your clit. You gasp, and slowly he starts fucking you with his fingers. He pulls back from the kiss to nip and suck at your neck. In goes a third finger, and you gasp, trying to keep up with everything you were feeling.
"You alright, love?" He asks, pressing his forehead to yours. You nod.
"Mm, yeah.. ah, Tech... just a lo-- mmnn... a lot to handle..."
"Want me to stop for second?" He asks.
"No, god no, please," you say, "Just, um... praise me more... please?"
His expression softens. "Of course, princess." He presses a kiss to your cheek, "Look at you, taking my fingers so well. Sweet Eros, you are perfect," kiss to your jawline, voice right by your ear, "Can't wait to see you on my cock... You're gonna take it so well, baby," he purrs.
You moan, softly panting as you became putty in his hands. He spreads his fingers, working you up slowly. Then, gently, he pulls his fingers out, pushing you back. "Open your mouth, gorgeous," he says, and you comply, opening your mouth to lick the slickness off his fingers. He moans, watching your motions as you lick him clean. He pulls his shirt up over his head and your mouth waters a little as the sight of his muscular chest.
Scars cover his torso and arms, black ink writings covering his forearms and biseps, most written in that ancient language of the enchantment tables spellbook. There is only one marking on his chest: a single semicolon, right over where his heart would be.
Carefully, he takes your hips, guiding you onto his length. "Easy, easy now..." He says, a moan passing his lips as you take him in. "Yeah-- fuck, yes... that's it, just like that, baby..." He groans, "You're doin' so good, takin' me so well..."
You moan, feeling him fill you up, gripping onto his shoulders. He holds you tightly, shifting you in his arms.
Techno holds you close, "You alright, darlin'? Everythin' okay?" He asks, his voice right by your ear. You nod, moaning as he works his hands under your legs. "Good, good," he says, "gonna start bouncin' you now, okay?" He starts slow, groaning right by your ear. You try to help him a little, moving your hips in time with his.
You cling to him tightly, kissing his neck as he moves you up and down on top of him.
Eventually, Techno lifts you up into his arm, flipping you on your back into a mating press. He grips the headboard, the wood creeking under his strength. He groans, his voice an octave lower than normal. "That's a good girl... my perfect angel..."
You moan softly as he praises you, slamming his hips into yours quickly. "Gods above... my beautiful Eros... you're so-- mmnn, fuck-- so breathtaking..."
The bed creaks and groans as he fucks you, and eventually, pressure starts building in your core. “Mmnn-- T-Tech, I’m...” 
He grunts. “Mnn, you close?” he asks. You nod. “It’s alright, I gotcha. Go for it, princess.” 
You moan, climbing your way up to your climax as he snaps his hips into you at a brutal pace, until finally you come undone, your walls squeezing around him. He groans, helping you ride out your orgasm, collapsing beside you when it's over.
You sigh, your afterglow making your skin tingle. "Mmm... Tech...?" You say.
He grunts. "Yeah, darlin'?"
"Did... Did you finish...? I'd feel bad if..."
He smiles gently at you, pumping his length under the sheets. "Mmnn... It's okay, baby, I got it," he says, press a kiss to your forehead. "You just relax, okay?"
That wasn't good enough for you, though.
You kiss him, causing him to moan as you straddle his hips. You push his hands away from his cock, replacing it with your own. You pull back, kissing him all down his body. "Is this okay, sir?" You ask him.
A shiver runs down the hybrids spine. "It's more than okay, princess. Go ahead." You sigh, relieved, pumping his length some more as you grind his cock against your thigh. He moans, watching you shimmy down as you kiss his hips and thighs.
You take him into your mouth slowly at first, tounge circling the tip of his dick. Your lover let's out a low, almost feral growl that echoes throughout the room. Your tounge rubs at the bottom of his cock as you slide him inside of you, your lover slowly becoming a writhing, moaning mess as he attempted to continue praising you.
"Y-Yeah, darlin', just-- mnnngh, fuck... just like thaa-- oh gods above, fuck..!" He pants out, his mind spinning from all the pleasure. He prays to every Greek God he can think of as you give him the best blowjob he's had in ages. He was beginning to think you'd lied to him when you said you had limited sexual experience.
When you pull back suddenly, he lets out a low growl, about to ask why you stopped, when he sees you rubbing his length against your inner thigh.
The piglin can't help but chuckle. "You wanna take me in again, darlin'?" He asks. You nod, letting out a little whine. "Go for it, gorgeous,"
You lift your hips, taking him in perfectly again, and as you ride him, praise sputters from him as Techno finds himself lost in the pleasure.
"You're so perfect, my pretty little Eros..." He says, "Doin' so damn good, takin' me so well... fuck..."
You moan and gasp, bouncing up and down on his length, fucking yourself silly on his lap. "Thank you, sir," you say, "for always taking such good care of me..." You moan out, saying his name. "You always feed me... protect me... make me feel so good... you're so amazing..."
He inhales sharply, those words lighting a fire in his soul. "Oh fuck--" he barely manages, panting out your name as you praise him back. That seemed to be the thing that did it, because soon he's sputtering, begging you to make him cum. "Please, darlin', please..." He says, "Please... I'm so... nggh, fuck...!"
He reaches his peak, his entire body going limp. You help him ride it out, reaching your second orgasm. You collapse beside him, sighing softly.
"" he says, "That was..." he trails off a bit, and you hum.
"I did... good, right?"
"You were amazin', baby. Sweet mother of Zeus, that was fantastic." He holds you close nuzzling into your neck. You giggle, smiling. He always found ways of making you laugh. "Best orgasm of my life, I think," he chuckles right by your ear, making you blush happily.
You cuddle into his chest. "Good. I'm glad."
"What about me? Did I live up to expectations?" He asks.
You nod. "You exceeded expectations."
He sighs. "Good."
The two of just lay there for a while, falling into a half sleep and enjoying others company, when he speaks up again by muttering your name.
"I love you, darlin'." He says.
You smile. "I love you too, hun."
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Who Would’ve Thought
Tumblr media
Requested?: yes! so this is a mashup of sorts. I got three separate requests: the first being an interview scene with a bitchy reporter, the second a y/n x luke with some enemies to lovers and an argument, but the actors get on really well, and the third was for a similar teasing, y/n x luke concept. This doesn’t quite cover every part of each request, but it gets a bit of all of them in, ya know?
Word count:
Author’s Note: i think this is the point where i just accept i am a jatp smut writer, right? i mean, it was only a matter of time before it happened... i liked this, writing it was so much fun, if you like this and want more send it in to me!
Warning: this became fluffy smut, you’re very welcome.
the masterlist is here, because i have more stuff like this.
“Ok, ok.” The laughs around set subsided after Madison’s joke, the reporter sitting up a little straighter and coughing to compose himself. “I have to ask, and I have to know since that trailer dropped last week… Y/N, I think everyone watching wants to find out a bit more about you and the character you’re bringing to season two?” He asked, turning his attention from the show’s star to the young woman sat beside her, who was wiping tears from the corners of her eyes, trying to stop laughing.
“What is it you want to know?” She asked, sharing a smiling with Madi as she too sat up straight in her chair once more, running a hand through her hair and crossing one leg over the other, all triggers to help her subside the giggles waiting to erupt from her chest, to calm down and get back to the professionalism she had practiced in her bedroom mirror.
“Well, for starters, what’s it been like, joining the Julie and the Phantoms crew? Am I right in saying this is your breakout role, just like it was for Madison last season?” He asked, and Y/N nodded, gripping Madi’s hand in hers.
“Yeah, it is. And I’ll tell you something, I wouldn’t have known what to do on day one without Madi. The closest I came to acting, to television, before this was when I played a tree in my kindergarten school play.” She explained, glancing past the reporter’s shoulder to see Kenny stood watching them with a grin, sending a thumbs up her way. Her body relaxed a little. “Yeah, I auditioned as a dare from a friend at college and, well…” She smiled wider. “Seems like the best decision I’ve ever made.”
“And from what I can tell, the rest of the cast sat in on your audition?” The reporter asked, looking to both girls for an answer.
“Not the first one.” Madi cleared up. “But Kenny and the casting team loved Y/N, and wanted to make sure she was the perfect fit. They had her perform on the sound stage, and the rest of us just sort of snuck in to watch.” She explained, letting go of Y/N’s hand to gesture as she spoke. “We were all just blown away, and Charlie was the first to shout out after she finished. He called out… What did he say?” Madi asked Y/N, who was laughing to herself at the memory.
“Kenny, will you hire her already?” Y/N answered, and the reporter chuckled again. “And from that moment on, I was Grace.”
“Yes, Grace, our mysterious new rebel child. What can you tell us about her?”
“Ok, so, we’ve got Kenny on standby in case I mess up and give away too much.” Y/N prefaced. “So, Grace is the new girl at Los Feliz High, Carrie’s cousin, and coming in with a bit of reputation where we left off season one. I think the best way to describe would be a musical influencer?” She glanced to Madi, who nodded in agreement. “Bit of a rebel, bit of a spanner in the works for Juke despite her and Luke quite adamantly disliking each other.” She added, and the reporter was nodding his head feverishly.
“Yeah, the trailer seemed to show it. Is that the character’s big goal, breaking up our OTP?” He asked, and Y/N bit her lip as she thought for a moment.
“I think she’s a character with a lot of growth, you get a lot from her in the season, which I was so honoured to bring to the table. We’re doing some reshoots tomorrow, finalising one of the big scenes the trailer didn’t show. I can’t say a lot, but Grace is definitely causing some tension this season, throwing in some music of her own too.” Y/N added, quick to change the subject of discussion to something she knew she was safe to talk on.
“What was it like, working with the rest of the cast on the new season’s album?” The reporter quizzed, taking the hint. “Madi, we heard you and Y/N singing together on the trailer, saw it in one of the stills, I can only wonder how two such talented singers get into each other’s rhythm, especially with the difference in genre. Obviously, Madi you have piano, but with Y/N on guitar, I just wonder how it all worked out while filming?”
“We actually wrote the song for the trailer, along with Charlie. The three of us brainstormed the thing for the first few weeks of filming, just like Charlie and I did with Perfect Harmony last season.” Madi explained. “And you know, we all come from very different musical backgrounds, and it allowed for this amazing mixture of pop and rock and grunge that just works. You only hear a snippet of our song, but just wait until you hear the full thing.” She was beaming, and Y/N couldn’t help but smile and nod along.
“The day we recorded it, man, we were all just electric. There’s this section with the guitars…” Y/N paused. “That I won’t spoil… You can tell this is my first press junket, right?” She laughed, earning chuckles from the studio. No-one blamed her for being new, she was learning quickly enough that it wasn’t a problem.
“So, on the topic of Charlie, who is waving at us right now from behind the camera,” The reporter paused as the girls laughed and waved past the camera recording them all at their co-star. “I have to ask about Julie and Luke, and now this new dimension of Grace.” The girls nodded, a question they both had expected and prepared for. “Madi, are we getting a Juke kiss this season?”
“I really can’t spoil it. It’s not fair… But their relationship does take a few turns, it’s a really interesting subplot.” She said with ease, a rehearsed line.
“And what about Grace? What are her feelings around Juke? Jealousy, perhaps?” The reporter questioned, and Y/N glanced over his shoulder to Kenny, who nodded for her to go ahead.
“Oh, she’s definitely jealous, though it might not be the reason you initially think of.” She said with a smile, quite proud of herself for keeping the answer vague enough, a light switching on on the camera to alert of their time finishing. Y/N smiled, getting herself ready to stand up, glad she had ended the interview on a good answer, when the reporter held up a hand for her and Madi to pause.
“And I mean, that chemistry seems to be translating off-screen too, no?” The reporter pressed on forward with his questions. “I mean, the chemistry you and Charlie have off-screen, Madison, is pretty clear. Is there jealousy off screen from you Y/N?” He asked, the questions turning from family-friendly to gossipy rather quickly. The executive producers stood behind the reporter had lost their smiles, Ortega and Becker ready to march forward and end the interview themselves.
But then, Y/N burst into uncontrollable laughter as a response, Madi quickly joining in one the sole base that Y/N was a rather infectious person. Soon, the whole cast was laughing along, the reporter left in the dark as the camera shut off and the girls left the press set stage in giggles, the crew suddenly moving quickly to start packing up for the night, the reporter being led off by assistants as the girls made their way over to their waiting friends and castmates.
The interview had been Y/N’s first and the team’s last of the day, and with the next day being their final shoot day for the season, the younger cast members had decided to celebrate and go out to dinner together, a pre-celebration to the wrap party the next day.
Stood by the studio’s exit was the rest of the dinner party: Jadah, Savannah, Owen, Tori, Sacha, Jeremy, Booboo, Tori, Kyra, Sofia, Halle, and Charlie, the last of whom swung his arm over Y/N’s shoulder as she and Madi joined the group, starting out for a restaurant on the far side of the lot.
“Not bad for a rookie, sweetheart.” Charlie spoke with a teasing tone, earning an elbow to the ribs from his friend. The pair had been inseparable for the whole year, since Y/N got the role in fact, and his arm across her shoulders was such a familiar and comforting feeling, that she found herself cuddling into him as they got out onto the lot and the Vancouver wind chill hit hard. Without pause, Charlie shrugged off his jacket and sat it over Y/N’s shoulders, the pair sharing a smile.
“You know, you should invest in shirts with sleeves, Gillespie.” She muttered, rolling her eyes as he responded with a smirk, flexing his biceps as his arm settled back over her, this time Y/N’s hand coming up and their fingers interlocking as they followed the group towards the restaurant. Madi and Savannah were up front with the other Dirty Candy girls, all singing one of the new songs from the show as they skipped their way across the lot, while Jadah, Sacha, Owen, Booboo and Jeremy were in the middle of the group, seemingly discussing what they were getting for dinner, confirmed when Owen started to rave about one of the desserts the restaurant had rather loudly.
Y/N watched the scene with a smile, watched all her friends with a smile. She knew she was lucky, she reminded herself of it every day she spent with the group of amazing people she had come to call her family. The move to Vancouver for filming was a huge shift, and she had initially thought she’d be alone and homesick, spending all her free time at her rented flat reading out scripts to her walls, but it hadn’t been the case. The cast had adopted her like she had been there since day one, they made her feel welcome and at home in the foreign city, Charlie especially. He was the one who got her out of her shell, who made sure to invite her to every dinner and party and hangout in the first few weeks of filming. He was the one who played guitar with her, who came and stayed with her for a week when she was unwell and stuck inside her little flat.
He was the one who was watching her at that moment in time, a dopey smile on his face as he pulled her closer into his side, pressing a kiss to the side of her head as they followed their friends round a corner, their destination that night coming into view, along with some extra familiar faces.
“Gotta be careful, Y/N, Charlie has a habit of passing on his fleas.” The teasing came from Charlie’s sister Meg, who slipped through the small crowd to hug her brother and his best friend hello.
“Don’t worry, I’ve been getting him treated.” Y/N responded with a grin, the pair sharing a tight hug before Meg moved on to squeeze her brother in hello, both girls smiling at his surprised expression.
“I didn’t know you were coming over.” He guffawed, his smile radiating as he hugged Meg tightly, Y/N moving off to greet Carolynn, Jeremy’s wife, who had also surprised with her appearance. By the look of pride on Owen’s face, it was pretty clear who had planned the gift for his friends. Y/N held out a fist to Owen, who quickly pounded his own against it before the girl continued walking, making her way to Savannah’s side as they found their table in the restaurant far corner, the pair getting themselves sat down. With the two playing cousins on the show, they had both made an effort to get closer, an effort Y/N had made with the whole cast, though her and Savannah got on like a house on fire: they were the same age, and had assumed the roles of big sisters to the younger cast members like Madison and Jadah.
“Charlie’s jacket looks good on you.” Savannah commented with a wink, and Y/N rolled her eyes, shrugging the item off just as Charlie and Meg entered the restaurant with Jeremy, Carolynn and Owen.
“You need to stop; you know Kenny has started commenting on what a good couple we’d make thanks to you?” Y/N questioned, and Savannah nodded with a proud smile. “I suppose you actively put the idea in his head?” She quizzed further, receiving another nod.
“We’re all just waiting for you to get together at this point.” Savannah said with a shrug, a few sets of eyes looking over.
“What, Y/N and Charlie?” Sacha asked from across the table. “Oh, yeah, definitely.”
“Every three months we start a pool and bet on specific dates for you two finally giving in and dating.” Booboo said through a mouthful of bread. “Whoever gets closest is going to be so, so rich.”
“How many people are in on this?” Y/N asked, wide eyed with raised eyebrows. It was new information, at least to her it was, but the rest of the table had heard it all before.
“Sixty three.” Tori answered, sending over a wink as the table burst into laughter, quickly shutting up as the final members of their party started sitting themselves down, Charlie sliding himself along the booth chair to sit beside Y/N, Meg on his other side.
“What’s the joke?” He asked with a cocked brow, and Y/N shook her head, warning him to not venture any further. “Better not to ask, got it.”
“So, we’re thinking of karaoke later?” Kyra spoke up from the top of the table, earning nods from around the table. “Perfect, I’ll book the room.” She said quickly, typing away on her phone to set the group’s plans for the evening in stone.
“Maybe Y/N and Charlie can give us their ABBA medley.” Jadah suggested with a wiggle of her eyebrows, sat on the other side of Savannah. Y/N gave her the finger while Charlie chuckled, throwing an arm over her shoulder.
“Come on, it wouldn’t hurt you, would it Y/N?” Charlie asked, using his best puppy dog eyes on the girl, who reached to grab a slice of bread before Booboo finished it all, chewing it thoughtfully.
“Only if Sacha is our Dancing Queen.” Y/N said with a happy sigh, the blonde boy across the table nodding quickly.
“Happy to do it. Yes. Yes.” He nodded fast, feigning a bow as the table cheered, Charlie looking over at Y/N with a soft smile. She smiled back before resting her head on his shoulder, a part of her still recuperating from the interview. How these guys had done multiple that day, how Madi had sat through almost every single one, Y/N couldn’t figure it out; but the thoughts faded away as menus were brought over and drinks ordered, setting the evening off on the right foot.
By the time food was placed down, the topic of conversation was focused on Carolynn and Jeremy’s dogs, the pair quite happy to show off photos of their fur babies as castmates ate around them, with brief interruptions to talk about the upcoming wrap party the day after, and discussions of the season two premiere plans the following month. With the filming almost finished up, everyone was making plans to head back home to families as they all awaited the news of renewal for a third season. Apartments in Vancouver were being packed up, Y/N herself had started the process of boxing up the life she had made over the past year in the city, with her friends, to ship back off home.
“You alright?” A whisper came into Y/N’s ear, pulling her from her zoned out state as she twirled spaghetti mindlessly round her fork, blinking a few times before looking over at Charlie, who watched her with concern in his eyes. She nodded a little, setting down her fork and taking a sip of her soft drink before shaking her head, lifting up Charlie’s beer and taking a swig, frowning at the taste but swallowing anyway.
“Just thinking about leaving is all.” She muttered back, shrugging a little before trying again on her pasta, eating a mouthful before continuing. “Just, what happens once we wrap for the season? What happens if the show doesn’t get renewed?” She asked quietly. “I don’t want to lose all you guys… I just got you.” She tried to make a joke of it, but the thought had been weighing on her mind for a while. Would they all stay friends? Keep in contact even though they would be spread over the globe?
“I can assure you, sweetheart, no-one will be losing contact with you. If any of these guys love you half as much as I do, they won’t be able to say goodbye to someone as awesome as you.” Charlie whispered in her ear, his hot breath fanning over her neck, and Y/N blushed a little, taking his free hand in hers and giving it a quick squeeze to say thank you.
“How’s it all going, everyone?” The server broke apart the moment and halted the rest of the table’s conversations, Y/N and Charlie quickly dropping their hands and turning back to their own meals as the rest of the table chorused compliments of the food, Booboo and Jadah insistent that dessert menus be brought along as soon as possible. A quick glance around the table revealed that Y/N was extremely far behind the rest of the table in finishing her meal, but her appetite had suddenly disappeared, most likely from the melancholy.
“Could I get a triple vodka coke?” Y/N asked the waiter before he left, smiling up at him as she closed her cutlery.
“Of course, miss. Anymore drinks?” He asked, jotting down a cocktail for Halle and another small glass of wine for Jeremy, disappearing back into the main body of the restaurant as the last few party members finished their meals, drinks arriving with dessert menus.
“A toast.” Jeremy raised his glass, prompting the rest of the table to follow suit. “To Julie and the Phantoms, to found family… And to another season.” He thought over the words as he spoke, Carolynn watching him with adoring eyes, their hands linked atop the table. The toast was met with cheers, Owen letting out a rather loud ‘Whoop!’ as glasses were clinked and drinks were sipped, the night only just beginning.
Kenny Ortega was rather glad he had left Y/N and Charlie’s big confrontation scene for their last day of shooting, and after walking into work the following day and finding, quite literally, everyone glued to their phone screens, he decided to check his own Instagram.
The night before had been a success for the young cast, and after dinner the group had travelled into the centre of town for a night of drinks and karaoke, the evening’s highlight being the video that was circulating that morning, of Charlie and Y/N sharing a mic as they sang ‘Waterloo’ by ABBA: Owen had caught the whole thing and put it on his story.
That video was also followed by a photo of Y/N and Charlie sleeping on the couch together at Owen and Charlie’s place later that night.
There was a level of professionalism that had to be maintained in a workplace for productivity, but the ‘something more’ friendship the two guitarists shared had caught the attention of the whole team. It had started betting pools and conspiracies and a game amongst the team to catch pictures of the pair acting like a couple. The kids had started it, of course, but seeing the way the two interacted both on and off-screen had gotten the rest of the crew involved. There was an undeniable connection there, and the waiting game was part of the fun.
And so, as the cast started to arrive for the 12 pm call time on location at the garage, all the reshoots that day needing midday sunshine, no-one was surprised to see Charlie carrying Y/N into work on his back as the pair shared a joke. In fact, they were quite excited to see how they would react to the final scene they had to shoot.
Kenny had given them both the script the week before, but refrained from discussing it with the pair until that day, partially pressured by the likes of Savannah and Owen, simply because an authentic kiss, without the practice or specific instruction from the director, would make for better tv. The plan was to get some close ups, positioning them for certain moments, then run it through once, getting as many extra shots as possible, with the hope being they could do it in one take. At best, it would work, and at worst, both Charlie and Y/N were still actors, and could make a kiss look real.
It took about an hour or so for the cast to get through the makeup, hair and costume departments, and Kenny pulled in Jeremy, Owen and Madi for some reshoots first, leaving Y/N wandering with a bottle of water in one hand and her script in the other, pacing back and forth as she ran the lines over and over again in her head.
The scene was an important one, the start of Juke’s conflict for the season, of Grace’s and Julie’s friendship being tested. From what else the girls had filmed over the past few months, it was clear that the season would leave their friendship on a cliff-hanger, this scene being the catalyst. And it was funny for Y/N, to go from her friendship with Charlie to being Grace, the girl that hated Luke. It took her a little while to get into the right headspace, though it wasn’t easy with all eyes on her, nor with the teasing she was receiving from friends about the night before, and her crashing at Charlie’s. It wasn’t news, Y/N sleeping over at Charlie’s, or vice versa; it was common place actually, after the first few months of friendship it just became a norm for them.
