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Liam: Do you think we can do it?

Theo: What’s that?

Liam: Be good… be heroes… be werewolves in other places?

Theo: Let me answer that question with another question.

Liam: And what question is that?

Theo: Waffles or pancakes?

[They stare at each other and smile]

Liam: Waffles, duh.

[Theo offers his hand and Liam interlocks his fingers with his]

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Derek Hale x Reader

!! i don’t own this gif or the prompt

Prompt: “If you walk out that door, don’t even think about coming back.”

Warnings: swearing, mild violence i guess you could say

You were in Derek’s loft, sitting on top of the kitchen counter as you ate hot cheetos from the bag sitting beside you. You’d decided to skip school that day. Your brother, Scott, had asked where you were, you lied and told him you weren’t feeling well so you went home.

Derek wasn’t at the loft when you showed up and neither was his new Beta, Isaac. You hadn’t been too upset when the Alpha changed the young boy. They told you he was saved by the bite and it had inevitably been an accident. Scott told you otherwise, insisting that Derek was building a pack to get him to join them. You didn’t know who to believe, you trusted your boyfriend but Scott was your brother. That’s why you didn’t tell him you were there.

The big metal door slid open with a scraping sound and a bang. A smile spread across your lips and you turned to the door, waiting to see your boyfriend walk through. Instead you saw Isaac and a blonde girl from school, Erica, you recalled.

“(Y/N) y-you’re.. you’re supposed to be at school,” Isaac stuttered and turned to look at Derek who was now walking through the door.

The smile on your face faltered as you looked between the three. Derek’s skin paled as he stared wide eyed at you and swallowed thickly. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket and squared his shoulders. His sharp green eyes then locked with yours in a hardened gaze.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Derek said simply.

“What’s this?” you questioned, gesturing to the girl who was still comfortably holding onto Isaac.

Derek looked at his Beta and nodded his head to the stairs in a single command. Isaac obeyed and started to lead Erica across the room.

“Isaac,” your sharp tone cause him to stop immediately. He kept his back to you but turned his head to let you know he was listening. “Is she… Did he turn her?” you asked, hopping off of the counter and walking closer.

“Leave them, (Y/N).”

Derek’s warning and Isaac’s silence were enough for you. Your head slowly turned until you were looking at your boyfriend again. His eyes held regret but his face was still stone cold. Your jaw was tight as you hissed, “You lied to me.”

Isaac took that as his chance to escape, quickly escorting Erica upstairs to the safety of a bedroom.

“Scott was right. I trusted you!” you found yourself yelling, voice echoing through the metal structure. The teenagers upstairs didn’t need enhanced senses to hear you.

“I’m doing what needs to be done. I need a pack, we’re stronger that way,” Derek defended himself.

“You want Scott, Derek, admit it,” you seethed in anger. You couldn’t believe he betrayed your trust like that and thought he could hide it. Scott would have told you in a matter of hours and you two would’ve ended up in that situation regardless. “Are you going to turn the whole school until he joins you? Hm? Turn his friends? Turn me?!”

“I’m willing to do whatever I have to do,” he replied, eyes piercing yours. He wasn’t kidding. He was willing to risk your life on a bite just to get to your brother. It had you wondering if he ever actually liked you at all.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t fucking believe you!” you charged at him now. Your hands smacked against his chest with every word you said, even after you were done talking.

Derek let you do it for a moment. He knew you needed to get it out. But only for a moment, he quickly grew irritated at your childish behavior. His eyes glowed red as he snatched your wrists and growled, “That’s enough.”

You pulled your arms out of his grip while his eyes returned to their natural color. You reached up and placed a shaking hand over your mouth, turning away. Your mind was racing. You didn’t know what to do. Scott always knew what to do and you were really wishing he was there right then.

Derek’s eyes flitted to the floor. He could smell every emotion coming off of you. Rage, sadness, anxiety… heartbreak… betrayal. He could practically feel it with how strongly you reeked.

“If you love me, you won’t do this,” you finally said, voice calm and softer.

“(Y/N). Please,” Derek didn’t want to have to choose. He knew you wouldn’t like what he had to say.

“Do you love me?!” you shouted as you whipped back around to him.

“Of course I do!” he exploded, becoming ever more irritated with your behavior. He desperately wanted you to see things his way; convince your brother to just join him and stop the nonsense.

