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writemekpop · 13 days ago
Rough | Jung Jaehyun
Pairing: Jung Jaehyun x Reader
Summary: You didn’t mean to take out your stress on Jaehyun’s body, but it just feels so good…
Genre: Established relationship AU, angsty smut 
Word count: 1k
Warnings: Sexual content, use of the safe word
Gif: @younoh​ 
Tumblr media
You stormed in through the front door, the buttons of your tight white shirt springing free under your fingers. You’d had the worst day at work, and you needed stress relief. Now. 
Your boyfriend Jaehyun was lounging on the couch, shirtless, wearing only sweatpants. A towel hung over his shoulders, and his hair was dripping wet. Sparkling droplets ran down his muscled chest and darkened the thin grey fabric at his crotch. 
When he saw you, he smiled. 
“Hey, babe-“
“Bedroom. Now,’ you barked, interrupting him. Without waiting for a response, you stormed into the bedroom. 
You yanked off your shirt and shimmied out of your pencil skirt, leaving you in just your underwear. Your whole body ached with lust, begging for release. 
Jaehyun lingered at the door of the bedroom, face full of concern. 
You unhooked your bra and flung it at Jaehyun. He caught it smoothly, folded it and placed it on the bed. He stroked your shoulder gently. 
“Hard day?” he asked. 
You knew your boyfriend preferred slow, gentle sex. But you had no patience for that right now. 
“Jae, I need you.” You put both your hands on his shoulders and pushed him down onto the bed. Then you straddled his lap. 
You squeezed your mouth onto his, in a desperate, hungry kiss. You gripped Jaehyun’s shoulders, kneading the hard muscle tightly. 
Jaehyun tried to say something, but you shut him up by kissing him deeper.  
You yanked down Jaehyun’s sweatpants, making him grunt in surprise. Then, you pulled your panties to the side, aligned your hips with his and slid down. Licks of pleasure began rising in your core. 
You pushed your boyfriend down onto the bed and grinded your hips roughly against his. You rode him hard and fast, trying your best to fuck away the stress. 
“Slow down,” Jaehyun groaned from underneath you. His face was flushed pink, and his jaw was clenched tight. 
Ignoring his words, you leant down and smashed your lips against his neck. You felt Jaehyun’s grip tighten on your waist, but you shoved his hands off you. 
You rode him harder and harder, till you could see stars in your eyes. You could feel your climax building inside of you. It got closer and closer until-
“Wait! Stop! Red, fucking red!” Jaehyun yelled. 
Suddenly, you felt yourself being launched off Jaehyun and flipped onto the mattress. You were cold, confused and empty. 
Jaehyun jumped off the bed. His back glistened with sweat, and he was panting. 
Your mouth fell open. Did Jaehyun just use the… safe word? In your three years of dating, neither of you had ever used it before. 
“Are you okay?” you asked, trying to ignore the pulsing in your core from your unfinished climax. 
Jaehyun gave you a strange look as he pulled his sweatpants back on. “I’m sorry, Y/n. I get that you’ve had a hard day, but that was just… too much.”
Jaehyun’s words made you peer up at him curiously. That’s when you noticed that his neck was rubbed raw, and there was a deep scratch mark on his chest. You gasped. 
“Ohmygodimsosorry!” The words rushed out of your mouth, and your chest burned with shame. “Was I hurting you?” 
Jaehyun rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “A little.” 
You flopped back onto the bed, buried your face in your hands and groaned. 
Embarrassment flooded your veins. “Oh god, why didn’t you say anything earlier?”
Jaehyun sat back down on the bed. He picked up your hand and pressed your palm to his lips. “I wanted to be there for you. I just… couldn’t.”  
You sat up and wrapped your arms around his bare torso. “I would never hurt you on purpose, you know that, right?” 
Jaehyun kissed the top of your head. “I know.” 
“I really am sorry,” you pouted. 
Jaehyun squeezed your arm. “I know,” he repeated. 
You pulled his arm so you lay down on the bed together. Turning on your side, you rested your head on Jaehyun’s chest, letting his steady heartbeat calm you. You pressed gentle kisses on each of his fingertips, each one a silent sorry.  
You wrapped your arms around his torso and curled your legs around his, pressing him close into your body. 
“I love you, sweet boy,” you whispered into his neck. “You’re too good for me… I’ll say sorry as many times you want me to.”
Jaehyun nuzzled his cheek against yours, chuckling. “Okay, how about twenty more times?” 
You arched your neck up so your lips could reach his. “Sorry.” Kiss. “Sorry.” Kiss. “Sorry.” You kept going until he had to pry your lips off him, laughing and complaining that it tickled. 
The two of you fell into a peaceful silence. You lay side by side in bed, fingers occasionally brushing. After a few moments, you sat up. 
“Want me to take care of that for you?” You pointed at the prominent tent that was still there in Jaehyun’s grey sweatpants. 
Jaehyun smiled, eyes crinkling, and shook his head. “It’ll go away on its own.”
You searched his face. “Are you sure?” 
“I’m sure,” he said. “Let’s try again later. Do you want me to run you a bubble bath? That’ll definitely relieve your stress.”  