Grace’s character arc was one of reckless abandon, and she almost becomes a bad influence on Luke’s bandmates with her risky ideas and rebellious attitude. They had shot the previous scene, in which Julie falls down the school bleachers while with Grace and twists her ankle badly, the character very lucky it wasn’t worse. And Luke, already disliking Grace, confronts her when the girl comes looking to apologise. The tension that they had built over the season boils over, and Grace kisses Luke, the first time either of them have touched before.
Y/N was a little nervous about that last part.
She was an actress, but it would be her first on-screen kiss, and while the thought of it being with her best friend should have eased her mind, it did anything but. Kissing Charlie, whether she wanted to admit it or not, was probably going to be awkward, cause a rift between the two for at least a little while. And that would have been fine, if they weren’t all heading off home to separate corners of the world for however long.
“You look worried.” It was Owen’s voice that pulled her from her thoughts, the girl turning to find him leaning against the prop table nearby, arms folded and a look of concern on his face. “You alright?” He asked, glancing back over at the set. Jeremy and Madison were still getting some reshoots done, and Charlie was with Savannah and Booboo over in costumes, chatting away as the seamstress sat his clothes just right.
“I don’t really know…” Y/N admitted, looking back at Owen with a shrug. “I mean, I just…” She paused, letting out a sigh. “I’m worried things might be weird? Worried I might suck at the whole kissing thing, ruin the last scene we have to shoot?” She explained, glancing back down at her script as Owen watched on, thoughtful.
“Y/N, you’re a good actress. If the last year has proved anything, it’s that you are meant for this role. You’ve just gotta… You’ve gotta embody Grace, don’t think of it as you and Charlie anymore, because I know that’s what you’ve been doing for the past week. It’s Luke and Grace, yeah?” Owen stopped to make sure Y/N was following, and she nodded. “We need to get you into that headset before we start, alright? You know how to be Grace; you need to get into her before the cameras start rolling. I mean, you’re already dressed like her.” Owen gestured to the clothes she was in, and Y/N smiled.
She did already feel a bit like Grace in the outfit, style choices she had helped to make at the start of the season. To contrast from Carrie, she offset her cousin’s pink and preppy wardrobe with dark colours: Y/N was currently in black jumper with red detailing, paired with a short, tight black denim skirt and a belt that pulled in her waist, plus the fishnet tights and sturdy doc martens her character would soon be known for. Those shoes were the only pair she had worn all season. The makeup and hair team had left her looking flawless, with her hair curling and her eyeliner in a perfect wing.
The more she thought about Owen’s words, the less anxiety she felt.
The more she felt like Grace.
“Ok, ok… We’re getting somewhere.” She informed her friend, Owen holding out an arm for Y/N to link with, the pair beginning a sure march over towards the set, watching Madi finish the last few takes.
“You need anything else?” Owen asked, raising an eyebrow to the shorter girl when she nodded, watching her take a deep breath.
“Put on some music? Just… Something fun?” Y/N asked, having faith that music would completely rid her of her nerves for the scene. Kenny called cut, Madi and Jeremy making their way off set with smiles as they headed towards Owen and Y/N, the blonde boy connecting his phone to the nearby Bluetooth speaker while the set was changed for her and Charlie’s scene.
“I can’t believe this is the end of season two… Y/N? You ok?” Jeremy commented then questioned as he came over with Madison, the latter reaching a comforting out to Y/N’s arm.
“She’s getting in the zone.” Owen explained, finally deciding on a song, the music playing around them and earning a few cheers from the other cast mates, Charlie looking over from where he stood with Savannah and Booboo, his eyes landing on Y/N, who had begun swaying along with the song. She had a habit of this, using music to get into character, though it was usually through headphones in some far off corner.
“Loving you isn’t the right thing to do.” The speaker sang out the Fleetwood Mac hit, Booboo and Savannah beginning to dance along by Charlie as he watched Y/N from across the room, curious as to what she might do. “How can I ever change things that I feel?” Lindsey Buckingham’s voice resonated around the room, and Charlie took a step closer to his main castmates, watching as Madi held Y/N’s hand, quickly realising why the music was blaring.
Y/N was nervous.
“If I could, baby I’d give you my world.” The tracks vocals were overshadowed as Charlie began to sing, heads spinning to look at him as he spun himself around and started his way towards Y/N. “How can I, when you won’t take it from me?” He sang, holding out a hand for her to join him. They were both well aware that two things in particular made Y/N feel better: the first was music, the second was Charlie. With a push from Madi and Owen, Y/N could no longer hide the smile that was forming on her face, taking Charlie’s hand as he led her into a space in the room’s centre. While the crew set up for their scene, cast and producers watched on as the pair got into character.
“You can go your own way!” Y/N sang out, spinning under Charlie’s arm with a grin that scrunched up her nose and made Charlie smile right back, singing the response harmony of the chorus. “You can call it another lonely day!” The pair sang together, Kenny himself starting a clap in time with the music, the whole set soon joining in, cheering the pair on as they got themselves into character.
“Tell me why, everything turned around. Packing up, shacking up is all you wanna do.” Charlie sang scowling at Y/N with his rather adorable grumpy face, and Y/N held a hand out to stop him from coming any closer, playing the part of Grace.
“If I could, baby I’d give you my world. Open up, everything’s waiting for you.” She sang, bouncing a little as she sang, shaking away the last of her nerves as the second chorus came in, the whole room singing along now.
“You can go your own way, go your own way. You call it another lonely day!” As the crew finished setting up the garage for their scene, Charlie grabbed Y/N’s hand as squeezed it tightly.
“We’ve got this, alright?” He reassured, and she nodded, the pair getting into places as the music slowly died down and their fellow castmates and crew members cheered.
“Feeling better?” Kenny asked as the two got into positions, Charlie sat inside the garage as Y/N stood just beyond the doors, being handed a bouquet of flowers by the props manager.
“A lot, yeah.” She smiled, and Kenny gave her shoulder a pat.
“Just go for it, alright? Give it everything, give it electricity, you’ve got this.” His motivational words brought a smirk to Y/N’s face.
“I know I do.” She answered with a nod, Kenny walking back to behind the cameras and taking a seat, Y/N taking a one more moment to focus herself before Kenny yelled ‘action!’.
Grace wasn’t used to feeling guilty about anything, it just wasn’t a part of the life she enjoyed: she wasn’t an inherently bad person, though it could be argued she was a bad influence. As she stood in Julie’s driveway, a bouquet of flowers in hand, she felt like a bad influence. No, worse than that.
She felt like a bad friend.
Julie wouldn’t be in this mess if Grace hadn’t convinced her to go out with her the night before. Of course, she should have known that this time of year, with the uncommon rainfall and milder weather, that the bleachers would have been slippery. Grace should have suggested going somewhere else, shouldn’t have rushed up the steps and forced Julie to follow.
And while flowers weren’t going to help a lot with the twisted ankle, she hoped they’d lift Julie’s spirits a little. The doctors said it wasn’t serious, just a week or so in a pressure sock to stop anymore damage, and Julie had promised her the day before she was fine, but even so. Grace had picked out dahlias, Julie’s favourite, and was hoping to bump into Alex or Reggie or Carlos, leave them with her apology for Julie without much confrontation.
Instead, heading up the driveway and pulling open the garage door, she was welcomed by the sound of an acoustic guitar, and a frown settled on her features. Of course, of all the people it could have been, Luke was the one at home.
“What are you doing here?” He asked quickly, jumping up from the couch and setting down his guitar. Grace sighed, a roll of her eyes causing Luke to scoff.
“You know, I’d punch you if I could ghost boy.” She muttered, setting the flowers down on the coffee table. “I just wanted to leave something for Julie, alright? Don’t get your…” She paused, thinking for a moment. “Do you have underwear? I mean, ghost clothing isn’t exactly my specialty.”
“You’ve got some nerve showing up here after what you did to Julie.” Luke said coldly, arms folded across his chest as they stood at opposite sides of the room. He took a few steps to the side, lifting himself up onto the piano. Luke liked to have the high ground.
“What I did to her? Luke, she fell over. It was an accident!” She exclaimed in response, already riled up just being in the boy’s presence. She wasn’t quite sure why she had been cursed with the ability of being able to see Luke at all times, but she wasn’t going to let her annoyance with the guitarist go unsaid.
“An accident that could’ve killed her!” Luke snapped back. “What if she had hit her head instead of just twisting her ankle? Can you answer me that Miss Influencer?” He asked, and for the first time since the pair had met, Grace didn’t answer him back. Luke scoffed; quite certain he had won. “I don’t know what voodoo you put my friends under to make them like you, but I promise I see right through you. Through the clothes and the Instagram followers. All of it.”
“Do you think I wasn’t scared for her? Huh, Luke?” Grace snapped back. “I was the one there, watching her fall down the bleachers, the one who rushed after her and called her dad. Where were you, exactly?” She asked, a smirk settling on her lips. “You know, Lover Boy, if I remember correctly, you were off moping because I’m a better guitarist.” Her tongue came out to graze her bottom lip as she smiled, walking over to Luke’s electric that sat on a nearby stand.
“First off, you aren’t. It’s quite clear who’s better between the two of us.” Luke fought back, jumping off the table and marching over to pick up his guitar before Grace touched it. “And second, I wouldn’t have left her if you hadn’t been there. Because actually, Grace, it’s you that’s the problem!” He had raised his voice as he walked back across the room, setting his guitar atop the piano. Grace scoffed; he just didn’t want her touching his things.
“Right, because Julie can’t have friends if it’s not you, right?!” She was almost yelling now as well, but it was to be expected of the pair. Every conversation they had had was building to this argument. Every conversation they had shared was just bickering. “Hey Mr Invisible Man, news flash! Your crush is allowed to have relationships outside of you! I realise being dead is probably very boring, but Julie’s alive.”
“I just don’t think my friends should be associating with someone as infuriating as you, Grace!” Luke turned to face her again, all wide eyes and gestures. “I didn’t think I could hate people before I met you! I’ve had my music stolen; I’ve almost been enslaved for eternity; I died! And yet, the person I despise most in this world is you. Congratulations!”
“I take it as a compliment! You know, I’m honestly proud that I’m not friends with a self-centred, arrogant, inconsiderate, overbearing jerk. If anyone is fooling our friends Luke, it’s you.” The words were quick and cold, and Luke found himself marching forward until the pair stood about a foot apart, Grace forced to to look up at him, keeping big her chin high.The words were quick and cold, and Luke moved a few steps closer, and Luke moved a few steps closer, the pair a few feet apart, glaring one another down.
“They aren’t our friends, Grace. My friends are just too nice to leave you hanging.” Luke voice had lowered in volume, but the venom was still there as he took a step closer, then another. “You act all mysterious, but you’re an open book, Grace. You’re a lonely girl with a taste of relevance. That’s it.”
“Like you aren’t the same?” Grace asked, stepping forward so the pair were no more than a foot apart. “Quit pretending you aren’t still the lonely kid who ran away from home in 1995, give up the high and mighty act.” She paused, looking him over with a smirk. For a moment, she forgot he was just air.
“I know who I am.”
“Do you?” Grace asked. “That’s not what I see.”
“You don’t know anything about me.” Luke countered.
“And vice versa, ghost boy.”
“I know you’re manipulative, and cold. I know you’re insufferable to be around.” Luke stated firmly, his voice low and laced with malice.
“Anything else to share?” Grace asked. “Or are you done?”
“This is exactly what I mean.”
“You don’t know me!” Grace answered back. “You don’t know why I’m here or where I came from, or what I came from. You don’t get to tell me who I am or what I do or how I act when you have made zero attempts to check your information. I know you because I ask about you! I can call you an arrogant, self-serving halfwit because I actually have tried to figure out why you hate me so much!” She paused for a second, Luke watching in surprise. He didn’t quite feel bad for Grace, but something was building in him, something foreign he had buried away. “If you knew anything about me, you would know what I’m about to do next.”
“What? Leave?” He guessed, his tone still harsh and hostile, but his answer was incorrect. It was quick, something Luke couldn’t process fast enough; but within a second of his reply being given, Grace had somehow managed to touch him, holding her hands to his neck and pulling him down to her level before pressing her lips against his.
Y/N and Charlie both had plenty of experience kissing people, but neither of them had felt like that before.
The moment Y/N’s lips were pressed to Charlie’s, it felt like a thousand butterflies had exploded to life in her stomach, the feeling of his lips on hers making her lightheaded. Charlie’s hands immediately came to Y/N’s waist, pulling her so their bodies were flush and her fingers found their way into the curls at the back of his head.
There was a moment there, as the pair held one another, as they kissed one another, that the rest of the world melted away. One of Charlie’s hands moving from Y/N’s waist to her cheek set the skin on fire, had her heart pounding like it was trying to break out of her chest, had her knees going weak that the only way to stay upright was to pull back, to rejoin reality.
It was only as she looked up at Charlie, still dress like Luke, her peripherals reminding her where she actually was, that a shaky breath left Y/N’s body, and she took a step back. Out of Charlie’s embrace, towards the garage doors she had entered the scene through.
“Make sure Julie gets the flowers… I…” She spoke as Grace, shaking her head in disbelief before exiting out of the garage, leaving Luke, or Charlie, dumbfounded. She couldn’t tell anymore if it was real or acting, the lines had blurred a fair amount.
“And that’s a wrap!” Kenny yelled from behind the cameras, the deafening sound of the cast and crew cheering forcing Y/N to slow her pace, to quickly get accustomed to the noise before joining in. A rather large part of her head was telling her to run and hide, to disappear and never return, to book it for the airport and save herself the embarrassment of her flushed cheeks, of seeing Charlie after what she just felt with his lips on hers.
Her eyes eventually travelled up to see Charlie coming off the set with Kenny in one side of him and Jeremy on the other, Madi and Owen walking over to meet them, the latter waving her over quickly with a grin.
“That was amazing to watch!” Kenny was raving when Y/N arrived over, hands clasped behind her back as the director turned his attention to her. “What did I ask for? Y/N, you nailed it! You both did! The whole place was just electric.” He complimented, Charlie letting out a breezy chuckle as he raised a hand to rub the back of his neck.
“What can I say? You hired some great actors, Kenny.” Charlie felt off saying the words, glancing over at Y/N as he said them, the pair sharing a weak smile. What Charlie had felt while the cameras rolled was definitely not something he faked for the screen. His stomach was still in knots, trying to untangle itself after the way Y/N had kissed him left him speechless.
What exactly was he supposed to do? That information had the ability to ruin the friendship he and Y/N had, he couldn’t risk losing her so permanently. He knew Y/N, if they talked about how he felt kissing her and didn’t feel the same way, Y/N would distance herself from any and all contact, and with them all heading home by the week’s end, it was the last thing Charlie wanted to happen.
“That I did.” Kenny agreed, glancing at his watch. “Right, I’ll let you all go and get out of costume. Wrap Party begins in an hour.” He said with a nod, patting Y/N lightly on the shoulder as he left.
There was a moment of silence between the five of them, an uncommon occurrence, no-one quite sure who should speak first. Instead of speaking, Y/N gave Madi’s arm a squeeze before heading off to the costume department to get out of Grace’s head. Maybe the thoughts of Charlie would clear up once she was back in her own clothes, her own headspace.
The four friends watched her walk off, waiting until she had rounded a corner before Charlie received three pairs of hands punching his arms playfully and shaking him, all their of his on-screen band mates barely able to contain their excitement.
“What, what?” Charlie asked, taking a step back to avoid further battery.
“What?!” Madi exclaimed. “That kiss! Charlie, we all know that wasn’t acting.”
“I’m pretty sure everyone in Vancouver could tell that wasn’t acting.” Jeremy added with a grin, nudging his friend who was slowly getting some colour in his cheeks.
“You guys are all insane.” He said quickly, starting his way over towards makeup, but his friends were hot on his tail, none of them letting this budge. Not again: Charlie and Y/N had gotten away with their flirty behaviour plenty of times before, but this was different.
“You should at least talk to her about it.” Owen said with a grin, hands stuffed in his pockets as they entered the trailer and Charlie sat down, helping himself to makeup wipes and removing the thin layer of foundation on his face. “Charlie, come on… I know that your eyes were closed, but we watched you two kiss. If you’re feeling something, Y/N is feeling it too. There’s no way you both faked that.”
“I’m not ruining my friendship with Y/N over a stage kiss.” Charlie said quickly, pulling off his shirt and switching for his own clothes, looking up as the door opened and Sacha came in with Savannah and Tori, the seven all sharing glances.
“Convinced him to go for it yet?” Tori asked after a moment, and Charlie rolled his eyes, jumping out the chair and walking past his friends. “Oh, come on Charlie! It’s clear you both like each other!”
“Tori’s right!” Madi agreed, first in following Luke out onto the trailer lot. “Why are you so hesitant?” She asked, and Charlie came to a quick stop, spinning on his heel to look at his friends.
“I’m going to go see Y/N. Not because of whatever fantasies you all have in your heads, but because I want to make sure my friend is alright.” Charlie explained, though his words didn’t seem to convince any of them. That was fair, he didn’t convince him. “I’ll see you all at the wrap party, ok?” He clarified, but before he got an answer he made his way into the maze of trailers, taking the precise turns needed to get to Y/N’s trailer.
As he turned onto her row, Charlie found himself slowing to a stop about two trailers away, and taking a nervous gulp. Why, why had it taken so long for him to figure out his feelings? Why was it only once they had kissed that he felt all this emotion surging to the surface? For a moment he wondered if it was just his body reacting to kissing a pretty girl, but he knew that wasn’t the truth. Not in the slightest.
The truth was Charlie wanted nothing more than to feel that ecstasy that came with Y/N’s lips on his all the time, and he quickly formed a do or die plan in his head as his feet started back up, bringing him to the steps up to Grace’s trailer. Her name was pasted with gold sticker on the white door, the tension quickly building in Charlie’s chest.
Do or die.
The polite triple tap on the door hurried Y/N’s getting ready, the girl quickly zipping up her dress before slipping on her shoes for the night and answering the trailer door, the butterflies exploding in her stomach as she found Charlie stood in front of her door.
“Got a second? I was hoping we could talk…” Charlie said quickly, hands shoved in his pockets, a nervous smile on his face that had Y/N thinking the worst. This was about the kiss, it was about how awkward he felt about it, no doubt. She knew her anxiety before it was right, she knew that this would ruin things.
“Of course, come on in.” She said with a little smile moving back onto the trailer and allowing Charlie to make his way inside. As Y/N turned to pick up her phone off the table and place it into her handbag for the party that night, Charlie closed the door behind him with a nervous breath. He watched her for a few moments, smiling at her absentminded humming of the song they had sang together while she packed her things away for the party tonight. He took a step closer, running a hand through his hair and straightening his top up, psyching himself up for what he was about to do. She had changed for the party, and Charlie couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked in the baby blue sundress. “So,” Y/N asked as she started to turn around. “What is it you want to tal-”
Y/N was cut off when Charlie gripped her by the waist and crashed his lips against hers, not that she minded in the slightest. She was quick to kiss back, her hands coming to his neck as his hands pulled her closer until their bodies were flush. Whatever worry Y/N had been having about what their characters’ kiss would do to her and Charlie’s relationship was evaporated by the heat, the passion, the electricity of his lips on hers.
Charlie was hit with relief when Y/N kissed him back, when she pulled him closer, just thankful that she might have felt exactly what he did on set. He was about to pull away, apologise for what he was doing, for intruding and not letting her ask her question, but as he pulled back to take a breath, Y/N caught his bottom lip between her teeth for a moment, and Charlie was gone.
He pulled her close again, this time his tongue entering her mouth and starting a battle for dominance against Y/N. His hands travelled towards her ass, only gaining control of the kiss when he surprised Y/N by picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as her dress rode up her thighs, hands moving from his neck to grip the front of his shirt, breaking off the kiss for a moment.
They looked at one another, breathing heavy and pressed to one another, both just trying to comprehend what they had done. Y/N was the first to catch her breath, looking up at Charlie with a blush across her cheeks and blown pupils.
“No-one’s ever kissed me like that…” She whispered out, smiling as a smirk played on Charlie’s lips.
“Same.” He responded, walking over and setting her down on the trailer’s kitchenette counter, a hand coming to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. “We’re… We’re idiots, right? For not realising it before?” He asked, and Y/N laughed.
“The amount of time we’ve wasted…” She muttered before pulling him for another kiss.
It quickly became heated again, neither of them quite able to control themselves. It was tongues and teeth and moans, and it wasn’t long before Charlie was leaving a hickey on Y/N’s neck and she was pulling off his shirt, quickly reminded of her friend’s body… God, he was hot.
“How long until the wrap party?” Y/N asked through a moan as Charlie pulled away from her collarbones, marks scattered over the skin Y/N would struggle to hide. He pulled his phone from his pocket, checking the time before setting it on the counter beside her.
“About 10 minutes…” Charlie answered, raising an eyebrow when Y/N bit her lip. “What did you have in mind?” He asked, stepping closer, his hands running up the sides of her thighs as he did, pushing her dress up further until he could catch a glimpse of the pastel pink panties she had chosen to wear that day, causing him to groan a little. He could feel his blood rushing down, his jeans becoming tighter around the groin.
“Well, I mean… We’re two consenting adults…” She trailed off for a second, her hands starting on his belt buckle in an uncharacteristically bold move. Charlie’s head fell back as her hand brushed against his bulge, breathing getting heavier once more. “And I’m on the pill…” She added, pushing Charlie’s jeans down slightly, then his boxers, her hand circling his shaft and beginning to stroke it slowly. She was teasing him, waiting for a response, an innocent look on her face that drove Charlie wild. He quickly pulled her panties off, tossing them to the floor and bringing a hand back to her core.
“So wet… And all just for me.” Charlie smirked as Y/N’s expression changed from feigning innocent to one of pleasure: a whimpering moan passing her lips as her eyes fluttered shut, a reaction to Charlie’s thumb circling her clit. “You know, all you had to do was ask.” He whispered in her ear, more of a growl than anything, quickly lining his cock to her entrance and pushing himself inside.
They shared in a moan, Y/N adjusting to the size of his length inside her for a moment, her walls clenched tight around him. They stayed like that for a moment, both adjusting to the feelings, before Charlie’s thumb started up its lazy circles around Y/N’s clit once more. She gave a nod, and Charlie pulled back, this time sinking himself all the way inside her.
They started slow; Charlie enjoying the view of Y/N whimpering in pleasure as she held onto him, begging for him to go faster. He didn’t comply right away, teasing her further with his length, but when she managed to utter out a ‘please’, the bucking of his hips quickened, Y/N’s whole body soon dissolving in the pleasure.
Neither of them had any experience with heaven, but if it was even half as good as the sex they shared, the afterlife would be amazing. Their bodies just worked together, like they were made for one another, each thrust and moan sending pleasure shooting through their bodies. Charlie set the pace, making sure to watch Y/N’s reactions when he changed angle, quickly finding the thrusts that gave her the most pleasure through lidded eyes, and Y/N would tease him further, her walls hugging his cock just enough to have him slipping out curses mixed with her name. It didn’t take very long for Y/N’s legs to begin trembling, Charlie’s hands spreading her thighs further apart as the knots began forming in her stomach, one of his hands moving to hold the small of her back while the other returned to his spot over her sensitive bud.