Your bottom lip trembled as you stared at the man in front of you. He couldn’t hold your gaze for longer than a second. His fingers twitched at his sides and his breathing was heavy. His desire to be the Alpha was stronger than his love for you, at least in that moment.

“But that won’t change this. That won’t change your mind,” you stated as a few tears slipped from your eyes. You didn’t bother to wipe them. You wanted him to see how he was hurting you.

You let out a sob as you walked back into the kitchen and grabbed your backpack. You slung it over your shoulder and slid around Derek to get to the door. You didn’t want to touch him, let alone be around him anymore. Just looking at him was ripping your heart to pieces.

You reached for the large sliding door but stopped. The next words that came out of Derek’s mouth made your blood run cold. He stepped on any shred of hope that you two could get through this.

“If you walk out that door, don’t even think about coming back.”

You breathed in deeply through your nose and opened the door roughly. You paused for another second to give him a chance to take it back. When he remained silent you let out a dry laugh.

“Wasn’t planning on it,” your tone was venomous.

With that, you walked out of his loft and slammed the door shut behind you.

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The Pack’s Quarantine Video Chat.


AlphaMcCall, AArgent, KiraYuki, AlphaTwins, MStilinski, CoraH, LiDunbar, JacksonLacrosse, MasonHew, LydMartin, MaliaTH, LIsaac, ReinaErika, DannyTech are conected to the chat.

“OMG is that the sourwolf that my eyes are seeing?!” Stiles asks surprised

“Yes, I forced him to say hi” Cora says

“Why are you wearing Glasses?” Scott asks

“It’s his disguise” Cora snorts teasing his brother.

“No wonder I have to protect you from the FBI if that’s your definition of disguise…” Stiles mutters while the rest are laughing.

“I can see that some of you are spending the quarantine together” Allison says.

“Yeah my parents were Ok with Corey staying with us” Mason explained

“Boyd and I are using for the first time our new apartment” Erika says proudly.

“Why is Theo with you Stiles?” Kira asks

Stiles looks at the Chimera with an annoyed face while Theo smiles brightly.

“I don’t have a house, I had to stay somewhere” Theo says.

“But I offered you to stay with my family” Liam says.


“What!?” Stiles asks turning his face to the chimera.

“Ohh they got you!” Isaac teased. Theo didn’t look guilty at all.

“It seems the chimera wanted to stay with you Stiles…” Ethan says and Aiden laughs.

Stiles then realised. “Did you put the car in a place you knew my father will patrol so he would be morally forced to invite you to our house!?” Stiles asked knowing very well that Theo was capable of coming with such plan. The little schemer.

“Are you Ok Stiles? I can go to your house and take care of him” Malia proposes

“Malia! You said you were going to give Theo a chance!” Scott claims white the werecoyote sighs.

They talked for some time before saying goodbye promising to do another video call tomorrow.

“Ok see you tomorrow guys!” Stiles says. Then he disconnects the call and looks angrily at the Chimera.

“Why did you lie!? What are you planning!?” Stiles asks Theo.

“Nothing really!” Theo responds. “I just wanted to be with you… I thought that If you were forced to be with me we will get along… we could bond a little bit…” Theo admits.

“Why?” Stiles asks confused.

“Don’t make me say it” Theo whispers.

What is he hidding Stiles thinks.

Theo huffs our loud. “You know what you can kick me afterwards” Theo proclaims taking Stiles’s face in his hands and kissing full on the lips.

Oh. Oh. Now it makes sense. Stiles kisses back. He couldn’t deny that he liked the stupid Chimera.

“Please tell me someone is recording this” someone says from Stiles computer starling both he and Theo.

“Oh I am” Stiles recognises that voice. Jackson.

“Jackson send it to me immediately” Lydia!

Stiles unlocks his computer and to his mortification some of his friends are still watching. OMG I didn’t disconnet the call correctly!!

“Congratulations!” Mason says happily with Corey clapping in the back. Liam is also giving thumbs up.

“Dude! Theo’s crush on was kinda obvious, but I didn’t know you were interested too! I’m happy for you guys” Scott says. And he is not Stiles best friend anymore.

“Wait w-what crush!?” Stiles says looking at Theo who is blushing!?!

