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#Brie Larson

I intensely dislike Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Scott himself but fuck if I’m not gonna see Brie Larson make me gay as hell.

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Like honestly sometimes I want to beat the fuck out of these kids on tik tok, like maybe go listen to some more of their songs before you speak to me. LMFAO I love Brie’s version, don’t take this seriously, it’s not that deep.

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Brie Larson

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I think that everyone forgot that Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson co-stared in a movie called Unicorn Store. Those two went from a painter who wants to buy a unicorn and a salesman selling unicorns to a galaxy saving super hero duo.

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*  ˚     ·  ⊹  Brie Larson (crédit Faust) 

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Hey YouTube! I hope you are feeling happy and safe in your body. See you next week!

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