“Charlie… Charlie I’m close.” Y/N managed to say through breathy moans as the knots in her abdomen got progressively tighter, Charlie moving slightly to find a better angle, beginning to pound mercilessly into her cunt, a smirk on his lips. Her mouth formed into an ‘o’, her eyes rolling back behind hooded lids dusted with eyeshadow for the party that night, the one they were meant to be arriving at 5 minutes earlier.
“Come for me, sweetheart.” He muttered, pressing his lips down on her collarbone as Y/N came undone at his words, the spasms of pleasure bringing forward Charlie’s own release, the smirk quickly fading as he felt his own climax approaching. “Fuck… Y/n, fuck…” Charlie muttered, his thrusts quickly becoming sloppy as he edged on Y/N’s climax, letting out a moan as he shot his load, his head rolling back and his muscles flexing as he filled Y/N, prompting an aftershock to run through the girl, eliciting whimpers from her shuddering frame.
Charlie soon stilled, both of them panting as they came down from their highs, Charlie’s hands on Y/N’s back the only thing keeping her vertical. He leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her forehead gently before pulling out, letting out a hiss from the over-sensitivity as Y/N giggled through a whine.
“Jesus…” She muttered, taking a moment before slipping off the counter, lifting her panties from the floor as Charlie tucked himself back into his jeans and grabbed his t-shirt, the clothing item having landed on the back of the nearby couch. “I’m… I’m gonna clean up.” She informed him, unable to stop smiling as she disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Charlie to smile to himself and fall back on the couch with a beaming grin.
How had any of that actually happened?
He sat back up when Y/N came out of the bathroom, her hair fixed and her dress straightened again, though the blush on her cheeks and nose still remained. Charlie smiled and pulled himself off the couch, walking over to her and quickly pressing his lips to hers. She kissed back, the action shared between them soft and sweet this time around, though it still caused butterflies to erupt in both of their stomachs.
“I was thinking… I know you’ll need to go back home and visit family, obviously… But maybe you could spend a few weeks at my place in LA?” Charlie suggested his thumb rubbing against Y/N’s cheek as they held eye contact. “Meet my parents, maybe?” He added with a nervous chuckle. They had planned for her to meet his mom and dad at some point, and him hers, more for the fact they wanted their parents to know their best friend, but that had obviously changed… Best friends don’t fuck half naked in a trailer on their filming lot.
“I would love that… But you have to come home with me afterwards.” Y/N said with a smile, letting out a sweet laugh as Charlie nodded vigorously, the pair locking lips once more.
That night, when Charlie and Y/N walked into the wrap party with their hands interlocked, there was a relief that sat in the air for the cast and crew. Finally, after a year of betting pools and theories and who only knew what else, it seemed the two had finally stopped being idiots and acted on their feelings. It was confirmed when during a slow song, Charlie pulled Y/N onto the dance floor, the pair sharing a kiss as the music played.
On the side lines, it was Meg, Charlie’s sister, of all people who stood collecting cash from crew members. She had got herself in on the betting pool last time she visited, and had guessed the exact date the pair would finally take their next step.
The question of Charlie and Y/N’s budding relationship should have been a ‘who would’ve thought?’, but, in reality, everyone knew. From Madi to Kenny to literally everyone on the entire planet…
Except for Charlie and Y/N.
Tags: @lord-of-the-fried @lolychu @deadashcapper5 @aliceinemeraldcity @eries45 @kristencoontz @walkingonshunshine @wxshing-aep @oswin05 @voguesir @delicatelukepatterson @reggieandthereggies @siennanoelle01 @dxsxstxrhxxd @reggiesleatherjacket @a-whole-a-lot-of-fandoms @thetattooink @futuremrsb-r-main @charliessunset @mlt2000 @overlyhypedup @fangirlanonimax @writerinlearning @dxlanhxlland @manaoioahilinai @cocobuttababy @rosiemay02​ @crookedoperatoroperagarden @theatricalfangirl​ @middaydramatic @mloudfish @mps427​ @sweetdayme4427 @anagc-09​ @feliamtion​ @ohyoureaqueenbutuncrowned​ @caitsymichelle13​ @amortiff​ @lovesanimals​ @crappy-unicorn​ @avs-hart​ @ghostlyb1tch​ @lukeys-giggle @aunicornmademedoit @carleywhittaker @crybabyddl​ @writella​ @isabellaskyliner​ @moonyxnights​ @dmcfarland1​ @kiss-themoongoodbye​ @kcd15​ @ellepscal​ @bookdealer5​ @leahstypewriter​
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snflwrkenma · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
breathe in. breathe out. you got this, y/n. this’ll take two maybe three hours, max, and then you won’t have to see him or her ever again.
you repeat this mantra in your head as you drive to kuroo’s house; and again, as you walk up to his porch and knock on the door.
knock knock knock
the door opens rather quickly. a smiling and slightly breathless kuroo appears in front of you. usually, just the sight of him would be enough to make you want to pull him into a tight hug; but, not today.
today you’re on a mission, an important one.
“hi, kitten.” i wonder if he’s ever called her that.
“hey, honey.” kuroo takes a step toward you and before you could blink, he pulls you into a hug. it takes every fiber of your being to not peel his arms away from you; your brain screaming at you to turn around and go back to your car. however, you don’t. you have to stay strong for a little while longer. you need this closure. you need this sweet, sweet revenge.
and so, you reciprocate the hug; pulling him tighter into you. your arms squeezing around kuroo gives him the impression that you missed him, that you’ve forgiven him for his mistake and you’re more than willing to go back to normal. however, to you? to you, this was a goodbye hug. this was the last time you’ll allow him to touch you and bask in your embrace.
“c’mon in, kitten.” kuroo finally releases his grip from you and you’re happy he doesn’t notice how quickly you stepped away from him, eager to get away from his touch. kuroo takes a step from the doorway to let you to enter. he watches as you remove your shoes and slip into the cat slippers he bought for your birthday, last year. making your way over to the couch, you flinch slightly at the many memories the two of you have made in his living room.
all of the pillow forts and pillow fights. all of the movie nights and cuddle sessions. all of the times the both of you were filled with so much passion, desire, and love you couldn’t even make it to the bedroom.
those memories were now tainted. you couldn’t think about the good times without questioning if those were moments only the two of you shared or if he’d done those things with your ‘best friend,’ as well.
“so,” the sound of kuroo’s voice pulls you from your thoughts. the grin never leaving his face as he takes a seat next to you and throws an arm over your shoulders, “i have some movies for us to watch and the food i ordered is on its way.”
perfect. he can’t make it more than a movie and a half without falling asleep, and pair it with a meal? he’ll be in a deep sleep in no time. you took a deep breath and forced the brightest smile you could possibly muster onto your face,
“that sounds amazing, baby! what food and movies did you choose?” you’re only half listening as kuroo describes the meals he got the both of you; something about there being a new place down the street that he knew you’d like.
the doorbell rings as he’s in the middle of giving a vague overview of the third movie he chose; you give a silent sigh, thankful you can finally have a break from nodding and fake smiling.
as kuroo walks to his door and strikes up a conversation with the delivery man, you take a minute to think about the plan you perfected with kenma the night before.
first, make him think everything is perfectly fine.
“i’ve gotta do that by any means necessary; kisses, hugs, cuddles, it’s all on the table.”
“even sex?” kenma questions, the spoonful of chocolate ice cream in his hand pausing momentarily. the thought makes you shiver. you’re already grossed out at the fact that you two have had sex a number of times while his affair with nozomi was going on. it makes you feel dirty and violated in so many ways, you don’t even know where to begin. you’ve only ever given your body to him throughout the entirety of the relationship, but he clearly didn’t have the respect to do the same.
“okay, yeah, not that. i’ll just say i’m not in the mood or something.” with a wave of your hand and another bite of ice cream, the both of you move away from the topic and to step two.
second, wait until he falls asleep.
“this’ll just make it so much easier for me, i can snoop around the house without him following me around like a lost puppy.”
“how the hell are you going to get him to sleep, though?”
“movie night and a huge meal! that’ll knock him out in no time. ‘m also gonna avoid any cuddle positions that’ll make it difficult for me to slide out of his grip.”
“okay, perfect. that step was easy, what’s the next step?”
next step, snoop until i find everything i need.
“what exactly is ‘everything i need’?” kenma’s hands are on either side of his head, both pairs of index and middle fingers curling down twice to mimic quotations.
“well, anything that is concrete evidence. i can’t take just a picture of panties and an accomplice confession to both of their parents and to twitter. i need,” you pause for a second to think about the perfect piece of evidence, “i need screenshots and screen recordings from his phone. something that’ll be hard to deny.”
“and you’re sure you can obtain all of that during the time he’s asleep?”
“i’m gonna have to.”
step four, get my shit and leave.
“what all do you even have at his house?”
“thanks to the birthday shenanigan, i only have a couple pairs of pajamas and a few outfits. those will be an easy grab.”
“what about your makeup and toothbrush, didn’t you leave that there?”
“he can throw those away, i only left them there so i wouldn’t have to bring the ones i have at home.”
“great, and the last and final step?”
“kitten?” kuroo waves a hand in front of your face a few times, “hey, welcome back. what were you thinking about?”
you blink your eyes a couple of times to find kuroo seated next to you, again. the coffee table in front of you is already set with food and a movie from kuroo’s list is already selected on the tv.
“huh? oh yeah! i was just thinking about something kenma told me.” you laughed a little; sliding off of the couch and onto the floor, you reach for a set of utensils to begin eating. you don’t miss the terrified expression flash over kuroo’s face, though. the sight almost making you want to laugh harder in his face, but you catch yourself before doing so.
he’s scared, and he absolutely should be. but, i gotta play it cool, y/n. i cant be petty just yet.
“o-oh?” kuroo stutters. “what did he tell you?” dumb boy, why are you making your fear so obvious?
“oh, nothing too important. it was just something about a game we played the other day, i just randomly thought about it.” you turn your attention away from kuroo and on to the tv; this time, though, you do miss the way his shoulders drop in relief.
“right!” kuroo is startled by your outburst, he sits up a little bit straighter as you whip your head back around towards him. “i wanted to ask how the hangout with kenma went? he told me a little, but he ended the conversation, quickly.”
maybe, i can be a little petty.
“oh, yeah! it went well. it was like old times, i think we both had a lot of fun.”
“really? that’s all i get? nothing eventful or heart-stopping happened?”
kuroo pauses for a second, attempting to hide his fear with a fake smile. a smile that you completely saw through.
“uh no, nothing at all.”
“that’s not what kenma said.”
“whatdidhesay?” the words come out rushed and loud. both you and kuroo are visibly started at the tone he used. kuroo clears his throat and swallowed, audibly, before speaking again “i mean, like, what did he tell you happened?”
you chuckled at how he tried and failed to keep cool; you tried your best to turn the mocking giggle into one of faux endearment, and by the look of relief on kuroo’s face- it worked. “he told me you ran into daishou, but he didn’t tell me everything that happened.”
a sigh leaves kuroo’s lips, “oh please don’t get me started. that fucking asshole had the nerve to say flirty shit about you, in front of me! and kenma didn’t help stop him.”
“the nerve of him.” kuroo leans towards you with a pout on his face, you guide his head to rest on your shoulder and pat it, affectionately.
“i know, right!”
no, the nerve of you. getting upset at a man who appreciates my worth, only to turn around and not appreciate my worth.
“my poor baby.” kuroo snuggles into your side some more, finding a position in which he could get comfortable. you want to melt as you felt his arms wrap around your body, but as if on queue, your mind finds its way to a scenario where he holds nozomi like this instead of you. quickly, you pushed his head to make him sit up.
“ow! babe!” he shoots you a questioning look, rubbing the side of his head, dramatically.
instantly, hiding the disgust on your face with an eye smile, you tilt your head like a puppy, “what? i want to eat first!”
to your relief, kuroo agrees. so, you grab the remote from the couch and hit play; uncovering your meal from whatever restaurant kuroo was talking about earlier, you dig in. however, thanks to your nerves, you’re not able to eat as much as usual; but you try your best to eat as much as you can without causing kuroo to worry.
with the food pushed out of the way and forgotten, the both of you are only an hour into the second movie when kuroo yawns.
right on schedule.
“‘m sleepy.”
“then sleep, rooster boy.”
“don’t wanna sleep on the floor.” kuroo looks at you with lidded eyes, he’s trying so hard to stay awake.
“get on the couch, then.” you say with a soft smile, the image of a sleepy kuroo being enough to melt your heart for a second.
“i want cuddles.” oh no.
“‘m so full right now, i need to sit up for a little while longer. you go ahead and get up there, and i’ll join you after a little while.”
kuroo stands up with a huff; a pout beginning to form on his face, his eyebrows furrow as he mumbled something along the lines of not being able to sleep comfortably without cuddling you.
“oh hush, you big baby.”
“can i hold your hand, at least?”
“sure. go for it.” you angle your body to the side before slipping your hand into kuroo’s. he squeezes your hand once before he shuts his eyes; you watch as he slowly, but steadily drifts off into dreamland.
you wait until you feel his hand go limp for you to make your move. turning the volume on the tv up enough to mask any movements you make, you head into his bedroom. soft footsteps venturing slowly to his bathroom. you spend about 10 minutes in there, looking through any and every place you possibly could for any sign of his affair with nozomi. next, you make your way to his closet. you’re pretty sure something has to be in there, right? wrong. you spend another 10 minutes in there. going in circles as you try your hardest to search, extensively, without messing up the well organized clothes and shoes.
you’re lightly sweating by the time you’ve finished searching his bedroom. you’ve looked under his bed, behind his dresser, under his comforter and still- nothing.
after a while, you come back into the living room. picking up your phone, you start typing a message to the ‘no snakes allowed’ group chat about your lack of evidence when you hear a noise coming from the coffee table.
buzz buzz.
kuroo’s phone.
buzz buzz.
you quickly grab kuroo’s phone, checking behind you to see if kuroo was awaken by the noise. of course, he wasn’t.
thank you, kuroo, for sleeping like a fucking log.
your eyes leave kuroo and focus on kuroo’s lockscreen. at first glance, all you can see is your picture as the background, some twitter notifications, a missed call, and many text messages.
funny, would did he change the setting to you can’t see the details of the notifications if your phone is locked?
with a final glance towards kuroo, you make sure you have both yours and his phone and head back into the bedroom. sitting on the floor, you take a breath to prepare yourself for whatever you might see and with shaky fingers, you type in his birthday on the password screen and,
he must’ve changed it. next, you type in your birthday and,
wrong. one more try.
a little frustrated, you take a second to think.
what could he possibly have change it t- wait a minute.
your fingers tap across the keyboard, quickly, and,
it’s unlocked.
the first thing you did was check the notification center, you were eager to see who had called and texted him and you weren’t surprised to see that it was nozomi. clicking on one of the messages, it’s clear to you that she was responding to a message kuroo had sent earlier. you scrolled up a little and began reading their conversation from before you arrived,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you took it upon yourself to scroll to the beginning of the message thread, you wanted to see if you could find out exactly how long this has been going on. unfortunately, you were only able to make it up to a month ago before the messages stopped loading. before you scrolled back to the bottom of the message thread, you turned on the screen recording feature as you read.
finishing the message thread, you stopped the recording and sent it to your phone. as you waited for the video to go through, you opened kuroo’s photos and scrolled. you went past various selfies of himself, selfies you sent him, selfies of the both of you, random pictures and videos of you and kenma, and various pictures he took of you when you weren’t paying attention.
drops of water suddenly hit the screen and it wasn’t until then did you realize that you were crying. you couldn’t believe he would throw away all of these wonderful memories and for what? to get his dick wet? did you not satisfy him enough? were the three sometimes four times a week not enough for him? you were at a loss. you couldn’t think of any reason for him to want to throw away not only four years of a relationship, but five years of a friendship as well. was he no longer in love with you? was he in love with nozomi as well? it hurt you too much to think about it.
your phone dings, signaling the retrieval of the screen recording. wanting to return to kenma’s house as soon as possible, you quickly and carefully delete the screen recording from kuroo’s photos, recently deleted, and the message thread between you and him. not caring too much about the opened messages from nozomi; you close out the apps, lock his phone, and begin gathering your things.
setting his phone back onto the coffee table, you spare one last look at kuroo’s sleeping figure on the couch. padding over to him, you plant a soft, goodbye kiss to his forehead. you’re so, so angry at and disappointed in him, but a part of you still loves him. still cares for him and appreciates the time spent and memories made with him, deeply. a part of you wishes you could work this out, just forgive him and forget about what happened. besides, he has to still love you, too, right? why else would he still want you around? why else would he have told her to stop texting him?
still, the part of you that loves him also knows that staying in this relationship wouldn’t be best for you. you wouldn’t be able to look at him nor yourself the same. you deserved to be in a relationship that gave you an endless amount of love and reassurance. you deserved to be with someone who saw you and only you. you deserved to be able to trust your significant other with your entire being and not have it come back to bite you in the ass.
unfortunately, this just wasn’t the relationship to give you that.
you deserve much better, y/n. much, much better.
Tumblr media
xxxi. u deserve much better
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submissive-bangtan · 6 months ago
SuperM as Boyfriends Headcanon
↪ caro’s note. extra long version because i miss ‘em. best boys, they’re all bf material to the moon and back ♡
5k words | bullet points
○ warnings ⚠️ 18+, dom/sub play, shibari, female reader, grinding, poly mentions, threesomes, face-sitting, femdom & vanilla, smut and fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⌈ ten
Tumblr media
— motto: they won’t underestimate me for long.
most of your social environment is gonna be confused by ten at the beginning 
and don’t really get what he’s all about
or think he’s like whatever, some random guy in a tank top
acting peculiar
finding him kind of hard to gauge
some of your family and relatives might even think he’s totally unusual and a sneaky fuckboy making you mad 
they seriously wonder what you see in him
down the line that perception has turned by 180 degrees
as it should
ten becomes more irreplaceable, relatable, beautiful, perfect and impressive the more you know him
he’s not as mysterious and impossibly badass as everyone assumes
his personality is very approachable to you 
and you find him interesting in every aspect, looks to hobbies to background to personal habits
and also opinions because ten is a guy who really thinks stuff through
so you gotta be roughly on the same wavelength 
he likes discussing controversial and complicated stuff a lot for sure
being far wiser than his age suggests 
you are the first to share those things with him until the rest of the world catches up to this gem of a person
spending so much time with you
in the most personal way he can
he takes you to see the floating markets in bangkok, you spend the summer in thailand
wakeboarding and playing badminton
his entire family knows you inside out at some point this shit is serious
it’s very important to him to go back to the roots every now and then
and that you have been around his home city as well
getting to enjoy the area and time together eating the most savory delicacies
renting a boat and paddling you around to the important spots, he can explain any question you have
this kissing is gonna be so romantic 
who needs a vacation in venice when you can go to thailand with none other than ten himself as your ferryman let that sink in
except eating durian there he is, the boyfriend who can do anything!
with seemingly no effort
ten does little kind services of love for you throughout the day
he pours you herbal tea, fixes some furniture (he’s surprisingly good at tinkering), comes home from the bakery with your favorite pastry, does the laundry with your favorite fabric softener
he also goes on a huge shopping spree with you monthly because fashion is key in this household and it’s tremendous fun
you giggle when he puts on oversized shirts deliberately to look funny
everyone in the clothing store will think oh man what an adorable pair
ten will model the living hell out of the entire stock
and buy you the cape you really really want as a birthday present
said item turns out to be your favorite couple accessory
because you can sit next to each other on a bench at the river and wear it
what’s not to love about a portable blanket
of course he will take to instagram and make it such a cool thing, photographies of you wearing really cool coats and jackets
mirror bathroom selfies together as well, with a back hug, the classic
and not just for insta
you snuggle a lot generally
ten is always available for affection
and accepts all PDA
he’s a kitty after all, he loves the warmth of your body more than you know
remember how taemin said ten’s hands are always cold, newsflash not anymore since you stuff them into the pocket of your hoodie whenever you can
and hello sir your paws will be nice and cozy on my waist
or hand in hand when you waltz through your apartment
time for dance is a must
oh my god ten is so good at all of this
although say he’s definitely faster into latin than standard genres
tango argentino, he loves flamenco as well
don’t believe me? ten is a diehard rosalía stan!
so, no-brainer, expect a lot of dancy stuff 
that escalates into wild, passionate fucking
which probably looks like an aggressive form of couple exercises
you poor sore souls
ten’s lil kitty butt is falling apart from all the “i can handle a bigger one!”-level pegging and you have aching legs all over
favorite position? full nelson
if you ask me ten’s ass is probably so carved out by the end of this you could fit lucas and kai in there from head to toe
this is not for the faint of heart
sex with this guy is extra cardio
and if you’re into that a threesome is gonna go down sooner or later
with our girl lisa
there. i said it
miss manoban in those knee-high boots, grinding her thighs between yours and you finishing off on ten’s face? the fucking hottest thing ever i need a moment wow
i don’t have to tell you how orgasmic this is gonna be
steamy sex life with ten very recommended
Tumblr media
⌈ kai
— motto: you’re like a precious rose. i’ll protect you forever.
to be straightforward with you
he is in so heavily in demand it’s madness
to give you an idea of the scale
mark is basically occupied by yuta until the end of time 
but kai has an entire idol fanclub on top of all erigoms
those sharp moves did not go unnoticed
he gets an inkigayo sandwich every other day
jesus christ
if was a thing kai would be the most requested
his phone would be blowing up with contracts like
and you also have to pass kyungsoo’s vibe check
and taemin’s
the road to being kai’s gf is indeed the way of the samurai
i mean honestly: kim jongin is without a doubt the hardest member to get a date with
this has got to be the most selective man of the entire industry or something
if he likes you he REALLY likes you
and he will be the one showing initiative
because he wants to make it clear he isn’t just spending time out of politeness or something
although it’s pretty logical that if kai was unable to reject someone he would no longer be an idol but a harem husband busy every hour of the day
seoul would be able to found its own village 
kai town
where like 70% of the population is pregnant
but since kai wants to keep on dancing obviously and he wants to lend his heart to only one person 
seoul has to settle with a singular nini family house instead of a kai district
where you and the man himself are a full-fledged household basically since kai’s nieces double as actual kids
if you wanna be a young ass ‘mom but not mom with kids’ and be married to kim kai this is it
does he have a thing for milfs or something
that thought just came to my mind
anyway you’re mommy anyway wink wink
fucking til’ dawn until even his muscles hurt
going raw at the gym together
him cooking the most random food with the infamous waffle maker
cuddling with an army of teddy bears surrounding you
walking the dogs with the sexiest dancer alive 
and the sexiness is only the tip of the iceberg 
we know he’s all-round amazing
kai is the king of figuring out ways to chill out with you anywhere anytime
and yes innocent chilling
...unless you’re in the mood for something else
up to you
sweet innocent chilling for now... with the stunner... just smooching at best things aren’t going raw or anything
on the couch in the kitchen in the car when it’s parked somewhere in nature
kai takes you very seriously and is a great listener
he’s literally so respectful and open-minded i can’t
he will keep your secrets and stand up for you if it’s ever needed
yes he is extremely caring and invested
kai does not tolerate others being shady towards you
if there’s an instance where you are hurt and unable to assert yourself don’t worry. he knows how to confront others with measure but a firm determination.