You smiled. “Only if you get in with me.” 
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
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blu-joons · a month ago
The First Moments With Your Newborn ~ Jeong Yoonoh
Tumblr media
The two of you were transfixed on the little bundle of happiness that you cradled tightly in your arms, proud smiles on both of your faces as you quickly found yourselves adjusting to your new life as parents together.
It had only been a couple of hours, and already the two of you were obsessed. Neither of you ever imagined that someone could steal your heart so quickly, but your daughter had well and truly done that, and it was only just the start.
Whilst you were firmly on bedrest as your recovery began, Yoonoh was nothing short of angel around the suite, making sure that he took care of not only your baby, but you as well, doing all the things that he knew you weren’t able to do.
With your eyes glancing down at your daughter, your eyes glanced across as Yoonoh stood up from the end of your bed, walking across to the table in the corner of your room.
“Remember the midwife told you that you needed to stay hydrated,” he spoke up, picking up a water bottle off the tray that a member of ward staff had brought round.
As you tried to reach out to take the bottle whilst also maintaining a hold of your daughter, Yoonoh’s head shook. He took the lid off, placing it into the pocket of his jeans, grabbing a straw from the bag that he had bought from the shop on the bottom level of the hospital, placing it in the bottle.
“Now you don’t have to move,” he smiled, holding the bottle out so that you could reach your lips around the straw, “I knew buying this would turn out to be practical.”
“You really are just full of good ideas,” you teased.
His head nodded proudly, waiting patiently by your side until you let go of the straw, letting him know that you had drunk enough. Yoonoh tucked the top of the straw into the bottle, placing the lid back on before putting it back on the tray.
“I can’t wait to look after my two favourite girls for the rest of my life,” Yoonoh suddenly announced, turning on his heels so that he could reclaim his spot on the end of your bed, “is there anything else that you need before I sit down comfortably?”
“You’ve already done more than enough,” you smiled appreciatively over at him, “you need to rest as well, you’ve had a pretty hectic few hours going through labour by my side too.”
Instantly, his head shook back at you, “there’s no way that you can compare what you’ve been through to what I’ve been through. It’s going to take time for you to recover, but I promise that I’ll help you out with everything that you need.”
Throughout the entirety of your pregnancy Yoonoh had taken the best care of you, determined to be the greatest husband and father that he could be. That kindness quickly translated through your labour too, supporting you through every single second, and now your baby was here, he was still right by your side, refusing to leave you go through anything alone.
Your bright eyes glanced across at Yoonoh once again, reluctantly looking away from your daughter. “I’m not in as much pain as you think I am, the midwife said in a few days most of the pain would disappear.”
“That gives me days to take care of you, at least,” he challenged, switching up your words so that they worked in his favour, “once we leave this hospital you are not going to be allowed to move a muscle unless it’s to be a mum.”
Your head shook, although deep down you knew that there was no arguing with Yoonoh. “I always knew you were protective, but this is most definitely a new side of you recently, I’m not fragile glass that my shatter.”
“The two of you are my family,” he reminded you in a gentle tone, “which means you are fragile glass, and it’s my duty to protect the two of you. Labour was tough, you can’t treat it as if it was nothing, even if you don’t want to worry me.”
Your stubbornness was definitely a quality of yours that Yoonoh picked up on quickly, realising soon into your relationship that you never liked to ask for help. Even when you were pregnant, your independence was something that you tried to hold onto for as long as possible.
“Labour was worth it, look at the reward,” you mused, nodding in the direction of your daughter.
“It most definitely was worth it, I hate to sound smug, but we’ve got some good genes Y/N.”
Although your daughter was only a few hours old, it didn’t take long for you to notice that she had Yoonoh’s chin perfected. Meanwhile he was quick to notice how similar your cheeks were, with the same tinted glow that yours often had as a result of the endless compliments that Yoonoh loved to pay to you whenever he was in your company.
“I have to agree with you there, it seems as if we make cute babies together.”
Yoonoh stretched his arm out, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to offer you a bit more support as you sat upright. His other hand adjusted the cushion that pressed into the small of your back, making sure that it remained puffed up for you to rest on.
“I’m alright,” you instructed as he began to get frantic around you once again, “you really don’t need to do anything.”
A quiet apology was muttered from underneath his breath, stopping himself from adjusting the gown that you wore too. “I just feel like there’s so many things that I should help you with, especially whilst you’re holding her, you’re not able to do anything else.”
“If I need anything doing, then I’ll let you know,” you assured him with a smile, “until then, just trust that I’m alright, your two girls really are happy, without you worrying.”
“Am I making it that obvious how nervous I am right now?” Yoonoh asked you, dropping his shoulders when you nodded in response. “I just want these moments to be perfect, you only have your first baby once, and it’s up to me to make sure that everything is perfect.”
You smiled weakly across at Yoonoh, encouraging him to take a few deep breaths as instead of nagging at you, he calmly brushed his hand over the top of your daughter’s head.
He couldn’t help but chuckle knowing that the little girl in your arms would have years ahead of her with a protective father. Even after all of the years that the two of you had been together, you never quite got used to how protective Yoonoh was of you.
