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#<- same 馃
drewlypsoa day ago
My Los Camp! soccer post was literally about Allez les blues I'm glad I'm not the only one who got tricked by that song lol
they tricked me so hard i thought allez les blues was referring to some super sad french ballad but nah its just soccer 馃様
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zhuhongs2 days ago
the SID: Greetings Heipao Daren
Shen Wei: ahahha.. pls just carry on.. dont mind me im just taking ur leader to his office... nothing else :) dont overthink that i brought him here this morning either
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halspur5 days ago
Hello, I am kinda new in fandom and I want to say that I really love your fics! Hope you having a safe travel and a good time :)
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jccjjskskd thank you boss 馃挄
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fivefeetfangirl6 days ago
everyone is talking about orpheus and eurydice and i was like yaz i love that opera from 1607 but during all this time y'all where actually talking about a musical from 2006
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taketheringtolohac6 days ago
this might be worded weirdly so i hooope it gets the point across but you are the blaseball/tumblrworth mutual who is very funny and also is filipino? me too?? - 馃
SOMEONE KNOWS ME FOR BEING FILIPINO???? anon I am giving u my heart. I give u a kiss on the forehead.
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magicalmess936 days ago
I ship Gordon Bombay and Johnny Lawrence. Can you imagine their lives had they been able to meet?
Shared trauma
A need for redemption
Touch starved
Wanting to be better for the kids they love
A fic might be coming soon
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Tumblr media
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lady-ivie-iv7 days ago
i am sO glad im not the only one who thought kansas was fictional
Shdjfhsj it's a universal experience then
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coffeeshib7 days ago
thank you for your contribution to middle part lena supremacy it is the only thing i think about in every given moment in time
(squishy) middle part lena rights!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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evildilf28 days ago
OMG LMAO... I remember I made a side blog cause I was so embarrassed by it & didn鈥檛 want to lose all my cool leftist followers 馃槶
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kirbyofthestars8 days ago
i think if kirby called fluff 'handsome' he would feel very gender euphoric (dont mind me i just rly like transmasc fluff)
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kaizokuwritings12 days ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Issa (@issatheartist) and Meli in front of Benn and Gaban
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helpingfriendlybook13 days ago
scrubs and mash are literally the same show
EDIT this is not to say that i am not enjoying scrubs immensely so far. i am. i love it. its just the same show and its driving me insane
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