kai takes a lot of that responsibility but only to the degree where you are comfortable
i think you get what i mean by that
and he is diplomatic instead of plain patronizing
you have a right to be protected. it means he not only treats you well, but also makes sure your well-being isn’t disturbed in any other way outside of the relationships
outside influences aren’t to be underestimated
and since kai is a godly man you encounter a lot of jealousy from others
a matter he will take into his hands since he knows he’s the reason
standing up for you also means saying no 
to these jealous voices so this is an important boundary he has to draw
that all kinds of hellbent people want to get into his pants and take his stage image too literally is not up to you to fix
kai is there for you to enjoy and love not to defend
that’d be exhausting and beside the point 
kai prevents stress and negativity to come to you
i hope i explained this well he doesn’t do this to be bossed up or make you weak it’s because he wants to make life easier for you
guys being protective will be chalked up as chauvinistic these days. often rightfully so 
but what i mean is that kai support you in all regards so you won’t be at a disadvantage or feel terrible about something
Tumblr media
⌈ taeyong
— motto: we’ll take good care. enjoy the pleasure.
he’s the type of boyfriend who will ask you about things he missed out on while he was busy
things um from the internet
while mark literally knows that one by heart already taeyong will ask you things like what the wellerman song is
and you thought it would be something nsfw
i got you fooled
did we forget that the man literally watched nct memes on youtube
taeyong is both even more 18+ than you think but also even more innocent than you think it’s complicated
this man is just hard to describe he’s so different, i mean every person is unique but he’s an original it’s the extra mile you know
sea shanties
bopping to it all day since he just heard it 
singing it while he prepares dinner based on a youtube recipe video as he often does
he’s the most adorable person ever ever ever
asking you why shanties are back in fashion 
(good question, requires a deeper sociocultural analysis i reckon)
planning to remix one for his soundcloud lmao i kid you not
maybe your favorite shanty 
featuring fast-pace rap and all
creating his own previously unknown phrases and shit like that you know him
palazzo rocco lemon detox flashbacks
he’s hilarious i swear
taeyong will produce his own shanties for you can you imagine
as he says: my happiness is your happiness
watch out he will drop a shanty music video with extra krumping moves
taeyong is a never-ending source of pure crack
prepare to laugh a lot like, a lot lot
how can a man who seemingly has such a serious outlook on life and such a bonkers kinda face be so lighthearted
it’s like he’s peter pan or something
especially since he has to manage like over 20 brats in nct his cutesy behavior towards you as his gf will stand out to you
yeah so to be clear we all know he’s the cute one in the relationship
and guess who wears the pants
that’s always you ma’am don’t deny it
or wait 
not for long actually because they come off um physically
but not metaphorically
because who doesn’t wanna sit on his face tbh
your favorite reserved spot
he loves it
taeyong has such a thing for your body it’s ridiculous
mister lee got a sexy mama
and you have such a thing for the gloriousness that is him
but neither of you will not admit it as openly as other people would think
all there is... is being flustered
baekhyun probably has to play some cupid now and then
and give you some ideas
like gifting taeyong plushies and things like that
baekhyun knows what taeyong is all about so the advice is very welcome
but most things you find out for yourself
by being a little braver with him you know
you walking around naked in the apartment or basically fresh out the shower with nothing but a towel
will shake up taeyong so immensely, he will back himself against a wall without you even pinning him there lmao!
jeez he’s so deep into kinky stuff but easily shook anyway
i quote him again: “born to be cute, i dunno!”
you can imagine the overwhelm when you rub yourself against him like it’s nobody’s business
it’s so much fun to give taeyong a regular horny meltdown not gonna lie
this man was grinding his whole body all over the superm stage and now he’s basically freezing up and drooling
how many denied and ruined orgasms he’s gonna get, so much overstimulation all the way  
you’ll lose count of it
and just how wet you’re gonna be
is a thing for the history books
taeyong isn’t such a big deal in nct for no reason god gave him every talent 
so great sex is obviously in his repertoire
i think you’re gonna break some records for most fucks per week
you know... guys like lucas taemin kai and baekhyun spend more time wooing and teasing and flirting
but taeyong gets down to business
one glance is enough
Tumblr media
⌈ lucas
— motto: the hottest couple around.
ah, big boy
you really got this man’s attention
doing nothing much at all really
he probably just saw you walking around talking to friends
carrying an impossibly huge veggie burger munching and enjoying yourself after going on a jog
yeah boy that’s how you catch his eye
they say love begins in the stomach and that is the true meaning
or the nose, your food smells really good, lucas is going crazy, he’s seeing stars and shit
the towering burger isn’t the only thing he wants
lucas cannot get you out of his mind no matter how much he tries to distract himself 
with more good food, movies, games
fooling around with wayv or the superm maknaes, and working out
he’s admittedly... a little himbo head over himbo heels with you the feels got to him
he’s not gonna say it’s a date he’s just gonna invite you just because
to hang out in the kitchen while taeyong cooks and baekhyun comes up with the idea to play twister
imagine lucas with his long arms and legs bending himself all over the place
fighting with kai who almost crashed his shoulders into taemin who avoided the accident quickly
making you lose a round
obviously lucas will hustle until your team wins
mostly because he’s so tall and baekhyun is so small which is a huge advantage when stacking each other over the map
let’s just face it baekhyun only suggested this game to bite everyone’s butts and to see you have skinship with lucas
which is definitely a successful plan of the leader
yukhei is in paradise 
jumping around his room like an oversized bunny after you went home
don’t lie, you fell hard for him as well he’s just such a presence
emotionally, physically
a gentle but persistent giant
he’ll do anything to make your relationship happen once he knows you’re interested
if there’s someone meant to be a boyfriend it’s gotta be him come on
he will cave in after a while and admit he can’t just forget about you 
not gonna lie
your ex is gonna be shaking in his ratty boots
his poor eyes will literally jop from their unexpecting sockets
when he sees lucas hanging out with you
with his shining blonde hair and tall stature, that perfect shapely body, with great fashion on top of that
looking like your guardian angel
man, xuxi really does
pulling you out of your slump that’s been going on for months
and bringing back smiles and a good time he knows how to do that best
and big big hugs of course
you can imagine how soothing and grounded it feels with such huge arms around you
he will make sure that feeling is always there when you need it
because you deserve that treatment
which means he will come over very very often
yeah get ready for how yukhei is a lot more driven than you think just dial and he will be there
underneath the meme surface is someone very determined who really really wants you
yukhei is chaotic good incarnate but in that area he isn’t messing around
his brain is like: “gotta be with her”
on repeat
he must call you, he literally can’t sleep without tying loose ends together as quickly as possible
no second wasted with this guy, even far down the relationship timeline
i really pity your ex 
i mean someone dating any superm member would drive their former partner completely nuts 
but lucas is a special case
he has that kind of look and aura that makes other guys dig themselves into the ground like wiggling worms or cope by fanboying over him
i don’t wanna make this sound like a competition and yet — congrats on your noodly blondie boyfriend alright
Tumblr media
⌈ mark
— motto: two nerds in love.
how to explain this. mark is a perfect balance of a lover, a talker, and a shy bean
with a tendency toward bean
and flicking the bean
you know
cutting right to the chase are we
mark is very invested in pleasing you as good as he can
and defeating his awkwardness
because if we know one thing it’s that he always strives to become better and better like he can’t help it
and isn’t afraid of almost biting off more than he can chew
how many subunits is he part of at this point is it gonna be nct hollywood as well god dangit
back to the point mark doesn’t treat relationships and sex as something static which is a good and rare thing
he does his best and always looks for room to improve
while being very nervous, very bilingual, it takes two languages or more to express what he thinks about you let that sink in
that’s very shaky first date sex while being extremely in love with each other
lucky you
and an afterglow where he plays the guitar for you
that’s so nice 
he can play it while laying down and shit
while singing
not rapping, actual full-fledged serenading
we’ve heard how that sounds in the relay cam
are you dating some kind of teenage heartthrob or something huh
mark will make it very clear he’ll stick around, this bad bitch is here to stay
or actually, he’s a good bitch, don’t misunderstand
mark doesn’t have a lot of edgy in him unless rap is concerned
he’s the kinda guy to get lost in IKEA with 
having a good time 
as often as his schedule permits
you really have to make use of your time together 
this man might as well the busiest idol out there
and you are no different because birds of a feather
you’re both mr. and ms. independent 
out and about very often
so meeting up becomes something special during comeback season
or wait mark always has a comeback going on
which is a double-edged sword but something you both know you signed up for 
which is why you spend a lot of time around NCT dream, 127, and SuperM 
sm’s publicity agents have to work extra hard i’m telling you
a dating rumor is the last thing both of you would need
since you befriend several members you gotta stay on the low as well
but hey the rage of jealous people of the public is nothing compared to the force of nature that is yuta nakamoto
who seriously thinks himself threatened and robbed
in case you are feeling possessive as well... might have to fistfight yuta
to be able to be with mark
who is basically property of osaka at this point
yuta is a scorpio that’s just the way it is
unlike taeyong who wishes his rap buddy the best, yuta kinda wants to be mark’s wingman and see him date, live his best life
but also have mark for himself to fawn over and to adore, to be fascinated by
we get it yuta. bisexual struggles. very understandable
you have to promise in person that mark doesn’t forget about the holy gaming nights with yuta 
which is hilarious since that’s not up to you but mark’s memory
bestie, yuta uses everyone as a scapegoat don’t sweat it too much
regardless you put a weekly reminder on the fridge
so the roaring lion yuta would be pacified
he doesn’t want to lose his sweetheart can you blame him
the ultimate but also most risky solution is obviously inviting yuta for movies 
which will be appreciated but also cause a storm
mark will definitely break a sweat when you start a popcorn war or try to prove who hugs mark the best 
caught in the middle of mayhem is mark lee’s specialty what did you expect
this either ends with murder or a chaotic open relationship down the line
yuta really is attached but who wouldn’t be
it could be worse mark has double the love you know 
Tumblr media
⌈ baekhyun
— motto: you wanna know why i’m your candy?
baby tell me are you ridin’?
in fair verona where we lay our scene...
that baekhyun always wants to woo you — his way, which proves to be very interesting to say the least — is never hard to miss
putting in effort is mochi default mode 
no matter what stage of the relationship you’re in
he might as well regularly serenade you under your balcony in the backyard just because
probably singing ‘baby we can stay up’ and wiggling his ass in all directions because he’s a dirty boy gone wild
yeah. nowadays romeo is twerking instead of feuding with tybalt
that’s good for him and everyone involved
you in particular because you get some very racy eye candy
you know how baekhyun is
at least nobody’s around seeing him put on an 18+ show like that
your little guy is one unhinged fella
if it starts pouring he will grind up and down the next lantern and belt out ‘singing in the rain’
you bet he can do some actual pole dance
he’s strong and bendy you know
and loves to gyrate his whole bag of bones like... he wants to hit you with all the body rolls
in the rain
what a freaky man
but hey you wanna stay up for sure 
doesn’t take long until you beckon him to come upstairs
where the only way to alleviate him of his wet clothes—
oh well he has those roger rabbit vibes and you can’t be mad at it
he will play off all his hormonal antics
baekhyun is hilarious
and so perverted, he can keep up with your spicy idea of playing patty-cake don’t worry
how do i know you’re an extra nsfw kinda person?
who else would like baekhyun
he says juicy things all the time
and does juicy things
yes. finally a couple on eye level indeed. 
when baekhyun asks are you ridin’ you ask how hard 
this is gonna be fun
and remember
beside handing you sacks of money
his priority is always to make you smile
i’m kidding about the bags but
baekhyun is so rich it’ll show in your relationship, but he’s more about the interactions with you rather than the lifestyle
baekhyun didn’t hustle for a bentley he hustled to sing and get out of sm alive alright
financial stability: important
luxury: very nice to have, he can make you the presents you want to have and travel a lot together
but smiles: baekhyun priority
because he so badly wants to know you love him and adore him, he sometimes feels so insecure
of course you do
you always reassure him with your reactions
it’s very important to him don’t underestimate it
baekhyun has always been talking about his ideal type in terms of how he can cheer her up
so even the naughtiest sexy time evenings are gonna be filled with all giggles
anyway other than that your pussy will be dripping
because this guy is as horny as all other members of super m combined
and you have your ways of leaving him tongue-tied and wrists-tied
taemin’s impact
superm isn’t short of bondage supplies we all know that
so yeah. shibari baekhyun is gonna happen
since he does pilates imagine what kinda shapes you can bend this lil guy into
and take some pictures
privé is in trouble 
bondage model baekhyun is bursting onto the scene
you might even run a risque blog that features cropped pictures with him
heh — you think people will recognize him by his body?
first: you only upload HD pictures that aren’t whitewashed
baekhyun is basically never photographed like that
second: who expects baekhyun to be featured on a bdsm blog with his girlfriend
and this is the guy that drives you around in his expensive car with his big black shades on 
well what can i say
nothing is the way it seems
Tumblr media
⌈ taemin
— motto: i’ll unfold a whole new world for you.
taemin is cocky, he’s sensual, and: a very smiley person as we know
least boring relationship ever
he will prance toward you whenever he can to involve you in cuddles
touch-starved taemin is a thing
kkoong can tell you about it, he needs kisses and embraces so often
might as well pepper him with it no problem
and put him into your oversized sweaters when he eats ice cream on the sofa, watching movies, and you brush his ever-growing hair
he’s smol he’s gonna fit into them don’t worry
and on the other hand he likes a rough and tough girl who thinks of him like a boy toy
who acts tsundere or like his bodyguard
working out almost daily to the point of sweat all over
a gal probably able to pretzel minho lucas and chanyeol into one giant bundle
taemin truly has the taste of a divo
multi-layered as always
so you couldn’t say the relationship is always the same in sentiment, the vibe of the dynamic could be different every day
we love a complex man
what would be volatile to others is actually an advantage up close
because taemin understands every difficult facet of himself and his partner 
even if those facets might be contradictory
or something that’s felt shameful about
he will accept and listen anyway
the same goes for getting what drives you
taemin is like a walking psychology velvet couch with fancy swirls as arm rests
point is he isn’t fooled by the surface of the world
he knows what has to be known
which also means your looks aren’t the part he prioritizes
and not even outward personality and habit is what he’s drawn to
it’s the mentality and values underneath
that’s true compatibility to him and he can feel it
he’s really really smart
and also finds it important that you get along with shinee and superm, that you think they’re nice to be around and vice versa
especially kai as taemin’s absolute bearly bestie. if kai thinks you’re shady and you don’t like kai either
or if you’re permanently super awkward and taemin’s moodmaking doesn’t help
we have a problem
but fair enough
kai and taemin are basically one soul at this point so if taemin likes you jongin does anyway 
bff telepathy
in fact jongin was probably the one introducing you to taemin lmao!
because he knows you go well together instinctively and he is correct
so not to worry then
and it’s good on taemin to think longterm and not see you as a person outside of social interaction y’know
cough cough he thinks about marriage, you might be ms. lee one day
here he goes again taemin is just very mature seeing you as well-rounded in every aspect of life
without letting his dick make the important decisions at the detriment of making this a relationship of two lives not just two bodies only
but obviously don’t assume taemin is no horny devil. we all know he dreams of the freakiest scenarios and fantasies in this whole group
going kinda crazy about the thought of making you cum which he always wants to try with new methods
which occupies his mind more than a big bowl of super spicy noodles which is taemin’s favorite meal so
at the same time taemin junior is definitely the same clingy attention whore as his sparkly owner
limp wrists from all the handjobs on your side
and very swollen lips from giving all that head on his side
this is gonna be interesting
he puts the 6v6 in 69
equals 69v69 am i right
but i’m serious that’s gonna be a lot of oral action
you definitely ask each other about having sex very often, daily if you have the time and find a nice spot
and how on earth do both of you keep your hands off each other sleeping in one bed
taemin is touchy as hell with no shyness, and you squish squeeze and grope this guy like the mochi he is
ah when things go both ways
Tumblr media
© submissive-bangtan 2017-2021. all rights reserved. do not repost or translate. all depictions fictional.
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hufflepuff-writings · 6 months ago
goodbye [dream]
pairing: dream x gn!reader
pronouns: they/them (none mentioned)
synopsis: “please don’t make me choose”
wc: 1.3k
a/n: here's my entry for @dreamcatcherrs 5k special! congratulations again <3
tw: angsty, use of dream's real name
his spike in views was abrupt and without warning, and though he had been strategic about analyzing and optimizing the youtube algorithm, nothing could’ve prepared him for the millions of subscribers he’d maintain in a matter of months.
it was like his life had changed overnight.
in the beginning, he would play video games with his friends, record occasional videos, and spend time with his amazing s/o and family whenever he pleased - he hardly had any commitment to uploading, but he continued to do it because he loved it.
now, he’d receive millions of tweets wondering where he was and what he was doing at all times. the thousands upon thousands of kind messages he received daily about how his content bettered his viewers’ lives drove him to constantly be making, editing or uploading content in some way.
he accepted more invites to appear on his friends’ streams, and put as much time as he could into his editing until it was pure perfection. he had always been a workaholic, but now it was fueled by another wish: to keep his viewers and supporters happy.
you began seeing him less frequently once his channel took off, being completely understanding that he was basking in his prime time as an influencer, and supporting him fully. you grew accustomed to falling asleep in an empty bed, and getting up for the day just as he was about to end his.
for a while, you were okay with it, because you could see how happy he was that he finally got his chance to make people smile.
at a certain point, however, you realized his incline in viewers wasn’t faltering, but only getting bigger as time went on. he was surpassing milestone after milestone in the blink of an eye, and you couldn’t even keep track of which he’d passed last anymore.
you wanted to be happy for him, you really did. you tried so hard. but the larger his platform grew, the less you saw him at all.
when sapnap moved in, despite your idea that it couldn’t, the loneliness managed to get even worse. the two of them locked themselves in their respective offices, the closed doors doing nothing to drown out the screams and laughter that seemed to never end. the only comfortable silence you were able to find in your house was with the aid of some form of noise cancelation, whether it be ear plugs or headphones.
at this point, you were losing your mind. you couldn’t sleep through a full night without being woken up by a scream, and when you’d tried to confront them, they’d both sheepishly apologized, but had lasted about an hour before they were back at it once more.
the best way to describe the way you were feeling was like a ghost wandering around aimlessly, no one paying you any mind as though they were looking right through you. you didn’t even get a good morning text to wake up to anymore, you had been isolated and were simply forgotten.
it wasn’t getting better, and it wasn’t going to. so one day, when sapnap had left to go visit his family, you decided it was finally time.
you pressed your ear to his office door, and upon hearing nothing, knocked gently. you heard shuffling before the door opened, and once his eyes landed on your figure, a bright smile illuminated his face and he surged forward, wrapping you in a tight hug.
“i’ve missed you.” he mumbled into your hoodie, but you shuffled awkwardly, and he seemed to realize you weren’t embracing him back. he pulled back, eyes dancing over your solemn expression. “is everything okay?” he asked, nervously.
you sucked in a deep breath, swallowing your nerves. “i can’t do this anymore.” you told him, trying to hold your voice steady. he blinked, his face falling into a frown.
“what?” he breathed, and you sighed. you had dreaded this conversation for so long, but you needed to do this.
“this. us. i can’t do it anymore.” you gestured between your two bodies, glancing towards the ground in shame. “you’ve been so busy with your streams and uploads, we haven’t seen each other in months. can you even remember the last time we went out together?” you stated, your question hanging in the air, leaving a heavy silence looming over the two of you.
“i-” he tried, but after a long moment, he seemed to clue in - he had no idea. “i’m sorry, i didn’t even realize. i can change! i can do better. we can go out tonight, even-” he babbled, but you smiled sadly, shaking your head.
“you can’t have both, clay. your job is demanding, and you have so many people waiting on your every move with baited breath. they need you.” you explained, a sad smile making its way onto your expression.
“but i need you.” he whispered. “you know how much this job means to me, and how much you mean to me. please don’t make me choose.” his quiet voice broke, a choked sob following shortly after.
“i’m not making you choose. i already made the decision for you.” you stated, trying desperately to hold yourself together for him.
“you can’t give up on us so easily, you can’t just leave me.” he replied, reaching for you. once more you stepped back, and you couldn’t help but let a small tear finally escape.
“i didn’t give up on us easily. we haven’t been a real couple in months. i tried to wait for you. i just don’t have any time left to give.” you choked back a sob, and he completely broke. he crumpled to the floor, sobs wracking his body.
“i’m sorry, i’m so, so sorry-” he sputtered, and you forced yourself to look away, unsure of how strong you could be if you watched the love of your life pleading for you to stay. “please don’t leave me. you- you can’t leave me. you’re my everything. i need you!” he begged, and you turned away fully, grabbing the bags you’d packed and wiping away the freefalling tears from your cheeks.
“you might not realize it, but you haven’t needed me for awhile, dream. you’ll be fine. i promise” you mumbled, and you headed towards the door.
“but i love you.” he tried, one final time, and you turned your head, looking at him sadly.
“i know.” you muttered, and without another word, you left the broken shell of the man you loved.
as you opened the door to your car and slid in the driver’s seat, you could feel your heart shattering in your chest, but you knew in the long run, this was what was best for both of you. you backed out of the driveway, glancing once more at the place you once felt at home, before driving away.
you weren’t sure how long you were driving, but soon the stinging in your eyes became too much and you pulled over, and let sobs wrack your body, allowing the weight of your situation to dawn on you.
it was over, months of pain and suffering in silence, only for your relationship to fall in the end.
maybe a part of you always knew things would end like this, but held onto the hope that your love was stronger than that. that despite it all, he’d come back to you one day and realize the neglect he’d put you through.
instead, the two of you sat in shambles, sobbing until you physically couldn’t. sobbing until you couldn’t feel anymore. sobbing until your mind ran blank, and you could forget, even just for a moment.
because nothing could prepare you to say goodbye to the love of your life, even if you knew your relationship was over long before you made it official.
just because you know something is for the best, doesn’t mean it always feels like it is.
it would take time, but someday you would be whole once more.
today was simply not that day.
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dracoscene · 8 months ago
may i request a draco fluff where him and the reader are cuddling but they wanna be close to eachother so they do skin to skin, nothing sexual just like being with eachother!
Close | Draco Malfoy x Reader
Contains: FLUFF, even more fluff, SOFT DRACO (because I can't get enough of that)
Word Count: 0.8k
Dim candle lights flickered, creating dancing shadows throughout Draco's prefect room where you were laying with him on the bed, bodies entangled, surrounded by black silky sheets.
The snow was falling, adorning the night sky as you looked out the window, reminiscing on the cold winter day you two had spent together at Hogsmeade.
"You're so warm." You mumbled against his chest, trying to scoot a little closer to him. Your hand started traveling under his shirt, laying flat against his stomach. You only moved your fingertips slightly as you started drawing random patterns on his skin.
"That tickles, love." He complained half-heartedly, nonetheless allowing a smile to form on his face.
You kept moving your fingertips, causing your boyfriend to shudder under your touch. "Feels good though, doesn't it?"
"Yeah, I guess it does." His breath brushed against your forehead slightly as he spoke. He ran his hand gently down your arm, all the way to your lower back, sneaking it under your shirt to give you the same treatment.
His fingertips moved over your skin like feathers, barely touching yet skilled enough to have your body melt into his, fitting perfectly against each other.
"Hmm, this is nice." You shifted your arm under his shirt, stretching out the fabric as you tried to embrace as much of him as you possibly could.