“It’s not just these first few moments too, it’s the moments ahead for the rest of our lives as a family,” Yoonoh whispered in a hushed voice, “I want to always be able to look after you, not just for  whilst Y/D/N is young, or whilst you’re recovering from labour over the next couple of weeks, I never want either of you to spend a second of your lives feeling as if you’re not safe with me.”
Your head nodded back across at him, “becoming a dad really has made you quite the soppy one, have I ever told you just how cute you are Yoonoh?”
“You have, that’s why we’re here with a baby now.”
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isearchedtheyooniverse · 4 months ago
[1:27 AM]
"Do you like that?" Each word is enunciated as Jaehyun's hips piston in and out ruthlessly, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing throughout the empty dorm living room in the most embarrassing way. The other members were out vlogging, and Jaehyun had jumped at the chance to jump on your bones as you walked through the doors expecting a sweet and quiet date.
His large hands were rough on your soft curves, veins prominent along his arms as he grabbed your ass in a vice-like grip, reciprocating the grip your pussy had on his dick. His grip hurt but you couldn't give a flying fuck as he pounded into you fiercely from behind.
Your voice makes incoherent noises and moans, and Jaehyun doesn't like that you didn't answer his question. The next thing you knew, your head was being yanked back by your hair, your long locks curled around his hand in a makeshift ponytail. The force had your back to his chest and the new angle only made his cock hit that sweet spot in you.
"I didn't hear you," he growls next to your ear as your voice reaches pitches higher than you could imagine.
"Yes, yes Jae--,"
Your body shivers and you yelp when you feel his hand slam across your ass. "That's not my name, slut,"
"Sorry daddy," you whimper, tears welling up in your eyes as Jaehyun's hand dances across your hip to your clit, fingers playing furiously. "I love it, I love it," you cry out, the peak of your orgasm teetering at the edge. Your high crashes upon you as he commands you to come, the waves washing over your body in a warm tingly feeling, your toes curling, body shaking. He doesn't even stop his movements as he guides you through, balls slapping against your ass as you cry out into the pillow as he pushes you face down, hand around your neck.
"Good, cause we're not done yet,"
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jaerontaemo · a month ago
Subs: Taeyong who opens the morning with loud footsteps. TY: Is our Jaehyunie up yet? (X2) Subs: Jaehyun who is frozen with eyes open.
TY: Jaehyunah, Jaehyunah your eyes are open are you dead? Subs: Our Jaehyunie who died with his eyes open ㅠㅠ!!
TY: Are you sleeping with your eyes open? Subs: As soon as they met there's a morning skit
TY: Did you sleep well last night? You used to not be able to sleep without hyung. JH: *snores~* Subs: lets lay down together. JH: Ah~(!)
TY: Jaehyunah... did you change? Subs (with trainee pic): Jaehyun who was clingy to Tyong-hyung
TY: since trainee days if hyung wasnt there you couldnt sleep, come here. Subs: Go away! TY: ㅋㅋㅋ
Subs: Taeyong who spent an enjoyable(?) time with Jaehyun.
Video cr. Jaetyong_bot (twt)
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meowmark · 7 months ago
Wait For You | J.JH
Tumblr media
Title: Wait for You
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader (female)
Genre: fluff, a tiny bit of angst
Word count: 2.8k of patience and repressed feelings
Warnings: language, nothing more I think
Synopsis: Jaehyun asks you to meet him at the front door of your parents’ house late at night.
A/N: yooo, another fic and this time I serve you suitor!jaehyun :) I wrote this at the night of my birthday which is yesterday up until 6 am today lmfdaof and yes I have that other unfinished jaehyun fic, but just revel at this one for the moment! I hope you like it :) x
A deep sigh escapes your mouth as you let yourself sink into the comfort of your own bed. You went home to your parents' house for spring break as you decided it would be the perfect place to unwind from the restless week of final exams. You ought to stay in your dorm but realized you'd be alone there by yourself as your roommate told you she'll be going to her hometown as well.
So here you are, body flopped on your favorite set of bed linens, literally thinking about nothing after a nice shower before bedtime. You were unloading your duffle bag leisurely by the end of your bed when you heard a ping from your phone.
Jaehyun: What do I tell your parents when I knock at your front door?
You jolt up from your seat, panicking and empty-headed as you pace aimlessly before peeking out your bedroom window.
Is he kidding right now?
He fucking can't be here.
After all, he's not even your boyfriend... yet. He's just been courting you for over a few months now, and you just aren't ready for a relationship yet as you've somehow restricted yourself to focus on your studies. You told him this, so he'd know you're not just leading him on. He understood, but he's really persistent—in a good way but it's still driving you crazy.
From the overly heart-fluttering woos by dedicating a song for you one too many times at the university cafeteria; professing his affection for you in every basketball match he plays by gesturing heart signs to you, who's somehow almost always present at the bleachers every match; and to the simple acts of kindness and courtesy he shows you, plus his dashing dimpled smile. All of those makes your heart swell even just by the thought of them. You have no idea why he's so smitten with you, despite your subtle rejections and your reason why you just cannot say yes to him.