“Oh Stiles it was so obvious” Lydia claims

“Yeah, you can’t smell him when you come near but it’s disturbing” Malia says and Theo glares at her with an angry expression.

He smells aroused!?

“Ok we are going to disconnet now for real” Stiles says

“Have fun” Danny says with a mischievous smirk.

“Use protection” Jackson shouts.


“Bye” Stiles and Theo says unison.

Stiles closes the computer this time. Theo is not saying a word.

“So crush huh?” Stiles teases the Chimera.

“Shut up!” Theo responds, but is Stiles the one who shuts Theo up with a kiss.

PD: I hope everyone is safe. If you live in an area affected by the virus, stay home. It’s the only way to not collapse the sanitary system. We’ll win this.

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We all want teen wolf s7 but imagine the couples??? Itll probably be like scott and malia broken up, which is rude, stiles and lydia are probably gonna have tension and its gonna be revealed stiles is planning to propose. Liam is probably gonna be back with hayden. Theo will probably be eith a girl, derek will be on her own. Chris and melissa would still be together, as would morey. John would be on his own too.

I would also like danny back, I miss my hacker baby, as well as he comes back with Jackson. Oh and coach has to be there too

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For @officialthiamlibrary ‘s quarantine bingo going stir crazy with a little bit of omg they were quarantined.

Liam watches as Theo storms out of his bedroom, anger in both of them, a part of Liam is saying go after him but he knows that they need space they’ve been in the house for days and they are getting restless today was the day it exploded.

Liam throws his ripped shirt in the garbage it has three claw marks down the center. It was a new blue shirt he got it a couple weeks ago but hadn’t worn it yet until today now it’s ruined.

Half an hour later He slumps down against his door and hears a heartbeat coming from the other side of the door, he thought Theo would of left but he stayed. After a couple minutes he opens the door and sits across from Theo in the hallway.

“You stayed?”

Theo nods, ever since he’s been staying with Liam they become closer, now it may have to do with Theo being Liam’s responsibility or and this is closer to it they actually like each other they’ve formed a friendship they fight well together. When they fight it’s more like one being is fighting that is how close they’ve become. But spending all their time inside together is not healthy for anyone supernatural or human. “It’s not like I can leave, I didn’t want to.”

Liam looks down at his hands he never had to apologize to Theo this is new to their relationship, being stuck in the house even supernaturals go stir crazy some times.

“I’m sorry I broke your nose again.”

Theo isn’t used to apologizes but living with Liam and being apart of Scott’s pack has taught him to be more human less killer and apologizing is one of them. “Sorry I destroyed your shirt again.”

“Want to get something to eat then play video games.”

Theo smirks at him and nods. Maybe a couple more hours in the house won’t kill them.

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Just finished binge watching Teen Wolf and I’d LOVE to see what happens next!!!

Is Stiles an FBI agent? what is Lydia’s job? Are they still together? 

What is Scott doing for work? Malia get a job? Are they still dating?

How is Malia and peter’s relationship going?

How are Corey and Mason doing?

Is Kira still with the skin walkers?

What has Isaac been up to?

Danny? Hello, Danny anyone? Where are you?!?!?!?!

How’s Derek doing? Still with Braeden

Mama McCall and Papa Argent still together? Please say yes!

Are Liam and Theo FINALLY together??!!!???

Ethan and Jackson married?? please say yes!!!

Sheriff Stilinski does he finally get someone special??

Jordan parrish, beautiful man, I just want him to have all the happiness in the world!!

Whats going on with Deaton?? I wish we say more of his life!!

#StayAtHome life!

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Stiles: This song is called “I Am So Sad. I Am So Very Very Sad.” It goes like this. [the song last only a couple of seconds] Thank you.

Theo: [yelling out] It’s not a race, guys!

Stiles: [annoyed] Ok this next song goes out to the guy who keeps yelling from the balcony. It’s called “We Hate You, Please Die.”

Theo: Sweet!

Theo [to Liam] : I love this song.

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Scott McCall x Reader

!! i don’t own this gif, i found it. !!

!! also, i know the layout seems funny but i wrote this in this way for my book on wattpad. check it out, user is @/maximoffwithhishead !!

Prompt: You want to leave Beacon Hills because you think you’re weak. Scott convinces you otherwise.