Draco noticed the smile on his face grow as he watched you hook your leg around his, resulting in half of your body now comfortably laying on top of him. He'd never admit it, but his heart fluttered at the sight.
"Darling–" His voice sounded like he was lost in thoughts, gentle fingers continuously caressing the skin on your lower back. "Mind if we try something?"
"Of course." You lifted your head indolently, looking at his beautiful features being illuminated by the candle lights, accentuating his jawline in the perfect way. This time, you were the one being lost in thoughts – but only until he removed his hand from your back, the warmth slowly fading away.
"Sit up for me, yeah?" You let him take control, doing as he asked you to and in a matter of seconds, Draco had pulled you onto his lap, having you straddle him while he sat against the headboard.
He cocked his head to the side while raising one eyebrow, holding eye contact with you as his hand made it's way to the hem of your shirt, pushing it up just a little, not teasing in the slightest.
You lifted your arms up for Draco to pull off your shirt all the way, soft skin exposed and hair a little messy now, causing him to let out a breathy chuckle. "Sorry 'bout that." He brushed some hair out of your face, and there it was –
That lovely little smile of yours.
The one he adored with every fiber of his body. The one he'd never get tired of seeing.
Now you got to work on undressing the boy in front of you, despite not knowing what it even was that he wanted to try. It didn't matter, you trusted him.
Both of you managed to rid one another of every piece of clothing that was in the way, leaving you bare and exposed, in dire need of each other's warmth.
Draco held fast onto you, shifting so he was laying on his back with you on top of him, chest to chest, and with a flick of his fingers, silky sheets engulfed your bodies again. He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, making sure there was no space left between the two of you. "This okay for you, darling?"
"This is perfect, Dray." You mumbled, snuggling your face into the crook of his neck with your hands holding onto his shoulders lightly, focused on nothing but him. Listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat, loving the way your head moved up and down slightly, almost imperceptible, with every breath he took. Feeling his arms fit perfectly around your body, as if they were meant to be right there. "So perfect."
Draco pressed a kiss to your forehead, lingering, soft like rose petals. He took one more appreciative glance of you, admiring the way your eyes fluttered shut, how at ease you were in his presence. It truly amazed him.
The moment was peaceful, a feeling unable to describe with words as you laid there, skin to skin, synched heartbeats and matched breaths, feeling each other beyond physical touch.
It was a privilege, Draco thought, being so close to you.
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ladyartemesia · a year ago
The Champion
Tumblr media
◐ Part I ◐ Part II ◐ Part III ◐ Part IV ◐ Series Masterlist ◐
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha Werewolf Jimin x Omega Reader
Rating: Mature (for this installment)
Warnings: ABO sexual dynamics including discussion of scenting, marking, mating, and claiming. Violence and discussion of violence relating to ritual combat, possessive behavior, Yoonji and Yunli are not the same person.
Word Count: 1920
Author’s Note: I agonized over the best way to tell this particular part of the story. A profound thanks is owed to @xjoonchildx @taetaewonderland @underthejoon and @ppersonna for being amazing friends but the best betas and creative soundboards a silly girl like me could ask for. I cannot overstate the importance of people who will genuinely build up your work as well as analyze it with a critical eye. Ladies, you make my writing sparkle and my heart soar. That being said, I truly hope you like this installment because it is extremely tense and pivotal. Thank you all for every bit of love you send my way. I cherish it so much...
Tumblr media
Jimin smiled, letting his razor sharp canines lengthen menacingly as he flowed back into a perfect combat stance. 
“You didn’t think I’d just let you have her, did you?”
Namjoon scrambled drunkenly to his feet, still struggling to process the strange turn of events. 
“What is this?” he hissed. “Are you enchanted?”
Jimin snarled at the insinuation. 
“The circle would have killed me if I crossed its boundaries under a spell. You know that.”
He did know that. 
Every fifty years or so a wolf got it into their head that the circle’s power was nothing more than a myth. 
They always learned the hard way. 
“Then... how?!”
The corner of Jimin’s lips twitched ever so slightly as he recalled years of discipline, training, frustration, pain-
Last Night…
“So... you can beat him... in human form?”
Jimin nodded slowly. 
“Beating him isn’t the problem,” he muttered. “In order for me to win, Namjoon must surrender, which leaves only two possible options.”
Taehyung shifted uncomfortably. 
“And they are?”
“... Either my alpha command is strong enough to compel a submission or-” his eyes dropped to his hands, “... or I have to kill him.”
The words lingered heavily between them. After a few moments Tae breathed out an incredulous snort. 
“All this time... everyone believed you were torn up about dying,” he shook his head, “but this is what you’re afraid of, isn’t it?”
Taehyung met his solemn gaze with quiet understanding. 
“That’s why you wouldn’t let your mother watch the fight. You don’t want to take his life, but if you have to...”
Jimin’s jaw clenched imperceptibly. When he spoke, his voice was barely above a whisper. 
“I didn’t want her to see it.”
Jimin easily repelled the initial attacks, letting the larger alpha waste his energy on a few futile charges...  still Namjoon’s heightened senses and formidable intelligence served him well. 
He measured the rhythm of Jimin’s defensive blows and pulled back a second early - which was enough to land an ugly scratch on his opponent’s forearm, though the damage was minimal. 
Namjoon let out a roar of frustration as he fell back again, catching himself on his palms. 
“Are you toying with me?”
Jimin shook his head. 
Taekwondo was about speed, timing... strategy. 
“No. I’m not.”
The Kim alpha’s hand closed around a small pile of dirt behind his back. 
“Then stop blocking and fight.”
A spray of dust flew directly into Jimin’s eyes causing him to recoil in surprise as Namjoon lunged. 
Last Night…
“Strictly speaking, my death is still a distinct possibility... If I am not the goddess’s true champion, then Namjoon will win - regardless of my skills.”
Jimin ran his fingers through his hair wearily. 
“Even in human form, he is still a powerful wolf... And if his compel is stronger than mine, then there’s a chance he could use it to strike a killing blow.”
Taehyung’s eyes narrowed in consideration. 
“Perhaps we could test it...”
His fingers tapped idly on the surface of Jimin’s dining room table. 
“Let me try to compel you. If you can’t resist my command, there’s no way you’ll shake off Namjoon’s.”
He was magnificent, your mate. 
Beautiful and deadly. 
Your eyes hadn’t left him from the moment he was brought to the circle. 
When Namjoon broke into the first attack, your body strained against the restraints with frenzied desperation- 
You couldn’t let this happen. You couldn’t lose him. Not like this. 
Not ever. 
But the ropes were so tight...
You watched him till the last second, bracing yourself for the inevitable. 
Yet the inevitable never came. 
Instead you witnessed the impossible as Park Jimin proved every last one of you wrong. 
The soft spoken boy was gone and in his place stood a champion. 
He moved more like a viper than a wolf, unleashing strikes and dodges so elegant, they could almost be mistaken for a dance. 
Primal satisfaction curled deep in your belly as he landed hit after hit with artistic precision. 
For me. 
He fights for me. 
Last Night…
Jimin blinked, letting the pull of the word wash over him... 
And fade immediately. 
Taehyung took a deep breath and tried again, channeling all his energy into the strength of his command. 
He didn’t even twitch. 
Tae began to laugh heartily.
“Unbelievable... Park Jimin, who would have thought...”
Jimin scoffed. 
“Pretty much no one.”
Taehyung had the decency to look abashed. 
“Well. Try- try it on me now. Compel me to do something.”
“Should I tell you to sit?”
The younger alpha considered thoughtfully for a moment. 
“No... it should be something I really don’t want to do. Something I would naturally resist.”
Jimin’s eyes scanned the room before landing on a basket of dirty laundry his mother left near the stairs.
“Alright then.” 
He dug around for a moment and returned to his friend holding a filthy sock - one he wore last week to gather mushrooms near the swamp. 
Tae’s eyes widened in panic. 
“Oh - no - I don’t think that’s the best-“
“Put this in your mouth,” Jimin interrupted firmly, hammering each word with the full weight of his alpha command. 
It was brutal. 
Namjoon’s surprise attack had given him a  momentary edge, but his opponent recovered all too quickly. 
Blood spatter wet the ground beneath them as the wolves tangled violently. 
Lacerations crisscrossed Jimin’s left shoulder blade. 
A wicked slash split the side of Namjoon’s face. 
He knew several of his ribs were broken, having been repeatedly battered by lightning fast kicks and punches. 
Blows meant to weaken and slow. 
Not kill. 
What is he playing at? 
“You’re holding back,” Namjoon growled. 
Jimin’s eyes were hard as steel, but the soft curve of his mouth twisted subtly into an expression that was almost... cocky. 
“Am I?”
Last Night…
Taehyung’s eyes glistened a watery red as he threw back another shot of antiseptic mouth wash. 
“It was like no flavor I could describe,” he wheezed hollowly. “Like moss mixed with a decaying corpse-“
Jimin wisely restrained his grin and attempted to appear sympathetic. 
“I really appreciate your help on this-”
“Like mold with a hint of raw toad-”
The faintest hiss of a snort slipped past Jimin’s lips and Tae rounded on him instantly. 
“Are you laughing right now?!”
“No. Nooo. Ab-absolutely not. I wouldn’t do that.”
He cleared his throat meaningfully. 
“At least we’ve established that I can compel another alpha.”
“Yes, but at what cost...” Taehyung moaned and Jimin beat back the urge to roll his eyes.
“Which of the other alphas are strong enough to compel you?”
“Just Yoongi and Joon... Jungkook has come close a few times, but we’re too evenly matched.”
“Well... did my command feel strong enough to compete with theirs?”
Taehyung shook his head. 
“Yours was... extremely powerful, but... there’s no way to be sure. Submitting to a command from either of them feels the same even though I know for fact Namjoon’s is stronger. He’s the only one that can compel Yoongi.”
Jimin sighed heavily, letting his hands drift once again over the soft twists of his praesidium bracelets for comfort.  
“I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.” 
Namjoon winced as another sharp hit connected with his thigh. 
It was clear that his opponent could not be beaten by conventional means.. 
He would have to be compelled.
Unfortunately Jimin was too fast and too precise in his movements for Namjoon to risk throwing energy into an alpha command. If he could pin him or distract him, then he might have a chance but...
Thus far the Park alpha’s focus had proven unbreakable. 
Time to try another tactic. 
“I don’t know why you’re bothering with any of this,” he taunted. “You’re only prolonging the inevitable. The goddess would never choose you. The Luna would never choose you.”
For the first time, white-hot rage flared over Jimin’s previously stoic features. 
Namjoon grinned, finally able to strike his opponent with a meaningful blow. 
“She was never going to be yours.”
A visceral roar tore through the air and pain - horrific pain - exploded over Namjoon as Jimin unleashed a fury of violence into him. 
“She has always been mine,” he growled, letting years of bitter hopelessness drive the rhythm of his blows. “You and I are not the same, Kim Namjoon-” 
Conviction burned brightly in his gaze as he advanced again, looking every inch the deadly predator he was. 
“To you she is duty, honor, commitment-” his heel connected savagely with Namjoon’s knee, “but to me...” he whispered, dragging his opponent upright once more, “she is everything.”
Then his claws slashed forward, ripping a bloody path across the elder alpha’s chest. Namjoon’s whine of agony echoed through the clearing as the blow propelled him backward across the ground like a discarded rag doll. 
Both alphas froze in shock at the sound of a woman’s terrified scream. 
Movement erupted outside the circle. 
She shoved frantically through the crowd, driven by an instinct beyond her control to protect the foolish man she’d given her heart to. 
Taehyung was the first to realize what was happening. He caught ahold of her elbow just before she breached the ritual grounds and dragged her kicking and screaming into his arms. 
“Li-ah, you can’t,”  he grunted as she thrashed wildly against him. 
No one could interrupt the challenge. It was unheard of. He shuddered to think what the punishment might be. 
“Please let me go,” she sobbed as Taehyung pulled her tighter into his chest.
“Still,” he ordered softly, lacing an alpha command into the gentle timbre of his voice.
Yunli stopped struggling, but her body continued to vibrate with desperate energy. 
She collapsed bonelessly against him, letting hot tears soak through his shirt while he worked desperately to soothe her. 
It was the perfect distraction. 
Jimin had turned at the sound of her cries. His focus had flickered. Now was the moment to act-
But Namjoon was frozen. 
His eyes fixed on the beautiful omega trembling in the arms of Kim Taehyung. 
She was letting him press so closely to her- 
Letting him comfort her. 
Letting him touch her. 
Fury - violent and profound - lit through his blood with explosive force, eclipsing the pain and resolve that had gripped him moments ago. 
He could not see Jimin, or the circle, or the Luna, or the entire pack gathered to watch their new king rise- 
Namjoon’s entire world narrowed down to one all-consuming thought. 
He was going to rip Kim Taehyung apart. 
...But that momentary lapse would cost him dearly. 
He rose, fully prepared to breach the circle like a man possessed when a hand shot out to wrap around his throat.
“This ends now,” Jimin snarled, dragging the larger alpha forward till there was nothing but a breath between them. 
Namjoon flinched as the weight of command fell heavily over his consciousness, but his instinct urged him to resist. 
No alpha ever submitted willingly to another’s compel. 
The hand around his throat tightened. 
“I don’t want to kill you,” Jimin whispered solemnly, “but I will... for her.”
His eyes flashed a strange golden hue. 
For the first time in his life, Kim Namjoon felt his wolf bend to the will of another. 
He fell to his knees and bared his neck, uttering the one word that would complete the ritual and seal both their fates. 
Tumblr media
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daenqyu · a year ago
is this where i ask for a request...?
but if you don’t take requests, IM SO SO SORRY 🧎🏽‍♀️
but um bakugou and shinsou x fem reader (seperate)
reader’s really nice and they’re like “why... what did i do... to deserve this” and they get flustered at this sudden act of niceness and care because... yes 🧎🏽‍♀️
ok but its not the “ᵒʰ ᵗᵉᵉʰᵉᵉ ᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳ ᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳ ᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳ! ᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳˢ ᶠᵒʳ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ *ˢᵘᵈᵈᵉⁿ ˢᵖᵃʳᵏˡᵉˢ ᵉᵐⁱᵗᵗⁱⁿᵍ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ*” oh no no no, she’s kinda like the mom kinda nice (if you read komi-san, reader’s exactly like onemine-san)
she won’t treat you like a kid, she’s always looking out for everyone and always there in times of physical and emotional need. she’s close to everyone because of this, and bakugou/shinsou are no exception :D
i think an example would be nice
(im doing bakugou)
b: complaining as always* 🙄🤛🏽
reader: offers food and something motivating with this smile -> ☺️/ :)/ ₍•͈ᴗ•͈₎
oh and lets add some spice! reader has (almost) sadistic humor (AM I EXPLAINING THIS RIGHT?) like babies crying, i love them but seeing them cry gives me genuine serotonin, eat that you tiny gremlin
and they (reader) speak comfortably/like they’re really close with them so its not sappy and they just have this connection/understanding with them its like wow, you’re so perfect for me its lowkey fishy but okay :D!
— bakugou’s and shinsou’s reaction to really nice reader 
warnings: swearing, spoilers for season 3 on bakugou’s, shinsou’s a bit more angsty bc yes
pairing: bakugou x fem!reader, shinsou x fem!reader
a/n: my first request!!!! 🥺✨💓🌸 thank you SO much for requesting, this means a lot hehe. i tried my best to portray what you described, but i apologize if it’s not what you had in mind D: 
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
bakugou katsuki:
let’s get one thing straight
you’re the complete opposite from him,
personality wise i mean
i’m not saying bakugou isn’t nice but,,,,
he’s not exactly known for being a sweet person 🗿
so it’s no surprise that the first he meets you he’s straight up annoyed with you
it’s nothing personal tho, bakugou has a weird way of displaying his…affection towards people
but you make it your ultimate goal to befriend the famous bakugou katsuki
you just want to get along with everyone in class
and you do!!!
except for mr.anger issues over here
“why is he so…” you struggle to find a word to describe the blonde’s attitude 
“an asshole?”
sero’s and kaminari’s comments make you want to laugh, but you shake your head
“i’m sure deep down he’s a softie”
“sureee, whatever makes you sleep at night y/n”
it takes you awhile to get bakugou to warm up to you
and it's definitely not easy
but eventually, with a lot of hard work, you do it
you started by making conversation before class and whenever you saw him in the dorms
he rolls his eyes at you, but doesn’t ignore you
which you think is progress😌
since you know he’s not much of a talker, more of like a screamer, you settle for talking about your day and school
then you start to sit down with him at lunch, along with the bakusquad 
tho sometimes you switch up so you can spend time with all of your classmates :D
whenever you sit with midoriya or todoroki, bakugou lowkey feels jealous because uhhh hello???? he’s literally right there and you go sit with those extras??? but he never tells you, he rather be DEAD than telling you
the first he actually starts seeing you as something more than an ‘annoying extra’ is after he gets kidnapped by the LoV 
you’re so worried about him
you literally can’t sleep because you know he isn’t safe
and you feel so powerless knowing there’s absolutely nothing you can do
but as soon as they announce on the news that he had been successfully rescued,
you waste no time in making him a gift before rushing over to his house 
this was before the dorm system was implemented so yeh
by the time you get there you’re panting because yes you ran all the way there since your house wasn’t that far away 
his mom is the one who opens the door 
“hello, i’m sorry to bother you at this hour but uhh i’m a friend of bakugou and wanted to give him this little gift to hopefully make him feel better. i’m sure he’s resting right now so i’ll head back home, but please give it to him”
however, just when you’re about to turn around and walk away, mitsuki pulls you inside her home
“i’m surprised to hear katsuki has any friends, but thank you for putting up with him. he’s in his room, it’s the first one you see when you go upstairs”
“a-are you sure it’s okay if i see him now? he must be tired and-”
“don’t you worry about that. now go, and tell me if he bothers you!”
you shyly smile before nodding and walking upstairs, quietly looking at the pictures hanging on the walls on your way
you see lots of baby bakugou 
and it makes your heart race because🥺🥺 he’s always been so adorable WH A T
when you knock against his door you feel nervous as fuck because it’s the first time you’re seeing him in almost a week 
you hear some shuffling from inside before the door finally flies open, revealing a tired looking bakugou
“what do you-” once he takes in your figure, his frown only deepens and he has so many questions and also insults that he wants to throw your way but then he notices the bag in between your hands
he keeps looking between you and the gift without saying anything, but you can’t help the way your eyes tear up at the sight of him
he was okay, he was alive
and you already knew he was
but it’s just such a relief seeing him in person without a scratch on him
so naturally,
you throw yourself on him😋
your hands are around his neck, the bag forgotten on the floor, as you silently cry on his neck
he’s so confused
“what the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh? why are you even in my house? and who-”
“thank God you’re okay, we were all so worried about you and then kirishima and the others made that stupid plan to get you, which i was completely against, but im so glad they did because you’re here and i just-” you take a deep breath before continuing, pulling away from his stiff body. “i’m happy you’re back.”
bakugou is barely processing your words, along with the fact that you bothered to come all the way to his house
he doesn’t really know what to say except for:
“dumbass, you thought some crusty villains could kill me? you think i’m  weak?”
you giggle at his cruel words
ahh, glad to know he’s perfectly fine 
“i know you’re not weak, but as your friend, i’m allowed to worry about you,” you don’t say anything else before making your way inside his room, pushing past him rather easily 
that makes bakugou want to blast you all the way across town because do you not know him at all ???
but the problem is you do know him, probably even more than he thinks
you sit down on the edge of the bed and you pat the spot next to you so he can sit
he doesn’t
he stands right in front of you, the annoyed expression never leaving his face
that doesn’t stop you tho
“it’s not really much but i made you a little something, thought it would cheer you up and help you distract your mind at least for a while” you hand him the bag you were holding moments ago and he hesitates 
“go ahead and take it”
“don’t tell me what to do!”
and with a  scoff, he snatches the bag off your hands
you smile proudly at him, happy that he’s not being as stubborn as usually
the first item he takes out is a brand new set of the manga he’s been wanting to read
his eyes widen, wondering how much it must have costed you
“there’s more~”
bakugou doesn’t think he can handle all this
you’re too nice
and if you don’t stop looking at him with that damn smile well...let’s just say he’s finally gonna understand why he tolerates you a little bit more than other people
the second thing he sees is two cups of extra spicy noodles 
his favorite 
he remembers mentioning he liked spicy food one day at lunch
wait, you remembered that?
he’s annoyed with the way his heartbeat picks up at the thought of someone paying so much attention to him
the third, and last, item inside the bag is a small black bracelet 
he’s about to ask you what is it, but then he hears you chuckling and he groans
don’t tell me...
“it's a friendship bracelet!” 
“i have the other one right here” you raise up your arm, showing him the matching white bracelet that hangs from your wrist
“i’m not wearing that, it’s lame”
you scoff, “i know you will”
he does, in fact, start wearing it every day after that and he makes sure to scream at anyone who dares mention it
bakugou is: confused
he doesn’t know what to do because no one had cared for him this much before, ever 
he also doesn’t understand why you’re so nice to him, he never did
there’s literally nothing likabable about him
yet here you are, making sure he’s fine right after he got kidnapped 
his heart keeps beating loudly against his ribcage and he sighs, looking up at the ceiling before closing his eyes
“thank you,” his voice is low, but you hear it and it makes you want to hug him again, but you stop yourself from doing so. “for the gifts and coming to check up on me”
“aww, well aren’t you a softie?”
“i take it back. get the hell out of my house”
he’s just joking
please don’t leave yet :(
he genuinely doesn’t understand what the hell is going on with him or why you’re so kind to him or why his breath hitches in his throat when you say you want to read the first chapters of the manga with him
but he doesn’t stop you when you sit down next to him and lean your head on his shoulder to look better at the pages
that was the first night bakugou realized just how fucking amazing you were and he hated himself for not noticing earlier
although he kinda knew already, he just didn’t want to admit it because he’s emotionally constipated 🙄🤚🏼
Tumblr media
( gif isn’t mine !! credits go to its rightful owner )
shinsou hitoshi:
he thinks you’re weird
not a bad weird, of course
but more in a you’re-way-too-nice-and-i-don’t-trust-you weird 
the poor boy is just used to everyone being scared of him >:(
when you first go up to him during class one day to ask if he wanted to pair up for the new project, he simply ignores you
and it’s not really on purpose 
it’s because he’s convinced you were probably dared to do this
but you don’t take no for an answer😤
“come on, i swear it’ll be fun!”
he doubts that
yet you keep whining and complaining for what feels like forever
and so, he ends up agreeing 
not because he wants to, but because he wanted you to shut up and leave him alone
little did he know that after that you’d be stuck to his hip 
that project was just the start of a beautiful friendship
you start walking with him to class
have lunch with him as well
occasionally force him to help you study
it’s a never ending cycle
eventually, he grew used to your presence
i mean, you’re not that bad to be around 
and it’s not like you’re leaving him anytime soon sooo
he might as well try to befriend you, right?
one of the first things you notice about shinsou is that he’s a quiet and reserved guy
not shy, he just doesn’t talk a lot
and that’s more than fine with you, especially because he doesn’t seem to be so bothered with you anymore and he always listens to whatever you have to say
he’s so attentive and it’s the cutest thing
you can be talking about the most random shit ever and he’ll still listen and make sure to give you some side comments 
“dude being a bird must be so fucking cool, you get to fly to wherever you want and get lots of random food”
“i think being a dolphin would be pretty neat too”
he cares, okay? 🥺
however, the only downside that comes with this is that he keeps everything to himself
he never asks for help because he doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone
and that seemed to be okay 
until he met you, that is
you never force him to talk about anything, but you always make sure to let him know that you're there 
“hey shinsou?”