But deep inside, there's a part of you that wanted to jump and crash onto the warning sign. You like to put your priorities first and that is your studies and the last on the list is to get into a relationship. You know very well how distracting love is after experiencing it firsthand. You once had a heartbreak during high school and it took a toll on you. You lost track of your goal and eventually dropped from the list of the top performing students. And you certainly won't let that happen again this time in college, as you've managed to endure years of shunning the idea of having a boyfriend and the daring thought of flings as some sort of temporal pleasure.
It's funny how you talk about priorities and shit yet you find yourself easily dragged by your friends to seat with the hollering crowd at the bleachers whenever Jaehyun has a basketball match. And what's even more incongruous of you was how you almost wanted to tell him you like him back—because you really do and you're just too stubborn and rigorous with yourself. You're flattered that someone as great of a man as Jaehyun would ever fall head-over-heels for you, but at the same time sorry for him as you felt like he might just be wasting his time courting you endlessly for nothing.
But not really for nothing though. Because you kind of had this sort of attraction towards him when you learned of his crush on you. He certainly would have something for him if he keeps up, but you'd seem selfish if you keep him waiting.
But boy, oh boy, is Jung Jaehyun that whipped for you. He told you how he's willing to wait until you're ready. He must have mined a little fraction of hope from how you've decided to give him a shot—as a friend at least. You're also quite thankful how he never went out of the line and gave you space. It's like he's there, showing you how much he likes you by respecting your principles and priorities.
He said he's willing to wait for you.
But what is Jaehyun doing at your front door at your parents' house, in the middle of the night?
You: You're kidding, right?
You type down the reply. You remember jokingly daring him to come at your parent's house if he really is that persistent. He even challenged and double-dared himself by saying how he'd be so confident to introduce himself to your parents as your suitor, that they'd surely like him for you. It's that banter that you should have been careful with, especially how you never thought he'd believe the house address you've scribbled down on a scrap of paper when he asked for it.
He really is unbelievable.
But no one's outside? Not even a hint of his shadow. He might just be messing with you right now.
You go back to sit at the edge of your bed and continue unpacking your stuffs from the bag. And it's not even a whole day yet since you went home and there Jaehyun goes again, impossibly leaving your thoughts anytime soon.
What if he's really here? You thought. But you couldn't be more sure unless you check it yourself. You sneak downstairs and tiptoed up to the front door. You fumble with the door latches as mute as possible to avoid stirring your family from their sleep.
You poke your head outside, scanning the front porch for any signs of Jaehyun. None. And as your eyes land on a slick black car parked behind the iron gate, you are met with a view of Jaehyun leaning against the side of his car, his eyes busy and concentrated on typing on his phone.
Then your phone pings. He looks up at the distant sound and his eyes meet yours. He waves a hand over his head—as if he's not noticeable enough under the glow of the street light. The dimpled smile etches itself onto his face as he straightens up to walk up to the gate. He slings his jacket over his shoulder and chuckles as he sees your still star-struck face through the spaces between the iron railings.
"I'm here," he says. You can't be seeing wrong as he's really there outside your house in full glory. "You are," were the only words you could manage. He nods with a toothy grin and exhales a laugh. Either he can't believe you've given him your real address, which means you bet on the low probability of him appearing in front of your parent's house to literally get their blessing on asking you out.
He watches you stare at him incredulously as you furrow your eyebrows in disbelief.
"I told you I'll come." His soft gaze proves enough conviction as he looks at you, unwillingly blinking as this is surreal for him as well. You open the gate for him and with wary, you dare to behold his handsome face in full view. There's just something about his aura tonight that your heart can't help but skip a beat. "Please come in." You move out of the way, tucking your still damp hair behind your ear as you try to look elsewhere.
"Your house is pretty." Jaehyun compliments. But you're prettier. He says in his mind. He's used to tell you this in full confidence around the campus, but somehow he's being coy around you tonight. Maybe it's because he's at your parent's house? Chill man, you're not asking her hand for marriage yet. Just think they'll like you. He talks to himself again.
Unbeknownst to him, his apparent jumpiness shows to the surface and you think he's being adorable. You can't read people well, but Jaehyun is literally an open page of clear texts right now. You smile to yourself but that didn't go unnoticed by him as he heard your quiet chuckles.
"I can't believe you really went to this address." You shake your head with arms akimbo, but not of regret since he somewhat showed you how tenacious he is. He really drove this far and is probably tired from driving for couple of hours. And just as you think of it, he stifles a yawn behind his forearm.
"You know I'd feel really bad had I gave you a fake address. Who knows I might have put you in grave danger." You admit, letting out a fervent sigh with a slight pout as you look at his face. "But I'm glad you made it here safe." You give him a small smile of relief. Jaehyun returns you his dimpled smile.
"I would have still made it here with a fake address though. I cross-referenced it through your friends before I drove here," He chuckles, crossing his arms over his chest. Once again, you're left with your eyebrows knitted and a quizzical look on your face. You remember telling your friends not to tell anyone where you're going for the spring break, and yet they told Jaehyun. You scoff with a laugh.