You walked briskly down the hallways, brushing past your classmates and ignoring their glances. After the events of last night you wished they wouldn’t look at you at all. You wanted nothing more than to disappear into thin air.

Your friends had fought valiantly, without fear. They moved with precision and grace as they took down the enemy. It was like they were meant for this.

What did you do? Oh, you cowered in the shadows, afraid to even attempt fighting with the others. You couldn’t heal like them. Yet, Stiles had no problem looking death in the face… So why couldn’t you?

Your heartbeat was erratic, breath coming up short as you stumbled down the hallway by the locker rooms. A squeak left your lips as a pair of strong hands grabbed your arms and you were pulled into the boy’s locker room.

“Hey, (Y/N), hey.. Are you okay?” you looked up, meeting the worried eyes of Scott McCall.

“Scott? Shouldn’t you b-be in practice?” your voice shook as you tried to calm your breathing. The last thing you needed was to have a panic attack.

“Coach let me out early,” Scott dismissed and wrapped his hands around your trembling ones. “What happened? I could hear your heart racing from across the school.”

Tears welled in your eyes as you dropped your gaze to the ground below you. “I can’t do this. I’m not strong enough for this anymore, Scott. I think I need to leave Beacon Hills,” you choked out.

Scott’s gaze softened but his eyes went from worried to sad. “What happened, (Y/N)? Why do you feel that way?”

“Last night I felt powerless… I hid in the corner like a coward! God, even Stiles was out there, fighting for his life but I couldn’t move!” you started ranting, throwing your hands about as they slipped from his grip. “I’m not meant for this. This world doesn’t need me like they need you, Scott. I can’t help anyone.”

“That’s not true,” Scott shook his head, hands reaching out and grabbing the sides of your head. His thumbs brushed across your flushed cheekbones as his dark chocolate iris’ bore into yours. “Who helped Stiles get through the guilt after the Nogitsune possessed him?”

“Me,” you mumbled softly in response.

“And who helped Lydia figure out the deadpool before anyone else?”

“Also me.”

A small smile spread across Scott’s pink lips as he stepped closer to you.

“You helped Malia find an anchor. You’ve talked Liam down from an outburst more than once,” the dark haired male threaded his fingers through your hair as he spoke. “You’ve helped me more times than I can count, (Y/N). You’re there to help me make the right decisions or scold me when I don’t. You go to the ends of the Earth to investigate and gather information. You’ve saved my life without even realizing it.”

Your eyes met Scott’s once again, a tear sliding down your cheek that he quickly wiped away. He bent down and pressed his soft lips against yours gently. Both of hands caressed the side of your face until he pulled away. He then wrapped his strong arms around your shoulders and pulled you into his chest.

“The world may not need you, but the Pack needs you. I need you. You don’t have to fight the fights to help. You help more than you know without putting yourself in harms way.”

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Liam: Why would you think any of this would be a good idea?

Theo: Probably because I’m a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.

Liam: oh.

Theo: I don’t understand how you keep forgetting that.

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Theo: oh no.

Liam: what is it? Are you okay?

Theo: I think I just felt an emotion.

Liam: you’ve GOT to be kidding me!

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Any potential love triangles brewing? What about some old flames waiting to light up again?

clearly you haven’t been paying attention my sweet love, but that’s quite alright. i’ve been watching and waiting for this question. in regards to the beacon hills commodore i’ve been keeping my eye on scott mccall and allison argent, their love was epic. but i can see them rekindling it sometime soon, just like he was as a teenager, scott looks like a lovesick puppy all over again. in terms of other old flames waiting to rekindle their spark, i’ve been watching tenel ka djo and jacen solo rather closely, i’m not sure if history and the fact they share a daughter will push them together, or tare them apart. honestly only time will tell. other than that? a love triangle? i’m not sure if you’ll count it but theo, liam and hayden have the potential for chaos, that’s only if liam never realises his sexuality. but only time will tell as to how chaotic that triangle will be. looking at other members of our esteemed community rather than a romantic love triangle, i could see a triangle brewing between scorpius, albus and judith. how will poor little albus ever choose one best friend? thats if scorp ever remembers who albus is. to finish things off obviously i need to mention the most epic love triangle of all time; myself, marcus and oliver. only time will tell who he’ll choose, let the games begin wood. 

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