“you can always talk to me, right?” he looks up from his homework to glance at you. “i know it’s hard and you certainly don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable but, just know that i care and you’re never bothering me”
oh you better bet he blushes and quickly looks away so you don’t notice 
his chest feels warm after hearing your words
somehow, he felt reassured and happy to know that someone truly cared for him
“thanks, same goes to you”
he doesn’t say anything else after that, but he doesn’t have to
you know he’ll try his to open up to you and that’s more than enough 
unlike bakugou, shinsou is much less resisting to your charming personality 
he loves the way you never hesitate to help people and how easy it is for you to make others feel included
he never admits it out loud, but he loves your charisma
may or may not be a lil’ jealous about it
but overall he thinks you’re a great person and that you deserve all the good things in life
despite how highly he thinks of you, he thinks the exact opposite of himself 
he isn’t special
nothing about him stands out
he’s literally the definition of average 
so why?
why are you so kind to him? why are you always there for him? why are you his friend? 
those questions are the ones that keep him up at night
because he doesn’t understand 
he doesn’t get why someone as cheerful as you would want to be associated with him
after a few days of not receiving answers to any of his questions, he gets mad
with no one in particular tbh
he’s just irritated
of course it doesn’t take too long before you notice his gloomy state and try to cheer him up
but he’s not having it and he ends up ignoring you for the rest of the day
this lowkey makes you feel like shit because you think he’s mad at you
though that just gives you more of a reason to find out why he’s so pissy 
you usually walk together to the dorms, but today he went ahead without you
so you find yourself standing in front of his room 
you knock once and get no response, then twice and still nothing 
you huff before letting yourself in 
shinsou is laying down on his bed with his phone in his hand and you plop down next to him, resting your head next to his
he frowns at your sudden appearance and opens his mouth to ask you what exactly are you doing but you’re faster
“you have two options, you either tell me what’s wrong and we deal with the problem or you don’t tell me, you stop acting like a prick, and we go out to eat”
there you go and do it again
acting so nice when you have every right to be mad because he was being a jerk
but you don’t 
instead you try to make him feel better????
lol that makes him more mad 
he suddenly sits up while glaring at you and you tilt your head to the side
“what’s wro-”
“why are you so nice to me?”
“you heard me” he turns his head to look at you, frustration evident in his eyes
you’re quite taken aback by the question because what the fuck
but you know this is clearly bothering him so you just answer 
“because you’re my friend?”
“see that’s the thing, why would someone like you want to be friends with someone like me?” 
“shinsou i don’t understand what you’re-”
“you’re so kind y/n, you’re literally perfect and i’ so i don’t understand why you would bother to be my friend, it doesn’t make sense”
ok now you’re mad
you understand 100% where he’s coming from
but it hurts you that he doesn’t see how special he is
“it actually would make sense if you’re doing this out of pity because-”
“shut up. you think i’ve been friends with you all this months just because i want to feed my ego? because i want to make myself feel like a good person? do you even know how dumb that sounds?!” you sit up too, glaring at him with all your might. “i’m nice to you because i want to and i’m friends with you because you’re a good person, not because i pity you. when i first saw you, i genuinely thought you looked like the coolest guy in class and i still think you are. so would you just stop second guessing our friendship?”
your breathing is heavy once you finish, eyebrows furrowed as you continue to glare at the purple haired guy 
he is now lowkey shocked
he didn’t expect you to say that at all
so he’s not exactly sure what to say now
but he doesn’t want to stay quiet and sit there like an idiot when you just made his whole week better
he’s not much of a touchy guy, but he wants you to know how much he appreciates you
and with that thought in mind, he pulls you to his chest to engulf you in a hug, his arms wrapping around your shoulders as he presses his chin on your head
your eyes widen in shock
shinsou had never initiated any type of skinship with you
so this was new
but you welcome his warm body happily, wrapping your own arms around his torso while you rest your face against his chest
you can feel the fast beating of his heart and you smile but don’t say anything, not wanting to ruin the moment 
“thank you...for being so kind”
you giggle at the nervous tone of his voice, pulling away just enough to look at him
“you’re an idiot”
“ok maybe i deserved that”
“but you’re cute so i guess i can let it slide”
and then you kiss his cheek :3
he forgets how to breathe
he doesn’t know what to do or where to look and he starts to overthink the small action
was it just a friendly kiss? did you like him? were you just teasing him? oh god what if-
“now let’s go eat, i’m starving”
when you pull away from his arms he’s just >:( because you’re so warm and he didn’t want to let go just yet
but you guys end up going to dinner together and shinsou may or may have not held your hand on your way back to the dorms👀
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elysianslove · 7 months ago
Have you got any blog/fic recs? I love love LOVE your work and was wondering if you had any that inspire you/that you love to read!! <3
stop that’s so sweet oh my goodness 🥺 and my god yes i do. i have so many. let me pull up the reading list saved on my phone real quick omg. these are all tumblr fic recs, but if you guys want me to recommend ao3 fics, i’d love to (they will all be sakuatsu and iwaoi tho bdkhskbs) 
Tumblr media
by @big-oya-energy: this fic. 
it’s an oikawa x reader where he does the trend of kissing his best friend, and it’s written amazingly. i love it so much. the way oikawa’s feelings are described and the build up and just. best friends to lovers excellence. it’s beautiful. amazing. show stopping. brilliant. i love it. everything about it. feeds my oikawa brainrot so well. 
Tumblr media
by @myelocin: this fic. 
Trigger Warning! there’s mention of suicide and depression. but genuinely this is one of my comfort fics. it’s perfect in every way and honestly, it feels like a gentle hug on a bad day. there’s no other way to describe it. it’s an issei x reader one, and i honestly highly recommend reading it if you’re not having too good of a day. just makes me feel loved yk? 
Tumblr media
by @tetsuwhore: this fic. 
another oikawa x reader i’m sorry i’m so predictable. the classic ‘teaches you how to touch yourself/how to cum.’ never gets old. this one’s so, so good. so hot. it’s written incredibly well, and i love it so much. 10/10 recommend!!! 
Tumblr media
by @fluoresence: i have a bunch from this blog omg. i always come back to these cause i love them so much.
this one. another oikawa x reader, i’m sorry, but it’s so funny, such a good read. i was smiling the whole way through. oikawa’s girlfriend dresses up as a catgirl and he loses his mind. it’s not nsfw, just pure humor and fluff. i love it so muchhh. 
this fic, and its part 2. it’s nsfw and god. so hot. first part is issei x reader, second part is issei x reader too but makki watches. through a screen. i love love love it, especially part 2. there’s also like some humor there because yk, of course there is with these two, but genuinely so good! 
this series. can you tell aoba johsai is my favorite team aside inarizaki? can you tell? it’s five parts, all nsfw. first part you have a gang bang with all four of them where they make you guess who’s fucking you, and the other four are based off of who you want to choose! it’s one of the first fics i read when my obsession with the seijoh 4 started. it’s so good i cannot recommend reading this series enough. read it. now. 
Tumblr media
by @samuslut: this fic, and its part 2. 
oh my god. oh my god. atsumu x reader, such mouthwatering smut. holy shit. this is timeskip!atsumu, and you’re basically a fan of his and i don’t wanna spoil but. video call sex. and then part 2 actual sex. it’s written so, so well. the quality. immaculate. when i found this gem i wanted to cry it was so good. i loved it and i do reread yes. i do. 
Tumblr media
by @hajimesh: this fic. 
it’s. a gang bang with the national team + oikawa. literally heaven on earth. i cannot believe i read something as amazing as this for free. so sosososofshfskfsk SO GOOD. it’s like threesomes/foursomes in a gang bang, where the boys take turns with you in groups. there’s so much of everything. it’s perfect in every way, i might shed a tear. i reread this no matter how long it is. just That good. 
Tumblr media
by @chicoree: this fic. 
GANG BANG WITH MSBY. you’re atsumu’s girlfriend here, and just. listen. please read this. it’s amazing. i’m so happy i found it. the writing it so good, the smut is so hot, the characterization, everything. just. chef’s kiss. i love it. an absolute gem. definitely worth a reread as well <3 
Tumblr media
by @miyaflix: this fic. 
HOW ARE PEOPLE SO GOOD AT WRITING. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. ITS GORGEOUS. oikawa x reader x kuroo, where you’re oikawa’s roommate, kuroo’s your best friend (if i remember correctly). the three of you fuck. everything that builds up to it and the actual smut is breathtaking. amazing writing, amazing plot, amazing smut. 10/10. i love it. 
Tumblr media
by @wackatoshi: this fic. 
a terushima x reader where you’re his best friend, and you ask him to be your first kiss. it’s so sweet, so cute, adorable, the loveliest softest writing. i adore it. it’s not so long, but it’s not short either. perfect perfect perfect and so sweet. 
Tumblr media
by @cafedanslanuit: this fic. 
god. innocent, virgin kageyama and experienced reader, some good ass dry humping. so good. not joking i reread this often. it’s so sweet how kags is a little shy and how he’s so clueless but he’s just losing himself in the pleasure. amazingly well written. i love it love it love it!!! 
Tumblr media
by @m-mortimer: this fic. 
another msby gang bang. you’re atsumu’s girlfriend and his teammates all wanna fuck you, so he lets them. a work of art if i do say so myself. literally so, sososo so well written. i adore this piece. like genuinely. words. beautiful. so . so impressive oh my god??? 
Tumblr media
genuine thank you to all the authors mentioned here. you’re all so fucking amazing, and i hope you know that. keep writing as beautifully as you do, because you’re all so wonderful and so inspiring and just generally all around incredible people. i love you all and i can’t thank you enough for these gems <333
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r3almellow · 7 months ago
The Last Night (Lucifer x F!MC)
My first commissioned story yaaaay! Honestly really nervous about posting this. Not only is this my first time writing for Lucifer, but I don’t want to disappoint the amazing anon who commissioned this! Hope you enjoy this read!
As always I apologize for any typos! I’ve read this thing over so many times, so I hope its all readable!
Summary: Its her last night in Devildom and the stubborn little human still had a few things she had left to accomplish. 
Series: Obey Me
Word Count: 2701
Warning: NSFW
“Do you really want to make a pact with me? Truly?”
Lucifer had asked her this just moments ago already knowing the self-willed human wanted nothing more than to add him to her growing list of demons she conquered. He was ashamed to admit that he wanted to be on that list.
But, if he was going to do this, he was going to do this on his terms. Lucifer refused to be lumped up with his brothers and seen as just another demon she could control. If she was to take him on, there would be no question as to who owned who. She was going to give herself to him in exchange for the power he possessed. It was a fair trade off.
With the pact made and her time in Devildom coming to an end in just a few hours, that should have been the end of it. She returns to her room and he returns to slaving over paperwork until the next day. That’s what was supposed to happen and just like with everything else, she pulled something Lucifer didn’t expect.
When her lips brushed against his, she made it abundantly clear her intentions were more than just to make a pact with him.
And that’s what led them to his room, their mouths locked in a passionate kiss.
His kisses were patient yet eager for more while hers were sweet and timid but explorative. He could tell she was holding back for reasons that were lost to him.
“Where did all that spark go?” He whispered, peppering kisses down the base of her neck.
“I’ve…I’ve never…” She trailed off, too caught up with the sensation of his lips gently sucking on her skin.
Ah, so that’s what it was.
As usual she jumped headfirst into something not knowing that the repercussions of her actions would lead to this. It was foolish, but he did admire her for her efforts.
Lucifer couldn’t tell when last he had done something like this with another. It felt like months or maybe even years had passed by. Asmodeus often joked, whenever he thought Lucifer wasn’t within earshot, that Lucifer’s uptightness had everything to do with his lack of sexual release.
What his lecherous sibling failed to understand was that Lucifer too had urges. These urges he was very good at suppressing, but even he had moments of weakness. While he didn’t act on these feelings with another too often, there were nights he spent alone relying on his hands for the release he desperately needed. Those nights became frequent when a certain human entered his home. The number of times he had thought about her in such an indecent manner was honestly shameful.
Lucifer pulled back and hooked a gloved finger under her chin not giving her the chance to look away. He grazed her bottom lip with his thumb.
“You shouldn’t tempt fate like this if you’re not going to give it your all.”
This was his way of giving her an out. She had the chance to backdown, walk out of his room and they never speak of this again. Lucifer wouldn’t blame her if she did just that, but he knew all too well that she was too stubborn for her own good.
She looked at him hesitantly for a moment before taking his lingering thumb into her mouth. Taking a bit of the fabric from his glove between her teeth, she pulled back taking the glove with her with little to no resistance from Lucifer. With his bare hand revealed she dropped the glove from her mouth and looked back at him with eyes filled with a purity that did not match the current mood.
How could she look at him so innocently? There was something within Lucifer that made him want to take that innocence away. He wanted to twist it and turn into something only he knew how to control, but he couldn’t. She wasn’t ready for that.
“Tempting fate got me this far, so I really can’t complain.” She replied with a small smile that had a hint of devilry behind it.
He chuckled at her words. There wasn’t an ounce of fear in her retort as if the Avatar of Pride wasn’t seconds away from bending her to his will. She really was a peculiar human.
“You fail to understand what you’ve gotten yourself into.”
“That’s kind of my thing, is it not?” So, she was aware of her annoyingly intrusive behavior. Nonetheless, that was the permission he needed.
Removing his other glove and loosening his tie, Lucifer leaned in to capture her lips again. She moaned into the kiss as she instinctively enfolded her arms around his neck. He hoisted her up by her waist forcing her to wrap her legs around him as he carried her over to the bed.
He laid her onto the mattress the satin sheets dipping and wrinkling under her body, lips still on hers.
Lucifer pulled away to remove the clothes that confined his torso, revealing his toned body. She absentmindedly reached out to lightly trace the outline of his abs completely entranced by the up-close view of his body. While Lucifer was not on the same level of Beelzebub with his physique, he did pride himself on his appearance.
He grasped the hem of her blouse, breaking her from her trance. Pulling it over her head revealed an intricately laced black and red bra. It was an interesting choice in color that made Lucifer wonder if this too was a part of her plan.
It was a shame he had to rid her of the beautiful garment, but he had his sights on something far more enticing.
With the bra discarded and her breasts on full display, Lucifer was in awe at the sight before him. Her flushed breasts and fully erect nipples lying in wait to be caressed and teased.
It didn’t take long for the nervousness to reach her and she quickly covered herself. Lucifer suppressed the urge to chuckle. It was cute to think she was embarrassed when he found her so beautiful.
“Don’t hide yourself from me.” His voice was soft as he gently took her wrists, pulling her arms away from her chest. Lucifer glanced over her body once more then cupped one of her breasts giving it a firm squeeze.
“Something so perfect deserves to be seen.” He kissed her.
“To be touched.” Another kiss came.
“To be defiled by me…” He felt her shiver at that last part. Was there something within her that grew giddy at the thought of him having her in the most sinful of ways? What exactly was she imagining?
His lips moved from hers, down to where her neck and shoulder met, then came the lightly dusted kisses as he continued to make his way down.
He felt her chest rise and fall in a labored motion that matched her anticipating breath as he reached her breasts.
Without hesitating, Lucifer took a breast into his mouth, lightly sucking on the tender nipple, earning him a small gasp from her in response. He felt her hands run through his hair as he moved from one breast to the other, leaving bite marks in his wake. Every so often her caresses stop at the feel of his teeth teasingly graze her sensitive flesh.
His hand trailed down her body, fingers slipping past the waistband of her shorts and panties. Almost instantly, his fingers were coated with her juices. He had barely touched her and yet she was already this wet?
She pressed her legs together, trapping him between legs. Lucifer looked up from his place between her breasts in annoyance.
“What did I tell you about hiding?”
“I know, bu-”
Her words were cut short once she felt the pads of his finger brushing against her clit.
“Tell me you don’t want this, and I will go no further.” Again, he was giving her a chance to end this.
She said nothing, the expression on her face contemplative. A few seconds passed before she had made a choice. Leaning up she clutched the sides of her shorts and underwear attempting to pull them down. Lucifer helped tossing her clothes to the floor. Now, she was completely bare before him with her legs parted slightly.
Beautiful failed to describe the sight in front of Lucifer. He had the perfect view of the wetness between her legs which was nice, but he personally loved being able to see her body in a way that no one else had seen. While the room itself was dimly lit, Lucifer relished in the fact that every dip and curve of her body was on full display for him to marvel at.
She shifted awkwardly under his burning gaze.
“Stop staring so much…”
“How can one enjoy art without appreciating every visual detail?” She opened her mouth with a remark at the ready but stopped at the sudden intrusion of his finger that slipped between her folds.
Slowly and carefully his fingers danced along her most sensitive area. Her back arched, hips steadily moving against his hand. She was like a piano, reacting to the slightest touch and emitting music that only he had the pleasure of producing.
Just how far could he push his beautiful instrument?
He moved up pressing his lips to her ear.
“Tell me…” He whispered in a husky tone.
“Do you think of me when you touch yourself?” There was a chance that unlike Lucifer she never laid in bed with impure thoughts that left her body wanting to be touched in ways that go beyond simple brushes against skin, but Lucifer refused to believe that. Humans weren’t immune to desires. Those desires were why she was in his bed, after all.
“N-n…” Lucifer could hear the denial coming and his hand stilled inside of her. She whined trying to move her hips to fuck herself against his finger. A cute attempt, but he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted until he got his answer. He removed his hand completely from between her legs.
“Answer. If you lie, you’ll be punished.” It was in her best interest to respond to his inquiry. She knew all too well that there was no bluffing when it came to Lucifer giving punishments.
“Yes…” She breathed out.
Satisfied with her answer, Lucifer continued this time adding a second finger. He deemed it a reward for her honesty, but it was pure torture for her.
“When was the last time?” He asked, gently rubbing his thumb against her clit. She looked as if formulating a coherent sentence was next to impossible, but he was going to get an answer one way or another.
His movements slowed.
“I’m waiting.”
“T-this morning…” Fuck. Lucifer felt the painful reminder of need within his pants growing stronger.
Where was she? In bed? In the shower? Was it right before breakfast? The reason for the awkward glances she shot him at the breakfast table was starting to make sense.
While distracted Lucifer failed to notice that the cheeky little human’s deft hands were reaching for what laid just under pants. She cupped him feeling just how hard he was causing the unsuspecting demon to wince at the contact. He moved away partly sad at the sudden loss of contact, but determined to do things his way.
“Not like this.” Was all he said before sitting upright to remove his last bit of clothing. In no time at all, his cock sprang from its confines of his removed trousers. She looked at his erection in awe probably wondering where it had been hiding this whole time. Lucifer felt a sense of pride as she looked him over completely speechless.
The curious woman made a motion to reach for his throbbing member, wanting to feel the warmth of his shaft pulsating in her hands. Lucifer grabbed her hand, pinning it over her head.
“I didn’t say you could touch, but I suppose I could let it slide just this once. However, we’re doing this my way. Do you understand?” She could only nod not wanting to battle him. Lucifer smiled inwardly. She was a good little human when she wanted to be, but that wasn’t why Lucifer took interest in her.
Resting between her legs, he rubbed himself against her entrance, coating his member with her juices. He had to remember to take it easy with her. Not only was this her first time, but humans were fragile creatures. There was no telling how much her body could take if he went overboard.
“All I need you to do is breathe.” That was the only advice he could give her. In truth, Lucifer had never been with a virgin before, but he did know they required gentleness and care.
He moved forward, slowly sheathing himself inside of her.
Lucifer watched as her eyes closed, and eyebrows knitted together at the feel of his girth stretching her walls. He could tell she was in pain, but the way her face contorted showed a hint of gratification.
Lucifer, too, had to take a moment to get his bearings. Not even all the way in and she felt so tight around him, squeezing his shaft to the point where he felt like he was ready for release in that moment. Had it really been that long since he had felt the touch of another so intimately?
Lucifer had no time to question it further for the woman under him started moving her hips to feel the rest of him. She must have gotten used to his size or she wouldn’t have been so brazen.
He was going to have to teach her a lesson.
Lucifer grabbed her hips forcing her to stop. He pulled himself back, with just the head of his dick still buried within her.
“Have you not learned that such impatience will get you into trouble?”
He wasn’t going to wait for a response. He thrusted roughly into her, filling her pussy with his cock. So much for taking it easy….
The woman cried out her back arching, head falling back against the pillow and a pleasurable pain rippling through her body. He wanted to hear her make that sound again. He wanted to hear it over and over until her voice grew hoarse and her body was spent.
Lucifer couldn’t help but groan as she involuntarily squeezed him in response to his torturous efforts. He didn’t mind feeling the repercussions of his actions, though, especially if it meant that he could make her crumble beneath him.
He was more than prepared to go down with her in this heated battle between their bodies.
“Do I really have to go?” She asked quietly as she laid against her lover’s chest.
Lucifer tried not to think about her departure that was fast approaching. He didn’t like remembering that in just a few short hours she would leave his side. Lucifer had forgotten what life was like before she entered his life and as much as he tried to deny it, the very thought of her no longer being in his presence did weigh on him.
“With the exchange program finished, it only makes sense for you to return home… No matter how unfortunate that is.” He was surprised by the disappointed that emitted from his voice.
She looked over at him with a knowing grin.
“Is that your way of saying you’ll miss me?” He could practically feel the smugness radiating off her as she playfully nudged him.
“Perhaps…” She snickered at his admission and nudged him again.
She was too comfortable with being in the company of demons or she wouldn’t be as mischievous as she was now. Maybe they were rubbing off on her and she needed a small reminder that tangling with him could very well be her downfall.
Lucifer rolled over, pinning her to the bed with an annoyed look etched onto his face. He pressed himself against her, his hardened cock lay present on her stomach.
“Since you have so much energy then we should put it to better use?”
Fun fact! The original fic was well over 3K words because I have no self control! Anways, I really hope you all enjoyed the read! 
Want to read more of my stuff? Check out my Writing Masterpost!
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ofnifflersandkings · a year ago
Endgame Strategy
Tumblr media
Character: Benny Watts
A/n: I said I’d write for the hot chess people so I did. The timeline for this is kinda confusing but the desperation I had to write this made me simply not care.
A familiar voice pulled you from your current task of getting Benny’s two ton apartment door shut. You barely got yourself inside before a pair of arms promptly wrapped around you. 
You staggered backwards by the sudden weight, a noise between a wheeze and a laugh escaping you as you registered who it was.
“If it isn’t my favorite drama queen!” You pulled back to get a good luck at Beth, a big grin busting out on both of your faces.
“Come in,” She ushered you in, helping you take off your coat and asking you little questions as she lead you over to the sink.
You were a pretty established photographer for some big fashion companies, so you had been traveling with Cleo around Europe for the better half of a year. You’d telephoned Benny as soon as all of your campaigns wrapped up and he instantly insisted you come to New York to make up for lost time.
You had just started to get a word in when you felt someone come up behind you and squeeze you abruptly, practically toppling you over. “Look what the cat dragged in!”