"For someone who's willing to wait, you're quite impatient to be wanting to meet my parents right then and there." You jest, squinting your eyes at him as you adeptly walked backwards to sit on the wooden bench by the front porch. Jaehyun giggles at your remark and sits beside you—a good distance is kept between you. "But if you ask, I'm feeling nervous right now. But I'll do it anyway." He says, looking you in the eye. Wait, is he really planning on meeting your parents right now?
"You're being serious..." You trail off, intentionally cutting it off as it should come across him. "Yeah. That's why I'm here, Y/n." He shrugs like it's common sense and you're the one beating around the bush. One thing you hate about him, is how smug and witty he can get whenever he tries to tease you. And one thing you most admire about him, is how well he wears his heart on his sleeve. He even admitted to you how nervous he is, but he's going to do it no matter what.
Such a man, Jung Jaehyun.
And maybe you are starting to lay down blocks off your wall and allow yourself to fall in love again.
The two of you fall silent as you both couldn't pull out any sort of conversation. You roll your slippers against the tiny round pebbles and hear them quietly crash through the silence. Jaehyun fidgets with the buttons of his jacket on his lap, cuing for himself before he slings it over your shoulder. Your slouched posture suddenly straightens at the contact of his apparel, laced with the scent of his sophisticated musky perfume. A smile tugs on your lips but you purse them back, for he might see. And he did see you smile. Oh the things he'd do just to see your smile.
You brave for what's next when you turn to look at him fully. His eyes are already on you but apparently alert from his reverie. He's been gazing at you until you turned to him. And he's loving how your eyes are trained to him. You don't say a word and just stare, waiting for anything to break the silence.
He's so beautiful sitting by your front porch with his soft hair and handsome face. How could you have withstood him for so long without actually thinking about kissing him? And knowing he likes you so much with a lively passion?
Should you let yourself kiss him? Would he?
"Can I—"
"You were—"
You both speak at the same time.
"Oh. You go first." You say, still contemplating about what you were about to say anyway. "You were probably about to sleep when I came here. I'm sorry." Jaehyun apologizes, scratching the back of his neck. Well, you really were supposed to sleep. But you'd truly regret if you did. "No, it's fine. I wasn't planning on sleeping in right away." You smile at him, jitters evident on your voice. "Then what were you about to say?" He asks, turning to fully face you. The good distance now few inches less as you're now both tilted to face each other with your knees bumping.
"Oh, that?" You trail off, suddenly darting your eyes elsewhere but his.
You both say at the same time again. But you can't allow interruptions now.
"Can I kiss you?" You ask boldly, wincing inwardly as you see his eyes widen at your abrupt candor. There was a short while before he mouthed a 'yes' to you. With nothing in between, your lips found his expectant ones, pressing onto each other in a chaste kiss. He's waited for this and he couldn't believe the disparity of the taste of your lips in reality than what he only used to dream of. You swear you see glitters of excitement and sparks of happiness as you kiss each other. Jaehyun cups your face with both of his hands and you thumb at his jaw as you feel your lips together. You're so happy that you realized you like him back that it made you tear up. The tears squeeze out from your closed eyes and rolls down your cheeks. Jaehyun senses the cold tears on his own cheeks and pulls away from you ever so slowly. His thumbs were quick to wipe off your tears and waits for you to open your eyes.
"Was it too much, babe?" His eyes are filled with concern, gazing at you intently as you finally look at him with misty eyes. "I was just happy, don't worry." You say, hoping your smile would ease his worry. You attach your lips to his again to peck for few times and pull back with your hands equally cupping his face just as he's doing so.
"It just felt like forever since the last time I felt like this." You say, looking down with an overwhelmed smile as you slide off your hands from his face. Jaehyun turns himself further to face you, his leg propped on what used to be the good distance between you. He rests his arm over the back of the bench. He leans in closer to you again, but not for a kiss this time.
"Since you felt like what?" Jaehyun quips, a playful but expectant grin plastered on his handsome face. He knows very well what you mean, but just needs to hear it from you for himself to rave about.
You raise your head to give him a mocking glare, and can't help but chuckle at you. "You already know what." You try to dismiss, but failing as he only leans much closer.
"Since I felt like falling in love." You slur, still too shy to confess to him.
Ha, as if you weren't the one who kissed him first. Well you couldn't wait anymore.
"What? I didn't quite hear that." Jaehyun teases, already feeling the excited butterflies fluttering up and around his stomach.
You couldn't stand his teasing anymore so you say out loud, "I'm falling in love! I'm falling in love with you Jung Jaehyun!" You felt like your face would be buried on your palms for a few decades so you might as well hide the way you rip your face in halves as you smile uncontrollably from all the giddiness you're feeling right now. And you'd least likely want to witness Jaehyun exhibit his smug grin right now in front of you.
"You were quite smooth right there, huh."
"What do you mean?" Jaehyun's confused, not really getting what you're saying.
"Was it too much, babe? 'Babe' huh?" You tease. however, you like it. Very much that it's making you fucking embarrassed to him.
You were both laughing at each other from what just unfolded when the front door suddenly opens. The voice sounding after the muted swing of the wooden door is what alerts you and Jaehyun.