You looked over to see Benny already looking down at you with a grin before promptly ruffling up your hair. “Hey stranger,” He grinned. You pushed him off and turned to give him a proper hug. 
You noticed Arthur and Hilton lingering behind him and you pulled yourself from his hold to greet them as well.
“You came at the perfect time,” Benny said, slinging an arm over your shoulder. “We were just about to start.”
“What do you say, (Y/n)?” Hilton asked. “Finally gonna indulge us and play a game?”
You shoved his hands off of you and sent him a smile. “You don’t need some newbie slowing down your thunder,” You noticed Benny giving you the pleading look he always sent your way when you turned down playing chess. You swear you thought he knew how to deflate his eyes on purpose so he looked like a kicked puppy. “No, I don’t need your patronizing when I barely make it past five moves.”
Benny was an old childhood friend of yours, so you had known Arthur and Hilton for almost as long as he had. And they made it their personal life mission to rope into playing against one of them. But you were renowned for your patience and they’d yet to wear you down. 
Beth sent a small pout your way and handed you a glass of water. “Oh please, now who’s the drama queen. You were doing great when I was teaching you last time we saw each other.”
Benny’s gaze shot up. “What?”
You scoffed at her, completely forget about your last encounter. “Now that’s not fair, we were hardly playing. You had to show me where to move every five minutes.”
“When did you see each other?” Benny pushed.
You sighed, smoothing down your sweater. “When I was in Paris with Cleo, we only saw each other the one night and I was just bored and tipsy enough to let her show me.” 
She grinned at you, shoving her arm into you as she leant into your side. “I think you have lots of potential. I could make a grandmaster out of you, I know it.”
Benny’s eyes followed you as you moved from your standing position to sit next to him on the sofa.
“You never let me teach you how to play,” He murmured to you with a huff, causing a small tuft of his hair to fly upwards.
Benny had made several attempts to get you into the game he loved so dearly. And as one of the few constant people in his life he wanted you to be part of his world. But each time was met with a firm refusal on your part, insisting you wouldn’t get it. He’d try to pull every trick in the book, every charming smile and all the pretty words he knew to try and convince you to let him show you, but you were always indifferent to his charisma. 
It annoyed the shit out of him.
Truth was you didn’t want to risk embarrassing yourself in front of him. You’d seen him play at almost every match he was ever in and it was almost scary how good he was. You could play a casual game and maybe boast a win or two, but playing against him wasn’t something you think you’ll ever do. Besides, give him the satisfaction of having your inevitable defeat over your head? Not in this lifetime.
You let out a light laugh, smiling at Beth as she moved to grab the other boards from Benny’s alarming collection he kept stuffed in the closet. “You’re too intimidating when you play, I’d be distracted.”
Benny rolled his eyes, thinking of the stern look that permanently sets on Beth’s face. The woman who looks like she’s three seconds away from going for your neck during her games but he was too intimidating.
You took a sip from your glass of water and lightly knocking over one of the knight pieces on the board in front of you. “I don’t see why it matters, I’ll be beat regardless of who’s playing.”
He frowned, he’d always wanted to play you. Not because he cared about winning but he just wanted you to see his skill firsthand. You didn’t bat an eyelash at winnings anymore, and you never stuck around for his in-depth lectures about game theory with the other players. But he also knew you liked knowing the way things worked. And since chess was his bailiwick, Beth being the only other American player who could beat him, he knew you’d be impressed. At first he just thought you weren’t interested, so knowing you were being taught by someone else stung twice-over. 
You knew something was wrong when he didn’t send a clever remark back your way. Benny liked to think he was this cool and collected character, but really he could be quite the prima donna. Knowing him for as long as you did made him an open book, you could almost always know what he was thinking.  
“Don’t be such a baby, Bens.” You grinned, leaning over to tap the end of his nose, something you always did to irritate him. “She crushed me anyways.”
“You’d win if you let me teach you.” He argued, looking at you pointedly. 
“I don’t need to win, that’s your job,” You leaned into him, trying to stroke his ego to get him to drop the subject. 
Benny’s ears perked up and he was about to go into of his grand self-assured lectures when Beth interrupted him, promptly placing the boxes of chess boards on the table in front of him.
“I dunno, (Y/n),” Beth gloated, passing a box to Hilton. “I think he’s losing his touch, last time we played I damn near emptied his wallet.”
That got your attention, and you sat up with a laugh. “You’re kidding? In speed chess?” Your cackles only grew when she gave a proud nod. “I can’t believe I missed it!”
Benny scoffed, pushing away from you to help set up the boards. “You hardly missed anything-“
“She kicked his ass, ,” Arthur chuckled, loosening the cap on his beer bottle. “Said she’d kick him the crotch too when he tried to argue with her.”
You raised your glass to Beth in commencement. “I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.”
“Another simultaneous?” Beth asked, noticing they were moving the boards onto the floor, she turned back to you. “Have you ever seen once of these?”
You shook your head dramatically, moving from your place on the sofa to the floor so you could sit right next to the action. “Nope! I mean I know what they are, but I’ve never actually seen one.”
She smirked, placing the clock at every board while the boys situated the pieces. “Well, you’re in for a treat, these are my specialty.”
You leaned forward, placing your elbows on your knees so could you watch every move. The speed of the game was something you had long gotten used to, but it never was any less impressive. You don’t know how anyone’s brain could go that fast, but watching the pieces fly around the board completely fascinated you. 
Beth really was everything the chess magazines said she was and maybe even more amazing in person. You found it hard to pull your gaze away from her hand, watching as she completely tore through the three boys pieces. Hilton and Arthur were the first to lose, knocking over there kings.
You got ready to settle in while she took on Benny, but not even a few moments later you watched him grimace and reluctantly fish his wallet from his pockets. 
“Wow,” You breathed out, looking over at Beth with a gaze that could only be described as positively starstruck. “I mean I knew you were good, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.”
Beth felt her face get a little warm, not used to such straight-forward praise. At least not since she was a child prodigy. She reached her hand up to brush her hair out of her eyes, and pulled her gaze away from you.
“I can do it again.”
Benny felt his eyebrow twitch, he was used to your praise being directed at him for the most part. You had grown up with him constantly talking about and challenging others to play chess. And when he started to make a name for himself he’d taken you along with him. Before your work took off, you had more time to see his games in person. But, even when you couldn’t physically be there, you always called when you saw the results in Chess Review or tuned in to one of the broadcasted matches.
He was the best in the States for a long time, so you had become especially hard to impress. He knew Beth was better him than by miles, but to finally have his title of best chess player you knew taken away made him feel scratchy. 
But he scoffed, straightening his back to try and get his focus back. “Not if I have anything to say about it, Harmon.” 
And so for about three more games, she absolutely crushed the three boys. You got closer to the boards each time, admiring Beth’s superhuman skill. It made you feel a little sting of pride, the girl was showing up three of most arrogant and skilled players you knew. 
“God,” You leaned back onto your elbows, sniffling a giggle when. “I would’ve given any amount of money to be here to see the faces on these boys when you did this the first time.”
Beth smirked, rounding up the pieces to put them away in their cases. “Me too, we could’ve gotten it all on camera.” 
You groaned. “Such a missed opportunity.”
You lolled your head over and saw Benny staring intently at the board, a deep frown on his face. You smiled, scooting over so you could lean all your weight against him. “Don’t look so sad, Bens. I’m sure you would’ve gotten her eventually.”
He laughed, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “That’s what you used to tell all the sorry losers I used to beat.”
You closed your eyes, settling into his side and sighing at his warmth. “You’re not a sorry loser. You’re the best chess player I know.”
“Hey now, I didn’t drag my ass to every one of your matches for decades for you to question my loyalty,” You teased, you opened your eyes and saw something on his wall. Nestled snug inside a frame was the first time he was on the cover of Chess Review.
“You remember when I took that?” You nodded towards it.
Benny smiled properly, his eyes getting a familiar shimmer. “Yes ma’am, I told them I wouldn’t be on the cover unless you got to take my photos,” He wrapped an arm around you. “Course if I had known it’d make you a hot shot photographer who had to go away all the time I might’ve kept my mouth shut.”
You smiled, reaching up to flick his forehead. “I’ve taken all your photos for decades” You made a sweeping notion with your hands to all the various magazines scattered around his apartment. “Even when we were kids, I think I earned my little adventures abroad”
Benny gave you a look, one you couldn’t quite place, but he kept your gaze for awhile. A small smile snuck up in the corner of his mouth before he looked down, strawberry blonde strands hiding him from your view.
“Well don’t stay away so long next time, yeah? I missed you.”
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diaphragmjellyfish · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
So after I wrote that last Paul fic involving vaginismus, I got quite a few messages saying how much it meant to some of you and I just want to say how much it warms my heart to bring others joy or comfort through my writing. Like I’ve been telling a lot of you, fan fictions are amazing. I love them. But they’re not always realistic, and that can be damaging to people who think sex is supposed to go a certain way and then blame themselves when it’s not like that. We’re all different, and everyone deserves to have a partner that cares about your well-being and pleasure. Don’t settle for less. 
Seth Clearwater x vaginismus!reader smut 
(Seth is 18+ in this)
Being with Seth Clearwater was, in a word, magical. He truly was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. He was always there for you when you were upset or having anxiety, always made you smile and laugh, got you cute little presents or sometimes cool rocks that he found on patrol, and was super physically affectionate. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, hickeys, hand-holding. Y’all were the poster children for PDA. It made you nervous when you first started dating, because you thought he would want to get intimate right away. You knew that if you told him you didn’t want to have sex right away, he would be more than understanding. That’s just the kind of person he was. But you feared that holding off on intimacy would damage your relationship. Seth’s love language was physical touch. Yours was too, so stopping things every time it got too heated was a big roadblock in the relationship. Or so you thought. 
The day came where you had to tell Seth about your vaginismus. He had asked tons of questions before letting you know how he felt about it all. What causes it? What does it feel like? How does the physical therapy work? Is there anything I can do to help? Once you explained the logistics of it all, you guys could start to be more open and honest about what you were comfortable with doing. It turns out, he thought you just didn’t want to be intimate with him. He thought you were only sticking around because of the imprint bond. Once you explained that yes, you definitely really really want to have sex with him, you just can’t right now, he was all smiles and wanted to try all kinds of stuff that didn’t involve penetration. You guys would have super open conversations about what he could and couldn’t do to you, and started experimenting with the things you were comfortable with. Let’s just say, Seth became an absolute master in the art of oral sex. For a while, it was all he could do, so he did it. A lot. I mean, you’d have to physically pull him away sometimes when it got too sensitive. He loved knowing that he could make you feel so much pleasure. It made him feel needed. Wanted. And of course you returned the favor. 
You guys definitely have the foreplay routine down pat. Seth was almost always there when it came time for you to dilate every day. He would sit next to you, hold your hand, kiss you, or just talk to you about his day. Whatever you wanted, and whatever would distract you. He was so supportive, that when the day finally came that you wanted to try having penetrative sex with him, he said no. He didn’t think you had been using the biggest dilator long enough. What if he hurt you? What if you just didn’t like it? What if what if what if….. 
But you had been waiting long enough. His support honestly turned you on. Every day when he would sit there while you did your therapy, you wanted to jump his bones for being so. Damn. sweet. No guy had ever cared about you to the point of withholding from sex for you. They always just let you put up with the pain. Not Seth. 
“But baby, what if it hurts you?” he voiced. 
“Then we can stop and try again another time.” 
“But what if-”
“Seth,” you cut him off. “I know my body. Believe me, I’ve had to pay attention to it every day for the past year and a half while I did my exercises. I’m ready. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but don’t say no because of me. I want to try.” You sounded so soft and adorable while you said the last part that he nearly melted through the floor. Here he was, with the most beautiful girl on the planet all but begging him to have sex with her, and he was hesitating. That’s what love made you do. 
“Ok, we can try. But you have to promise, I mean really promise, that the second it starts to feel anything but good, you’ll tell me.” His voice was laced with concern. 
“I promise,” you said with so much confidence that he had to believe you. 
“Alright. So we’re doing this. Did you want to… try it like, now?” The poor boy was a blushing mess right now. You just nodded your head and smiled. “Okay. Cool. Yeah, that’s cool. We can do it now. I’m totally down with that.” You knew based off of the way he was acting that you were going to have to make the first move, so you walked up, grabbed his face between your hands, and kissed him.
 He seemed stiff, so you pulled away and said, “Everything ok?”
“Yeah! Yeah, yeah. Everything is perfect. I just… do you want to go to my room?” Again, you just nodded, and let him take your hand and lead you into his bedroom, closing the door behind you guys. Jeez, he seemed more nervous than you were. You sat down on the middle of his bed, and reached your arms out and did grabby-hands until he laughed and joined you, lying you down and hovering over you. He kissed you sweetly, giving you every opportunity to say stop. You didn’t, but instead threaded your fingers up through his inky hair and pulled him closer to you. He took this as a green light to deepen the kiss, and brush his tongue up against your own. You guys continued kissing for a while since this was comfortable territory for you both. He eventually started moving his hands under your shirt, first massaging your stomach with his thumb and then moving up. He pulled back from you suddenly, eyes wide. “No bra?” 
“Nope. I didn’t want anything to get in the way today,” you smirked and slid your hands over his shoulders. He had a look of awe on his face as he pulled the hem of your shirt up. You sat up and took it off, throwing it to the floor. Okay, yeah, so you were eager. You’d never enjoyed sex before and you thought you actually might for the first time. It was exciting. 
As you laid back down, his eyes never left yours. He came back down for another kiss before trailing his mouth down your jaw, suckling at your neck for a few minutes before it was covered in faint red marks, and moved down to your breasts. Seth had always worshipped your chest. It was one of his favorite parts of your body. The size, the shape, the feel, were all beyond perfect to him. You gasped as he took a nipple into his mouth, your back arching up into him. He brought his hand up to massage your other breast while his tongue continued swirling around the first one. You closed your eyes and tipped your head back, just relaxing into the feeling and letting your muscles be at ease. He sat up for a second, which was far too long, to take his shirt off, and you opened your eyes to admire his sculpted body. You would have loved him even if he wasn’t a shapeshifting beast, but damn, the muscles that came with were such a nice bonus. And they weren’t just for show. You never told him this, but whenever he picked you up so easily or carried you around or pushed you up against a wall, you got beyond turned on. You always wondered what it would be like to have him actually get rough with you, but that would be for another time. 
Once Seth thought your boobs had been shown enough attention, he slid his hand back down to your stomach, and then lower. He fiddled with the waistband of your jeans before popping the button at the front and dragging the zipper down torturously slow. You felt so hot at this point that you thought you would climb out of your skin if he didn’t touch you properly soon. You raised your hips in a silent signal for him to take them off, but he was too distracted by the feeling of your soft skin to notice. 
“Seth,” you whispered. He looked up at you, hand already stilling in case you wanted to stop. 
“What’s wrong?” he panicked. 
“Nothing is wrong. Can you help me take these off?” His eyes widened at this, and then he smiled. He sat up on his knees, gripping the waistband of your jeans on either side of you, and you raised your hips as he pulled them down slowly, admiring your legs as each inch of them was revealed. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the lacey g-string you were wearing, which you had bought specially for this moment. You never really cared about wearing cute underwear before since it would always end up on the floor anyways, but this was a big day. At least you hoped it would be. So you wanted to wear something cute, and boy did Seth appreciate it. 
Once your jeans were all the way off, he gave a low whistle and said, “damn. My girlfriend is the most beautiful woman alive. How did I get so lucky?” 
You hit his shoulder and looked away blushing at this. And then… oh, then. 
Your sexy werewolf boyfriend lay down on his stomach in between your thighs, lifting your legs onto his shoulders, and gave you a smirk that could only be described as savagely canine. He kissed the insides of your thighs, nipping here and there before soothing with his tongue, inching closer and closer to where you really wanted him to be. He liked to take his time with this part. He flattened his tongue and gave your center a broad lick over your panties, eliciting a small gasp. He did this several more times until your hips were writhing and grinding, desperate for more friction. He reached under you, gripping the fabric of your underwear before all but ripping them off you. 
“Hey, easy. Those were expensive,” you haphazardly pointed, too lost in the moment to really care. 
“I’ll buy you new ones,” he spoke lowly into your center right before diving in and wrapping his lips around you, sucking and kneading with his tongue. You gave a small moan, fingers once again tangling in his hair. He kept this up, alternating between firm licks and small sucks, his tongue constantly flicking that perfect spot. Seth heard in Paul’s head through the mind link once that porn wasn’t accurate at all to what women actually got off on. You were supposed to pick 2, maybe 3 key moves and do those until she was close, and then just keep doing exactly that until she came. Women are about consistency and rhythm, so if you change it up, they have to start all over. This advice had not failed him yet. Had not failed either of you, and you could have kissed Paul if you found out that that’s where Seth had gotten this tip. Fifteen delicious minutes later and you were teetering on the edge. You used to be insecure about how long you took to finish, but Seth had always reassured you that he just wanted you to feel good, and he would spend all day between your legs if he could. You were right there, legs shaking and eyes screwed shut, but couldn’t quite get that knot in your stomach to unravel. Seth pulled away, sensing your impatience, and knew you needed a little push. He got up and opened your bedside table, pulling out the large bottle of lube that you used for dilating, slathering his middle finger in it, and laid back down between your legs. 
You knew what he was going to do, and trusted him enough to be careful, so you lie back and relax, knowing he would get you there no matter what. He dove back in with his lips, tongue flicking and rubbing for another few seconds before positioning his finger at your entrance, swirling it around to distribute the lube. He looked up at you, knowing you liked to guide his hand at first to make sure you were comfortable. You grabbed his hand, sliding his finger in slowly, inch by inch. You were pretty worked up at this point, so it didn’t take very long before his finger way fully inside you. He stilled his hand, waiting for you to give the all-clear, still sucking at your clit like a starving man. You tugged at his hair, shifting your hips against his hand, which he knew to be the cue to start moving. You didn’t much like the in-out feeling of being fingered. You preferred the pressure of him pressing on certain spots. He twisted his finger slowly so that his palm was facing upward, and began to stroke your top wall, making you shudder. 
This was going to push you over that edge. Several minutes of consistency, pressure, and suction had you cumming hard, grinding on his face and moaning his name loudly. When you came down, Seth was still going, though more gently since he knew how sensitive you got post-orgasm. You had to whine and tug on his hair to get him to take his mouth off you, his finger stilling but remaining inside. 
“Wow,” you breathed, eyes closed in a haze.
“Wow yourself, Gorgeous,” he winked at you. You made a move to reach down and grab him through his sweatpants, but Seth was quick to pull your hand away. “This is about you tonight,” he said with total sincerity. You wanted to argue that it was about both of you, but you knew he had his mind set on taking care of you, so you decided to let him. “You ready to try, baby?” 
“Hell yes,” you laughed, sitting up. “Maybe I could start on top? That’s how I dilate and I could control it better that way.” 
“I was just about to say the same thing,” he teased back. He moved to lie back against the headboard after taking his pants off as you kneeled on the edge of the bed, grabbing the bottle of lube. While you were turned away from him, he brought his hand to a cheeky slap on your ass, catching you by surprise. 
“Hey!” You squealed and then giggled, turning to give him a playful glare. 
“I couldn’t resist! It was right there,” He said, holding his hands up in surrender. 
You simply rolled your eyes at this, grabbing a condom from the bedside table as well. You turned to him, still kneeling, and handed him the condom, which he ripped open with his teeth (and it was so hot). He slowly rolled it onto his rock hard dick, keeping a hand around the base as he looked up at you. “You absolutely sure about this?” he questioned. 
“Yes Seth. I really want to.” 
With this, you climbed up to straddle his lap, squirting generous amounts of lube onto him and spreading it around with your hand. You knelt up, positioning him at your entrance after throwing the lube on the floor. He sat straight up, hands going around your waist, one reaching up behind you to cradle your head. He gave you a passionate kiss as you lowered slightly, letting the tip of him find its way in. You stopped here, doing some deep breathing as Seth stared intently at your face, looking for any signs of discomfort. Seth was slightly smaller than your largest dilator, but what had you slightly concerned was the friction. The in-out-in-out factor usually caused you pain when you tried bouncing on your dilators. You would just have to keep the lube on stand-by and remember to breathe with your stomach. 
When you were sure you would be ok, you lowered more, sinking down an inch with every exhale. Seth lovingly rubbed your back, hand petting your hair as he waited patiently for you to adjust. You felt unbelievable around him, but he didn’t want to express too much pleasure, fearful that you would put up with any pain for his benefit. He settled for nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck, holding you as close as he physically could. You lightly scratched at his shoulders, holding on for dear life. You had to stop for a moment at the half-way point, trying your best to control your pelvic muscles and picturing a flower bud opening in your mind. Slowly, you lowered another inch, and then another, and another, until you could feel his thighs touch you. At this, you sat down fully on his lap, his cock sheathed fully inside of you. 
I need a minute you thought. This was a lot. Silicone dilators were one thing, but to have your boyfriend inside you like this was completely different. He was warm, hot even, and you could feel his pulse, feel the throb in his veins. The twitch of him deep inside you. 
“Fuck,” Seth gasped quietly, as if he didn’t want you to hear. 
“Feels good?” you questioned. 
“Mm-hmm. Are you okay?” He asked right back, face still buried in your neck. 
“I think so. Just give me a second.” 
“Take all the time you need, baby. Do you want me to touch you?” His hand came over from your back and he grazed your lower stomach with his knuckles. 
“No. Too much,” was all the answer he needed before he wrapped his arm around your back once again, massaging your skin soothingly. This was going on too long, you thought. Seth was probably dying right now. You didn’t want him to suffer, so you lifted your hips a couple inches, sinking back down on him. You felt a stinging sensation at your entrance, but ignored it. Before you could lift your hips again, Seth grabbed your waist in a vice-like grip, still holding you against him but stopping all movement. 
“Don’t you dare,” he spoke softly yet firmly. “I can feel how tense your muscles are right now. Relax and then you can try again.” You wanted to cry at this. He was getting frustrated. He was going to break up with you! But you silenced those negative comments and realized he was right. So you took some deep breaths again, focusing on the pressure of his tip deep in your walls, the feel of his fingers grazing your back, his other hand playing with your hair. You closed your eyes and focused only on the sensations. “There you go, Sweetheart,” he said as he felt you relax around him. Instead of going straight up and down this time, you ground your hips against his, making circles on top of him. And it felt… good? Jesus. For the first time in your life, sex wasn’t hurting. It still felt a little tight and stiff, but it didn’t hurt. So you kept at it. Your breathing picked up at the sensation, along with the exertion of kneeling for so long. Seth pulled his face out of your neck and used the hand that was petting your hair to pull you into a passionate kiss. You guys made out as you continued to circle your hips, both of your breathing labored. Seth gripped your ass in one of his hands, helping control your movements as your legs began to shake. 
“You getting tired, baby?” he questioned, even though he could see that you were. You just nodded, slowing down a little. “Do you want to try a different position? Maybe one where I could do some work?” You wanted to, but were nervous. The trust you had for Seth was absolute, but what other position could work? 
“Like what?” you questioned hesitantly.
He thought for a moment, hands stilling your hips, before he cracked a smile. “I have an idea. Here,” he spoke as he shifted you both further down the bed and laid back so he was flat on his back, you still on top of him. He brought you down so you were stomach to stomach, hands going to the small of your back, and planted his feet on the bed. He held you close as he lightly thrusted up into you. 