"You didn't tell me your boyfriend is coming over. Or at least tell me you have one?" Your mother questions; your father and older sister standing beside her by the door frame. Uh-oh. Haha.
"Mom, dad, this is Jaehyun," you gesture. Everyone waits for you to continue.
"My boyfriend," You turn your head to Jaehyun, who's now bowing at your parents and sister. He gives them a warm smile and straightens himself to seem likeable. Well, he doesn't really need to impress anyone further, seeing as to how your mother and father smiles back fondly at him, your older sister gesturing an 'ok' sign at you. You couldn't help but shy away a bit from them.
"We heard." Your father says, mostly referencing the way you shouted out loud how you're falling in love with Jaehyun at the quiet of the night. Oh dear goodness.
"It's pretty late and you might get tired driving. Would you want to stay over for the night, Jaehyun?" Your mother offers. And as if an instinct, you and Jaehyun turns your heads to each other. You give him a small smile before he answers,
"I'd love to."
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sugarjaee · 10 months ago
two months ; jjh
↳ pairing ⇹ jung jaehyun x reader
↳ genre ⇹ fluff <3 / college!au / best friend!au
↳ word count ⇹ 1.6k
↳ summary ⇹ you finally admit your feelings for your college best friend jaehyun.
Tumblr media
You walked down the hall of your dorm, moving as quickly as you can just to get behind the protection of your door. You fumbled with your keys as you pulled them out from your pocket, nearly dropping them on the floor. You made it to your door, breathing a sigh of relief thinking you’d made it.
That’s the exact moment you heard him calling your name. You sighed again, this time annoyed as you turned around to see Jung Jaehyun standing in the hall. Sure, Jaehyun was nice, beautiful to look at, but he was a bit of an airhead. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, he just sometimes annoyed you. But best friends did that.
You ran through the hallways so quickly because you couldn’t bare to look at him anymore. You couldn’t stand to hear his soft voice calling your name, wanting to talk to you. Without nearly falling apart knowing that you loved him so much. You had since the day you met him.
You remember the day you met him at orientation all those months ago. You somehow ended up standing next to each other in the crowd of first years who got pushed out onto the lawn. He bumped into you by accident. You were almost mad, until you looked up to see the person who had hit you. He was the most beautiful person you’d ever seen, he nearly took your breath away. Before he apologized and you were reminded of the situation.
You spent the next hour of orientation talking to each other, your hands were shaking so badly yet you didn’t want to stop hearing him speak. You made fun of the activities, neither of you were into it and would rather be somewhere else.
“Why don’t we sneak off? No one would notice.” He asked you so gently.
Ever since you ran off with him that day you had been best friends. You were the first person either of you had met at Uni. You each took comfort in knowing someone. Your friendship just continued to evolve as time went on. Jaehyun had soon become the most important person in your life. Whenever you were in class you were together. Talking about anything and everything. Jaehyun was on the basketball team, you made sure to go to all of his games. Though your heart constantly broke knowing that almost every girl there had their eyes on him. You liked to read, Jaehyun would follow you to the bookstore, acting like a dork as he dramatically read the synopsis of the books or pointed out weird and funny titles. You’d sit in your dorm and order pizza and you watched movies together. You’d always melt when his body was so close to yours.
Jaehyun was really the only person you had at Uni. The thought of admitting to him how you really felt scared you so much because you were afraid of losing your only and best friend to emotions you were sure you’d get over in a matter of time. But it has been months and you were getting nowhere.
Now you stood in your dorm hallway, your keys hanging from your fingers as you stared at the boy you had realized you loved.
“Have you been avoiding me?” Jaehyun asked.
“No.” You said it quickly.
Jaehyun laughed in disbelief. “Mhm, is that why you’re running down the halls as if you’re in a horror movie?”
“I’m not in a horror movie.” This sure felt like one though. Standing before the person you feared most. Jaehyun wasn’t scary by any means but your feelings for him sure are.
“Well, obviously.” Jaehyun looked off to the side, another student was walking down the halls. You could tell he didn’t want to continue any sort of conversation in the open. “Are you going to invite me in, or...?”
You really didn’t want to. Inviting him in, he’s be too close. That scared you. But you also hated the idea of turning him away. “Um, sure.” You gulped, unlocking your door and holding it open for him.
The problem with falling in love for your best friend was that those feelings could ruin everything if you let them.
You had realized about two weeks ago that your feelings for a jaehyun were more than just friendly. He was sitting on your bed, just as he was now, looking perfect as always. Talking about something stupid.
“You’re a fucking idiot,” you said, laughing.
Jaehyun’s mouth hung open in an act of offence. “I am not.” He was laughing too. “I’m quite intelligent.”
“Okay ball boy.”
“Ball boy? That’s literally the dumbest fucking thing i’ve ever heard like... What?” He was laughing too hard. You both found it way funnier than it was.
This only made you laugh harder and as you stared at him it hit you. The realization of just how deep what you felt for him was. It was the realization that this wasn’t something you were ever going to just get over.    It all hit you like a moving train.
And for two weeks since you had avoided him at all costs. Which led him to being back in the same position now.
“So,” Jaehyun said, looking up at you. You were standing awkwardly near the door, ready to run out at any second. “Where’ve you been these past couple weeks Ive hardly seen you.”
“Busy,” you blurted out, trying to be quick with your responses to hide the fact that you were lying. “You know, exams are coming up,” you added to make it more believable.
“Exams are in two months.”
You smiled, trying to hide your desperation. The light from the window was hitting his face in the most perfect angle making his soft feature smooth and just perfect. “Gotta get started early can’t fall behind.” You were talking way too quickly for your own good.
“Thats fair, I guess but that doesn’t really sound like you.” Jaehyun said, he knew you too well he saw through all your lies.
Did he know? He had to know there was no way. Shit shit. Why does he have to look so beautiful in this light?  It’s not fair.
“You can tell me you know.” He was standing up now. He took a small step toward you, followed by another and then another after that. Until he was standing right in front of you.
“Tell you what exactly?” You were still committed to the lie, holding onto the hope that he had no idea. Jaehyun may be an airhead but you knew he wasn’t that dumb.
“You know exactly what i’m talking about.” His voice was soft and low. His hand lightly touched yours, trailing up your arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake.
He definitely knew.
You gulped. “I definitely don’t.”
“How long?” He asked. His hand was in your hair.
“What?” You felt like you could hardly breathe.
“It’s been three months for me.” His lips were almost touching yours as he spoke.
Maybe you were the airhead.
“Jaehyun...” you gasped. It was all you could manage to get out.
“Yes?” His voice was calm as he’d been planning this for a long time. Waiting for this moment to finally come.
“I-I.” You desperately wanted to tell him. Wanted to tell him how much you loved him. How you had for so long but was stupid enough to only realize not so long ago. You wanted to tell him how scared you were to say anything in fear he wouldn’t feel the same and have your feelings ruin your friendship. But you couldn’t say any of that. All you could do was kiss him.
Your lips crashed into his. Your hands latching into his shirt and pulling him into you. Jaehyun’s hands were in your hair, running through it as he held your head close to his. He kissed you back with so much passion. As if he had been wanting it to. Just as badly as you did.
You kissed him with all the built up emotion you had been stewing in for all those months waiting to finally be able to do it. To get over your fears and just admit he was more to you than just a friend.
After a long moment, he slowly pulled away as if he wasn’t ready to stop but knew he had to.
“I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.”
“You have?” Despite what just happened you couldn’t believe the idea that Jaehyun could feel the same way.
He let out a small laugh. “Yeah, two months. I told you- I’ve been trying to tell you for a while but you’ve been avoiding me.”
You looked down, embarrassed. “Sorry about that. I just-“ You paused, looking up to his waiting brown eyes. They were just so dreamy, you couldn’t count the amount of times you got lost in them. “I just love you.”
Jaehyun smiled. “About time you admitted it.”
“How did you-“
“Know?” He finished your sentence. “You do realize your horrible and hiding things and a bad liar to boot.”
You pushed his shoulder. “I’m not that bad.” You tried to defend yourself in a hopeless attempt. You were an awful liar and Jaehyun knowing you as well as he did didn't help your cause.
“Mhm sure...” He smiled again, as his face got closer to yours. “I’m gonna kiss you again, okay? I wasn’t really prepared for the first one. I didn’t think you’d have the balls to just do it. I was expecting you to stutter out. I love you and move on, acting like it never happened.”
Before you could retort, his lips were back on yours. Kissing you gently and so perfectly. Just as you had imagined it would be.
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blu-joons · 3 days ago
He Introduces You To His Son ~ Jeong Yoonoh
Tumblr media
“He’s just like me, and so in that case you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
Your eyebrows furrowed as Yoonoh assured you that you had no need to worry about meeting his son for the first time. Although you had heard plenty of stories about his son, knowing that he was like Yoonoh had you worried, having been through enough of his jokes, you couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to be around a second person who could tease you endlessly.
You sat nervously on the sofa as you heard footsteps come down the stairs, messing with your hands in your lap. Your eyes looked to the living room door, as did Yoonoh’s, as his son slowly crept into the room, looking around firstly at you, and then to Yoonoh nervously, tiptoeing across the room into his dad’s open hold.
Your heart was pounding as you smiled across at him whilst Yoonoh lifted him up into his lap. He wasn’t quite sure which of the two of you was more nervous as neither of you quite knew what to say to one another.
“H/S/N, this is Y/N, I told you about her, didn’t I?” Yoonoh asked him, pressing a kiss to the top of his head as his son nodded in response to him.
As his eyes looked across to you again, you offered him another smile, trying to figure out what to do in order to impress him. “It’s lovely to meet you,” you told him, standing up from the sofa, kneeling on the floor and offering your hand for him to shake.
“Daddy, is Y/N the one that spilt her drink down herself when you went to dinner?”
“No,” Yoonoh lied, feeling your eyes dart across at him as your cheeks instantly began to darken, “that definitely wasn’t Y/N, so let’s not bring that up again, shall we?”
Your son nodded as he walked across to you, shaking your hand with a firm grip. “I’m H/S/N,” he introduced himself, “and my uncles told me to tell you that you’re not to hurt my daddy.”