“Oh,” you breathed a moan. This felt really good. Being on top and controlling the movement had been good to adjust, but having Seth fuck up into you like this was another level of pleasure. He barely thrusted, but still hit the right spots. And you could still easily lift your hips to pull away if it started to hurt. 
“Good?” he whispered.
“Mm-hmm. Oh my God,” you whispered to yourself, reaching up with one hand to grab the headboard. You thought you heard him breath a laugh, but were too lost in the moment to pay much attention to anything but Seth’s movements. He kept a steady pace of small thrusts, going slowly, never questioning the pace or pushing your limits. After a while, you started to push your hips back against his as he went into you. 
“You want to try going a little faster, Sweetheart?” he questioned gently. 
“Yes,” you said with half-lidded eyes as you looked right into Seth’s coffee-colored irises. 
He brought himself out a little further at this, pushing back into you slightly faster than before, and hitting that perfect soft spot inside you that had your toes curl. You released a real moan this time, and Seth swore he could have cum from that sound alone. He kept this pace up, not daring to go any faster since you both were already enjoying it so much and he didn’t want to risk ruining the moment with pain. For the first time in your life, you felt actual pleasure from penetration, and you wanted more. You wanted to cum, and you felt like you actually could. With this realization, you brought one of your hands down to your swollen clit, rubbing tight circles on it that had your moans go up in pitch. 
Seth grabbed your hand, putting it back on his chest as he reached down and began rubbing you with his own fingers and cockily stating, “That’s my job.” You felt your eyes roll back in your head at this, and it was the hottest thing Seth had ever seen. You felt a knot begin to form in your stomach, tightening faster than it ever had before. After just a couple more minutes of this, you moan “Oh, Seth. I think I’m gonna cum.” Of course this only spurred him on to keep going. Consistency, he reminded himself. Don’t change a thing. And he didn’t, not until you were seeing stars, trembling on top of him and screaming his name as your climax crashed into you like a wave. You had to rip his hand off your dripping center when the sensations became too much, and he stilled inside of you. 
“Did you finish?” you questioned him once you came down, confused. If he had, it had sure been subtle. 
“No, but I didn’t know if you were okay to keep going. You seem pretty sensitive right now.” 
“Seth, I want you to cum too. Just… do you think you could like, not take a while? Like, could you finish in the next couple minutes? I’m okay now but I don’t want to push it.” 
“Baby, I can finish in the next 30 seconds after looking at your face while you came like that.” You blushed deeply at this, breath picking back up again as he continued to gently thrust into you. He screwed his eyes shut after a couple thrusts, losing rhythm in his hips as he spilled into the condom with a growl and relaxed underneath you. “Fuck,” was all he said. 
You laughed. “Yeah, fuck.” 
He let you sit up and pull off of him at your own pace before dismounting and moving to walk to the bathroom. 
“Wait! Wait,” he almost yelled, startling you half to death as he sat up, removed and tied off the condom, and hopped off the bed to throw it away. “This is the part where you let me clean you up and take care of you.” 
“You just did take care of me, Seth,” which made him giggle. 
“Not like that silly goose! Just stay there.” He joked as he made his way into the bathroom, coming out with a damp towel. “Spread ‘em,” he motioned towards your legs. You laughed deeply, obliging. He was ultra gentle as he wiped the lube off the insides of your thighs, kissing your knees as he finished. Then, he threw the towel into the hamper and retrieved his softest sweatshirt and placed it over your head as you moved your arms into the sleeves. “And now, we cuddle.” He looked so damn pleased with himself. 
You laid your head on Seth’s warm chest, his arms coming to wrap around your waist. You two stayed like this for a while, just soaking in the details of what just happened. You did it. You had sex with your boyfriend. Actual penetrative sex, and it didn’t hurt. 
As if reading your mind, Seth spoke. “I’m so proud of you.” 
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mae-gi-writes · 8 months ago
Yūgen | Sunwoo (The Boyz)
Tumblr media
Yugen (n.) a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe that triggers a deep, emotional response. 
Requested by anon! In which Sunwoo, the ace of the volleyball team, is curious about what you’re drawing all the time. Until one day, he stumbles upon a drawing of himself made from yours truly. 
Genre: fluff, volleyball player! Sunwoo and art student reader, shy love, softness, and inspired by haikyuu because I have been obssessed with the anime lately TT__TT  A/N: It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve posted here! Slowly but surely, I’m going through my inbox and replying to your requests. Thank you for your patience, stay safe loves, ily all xx 
Sunwoo wasn't artistically inclined.
But that never stopped him from admiring those that were. He was always so curious as to how just a flick of fingers managed to create a shadow, or how just one glance at a subject made it through onto paper without so much as an effort to remember the details. It was like it was automatically recorded into one's brain, hands already registered to mimic the curves and the folds and the shadows that turned into nothing short of a miraculous piece. So when he caught sight of someone drawing, it always piqued his interest. He stumbled upon you one late afternoon after his volleyball practice, with sweat dotting his forehead and his training bag slung casually over his shoulder. He was about to direct his way to the parking lot upon exiting the gymnasium, only to spot a lone figure huddled upon the bleachers and curled into a ball that caused Sunwoo to frown. Slowly sidling up to the stranger in question and peeking over the railing to catch a glimpse of your face, his eyes are instantly driven to the sketchpad in your hands.
You didn't notice him though, so absorbed in your own world with earphones blocking out reality that a tsunami could've gone unnoticed. So Sunwoo took advantage to climb over onto the opposite bleacher and, after ensuring that your back wouldn't turn to greet him, leaned over the separation to catch sight of a lone figure cartwheeling freely over the page. Woah. You were talented alright. There was nothing else to describe the fluidity of movement you caught with your pencil. It made Sunwoo's breath catch in his throat. He had the sudden urge to know exactly what kind of face hid behind the visual mastery manifesting before his very eyes. After all, there must be other things for them to see rather than the boring literal reality that most people settled for. What kind of imageries were they creating in their heads? What beautiful stories were they crafting? Worlds they got lost in? You moved then, causing Sunwoo to jolt back and scurry away with his heart beating out of his chest, deciding that it was enough spying for the day. After that day, he made sure to seek you out every time after practice although he noticed you never strayed too long in the same place, always moving about like a shadow lingering in the corner, invisible yet omniscient. Sometimes you would find a quiet spot in a patch of sunlight by the tennis courts. Sometimes you'd be found on the bleachers, alert eyes observing every pass, every move, every twist of a body like  camera taking everything in. Sunwoo never approached you. Not that he didn't want to, but he found it awkward to just come up to you and present himself as the guy who'd been stalking your drawings. So he admired you from afar instead, relished in the passion of your dark coffee coloured eyes and in the attentive focus dipping your eyebrows in a soft frown, lips paeted slightly in concentration. "Do you know her?" He'd asked one of his friends from the volleyball team once, during their lunch break as he saw you line up at the cafeteria. Changmin took a peek at your face before he shook his head, "she might be in one of my electives." "Which one?" "I think it's art." Sunwoo forced his face to remain in a mask of calmness as he grabbed a steak sandwich, no fries, "do you know her name?" "Nah. I don't think she's ever spoken in class," Changmin's eyebrows quirk up then, "why'd you ask?" "No reason." Changmin's pointed look defined anything but that.  Although he did have the decency to drop the subject as soon as the rest of the volleyball team joined the table. Sunwoo got his answer a few days later when he practically toppled over you and your drawing crayons. It was his mistake. He'd been leaning too far out from the top of the basketball bleachers, struggling to get even the smidgest glimpse of what amazing piece of art hiding under your jacket sleeve, only for his foot to slip. Down he went with a curse, crashing straight into your body and quickly scrabbling to wrap his arms around your head, a pathetic attempt to cushion your fall as you fell into a heap in front of the bleachers. "You--you okay?" He huffed out, breathless and heart beating like a time bomb. Pulling his arms away slowly, gently, he finally met your gaze straight on and --oh my, your eyes were not coffee coloured at all.  But more of a honey-brown, wide open and framed by soft lashes. Currently dilated in panic. "I'm fine! What--What about you? Oh gosh, I'm so sorry--" "No it was my fault," he made a grab for your sketchbook and scattered pens only for his orbs to register the face messily etched onto the paper. His breath caught. For a minute, he could do nothing but stare at the replica of his face made in charcoal. Those were his eyes, his slightly crooked nose. The scowl he wore during his soccer matches. That was him. The resemblance was akin to that of perfection. That was before your hands snatched away the sketchbook before you quickly slammed it closed, cheeks blazing red, "that's-- I swear I"m not a creep, I-- I just do that for practice--" "It's amazing." Your head-- which had been bowed this entire time for fear that anger would be his response -- shot up in surprise, "what?" "It's amazing," Sunwoo repeated. He wouldn't mind repeating it forever, he realized, if that meant he got to see that aforable blush of yours. He reached out with his hand, "can I look at it again?" So you allowed him after some slight hesitation, and if he noticed, he didn't comment. Fingers brushing against yours slightly, he handled the sketchbook with utmost care as he flipped through the pages with child-like awe. He'd seen your drawings, sure, but mere glimpses here and there, a sneak peek, always accompanied with the fear of being found. But now, he could take his time and actually relish in the soft tracings of your crayon, admire the gentle shadings that made up the tip of his nose. You had managed to capture that frown -- the one he used whenever he concentrated -- to perfection and for a minute he swore he'd fallen in love with himself. "You're really good," he murmured, though that definitely banalized the array of praises popping through his head, "you should keep doing them. I mean it." "So, you're not--" you paused, "mad?" "Well I think you'd have more reason to be mad if you knew I was stalking you from before." "What?" Oh Sunwoo, you idiot. Your eyes had tripled their size and you were looking at him like he'd just grown a second head. He lifted his hands as defence, "that sounded so much better in my head. I swear I'm not that creepy, or a stalker, I just--well you're always drawing and I got curious but I can't really come over and tell you to show me so I had to hide and peek and--" You burst out laughing in his face and despite the fact that he was the cause, he couldn't help joining in with a small chuckle, a grin spreading across his features at how alive you looked at this very moment. "You can ask me next time," your grin settled into a soft smile, "I don't bite." "Your words, not mine," he said, tone lighter and teasing. He helped you gather your belongings and as the pair of you started towards the school gates, he asked for your name. "Y/N," you answered, "and you?" "Sunwoo," he noticed the sky was darkening into purple, a sign that twilight was approaching. Usually, he'd be in a hurry to catch the last bus of the evening to avoid the pain of traffic after six. But it was like his body was slowing down on its own to join your pace, as if he was automatically tuning in to the rhythm of your steps. He found he didn't mind. "So why athletes? Any special reason why you like drawing them?" He asked as you reached the gates. "I just like watching the way they move. It's ...graceful," a hand went to rub the back of your neck, "and they come in handy for figure practice." "I mean, we're not that graceful when you're on the pitch ready to get blown away," he chuckled, "but thanks. At least we know we don't play like animals." "Oh god no. The volleyball team's pretty good. The rugby team on the other hand..." you sigh before you shake your head, "that team is nearly impossible to draw." His shoulders shook as he laughed, "well I don't think they aim for graceful. They look like a pack of wild dogs. Even I don't understand how they play." You had reached the said bus stop by then before you spotted your mother's car along the sidewalk, "oh, my mom's here," you turn to him, "where do you live? Maybe we can drop you--" Meeting your mom? On the first day of meeting you? Sunwoo's hands flew up, shaking them wildly in response, "oh no no, that's not necessary. I'll see you tomorrow!" Thank god for the bus that pulled up at the right time so that he didn't have to linger longer than he needed to. But he didn't miss the small wave of your hand as you watched him go, the smile on your face warming his heart even when it was one of the coldest winter days of the year. From that day onwards, Sunwoo made it a must to make his presence known whenever you were deep in your sketches, always observing, sometimes silently keeping you company and sometimes getting so wrapped up in conversation that your pens would lay forgotten by your bag as you bantered back and forth about subjects that would've made people throw you looks of concern. It became routine to have Sunwoo's head pop up from behind the bleachers or to see him walk up the path to your special hiding spot, right where your gaze would meet the tennis court. You sketched him more and more, folding your drawings into your bag so that he wouldn't see although the urge to catch his face on paper was a growing addiction you couldn't ignore. Even your friends had noticed his lingering presence, proceeding to prod you with questions reflecting their curiosity. "He's from the vòlleyball team isn't he?" Yeji asked one time during lunch, upon noticing the way the said young man's stare lingered over the back of your head before turning away just as quickly, "do you know him?" "We've spoken once or twice." "How do you know him?" Your other friend, Saeron, nudged you with a wriggle of her brows. You brushed her teasing away, "we bumped into each other and then he saw my drawings." "Oh right, you do sketch athletes," Yeji leaned forward, mouth full of bread, "did you sketch him?" "I did, actually." "Oh awkward," Saeron giggled, "he's handsome though, can't deny that. You gotta introduce us sometime." You mumbled out an agreement even though you sat with them just for the sake of having people around. It wasn't that you didn't appreciate them. You did. But they seemed to speak a language you couldn't quite grasp. You would rather sit in your own silence, enjoy your own company if that made sense. Maybe that was why it was so surprising, that you allowed Sunwoo to linger as long as he wanted to. There was something authentic about the way he reacted to your words, an unguarded expression that made you comfortable enough to speak up without fear of judgment. Spending time with Sunwoo was listening to water trickle down the river. Smooth and free. Peaceful. But Sunwoo seldom knew of your high regards, was not aware of the tiny sketch of his figure in mid-spike that was hidden in the pocket of your school skirt so that you could take a peek whenever you felt out of place or nervous. It calmed you down to admire his composure, even if his expression was a mere mimic that could not replace reality. "Do you have any material in particular that you like to use?" Sunwoo asked one cloudy afternoon, breaking the silence while huddling a little closer to peek at your newest sketch of Lee Juyeon; a basketball star player known for his quick reflexes and adept playing style. Not only was his skill on par with that of a Nationals team, but his looks had garnered him quite a fanbase from the get-go. Sunwoo would've liked to say that he wasn't jealous of the way your thumb gently applied shade to Juyeon's lower lip. But the spike in the middle of his chest proved him otherwise. "I like charcoal the most, it's the easiest to work with," pausing to admire your work, your eyes glanced over at him, "do you draw?" He scoffed, "like a five year old." "Wanna try?" "No way. I'll ruin it. I'm okay with admiring it from afar." You hummed an unknown tune as you pulled back your sketchbook, "how is practice?" "Alright. Could be better. We won a practice match last week so we're kind of taking it easy." "That's good though isn't it?" Your gaze met his. His eyes were various gradients of warm maroon and you wished-- at this very moment -- to paint his features into memory. That was when you realized how close you were. You shuffled slightly back and didn't notice the frown Sunwoo threw you in response, "it is. And I'm happy we get to rest. The team deserves it." "You're pursuing it in College?" Your eyes tried not to linger too much over his lips, "volleyball, I mean." "Depends," he smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes, "if we make it to the Nationals." "You will." "Someone's confident," he chuckled. "Well I'm no pro but even I can tell you're talented, Sunwoo," you peeked at him from behind your fringe, glad that you could blame the cold for your red cheeks when just the intensity and closeness of his entity made you want to squirm, "so if there's anyone who can do it, it's you." It was impossible to keep eye contact after such a confession. You lowered your gaze, glad for your sketchbook that acted as a distraction. It was at that very moment that the paper tucked so neatly in your pocket slipped out, causing Sunwoo to quickly make a grab for it. You made a noise of protest before trying to snatch it back, but the boy only chuckled before unfolding the creased page so that there he was, depicted in all his glory. "Is that--" his voice was hoarse and you took this as your chance to steal it from his grasp, reddened cheeks burning and fingers shaking as you folded it back to its tiny square shape, "is that me?" "Y--yes." "You--you keep that with you?" "I--I do," you lifted your chin up defiantly, though you felt your limbs trembling. His eyes, they pierced your own, piecing together a coherence that caused your stomach to fill with butterflies. When he spoke next, his words were a mere murmur. "Why?" "I--I don't know," eyes darting towards the ground, you mumbled, "I just like watching" A pause. Then, Sunwoo shifted a little bit closer. "You like watching me play? Or do you like," he cocked his head, "watching me?" If you were red before then you were probably the colour of a fire engine truck by now. Averting your eyes and turning your head away were instinctive responses due to the blood rushing through your face. "Stop flirting with me," came your mumble. Laughing softly in response, he scooted himself a little closer, so close that his shoulder brushed your back. He leaned over, head tilted to catch your expression. "Cute," his lips broke out in a crooked grin and you swore you felt your heart explode. Flustered, you shoved him away out of instinct but he wasn't having any of that. His hand grabbed your wrists and with a yelp, you were dragged even closer to his chest. "You like looking at me that much huh?" His tone was teasing while his eyes glimmered with playful mischief, "why is that,Y/N?" "You ask as if you don't know," you mumbled out through jumbled words and you were glad he actually understood you. But instead of laughing some more, his features softened into a smile instead as he proceeded to gaze down at you with an expression you couldn't quite place. It was in your normal behaviour to admire people. Not the other way around. And at this very moment, you felt way out of your comfort zone. "I don't know." Your orbs flew up to his in surprise and what you found in those coffee-coloured pupils made your breath stutter, heat coiling through your abdomen. " calms me down," your whisper was barely louder than a breath but by the way Sunwoo's smile widens to reach his eyes, you could tell he heard you just fine. "I like watching you too," he replied. A strand of your hair caught in the wind and he raised his hand to curl it around the back of your ear, his touch ghosting with sparks wherever flesh bumped into flesh. You felt warm. He didn't pull away. Didn't bother hiding the slight dust of pink in his cheeks either, as he slowly allowed his palm to cradle the side of your face. Gently. As if he feared you might run away, recoil back. But you didn't. Even with your breaths going staccato, even if your heart felt like a wild animal. You calmed yourself down with the knowledge that he seemed just as nervous as you were and suddenly, out of a stroke of boldness, your hand went up to hold on to his, pressing it close to your cheek. His breath hitched. You shivered. The wind blew against your figures, a gentle reminder that the day was coming to an end. You weren't exactly sure what changed that day. There were no verbal agreements, nothing that suggested your relationship had changed. Yet, the subtle touches of his hand against your back, your shoulders, moving your hair from one shoulder to another, complemented by his gentle doe-eyed stare that made your toes curl, these changes were small, but significant. And you couldn't find it in your heart to say that you disliked it. What are we? The words lingered at the tip of your tongue, as bitter as the aftertaste of coffee as you stole small glances in his direction. You were sitting comfortably under a tree that overlooked the tennis court where Sunwoo had decided to join you. He'd fallen asleep halfway through your beginning sketch and was now leaning against the tree trunk, face relaxed and body leaned towards yours, close enough that you could admire his face. Countless hours you had spent tracing Sunwoo's features on paper. Countless times you had imagined tracing his lips with your thumb, wondered whether they were as soft as they looked. Maybe it was just curiosity or maybe you had let him walk into your heart so easily that you hadn't realized it yourself. But if there was one thing you could swear your heart upon it would be that you could no longer imagine every day without Sunwoo's presence at your side. As if on instinct, your fingers took a life of their own as they reached up to push a few strands away from his face. They gently carved a path down his cheek, landing at the corner of his jaw. Dangerously close to his open mouth. There was no denying it. Sunwoo was beautiful. Handsome. Had those features on par to that of a model's. You were so focused on edging your way to touch his lower lip that you didn't realize you had been staring, until you glanced up to see his brown orbs fixated on yours. You froze. Shit. "Like what you see?" He murmured. Then, before you could scramble back and probably run with your tail between your legs, his own hand grasped your own and he pushed himself off the trunk before his head angled towards yours, finding your lips. Soft. Sunwoo's lips were soft. You panicked. Not used to the closeness. The fire that sparked between your lids. But his other hand went to clasp your jaw, holding you close as he kissed your next protest away and unconsciously brushing his thumb against your cheek. Shivering in his touch, there was no running away from the way his mouth molded against yours so snugly, and you didn’t want to. You found yourself addicted to the sweet pressure of his upper lip meeting your lower ones and soon enough -- without realizing -- you melted into his touch. 
Sunwoo made a noise that sounded like a soft grunt, his other hand lacing around your waist to pull you closer so that you tumbled halfway into his lap. With embarrassment suddenly flooding through you, you let out a squeak that he answered with a chuckle of his own before distracting you once more with a series of kisses that left you gasping.
Your hands, initially balled into fists in your lap, went to rest against his chest and you didn’t realize that you were gripping onto his school shirt until you parted for air. Only were you aware of your compromising position, of the hard ridges of the young man’s thighs, of the firmness of his chest against your palms, of the way he seemed to be so much bigger than you even though he was a lean athlete, meant to be light and as speedy as the wind. 
Breaths coming out ragged, you tried to slow the beating of your heart. Though it seemed to be quite the challenge, given how lovingly, how intense, Sunwoo seemed to be in making love to your neck, nibbling on your pulse point and causing a soft whimper to fall from your lips. 
A whistle blew in the distance.
The soccer team. They’d be crawling up the hill any minute now.
“Sunwoo,” you breathed out, eyes hazy with mixed feelings of desire and embarrassment. You feebly tried pushing against his chest, to no avail. He merely groaned, head tilting upwards to catch your mouth into another kiss. 
“Sunwoo,” you groaned against his lips. But he held on for dear life, one hand clasping the back of your neck, tangled into your locks. The other around your waist, pressing you as close as he could possibly get you to be. 
“Just one more,” he mumbled in-between kisses, hooded eyes fluttering closed and head slanting to kiss you a little deeper, a little harder.
Your body was on fire. You weren’t used to this intimacy, nor all of the affection he was raining down upon you. 
But it felt good. It felt amazing. Eye-opening.
He finally relented after what seemed like an eternity and you quickly made a move to scramble out of his lap. Though he wasn’t having any of that, grip made of iron as he held on. You looked up to snap at him to let go before everyone saw but was faced with his pout instead, which was enough to bring down your defences. 
“Please,” his pout deepened and your heart practically vaulted through your chest. Cute. Cute. Cute. Stop. Burying his face into your neck, he whispered, “I just wanna hold you.” 
So he did. And thank god the team had decided to take a different route so that you would avoid their imploring, questioning gazes. Though Sunwoo admitted that he’d already known they would go up from the other side of the gymnasium, considering they did that every other week to train their stamina in the process. 
That earned him a light smack on the side of his head, making him whine, “What did I do to deserve this Y/N?” 
“You knew!” You wanted to throw him a glare, but it was impossible when you were busy fighting the grin spreading across your face. 
He grinned back at you, that crooked smile that always resulted in a burst of butterflies roaring through your abdomen. Just like now. 
“So, since you have a drawing of me that you keep staring at every day--” his words died into laughter when you tried smacking his arm, proceeding to cage your wrist with his hand before kissing your knuckles. You squirmed as he continued, “does that mean I can get a picture of you?”
You let out a noise of protest, “that depends,” you mumbled, unconsciously finding refuge in his neck.
Chuckling, Sunwoo grasped your chin lightly to pull you back so that his brown orbs gazed right into yours with a gentleness that had you weak at the knees, “on what?” 
“On what I get in return.” 
“What if I say I’ll take you on a date?” he said wickedly. 
You couldn’t help your smile. 
“I guess that could work.” 
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