“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on it,” you replied.
“They said to tell you that I’ll break one of your bones if you do,” he added, unaware of the bright red shade in Yoonoh’s cheeks behind, muttering an apology across to you as you met his eyes.
Your head shook back at him as you kept the smile on his face, “don’t worry I don’t plan on hurting your daddy’s feelings H/S/N, you can tell your uncles that one too.”
His head nodded as he scrambled out of his father’s hold, making his way across to his toybox. Yoonoh moved onto the floor to sit beside you once his arms were free, moving his arms around your shoulders as you continued to shoot a glare in his direction.
“Wipe that smug smile off of your face,” you warned him, poking your finger against his cheek. “I can’t believe you told him about when I spilt the wine, I thought that we agreed that we would drop that one,” you reminded him, as his shoulders shrugged back at you. “I could share a few embarrassing stories about you too, don’t forget that one Yoonoh.”
“I’ll make it the biggest mistake of your life if you do,” he challenged, pressing a kiss against the top of your head, “I’m sure H/S/N would find it hilarious if I told him about the time that you tripped in the middle of the restaurant and made the waiter drop all of the plates.”
Your head shook as Yoonoh knew that he had you cornered, changing the subject as you began to join in with his son and his game before you could challenge Yoonoh again.
As you watched the two of them, it really was as if you were watching the same person, they had an incredible bond between the two of them, sharing the same sense of humour. Whenever Yoonoh tried to tease you, his son backed you up, or when his son wanted you to do something that would embarrass you, Yoonoh was more than happy to egg you on and encourage you to do it too.
“What do you say about Y/N staying for dinner?” Yoonoh asked his son as the evening began to roll around.
“Does she like pizza?” His son asked in reply, smiling widely as your head nodded back at him.
With the promise of pizza, you didn’t have to think twice about staying for dinner, keen to make the most of the time to stay in his son’s best books too. Whilst the two of you continued your game, Yoonoh grabbed his phone to think about ordering.
“Uncle Taeyong told me to ask you if you loved my daddy Y/N, can I ask you that?”
“Love is a very special word H/S/N.”
His head nodded as he shuffled a little closer towards you, “I got told that for you to really want to be with my daddy, then you have to love him. They said that if you tell me that you just like my daddy, that I have to ring one of them to come and save me.”
You weren’t quite sure what to do other than laugh as his son continued to push you into admitting that you loved Yoonoh. Your eyes watched him closely as he ordered, watching intently as soon as he was done, tuning back into the conversation and quickly realising exactly what direction his son was going in as he spoke to you too.
“What have I told you about not listening to your uncles,” Yoonoh quickly reminded him.
Once again, he found himself apologising to you after the games that the boys decided to play with his son, in order to make getting with you as difficult as possible for Yoonoh.
“When I get back to the studio tomorrow, I’m going to make sure they know how smart they are,” he frowned as his son ran off again to play with some new toys, leaving the two of you on the living room floor together.
“They’re only messing with you; they don’t mean any harm Yoonoh.”
He was thankful that you were so understanding of the boys’ very particular sense of humour, whilst most people probably would have been scared off by how they acted, you understood exactly why they were so protective.
“It seems like they’ve got H/S/N wrapped around their finger too,” you joked.
Yoonoh’s head nodded in agreement with you, “now do you see why I warned you about him? He’s not just got my humour in him, but he’s got the influence of the other boys in him too.”
“I admit, he’s quite a cheeky one,” you smiled as you rested into Yoonoh’s side, “but I can see how well the two of you get on, so all I can hope is that I manage to slot into your family too, I don’t want to disturb him.”
“I can tell that he already likes you,” he quickly assured you, “and just so you know, you definitely don’t have to tell me that you love me, despite what he tells you.”
The smile on your face continued to grow, “I think one day I definitely will find myself loving you, today was quite an important day for me to decide whether I could love you, or more whether you’d love me.”
“Was meeting H/S/N really that big of a dealbreaker for you today?” Yoonoh asked you.
“Of course, impressing your son is a big deal to me.”
“You’ve definitely impressed him, I’ve not seen him smile like that in a while.”
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llolath · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pêssego e sua essência
a segunda capinha foi inspirada na @purrstell (spirit)
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justkpopfansofficial · a month ago
50 seconds of stress because Jaehyun is being adorable
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nakamoto-aesthetics · 7 months ago
[ 12:56 am ] “yes baby, look at me just like that” your boyfriend, jaehyun holds your chin in place to make sure you’re looking directly in his eyes.
“jaehyun” you cry out, throwing your head back; rolling your hips onto his fingers, pumping your tight pussy with his middle and ring finger. jaehyun was looking down at you watching your face contours into different expressions.
you let out what jaehyun thinks is the most beautiful moan he’s ever heard. it’s sweet and gentle as your high reaches. he realizes this and thrusts his finger faster.
you finish by moaning his name loudly and thrashing your hips around. jaehyun whispering the words ‘look at me princess’ ‘keep looking at me’ ‘just like that baby’
“you’re so sexy, babydoll”
NCT Masterlist
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